(2018-12-15) The Bruiser
The Bruiser
Summary: Om nom nom nom.
Date: 2018-12-15
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Burger Barn, Shady Cove
Sat Dec 15, 2018

It's one of the older establishments in the town and far enough from the beach area to cater mostly to the locals since the tourists don't all get back in this area so often. The counter where orders are taken is wooden and the drinks are serve yourself kind lined along the end of the counter with napkins, ketchup, salt, straws and lids and other fixings. The floor is hardwood and has seen years of wear. Good greasy burgers and all the sides are found here, this isn't a health food establishment by any stretch of the imagination.

Tables are covered in a bright yellow tablecloth to sort of offer the room a cheerful look, but it doesn't detract from the overall age of the furnishings. There are a few booths lined along one wall and the decor sports such things as Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elvis, James Dean, and Coca Cola products, which are proudly served in the establishment. A jukebox is tucked into an area between two booths.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.


Outside of Typical Family Horseshit, there's not a hell of a lot that gets Callisto in a flap. But then along come Senior year midterms —- okay in about two days' time — and suddenly this formerly frigid faerie is shitting bricks over what is expected of the student body this time of year. Granted, Callisto is in possession of a rather acute mind but that… mostly relates to subjects that she favors. Maybe it's also the stress of her 'peers'; when she's sleeping and floating latently upon the dream plain, other students' dreams come in like maddened radio static, lately.

People are stressed.. even in sleep, it's hard for Callisto to avoid the fray of it all let alone focus upon her own.

Now into the weekend, Callisto has decided to take a break from studying and trek over to the mainland… which means inviting her boyfriend out for a bite to eat. Seems innocuous, right? Callisto awaits Daxton's arrival not long after texting him with her suggestion. She stands tall and sleek in a blazer and tight black slacks, looking down at her phone with a somewhat puzzled expression. It's early evening, roundabouts 6:30pm'ish.

Daxton's late. Well, he's late for him. It's almost. Full ten minutes before he arrives, and he seems out of breath? That's …odd. He smiles at her when he appears, Blue leather jacket and knitted cap over wet hair, "Hey Strawberry." The speedster moves to take her hand and leans in to peck her cheek. His nose is freezing, probably a combination of being wet and moving that fast in the cold air.

Ten minutes! Pssshaaww! Callisto doesn't hold it against him; she's only just surfacing from sending a text out — not to him — til' she both hears and feels the boy's presence. THe phone is still in her hands and she appears to be a couple of text messages deep into an exchange with someone, and the other person's replies are host to a pile of typoes. Callisto doesn't seem too concerned about it now that the speedster is here. Her warm hand holds Daxton's and she eases forth to press a kiss to his temple. Not to say she wasn't earnest with her gestures before the Thunder Bay trip, but she very much is now. Bluish-green eyes study his face briefly, "How fare you?" Asked kindly, her lips crooking into a smile. "I pray t'was not too.. short notice." Blink, she noticed something when Daxton kissed her cheek.

A finger lifts to touch the tip of a cold nose. "Take care not to catch cold."

Daxton says, "I'm alright. Starving. You?" He shrugs, "I just got back, sorry I was late. Had to shower." He'll try to urge her to go inside, to the food and warmth. When she boops his nose he grins, "A cold would have to catch me first.""

A soft tsk, and though the girl doesn't seem too terribly bothered by the cool weather that she just walked in from, though there's a little 'mmmm' at the shower bit. Be good now, Callisto.. don't go to that lovely echelon of memory re: how Thunder Bay really went. Daxton saying that he is starving does not surprise her much; she knows well the near-bottomless pit that must be filled in order to maintain that intense level of activity and speediness. "Come," She bids in her smooth way, "We shall fix this, then." Callisto, in the proper lighting of the restaurant, insists. There, no longer in the shadows of the street… one can just see the tiredness to her graceful features.

She leads the speedster to the ordering counter. "Didn't your friend Felicia once work here?"

Daxton frowns softly, once he gets a good look at Calli, "Are you ok? You look exhausted." The two are hand in hand as they make their way to the counter to order. "Are you not sleeping?" He tenses some, assuming the worse that it's because of her mother. The speedster is in his blue racing jacket and a knitted hat into of wet hair. He looks cold.

"I am not sleeping." Callisto says simply, not beating around the bush. She stands alongside Daxton, hand-in-hand and dressed sharply in tight black slacks and a dark blazer, hair woven into a thick braid. She, meanwhile, looks comfortable. "Not for reasons you might expect, but.. knowing the school as you yet do, t'is completely expected." She looks from Daxton's face to the menu board, lashes fluttering once. "I am fielding the stresses of peers as they… deal with upcoming midterm examinations. Sometimes I can.. tune into stress dreams. Midterms stress people out, evidently.. and I am not too keen on them, either." Explained in a secretive voice to the chilly speedster. She hugs his arm just a bit closer to her side, wishing to draw out that chill.

Sydney usually eats metal, it's true, but once in a while it's good to get a blast of amino acids and all the other goodness that makes up a (formerly) living thing, since she has a few of those herself. Plus, it's a good place to study, being - above all - quiet. And er… free of distracting boyfriends. Syd sighs. She opens the door and queues up in line behind Daxton and Callisto without really noticing them until their voices intrude on her reverie. She blinks. "Oh hey!" Metal smile, metal teeth, you know the drill.

No, that's not okay. The former Ares frowns, head shaking, "No. That's not expected. You need to be able to rest. If the school can't give you a safe place to sleep…" A few vibrations travel through him, his body unconsciously trying to arm itself up. "Let's get food and then I'll talk to Inferno. Maybe they can move you to a move secluded area to sleep before your tests." Daxton has no idea how far her dream reach is. Hearing Sydney he turns and offers the metal girl an up nod. "Hey."

"I shall be fine. I promise," Callisto tries to reassure Daxton, feeling that telltale vibration. But it is not her intention to make light of his concern for her. She tugs his arm, bidding him to look at her. "T'is a fault of mine. I should condition myself better, and sometimes I.. become a bit too involved. I wish to bring others sleep when I, myself, require it. I wish not to have special t—-" Blink.. another voice? She turns her head to look upon Sydney and recognizes her immediately (of course); she smiles again though her eyes look a bit tired. "Hello, Sydney." Said easily, "How are you handling the exam prep?" Asked with earnest concern, before she nods once to Daxton. "You've met Daxton before, yes?"

The young man behind the order counter is looking at the trio with interest. He looks as if he is ready to make some sort of suggestion, eyes lighting up.

Michael is playing it cool. He's wearing jeans and a high necked sweater. No scarf, it's not /that/ cold. Either way, he'd heard rumor of this all American burger spot in town so thought to check out what might well be a haven of his favorite thing.. ice cream. In the form of a drink. There's really nothing better in life. With hands in his pockets, the gangly Irish youth strolls in with his eyes on the menu and fairly oblivious to his surroundings otherwise.

Sydney smiles tiredly. "I'm doing ok. Not my first time at the rodeo, you know? And my head's a lot clearer than it usually was in the bad old days. And yeah, I think I've met Daxton, briefly…" She pauses, thinking. "I know I've seen him around. I'm Syd. Metis. Brick. I break things."

Blue eyes narrow, like he's trying to make sure there's no hidden meaning in Callisto's words. But then he'll nod. "They can deal with stress dreams just like everyone else in the world. You need sleep." When it's his turn to order, he gets a triple bacon over the top, no one actually eats that much burger. And fries. And a large caramel shake. And then whatever Calli wants. He's faster than her (ha!) and pulls out a small wad of cash to pay for the food. Over his shoulder, "Daxton Jones, Unit 23."

While Callisto doesn't quite follow the comings and goings of other students, she yet knows who has been around 'awhile' and who is new. Michael, as he stands there uncertainly with a hankering for ice cream in drink form.. is given a curious glance. Though Daxton's words bring her attention back 'round and she squeezes his hand. "I shall sleep tonight. I promise." She means it, too.. cripes, if she doesn't she'll be in a pretty crappy spot. Her lips part to say something else but she silences, waits for the speedster to conclude his order. A gentle squeeze to his hand; she is used to his formidable orders in eateries! She was about to produce her wallet until—d'oh! Her order is pretty basic: single layer grilled chicken sandwich with a garden salad.. meh. Though Sydney's words strike her and she laughs outright, "Bricks are vastly important." And they are.

With all the chatter going on ahead of him in line, Michael can't help but look down at the trio and smile. "I didn't follow you lot here, I promise." There's a lift of a hand and a wave. "Bit new to the place. Mainland and all that. I hear they have good malts here." Maybe that was a question. One that is answered by ordering a strawberry shake when it's his turn.. and that's it. "Name's Michael. Been sorted to Athena. And.. I guess I'm a brick, too. Least that's how they classified me." There's a casual shrug at that. "Not sure that I'd call myself vastly important." There's a wink at Callisto.

Sydney looks over at Michael. "Hi. Nice to meet you." She holds up a fist, obviously intending to fist-bump her fellow brick. And the malts here are fantastic." She turns to the counter person (after the fist-bump, if offered) and orders: "Two patties, no bun, bacon, pickle, lettuce, and a glass of water please." She carefully gets into her hoodie pocket and produces some rumpled cash to pay for it.

Daxton will take her at her word. It's not like he can make her sleep. The speedster offers to Sydney, "Felicia's a brick. I don't think I'd have gotten out of half the scraps I've been since school without her." And vice versa. Glancing back to Calli, "The unit needed one since we lost Burden." Who? But then there's a new kid. Dax offers him a up nod as well, "Hey. Daxton Jones. Unit 23." The wink to Calli gets a raised eyebrow, and he'll glance down amused at the girl on his arm.


The fey girl listens with interest to the boy who just introduced himself and there, she recognizes him. Though she only really saw him in passing between classes. His voice, bearing an accent, quirks a brow and Callisto looks intrigued. "Well met, Michael," She offers, "I am known as Callisto. Senior, Metis.." And the pointing of a slender finger, with the hand not holding Daxton's, to her temple. A sly smile, "Mentalist." She looks the part, too; all elfin and wise.

"We rely upon you bricks and speedsters to protect us." Said with a twinkle of amusement before the counter dude interjects. "Hey, guys.. so… uh… we have a offer. Interested in hearing?"

Callisto blinks, does not look at the cashier.. studies Daxton at this talk of 'Burden'. The cashier offers next, "Who wants to take on the Bruiser? If you, like.. eat this seven pound burger.. y'can like, get a week's worth of daily specials for free. Seriously."

Michael ahhs faintly at the mention of mentalist. But then Sydney is offering the brofist thing and he accepts the offer. Naturally, his fist meets hers and there's no scream of pain from bashing solid(?) metal. "I.. guess they'll be calling me Pygmalion.. though.. do we talk about those things out here?" His tone is a little more hushed. "Or is this place sort of.. a haven for.. well.. odd people like us?" The offer of the seven pound burger gets a look of alarm from him. "Ahh, no, thank you, ma'am. I already ate." He did just order a shake after all.

Sydney doesn't bash Michael's fist hard, just enough to make a metallic clunk. She relaxes the hand and looks over to the counter guy. "Does it count if I eat it without a bun?"

Daxton doesn't even think about it. "I'll do it." He could use the free meals during the week. He drops the subject of Bricks, maybe because he saw the look Calli gave him. Open up a little bit and people get all pushy! Yeash. Michael gets a glance, "Only tap about it if you want to. The school's known."

"T'is alright." The fey girl says to Michael, still holding fast to Daxton's hand. She is hard-pressed to even consider letting go. Though the speedster may have misunderstood her watching him! She's remembering back to certai nightmares, this talk of Burden; to this day she hasn't been able to ask more on the matter without him getting antsy. "We are known, though received in… varying degrees. Speak of such at your own discretion." Offered kindly, but in warning. Is she talking from experience? But then Daxton steps up to bat for the massive burger and Callisto smiles at him.. she sure as hell isn't going to attempt it.

Though to Syd, "U-umh…" Her shiny metal skin is throwing the cashier off though not in a bad way. "Sorry miss.. can't make adjustments. Has to be bun and all.. fries, fixings…" Womp womp! Daxton's order is adjusted to encompass this feat. "We'll bring everything out, guys." The guy bids, and Callisto turns to look between the three in her company. "Shall we dit?"

For all that Michael may be classified as a brick, he sure doesn't look it. If anything, he looks like he could use that seven pound burger. Needs some meat on his bones. "Huh." Is the best summary of the vague situation of acceptance and awareness that the shop seems to enjoy being close to the school. "Alright." He's just looking about for a chair when his phone rings. Fishing it out, he gives a little eye roll. "It's my mum." What can you do, right? "She always calls right before they go to bed." Yeah yeah rub it in.. either way he's answering and stepping towards the door. The Irish begins rolling off of his tongue in lyrical fashion.

Sydney looks over to the counter guy and smiles a metal smile. "Bring it." With that, she heads to the table with Callisto and Dax. She sits carefully in the booth. "Yeah, Unit three. That's where I'd have seen you. Last summer. And… I think I saw you right before Ness glued me to the ground the first time," she says to Daxton.

Daxton corrects "23." Is that important? Maybe, but the member doesn't say why. Michael is given a nod as he leaves before Dax follows Syd and Calli to the booth. Mention of Ness has the smile on his face drop and he looks away towards the kitchen "Wonder how long it'll take them to cook it.' He's hungry!

There, a wince in Callisto's expression. Talk of Ness always warrants this. It is fleeting however as it is but a reminder. She and the other girl parted ways on terms that were… less than stellar. It shows for but a second or two in the faerie's face until she schools herself to 'let it go'. Just like what Elsa said. It's far more complicated than just a standard-issue adolescent falling-out.

She notices Daxton turning to look toward the kitchen, where all the magic happens, and she presses a kiss to his cheekbone. "Patience, now. Assembling a…. sandwich.. the size of a lapdog takes time." Said in jest, eyes alight, before those eyes slide to watch Sydney. "Anything else new in your world? I regret that I've not seen much of you since those// happenings."

In the span of about 10 minutes, out comes the waitress bearing the saner of the four requests. But two of them? Carried by a second waitstaff. Callisto lied: bigger than lapdogs. Heaps of fries, seven-and-a-half pound burgers with obscenely-proportioned fixings. Callisto looks upon the plates with a look of distinct horror.

Sydney nods in understanding to Daxton. "23. Right. Sorry." She turns back to Callisto. Not really. I've been kinda thinking about Bryce and his problems and… I dunno. I think if I could get him to a mad science lab, maybe he could work up another gadget like the one he has that keeps his powers in balance with his body. I know a place…" she gives Daxton a meaningful glance, assuming Unit 23 knows what they found in the yard last summer… "but going there could be trouble, and going in there would be trouble on a stick."

Daxton snorts, "As long as it doesn't bark." He's aware, although he's not been there himself. "Talk at Inferno. Don't poke without permission or you guys are gonna be in a world of hurt." Maybe not even from Unit 23! He's slightly grumpy until the food comes, and then his face is the complete opposite of Callisto's. Hers is horror, his is joy. He might actually be full after this!


Seriously. The plates have weight as they are set down. Michael's milkshake, Callisto's boring yuppy chicken blah blah… then WHOMP WHOMP. Two, uh.. 'Bruisers'. Fries. It's all still sizzling. Callisto makes sure not to make eye contact with the massive burgers as she nudges one of Daxton's leg with a knee. "Do not expect me to carry you back to Winbarry." Wait, will she be joining him!? It is Saturday!

To Sydney, a look of worry. "Is there anything that I can do, to help with Bryce?

Sydney toys her finger among the hot fries, the heat not bothering her much, if at all. Then two fingers, then her whole hand. She sets her whole hand, palm down, on the mound of fries, and lets her liquid-metal self spread out over them, engulfing them. French fries don't scream like metal does, but the "veins" stand out in her arm as though all that starch is going into her body…somewhere… It takes a few minutes. "He's stable for now. I just… I want him to be able to grow up, you know? Not just mentally, he can do that now. Is doing it now. I mean physically." She blinks. "Um. You know. Like taller. Buffer. Oh man…"

<FS3> Daxton rolls Speed Tricks: Good Success.

Daxton grins, "I'll call Fel. She owes me." He's never had a good poker face, so his eyebrows lift as Sydney 'eats' the fries, "That doesn't seem like it's as fun as regular eating." And then he starts to shovel food into his mouth in a blur. Which for anyone but a speedster wouldn't be very fun either. In the fury, he gives Callisto a glance, unsure what Syd is talking about, but what've it is, it feels like ti's bordering on girl talk. He keeps his leg under the table pressed into Calli's.

"That I.. cannot quite help with." Callisto says softly and Callisto being, well.. Callisto.. doesn't blush when she reads between the lines. Somehow she can't quite picture an older-looking, buffer Bryce and perhaps she does not wish to. But she can understand how and why Sydney, dating the boy, desires to. Oh my. She merely smiles in her knowing way. "I do so understand. But.." She tilts her head, silver-white hair sluicing around and past her neck. "Has he a hinderance, then, in his physical growth? Forgive my prying, I knew naught but… I may be out of the loop entirely on what is happening here." Bless her, she even talks levelly even as Sydney does her very interesting, mildly unsettling 'absorption' technique of dining. Huh!

Callisto, very delicately, eats her own fare in measured, careful bites. Just imagine her in the early 1900s. Imagine.

Then Daxton is stuffing it down the hatch and her knee strokes his, and poor Callisto feels distinctly vanilla indeed with her equally vanilla table manners. Somehow even such savagery, she looks upon Daxton with those eyes. She's an understanding sort.

<FS3> Sydney rolls Metamorph: Good Success.

Sydney says, "His powers soak up… more biological energy than his body can sustain. I really think it's kind of a vicious circle. He can't make enough strength to grow fast enough to catch up to make enough strength. Like that." She notes the attention to the fries. "I don't actually like the taste of fries that much. When I eat with something besides my mouth, I don't taste it." She shrugs, picks up the burger, and tears into it in the usual fashion. Apparently she does like burgers. She pauses to drink her water. "I have to put away a certain amount of meat to keep my biologicals fed, so they can go on growing." She smiles. "This is actually really good." After a few moments she adds, "The one thing we must do if we go back down there is change the password. I like Sierra fine, she's one of my best friends. But she scares me a little. I mean, my judgement's nowhere near perfect, but…"

Daxton decides to keep his mouth shut, well, besides the eating part.

Bite, bite, chew. Swallow. Repeat. Graceful, quiet, not even a smacking or a gulping or any other sound to announce Callisto nomming. She listens onwards with interest, and when she picks up the last semi-half of her sandwich the chicken within just sliiiiides on out and lands in her lap. SQUISH.

Callisto blinks, tilts her head languidly, and reaches down with those patrician fingers and delicately pulls the slimey piece of poultry off of a thigh. Left behind is a smattering of mayo and aioli and Callisto forks some salad into her gob before rising. "Do excuse me. I've messed myself."

Long-legged strides will take her to the washroom to set herself to rights. She's fastidious~

Bright blue eyes watch the elf leave to clean herself up from a mess that anyone else would just wipe with a napkin. Dax smirks as he eats, lucky for him he can check her out fast like and no one can see! Turning back to Syd, "That's cool I guess that you can eat both ways." He can think of a few times that could have been helpful! And he'll agree, 'It is a good burger."

Sydney might well have been caught looking at Callisto herself, although there might be a tinge of envy in there. "You and Callisto, huh? She's a good friend." See? Syd's trying to act more like an adult. No 'if you hurt her, I pound you into the ground like a tent peg.' No, just… that. "A good source of advice, too." She smiles at Daxton and returns to her burger. She takes big bites - can't choke really, and the meat's broken down into its component proteins and amino acids fast enough, so she doesn't have to worry about her stomach. The carbs? Well the carbs will be ugly. She can't really digest them. But worth it.

Daxton stops chewing, almost surprised at the statement. Besides Unit 23, it's not like he's told anyone. "….Yeah. I guess Callisto and me. She's better than I deserve." There, Sydney can have the envy, Dax will have the worry. He too goes back to eating, very very quickly.

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