(2018-12-04) Making Plans
Making Plans
Summary: Daxton visits Callisto, and then along comes Iain!
Date: 2018-12-04
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Patio, Coral Springs
Tue Dec 04, 2018

The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and fair.


Tonight, there's that distinct chill in the air that signifies the late autumn, but if you're of a countenance where the cold doesn't bother you… there's something rather nice about the crispness. It's not straight-up freezing but if one dons a thick sweater or the like they'll do just fine out here. Her homework completed for the evening (she's such a nerd), Callisto is currently settled upon one of the many patio chairs that are set up out here. Seeing as how the evening was clear, the fey girl simply hauled the thing out, curled those long legs up beneath her body, and held her mug of fragrant tea in her lap like some sort of offering.

Moonpale hair is loose and clean; she's wrapped up in a thick cream-colored wool cardigan and black tights, feet hugged by dark hard-soled slippers. Even casual, Callisto looks sharp.. and as she watches the land beyond the patio, towards the woods.. her expression looks as if her mind is miles upon miles away.

Callisto's phone buzzes with a text message, 'Hey. Whatcha doing?' Daxton's on the island, having ran some vital papers to the headmaster. The Unit 23er is dressed for the run over the water, blue leather jacket and special running shoes. He was trying to surprise Calli, but has no idea where she is.

It's easy for Callisto to lose herself in the facility. So imagine her surprise when her phone chirps and she startles, tilts her svelte head downwards to look upon the screen. No matter how deep her thought process, this text makes her happy.. the corners of her lips twitch as one finger swipe-texts a reply: "Patio. Just through the courtyard." 'Said' easily before Callisto looks up and around, silver-white hair quivering at her neck in the chill breeze. What is Daxton doing here?

He HAS surprised her!

She waits, sitting imperiously like a queen, but rather… her expression soft.

Daxton appears rather quickly. He wasn't that far. His hair is slightly curling over the knitted hat he's wearing, almost time to get it cut! "Hey you." The speedster just got through delivering some paperwork to the HeadMaster. "Is this what you do without me? Sit around forlorn looking into the woods?"

No! No! Do not get it cut. It's as if the universe has whispered to Callisto of this possibility because as her pale gaze studies the speedster appreciatively and she unfolds her willowy body from the seat. A smirk etches into her pensive expression and Callisto pads over to him, reaching a hand out to nudge at some of those curls. "This," Said in her breathy way, "Suits you. I should like to see you allow this to grow out." Now that could put a tailspin on Dax's military angle! She adjusts her cardigan and tilts her head. "T'is exactly what I do. My gig. Actually, t'is my 'turn' out here. Perhaps in an hour, another moody youth shall replace me." A mischievous smile, Callisto glances toward the forest then back to the speedster's face. "T'is pretty out here, in fact. I like the air. The whisper of trees." A beat, "What brings you here?"

Iain was out wandering the grounds of the school. Wouldn't Fee be proud! The crispness of the cool night air was a welcome change for him, a leather jacket partially zipped up over a longer sleeved shirt. A hand moves through the Sophomore's dark hair, the faint smell of cigarette lingering against the smell of fall in the air as he gets closer, but no cigarette visible. As usual, earbuds are visible in his ears, the cord from them going into the pocket of his jacket where his other hand is tucked.

As his path brings him along to where Calli and Daxton are talking, Iain catches sight of them and seems taken off guard. Stopping, he reaches up with the hand that had just run through his hair to tug one earbud from an ear. "Sorry…not bother'n anything am Ah?" His Scottish accent is clear and more pronounced than his cousin's, for those who knew her. Also, for those who knew her, unlike Fee he does not have visible wings.

Daxton's nose wrinkles, he's clearly not a fan, "It's a pain to take care of." He's not so easily swayed that he'll not cut his hair for a girl, "I just haven't had time to get it cut." Although he may just buzz it again, the horror! He smirks, he ad shaking gently, "God. I do not his high school." He has enough angst, ty. "Just delivered something to the Headmaster." He rolls this bright blue eyes of his, 'Who is not the most friendly one this school has had, is he?" His hand reaches up to take hers, "I was reminded several times of when curfew was, so I'm not going to be Abel to stay too long." The new arriving student gets an up-nod, Dax can't keep most of them straight anymore, but he's pretty sure he's never seen this face before. "Hey."

A little something seems to.. shift.. in Callisto's expression some. Due to the prospect of Daxton cutting the curls? Maybe; she will not contest it if that is what the boy truly wishes to do. it is his hair! Though her bluish-green eyes give his locks one more wistful glance, "I've not had a haircut in decades. I've given up trying." Callisto offers mysteriously, silencing to listen to the speedster's take on the current Headmaster in residence. Ah, there's why her expression dampened a bit: "I anticipate graduating." Said as she leans a bit closer, to better keep her tone conspiratorial. Her eyes rove past Dax again, toward the dark line of the woods. "I do so enjoy the school but I am not.. keen.. on the man in charge. I am told he is vastly different from the woman whose place he now fills."

Callisto is about to look back to the boy again, encourage a walk to make the most of this visit.. until another arrival catches her attention. In the way that all students know of one another by way of sharing classes and role call, the faerie bows her head once to the Scottish shifter. "Good evening, Iain. Well met." She knows of his cousin too. Callisto's hand seeks one of Daxton's own as she continues to observe Iain. "Clearing your mind?" Asked of the shifter boy, next.

Iain just gives a nod to the two at their greetings, looking between them a moment and seemingly not sure if he was interrupting something or not. Either way, they were talking to him now so the hand in his pocket presses a button to stop the music coming from his headphones. The one bud is left hanging until the other one is removed from his ear, the Scottish teen tucking them down into the opening of his jacket for the time being.

"Aye…" Another nod given in response to Calli's question. "Yer…Callisto right?" (Pronounced more like Kah-list-toe) A glance then to Daxton "Ah dun' think we've met yet? Like she said…Ahm Iain. Fee's cousin." Everybody he'd talked to so far seemed to know Fee so he assumed Dax did too. Unless Daxton was new too? Then again, Iain didn't exactly make a point to keep track of or interact with much of the student body so who knows.

Daxton eyes her hair and just simple asks about her own, "Do you want it cut?" He smirks down at her, Either not noticing or not caring about her angst about his hair. Iain gets another nod, "I'm Daxton." He is not dressed like a student. He vaguely remembers the name Fee, but isn't placing a face to the name.

"Sunshine girl." Callisto recalls.. she knows of Fee but doesn't really know her. Must be some strange forces at work! But it must be a rather friendly acquaintance because Callisto doesn't seem bothered by the mention of the crow girl. She can feel Daxton's smirk and she looks up, into his face again. "I have tried. It shall simply grow back rather.. quickly… within days. I cannot alter myself very easily." Said thoughtfully.. it doesn't seem to bother her too much. Then, a bit playfully, "I could, say…. shave a mohawk one day and bear with it or, Fates forbid… turn it into what.. what is it called?" She looks from Dax to Iain, back to Dax. "T'is a dreadful style.. a.. mullet. T'would only last a day before it's back to this." Said as she pushes her free hand through the tresses, pushing their feather-light mass over a shoulder. She is just about to introduce Dax proper when he goes and offers his name. Still standing close to the speedster, Callisto looks back to Iain.

"He is alumni." She indicates her boyfriend, offers Iain a light smile. "Long since freed of this place.. but then he is to deal with me."

"Nice tah meet yah." At least Iain seemed to have manners in spite of all his social reclusiveness. He does smirk a bit at Callisto's description of Fee "Sunshine girl. That's definitely Fee." In more ways than one! He looks about ready to respond to the part about Dax being an alumni, but then Calli's comment about her hair has him lofting a brow. "Shyte…and I thought mah hair grew fast." His own hair was not long, but not exactly short either. At least not by typical 'dude' standards, reaching about to his mid neck. Enough for a good run through with the hand.

Daxton eyes her moonlight locks, but nods. He'll chat with AfterThought. Maybe if they use iron, her hair will stay short. He shrugs, not going to offer her the word, but then she remembers it. He snorts, being the supportive boyfriend that he is, "It's a burden." Dealing with Callisto.

And Callisto, bless her, gives Daxton's forearm a swat. "A burden," Huff. "You never said that when—" She stops there, simply smirks at him. Slowly shakes her head. "I should find a way to keep this as a mullet and see how you like it." Said with a delicate sniff, but clearly she's just playing… is she?

Callisto Mullet… majestic.

Not seeing fit to go on about something so trivial as her hair, Callisto moves and leans forth to collect her still-warm mug of tea, lifting it up and pressing her lips to the rim of the cup like the old lady she is. She peers wryly over the china at Daxton. "Burden. Pah." She's smiling a bit though, clearing catching the jest. Maybe next time she sees him she will sport that moonlight mullet.

To Iain, as the lighting of the patio catches the sterling silver of her pendant, the gorgon head seeming to sneer at the shifter. "How was your Thanksgiving? You and your cousin departed, yes?"

Iain looks confused a moment, mouthing the word 'Mullet' to himself as if trying to work out some kind of mental image in his mind. Somebody will need to show him Joe Dirt at some point! As the other two interact, he does chuckle at Callisto's reaction to Dax's term of 'endearment'. "Aye. We went tah visit mah aunt and uncle. Fee's parents." Duh. His eyes catch the silver, but as long as it stays over there he's fine. Evil silver! Trying not to be rude, he looks over to Daxton "So yer an alumni? But Ah take it yeh still live close? Tah be visiting yer…burden?" Since they hadn't actually identified what the nature of their relationship was, he didn't want to be put any labels on it either. Plus, ha burden!

Daxton glances at Iain and mouths the word, 'Burden' again before letting it drop. He shrugs, "Get whatever hair style you like." He may prefer one over another, but he's not pushy like that. He's pushy in all other , different kind of ways, but not about her hair. "I live in town, yah. Swung by to deliver some paperwork to the Headmaster." Burden indeed!

The fey girl doesn't think anything of it, the winking of the silver in the direction of Iain. Instead she merely goes on sipping her tea, eyes flitting toward the back wooded area again. She is silent to allow the two to exchange words, answer questions. But just one look at her and it's a given: she sure as shit will not style herself into a mullet. Empty threats. She turns to observe the back yard for a time, watching some manner of night critter skitter past. A squirrel?

Iain just nods at Daxton's confirmation that he lives in town "Seems like a nice place so far. The town…and the new school." He had heard from Fee how this was the new school and what had happened to the old school. What the feck!? "Everybody has seemed friendly enough." Awkward or blunt at times, but friendly enough. Then again he also hadn't met a lot of people still. "What all is there tah do? For fun on tha weekends I mean?"

Daxton's smirk fades a little bit at mention of this being a new school. He saw what happened to the last one, "Yeah. Don't open any rifts up to alternate dimensions and everything should be fine." He turns and eyes Callisto as she studies the first, but answers Iain, "There's typical stuff to do in town. Shopping, coffee shop, Movie theater. Roller ring."

She's listening, promise. A slight tilting of the head at talk of what to 'do on weekends'. "Dancing." Callisto offers languidly, looking over a shoulder to Iain. "There is a club for teenagers downtown. T'is popular on weekends. I've not been in many moons, but t'was enjoyable at the time. Good place to mingle." A mischievious smile there, "Students from here, and the unpowered high school in town… go there. The Scots accent shall be a boon.. an ice breaker." A soft humm of thought, she tosses her hair back again, fumbles with fingers in the pocket of her cardigan, seeking a scrunchie. "Many like spending time down at the beach, regardless of the season. There are… eateries."

She silences to allow for Dax's suggestions, though she seems to color with pleasure at the talk of a roller rink. "I have never been to such a place.. t'would be fun to try. Some students have taken weekend trips to Thunder Bay on occasion." There, the tensing of a fine cord in her neck.. she has mixed feelings on Thunder Bay.

"Sounds worth checking out at least." Oh wouldn't Fee love to drag him into town! On second though, maybe he'd check it out on his own…or see if others wanted to go. Iain loved his cousin, but he also had this feeling of…NEEDING to be okay around her. To do well here. Maybe it wasn't anything she put on him, but it was still a feeling that was there. With everything that had happened. Then, Callisto is mentioning never having been. "Maybe…we can check it out this weekend?" He looks between the two of them "If you're both up for it?" His tone and demeanor are casual enough, but inside all he can think is 'what the feck am I doing!?'

Daxton quirks an eyebrow, although he shouldn't be surprised that Calli likes to dance. He is wise enough to pick up and notice the tension (and why) about Thunder Bay, 'We can go roller skating if you want, Strawberry." Dax on wheels, that's terrifying. But then he stops as the new guy offers to go with as well, dashing any hopes of it being a date. "Whichever." Dax is so not helpful.

"We shall see what the weekend brings. My part in things depends upon my work schedule." Said to Iain, then a glance back to Daxton. "I should like very much to see you on roller skates." Said with a languid, thoughtful smile. "I much prefer dancing, though sometimes that club gets a bit.. raucous." Spoken of this 'Downtown Funk' joint. How long has it been since her last visit there? Cripes.. not since Conner Masters and Ariel played the Cupid game. Even then she was such a different girl.

A smile to Iain, "You shall not have an issue in finding some fun. Just go forth with an open mind, try not to even think about it too hard. Just 'do'." Did she pick up on some of Iain's inner battle? Honestly, no; it's just intuition as she studies him briefly. That intense gaze roves back to the speedster.

"I shall have to return to Thunder Bay sooner than later. Perhaps the weekend after."

Iain looks between the other two as tentative plans are made for roller skating. "Sounds good" in regards to it depending on Calli's work schedule. Then, her life advice. "Well…I'll let you two finish visitin. Again, it was nice meeting yeh, Daxton." A nod to both of them before he moves to leave. Man, he had to work on his exit strategy so it was less…awkward.

Daxton smirks, making him look younger, "I'm hell on wheels." He was going to comment about dancing, but waits and asks, "Want me to come with?" To Thunder Bay, "I can ask for the day off." He nods to Iain as he leaves, not actually interesting in hangin gout with the teen (sorry Iain).

She watches the shifter depart, her expression softening. Iain.. he would have so much more fun without them. Seriously. Regarding Thunder Bay Callisto turns to look at Daxton and her smile is genuine.. "I was hoping you would ask." She admits, setting her tea mug down and reaching for him. "T'is for nothing nefarious, I promise. I am intending to look into… colleges." Admitted with a slight blush. "I must think on it, yes? T'is time. I feel as if it is the right thing to do and it would be… we can go somewhere together," Assuming Dax allowed her to take his hand she will curl his fingers inwards, between her own, and kiss his knuckles gently. She's antiquated in the best way. She seems to do this often and the way her eyes look when she does so is just right.

"Surely I shall have to go there, if I am to pursue secondary education." A beat, "And you would not like for your burden to be too far away, no?" Said playfully.

Daxton takes her hand, stepping closer so neither has to stretch. A few small vibration run through his body , keeping him, and his hand, warm. Colleges, huh? He's nodding before she finishes, "Okay , I can ask…" And then it clicks what else she's saying, "Go somewhere?" Of course him mind goes to the sexy place, but that might not be what she means. And then she's using the same phrasing for going to college, so now he's confused, "…Yeah. Thunder Bay isn't too far…that's an easy run."

"Somewhere. T'is not just a trip about my own needs. If you are taking a day off, we must truly enjoy ourselves." So hey, there's sexy connotations in there somewhere. Daxton is on the outer cusp of adolescence still and Callisto recognizes that look. "Somewhere fun. Somewhere alone. Without someone trying to kill us, or blow something up, or rob a house or a business or…" A quick shrug.. good God they have literally experienced all of those things when they try to get time in edgewise. It's almost comical.

"Something about that city, I loathe to admit, feels like the future. Like I am meant to be there, in some measure. Between there, and here, and…" She looks down at his hand, back up to Daxton's face. "So I feel that I must… sniff it out some. See where I must be, whether it's school.. or an apartment or…" She blinks, blushes. "I do not wish to forever darken the door of Winbarry, for it is the home of your teammates as well. But you would.. surely would come to see me, wherever I land?"

Asked softly.. she sounds human.

Daxton shifts his weigh from one leg to another. Getting thought of alone time with Calli would eb fine, except there's nothin he can do about it right now, and running on water might eb difficult. "I…I'd like that." Is that a blush? He clears his throat and glances around the patio. No one is in sight, but that Headmaster gave him some stern looks while he was there. "Yeah…I'd come see you. Where ever you ended up."

Yeah.. Callisto isn't about to get the boy too riled up. They already had to find him at sea once. A second time, especially for the reasons behind this speculative situation…. yeah, she had better take care. She notices his wary glance around and Callisto, blast it, know that there's nowhere to go. Not here. So her fingers knit into the collar of his jacket and she eases up to press a kiss to his mouth, full of promise. No matter how inviting the dark line of the forest looks.. there's cameras. c.c

"Then, it shall be done." Callisto says softly, a hand lifting to stroke the back of his neck. "Let me walk you to the docks. T'is too risky otherwise to… take a stroll. The Headmaster has eyes everywhere." Said coyly as she seeks to take his hand, to take that walk.

A low groan when he's suddenly being pulled in for a kiss. Not that he pulls away. His eyes always seem to brighten with his emotions, not darken. Currently they catch some of the Elric lights from the patio as he stares down at her. "You said this weekend, right?" A deep breath and he starts walking, taking her hand.

"It can be this weekend," His groan is echoing in her head. Damnit. Walking it off seems best. "Or the next. Whatever is easiest for you to secure." Callisto is flexible.. in more ways than the obvious! Srsly! :D

She takes a few more seconds to admire him, tracing his features and noting his eyes and sighing softly for the sake of it, the tragedy of having to send him home. Such eyes. Damnit all she's doomed if she doesn't walk him to the docks. THINK of the detention!

"Text me, tell me what works best, and it shall be done." Said in a whisper. Her hand squeezes his, mirroring the emotion of having to cut the evening short. Her color is still high, bright hair twitching in the cold breeze. She's anything but cold!

Daxton will make this weekend be ok. Damn all the pizza. "Alright. I'll let you know tomorrow." That sigh makes him take a deep breath as they walk, chest expanding before he tries to change the topic, "Think your hair would grow back if we cut it with cold iron?" Talk about throwing cold water onto the mood!

Blink? Callisto, thankfully, knows Daxton's 'tactful' way of thinking. Trying to solve problems. Though it surprises her, it's almost a mercy that he mentions such a thing. Rather than it being a killjoy, Callisto uses the thought as a tool to ease her lusty ardor. She hugs his arm close to reassure that her mood isn't quite gone. "It would, I think… I haven't tried it." Callisto admits, watching him as they approach the courtyard. "I truly jest.. I do not desire to cut it. Thought it would be a most… interesting usage of iron when it comes to fey folk. If anything it shall grow back slowly." She speculates and, in a grand gesture, lifts his hand and slides his fingers through the silky locks at her temple. "Do you not like touching it, as it is now?" Asked in her flirty — oh so fey — way.

Funny how even the mention of iron, though, resulted in a brief look of worry in Callisto's face. It's a natural fear.

Oh, see? He thought she did want it cut. There's a nod, 'Ok…no iron shears will be ordered then." Does that Ean other iron weapons have been? He watchers her, this thin fingers in her hair and his eyes dart away while he swallows. Damn it, running is going to be difficult. Maybe the fear of getting out at sea will help keep him focused. "Shut up." That must mean yes. "I'm gonna get the weekend off." The whole weekend?

"The whole weekend?" Callisto asks, steps slowing as the ocean beyond them sighs. What does that mean..? She takes it as a yes, her hand pausing in moving Daxton's own amidst the hair at the nape of her neck. Yup, she'd better stop; she wants his mind focused and linear for running over dark, winter water. Mercifully she stops and just squeezes that hand. Reads into the 'whole weekend' bit and says nothing more on the matter. The whole weekend? She already HAS it off and… what if..

Her lips move, wanting to say something else, but she pauses. Doesn't want to make it awkward for him. She will see Daxton to the docks and before she releases him into a run, the fey girl will simply add: "I would like that very, very much."

Damnit, even her voice, how it can sound when proclaiming such things. Focus on the run, dude. Run, Dax, Run!

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