(2018-12-10) Be My Friend
Be My Friend
Summary: Callisto and Bryce have a moment!
Date: 2018-12-10
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Lighthouse Landing, Coral Springs
Mon Dec 10, 2018

The lighthouse landing was once the residential floor of the ancient structure. Today, its been refurbished with hardwood paneling, a polished hardwood floor, and brass porthole fittings around each small window. A snack bar has been set up in the center polished marble counter tops, a stainless steel bar fridge and sink, real glassware, and a wide variety of sodas, teas, and other non-alcoholic beverages on tap. There is coffee. Most especially coffee. There is also a doorway leading to a balcony that rings the entire lighthouse, the metal grates underfoot and the railings made of ornate cast iron, baked with a modern finish that should never rust. The rail itself is polished brass and gleams in any light. As for the view? Its fantastic. The lighthouse landing commands the most romantic view of the entire island, from the lush greenery of the treetops in the woods to the rolling majesty of the sea, from rugged cliff to bright sandy beach.

It is a fall evening. The weather is warm and drizzling.


Funny how this is the second time Callisto has come out this way. It's a bit of a long way to stroll from the main facility of the school, especially when the skies are drizzling… but due to this system moving in, it's surprisingly warm. So Callisto Aine had taken the ten extra minutes to find her way out to the old lighthouse and with a few books in hand, enter the landing — which is actually a sort of cafe-style eatery set up in the refurbished space — and seek out a seat close to one of the porthole windows. There with a cup of mint tea, the fey girl enjoys the ambiance. A couple of other students are here, talking quietly and the like. Callisto looks… content. A little too radiant, in fact. She must have had a good weekend. Her sleek head is tilted down as she peruses a small, tidy book in front of her.

The rain doesn't really bother the skinny teen with the circlet as Bryce just uses his power to make a nice umbrella for himself. Having gotten off of work at the Commissary, Bryce decides to head out away from the main part of the school to continue working on his project. Perhaps a new (relatively) environment that was still within the boundaries of the school would help. Once he reached the lighthouse, he started working to ascend the steps up to the coffee shop on the landing. The first few steps were not too difficult, but by the time he reached the top he was moving rather slowly and was out of breath. Reaching the coffee shop with his two books in tow, he bends over at the waist to try and catch his breath. One of the books is about the psychological effects of early childhood trauma while the other is about pathological deformations of the human mind.

Pale bluish-green eyes flit up from her tome to observe the arrival of another, and Callisto moves her head up and to the side to spy Bryce entering the cozy space. When the boy bends at the waist to catch his breath, the fey's brow quirks once with worry. Is he alright? Callisto studies Bryce for a moment to make sure he hasn't a set seat in mind and/or expectations to meet anyone. If she manages to catch Bryce's eye — between that flowing white hair and the pale lavender of her maxi dress — Callisto shall wave him over. "Good eve', Bryce. Would you like to sit down?" She offers, still a bit concerned over his endurance. If she notices the titles of the books he carries? Callisto doesn't let on, but she eases back some in her chair to look a bit more welcoming to the shy, awkward boy.

Bryce doesn't wait until he has all of his breath though he does wait until he gets a bit of it under control. As he straightens up, he notices Callisto waving at him. His mind flashes back to the dream they shared and the fact he killed someone. His eyes widen a bit as he the memory threatens to take control; however, he shuts his eyes and takes a deep breath before opening his eyes again. He nods his head in response to her question and then starts to walk over in her direction. Once he reaches her table, he pulls back a seat and says, "Thank .. you." He speaks a bit slower than he usually does but without the normal stammer. Sitting down, he places the books on the table and says, "It is g-good to see you, Callisto." He slowly takes another breath and asks her, "How, how are you?"

She's watching Bryce thoughtfully and Callisto, a perceptive soul, perhaps understands a measure of Bryce's thought process in this moment. Is he flashing back to the nightmare? Surely he is. Callisto closes her book: it's a tome on meditation. IT ALMOST looked like she was reading a school text! Silver lashes flutter once before she lifts her tea, sips it carefully. "Of course," She offers. "I have been alright.. a lot of preparation and… loose ends to firmly tie up." A mysterious smile that is no longer edged with sadness. Callisto looks revitalized. "I am okay, simply put. What of you? It has been awhile…" A thought, she smiles genuinely in Bryce's direction.

"I never got to thank you properly for your aide in finding Daxton at sea, those many weeks ago. I truly do thank you, Bryce." Callisto offers, hoping to put him at ease some. He was a huge part of the efforts!

Bryce glances at her book on meditation. "I've read a, a few books on, uh, meditation." He takes a slow steady breath. "Not that one though, uh, well, I probably should. It might help my, my project." He glances back up at her asks, "Loose ends? If any of it is, well, academic or data related I might, I mean, I could try and help … if you wanted." He shakes his head as his stammering starts to return again. Speaking of Daxton, he says, "I'm glad that I, uh, I could help find him and that he got, er, is better." He hopes she doesn't hear how much he extended himself and almost went into a coma because of it.

Oh, she would feel badly. Truly. But then Callisto unwittingly presses forth and asks of Bryce gently, "I pray you had no ill repercussions of the mission. For you worked terribly hard. I was worried for you." She says before looking down at her slender hands. "If there is anything I could every do you for, to repay; t'is the way of my people." Correction: the other side of her 'people' whom she only just discovered she is a part of. Honorable, good (mostly) folk. It's still setting in but Callisto is amazed at how right it feels, this gratitude. She continues, "I am in your debt and you simply tell me when you require something of me. Anything." Said earnestly… Bryce helped saved someone incredibly dear to her.

A gentle breath, "Yes.. loose ends. I will be graduating this year and I have been lining up my… secondary education." A shy smile.

Bryce's face whitens a bit which is kind of impressive considering how pale he usually is. "Oh, well, uh, n-no. I, it, I mean, everything, F-fine." He swallows hard hoping that went over smoothly enough. Unfortunately, he is a horrible liar. When she asks about her debt, Bryce wants to dismiss it because that is just what people do for each other; however, even as socially awkward as he is, he feels that would be wrong. He then says, "W-well, there is, maybe, perhaps, one thing. Unless it is too much." Then they talk about the loose ends. "Ah, p-perfect. I am v-very good at that. If, if you have a lot of data," he takes a slow breath and tries to slow himself down. "I could review it all and act as a, a sorter. I could read, memorize, and analyze, uh, them rather quickly and then you could, er, just ask questions…if you wanted."

Two things Callisto is understanding about Bryce: the desire to be useful, to use his powerful mind and… the need to not be imposing. Between these things and his shy nature, this endears him to Callisto and she is patient with his nervousness. She goes on to sip her tea elegantly, looking down at her book in a heartbeat's worth of silence before looking up again. "Tell me of it. Anything. T'is my desire to help, to repay. I wish not to make you feel uncomfortable but at the same time, it means a lot to me to offer such a thing." Mentally, racially.. Callisto does not make such a pledge lightly.

"Not a lot of.. intricate data. T'is mostly the exploring of campuses in Thunder Bay and what courses I desire to pursue, depending upon what scholarships I can secure. I feel that my marks are moving toward such a privilege but I must work hard." Callisto pushes some of that moonpale hair behind an ear. "Though I shall indeed remember to ask of your aide in a particularly difficult aspect of biology. T'is not my strong suit, the sciences." But she handwaves softly, "What is the one thing, Bryce?"

"Oh," Bryce says somewhat brightly for himself. "Biology is, uh, rather easy. M-most of the basic parts of it are just memoriz…a…tion. I'm sorry." His voice and energy drops as his stammering returns strongly. "I, uh, I f-forgot that not, uh, well, everyone…nevermind. I'm sorry." He drops his head a bit and when she brings up what he would like, he speaks so softly that he realizes he cannot be heard. He then takes another breath and speaks and says, "Well, I was, the one thing, I mean, I was wondering if, well, you could be my friend." He makes it sound like a massive deal for him.

"I do not fault you for your ability to savor information. I take a bit longer, I'm afraid." Callisto's smile is soft; so very much of the angular edginess has left her features in recent weeks. "It shall come in handy for me, this skill of yours, when I am too tired and frustrated to dig through books and binders. I shall ask of your assistance in such things perhaps closer to midterms," In… just a week or so. Cripes! Why doesn't she remember these ghastly things from last year? Maybe because she was so murky with pain and fear. Then she's leaning forth to listen carefully to what the boy whispers to her. This… results in a completely touched, soft look. "Oh, Bryce.." Callisto leans forth a bit, she smells like mint tea and some sort of faint floral musk. Her hair quivers once in the motion. "But I have always been your friend. I pray you feel the same way?" She tilts her head, "But I shall say it again. T'would be an honor to be your friend."

Bryce seems a lot more comfortable talking about academics than practically anything else. "I could help study, if you want. I know that I haven't, uh, taken the classes you have, but I have mem-morized all the text books for all the, uh, classes of all the years. I did it last year so I only had to, well, do the new books this year." Then the 'feelings' part of the conversation which brings back the stammering to full force. "Well, I, I mean, I thought that maybe we were, er, could be friends, but I, well, I never had any before coming here. Any f-friends that is. B-but you are so, well, recherche that … well, I wasn't sure that someone like, uh, er, me would be ever able … I mean, considering the rather vast differences in … It is like, well, that isn't a good analogy, perhaps, … " he is in rambling mode where he isn't going to ever actually stop talking while still never actually finishing a sentence. In times like this, his mind is finishing sentences and moved on before his mouth can keep track.

Now Callisto looks astounded… "Everything?" Eyes wide and round in her face, "Fates, Bryce, that is incredible.." She means it, too. Her eyes flit down to the cover of the book in front of her.. it's an older hardcover, clearly well-read and well-used. The actual title: "The Science of Being and the Art of Living" by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Something occurs to Callisto; books mean a huge amount to Bryce.. and this book that she has, here, is one of her originals that she brought with her when she branched out into the states, in the 1970s. (The book was released in 1963.)

"Here is a gesture of my friendship." She says simply, sliding the book over to Bryce. "One of my favorites. You may have it. T'is something that I enjoyed and learned from throughout my years. Mayhaps it can serve you too, even as just a reminder."

Bryce tries to down play the fact that he has memorized everything. "Well, it, the way my brain works, I memorize without trying. As, as soon as I see something, my brain has automatically, er, memorized it. Normally it is helpful, but not … not … all the time." His mind flares with some horrible images. His jaw tightens as his eyes close to try and repel the thoughts. He leans forward slightly and is silent with the internal mental struggle. When she speaks about the book, he looks up and then down at the book. "You, it, you want me to, to have it?" His mouth literally drops open. "I've, I've borrowed books a a lot, but, well, I haven't ever owned a, something like this before." He is almost in shellshock at this moment. "You, you don't have to do this."

The tightening of the jaw decides Callisto further, "Hey," Said softly.. the insistence is in her eyes. "Take it." She bids, knowing now that the book itself — even just the BOOK regardless of what is within — and it's words could be helpful. "It helped me.. I have read it s great many times. T'is the one book that I have memorized." Truth. "You would be proud." Said next, laughter in her tone. She slides it closer to Bryce but will not touch him or engage him. She knows his discomfort around such things. "I do not have to but I wish to. My friend."

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