(2018-11-15) Bungle in the Jungle
Bungle in the Jungle (Okay, so it's more a forest … well, there were trees, okay!?)
Summary: A handful of students from Coral Springs meet the new kids on the block. … sorta.
Date: 2018-11-15
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NPCs: Friction, Lunk, Nightmare, Spectre
Scene Runner: Kaylee

With it being Thursday evening and everything, you'd think most of the students who don't have previous assignments, responsibilities or requirements would be cutting loose in the dorms or elsewhere on the island where more fun can be had. Unfortunately for a small group of boys, Kaylee has harangued them into helping clean up the administration building "because it's the right thing to do." Plus, they were underclassmen, and therefore somewhat unable to resist. Or, at least, as far as they might be aware, since Kaylee IS a senior, AND a captain, AND pretty much the school's poster child, which means if she said it, it HAD to be a rule, right?
Regardless of that, the fact that they were cleaning in the administration building means that they were present when an Osprey with government markings landed outside and were the closest students when one of the school's staff came in with someone in an all-black suit of light combat armor walked in and said there was an emergency that required a handful of students, and THEY WERE IT! So now, all of the students are riding in said transport, being briefed by the federal agent in the black outfit, who mysteriously won't remove the balaclava. And how does that make you feel?

Shades is glancing from side to side in the utmost excitement, grinning like an idiot and practically vibrating with excitement. Which is a real rapid mood shift from the kvetching he'd been doing while on cleaning detail.

Bundle-of-energy Buddy wasn't bothered about the cleaning because he just saw it all as something fun. Wanting to help clean the upper parts of the walls, Buddy had turned into a monkey and was literally swinging around with the rag. He turns back into a human when the request for the students to help out. Glancing at Kaylee, he bounds up to her and follows the men onto the Osprey. "This is big. Is it supposed to be big? How does it fly if it is so heavy? Can I try to fly it?" He takes a seat near the door so he can look out the window as they fly. One of the suits give him a uniform and helmet to put on. He is glad to get out of his tie and coat which he leaves in the plane. When he puts the helmet on, he ends up putting it on crooked which makes the youth look sillier than he already did.

It had taken absolutely no conjoling to get RJ to help clean up, because well, it is the duty for the students to help clean up. Of course, he also went right along without any real question when he was told that he was needed. He is dressed in his Promethean mission uniform, which of course had to be custom fitted for the bracer on his right wrist, which should provide all the protection that he should need.

Normally conversational enough, Dakota has scarcely uttered a word since entering the Osprey. Because what the hell? He agreed to help out a pretty girl, and now he's on a government assignment. Not to mention, his powers are still pretty unreliable at this point. Currently, he has the provided helmet on his lap and is glancing uneasily around the relatively tight space. He pales when Buddy requests to try to fly the aircraft.

The spook continues, in media res. "… for several months. We thought we had them about a month ago, in Shady Cove, but one of your fellow students gave us away and they bolted. For a while, at least. But they've been spotted in the area again, so we're going in to investigate. And let me emphasize that; INVESTIGATE. Not start anything. The bird'll be setting us down a couple miles out so it doesn't give us away and I'll be taking us the rest of the way in. Any questions?" he asks. And, of course, since half the briefing has already passed, there may be a few, but most of the information has already been imparted so everyone should have a pretty decent idea of what they're doing here.
For her part, Kaylee has been listening intently as she pulls the padded outfit on over her school uniform. The armor-type-stuff is designed to be worn over regular clothing, and special accomodations are made where necessary, but it's not super high-tech gear or anything. Mostly just extra padding. As a finishing touch, Kaylee pulls her hair back into a pony tail. When the time for questions arises, she asks one that's probably been on everybody's mind from the beginning. "So … who are YOU?"

Shades raises his hand. "Can we keep this stuff? Oooh! And are there like, any files on what these guys can do, or what they look like, or… or like, anything?" With which he closes his eyes, takes off his glasses, and slides the helmet in place, sliding the dark visor down. "This is SO freaking cool!"

Buddy listens intently as the man starts speaking. He nods a couple times though with that same silly look on his face. When he asks if there are any questions, Buddy bounces on his behind. "Yes. Can I fly the plane? I'm good at flying." When Kaylee asks who he is, Buddy's eyes narrow as he tries to look serious. "Yeah. What she said." If Kaylee didn't know who they were, was it okay to be there. "Oh, and are we going to get in trouble!?"

RJ listens to the man, like the others. He cocks his head as he does so, nodding in regards to Kaylee's question. He then raises an eyebrow to most of Shades' questions. "What precisely do you mean by investigate? What are we to investigate? We have no information to begin with other than you are intersted in a group of individuals that we have nothing to go on."

As the briefing draws to a close, Dakota turns to the man and narrows his eyes. His mouth opens, likely to ask a question, and then promptly shuts. "Nooope," He shakes his head. "If this is a stealth mission, you may have ran into the wrong group of students for the job." His gaze shifts to the two boys that are practically bouncing with energy.

The man in the balaclave looks at Kaylee for a long moment before he responds, then shakes his head. "I am a lieutenant with the United States Army, assigned to a special division within the CIA. That's all you need to know right now. My codename is Spectre. Call me Spectre or call me sir," he responds. He then turns his attention to Shades. "It belongs to the school, so I imagine you'll need to return it once we return. And yes there are and they are classified so you won't get access to them. If we do this right, they won't even know we're here, so it shouldn't matter. You're coming along as a precaution, nothing more."
Buddy's enthusiasm draws a chuckle from the man and he folds his arms across his chest. "Sorry, son, but you're not cleared to fly military vessels. And you're helmet is crooked. But we do recruit powered individuals, so if you want to learn how to fly them, go ahead and enlist when you graduate. I can have a recruiter contact you, if you're serious."
RJ's question gets a stern look from the man. "I mean we are going to go and look and see if it is the group we've been after and try and surmise what they may have been up to. Field reconnasaince, period." Dakota's observation is noted with a headnod, but then the man steps up and moves to put his hand on Buddy's shoulder. "Actually, I would prefer to work with kids that are anxious to get the job done and excited to do the right thing than some of the complacency I've seen in other youth today. As long as they're able to focus that passion and energy into doing what the mission requires, I'll take it." And, if he didn't have a balaclava on, Buddy would be able to see him giving him a trusting smile. But, ski masks tend to prevent such kinds of looks.
Kaylee's eyes narrow as the man continues to talk, and even though she's not wearing her glasses or looking directly at the man, she appears to be focusing pretty hard for a moment. She opens her mouth to say something else, but a voice comes over a loudspeaker in the cargo area and drowns her out. "Touchdown in one minute. Get ready to unload."

Shades hops to his feet, giving a perfunctionary salute towards Spectre before twisting towards the exit and zipping up the padded Athenian Battle Armor (tm). Or, Athenian Heavy Jacket (tm), whatever, it's AWESOME either way.

Buddy opens his mouth to look at Dakota and says, "I can be sneaky! I can be the best type of sneaky, the type where people see you but don't care." He smiles and the notices the correction from the talking man about the helmet. He reaches up and tries to adjust the helmet a few times. When he finally gets it all the way on, he makes a face. Clearly he doesn't like the feel of it anymore and the newness of it is wearing off on the animal boy. He looks over to Shades and asks seriously, "What are we unloading?"

RJ gives Spectre a slightly goofy grin, "So investigate means just observe. I can just observe." He doesn't have to like the setup to follow orders, and he is good at following orders. When he chooses to, at least.

"Right," Buddy receives an encouraging smile and a thumbs up from Dakota. "Just make sure you remember to stay safe." As soon as Buddy goes to ask Shades a question, the boy's face crumples into that 'oh no, we're totally screwed' face he had mere moments ago. A voice in the back of his head recalls the horrors he faced before, and he remembers to breathe.

Shades tilts his helmet towards Buddy. "Us. We're the cargo."

Nodding to Shades, Spectre moves back to the rear of the transport. "Young man is right. Give me your codenames as we get off, and remember not to use real names if things go sideways. Now, I'm gonna open these doors and the ship is gonna hover a couple of feet off the ground. When I say, everybody jump down and regroup at the line of trees. Spectrum, would you mind leading the way?" he asks, nodding to Kaylee.
Blinking some more, Kaylee turns her face towards Spectre and frowns. Her brow furrows for a moment, but she nods, standing up to join the man near the doorway. The roar of the propellors can be heard even more as the gateway lowers, and then after a few more seconds, the vehicle comes to a halt about two feet above the ground, like Spectre indicated.
"Alright, go, go, go," the military man orders, spinning his hand in a horizontal circle. Kaylee sets the helmet on her head and then hurries down the ramp, dropping the short distance to the ground. She then heads underneath the belly of the transport to a line of trees in what is obviously a forested area, the Osprey having stopped just on its outskirts. Turning back towards the vehicle, Soectrum holds up her hand and shines a very dull light back towards the plane so that others can find her once they get out, as the sun has gone down and it's begun to get dark outside. How far away they are from the school is hard to tell.

Shades runs after Kaylee, hopping down into an exagerated crouch, and then quickly 'stealth' walk-running towards the trees as indinicated.
<FS3> Buddy rolls Animal Senses: Good Success.

Buddy runs by Spectre and says, "I'm … oh." He doesn't have a code name. Just the nickname he uses. He then shrugs and goes running down the ramp towards the forest. He pauses near a tree and starts sniffing the air to get a sense of where they are and what is around them.

RJ blinks, "Codename? Are we suppose to have a codename? I have no codename?" He looks to Kaylee as he asks, not really caring the response of Spectre. As she heads out, he pauses and says, "I guess RJ will have to suffice." He then hops off the transport and heads in the direction of the dim light.
<FS3> Dakota rolls Stealth: Good Success.

Cloaked by the evening, Dakota naturally seems to distort the darkness around him so that it shrouds his form. It is a subtle difference, especially to his allies, but he appears to all but disappear if one does not look directly at him. He heads over to the treeline that is helpfully lit up by Kaylee.

As people make it to the treeline, Kaylee collects everyone. And, since she's the only one with a real codename, so far, comes up with names on the spot. She IS a creative-type person, after all! "Hey, if you guys haven't picked out your own codenames, then we need to use some for right now. Buddy, you can be Genus, Shades, be Nightfall, RJ, you can be … um … Gauntlet! And Dakota … … … I don't know what you can do, Dakota! I'm sorry!"
Just as Kaylee finishes, Spectre literally emerges FROM the shadows of the trees behind them. "I thought I told you guys to give me your codenames as you passed and only one of you said anything," he complains. Kaylee holds her index finger up at the man, though, stopping him in his tracks.
"We're working on that! Give us a second," Kaylee says. "Are you guys okay with those?" she asks the group again.

Shades lifts up the visor on the helmet slightly, enough so that he can be heard more clearly. "I said 'Shades' as I passed," he replies. "I mean, it's not actually my name. And Nightfall? Pfft, no. That's a little Ninties." With which he lowers the visor again. He's muffled, but considerably more hearable than he was during the disembarking. "And Kaylee, what's your name? I mean- your, like, codename. Ooh! Shiney! It should be Shiney! Or… Flashlight! Blinker!"

<FS3> Buddy rolls Biology: Good Success.
"Oh, like Species, Genus, Family," Buddy surprisingly says. "Cool." He then points at Kaylee and says, "She is Bright eyes!" At least that is her name for her. Buddy then asks, "Do you want me to turn into a bird or something and try and find them?"

RJ ponders for a moment. "For the purposes of this, I suppose 'Gauntlet' will work. I mean, a gauntlet covers the hand as well as the wrist, not just the wrist, as a bracer, but 'Bracer' does not sound any better to me. And while the Faroshi that wear symbiote bracers are called Overlords, but Overlord sounds more like a villain than a hero-in-training."

"I barely know what I can do either!" Dakota sighs and glances into the forests ahead of them, the cloak of shadows around him faltering as he ponders. "I don't know…why do I even need a codename? Can't you guys just call me Kota?" That sounds more like a nickname, though. "Or, like, Kotabear?" Fortunately for him, the darkness hides the color that spreads over his face. The moniker given to him by his adoptive mom? Totally not cool.

"Spectrum," both Kaylee and Spectre say at the same time in response to Shades. She turns and glares at the man again and he looks surprised, but recovers quickly. "Right, Shades, sorry. My fault. Shades, Genus, Gauntlet … how about we call YOU Nightfall, Dakota?" Spectre offers. Then, to Buddy's suggestion, Spectre nods. "That would actually be pretty helpful. But don't get too close, one of them is a psychic."
Kaylee's frown is hidden behind the visor of her helmet, but she's definitely frowning. "Genus, I don't like the idea of you going off on your own. Do NOT get too far away, understand?" she admonishes.
"He'll be FINE," Spectre argues. "Besides, we'll be right behind him. Everyone, grab each other. We'll be moving as a group through the forest. Our targets should be to the north just a couple miles."

<FS3> Buddy rolls Transform: Good Success.
"A couple mi- uggh," Shades says, before blowing out a breath and offering a hand towards RJ. "Alright Are-… Gauntlet. Let's get going." As they start walking, he whispers in a low voice, "Hey, wasn't Gauntlet like, a video game forever ago?"

Buddy runs just a few steps and jumps into the air. "Watcht this!" In mid jump, a ripple effect rolls over his body and transforms him, his uniform and even the helmet into a golden eagle. He lets out a cry and quickly takes to the air knowing that his great vision will make it easier for him to search the ground.

RJ goes to take the offered hand, but then he pauses as he watches Buddy change into an eagle. He just gets a little stunned for a moment. He then shakes his head at Shades's question. "I would not know… I have only been here for a matter of months, besides how can something be dated by an infinite amount of time?"

"You mean that arcade game? Forever ago is right. Don't even think my mom was around for that," Dakota says, reaching out for Kaylee's hand. As Buddy flies off, Dakota watches him go frowning (no helmet, so his frown is very visible). It's clear he isn't in love with the idea either.

With everyone holding someone's hand, Kaylee reaches out and grabs Spectre's hand. "Alright. Now, we're gonna move through the shadows, so hang on and do NOT let go. It's gonna feel a little strange, but you shouldn't get disoriented or anything," Spectre explains. And then, without anyone else doing anything, the entire group will sink into the shadows under their feet. They'll rise again about every hundred yards, until Buddy's eagle calls out and the group stops, while Buddy circles overhead. A small ways in the distance, the flickering glow of a campfire is discernible, although there aren't many other details visible as the trees block out most of the light of the stars and moon.
Which, as it turns out, is a very bad thing, because Kaylee happens to be deathly afraid of the dark. So, travelling through the shadows? NOT her idea of happy happy fun times. By the time they arrive at their final destination, even though it's only been a few minutes, she's sweating bullets and physically shaking. Once they've arrived at their stopping point, she immediately drops to all fours and starts glowing- not super bright, but definitely visible in the darkness.
"Spectrum! Knock that off!" Spectre hisses. Unfortunately, it's not likely that she'll be able to right away.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shades=Shadowcontrol Vs Kaylee=Energy Emission
< Shades: Failure Kaylee: Great Success
< Net Result: Kaylee wins - Crushing Victory

Shades, on the other hand, is really at ease with the shadow movement. About the only oddity to him as he goes is a subtle shift in how he carries himself, and a gradual desaturation of the colors of his uniform; already darker to blend in, they are beyond merely muted now. At Spctre's hiss, he throws out his free hand, and looks to be pinching the air in front of himself, before tugging it down. As he does, a curtain of darkness starts to fall between the students and their quarry. "Kay- Spectrum? You okay?"

RJ may not be disoriented but he is quite disturbed by the shadow travel. He watches Kaylee began to freak out. He puts his hand on her shoulder, "Spectrum… it is alright… You are alright. You are with friends, and we will allow no harm to come to you." His voice is calm and soft. It is no surprise that he is a Promethean.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dakota=Psychic Vs Kaylee=mind
< Dakota: Good Success Kaylee: Success
< Net Result: Dakota wins - Marginal Victory

In another circumstance, shadow travel might not shake Dakota too much, but Kaylee's growing anxiety hits him hard. He feels her terror building in his bones, and he might have acted sooner had he not been afraid to disrupt the transportation through shadows. When she crumples to the ground, he doesn't pretend to be surprised. The glow, however, that's not expected. At all. "Shit." He curses under his breath and sinks to the taller girl's level. "Kaylee…you're not in the dark anymore." It isn't a perfect fix, but his psychic presence carries power where his words might not.

<FS3> Kaylee rolls 5: Good Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls 3: Failure.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls 10: Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Spectre=13 Vs Kaylee=Energy Emission
< Spectre: Good Success Kaylee: Good Success
< Net Result: Spectre wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Obfuscation: Good Success.

Shades had a bright idea when he tried to hide her light in the darkness. Unfortunately? Kaylee's light cut right through the shield and didn't even glimmer. RJ's comforting words also seem to have no affect, though when Dakota kneels down and speaks to her, the whimpering subsides almost as quickly as the glow.
Whirling around, Spectre looks towards the flickering firelight and peeeeeeers. "Shoot! They noticed something." He then raises his hand and Kaylee's light disappears into it, until it fades. He then turns and whispers to the other teenagers. "Okay. I need you guys to VERY quietly spread out so we're harder to find. They're gonna be looking for us. Let's not let them find us. And, if you start to feel afraid of something, shout out, because that means we've been found, anyway," he explains. Then, he kneels next to his sister. "C'mon, Spectrum, I need you to pull it together."
As the fear is suddenly drained from her, Kaylee's glowing also drains away. Blinking a little, she looks up and around, her brow furrowing. "… it's dark, though …," she trails off, before looking at Dakota. Then, Spectre is giving orders and Kaylee pushes herself back up to her feet. "I'll be fine. Thanks, though," she says. And then she turns on her powers again, this time going into stealth mode as she fades from view, leaving only a mirrored shadow effect, like the Predator.

<FS3> Shades rolls Stealth: Failure.
<FS3> RJ rolls Stealth: Failure.
<FS3> Dakota rolls Stealth: Good Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Dakota rolls Shadow Cloak: Success.

Shades nods at Spectre, and creeps away from the group, trying to keep low to the ground, sticking to the shadow. Like a shadow! That's it! He can't help but twitch a look towards the firelight every few seconds, wondering who, or what, is hiding in that flickering mix of light and shadows. He also doesn't seem to be aware of how much the firelight is reflecting off his helmet's visor, or how close he's actually gotten.

RJ grew up in an all inclusive urban sprawl. Being stealthy in the city is completely different than being stealthy in the woods. Unfortunately, RJ isn't really all that aware of the differences, having barely spent any time in the woods, since his crash landing. He spreads out, as directed, trying to be as quiet as possible and keeping behind the trees whenever he can.

Dakota doesn't really say anything to Kaylee's observation, just gives her a shaken wide-eyed look. He cannot remember the last time he consciously used his powers to lessen someone's fear. When the others turn to scatter, he fades into the dark without so much of a word.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nightmare=7 Vs Shades=Mind
< Nightmare: Good Success Shades: Success
< Net Result: Nightmare wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Nightmare=3 Vs Shades=Mind
< Nightmare: Success Shades: Failure
< Net Result: Nightmare wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> RJ rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls 1: Embarassing Failure.
<FS3> Dakota rolls Alertness: Success.

As the kids fan out, Shades happens to stray too close and make too much noise. Very quickly, he will suddenly start to feel his worst fear creeping up on him as Nightmare manages to sense what he's afraid of and then cast that into his mind. It's not hallucinations or anything, so he won't SEE what he's afraid of. He'll just feel that fear creeping up on him.
As the other students creep out, Spectre once again sinks into the shadows and disappears. Kaylee, likewise almost completely obscured, sneaks in a different direction. As RJ sneaks forward, though, he will be able to pick up the sound of someone clomping through the brush, casually breaking branches aside. And, if anyone has heightened hearing, they might be able to pick up an angry, hissed whisper of "Would you be QUIET, Lunk! They'll hear you!"
And, with that hissed whisper and the clomping, Dakota gets a pretty clear indication of the fact that there are at least two kids in the woods, looking for them, but sticking fairly close to each other.

Shades' breathing goes faster, shallow, and he dives to the ground, curling into a tight crouch. "Kaylee," he whispers. His helmeted head sweeps from side to side as he scans, looking for anyone else. "RJ, Buddy, Dakota… anyone…

<FS3> RJ rolls Telepathy: Failure.
<FS3> Dakota rolls Psychic: Great Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Dakota=stealth Vs Nightmare=8
< Dakota: Great Success Nightmare: Amazing Success
< Net Result: Nightmare wins - Solid Victory

Dakota comes to a complete halt around the same time Nightmare starts messing with Shades. Another student (presumably, he cannot quite detect whose fear the entity picks up) falls prone to terror. "What the hell is going on?" He mutters to himself…when he hears voices, he's quick to move in the opposite direction. Which happens to be the campfire. Yay.

As he hears the clomping through the forest, RJ still. He knows he can't make noise if he doesn't move.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls Alertness: Good Success.

When Shades hits the ground, it only makes a small rustle, which can't really be heard over the galomping the one apparently called 'Lunk' is doing. So nobody hears him drop or whisper for help. And things might have continued to get worse for Shades, if not for Dakota's getting close enough to the campfire.
"SHIT! They found us!" A female voice shouts from the clearing. And suddenly, the fears that were creeping in to Shades' mind disappear, even more suddenly than they appeared.
The crunching that had been audible before becomes a crashing, as a VERY large teenager rushes back into the clearing. "Where they go? Lemme bash 'em!" he shouts, and it sounds as though he might be somewhat mentally handicapped. A different female voice calls out, "Better call Jammy! She can reach us this far, right?"
Staying to the shadows, Kaylee does creep closer to the campfire, now that all the noise seems to be centered that way. But, she doesn't move to out at all, staying hidden with her powers. Spectre, likewise, is nowehre to be seen for the moment.

Shades shakes his head, trying to clear it, then after a moment- while still crouched down -he shouts, "Spectre! Over here! Get over here!
<FS3> RJ rolls Flight: Good Success.

RJ continues to watch the clearing, trying to remain hidden. Of course, apparently one of the others has been spotted. He isn't quite sure as to what he should do, as Spectre made it clear that they were to do nothing but to observe. From his vantage point, he can't really get that great of a look. He concentrates as he floats up higher into the tree branches, a double fold advantage, since he would get a better look and anyone on the ground might not see him higher up.

So far so good, right? As Dakota steps into the campfire lit clearing and spots (or is spotted by) another teenager, he stands and holds out a hand. "Hey! We're here to help," He thinks that they are, anyway. Hearing Shades' shout, he continues, "That's one of my friends…" And, of course, he can put two and two together. Shades' fear fades the second Nightmare stopped focusing on it. "Please leave him alone."

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lunk=14 Vs Dakota=Physical
< Lunk: Great Success Dakota: Good Success
< Net Result: Lunk wins - Solid Victory

"… what in the actual <word I'm so not gonna type, sorry!>!?" says the girl in the clearing as Dakota approaches. Lunk, on the other hand, turns and sees Dakota, and then begins charging at him. "Blraaaarrrrrgh!" he bellows, and then attempts to dive and tackle the other boy to the ground. That's when a third teen emerges from the tree-line with almost waist-length red hair. "Nightmare, call Jammy NOW!" she demands, rushing towards the fire and watching the trees nervously to make sure more targets aren't going to emerge.
When Dakota does exactly what Spectre told them not to do and engages the enemy, even if it's only in conversation, Kaylee smacks her helmet about where her forehead would be and rushes forward. Unfortunately, she's not gonna be in time to do anything about the diving ape named Lunk, but she'll certainly make it to the clearing in time to help out with anything else. … oddly? Spectre is still nowhere to be found.

Shades hesitates for a moment, before running towards Dakota, trying to circle around behind the avalanche of meat falling towards him. "Back off!" he shouts, raising his hands, palms out, and attempting to grab Lunk's legs with shadow arms suddenly rising from the darkness.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Shades=Energy Vs Lunk=14
< Shades: Failure Lunk: Great Success
< Net Result: Lunk wins - Crushing Victory

RJ spends 1 luck points on To keep Dakota from getting completely creamed by Lunk..
<FS3> Opposed Roll — RJ=10+50 Vs Lunk=12
< RJ: Great Success Lunk: Good Success
< Net Result: RJ wins - Marginal Victory

Well so much for only observing. Now he has the choice, inaction and watching Dakota getting thoroughly destroyed by the charging behemoth or disobey the order. Orders be damned. He calls upon the bracer as energy forms around his right hand, before launching the energy blast at the charging Lunk.

The nature of Dakota's ability allows for some multitasking. After all, it is an entity that orbits the boy that really controls his powers, not himself. So when Lunk comes in charging, thick black shadows encompass the kid's body entirely. It is, fortunately, unneeded, but Dakota claws at it anyway, unused to that specific outshoot of his abilities. Running, definitely running. "Spectreee!!!"

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Energy Emission: Good Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls 1: Failure.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls 1: Embarassing Failure.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls 4: Good Success.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Kaylee=energy Vs Friction=4
< Kaylee: Great Success Friction: Good Success
< Net Result: Kaylee wins - Solid Victory

Lunk launches himself into the air at Dakota, darn near spearing him into infinity. Unfortunately, unless you can fly, going airborne means you can't dodge at all. Which means that when RJ lets loose with an energy blast from his gauntlet, Lunk has no way of escaping. Knocked off course, Lunk is sent barreling into the brush, the loud crack of a body hitting a tree resounding from the shadows. … and then sound of a tree falling, and Lunk gronaing, "Owieeeee! They hit me!" In case that much wasn't obvious.
"Spectrum! Cover us," comes an order from the shadows. And then Spectre is popping up near Shades and dragging him into the shadows. And then there's a hand reaching up and grabbing Dakota's ankle and dragging him into the shadows as well. "We're leaving! Run!" Spectre shouts.
"Over here!" Kaylee shouts, getting people's attention. Holding up both of her hands as she reaches the edge of the campfire clearing, Kaylee let's loose with a bright flash of light, strobing Nightmare and Friction as they stare at her, temporarily blinding them. And then she runs after Spectre, Shades and Dakota, back in the direction they had come.

RJ takes the others' lead and heads back to the vehicle, flying through the trees for a bit, then going above the treeline so that he can fly back to the Osprey more quickly and more safely. Nothing like a tree trunk to the face in the dark at thirty feet up in the air.

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