(2018-12-21) Horse of a Different Color
Horse of a Different Color
Summary: Syd, Buddy, and Cora chat.
Date: 2018.12.21
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Back Field
The back field hasn't seen much use yet. Clearly it will in the future, but at the moment it is a large meadow with tall grass, overgrown shrubs and wildflowers blooming in it during the spring and summer.


The end of the midterm finals has seemed to brought on the arrival of a snowstorm. This also nicely coincides with the start of the weekend. Several students have gone off to the city to enjoy their weekend while others have started packing in order to head home. In the backfield, a lone wolf is standing looking out over the still fallen snow. Despite the cold, he doesn't seem to mind much. His light grey coat starting to already blend in with the white soft blacket through which the patches of green are quickly retreating. A half moon, sitting low on the horizon, catches the eyes of the wolf though perhaps it is not full enough to elicit a howl from him.
Sydney slogs out into the snow, the weight of finals off her at last. She leans backward and falls into the fluffy snow with a poof and makes a snow angel. She doesn't linger… her weight squashes most of the loft out of her downfill and it doesn't keep her very warm like this. "FuuuuUUUUCK!" she yells at the sky. "School was so much easier when I was high all the time."

A ghostly blue light adds to the weird illumination this evening. Mostly it helps show the way for Cora. And in this case, she seems to be getting drawn by hearing a voice she is vaguely familiar with. Fortunately, she's got a nice coat on. Though even with the hood up she is still hugging herself a bit, and looking wondrous.

Sydney gets up and dusts herself off, just as she notices the familiar blue glow. "Hey. Sorry. I was just… decompressing. I really wish they had some more concrete barriers in the gym for me to break up, but… what're you gonna do? How're you doing?"

The grey wolf turns his head upon hearing a different cry from the metallic girl. That gets his attention. He stands there, quietly for a time as though considering, then he starts to softly pad over in her direction. Another pause. He sees the ghostly lights of Cora. Both scents he catches on the wind and knows. The wolf keeps walking towards them approaching from behind them. Finally, when only about five feet away, the wolf tilts his head up to the sky and howls.

Cora smiles to Sydney when she finds her, the light of her fire lighting them up. Sure, it's still that same weak looking smile, but it is still warm! "I'm good." She says, but then a bit more sympathetic looking too. "I take it finals didn't go so well for you?" The younger girl asks. The astute might even notice she's wearing a yellow ribbon to hold back her hair. It's probably a very familiar yellow to the students too! If she was about to say something else she lets out a squeak of surprise, and actually jumps a bit before turning around and looking at the wolf.

Some things get your attention. Wolf howls would be one of those. Even though an ordinary wolf offers precious little threat to the steel girl, Syd flinches and is instantly on alert for the wolf, scanning the dark for him. "Did you hear that?

Finding nothing, Syd murmurs, "No, I think I did ok. It just…I got used to being stressed out only about real stuff, you know? Hey, if I don't find something useful to do, they'll KILL me tomorrow. Like that. But I was all wound up about tests." Syd shakes her head. "I'm getting soft, I think. So to speak."

When Sydney starts looking around without seeing him only a few feet behind her, Buddy-wolf almost laughed. Thankfully, he couldn't laugh as a wolf. Cora's squeak of surprise got his attention though. He padded towards her. His paws making no sound in the accumulating snow. His bi-colored eyes staring at her, getting closer and closer until … Buddy-wolf licks her right cheek.

Cora is again rather shocked, and there's another sound of surprise at the lick. And a horrified look on her face. At least for a few moments before she steps back and says, "Buddy?" The flame has started to move between them. "Not good. Don't do that." She tries to say, "Not without asking. It's one of the rules." A few heartbeats, "For real."

When Cora says that he was not good, Buddy-wolf drops his head and looks rather contrite. He lays down in the snow and looks up at Cora with puppy dog eyes trying to say he is sorry without words. Then the question about the tests. Buddy shifts his head to look at Sydney and shakes his head.

Cora steps back and runs her hands down on the front of her coat before she gets an apologetic look as she sees the the way Buddy is looking contrite - it's pretty obvious she seems pretty guilty about it too. Her gaze is then cast towards the ground too. Yep, guilt off!

Sydney watches the two of them and looks skyward. Yeaaah, Buddy could use to learn some boundaries, but being unkind to him is like kicking… well you know. "Ease up guys. Neither of you meant any harm."

Buddy-wolf hops up to his paws as the rippling-wave of transformation rolls over him. By the time his paws hit the ground, they are the paws of a german shepherd. "Bark! bark bark barkbark." Buddy-dog starts barking happily and then runs off to a nearby pile of snow which he dives his head into. His tail wags back and forth and he barks into the snow.

Cora looks over towards Sydney and nods. "I didn't." Yeah, now -she- looks even more guilty than before. Typical for her. She takes a deep breath and starts to calm herself before she folds her hands in front of herself. "So, um… yeah." She bites her lower lip. Then points to the ribbon she tied in her hair. "I'm on a team, finally?" Yep, she's trying out small talk!

Sydney smiles. "I suspected. You went with the Promethians, it looks like. They're good people. Course they're all good people really." Syd looks at Cora, then at Buddy-Dog, then back at Cora. "You guys should talk. I think all three of us have common ground about some stuff. But only one of us is burying his nose in the snow and having a good time." Syd chuckles. "Think he's got the right idea?

Buddy-doggy pulls his head out of the snow and starts running around the pile happily. It seems that despite doing poorly on his tests, he is still planning on having fun. Finally, he looks back at the two girls with a happy panting face. His hot breath coming out in little puffs of steam. He bites at the steam will a silly look on his face. Suddenly, another rippling wave rolls over him leaving a large silver-back gorilla in its wake. The gorilla pounds on his chest and then reaches down for two large balls of snow. He playfully tosses a large snowball at each girl.

"In the end, it seemed to make the most sense." Cora ends up slipping her hands into her pockets, and is still looking rather sheepish. "He surprises me every time." She concedes. But isn't able to get much else out before suddenly there's a gorilla throwing giant snowballs at her and she's suddenly covered in the powedery stuff. Yes, there's another squeak coming forth from her. And she stands there looking just crestfallen. "I… guess I was hoping for snow."

Sydney gacks as she's pasted with snowballs. She reaches down to roll one, squeezes it tight and… produces enough friction heating that it melts completely. "Whoops…" She looks at Cora. "Huh? You mean not this stuff?"

Buddy-gorilla stands there waiting for something, but then nothing. Sydney tries to do something, but for some reason she doesn't throw it. Cora looks sad or something. Buddy-gorilla's shoulders drop as he stands there looking down for a bit. Finally, the rippling wave rolls over him once more leaving him this time as a human boy. He is wearing his metis uniform but nothing specific to help with the cold. He is still looking down just like he was as a gorilla. "Sorry," he says softly. "I was just trying to have fun." He starts to walk towards Cora and says, "I'll try to not bother you so much." He pauses and then turns to start walking away to give them some distance.

"I was hoping to have snow by Christmas." Cora says, gesturing. Starting to move away, to the side. Still talking though. Yeah, she's being a bit more afraid of this… but it's not stopping her from grabbing one. But then Buddy's looking more crestfallen than she does, and that's saying something! "Wait, it was just the licking. That's a bit weird. People don't do that." She seems a bit concerned now too, which leaves her snowball dropped.

Buddy pauses and just stands there still with his head down. He crosses his arms over his chest as he is starting to get a bit cold in the snow. He then looks back to Cora with a confused look on his face. "I know people don't lick, but I wasn't a people when I licked. I was a wolfie. Wolfies lick." He then says, "But I keep doing bad stuff and make you have that sad look. Nice pretty people shouldn't have sad looks." He then starts speaking faster. "I don't mean to be a bad Buddy. Honest!"

Poor Cora is definitely not equipped to deal with this sort of situation, but it's still obvious she feels bad she doesn't know what to say either! She shifts around where she stands, "Except you are a person. Just because you can change doesn't mean you're not." She says. "You're still Buddy. And Buddy is a person too. You can think like us, you knew we know you're Buddy. It's not a people and animal thing. It's a… thinking thing."

Buddy shakes his head and says, "But I'm not a person. Not really. Not any more at least. Not since Granger and Mr. Shocky." He shivers a bit though it is hard to tell if it is from the cold or saying those two names. "I was born in this shape, I think, but to me, this is just another shape like any other. " He drops his head again. "I'm not trying to argue. I'm just not good at explaining things. I'm Buddy no matter what shape I'm in. But I'm completely the shape that I'm in when I'm in it." He sighs and says, "My body works a lot better than my brain does. Just look at my tests." He is clearly struggling to explain things and feels he is making a horrible mess out of it.

"It's that you know you're you. You know about those things even when you're like that." Cora tries to explain, obviously a little frustrated at it, and worse, feeling bad about trying and failing too. It's almost like she knows she's doing a bad job even as she says it. "That's the thing. If you were a wolf who was just a normal wolf, it would be… yeah. But you know you're not even when you are. Even if you're a bit closer to such."

Buddy keeps his arms wrapped around his chest as he is really getting cold now. "That is the not-so-but-almost-funny part." Buddy clearly has no problems making up words as he talks. "When I'm a doggy, I feel like a doggy, think, hunt, eat, everything like a doggy. Same for kitty, gorilla, horsie….all of them. Do you know the only one that I have a hard time being?" He pauses for just a moment. "Peoples."

Cora shifts around, looking over to Sydney in askance. Yep, definitely out of her element. But then back to Buddy with her gaze towards the ground. "It's because… because everyone's different. There's no one people. I'm not like anyone else." She sighs. "Neither are you. Or Sydney. Or Dr. Calvin. Or the Headmaster. Anyone."

Buddy's lower lip starts to come out and down as she explains that to him. He swallows hard and then sniffles. "You mean, you mean - " sniffling while cold is never a pleasant sounding experience. "That I'll never know? I'll never understand?" He plops down in the cold snow even though it makes him more cold. "I'm always going to be in trouble and a bad Buddy."

Cora shakes her head quickly. "No, not that." She says. "You're you! You can be what you want. Just… Just there's no one people. Never." Yep, getting a lot harder for her. "Are you talking to Dr. Calvin? I bet he's better at it than me. I'm awful. I don't even know who I am yet. I don't even remember most of the last year."

Buddy looks up from his spot shivering in the snow. He shakes his head and then shrugs. "I don't know who doktor Klavin is." He struggles remembering and saying names. "So peoples make up their own rules?" Buddy then suddenly jumps to his feet with cat-like reflexes. He points a shaking finger at her. "You are not awful. Take that back. If peoples can make up rules, then this is a special Buddy rule. No one can say bad things about Buddy's friends not even Buddy's friends. There!" He nods as though somehow that settled something.

Sydney has been, in fact, rolling a snowball. It's as tall as she is now. She picks it up and walks over, then thinks more carefully about it and sets the snowball down gently. She listens to the argument a moment.

Cora really doesn't seem to know just what she's doing now. Everything seems to be leaving her more than a little frustrated. So this time she just tries to speak a few times, pausing, opens her mouth, then saying nothing. Then doing the same thing again, still the same. Nothing seems to be working right. She just sighs then, "Dr. Calvin's the school Psychologist. I have to talk to him a few times a week because I'm broken too." She says.

Buddy stops and looks confused. "What is a psy-lolly-gist? Do they give out candy? Though the moment she says she is broken, Buddy puts his cold hands on his face and makes an 'oh' face. "Oh no! You're broken? Why didn't someone tell me?" He looks at her trying to see where she is broken. "Don't worry. I'll fly back to the dorms and get some tape. I'll find some pretty tape too!" He turns as though he is about to change into a bird and soar off.

You say, "Wait, wait… psychologists are doctors for how you feel in your head, not how you feel in your body."

Cora nods. "Sometimes. Dr. Calvin gave me Chocolate the last time I saw him." She says. But then there's another look to Sydney. This one grateful. The poor girl is obviously in way over her head. "But not that kind, just.. Just learning how to be a good person too."

Buddy nods his head and says, "Oh" as though he understands though from the confused look on his face and the tilt of his head, he clearly doesn't. "Since classes and tests and the letter I got with pictures all hurt my head, can the Mind Candy Dockitor help me get out the classes at least?" Buddy looks to Cora and asks excitedly. "Do you like chocolate? I can get some. That would taste better than tape."

Sydney sighs and rubs the bridge of her nose. "Talk to him, maybe. See what he has to say. I doubt anyone's going to say you don't have to go to class. Much as I might wish otherwise. "

"Of course I like chocolate." Cora says, and there's nothing in her tone to indicate anything but a supreme love of said thing. It sounds almost inconceivable that she wouldn't! She nods along with Syd too. "Yeah, he's a teacher." She admits, "If anything, it's almost like another class." She stops then, as if realizing that probably wasn't the best option even as she said it from the look of frustration on her face.

Buddy nods and says, "I'll try and sniff out Dr. MindCandy tomorrow. Maybe he can help my head not hurt so much especially when I see pictures my parents sent." When Cora says that she loves chocolate, Buddy gives an actual fist pump. "Yes. Okay, wait here. I'll be back. I'm fast. Just you wait and see how fast." Buddy runs off this time and two steps later he jumps in the air. In mid-flight, he turns into a large golden hawk. He lets out a cry that pierces the night sky just before darting towards the dorms.

You say, "buh…" She tries to get a word in edgewise, but Buddy is gone. "Do I want to know where an eagle gets chocolate?" She looks at Cora. Her imagination runs wild with that, and none of it's really…good.

Cora looks over to Sydney, still looking frustrated and sad and uncertain. "Hopefully his… nest. In his form." She lets out a little sigh and shakes her head a bit. "He's so nice, but… I don't know how to deal with him when questions like that are up or boundaries or whatever."

Sydney shrugs a little. "I don't either, really. I've got problems with boundaries too. Not seeing them, not respecting them… TMI… I mean people tell me it bothers them when they get asked about their powers and I'm like "What? People ask me all the time. I'd rather they asked than made assumptions."

"It's more… like…" Cora is hesitating, even looking up in worry before she says. "Things just like, I don't know. If he suddenly showed up in the showers or dorms. I don't think he'd be doing it because he meant anything pervy. But still." She says, taking a deep breath. "He does things like rub against my leg or lick, and… yeah."

Sydney laughs. "Or give you the cold nose in the butt treatment, yeah, I get it." Syd ponders. "I think of him basically as a dog who can shapeshift into a person, rather than the other way around. He's not, and I know he's not, but that's how he thinks, and it gives you the right mindset. And no, pervy would never be in his mind at all, I don't think. If he humps your leg and proves me wrong then… well I guess I'll be wrong.

Cora covers her mouth and giggles, even if a bit nervously, it's still got a bit of mirth too. "Yeah, that too. It's just… hard. I wanna help him too." She says. "Because he's not a dog in human form. He's a human that's been worse than me." A sigh, "Cid's much better at it than I am. He knows how to make all the animal comparisons."

You say, "Who's Cid? And yeah, I know he's not a dog in human form. But he thinks that way, so when you explain things to him, that's where you work from. He's a sweet kid, he really is. And yeah. He's been used hard in his own uniquely horrible way."

Cora nods quickly to that. "Cid's another newer student, I guess." She says. "He's sorta… well, he's not terribly human either. Just, he's not animal, either." The poor girl's eyes are wide. "I think he's like… a computer or something, just he has a human body. It's… I don't get it." Yep, the frustration mounts!

You say, "Oh cool." Sydney grins. She's got her nerdy moments, to be sure. "I'll have to meet him. Hopefully it's not like Ex Machina or anything like that. That movie gave me chills. I've met a few sentient machines around here."

Into the still quiet of the still falling snow, a rhythmic pounding can be heard. It sounds more organic instead of that of drums. Louder and louder the pounding grows. Closer and closer the noise comes until it becomes clear that the noise is the thundering hooves of a horse. Stopping next to the two girls, a jet black stallion shakes his mane. He paws at the ground with his right front hoof. He looks at Cora with that blue/green eyed combination though in the dark it might be hard to see. In his mouth, he is holding a few sheets of paper which have been folded up. Inside the paper is a few pieces of milk chocolate squares.

"He's really nice too." Cora says to Sydney. "I think he's a Metis like you too, so you should meet him soon enough." A pause, and another little giggle. "I'll be easier too, I just moved into my dorm tonight too." Yep, she's excited about that! Of course, that's when a horse appears. Cora looks over and blinks a few times. But… in this case it's probably not even gonna surprise her other than being a new animal. Especially seeing the thing it holds. "Welcome back."

Sydney stares. She may be steel now but name the little girl who didn't grow up with Black Beauty… She walks over to Buddy and reaches out as though to touch him, but draws back. "I haven't seen this one before… wow…"

Buddy-horse once more tries to give the paper to Cora by bending his head down towards her hand. He will try to get the paper to actually touch her hand if he can. It is almost impossible to talk in this form right now especially with the paper in his mouth. When Sydney goes to pet him, Buddy-horse moves his head towards her briefly as though indicating that petting is good.

This time Cora actually isn't so surprised she forgets to take the chocolate, and she does. "Thank you." She says, offering one of those ghostly smiles of hers. Still just so weak looking even with the genuine warmth to go with them in her eyes. Though it might, just might, be a bit more than it was in the first day or two she was here too. Even she ends up offering a tentative pet this time.
Sydney notes Cora's smile and smiles back. She pets Buddy's horse-head gently. "Where were you when I was ten?" she asks Buddy. "Okay, not born, I know. Just… wow… you're a beautiful horse."

Buddy nickers happily at the praise and the petting from Sydney. When Cora gives him a tentative pet of her own, he makes a nice little clicking sound. Sydney's question though earns a blank stare from those two-colored eyes of his. Buddy-horse then kneels down in the snow as though making access to his back a bit easier.

Cora watches and steps back, "Were you gonna try and ride him." She asks Sydney, noticing how wondrous the other girl is. "Go for it. I've ridden horse a couple times. Never bareback. But… you know he won't buck." She adds with a real matter of fact edge.

Sydney glances over to Cora. "Nooo…" She scratches his mane. "I'd break his spine. I weigh a bit over 600 pounds. I'll bet he'd let you though. Ask him." Syd grins. Set Buddy up with Cora? Well… probably not, but the idea amuses her, at least.

Buddy looks a bit worried when Sydney mentions how much she weighs. Even in his current form, he only weighs a bit more than she does. How much grass does she have to eat a day, he wonders. He nods his head to Cora indicating that she can ride if she wants to.

Cursed peer pressure! Plus probably feeling bad at the earlier offense given. She nods sheepishly before handing off the chocolate to Sydney. "You can have some. I imagine it was for us all anyways." Besides, she fully expects Syd would like chocolate too. Then she goes to the left side to then get up on Buddy's back, hands going gently to the mane.

Sydney tucks it in her jacket pocket. "I love chocolate, but sugar makes my insides sticky, and it's a booger to get it out, so I try to avoid it. I'll have to get some for Bryce, so I can taste it but not eat it." She smiles.

Buddy-horse stays really still as Cora climbs up on top of his back. He has only let someone ride him a couple of times so he will need to be careful. He slowly gets up to his feet and then uses his head to playfully push on Sydney. He looks back at Cora as though making sure she is good before he takes off.

Cora gives a look to Sydney that starts sympathetic… and then shifts to shocked. But she ends up nodding, and then suddenly Buddy has gotten up. So far she's holding on well enough. At least balanced, and her hands lacing in the mane.
Sydney steps back to watch Cora and Buddy-horse. She looks up at Cora, and tries not to envy her. Too much. She does break off a small piece of the chocolate and lick it. It's still ingesting the sugar, but not enough to matter. She hopes. Or she'll be trying to figure out how to get into the dishwasher again. "Hi Ho Silver, away?"

Buddy starts off walking slowly so Cora can get her bearings. She said that she has been with horses before, but he doesn't know how long ago that was. Once he feels that she is comfortable there, he will pick up to a trot; however, he won't go any faster than that right now. He just makes a big circle around Sydney while staying in the backfield.

"Don't hurt yourself if it's bad!" Cora calls out to Syd all the same. Though she's still just sitting there, squeezing tightly with her legs to keep her place on the horse. So far still not seeming too out of sorts, but just nervous enough it might not be time to go faster.

Sydney watches them go and steps further out of the way when she can. She wraps the licked piece of chocolate back up in part of the wrapper and puts it in her other pocket to throw away later. For now she just watches the graceful horse and graceful rider, listens to the quiet wind in the snow, and the sound of the big horse breathing, and all is right in the world.

Buddy-horse takes Cora on a few more circles realizing that another reason to not go too fast is the increased cold she would feel from the wind. After that last circle at a nice trot, Buddy-horse cuts the circle and heads towards Sydney again. He paws a the ground a bit with his front hoof and slowly starts to kneel down a bit to make it easier for Cora to get off.
"Thank you, Buddy." Cora says as she slips off, smoothing out her skirt as she does. Then looking over towards Sydney. "What a wild day." She ends up saying. "There's been so much going on, and now this at the end. Crazy!"
Sydney smiles. "Yeah… we live with amazing people, don't we?"

Buddy-horse very gently nudges Cora with his head when she thanks him. Buddy-horse steps back from the girls for a moment and uses his front right hoof to try and draw something in the snow. Buddy isn't that good at writing stuff when he has a hand so trying with a hoof is harder. He ends making a few horizontal lines with occasional diagonal lines connecting pairs of almost parallel lines.

"We do." Cora just looks a little sheepish as she seems to be trying to decipher what was just drawn in the snow. The ghostly light she can create even appears over it to illuminate it just in case that will help! She looks uncertain, and then over to Syd.

Sydney looks at Cora, then at Buddy. "Is this… YES?" Horizontals, verticals, diagonals… could be anything, so she's pretty much guessing from context.

Buddy-horse snorts and shakes his head. He just stands there for a moment trying to figure out how to tell them something. Then his eyes widen as he gets an idea. Buddy-horse lays down on the snow and then plunks his head down on the snow in a very dramatic fashion. He then very slowly shuts his eyes.

"It is getting later, yeah." Cora says. "So are you going to bed then Buddy? Remember to stay in your room, even if it's the nest. Even on break you wouldn't want to get in trouble." She adds.

Sydney blinks as Buddy lies down in the snow. "I didn't know horses could do that… and get back up…" She nods. "it IS getting late, and I'm pretty brain-fried…

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