(2018-12-17) No Pain No Gain
No Pain No Gain
Summary: Syd and Koga run into each other on the practice field. They're joined by Cora and Bryce. Workouts happen. Advice is given.
Date: 2018.12.17
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Athletic Fields
The atheltic field is a large swatch of green grass cut short and ringed by a running track. It is roughly the size of a regulation football field, but with no goal posts or markings of any kind.


Sydney slogs out to the practice field. In the rain. The steel girl isn't particularly happy about this, and days like today the whole 'live on an island far from the equator' thing seems like a bad idea. Still. If she wants to keep getting stronger, working out is the way it happens. At least in Syd's mind. And it's working. She waves at Koga and brushes her hair back from her face. It doesn't absorb water at all, so she doesn't look like a drowned rat, even though she feels like one.

Koga is surprisingly sitting in what looks like a classic meditation position in the middle of the practice fields no less. Just a t-shirt and jogging pants from the looks, and the Mystic's definitely doing… something? Maybe? It's hard to tell from a distance, but he seems to be more or less just doing some sort of mystic meditation bit. Of course, it is in the rain and unliked Sydney? He doesn't have a metal body to keep himself from getting soaked even.

Sydney watches the mystic curiously before pulling a plastic grocery bag out of her pocket, taking off most of her uniform, and putting it in the bag in hopes of keeping it dry(er). She's left in her workout clothes, and after a change of shoes, she's ready. She sets off jogging the perimeter of the field to warm up.

Cracking an eye at hearing the sound of someone out, Koga hums before moving to stand slowly. He glances upwards at the rain before looking around and spotting Sydney. Giving a wave towards her, he seems to be considering a few things as he shakes his head, making his way over towards where Sydney will pass in her jog. "Hey, Sydney. I apologize I did not respond. I was… meditating a bit."
Sydney waves. "Hey Koga. No worries. I figured it was something like that. I didn't want to interrupt." She does a quick cartwheel, her hands digging into the turf, being smaller than her feet. "How've you been?

Koga gives a small shrug, "Okay… giving a date with Erica a try tomorrow or so. I probably will need an umbrella if it is like this then, though." He smiles. "You did interrupt a little, but I should probably have used the rooftop in order to be closer to my room. It was just a little too… unatural, I guess? I wanted to feel something like a gentler storm rather than a fierce one here."
Sydney blinks. "Oh cool! Erica's really nice. I hope it works out for you." She winces a little at the interrupting comment and nods. "Yeah, privacy, especially outside, is hard to find here. I got really used to the mansion. Having a beach to myself was awesome." Syd shrugs. "But having people around is awesome too." She cocks her head. "You mean the weather?"

Koga shrugs, "I hope it does, too. She is a nice girl. I was a bit surprised when Kaylee told me to ask her out." His face turns red, and definitely not from the weather. "Well… I could have used the beach, I suppose, or the woods. But… it is something I learned during my training."

He motions at the sky. "We each tend to favor an element, whether we know it or not. I favor lightning, or air sometimes depending upon who you ask. One of my first lessons was how to work with the element. And of course, there is only one place to find it."

He smiles as he moves his head back, closing his eyes. "But, trying to feel it in a fierce storm is different than one such as this. You have to look for it, rather than it coming to you so easily."

Sydney nods slowly, listening to what Koga says. Mystics fascinate her, and Koga's… well nice, bright, good looking, likes girls apparently… A girl can windowshop, right? "Interesting. Lightning's one of those things I need to avoid. I'm basically a walking lightning rod, and electrical stuff hurts me.

Koga shrugs, "I will keep that in mind if we are in the field together." He grins a bit.

"But… well, it was basically a form of meditation that is rather… beneficial, I suppose you could say? I tend to use it to focus a bit at times, and others work on the whole… other self not going wild thing?" He rubs the back of his head, glancing upwards. "I really hope the rain lets up at least. I heard the skating park had an ice rink setup."

Sydney cocks her head again. "Other self? Your… dragon armor form isn't you?

Koga seems to consider, then shakes his head. "To be honest… no. I do not think it is. At least… not completely." He looks down at the grass. "I would say that I am a vessel for what it is. When it was passed on a few years ago, I actually did run wild for a few days before my parents found me and sealed it for a while."

Sydney ponders that, jogging in place half-heartedly while she thinks. "Wow. That's like Sierra and her powers." Syd thinks about it. "I'm just me. There's not secretly a flesh me in here somewhere sleeping or anything like that. When all the power funkiness happened a while back I got stuck in my flesh body and I started feeling like I did before but… I was still me. I'm more confident, easier going, less messed up like this… but still me. Or I tell myself that, anyway. So… can you talk to the other you?"

That has Koga actually blinking a few times. "Talk to it? Uh…" Koga looks confused by that one. Blinking a few times. Staring. Looking considerate, and just confused. "I… no, I do not know?"

Sydney nods. "Just wondered. I guess I was picturing it like…the hardsuits at the end of BGC2040, where they were like "you guys can talk? Well shit!" Syd shrugs. "Hey, I'm into the early aughties for culture, at least, right?"

Koga shakes his head, "I guess? I did not watch that one yet. Umm… but well… it might be a bit awkward if it can." He rubs the back of his head again. "I… err… well… I mean… oh, this is something I will have to think on. And ask my parents." That look of confusion at the thought has Koga very, very much out of place.

After the last night's surprise class/exercise for new students… Cora's earned just a bit of remedial phys-ed. She was slow enough to almost fail to get there on time, and obviously a bit more out of breath over everything. Thus, extra cardio for the poor new freshman. She's out of shape, so time to work towards being in shape! Bad weather or not it seems… talk about an incentive to finish the laps she's been assigned. Though as she steps out and sees some people actually there? She pauses and looks a bit more nervous.

Sydney is, by contrast, all about physical conditioning. She's been doing it since she first went metal, three years ago (subjective). She bulges with muscle, and is jogging in place chatting with Koga. "Sorry. Didn't mean to make you uncomfortable. I've only seen the dragon armor a couple times, and you - slash - it seemed pretty reasonable." She notices the newcomer and waves at Cora. "Heya."

Koga shrugs, "I have it… mostly under control. Usually. I will admit that I tend to use it more when I can focus on one task, rather than have my attention distracted and well… who knows what could happen?"

Koga turns to look at the newcomer. "Hello." He looks to Sydney again, then to Cora. "Welcome to the rainy day conversation."
Aaaand… deer in the headlights look from the new girl. Caught! Cora manages a sheepish return wave though. Then a call behind her from Dr Ricci has her quickly nodding and stepping out onto the field and starting her workout. Quite easy to be caught up with or slowed down for. "Hello." She pants out, both shyly and showing some effort with the whole breathing right while running and talking thing.

You say, "Ease down a little. If you hurt yourself working out, it sets you back further. The whole no pain no gain thing is bullshit." Syd reduces speed to move with Cora. Not a huge problem. Syd is many things, but fast really isn't one of them. When you weigh a quarter-ton, your mass is not to be thrown around lightly. "I'm Syd. Don't think we've met.""

Koga gives a small wave, almost casual. "My name is Koga." He says, smiling. "Looking to get a good jog or two in?" He asks Cora, blinking a bit before he notices Ricci and sighs. "Go figure. Punishment?"

Cora nods to that, still trying her best. Truly, it looks like she's definitely trying a bit too hard. Fortunately, shes listening too. "Cora. I'm new." She gets out continuing those steps. The sheepish look on her face still definitely there. "Sorta. And rehab, I guess." She despairs. Definitely doesn't look like one prone to this exercise thing from how frail she looks!

You say, "This isn't pennance. Suffering won't make you healthier. Just exercise, move, and let the changes happen. If you feel like you can't breathe or that your heart is going to jump out of your chest, slow down. Seriously. Take it from the chubby girl. Well. I was. Originally. But anyway."

Koga looks considerate, then shrugs, "Come on. I do not mind jogging a bit as well. Sometimes, running will help your powers as well, or to get out of the way rather than stand there and take a hit."

"Yeah. Thank you." Cora accepts what's being said to her and just continues to jog along, definitely listening to the two other students. "Not… used to it though." She pants out, saying what was already probably as obvious as such things come. The rain starting to soak through, but at least the movement helps keep you warm!

Koga nods, starting to jog along beside Cora as he goes. "It is fine. Sometimes it becomes easier with a companion as well. How long have you been here at the school?" He asks as he keeps pace with Cora. Which might make it look slightly easy. Maybe.

Sydney is plenty warm. The problem is she conducts heat better than flesh people do. She shivers, even while jogging. She keeps up with it though, raising her knees higher, working harder, trying to generate some more heat.

"Since last Tuesday night." Cora says after a few steps, trying her best to keep her breath as she starts these laps. After a few more steps the very out of shape girl then asks, "What… teams are you two?" A few more steps and breaths and she adds, "I'm… supposed to learn about and pick one too."

Over the gym, comes a small thing that seems to be floating along instead of directly flying. At first, it might be difficult to tell what it is though Sydney would probably be the first to recognize (should she look up) that is Bryce doing his Aladdin trick. Floating towards the althetic fields, Bryce floats in on a very thin piece of energy created by his psychic powers. His platform is just a few feet square in size. He sets it down in the center of the field and looks a bit surprised to see people jogging. He smiles and waves at Sydney and then the other two there.

Blinking, Koga mentions, "You should slow a bit. Take it easy. I am in Athenian League. The idea behind it is the whole uphold valor and honor as heroes, use our powers for liberty and justice. We tend to be pretty easy going otherwise, but once in the field… well, we tend to do our best to help out through justice, powers, and the like."

You say, "I'm in the… "Hey Bryce!" Syd grins and waves back. "… Um. I'm in the Consortium of Metis. We believe making things better is best done with thinking and planning and the application of force with pinpoint accuracy when it's needed. It's a last resort for us. We're independent, outside the box kind of people. Kind of like herding cats in a lot of ways." Syd grins.

Cora lets out a sound that might be a bit of a laugh at the herding cats comment. She slows down a bit more then too. "Shouldn't I like, try to get done sooner?" She wonders, but yep, definitely staying a bit more safe. So far she hasn't noticed Bryce flying overhead either. She's a bit too focused on the whole jogging and talking thing. "How'd you choose your Teams?" She asks then.

As Bryce steps off of the platfom, the platform disappears as though it was never there. He watches them jogging and wishes he could join them, but he doubts the weakness of his body will allow him to do that for long unless he cheated by dipping into his powers. "Hello, Sydney. G-good evening, Koga and Cora." He just noticed the rhyming nature of their names. His mind already working on the mathmetical formula that would cover the probability of rhyming names.

Koga shrugs as he runs, "The team fit what I wanted to do. Hello, Bryce." He looks at Cora. "You should not push yourself, but go meet others and see if they fit what you know of the teams. We generally interact all over. I think the only real competition is Arena Fetch." He considers, then shakes his head. "And no, getting done sooner will hurt you more than help you."

Sydney nods. "Yeah. I looked at how I did hero stuff the one time so far that I've done it and it was like… yeah, I'm not a Truth, Justice and the American Way girl, nor am I a rush headlong into trouble girl… I'm a think and push where it gives girl. Besides. Athena and Ares already had bricks who could do everything I could do. The Metis were mostly mentalists at the time.

Cora raises a hand briefly to wave to Bryce when he speaks to her, surprised too. She's looking rather contemplative too. But she is keeping up the pace for now, after all, Dr. Ricci is watching and making sure she does what she's supposed to. She reaches up to push back a stray lock of hair that's sticking to her face. "I should've remembered my headband." She rues. Before saying, "Another week to decide too. So, yeah, trying that. Easier when.. not running."

Bryce can hear them talking and will talk about the teams if they are still talking about it when they come closer again. Bryce clearly wasn't expecting anyone to be out here at this time. He turns so that he is facing away from the gym. He takes a deep breath and lifts his right hand like he does when he is about to use his powers.

A small grin comes on Koga's face as he glances at Sydney. "Not all the thinkers have to be mentalists, you know." He glances towards Cora. "Ah, you will be fine. How many laps did she say you had to do?" He asks. Then he seems to consider. "… you know, I might need to ask one of those mentalists to poke around in my head a bit, now that I think about it. I do not think anyone has done so before."

Sydney chuckles. "No, no, I can think of one who wasn't real good at thinking before she spoke. But. I notice she's not around anymore. Kinda miss her. Kinda don't, you know?" She pauses in her jog as she gets close to Bryce again to give him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Four." Cora says. The whole mile it seems. "Then some situps." She adds. At least the lap is getting closer to done, but that's still a lot to go. "I kinda worry I'm not that smart, but Cid thought Metis was one of the Teams that fit me, along with Prometheus." Definitely self deprecating, regardless of the truth!

"Could be worse. She could have you doing the rock wall." Koga mentions as he continues the run. He shakes his head, "Do not worry so much on it. Not all of us are great at the physical side of things. Sydney and I tend to be necessary as far as that side of it all."

Bryce lowers his hand when Sydney comes in for the hug. He moves his arm around her waist enjoying the kiss to his cheek. "How are, uh, you? Are you c-cold?" He then says, "It, it sounds like you are talking about teams. Is, uh, Cc-cora trying to di-discover her, uh, well, which team is best for her?"
Sydney nods. "Yep, exactly. And yeah, I'm freezing." She snuggles close to Bryce, trying to use him to insulate some of that warm metal from getting cold.

Cora somehow looks even more pale at the talk of a wall. Definitely goo for her the teachers are strict, not mean. They know what she should be able to do! Even if it pushes her. "It's my fault, and… I'm not… complaining. Just hard." She is definitely struggling a lot more now as they come into the final part of the second lap. But she's pushing on! "Halfway."

Koga's jogging looks to be at least making him sweat a bit, or is that the light rain? Who can tell in this? He's still at least keeping pace. "Oh, the rock wall is not that bad. Well, unless they put a time limit. It tends to be fun." He comments to Cora. "Good for you." He says at her comment of halfway.

<OOC> Sydney does some quick, pointless calculations. If she were to throw one of her compatriots into battle, she could throw them about 100m and they'd pull about 2 gs. The same could be said for a pickup truck.

Bryce can feel Sydney trying to get heat from him, trying to warm up with him. Unfortunately with him being so slim and frail, she might as well be trying to get heat from a straw. Thankfully, Bryce's brain can come to the aid in times like this. He says, "I've never tried, uh, this." He tries to use his power to create an armor suit around her like he does with himself; however, instead of his power bending around her body, it ends up just going back and bending around his body as his under armor. "Sorry."

Standing a bit under 5 foot tall, and showing just a little bit of lanky awkwardness as well. This girl has a heart shaped face with the somewhat marred complexion of a teenager, and a particularly pale complexion at that. Her nose is a little small, while her lips have a bit of a pursed sulkiness to them by nature. Her face is framed by bobbed cut brown hair complete with bangs that fall almost far enough to hide her eyes too. Between her pale complexion and how skinny she is, she gives off a very frail sort of impression.

Right now she's wearing a simple set of gray sweats from the school store. They combine with her slender form to almost look a little baggy on her. While on her feet she's wearing a set of athletic shoes as well, Nikes with a pink swoosh and laces, otherwise gray.

Sydney flinches as the power flexes around her, until she realizes what it is. "Oh. Oh. Cool. Thanks anyway." She looks over to Cora past Bryce's neck. "Situps? Man, I've heard those are hard on your back. For those with bones, anyway. What is it you do?" She nods to what Koga said too.

Cora just looks nervous, or like she's having struggles, because she ends up having to stop and clutch her sides a moment later, panting for breath, but doesn't stay still for long before she starts to walk again. A few steps, then trying to run, but back to walking. "Maybe… I'll look forward to the wall then." She says, nervously. But then she says, "Do, like… power? Or?"

"See? That is the part that hurts there. You did good, but stop for a second. Let your breathing even out and bend over a bit." Koga says to Cora, stopping near her to make sure she is not about to collapse on them.

"Give it a few seconds before you try to run again. If you keep going like that, you will only hurt yourself rather than help. Exercise takes time to build up speed and power." Koga advises.

"And, if it helps any, I am a mystic priest that turns into an armored form." He mentions off hand.

Sydney catches up to Cora as well. "Yeah, what Koga said. Remember, no pain no gain is bullshit. Building muscle is all about doing a little damage to the existing muscles, but not so much that you can't get out of bed tomorrow. And that cramp in your side is nature's way of telling you that you have an oxygen debt. Stop. Breathe. Let your heart and lungs catch up. And yeah, I'm a brick. Mostly I break things. I can also do some shape-shifting. What you do is like that. Your powers. I figure our jobs aren't that interesting at this point."

Bryce's attention is too train to the struggling Cora. He watches over her body. He then shuts his eyes as his brain starts cycling through his medical research. Blinking his eyes open, he goes to says something too when he notices everyone else saying something. He knows the struggles of someone being shy and knows the last thing she wants is everyone attention drawn to her. Bryce knows she is going to be okay with the rest they recommend so doesn't intervene.
breaths. As she does she adds, "It's weird. But…" A little, ghostly bluish-green flame appears in front of her, flickering around and dancing even in the rain. "Also, I… I can make you see illusions. I'm a mentalist too." Still taking more breaths. Even if there's a bit of a shiver as the cold is starting to bleed through now that she isn't moving.

<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Spells: Success.

"Right… oh… uhh…" Koga blinks as he notices the shivering. "Sorry, I keep forgetting the climate in this part of the world. I am from Japan."

Bringing his hand up, he gives an example of his magic for Cora. His fingers move to trace some sort of arcane symbols into the air that floats into a rather tiny ball of blue flames and then darts around her and him, warming up their immediate area quite quickly.

"That should help some. It will follow you around, and people in your immediate area… I… think a few meters?" Koga shrugs.
<FS3> Bryce rolls Psychic Construct: Failure.

Bryce watches as Kora helps Cora by doing a spell. That will help with the warmth. Even though the girl did a fire, she said it was illusionary which probably meant unable to produce heat. Bryce wasn't sure about that for he wondered if even heat could become an illusion like light was. Thinking about it some more, he catches hold of some of his thoughts. Since they are no longer moving, Bryce feels that he can join in the conversation a bit easier. "I am, uh, a, well, psychic of sorts. I guess you can see er, what I can do. I use my, er, excess psychic energies to, well, uh, create … things."

"So many neat things here." Cora says, still catching her breath, but definitely closer now as she stands up and starts to walk a bit. "Thank you." She says to Koga. "The water just makes it worse." She says, "Especially with the wind." Her own little blue flame is dancing around too, like a little will-o-the-wisp there. It's actually kind of eery looking.

Koga considers, then shrugs, "Eh, you were half way. Do the rest and I will see if I can do something about the wind at least. Water is a bit harder. My mystic element is lightning, so water and earth tend to be hard ones for me to manipulate. Water especially because it conducts so well."

Bryce gestures down to the ground as he sits. A thin beam of energy emerges from his forehead creating the little flying platfom of his. He sits down on it and says, "P-please be careful about, uh, expending too m-much energy in the c-cold and rain." He then waves as he goes flying off back over the gym.
"It's ok." Cora says, "I think Dr. Ricci probably thought the rain was part of the thing. I need to be used to cold and wet too, right?" She says. Either that, or expected the other students to watch out for her! She has calmed a bit and starts to walk now, getting into it. "I'm halfway there. I can do this."

Smiling, Koga nods as he continues along, helping out still. He's not about to leave a new student alone unless Ricci makes him it seems. Especially as the jogging is good for him, too. He shrugs, "I swear a camping trip might be a good thing for next summer. Maybe I should try to portal everyone to Japan at some point."

Cora looks over with wide eyes. About ready to start, "Japan? That'd be so neat." She lets her own light flicker out then, before she says. "You're being so nice, thank you." Then she takes a few more deep breaths and starts to jog again.

Koga nods, starting to jog again when she does as he smiles. "No problem. I remember what it was like to start out. You tend to need that helping hand to show you how to fly usually."

Cora seems to focus on the jogging to start with. "Still, thank you. I just, I can't believe how now everyone here is. Everyone. Despite who I am and everything. It's amazing." And she really, really doesn't seem to believe it. She's taking it a bit slower running this time too. Slowing to walk about two thirds through the lap. "Just one more after this. I can do it."

"Who you are?" Koga blinks, looking over as he slows down as well. "You might have to explain that one, although I can certainly understand having a bit of a legacy. The whole armored dragon part of my powers is an inheritance of sorts."

Cora seems to wince at that, looking like she just thinks she dug her own grave. "Sorry." She says, "My parents were awful people. And… they dragged me into trouble too, and… it's complicated and weird and I don't entirely remember much of it and it's part of why I'm here too because I got her." Yep, she's rambling as she walks there. And definitely has to catch her breath from that.

Koga blinks a few times. "Is that all?" He seems to consider as he keeps pace with her.

"You are not, nor will you be the only one who had parents that are not model citizens." Koga says. "There are others like you here. We even have someone who is half demon, if you can believe it. What matters the most is how you answer this: Are you what made you, or are you something better?"

Cora stops, and looks over with wide, worried eyes. But the reaction seems to leave her taken aback too. She is even nodding at the 'is that all' part. The rest of the story leaves her even more stunned, she even stops moving too. Just under a lap left but not moving. "I don't know… I think I hurt someone, but I didn't mean. I don't wanna be bad. I don't." She says, and starts to run flat out around to finish, stupidly of course, but it is fueled by emotions.

Koga shakes his head, matching her pace rather easily. "Then don't." He says, glancing at her even as he runs, matching her full run as he goes. "If you hurt someone, strive to find other ways than hurting them again. If you want to be good, then be better than good. Be great. That is what you need to learn." He is of course trying to keep up in order to catch her just in case. Falling over in wet turf is probably not a good thing!

Cora keeps up the run until she makes it around, before she does go down to her hands and knees trying to catch her breath (unless caught or something). Amidsts the pants for breaths are definitely some sobs. "Can't believe this place. So much better than I deserve." This is self deprecating for sure, but it's that of someone who isn't unhappy about it either. "Thank you. Thank you again." She just starts trying to catch her breath then, big gasping breaths.

Koga barely kept up, but at least manages to catch her and lower her down so she isn't hurt. He smiles at her. "You are welcome…" His hand raises, making a few gestures to draw out more arcane looking symbols before a larger version appears around them, protecting them from the wind and rain in a sort of umbrella effect. "So, you mentioned doing illusions among other things? What all can you do?"

"The fire." Cora says. "And the illusions can hurt. I can talk in your head too. Telepathy and such. Not like some though, I don't think I can like, read emotions or anything. It seems more just, useful. Mainly, it's making the illusions real. I can sorta, like, hover too. Kinda like that fire. Just not so quickly. It's all weird, and I'm told it's what Powers class is going to help me learn about, so I know what I can do too."

Blinking a few times, Koga looks to the fire, then to Cora. "Does the fire do anything? Also, more telepaths is always welcome. Are you able to do multiple people, or just one?"

Koga looks curious more than anything. "Oh, hovering can be useful. It depends upon how long you can do it, but you would be able to get around a lot, maybe get a good view of situations as well."

Cora nods to that. "It can burn, or shock. Or kinda… shoot through. Or just look pretty and flicker around." The latter is pretty obviously her favorite from the way she says it, even as it appears near her. It has a rather creepy air to it too, it is obviously not quite right. "I can at least do a few, used to with my family. Helps make people hear things too, they won't know if it's real or not."

Koga huhs. "So a full blown illusionist. Interesting." He smiles. "So do you have a name yet? I would advise getting one before someone picks one." He chuckles. "Kaylee tried to stick me with Ronin… in any case, I think you should finish up so we can get inside and dry off better."

Cora nods. Then stands up to walk those few last feet… oops. "I think it is ok if I do the situps inside. And that's a good point." She agrees. Then looks afraid at the concept of a name. "Like… whoa. Um, no. I didn't realize we should choose one yet. I always thought the light was kinda like a Will-o-Wisp. Maybe that?" She wonders, even as the light flickers out further away, out in the distance it definitely looks like a creepy beacon to something…

Nodding, Koga motions towards the inside. "Let's get going, then… and if you can pick a good one, might be best." He grins a bit. "But come on. You have those situps to do, after all, and then I think they might have hot chocolate or something in the cafeteria."

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