(2018-11-27) Ch-ch-ch-changes!
Summary: Tuuuu~uurn and face the strange! ~/o (Callisto meets a recently-aged Besa)
Date: 2018-11-27
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Art Room, Coral Springs
Tue Nov 27, 2018

Sure this is called the art room, but it is actually more than that. Art isn't just painting and pottery. Because of this, the room is large, and is actually broken up into sections, with partitions or half-walls to give each area boundaries.

The largest section is where the cabinets, cubbies and various tables are. Also in this section is the teacher's desk and one of the sinks for cleaning up at.

The other sections are dedicated to certain styles of art. There is a section for doing pottery with a both a kick wheel and two electric pottery wheels, kiln and racks and cabinets for drying pottery and storing equipment.

Easels take up another area, and a few computers workstations in another.

Toward the back is another sink for cleaning up at. Next to that is another section with an upright piano and a cabinet that holds a /small/ selection of musical instruments and other things aspiring musicians would need.

It is a fall night. The weather is freezing and raining.


Besa's cleaning up after a long sitting at the kick wheel and producing nothing worth firing. Everything is done except cleaning off the clay form his hands, arms and face. He's tall enough that it's not weird to look at himself in the mirror above the sink, so he sees the large smudge of clay on his forehead. A shiver runs though his body though, the water is cold.

It's been a weird, weird day for Callisto. Actually, more like night. Lots and lots of weird, weird dreams. Not necessarily nightmares persay; nobody trying to contact her. Just memories and lots of them; some warped, some re-written, some precisely as they were at the time of their forging. Since donning the gorgon head pendant Callisto's dreams have been pretty predictable and controlled.. sometimes even utterly silent. So for her mind to come alive at night, while not really a sign of impending doom or damage.. it puzzles her.

Surely, the pendant cannot be faltering. It's not a symptom of that. It's.. as if her subconsciousness is trying to tell her something. No matter, she has work to do in the art room at this hour, and it's best to do so after classes where she's not jockeying for space amidst others. THe graceful girl pads near-silently into the large workspace and glances to the boy washing his hands, looks aw—-wait wut.


Callisto is astute and notices many things. She knows Besa and the Besa of her knowing is a few inches shorter than the one here right now. Her head tilts, moonpale hair woven into a clean French braid, and she sets her books down audibly upon a tabletop as she studies the Egyptian boy, trying to figure him out.

Besa's lost enough in thought he doesn't hear Callisto enter, but the books hitting the table have him turning to glance at her. While he's taller, there's not denying those dark eyes. "Hello Callisto. I will be out of your way soon." His voice is even a little deeper. He reaches for some paper towels.

Between the eyes and hair, Callisto knows precisely that this is indeed the same Besa. She startles some as he turns to face her and speak, and the fey girl realizes her rudeness in having just stood there, gazing, while saying nothing. Ugh, are her manners shaken too? Her lashes flutter once and she bows her sleek head in apology, "Forgiveness." Said easily, "I've no need of the sink. Do not rush," She peers up again. She is no longer in uniform — she is known for foisting the damned attire the moment the clock signals the end of the day — but rather, a pair of fitted black tights and a sort of pale blue cotton tunic that looks older; as if it can handle the mess of this space. She studies Besa again, "You appear to be…. taller." She tilts her head some, pulling her messenger bag from a shoulder and hooking it over a chair. Pulls the chair out but does not sit yet. "How is this? T'is not a terrible thing but surely not that much time has passed since I've last spoken with you."

Besa's uniform is plastered with clay. He'll really need to do laundry tomorrow. "You have no need to ask for forgiveness, my friend." Her statements brings a soft smile, "Indeed, I am." The idea that ti happened naturally and she didn't notice gets a soft chuckle, he seems tired, "No. I cast a rune to be the same age as my fellow Juniors. It was becoming….troublesome to me to appear so much younger." Well, at this age, 2 years is a lot. "And I needed to know if this would work if…" He stops, frowning, "If I ever wrap again…I do not wish to have to….be a child always."

THe only thing to betray Callisto's feelings re: Besa ever having to wrap again —- oh, she is isn't keen on the thought — is a slight hardening of her gaze. But her lips do not move to deliver words or 'advice' or anything to point toward a huge opinion on the matter. She knows duty well. But still, Besa is her friend and… "I should not like to see you ever having to go through that again, but you… know your destiny, your path, more than I could ever hope. But t'is my wish." She stands straight and tall, her 5'10" frame still having a few inches over the aged Besa. Her gaze softens as her lips pull into a pensive, easy smile. "T'is fascinating magic. To take hold of time and shift it forth… I have forgotten what it is like to age and change with it. How do you feel?" She asks smoothly.

Now that they are aware of one another, Callisto pads in closer and leans forth just a bit closer to study Besa's face.. hopefully not in what is construed as a rude way but pure curiosity. "Ah, but you are still you. Handsome, yes. T'is befitting of you but it matters only if you feel it's right. You certainly look like a Junior now." Callisto compliments unabashedly. It's a good thing that she's a good dark fey. Sometimes how she looks at others can be intense… and not in a terrible way.

Besa's had a few people do that, so he stills allowing Calli to look. "It is not always duty, Callisto. I died once saving Rain. I have been murdered when they stole the piece of my heart…" He could go on and on. But he wishes for that too, to never have to wrap again. "I feel…taller. I am always hungry now." He'll spare mentioning to her the spike in his hormones. He smiles, "I feel like a junior now. Before I felt as if everyone was…patting me on the head." Twins included.

She nods once, slowly. "There is yet more you could say, other instances to recall." How is it that she can sometimes just pluck out thoughts? She's not prying or psychically trolling, honest! Callisto simply speaks onwards from a strong suspicion, much of it gleaned from the age and wisdom found in Besa's eyes. "But I can see it. Not just duty but because you care." A sagely nod.. she eases back so as to not be too up in Besa's bidness with her gaze and queries. She blinks hard and laughs outright; she has a pleasant laugh. "Hah! I know well of those who are always hungry. You had best keep on top of that for I know of boys who grow rather surly if they do not eat." A playful half-smile as she moves to ease herself into the chair she picked out. Though her gaze remains upon Besa.

"But t'is all.. not at all a bad thing. It is nice to feel that shift in the tides of one's body." Callisto muses, looks toward the ceiling. Then, because she is… yes, a dark faerie.. she cannot help but add: "Are you able to handle the rest that comes with being sixteen? T'is not too.. distracting?" A mischievous little smile.

Besa'll not deny it. The perfect hair, now shoulder length, sways as he nods. "I would die again to save a friend, yes." Even with his dark skin, the blush can be noticed, "It truly is terrible, Callisto. Like my stomach is cursed to never be full!" He toss the paper towels away and moves over to stand near her, "It is nice. I do not feel so stuck in a loop." He blinks back at her, thankfully his cheeks are already pink. An annoyed look flickers across his face, unlike old Besa, but very much. 16 year old response, "I am handling everything else fine enough!" Oh boy, poor Dylan!

And Callisto, bless her, tosses her head back into a true belly laugh.. silver-white hair flashing around her face, braid swaying. "Ah, t'is fascinating. I am excited for you." A beat, a sly look. "… and Dylan too." Yup, such a fey. But her expression sobers and she eases back into her seat, her goodnatured jesting over with. "Forgiveness, I do not make fun; t'is not everyday I get to bear witness to something like this. I am happy for you, Besa. T'was a wise thing, to age onwards; to be stuck could become it's very own purgatory. T'si good that you had the means and mastery to take matters into your own hands."

Then, belatedly in response to the always hungry bit.. Callisto suggests: "Try Tiki Taco. They've good deals." Spoken from experience. She doesn't look like someone who packs away plate upon plate of food, though.

She pulls a pad of paper out of her bag and opens it up to some sort of penciled still-life. While passable, Callisto is not a good sketch artist. "I do so wish I could do something to change myself a bit.. all of my tricks only last so long." Said gently.

Oh goodness, he clears his throat and turns away, back towards the kickwheel. There's a few more tools he can put away. There's another nod though, he knows it's funny, just not to him personally. "I am happy." Mention of tacos has him smiling and looking over his shoulder, "Tom likes the tacos there a lot." Tools away he asks, "Why?" What in the world would she change?

Luckily, Callisto isn't one to perpetuate a delicate topic. No more laughter, though all of it was meant in good humor. She is quite happy for the boy, "A wealth of new experiences await you." Said gently with an easier smile as she digs in her bag for her mechanical pencil. She's been fussing with this piece for awhile now and Gods help her, she'll turn in something decent for the marks. She thinks nothing more of her latter comment until Besa questions it, and Callisto looks up with her bluish-green gaze. "What I am now is indefinite. I shall never age; to even do things to augment myself.. cut hair.. dye it.. do anything to otherwise alter my appearance via simple means.. I am myself again within hours." Barring drastic measures but Callisto ain't about to cut bits off of herself or nip tuck.

She handwaves, "It does not truly bother me, not always… but.." But? Callisto has a hang-up?! Seems so, but all she does is smile a bit mysteriously. "I worry if it would grow tiresome for others. T'is a silly thought, yes?"

"I am just glad that the twins will not be leaving me behind." Not that they actually would, but it felt like it. He nods, understanding then, "Would you like me to meditate on it? Perhaps my runes can affect you in sea more permanent way?" Now it's his turn to chuckle, "Tiresome?" She's worried about someone else's opinion? "Callisto, I know people do not believe it, but I have an eye for both sexes. Any person that would grow tired of you appears does not deserve you. You are very wantable." Wantable? Is that even a real word?

Blink? Callisto… okay, she has the tact to not say this out loud: she thought Besa was moreso into dudes! Though when he admits to having an eye for both, she only appreciates him all-the-more. What a way to be! She shakes her head slowly, "Nay, you needn't worry about any incantations or spells on my behalf. I really, truly am alright. Confused sometimes. I never invested much thought into how others living upon this planet perceived me. One person opened my eyes, and there is another now who teaches me all-the-more. But thank you Besa.. for your words." She clicks the pencil, brings down more lead. But she's watching him instead. "I, too, am happy.. and pleased. Mortals are just so dynamic and amazing and I surprise myself with thoughts that I never considered myself capable of…"

She shakes her head, a little flush to her cheekbones but she simply looks pleased. "T'is a compliment of the best order.. wantable. Thank you, Besa." Callisto says in earnest. Even if it's not a 'real' word, it's real now!

No one ever believes him when he tells them that! It's so strange! He lets her talk though, about whoever it is that she's worried about. "There are many things in this time to be confused on. Do not let that be one of them though." He chuckles, he's not quite an immortal, but he's not quite a mortal either. He's…something else, "Everyone can be, yes." His smile brightens, while he's not interested in Callisto in that way, getting her to blush is nice. "You are very welcome, my friend."

Strange indeed! Callisto is an oddity, at least in her immediate 'family', in being straight. Then you get sorts like Oridove snogging the ladies exclusively and/or Nesialora loving nothing more than the kill and… yeah, Callisto is pretty vanilla compared to her linage. Good, indeed. She bows her head again in thanks; somehow the elegant gesture speaks beyond words of her gratitude. "You look even more like yourself, Besa. If that makes sense." She offers honestly, giving him one more pinkened smile before she turns back to her work. THe pencil sways and she screws up a line. A soft curse in an ancient language… not mortal, but not unseelie either. Weird.

"Mayhaps you can create a rune that shall help me make a proper illustration. T'is the third bloody drawing of a poinsettia plant that I've destroyed today. Blast it all."

Besa glances down at the drawing and then smiles, "Perhaps I can help you? You are thinking of it as a line, you must think of it as organic." And if she allows he'll help. It's a little cheats, it's pretty obvious he drew in a. Few different lifetimes, rather than threw clay, but hey, he's allowed to cheat sometimes!

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