(2018-12-08) Flappers and Tommy Guns
Flappers and Tommy Guns
Summary: Callisto and Daxton have a weekend away in Thunder Bay… and cover a lot of ground.
Date: 2018-12-08
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NPCs: Oridove Aine
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Sat Dec 08, 2018

Deep in the fray of Thunder Bay. OMG I'm a poet and didn't even know it!


Long story short, Callisto thought that she was originally making this journey alone. She packed accordingly, having informed the school of her absence for much of Saturday (she's one of the students who call the school home.. no family in town to bunk with, to catch a break on weekends.)

technically she has kin in Thunder Bay now, but that is about as welcoming as one might expect when said kin is a haughty sister who has been around for centuries. So long story short, prior to Daxton offering to join her, Callisto planned to be away for however long it took to find what she was looking for in the massive, massive city. Even if she had to stay somewhere overnight. What is Callisto looking for?

But now she's in favored company and those plans have taken a slightly … different direction. She knew naught as to whether or not Daxton had clearance to be gone for the whole day or beyond that; she'll just have to ask! But something.. something is telling Callisto to figure out Thunder Bay and it's stake in her life. ASAP.

The cool late autumn weather sent minor rainfall trickling along the windows of the bullet train which spanned the distance between Shady Cove and the metropolis. Callisto, sleek and elegant in a fitted black ladies' trench coat and swishing skirts of deep mauve, gray and black, seems to be a pro at this journey by now. Departing the maglev station, her eyes fixate themselves upon the cityscape before them. She turns her head, heaps of hair woven into a series of elvish braids, to look upon the speedster. "I yet pray that I am not.. that this is not imposing upon anything. T'was not terrible, getting the time off?"

Daxton even rode the train, instead of running it. To be fair, he ran this morning before hand, and did some pretty impressively draining workouts yesterday. He's got a small backpack slung over his shoulder, and is dressed appropriately for the weather. "I told work I had Unit stuff to do. And Inferno told me to have fun, so…no worries." He also gave him the keys to one of the safe houses in town, and a couple hundred dollars. So there's that. "Okay. So…where's your spider senses telling us to go?"

"To have.." Blink.. Callisto blushes. So he's been allowed to join her with the team leader's good graces?! She knows naught of the keys and the funding lest Daxton inform her. "Fun, yes? We shall do just that. I swear it." The willowy fey offers and damnit.. oh please, Fates above and beyond and in all the alternate dimensions and whatever else in blazes is out there: don't let anything blow up. Please please. Her cerulean eyes note his backpack and Callisto considers this with a thrumming of.. something in her belly. They're here, they're allowed to enjoy themselves… and her mission here is innocuous! Honest! Instead of chalking up 'graduating a high school' to her list of life experiences and picking her next city with the dart-to-the-map trick… Callisto wants to stay.

It's a pure feeling that she cannot quite explain. So very un-Dark-faerie-like. Her gaze softens as she studies Daxton, appreciates him, and with a deep breath she looks skyward. "I have been looking into the scholarships offered to.. send graduates here. There is a community college (reference in bboard post 4/29) that appears to have been favored by Coral Springs.. I've the papers here. I should like to see it.. even on a weekend." She turns back to him, brow furrowed. "I have been working hard to earn those honors. Do you know of anyone in your graduating class who has come here to.. further their education?"

Daxton smirks, "Fun. Or you know, stop a bank robbery or something." That would be their luck. A from as he thinks, "I don't really keep up with anyone but Felicia." He was not as popular as one would think. "But I can ask around, see what people say about it." One hand stays on the strap of his backpack, the other reaches for her hand. "You know where it is?"

And Callisto doesn't press. Surely broken-neck girl wasn't part of that graduating crowd; Callisto suspects she was a grade or two below. And that is simply something she doesn't even want or need to ask about. The brief glancing thought only furthers Callisto's desire to take Daxton's hand into her own, squeezing it gently. She looks as if she would be of a cooler body temperature, so 'coolly' colored.. but her palm is in-fact quite warm. "T'is nothing to be ashamed of. I have learned of the term.. quality over quantity, yes?" And as far as Callisto can tell, Felicia is very much quality.

"No need to trouble yourself.. t'is what this trip is for, to ask around. Make sure it is a functional environment and not a cult." A playful smile.. she's given to those more often.

"I've a map. We shall follow it. T'is not far from here… is there anywhere that you desire to visit, here in this city?"

That makes Dax laugh. Fel would definitely think she was quality over quantity! "Yeah, I'd rather not have to rescue you from a. cult. They always have candle wax everywhere." He's joking….probably. "Lead the way, Strawberry." He's mostly relaxed, but there's always a part of him that seems to be eyeing their environment, making sure there's nothing fishy going on. "Just food." And somewhere else, but that's later.

"No cults." Callisto pledges… "I am not a fan of… what is is… Kool aid?" Cripes, she really is catching up on the nuances of everything! She hugs his arm closer to her body and with the pamphlet for this college.. she has a bus directory for the vast system here in Thunder Bay. She notices the boy's vigilant mannerisms but is used to them by now; simply allows Daxton to case everything out. But so help her.. he will relax. She will find a way. Something to hopefully get a measure of that guard down, even for a little while. His speaking of her nickname warrants a slight smile…

"What say you to a really, really good Chinese food?" Asked at random as she unfolds the bus schedule, brow furrowing. It's like a maze, this map! "Maybe there's something close to the route that leads to the school. The sooner we get that part over with.. the sooner we can really enjoy ourselves." Said mysteriously.

Daxton says, "It's never the good flavors." Always with the food! Dax grins, looking down at her, "Let's see what's close to the school." That's important! "And yeah, Chinese sounds good.""

"Well, we have the time." Callisto supplies as she, surprisingly, navigates the convoluted series of times and street names. Hey, she may have been a slouch with technology awhile back but she's no newbie when it comes to navigating cities. Does this make her a city mouse? Perhaps just enough to survive them. "So here's where we have to go… we shall do it the typical way. Bus hop. People watch." In other words: she's not expecting Dax to expend energy running them everywhere! Time to do as the 'normies' do!

Callisto provides a lovely balance of conversation and companionable silence as the two move to catch the first of two buses that they need to get to the vicinity of that college. On the map, a large plaza mall is noted and there, surely.. a decent food court.

In just under a half hour (an eternity to a speedster) the second bus pulls up in front of a mall plaza that looks as if it has enjoyed a modernization / facelift in the past 5 years.

Daxton says, "If that's what you want. I'm here to serve." At least for now! Dax smirks , letting her lead them around. Blue eyes do keep scanning though, not quite trusting their luck to not have disaster fall in their laps. The place looks promising. At least ti looks like there will be some choices. "Nice that there's some shopping nearby at least.""

Her hand continues to hold Dax's, should he remain by her side. The bus puffs off, having lost a good half of it's patronage. People mill around and past the two teens, and Callisto's eyes rove to follow the various bodies as they set off down sidewalks, across parking lots, and most toward the mall itself. Callisto breathes deeply through her nose, inwardly feeling a hint of anxiety. Something always happens.. when will it happen? She glances off in the direction of the main street, then back to the speedster. "T'is about five blocks down that way, the outer perimeter of the campus. Would you like to have a bite now?" She asks, even though Dax gave her the go-ahead to lead.

Though something in the mall directory, as Callisto scans for the food court, catches her eye. Suddenly she starts to giggle. "Oh.. oh, my. No, a pit stop." This can't be good. A tug to Daxton's hand and she's leading him into the mall! Oh no x 10!

Daxton shrugs, 'I can eat. Or I can wait. I don't know how quick you wanna go see the school. We can-" And he's being tugged, the decision made. " A pit stop?" Does she gotta take a leak? He looks around, trying to see what it is that caught her attention.

Need to take a leak… he wishes. How romantic. But he will wish Callisto had to drop her faerie ass onto the pot when he sees what caught her eye. It's perfect.. too perfect.

Into the mall they trek, Callisto's braids swaying behind her, her lips twitching as she tries to bite back her diabolical smile. She's not moving so fast as to be forceful; her gait is long-legged and relaxed and now and then she snickers to herself. The mall is busy, given how it's a weekend; full of all of those stores that hemorrhage girly effluvia. Pink. Pink everywhere. But that is not where Callisto wanders.

Breathe deep, too: the smell of grease. Seems there is a food court but that isn't the final destination either. The stores get a bit more refined and/or all-purpose (not just clothing) and there.. Callisto stops, smiles to Daxton. "Let's see you bare your scandalous ankles."

It is one of those prop photo places, a sizeable one, where you dress up in era attire and get your portriat taken. Oh dear god.

Daxton worries briefly that he's going to drown in the sea of pink (Send him back to the ocean!), but then she's taking them to an even stranger place. He blinks, looking like he's not even sure what he's looking at, "….You want us to take old timey pictures?" That's not a no, just confusion.

Her striking blue-green eyes seek his, "T'is up to you.. wouldn't it be fun? Can you say that you've ever done such a thing?" Callisto asks of him, giving his chest a gentle touch. Her lips curve into a playful smile. "Just an idea.. we can see how you look in a greatcoat, or even just a waistcoat. But they appear to have a great many things… not just 1800s…" She does not enter the establishment, though the staff within are giving the both of them the look-over. Callisto turns to face the boy proper, "Or there's the 1960s.. 70s… my favorite time." A wink, though she sobers. "I shall not force you, though."

Daxton's eyes roll, obviously she want to do this, "Alright. Pick the time zone and lets do it." Hopefully she'll not show the rest of the Unit. 70's….isn't that when she had the other boyfriend? He'll start to lead her into the studio, "We'll do this then I get to pick lunch."

Indeed! But not the reason as to why Callisto prefers the era; not entirely. To further prove that she's not hung up on the decade Callisto supplies next: "What of the 1920s? You would look fetching as a gangster. I can be a flapper floozie~" She laughs softly; always in the throat. Callisto does seem quite pleased at this spot of fun, and it shows in her features. She might as well be glowing when she comes to the counter and bids for 'the special'. Two poses! A few picture sizes and even a digital copy! She produces her wallet and pays for that choice and the clerk comes 'round to show the two to the other portion of the space where the costumes are organized. Dozens upon dozens of costumes!

Callisto looks around and begins pulling off her coat. "Early 1900s? I do believe I should become a flapper." A sagely nod.

Daxton offers a crooked smile, he really doesn't care, but likes it when she laughs like that. "Sure. You can do floozie." But then his eyes light up slightly, "Do I get to carry a Tommy gun?" Really? That's what's enticing him? Stupid army boys and their guns. He'll offer to take her coat and finds a place to stash all their stuff. He listens for the over all cost of this, keeping some kind of mental tally in his mind.

The cost? What one would expect of such a novelty; maybe a touch overpriced for the hokiness. At least the props and costumes are decent! Callisto was quick to stuff the receipt into her pocket and eventually be led off. She offers the speedster a pleased look when he does the gentlemanly thing and takes her coat… only to perk at the talk of guns. Ugh, boys indeed. Callisto nonetheless colors with pleasure, "Of course you can. Look in that cubicle shelf over there… I do believe I see some guns." She does not move to sift through them though.. guns, even toy ones, look alien in her hands. But there is indeed a Tommy gun!

Callisto looks at the array of dresses and selects something straight out of the Great Gatsby: tight as a glove, black with shiny deco sequin feathers, aqua-colored fringes.. a frickin' peacock! She holds it up along with the matching silver circlet.. and humms softly. "This shall do."

Daxton tries to not look too disappointed at the terrible replicas of the guns, he gets why they're not realist, but ..ugh. He turns back, stilling when he sees the dress. She's going to look fantastic in that. A deep breath and he'll turn towards the 'gangster' outfits, "What should I wear?"

Honestly, Callisto went for the color scheme! Holding the dress and it's accoutrements, she pads over barefoot to where Daxton ponders over the suits. Hopefully they won't be too big or too tight! She then speaks with ease (from having been alive at the time, though sequestered)… "It shall have to be a double breasted suit to accommodate your frame." Said with a slight smile.. it's a compliment. "Striped, this here," She indicates a charcoal gray suit jacket with the characteristic wide lapels. Below, the matching high-waisted, narrowly tapering pants. The button vest, the tie… Callisto helps Daxton with discerning what he thinks could look neat.

"Oh…" Callisto pulls forth a black Hornburg hat that has seen better days but is at least clean. "This and the gun. You'll be set." She presses a kiss to his cheek, the sequins of the dress in her arms clinking softly.

The suit is going to be tight, but he'll try it on for her. "Alright. Grey stripes it is." The hat is flopped onto his head as he takes the rest fo the stuff to the fitting room. "I'll wait for ya." Being the speedster that eh is, he'll be dressed and leaning against the wall before she's even gotten her regular clothes off.

It's a talent! Callisto doesn't take too terribly long, and true to her fey nature there's really no shyness when she discovers that the dress may be a bit short for her long legs. The rest fits fine but where the skirts will have ended just past the knee on a woman of average height… well. On Miss Callisto the flouncy, flirty frayed ends reach just past mid-thigh. High up there but not indecent. She fits the circlet, presses as much of her hair up and under it as she can (hard to do) and sliding her feet into heels that are a size too large, she ambles out of the fitting room.

Stops dead at the sight of Dax in a gangster suit. It's tight enough to really detail the form beneath it! Callisto blinks once, twice, and exhales finally. "Look at you." Murmured appreciatively. This is worth the delay in getting to the college!

One hand lifts with the terrible Tommy gun, the other mirrors it, "Hold onto your bees knees, toots." He has no idea what the hell people actually said back then. Pushing off the wall, "I like that dress." Of course he does. "Let's go break their camera."

To Callisto's credit she doesn't sway or demur in a coy fashion. She just stands there and damned well owns that dress, while her eyes devour the speedster in the suit with his ridiculous slang. Oh man, it's a bit off the mark and it's funny but Callisto appreciates his attempt! Her lips twitch at their corners and that briefly hungry look morphs back into simple glee. "T'is… short. But then again they all are. But thank you. I needn't say more in regards to how you look in a suit." The look, that look.. said it all. Callisto turns on a heel and with a swish, accompanies the, ah.. 'gangster'… out to the room where there's a series of about five 'sets'.

One looks as close as possible to a 1920s speakeasy, and naturally Callisto gravitates toward that. The girl who is charged with taking their photo, also the one who accepted payment, stares at Dax. She fumbles with the camera. Callisto whispers to him, "She may do so on her own," Break the camera. "I am not the only one who enjoys that suit on you."

"I look fucking awesome." He's not really that vane, just trying to make her smile more as they walk into the photo room. He looks at the sets, not really noticing the photographers fumble to Calli mentions something. Instead of commenting he rolls his eyes and swats her (Calli) on the rear before going over to the speak easy, "So…do we just stand here?"

Woo! THe fey girl laughs outright as the girl closeby blushes and gets tripods and settings ready. Callisto, still deeply amused (and tickled) by the butt swat, steps onto the checkered floor and in front of the boxy construct that represents some sort of weary old bar. "Then.. you pose. Lift that gun, look mean, like you just greased someone for not getting a payment to you on time." Callisto explains, laughter in her voice and smile widening by the second. She hasn't a gun or anything quite so fun to make a photograph interesting.. she's just there to be the arm candy! Callisto angles herself just so, draped over gangster!Daxton's shoulder, her expression morphing into the look of flirtation that is also passive… true to the times. It's a hard balance but Callisto nails it!

One twist of the hips, and she nails the flapper bit, neck angled and eyes staring right into the flustered girl's camera lense.

Daxton's not as good at posing nd play acting as Callisto. His expression is more goofy than mean. Eventually he just starts laugh with her dropped over him like that. He's turned slightly, smiling as he looks over his shoulder at Callisto when the girl starts taking photos.

IT is a good thing there's going to be photographic evidence of this moment, because when Callisto sees herself there — and really she knows herself well; can agree that her attire looks good but it's just her — it is Daxton whose expression catches her. Or it will, when these are developed and sent out to respective email addresses and the like. For now she can only drape there, hands and wrists hanging languidly and tilted just so, in that flippant flapper way. Heavy-lidded eyes, the craning of her neck.. she's playing the part well. She was there. Kinda.

"G-go ahead and do a goofy one." The girl asks after a couple of snaps, "Or change your poses."

Then Callisto of the sultry 1920s crosses her eyes and sucks in her lips and makes herself look like an absolute idiot in a too-short dress. There's pose #2!

Daxton's not really a goofy pic type person, but he does bust out laughing at call's face. He vibrates, the moment stretching for him before he reaches out to pull her close and dip her towards the camera. Perspective! Cleavage! And then lips! He kisses her, letting the girl take pics…or not.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Great Success.

That's a miracle angle to get cleavage out of Callisto, but the angle is indeed great! And lighting! Just when the girl is about to pull back from taking the second shot, she can't help it… something tells her to take a third one. That it's supposed to happen. Oh, why not; they seem happy and fun, take the third picture! Click! It's as easy to Callisto as breathing, sending out that gentle mental 'push'; harmless, utterly unremarkable… but the moment she slides an arm around Daxton's shoulders and leans up to press her lips to his — with gusto to boot — the shot is taken.

And the fey girl, she presses in closer, content to just about wrap those flapper dress legs 'round the speedster's middle til' she catches herself and remembers propriety. She keeps it to kissing, and eventually eases back to look smilingly into his eyes. "Now, that is the best shot of them all. Lunch, wherever you wish.. earned."

The girl stares.

Daxton briefly wonders if he could pay the girl for use of the room for an hour. But then Calli's pulling away and he clears his throat as he helps her straighten out. "I think Chinese sounds great." Glancing to the gawking girl, "Is there a buffet nearby?"

"U-uh… that way," The girl remarks dumbly, watching the long-legged girl untangling herself from the guy in the smart suit. She remembers where she's at and indicates the mall thoroughfare beyond the photography place. "Food court. Not a buffet but.. all you can eat, I think." She blathers on, red as a tomato. Callisto hides her fluster perfectly and she looks sideward to the replica bar, waiting for that piercing intensity to leave her gaze. Her body to ease. Good.

"Thank you for your time." The fey girl offers languidly to the young photographer, who sighs lightly at the pair of them in their costumes. Wonders what would've happened if she weren't here!

Callisto gives the fitting room one more wistful glance — a consideration!? — before giving Daxton a most happy smile. "Let's get changed up, and see what we ended up with." As the employee moves off to develop the shots.

After changing, the couple goes to get food. It's a decent enough distracting for Dax that he relaxes, eating way more than a normal person should. He flips out cash to pay for the meal before Calli can, saying something to the effect fo she can get the next one. He lets her lead again, going towards the school. "So…what do you want to go to school for?" Like what kind of job is she wanting?

The fey girl will have eaten precisely what she needed… it's actually a bit fascinating, how Callisto eats. Nothing goes to waste but she's not exactly piling her plates high either. Lots of soups, some chow mein, chicken. One full bowl and plate and she was done, while Daxton pretty much ate circles around her. She will have not given him any grief at paying as he was such a sport in getting those silly photos taken. The packet of said photos has been slid into her messenger bag, and she will remember to text the digital versions to the speedster later. Despite being hokey as hell, they had done well with posing.

So fast-forward, indeed, through paying, departing the mall and stepping out into the cool late afternoon to walk toward the community college.. where quite a few of Coral's supers have gone on to resume studies. Callisto gazes straight ahead, looking a touch anxious but resolved. "Would it be strange of me to admit to a.. marked interest in social work?" Huh! She turns her clear gaze sideward to look at Daxton, "All abilities aside, the mind fascinates me… t'would be in the field of psychology." Go figure!

Daxton shrugs, "No? It's not strange if that's what you want to do." He turns his head to look down at her, "No psycho-analyzing me though." Blue eyes drift from her to make sure they're not being followed, a habit he'll probably never fall out of.

"You told me to never do so." Callisto says gently, and slows her gait. She takes his hand again, if she hadn't already or if they broke apart briefly. "Not in… the way that I had been.. and never again. Besides," She faces forward. Even now there are 'students' departing campus, supplementing their studies with weekend work. Callisto watches all of them as they, in-turn, watch Daxton and Callisto. "I cannot pursue anything until I am free." Said with a soft touch to her pendant. "I cannot risk harm coming to the people I am trying to help by way of a mental breech." Added in an even softer voice and there, a look of anxiety once again knitting her smooth brow.

The college is what one might expect of so large and successful (and with so colorful a history) as Thunder Bay. As for being followed? Nothing out of the norm; people hurrying to where they must go. Nobody gazing too steady or for too long. Callisto looks back to Dax, "What of you? Do you think you shall ever explore something on the side? A secondary study? I understand your loyalty to your cause but I cannot help but be curious."

He did? Dax doesn't remember the, but he nods. Sounds like something he's say. "You will be. I promise you. We're working on figuring out how to neutralize her. Cold iron's kinda hard to weaponize though." They're working on it! His fingers tighten on hers, "You're not alone." He shakes his head, looking away, "No, not really." Any dream she had were lost at the ROTC meeting he was kidnapped at.

She turns to watch the flowing of humans from the main entryway of the school, her silver-tipped lashes fluttering only to cease in a brief wide-eyed look at the gravity of such words. 'Neutralize' her. Neutralize her mother. Callisto exhales gently through her nostrils and turns to look upon Daxton again at the squeeze to her hand. There is something at the tip of her tongue but somehow she feels that it is not the place, not here, to confer what she just figured out. What kickstarted her fierce desire to belong, in recent weeks. "Cold iron is an antiquated, primitive thing.. t'is strange to think of something so simple, so… so uncomplicated.. as being capable of felling her. Felling me. But it can be a means to an end if used.. correctly." Callisto watches Daxton for a moment, remembering that talk at Winbarry recently. Laying out all of this things that could kill not only her kin but her. How's that for trust?

Daxton's latter words strike her, and Callisto smiles softly. "T'is not too late. I am here simply to get brochures.. maybe you shall see something you like. But I thank you for being here.. for everything." Said as another student ambles past, looks at the two of them. A twenty-something with black sclera and ghost-white irises. Definitely a super.

"We will though." Fell her mother. "You might just not be able to be there." What are they planning?!? He snorts, clearly not interested in more classes, 'I doubt they have any Classes Inferno would agree to." Not that th leader would say no, but it's a good excuse. He makes note of the super that walks by, but doesn't eye them too long.

And well, regarding Inferno, Callisto doesn't press matters much. If the unit leader says so, it's the word; enough said. However Callisto indeed wonders what is being plotted. "Not.. I am to not be present?" She asks Daxton's profile as he eyes the student with the weird eyes, who in turn gazes back at Daxton and points to his nose. 'Something on my face?' the gesture asks, the boy's lips pulling back into a wry fanged grin. Callisto has eyes only for her boyfriend though, her head tilting. "What exactly do you all have in mind, for.. dealing with her?" She can't help but ask, not yet moving forward. "If it involves hurting you more than you've already had to experience, in knowing me, I wish to know more." She declares, squeezing his hand and pulling him closer.

Daxton shrugs, glancing away again, "Not if we put the iron air born." That's not been decided yet, they're still researching possibilities. Dax offers the other student a smirk and upend before looking back to Calli, "Let's….not talk about this now, ok? I know the working plan right now has a couple angles." He'll start walking again, "Let's go and those brochures, yeah?"

"Of course." Callisto offers, recognizing that now is not the time.. but who can blame her?! She shakes herself out of the arena of thought — that dire, terrifying tangent — and finds her sunny smile again. The student with the weird, alien eyes gives the duo another glance — checking someone out, but which one?! — before ambling away. Daxton sets the pace and Callisto follows, mounting the stairs. Tip-tip-tip; near-soundless footsteps, the entryway is surprisingly inviting. "It shall not take long. T'would look better on me to get my name down for an orientation in the spring in-person, as opposed to calling.." Cripes, seems Callisto has put a lot of thought into this! Her long braid sways between her shoulderblades with each step as they enter the main foyer of the place and she catches a clerks eye at the info booth. Students —- powered and unpowered, mingle freely. "Just a moment.. I needn't much." Said as she moves in her graceful way toward the counter.

Students, however lessened by it being the weekend, mill around; an older woman, who looks to be a bit behind on the times, meanders around, looking lost. Watch out Dax, she is about to bump into you!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Super Speed: Success.

Daxton nods, "Take all the time you need, Strawberry. I can wait." He side steps the older lady who always walks into him and moves to lean against a wall as we waits.

Callisto appears to be occupied but the elderly woman does not depart. "Oop—" She exhales, merry features softening into a rueful, apologetic look. "Sorry dear, just looking for my grand-daughter. She's taking culinary arts, you see~" Says the old girl, glancing toward the counter as if looking for someone. Looks back to Daxton with kindly button eyes. She pads closer and there.. you know how it feels when you're standing next to somebody tall? Just that feeling of one taking their space happily? Feels like that, in the vicinity of this old woman who Daxton dwarfs… a totally incongruent feeling.

Ah, the woman has dark eyes.. makes sense. Oridove is getting creative with her glamour, which operates in a different fashion from Callisto's. THe 'old lady' studies Daxton before leaning in, the sultry voice not matching the tiny woman. "Mother is on the move. You are wise not to speak much to Daedhelwen of how you and your cohorts shall end her wretched life. Mother is newly mated to her third unfortunate… victim. She desires to wipe out the remainder of her 'mixed' issue." A nod to Callisto, then a beady old lady look back to Daxton. "New York. She is closer."

Daxton's polite enough, he nods before offering, "Sorry, I'm not a student here…" He doesn't quite realize who she is, more just that she might not be a little old lady looking for her granddaughter. Dax straightens some listening. Now he knows who she is. Even as he responds to her, he's pulling out his phone to speed text the Unit. "Are you gonna be part of this, or stay on the sideline?" They need to know who's fighting on their side. "Callisto has talked abut other siblings….do you know where they are?" Even to just warn them at this point.

THe 'old lady' doesn't seem to pay the phone and texting much mind. "Most are sniveling cowards." Said simply, before turning her head back 'round upon a stub of a neck to watch the young man. "They will be of little aide to you and it is best that they not have a sniff of dissent. It would be the best time for such cowards to curry favor." A slow smile, not sweet anymore. "Most with that shred of conscience are dead. Especially no help." Is that the barest look of mourning? There's something factual and coldly clinical about how she tallies up the useful from the useless. She opens her 'purse', but seeing as how it's not a real purse — an illusion — the old woman merely mimes eating a mint. Black eyes study Daxton, wondering how and why this is.

"I am strong enough, old enough to tap into her mind. Without repercussion, unlike sister." A nod to Calisto. "Who, upon trespassing into Mother's psyche, would be destroyed. Transformed into a blithering shade. I can track her; help to stymie her power if need be. She," In Callisto's direction. "Is too young. Too vulnerable. Too Light."

"Sounds like that's what they were raise to be. A hard mold to break." Honestly, Dax has no idea how to take this fey, but Callisto trusts her. "Well…I'd rather she not be destroyed, so…Yeah. We could use your help." He folds his arms, blue eyes staying on Onimanapia, "How many loyal will we have to go through to get to her?" He'd rather not have to wipe out the entire family.

"Any blasted fool would not see it, how Mother is and how she is," The old woman indicates Callisto again briefly. "How I am. For I can be conniving.. I have kept to my own.. machinations… for decades. Hardly noble." A smirk. "Daedhelwen and I do not share a father. Mine was Dark; hers was Light. Mother slaughtered him when he refused to… covert." A smirk. "I told her recently.. she is.. figuring it out. Were she entirely of my ilk she would not adore you as she does. We Dark do not adore. She does. I have seen you in her dreams." The old woman demures, before reaching out a hand. Should Daxton take it to shake on it, he will feel not the powdery soft skin of an old woman but the firm, slightly-cool palm of something else. Oridove holds his gaze.

"You may count me in. I am wishing to see it over with. By my assumption there are about six loyal curs closeby… as in.. in this country. But you see, in how Mother comes closer.. she just might do the legwork for you." Callisto looks to be finishing up.

Daxton's not calling anyone noble, that's a dangerous title. He glances over at Calli, face soften before he looks back to her sister, "And there's no way to contact the 'light' fey for help?" He'd think they'd be swarming to help. "Even to just even the playing field?" He's not sure how to take that comment, he's adored? She's dreaming about him? It's a long moment, but he'll take her hand, hopefully this ain't some contract he's agreeing to. "That's…helpful. Than you."

She can see the look in his eyes, and her steely-gray bun shakes negatory. "No contracts." Seems Oridove has been around the block often enough to understand mortal expectations of fey-folk. "I can search.. but it has been so very long. The immediate Light lines, those who had known and loved Daedhelwen's sire, were affronted by his slaughter. They absconded of such contact, shut themselves of our rather diseased lineage… saw fit to let dog eat dog." A cruel smirk. "But I can search." There, a glimmer of promise and a soft look in the old lady's face. "And let you know." She eases back, catches herself… takes on that shuffling old lady gait again. "I take my leave. For her to see me shall only dampen things. You children.. have fun." A wink, and she makes to shuffle off.

Right in time for Callisto to return, sensing and suspecting nothing. Her elder sister's shields are powerful ones. She watches the old woman shuffle off and stuffing about four pamphlets into her bag and a few applications, she turns to Dax. "Everything ok? Forgiveness for taking so long. We.. can depart here, certainly."

Well…yeah. The dude was murdered. Of course his family is upset. "Sure. But Wouldn't they want Callisto? She's half…light, right? Would she do better putting the call out then?" Maybe they'll hear her more than a dark fey. He nods again leaning back as she heads off. He's gong to trust that she'll contact him…somehow. He takes a deep breath, turning to Calli, "Get all the paper you wanted, Strawberry?" His backpack is slunk over a shoulder and he pushes off the wall, ready to get outta here. "Where to now?"

Cerulean eyes flit from backpack to face, her head tilting. "T'is Saturday." A slow smile, eyes bright. Her coloration, the eyes; now it all makes sense. "Are there not fun things to do on a Saturday in the big city..? The big smoke, t'is called, yes?" Her smile widens into a playful grin. "You seem as if you are prepared to stay here… but we can return to Shady Cove anytime. I am of a mind to have one more last hurrah before we must decide on where we end up. Daxton pushes away from the wall and she offers her warm palm to him. "There are perhaps some clubs of interest.. to dance. Fine streets to wander. Safe houses to wile the hours away in." The last part spoken lowly, suggestively. She isn't about to force the boy into a crowded place if they have elsewhere they can go. "What say you?"

Ugh, dancing? Is she serious? He tries to keep his expression smooth. "Sure, if that's what you want. I can google and see what's around…" Dax stops doing something on his phone and looks up when she mentions the safe house, "That's…a definite. Do you want to taxi there or can I just run us?"

"Serious, but not set. I wish for you to enjoy yourself too. You've earned it," Callisto comments, "There's other types of dance, no?" Oh, okay she went there. A quick licking of her lips and she nods toward the entrance to the campus and the street beyond. "Safe house it is. We shall make our own fun. I wish to make the most out of the time we have.. so perhaps a run." Okay so that's some definite enthusiasm! To hell with sight seeing! She leans up to press a kiss to his cheek, one more just close to the lobe of his ear. "Taxis take too long."

Need she say more!?

Daxton's eyes narrow as he watches her, his tongue darts out briefly wetting his own lips. Now he's torn. Ruin the mood? Or tell her? He groans lowly, before scooping her up and taking off in the direction of the closest safe house. He'll tell her….when they get there…maybe.

Does she notice any semblance of uncertainty? Hard to tell; and if she did, this isn't the place to bring it up. Callisto is lifted easily; drops into that familiar, secure positioning of her body to make it even more practical to carry her along in that super speedy trajectory. Much like she had done the last time Daxton had to spirit her away to a Unit safe house, she tries (and fails) to see the passing cityscape and scenery. She is completely, utterly none-the-wiser to the exchange that Daxton held with her eldest sister… if that is, in fact, the issue!

Daxton ends up stopping close to but not right at a small residential house, one story ranch. There's nothing that stands out saying secret military people crash here. But he takes her hand as they walk up, "I can order us dinner if you want." His chewing on his lower lip though, almost nervous.

She's still digesting Chinese food! But seeing as how Daxton just did a solid run to get them from point A to point… most likely F? G? Thunder Bay is a big city though she can't even hope to know or tell how close the Unit safe houses are to one another. Finding her footing — it always takes half a minute — Callisto takes Daxton's hand and looks to him, finally settled. "T'is fine with me. Something to refresh your energy." Said mischieviously. Cripes, what type of dancing did she mean!? Though, that playful air eases some as she notices an air of.. nervousness? Pale eyes watch Daxton worrying his lip with his teeth and she squeezes his hand, looks him in the eyes. The afternoon wanes toward a surprising tepid temperature; must be a wayward system from the South! Not cold, not hot. Moonpale hair quivers in that breeze; it smells like earth and city. "Are you alright?"

Daxton knows there's a good chance this is going to ruin the mood, but he'd be a creepy to //not tell her before hand. Walking up to the front door, he picks up what looks like a random rock and there's a key! "Yeah….we just need to talk about something first." The key is put into the lock and turned, "Inside though. Let's be comfortable."

Good thing she's no empath; not exactly. There is a finger of sorts on an emotional forecast but not.. it's not easy to pinpoint. Callisto is trying to temper how her mind 'senses' and interacts with those around her but it's hard not for her to worry here. Daxton retrieves the key and though Callisto's eyes flit for just a second upon the whereabouts (it may change!) she's watching the speedster carefully. 'Something'..? Talk? It's a very mortal naggle of concern that pokes at her belly now. As Oridove said: Dark fey, true dark, wouldn't be all-that-concerned. But now there is something more that Callisto knows; that something is what makes her worry. Care about what is going on for Daxton, to make him feel the need to..

Just get into the house, Callisto! She follows, to be 'comfortable'. Removes outer clothing, sets bags aside, starts undoing some of the tightly knit braids in her hair. "Were you approached in the school? Is something the matter?" Bless her heart, she's worried!

Daxton shrugs off the backpack and then his coat. "I was, yeah." But then he shakes his head, he's not cut his hair yet, she liked it longer, eh figured he'd leave it as it was for now. "It's not bad, just…it was your sister. She was the old lady who was talking to me." He'll reach for her, wanting to be close so she can tell he's not upset. 'She said your mother was in New York. She's trying to reach out to your father's kin."

Funny how that's her first reaction. As soon as she hears 'sister' she knows to whom Dax is referring; there's only one sister, lately, who will talk instead of attacking. She eases into the curve of his arm, and though she wraps her arms around his waist to reassure as much as Dax tries to reassure her, Callisto breathes deeply. "I.. meant to tell you, at another time. Beyond this. After we dealt with that break-in close to my work," Poor Dax, lost his buzz pretty fast that night. "Your father's day…" She trails off, leans back only just so that she may hold his gaze. "That night she and I spoke in dreaming. T'was when she informed me of the truth. I did not think it to be… I am still trying to come to terms with it. Mother produced five issue with him… he defected from her, she slaughtered him… destroyed the other four.. I remain."

Callisto tilts her head, leans in to rest her cheek to his. "Forgive me, forgive this situation becoming so very.. for it seeming as if it shall never end. I pray Oridove hadn't burdened you with more details. I know naught if I have the courage to talk to … F-Father's ilk."

Daxton frowns, looking down at her and listening. "It's going end. I'm going to end it." Strong arms wrap around her, "I promised her I'd snap her neck…I don't go back on promises…" How romantic? He takes a deep breath, realizing he's probably ruined any chance of sexy time. But it's the right thing, to tell her. He'll process later that she didn't tell him right away. "We can leave if you want, go dancing or see a movie…whatever you want, okay?"

Oh, if only he knew.. her eyes are rapt upon his face as he again makes that pledge; he cannot pledge that enough. Romance takes a different tact; when you're a necklace away from your mind becoming a greasy spot on the figurative highway? Safety is sexy. Her head shakes slowly and the fey's watchful gaze flits from the speedster's eyes, down to his mouth back up to his eyes. She's so close to him now and her arms just hold tighter.

"I wish to stay here." Said in earnest; Callisto sure as hell doesn't seem to be turned off of Daxton. "I do not wish to go. I tire of crowds. I want but only to remain here awhile." Said in earnest before she nestles her head into the junction of his neck and shoulder. "For I adore you, you know. I pray that does not scare you." Well go figure! Orville Reddenfeybocker wasn't fibbing. "Please, let's just stay here."

Daxton's head tilts slightly, studying her. He just wants to protect her, however he can. "Okay." His hand goes up to cradle the back of her head when she snuggles and he can't help but smirk, "I heard. Something about dreams too." She might be able to feel him grinning, "I hope they're at least good dreams…" He holds her a little tighter and then asks, "Do you want me to get you anything?" Booze? Cream?

Blink? Well, a credit to Callisto's 'dirtier' side of her lineage… she doesn't get all huffy and shy about said sister outing her. Just the tiniest sigh, a little shaking of the head. "Of course she told you. I simply beg forgiveness that it had to come from her. I was getting to it, I swear," She eases back again to look into his eyes. Fingers, wiley things, finally begin their walk upwards to knit gently into Dax's hair, thumbs smoothing it against his temples. "I just had to let the silt settle in my own mind.. t'was both surprising and completely, utterly predictable to hear the truth. Pfft," She sucks air through her teeth, "Families." Need she say more.

"Good dreams, but t'is nothing like having you here in front of me." And when asked if she needs anything? Another little shake of her head, a slow smile. "Nay. Only you." Oop.. she's getting that look! The kiss that follows is anything buy coy. But something all-the-more poignant, even if unsaid: she no longer dreams of the past.

Daxton looks down at her, amused, "She just told me what I already knew. I am had to not adore." And then he does that crooked smile thing he does. He eagerly accepts the kiss, pulling her close. He enjoys her fingers in his hair, so he guesses that maybe he'll keep it longer for a bit. A vibration runs through his body, including his mouth. Oh boy, can be be fun! Finally he'll break the kiss, breathing heavy and moving his mouth down to her neck. A low mumble, "You..have to tell me if you…don't…" She smells so good. Fancy even.

The girl exhales with a sudden bark of laughter, but it's purely in good humor. "Ah, but you are humble." Said with amusement, and the crooked smile is the clincher. She could not resist pressing a kiss to that smile, and the rest of her body follows.. hopefully there's a handy-dandy wall to balance back upon and not something like a chair or coffee table because that could hurt! Her hands all-the-while continue roving along his scalp, feeling the vibrations in his body but this time around it eggs her on. Sometimes the vibrations preceded him fleeing, or reacting nervously. Here though..

She'll press right into him, chest-to-chest followed by the rest of her lean length and her head shall tilt just so, availing her neck. Hand slides down from circling his ear to stroke Daxton's neck in-turn, down the shoulder and arm, grasp the hand of that arm. She will dance him back a bit more, punctuating each word with a kiss. She smells good but then so does he~

"I do." Game on!


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