(2018-11-29) We Don't Need No Water
We Don't Need No Water Let That Somethingsomething Burn
Summary: Several students from Coral Springs endeavor to save a family from a burning abandoned building
Date: 2018-11-29
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The white van, unmarked van from the school drives through the streets of the city towards one of the many billowing clouds of smoke. 5 fires, set across the city in a domino fashion with one starting exactly 10 minutes from the previous one. The fifth has stretched the fire department too far so one of the members of the fire department calls an old friend: Victoria Ricci. Ms. Ricci, a new teacher at Coral Springs, would hate being called old at just the age of 33. Upon receiving the call, she quickly grabs some nearby students and sets off for the fire. One of the members of the faculty drives them while Ms. Ricci turns in the seat to address the 3 students in the van with a sitrep. Her Italian accent present though understandable.
"Arsonists are at work in the city, and have stretched the fire department too thin. We are going to help with one of the fires. The building is an apparently abandoned apartment building." She is mindly pleased at the use of assonance. She might use that as an example in class tomorrow. "Our responsibilities are: first, make sure the apartment building is indeed abandoned; second, prevent the fire from spreading to other nearby structures; third, try to put out the fires themselves. However, keep an eye out as the arsonists may be nearby either to watch the fire or try to prevent its dampening."

In full-on duty mode, Kaylee Blake is like, SO UBER SERIOUS. She's sitting on the edge of her bench (though buckled up! Safety first, kids!), leaning forward, listening to Ms. Ricci with every ounce of concentration she can muster. As the teacher hands out instructions, Kaylee nods briefly. "I … I'm not sure how much I'll be able to help looking for people or trying to stop the fires, but I can definitely make sure the exits are clear and lead people out. I don't think I've ever really dealt with as much random light as we're gonna get with the fires," she offers. And then, because leaving her hair loose when there's a hazard like FIRE to deal with, Kaylee starts twisting her hair into a bun. Thank goodness she had her school bag on her, which has pens and pencils in it! Now, if only she leaned more towards slacks than pleated skirts ….

Koga is listening as he was caught in his rather casual attire. Listening carefully, Koga considers. "Hm… I might be able to create a barrier to dampen the fire. I admit I have not tried it before, but I remember my parents used something like one when I was training. Adapting it to fire should not be too hard, I hope."

He hadn't grabbed his bag from his locker yet, and was fresh out of P.E. from the looks with his hair lightly damp. It was obvious that he was looking considerate. "I do not know if my other self would be helpful in this instance."

Bryce takes off his school jacket as Ms. Ricci mentions the fire. He then removes his tie so that neither will be a problem with the fire. He doesn't intend to get caught in the fire, but he'd rather not risk it. He wonders if his under armor or even his full armor would be able to handle the fire. "I, I might be able to put out, well, smothers fires; however, I probably can create, uh, some sort of lifts or ramps to help re-rescue people."
The old, 5 story apartment building whcih is on fire has been condemned. Notifications are stuck to plywood boards that cover the entrances; however, one of the boards has been pryed off and is hanging at an angle. Flames are quickly growing from strategic places around all four sides of the building. The parking lot is completely fenced off with the gate locked by a thick chain and padlock. The driver of the van doesn't seem to mind and just drives through the gate and parks in front of the firey building. A news crew has already gathered with two cameras, a van with an elevated broadcast tower and a female reporter. A crowd is already gathering across the street from the fire.
Ms. Ricci steps out of the van, but from her posture, she is clearly planning on staying by the van. "Go."

Most noticeable about this asian man is that his auburn hair is a wavy, wild mess. The hair is mostly ear length at the most, but seems to be swept into individual strands and bangs around his mostly average face. His brown eyes have a bit of a look as if he has seen a few things here and there. They look out at the world with a bit of a calmness that seems to intensely focus on something not easily seen. The rest of his face is pretty ordinary otherwise, casually ordinary in a way that most wouldn't pay attention to if it wasn't for the hair and eyes.

He stands roughly a couple inches under six feet perhaps with his clothes hiding most of the possible muscles from his broad shoulders. A tan jacket and slightly loose jeans hides if he is muscled or not from view quite easily. Underneath the jacket he wears a white t-shirt with a corded necklace that has some sort of small pendant on it near the center of his chest. As far as additional accessories, he has some sort of ring on his hand that has a skull-like face on it with red colored eyes. The face's mouth is bone like, but the rest is almost like it has a helmet on it's head. The ring is on his left hand's index finger.

Moving out of the van, Koga glances at the TV crew, then turns to look around carefully first. He's looking for if someone is watching the fire more intently than normal, but otherwise begins to work on his magic. Lines start to appear in the air as Koga begins to draw carefully, quickly, and watching what he is doing intently. Slowly, lines form out of his hands and into the air as he seems to be intently looking at it, and more specifically the building itself.

"This may take a moment or two." He comments to Kaylee and Bryce as he continues to work on the magic. "… they made this one look so very easy at times." His hands continue to move, making slashing motions to form lines as well as curves in the air as he seems to get a good flow going before focusing towards the fire.
<FS3> Koga rolls Alertness: Good Success.

As the van whips into the parking lot, Kaylee notices the news crews outside and grimaces. Closing her eyes for a moment, she concentrates, and her normally bright-yellow hair very quickly turns black. And the uniform she was wearing, in her team colors? Suddently turns into an all-red outfit, single colors being easiest to maintain with minimal concentration. "Hey guys! Watch out with names, there's TV cameras here! Bryce, let's go with Omni! Koga, how about Ronin or Paladin?" she offers. And then they're pulled up and it's time to start piling out.
When Koga jumps out of the van ahead of anyone else, Kaylee facepalms and shakes her head. "… you know … I COULD have disappeared us all from the cameras and stuff and made it easier to see if the bad guy was still around," she says to no one inparticular. Then, she reaches into her backpack and pulls out a silvered visor, slipping it on over her eyes before she follows Koga out of the van. With her eyes covered, it's much easier for her to concentrate and reach out with her spatial awareness to try and scan the building. What she's gonna be able to pick up with all the fires, though, she has no idea.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Spatial Awareness: Good Success.
<FS3> Bryce rolls Psychic Construct: Success.

Bryce climbs out of the van after Kaylee does. He shuts his eyes for a moment and says, "Omni: From the greek. Meaning: all; of all things." He blinks his eyes open and says, "I-interesting." He notices that Kaylee is changing them to keep them hidden from the cameras and decides to help with that. His circlet flashes a bit and his psychic energy rolls back over his body creating a full suit of armor including helmet. This armor has the appareance of a mixture of cyber and medieval styles. "I don't think I can, uh, cover the entire building and try to, to smother the flames. If there are people in their then, then they would p-probably get to the windows or up as high as pppossible." He starts to run towards the building as his armor helps him move better than his own physical body can.

"A masterless samurai or a champion of a cause?" Koga asks curiously towards Kaylee. Then he shrugs, "I… something is off." Koga frowns, then concentrates on his spells more before he pushes the apparently completed spell towards the building, hoping to use his magic to at least dampen or snuff out the fires to prevent any more damage or otherwise.

"I will go with Ronin for now. You should think of a better one sometime. But, there is something odd. What station is that news van representing?" Koga asks as he glances towards the van itself, looking back to see if his magic had any effect or if he might need to change forms with something so very, very large to effect.

<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Spells: Success.

Kaylee's concentration is on the building, so Bryce and Koga's response over codenames is, for the most part, ignored. She just names people things, anyway, so what's the diff? Instead, she's focusing on the building, turning her palms forward to face the fires. Turns out? All the extra photons actually help quite a bit. Extra light means extra bright means extra sight for real life (sorta?) Rainbow Bright! "Okay, the building's in pretty bad shape, but … the only thing that looks like it could be more than just debris seems to be up there!" she says, pointing. And, just in case anyone isn't sure where she's pointing at, a big red arrow moves from her hand to the spot on this side of the building, closest to where the people are, pointing in their direction. See? Bringing a light bright to a barbecue isn't such a bad idea, after all!
Koga's question about the news crew furrows Kaylee's brow and she shakes her head. "What does it matter?! We've got to get to those people and get them out, safely!" she says. Then, she balls her hands into fists and raises them to shoulder level as her body begins to glow. That glow solidifies after a few seconds into a type of light-armor that, while it may not protect her from heat or fire, will at least give her some cushion if the building proves less secure. "C'mon, let's find a way to to get up there!" And then she starts towards the building, searching for a path that will lead her towards some stairs or a fire escape or something that will let her climb without turning her into a KayleeCrisp.

<FS3> Bryce rolls Psychic Construct: Success.

Bryce turns his head to look at the news van and wonders about it too; however, like Kaylee, he focuses quickly back on the building. As Kaylee runs off, he says, "W-wait. I can, uh, I can get us up there." He sits down on the ground and asks, "E-ever heard about a a flying carpet?" He lowers his left hand to the ground and creates a thin psychic platform that keeps expanding until it is a four foot square. The square slowly starts to lift off the ground though he waits to give Kaylee time to get on if she wants.
The crowd across the street is growing and now includes some children cheering for the three powered teens. Of course, their mothers work hard to keep them well away from the action. The news cameras seem to point more at the powered rescuers than at the fire itself. The van itself has the logo of News Channel 7 on it.
The fires continue to grow up the sides of the building on three of the faces; however, Koga's actions are interferring with the growth on the side of the building that they are on. The fire is up to the 3rd floor on the side of the building that the students are on while the other sides are already burning up into the fourth floor. Suddenly, a chair goes flying out of one of the broken windows on that 4th floor that Kaylee pointed to. "Help us! Please!"
Ms. Ricci was right that the building wasn't as abandoned as it should have been.

When Bryce makes a big brain elevator for them, Kaylee does indeed return, rushing back and taking a knee on the platform. Safety first, remember? "If you can get me close to them, I can … PROBABLY make a slide for them to get down from there. That way, Ronin can focus on keeping the fire at bay? Oh gosh, I wish we had someone with cold or water powers with us!" Then, she grimaces, and much more quietly turns to ask Bryce, "… I'm not gonna be too heavy for you to lift, am I?" Do her powers make her look fat?

Glancing up as he notices that it seems to have worked… Koga sighs. "I knew this was a bit too big… I'm transforming." He says towards the other two before bringing his hand upwards.

Focusing, Koga aims his thoughts as he moves his hand to his signature, almost rocking out seeming gesture before swinging it around. The glowing circle forms before dropping over him as he enlarges to his other self.

Giving a growl, he starts to work his magic again as he focuses on the fire itself. Kaylee and Bryce are better suited to the rescue, after all. Koga? He's turning his considerable power against the fire.
Something about what Kaylee says seems to give Koga a bright idea as he brings his hands up again and switches things around in them. Changing and working his magic before he pushes it towards the air as he tries to alter the surroundings with seals that he works to place at different corners of the building. The seals this time are designed to absorb the heat, trying to pull the fire downwards to them rather than let it run rampant.

<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic: Good Success.

Bryce-Aladdin flies Kaylee-Jasmine up to the window that just broke out. Of course the man is terrified of the fire quickly gaining on his family, but now he sees three people in various types of armor. Right now though, beggers cannot be choosers so he starts waving his arms. Bryce says to Kaylee, "Uh, no-no. You are not, well, uh, … no. Not a problem. I have flown m-multiple people before and, well, Sydney." Because she is so metallic she is heavier than a normal person. He keeps going up towards the window letting Kaylee talk to the man.
"Wow, mommy. Look at that. I wanna fly!" Several of the children and screaming randome things from the sidewalk across the street. The fire continues to grow higher on the far side of the building though Koga has all but arrested its growth on this side. Smoke does start to come out of the broken window as the fire is trying to get to the family from the sides now as though it is trying to burn over Koga's barriers from the backside.

"Don't you worry, we'll get you outta there in a jiffy!" Comes the super confident voice of Kaylee as she stands up on the platform, discovering the platform to be stable. There she goes, hands on hips, posing like a super hero is supposed to pose in the face of danger, offering an All-American smile to the family in trouble. But … that fire DOES happen to be creeping (do fires creep?) closer every moment. "Keep her steady, Omni. Can you safely carry all of them, or should I go ahead with the slide?" she asks, holding her hands out to the side and gathering light. She's drawing it in quickly enough that it's most likely visible to others, circles of photons swirling and then drilling into her out-turned palms.

Glancing towards the news van again, Koga makes his way around to the other side of the building, preparing the same once again.

"I have one side down almost! Hurry!" He yells up to the two as he moves around to try to suppress the other side as well, arranging the same spells once again. Trying his best to continue to draw the fire down as well as suppress it with what he can.

Still, his eyes stray to that news van even whenever he is out of sight of it. He's worried that there seems to be something odd going on.

Bryce, Omni on this mission, looks up to the father as Kaylee speaks to them. Answering her question, he says, "T-the most I've ever, well, lifted was approximately 735.8 kilograms." Bryce is very accurate with his approximations. "Oh," he forgets that people tend to use the other system. "That is about 1,620.4 pounds but that was, uh, for a short time. Perhaps we, uh, Oh, okay, K-er-Ronin. We should h-hurry. Perhaps we sh-should try both?" The psychic 'carpet' has now reached the window floating Kaylee and Bryce effortlessly. He does keep his armored hand down against it as though the contact makes it easier to control.
The man looks back to his family and says, "Come on. You first," he says to his wife. She looks out and is instantly her fear or heights come to the fore front. "I, I can't! Please," she lifts her dirty hands to her face. The teenage boy and the pre-teen girl come close behind them. The girl is already starting to cough.
Koga's efforts against the flames is giving the extra time they need, but the fire is clearly working to try and find a way past his barriers. Clearly some type of acclerant was used to cause such a violent flame.

Frowning as he continues to work on the flames, Koga hums a bit before narrowing the armored eyes. Something that might well… look weird if it's caught. The flames were still trying to get past his abilities. And that was not good.

Figuring maybe he can fight fire /with/ fire, he tries something a bit more desperate as he attempts to make a reflective barrier around his current ones.

When it comes down to it, it might or might not be a bad idea, but he's definitely attempting to get the fire under control. Light streams from his hands as he holds back on the reflective barrier for a moment, instead drawing out another series of lines that manifest into his tasselled spear. "Never tried this before… here goes!" In the interest of saving the building, Koga aims the spear at the building itself.

And tries to make the building reflective towards heat instead. Hopefully, he can make the fire snuff itself out. Maybe.

Noticing the woman's fear as she begins to look out the window, Kaylee frowns and walks out onto the bridge, herself, climbing IN to the burning building. "Hey, see? It's no sweat, ma'am! Easy-peesy, lemon squeezy!" she encourages the woman, moving to assist her onto the bridge. Her face turns towards the coughing children and she frowns. "Let's see if we can't at least do a little something about THAT, shall we?" she adds. Moving her hand towards the wall, she tries to create a wall of light to cut them off from the smoke. It's really probably not gonna help with the heat at all, and it may not stop the fire. But, it should at least keep the smoke from encroaching on them! With all of the light she's taking in, Kaylee's battery can't hold it all and the girl starts glowing, as well. It's just a good thing she didn't wind up needing to climb the stairs and cut through any doors with an axe or anything.

By reflecting the fire back on itself, the fire ends up burning hotter than ever as it redoubles its use of the available fuel; however, this also means it will burn itself out faster. The flames on the backside of the building shoot up higher, well above the roof now threatening the stability of the structure. The woman and man make way for Kaylee. The teenage boy clearly is impressed by her looks and seems more interested in her until the crackling of the fire draws his attention back to everything. "Are you an angel?" the coughing girl asks.
Bryce looks up at the scared mother and is reminded of his mother and what she did for him. He carefully holds up his free hand towards her (even though he doesn't enjoy touching) and says, "For all of, uh, our abilities, n-none of us can match the power of of a mother for her children. For them…come."
The man nods and says, "You can do it, Becca." She simply nods her head and starts to climb out of the window taking Bryce's hand for stability. Wanting to make things safer, Bryce causes the edges of the platform to start to grow upwards creating a half-wall around the platform. With much shaking and trepidation, she finally is out on the platform. "You two next," the dad says.

"See? Nothing to it," Kaylee says, though her voice does waver the slightest bit as the fires seem to get even worse. Good thing they can't see her shifty-eyes underneath the visor. For all of her bravado, the fact that it just got EVEN HOTTER in there has her fairly worried. When the dad says it's time for the kids, next, Kaylee smiles and kneels down to the coughing little girl. "Oh, no, sweetie. I'm no angel! But would you like to go on a magic carpet ride? C'mon, I promise it'll be so much fun!" she says, moving to help the little girl up and through the window. And then, with the boy paying a little more attention to her, she'll look back over her shoulder and offer him a wry smile. "Coming?" she asks, in a sweet manner. And then she'll offer her hand to him, as well, to help him get through the window.

Glancing as he notices it working, Koga makes his way back around to where Bryce and Kaylee are quickly, then begins casting more fire absorption barriers and seals up towards where they are working. The blue light streaming quickly as he does his best to keep it going again and again.

His hands are moving much more quickly now, and he's doing his best to keep up the mystic symbols that he is casting in an attempt to keep up with the now more intense fire. He calls up towards the two, "Hurry up! It might come down soon!"

Bryce keeps his attention on the family and keeping the platform stable. Thankfully, the increasing people doesn't seem to be affecting the stability of the platform, and since Bryce has his helmet on, it is impossible to see the strained expression on his face. "Ssydney is going to kill me," he mumbles through the visor. The increased heat is starting to get to him as well though he glances up at the roof quickly understanding Koga's concern. The building was already condemned as being unsafe. This fire is seeing to it.
"Magic carpet ride?" the girl says with awe in her voice. "Yay!" She seems more excited now than frightened by the fire as this makes her feel like a princess being rescued by a knight in shiny (if psychic) armor with the glowing fairy helping. Her brother is getting excited for other reasons and follows Kaylee out onto the platform. Both children are quickly grabbed and hugged by the mother. From this close vantage, it is also clear that the clothing is threadbare, most likely picked from used sources. Their faces dirty with more than just the soot from the fire.
The father goes to get out but ducks his head as a piece of the roof falls just behind him. Fearing that the floor will be next, he quickly move to get through the window and to the the platform.

Koga can only keep casting more and more barriers and seals as he tries to keep the fire contained from the ground level at the moment. His expertise is, after all, lightning not wind or cold. He made notes to see if he could find other forms of those just in case for situations like this, though. Really, he needed to!

Bryce waits until everyone is safely onboard the platform and starts to lower the platform. "Please remain seated," he says through the visor as the girl rushes to look over the edge. "Wow. We are flying!" Her mom grabs her and pulls her back away from the half-wall. Finally the platform makes its way all the way to the ground at which point, it fades into nothingness. Bryce remains seated on the ground as the family get together in a group up. Holding his family tightly, the father says, "Thank you, thank you both so much." Bryce slowly gets up using the power of the armor to help. "You are w-welcome. Th-thank, Rronin as well. Were it not f-for him, we would not have made it in in time." The father looks up in the air and says, "Thank you as well." The boy wants to keep his attention on Kaylee while the girl tries to break free and get to Bryce. "Can we fly again? Please?"
The crowd from across the street are all cheering and clapping at the safe rescue of the family.

Kaylee will let the boy oogle all he wants, as long as it makes it easier for Bryce to get everybody to the ground. Besides. Her hair's the wrong color and she's wearing a big silver visor over her eyes. No way he's gonna recognize her after this! However, with Bryce being her teammate, and being familiar with his condition as of late, Kaylee is of no doubt that he's overdoing it, so she moves over to try and support him, ready to sling his arm over her shoulder and bear his weight, while doing her best to make it look like they're just hugging. "Paramedics should be here, shortly," she announces to the family. Then, she turns to Bryce and says, "Let's get you back to the van. I'm going to go disperse that crowd so that there will be room for the paramedics and actual fire-fighters to come in, once they get here." In a louder voice, she calls out to, "Ronin! Everyone's safe, just focus on keeping it that way. Leave the firefighting to the fire-fighters. The building is probably coming down, now, anyway."

A nod is given towards Kaylee before Koga raises his hands, bringing up barriers to protect the surroundings as quickly as he can while leaving room for the fire fighters. No need for fire to jump, after all.

Bryce is definitely ready for the assistance. With the expenditure of power, he feels it is safer to lower his armor as well and just walk to the van. "Th-thank you," he says softly to Kaylee.
Of course, Kaylee was right. Within two minutes, the paramedics and the fire trucks were there. Kaylee gives one of the paramedics some information about the family while the rest of the team works on checking their vitals. The fire fighters go to work to protect the nearby structures and control the fire. By this time the building is a total loss. Oddly enough, the news team pack up both cameras, get into the van and drive off without interviewing anyone.
"Alright, let's get going," Ms. Ricci says to the three. Once they were in the van and on the way back, she says, "Don't forget to have reports on my desc by midday tomorrow, and please check the grammar and spelling."

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