(2018-12-21) Dilly-Dally
Summary: Bronwyn confronts Besa about his true feelings.
Date: 2018-12-21
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Friday evening and Besa did it! All the presents are wrapped and delivered! The tired but slightly proud of himself Egyptian is making some quick, not ornament, runes. He's neglected those while remaking all the ornaments that got destroyed by RILL and Jaws. He has on his warm sweater and a pair of designer jeans that Rain picked out for him. Long hair is hanging in his eyes as he works, Cocoa is laying on the ground near his feet underneath the table. He hums, content. There's several warmth runes ironically drying in front of him, the ones in front of him now are for strength.

"Hey" Bronwyn greets from the doorway…and she's using her 'sexy' voice. Uh-oh. In her hand is Besa's gift to her. Unwrapped and fondled by her slender fingers. She is wearing red and white Christmas tights, and a short-skirted elf outfit - really getting into the time of the year. A Santa hat perched atop her head. "Got your present. Real sweet of you. Well…I mean…it's obvious why you got it for me. The message is there in your…message that came with it."

Besa looks up and offers that soft smile of his, "Hello Bronwyn. You look…festive." The corner of his mouth quirks a little more before looking down at his rune to make sure he's got it right. Casting a bad rune can be dangerous! "I am glad you like it. I thought you would leak the music note, yes?" Is he really this oblivious? Sometimes, yes.Very much. Blinking he looks up again, head tilting at the strange wording, "Yes? I hope you can enjoy it with your parents, yes? A touch of magic."

"I can only break it open once, right?" Bronwyn asks about her present as she slinks into the room - as best she can slink at least. "It will be different Christmas parties with my parents, so I won't break it with them. Maybe with you? You know, to celebrate the new depth of our relationship that this present represents." He only did it for her, right? She settles down next to Besa before leaning over to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Besa nods, "Only once, then the rune will be broken." Reaching up he flicks the puff ball at the end of her Santa hat, "I like your hat. It is fun, and I bet warm, yes?" An eyebrow lifts, "New depth?" What? His cheek flushes slightly and he clears his throat, "When do you go home? How many parties will you be attending?"

"I always feel warm around you" Bronwyn smiles sweetly. Laying on all the 'good stuff' but Besa just keeps on missing it. "I will have a party at my dad's place. My mom's place. My record company. My fan club." She counts them off on her fingers as she speaks. "All in the space of a few days. And then same again for New Year." A long sigh. "It's tough being popular. What about you? Maybe you'd like to come with me to a few parties? I totally think my parents should meet you."

"I cast many warmth runes." So many parties! He laughs softly, "Your fans will be happy, perhaps break the ornament there? You will make many happy then!" New Years parties too? Yikes!"I am not popular. I only have the Masters and Tom's to go to…" Besa blinks , confused, "I…well, I suppose if you are inviting your classmates to meet your parents, I would eb honored." He smiles, "I am sure Tom and the twins would come!" No, he's not sure, but he can make them!

"Oh my gosh, you're so funny, Besa" Bronwyn giggles, giving him an affectionate 'punch' to the shoulder. "Dylanburger and the Twins can come along another time. The invite was just for you. I mean, we should spend some quality time together now that you've admitted how you feel about me." She holds up the ornament as proof. "We should probably make out a bit, don't you think? About time too. I don't understand why you wanted to resist your feelings for me all this time?"

Besa sways with the punch, but shoots her a confused look, "Admitted….What?" And ten his eyes widen and he leans backwards, "Make out? What? I…I am dating Tom, Bronwyn!" He tries to scoot back slightly, "My feelings for you? We are friends. We are good friends, but I did not mean to make you think we were dating!" Cocoa underneath the table gets up, not liking the tone in Besa's voice.

Bronwyn sighs and rolls her eyes. "Gosh, that whole Dylanburger thing. I know it was just to make me jealous. It almost worked, but it is sooo obvious you prefer me. I'm not stupid, Besa-Baby." His scooting away is confusing though. "You got me this lovely present. You would only do that to make me realise your true feelings. You're not the first boy to be madly in love with me and hide behind presents. It's okay, I won't bite. We can make this work. And then you don't have to pretend with Dilly-Dally anymore."

"Jealous?" Perhaps for the first time, Bronwyn will see Besa's ark eyes flash with annoyance, perhaps even a little bit of angers as he scoots back to stand up. "I do not prefer you over my boyfriend, Bronwyn! Why can you not just be my friend? Why must you make everything focused solely on you? I made ornaments for all of my friends." His lip curls in frustration, "And do not call me that!"

A deep breath followed by a long sigh. "Fine" Bronwyn sniffs, standing and stroking her elf miniskirt down. "I'm not sure why you want to keep playing this game but I'm a patient girl. When you want to show me your true feelings, then I will be waiting. In the meantime, hang out with Dilly-Dally, do your experimenting. I can do friends. It will be easy for me though it must eat you up inside to not let it all out." A shrug before she moves some hair behind her ear.

Besa huffs, "I am not playing!" The outfit is starting to make sense, although he's confused as to why she would think an elf would be enticing? "My true feelings is that I wished to be your friend…" That prefect hair waves as eh shakes his head, "And stop calling him that!" He doesn't know what a Dilly-Dally is, but it seems insulting! He's not even going to acknowledge what she thinks is going to happen in his heart.

That hair is perfect. Bronwyn would kill for that hair…or pay hundreds of dollars at the stylist like she does. Or her record company does and takes it out of her earnings. "Of course. Friends" she smiles in that annoying smug way of hers. She knows the truth, no matter what he says. "I should go and let you get back to your…runing. Is that what they call it? Have a good Christmas, Besa. Even with Dil…Dylan." She blows him a kiss before sashaying for the door.

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