(2018-11-12) Math is Hard Work(er)
Math is Hard Work(er)
Summary: Shades meets WRK8392, and gets help with math
Date: 2018-11-12
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Math Room

Smooth white walls, dark polished wood wainscoting, a travertine floor and an arched ceiling give the math room an almost church-like feel and sound, and the narrow, vertical windows do nothing to break that impression. Theres a tremendous view of the sea below, crashing into the cliffs, and a view of other, less tamed islands, in the distance. There are jumbotron screens at both ends of the room, and these are used by the instructors to show techniques and display results. They can also be used by students when called upon. When not in use, they usually have fractal images or Escher scans, lending a slight touch of 70s record album cover to the church-like room. Math is weird sometimes.

It is a fall day. The weather is warm and fair.


If it's not one thing, it's another. If it's not English, it's Math.
"This /suuuucks/," Shades laments, not for the first time, as he walks into the math room during what should be a free period. He's not talking to anyone in particular, just venting, assigned (as he is) to receive some manner of extra help with math. Given his grades on the midterm, such help is probably neccesary. Once inside, he selects one of the empty desks, fairly throws his backdown on it, and slides behind the chair, bound and determined to get absolutely no value out of this time.

It's probably easy to overlook, at least initially. There's no movement, no sound. Nothing. Just something, crouched low in the corner, with a math book in front of it. When Shades slumps into the desk, the thing shifts, moving to look towards Shades. "Specimen entered area.. Scanning… life form established. Initiate greeting protocol." It would stand up, the cloak giving nothing away as it looks down at Shades. "Greetings Unknown Specimen. This Unit is designated WRK-8392. Please provide alias for further communication protocols."

Shades startles, giving the… person? …a double take. And then looking up. "Uh. Shades. I'm Shades. Nice to meet you Double-U-Are-Kay." After a beat, he adds, "Uh, this is probably a stupid question, but are you a robot?"

There's a moment's quiet from the thing, before that voice would finally respond. "Alias, Shades, added to database. WRK-8392 confirms assessment. This Unit is a Worker unit designated WRK-8392. This unit has associated connection to Learning Center Node. This unit is working on assimilating mathematics for access to further information. Specimen Shades can use Alias: Worker 8 to reference this Unit."

Shades hesitates at that. "So, do you like, belong to the school… uh… Worker 8? And how can a robot need to, like… assimilate math? Can't you just like, use your brain like a calculator?"

Once more there's that pause. "WRK-8392 is not compatable with technological entity called: calculator. WRK-8392 is Worker Unit that was associated with Central Node. Cataclismic event caused signal loss with Central Node. Event also had extinction level interaction with primary species on planet. Due to impact of event, WRK-8392 was buried and unable to connect to power source. This caused power loss and data corruption."

Shades' eyebrows arch over his glasses. "Wait, dude, are you like, an *alien* robot?"

The thing pauses once more. "… Invalid request. Please clarify information requested for proper response."

Shades thinks for a moment, then tries, "Okay Worker, are you from this planet?"

There's that pause once more as it processes. "WRK-8392 material components are derived from Central Core's processing assembily system. WRK-8392 is one unit of 9000 WRK units. WRK-8392 has standard silocon core database that contains OS and memory for processing."

Shades pffts, and starts walking around the cloaked-robot. "Man, need to freaking jailbreak you I guess," he says, mostly to himself. Then, to WRK, "Okay, so, why are you at Coral Springs?"

<FS3> WRK8392 rolls Analyze: Success.
<OOC> WRK8392 says, "with Shade walking around it, it's going to scan him. standard biometric data, make sure there's no weapons, etc."
<OOC> WRK8392 says, "so if he fits within the 500 variations of human it'd know, it can pick that up?"
<OOC> Shades is half-hispanic, half-eastern european, is pretty physically normal except for A) his albedio is higher than it should be (he doesn't reflect as much light) and B) his eyes appear to be missing.
<OOC> Shades says, "The albedio thing isn't super obvious to casual observation, but SUPER ROBOT SCANNER"

The thing doesn't move as Shades walks around it. "Scanning… Scan complete. Human variant 462 established… Cross variant.. optical sensors are missing. Conjecture. Alternate source of optical data obtained. Human variant 462 is moving as if having full optical application… Answer to Shades: WRK-8392 was buried in debris from cataclismic event for 9999999999999… Error. Time stamp corrupted…. Conclusion, Unknown time period. WRK-8392 received solar energy. Secondary systems restored. Primary systems connected to arcana layer for primary energy storage. WRK-8392 loosen dirt to break free of burial. Retreated to previous Learning Central Node. Administrative Unit of Learning Center confirm acceptace of WRK-8392 allocation to Learning Center."

"Uh." Shades pauses in his walk around for a second to digest that. "… okay, there's a lot to unpack there. First- administrative unit? You mean the headmaster? Or is there like, another of you hanging around the school? Second, what do you mean 'arcana layer'- are you, like, a magic robot? And third, dude, don't like… scan people without asking permission. That's kinda rude."

"Affirmative. Shades entered what has been established to WRK-8392 as 'personal space'." That wording is said in a slightly off town, higher pitch, if slightly from the normal bass voice. "This engaged Shade scanning WRK-8392. WRK-8392 proceeded to give mutual response. Administrative unit of Learning Center alias is Headmaster. WRK-8392 submitted application. WRK-8392 shown adaptation of base language to what is labelled 'English'. WRK-8392 resubmit application in english." The unit pauses as it'd process what Shade says, although it still didn't turn to face him. "This unit has not detected another unit from original Central Node. Conclusion: This unit is last survivor. This unit requires multiple power sources. Primary: Arcana field of planet to run main function. Arcana field to run secondary functions. Designation of functions.. classified. Secondary: light energy from yellow star. Energy to run secondary functions. Energy to run interface subroutine."

Shades hesitates for another second, before reclaiming his seat, spinning it around so he can face WRK. "So, you're like… a student here?" he asks. After a beat, he adds, "Which team are you on?"

the thing shifts it's positioning to 'face' Shades as he returns to his seat. "Negative. WRK-8392 is Worker Unit with connection to Learning Center Node. WRK-8392 is assimilating mathmatical and language information to further fill out database. Database corruption… 63%. WRK-8392 has restored 2% of dataloss from power loss."

Shades tilts his head to the side again. "Okay, sure, but why not just like, download the internet? Or… whatever. Reading a math book just seems like… I dunno, a slow way to rebuild your database or whatever."

There's a slighter pause this time. "Negative. The technological unit labeled 'computer' is not compatable with WRK-8392 sensory input. Conclusion: Database recovery requires manual interface." The thing continues to watch Shades. "Query: Why is Shades in this locale?"

Shades sighs, and reaches into his backpack to pull out a math book. "Cause I bombed the last quiz and have to do a couple of dedicated study halls to make up for it," he replies. "Geometric proofs are just dumb. It's all- here, if this, then that, in like, twenty different ways, no prove that this shape is or isn't the same as that one or whatever."

It looks towards the book he pulls out, there's a slight shift of the head area, then it looks back to Shades. "Note: Shades has used this logic already in regular conversation. Conjecture: Shades does not realize standard use format. Conclusion: WRK-8392 offer assistance for understanding of mathematics." It would take a step closer, although the cloak doesn't sway or anything, like something worn would. "Query: Does Shades accept WRK-8392 assistance in assimilating mathematical processes?"

Shades smirks slightly at that. "I mean, sure. It can't hurt, right? But- like, why? Don't you need to rebuild your database or whatever?"

"Holographic unit secondary display… charged. Switch to secondary display…" With those words, the thing would shift into a generic looking teenager. About as generic as you can get, it doesn't take the cloak off or anything. the image simply shifts from one to the other. "WRK-8392 works on multiple aspects of database. Social interaction for non-hostile response is one sub system matrix. Assistance to Shades refines sub-system matrix."

Shades leans back when WRK sudden turns into… a kid. "Whoa." At which at he grins. "Okay, that was pretty cool. Can you just, like, transform into whatever shape you want?"

The teenager's head tilts to the side. "Negative. The holographic unit requires programming to display data correctly for use of overlay for WRK-8392. This unit has not actively scanned other biological units so as to not cause errors in communication or hostilities. This has been established in social interaction sub-system."

Shades oh, and stands up, trying to poke above WRK's apparent head. "So, it's just like, a hologram? You're still all there like you were before?"

It's solid, very solid, feels like a mix of wood and metal? Something really hard, but not possible to tell what due to the hologram. The teen's head straightens up. "Please cease application of appendage through holographic display."

Shades snorts, but does as he's asked, sitting back down. "Okay, sorry. I just had to check. That's pretty cool though; so you can just, like, become invisible?"

There's another pause before the teen responds. "Affirmative. As long as this unit does not move, it can scan surroundings, then apply holographic unit to display those surroundings. This does not account for rapid movement around the unit which the holographic unit would not be able to keep up with."

Shades nods, and then flips through the mathbook for the geometric proofs. With a dramatic sigh, he says, "Alright, that's probably enough stalling. So, here's what the test was on…"

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