(2018-11-12) Happy Birthday Tom!
Happy Birthday Tom!
Summary: Tom (Dylan) makes the mistake of placing little stock into his birthday.
Date: 2018-11-12
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Game Room, Coral Springs
Mon Nov 12, 2018

This large open area is a game room. A variety of both retro and modern arcade games fill the area. The lighting is subdued so that lights from the various games make the most impact and so there isn't any glare on the screens. The center of the floor is translucent glass. Thick and frosty so no details can be seen in the study area below. Amoung the electric games are also a few non-tech ones. Two pool tables, a foosball table and air hockey. Curved stairs lead down.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and raining.


Dylan is been a little out of sorts all day long. He hasn't bothered to mention that today is his birthday, so there is no reason that anyone should know. That doesn't change the fact that he is sulking a little. The young teleporter opted to skip dinner and is sitting in front of one of the screens playing a racing game. As a car smashes into the side of his car, he yells at the screen. "Oh come on! That sucks!"

After not finding Dylan at dinner Besa's taking a page from his own playbook. He has a small tray with Mrs. Annalee's pot roast dinner for Dylan if he can find him. Cocoa's along with, as usual. Hearing the sound of video game and then the yelling he makes his way further into the room, "Tom? You missed dinner…"

There are several empty soda cans near him and a nearly empty bag of chips in the ruins of nutrition around Dylan. He sighs as his car spins and goes off a cliff. GAME OVER crosses the screen. The dark blue eyes moves to the source of the voice. His own is laced with melancholy, "Skipped, not missed persay…" He looks over at Besa, spotting the tray. "That for me?"

Besa's shoulder drop slightly, unsure if this was a good idea, "I…yes?" He smiles gently, "If you wish that is." He seems almost nervous. "I am sorry you lost your game…"

Dylan gives a slight smirks, "Oh, don't worry about it. I suck at these games. I didn't ever have any of them growing up… just thought…" He shakes his head, "nevermind… " He looks over at the roast. "Yeah, sure… about the food, I mean… I just didn't feel like dealing with people tonight."

Besa smirks back, "Neither did I." He can be funny, see? "May I ask why not? You seem…annoyed. Did I do something?" He holds the tray out for the Ares to take. "I can leave if you are just looking for alone time?"

Dylan clears off the seat beside him before taking the tray. Hopefully that answered the Promethean's last question. "No, you didn't do anything… no one did… which is kind of the thing… even if no one had any reason to do anything… I just… " He sighs, "I'm just being stupid."

Besa frowns sitting down slowly, "Was someone supposed to do something?" He sounds confused. "We can…play a game after you eat if you wish?" Maybe Dylan was just upset because he hoped someone would play with him? "I liked the pool."

There's someone else here.. if there's a Mario game worth it's salt you'll find Callisto. In being here at Coral Springs in a bonefide replication of a games room, with retro and modern arcade games… you're bound to find an old Mario game. It surpasses even the SNES fodder that the faerie is used to. As Dylan and Besa chat, the unmistakable sound of Mario dying blares it's jingle throughout the space. Then… in Danish: a vehemently-spoken word in a well-known lyrical, graceful timbre. Callisto is playing Mario and cursing out her loss.

Silence. Callisto realizes she isn't alone here, and she slowly peers out past the machines much in the manner of the white fox she had once been. She looks flushed and freshly-showered, hair piled up in a pearlescent heap atop her head.

"Oh, ah.. forgiveness." Spoken sheepishly.

Dylan sighs, "No.. no one was supposed to do anything… and after the last several years I should be used to it by now…" He slumps back against the back of the couch. He cranes his head backwards towards Callisto, "No worries, Calli." He sighs as he returns his gaze to Besa, "It's stupid… just I always do something fun and crazy on my birthday, but since I promised I'd play by the rules, I can't."

<FS3> Besa rolls Past Lives: Good Success.

Besa's eyes glaze over when Calli's words ring out. The language isn't one he normally knows, but in a past life…yeah, he knows those swear words. His eyes widen surprised as he tilts his head to look at her. "Hello Callisto." He turns back, listening to Dylan's words, "What are you talking about, Tom?" But then he spills the birthday beans and poor Besa leaps up, "Your birthday?" Now he sounds surprised, but not confused anymore. "Why did you not tell me?" Now he sounds a touch hurt, birthdays are important!

The slender girl hasn't much time to really chide herself for being — what she considers as — obnoxious. She heard a word that she regularly hears of but has long since stopped practicing. "Birthday?" Asked gently as she unfolds herself from the game that she was hunkered down at, cursing, losing. She is dressed casually; not a uniform, not bedclothes. Instead, a flowing blouse from another time and slacks, fashioned of a soft material that whispers with her movements. She watches Besa's response, especially, and Callisto looks at both boys.. the game forgotten.

"Birthday…? A birthday? T'is your birthday…?" Asked suddenly, then her tone softens. "Happiest of birthdays, Dylan. Shall I seek out a cake, yes?" She seems quite interested in celebrating.. she has long since disregarded birthdays in general. Though she looks with concern to Besa, at his surprise.

Dylan almost cringes each time the word 'birthday' is uttered. He looks almost green, "Because the last six years, no one cared that it was my birthday… except for .. " He stops. He shoves a fork full of roast into his mouth. While his mouth is full of half-chewed meat he says, "Thanks for the grub."

Besa looks like Dylan just slapped him, taking a small step backwards, "Why would you think I would not care?" He would agree with Calli, something could be gathered from the kitchen, but if Dylan doesn't think Besa would care to….then the ancient teen stands there confused and hurt.

Gah. First she kills Mario, then she happens upon a Difficult Situation. Callisto's eyes look briefly between the new couple (or recent, yes?) … she's no slouch in reading body language and tone. Dylan is uncomfortable; Besa hurt. "Ah, I understand." Quick, improvise. She smoothes her top and takes on a rather sagely bearing, silver lashes fluttering over her cheekbones in rumination. "T'is easy, especially given circumstances, to slight oneself in their… own celebrations of self. T'is something to learn, Dylan, to accept such salutations… graciously." A slight smile then… Callisto translates. "Accept people wishing to salute you." A gentle nod to Besa.

Her head tilts as she watches the Egyptian boy, "T'is all new to him, Besa. It shall be up to you to help him accept celebration, yes? It takes awhile to accept being cared for.." Spoken from experience. "Would you like to go to the cafeteria to look for something sweet?" She seems to know a lot about birthdays despite not celebrating her own anymore.

Dylan sighs, "I wasn't talking about you, Besa… " He looks positively crest-fallen. Then Callisto more than adequately translates the situation. He lets out a long, slow breath. Yeah, this is why he is bad at this people stuff. "The Johnsons always made sure I understood how little today meant… So I didn't think anyone would care."

"I am not the Johnsons." Although Besa, not for the first time, considers tracking them down and turning all their furniture into dung beetles. Calli gets a glance and then that perfect hair bounces as eh nods, 'Will you stay with him while I….try to find something, yes?" He's going to owe Miss Annalee some washed dishes for this!

It seems these two have a situation to hash out. Isn't that part of what 'dating' is about? Callisto is getting away from the dark faerie mentality of 'FRY their minds into compliance!' and closer to the light; the opting to discuss issues and solve them. Look at her properly growing up! She studies Dylan and Besa and holds up one graceful hand. She has an idea that could kill two birds with one stone.

"I've… an idea. Why don't you both talk this through. This shall not require soiled dishes." There, a smile, a glimmer of something in her eyes. She dips her fingers into her back pocket, pulls out her phone, and steps aside for a minute or two. Excuses herself. Callisto, now knowing her way around texting, appears to be sending off a message to somebody.


Long distance to Daxton: Callisto ICLY texts, "Do you have a moment?"

Daxton ICLY texts: "Yeah, what's up?"

Long distance to Daxton: Callisto texts, "I need a cake."

Daxton ICLY texts: "uh…..ok? Are you craving something specific?"

Long distance to Daxton: Callisto texts, "Chocolate shall do."


Dylan looks up at Besa, "I don't need a cake or something sweet… I don't really need nothing… " He shakes his head, "Sorry that I was having a little pity party here… I didn't mean to upset you… I just …" He pauses, "Don't go… just don't go." He looks up at Callisto, "It's nice having friends.."

Besa's head tilts, clearly confused, "Obvious you do if you were having the party of pity." He moves back over as Calli does whatever she is on her phone and speaks softer, "It is about celebrating you. I…I would like that. We do not have to get anything sweet. I can see if Miss Annalee has more of the drink you like…or tacos, or….I can throw you a present on the wheel or…Please…it is about letting me show you that I care…" He reaches for Dylan's hand.

The fey girl does not depart, but seems to have stepped off to the side to plunk out some rapid-fire texts. She looks up at Dylan's bid for nobody to go and it is upon the young teleporter that Callisto shines a true smile. It is becoming of her. "I am going nowhere. I am but calling in some… reinforcements. From town. From a bakery. T'is unwise of us to trouble Miss Annalee after the kitchen is closed." And that hardworking woman deserves a break!

A touched look as Besa reaches for Dylan's hand and, feeling her phone vibrate with a reply from her secret weapon, she looks down at the screen and smiles again. Her fingers move gracefully as she swipe-texts.

Long distance to Daxton: Callisto texts, "Can you come to me with something? It is a birthday cake for Dylan. He is trying to tell us that his birthday does not matter so I am procuring cake. I promise nobody shall tell you not to get lost to the sea and that there shall be a grope in it for you. But I do so need a cake. Maybe chocolate?"


Daxton ICLY texts: "k… chocolate. anything else?"

Long distance to Daxton: Callisto texts, "Decorations needn't matter. Maybe something obnoxious, to make him laugh. Bright icing flowers. A grocery store shall be open, surely, to find one."

Daxton ICLY texts: "on it."

Long distance to Daxton: Callisto texts, "You are brilliant."

Daxton ICLY texts: "I know"

Long distance to Daxton: Callisto texts, "And so very modest."

Daxton ICLY texts: "The most"

Long distance to Daxton: Callisto texts, "Be sure to get his proper name on the cake."

Daxton ICLY texts: "boom."


Dylan looks at Besa, "Don't try to define me with logic… It doesn't work. My mind is about has hard to hold down as I am." He plays with the fork, "Dr. Pepper and I got several more if I wanted one…" He cocks his head, "Um Calli… the island is locked down during the week, much less at this hour… nice thought though… and I appreciate it… the fact that you two even want to do something for my birthday is… is overwhelming."

Besa drops his hand when Dylan doesn't take it. His lower lip is chew nervously, "I….sorry…" Seems there's nothin Dylan wants from him. He drops his eyes down to the tray he brought for the Ares, "How old are you now?"

Dylan looks down for a second, as he tries to make sure that he remembers correctly, "Fifteen… " He plays a little bit with the fork on the tray. He takes a second bite of roast. "Thank you for making sure that I got dinner…" Yeah, he's done it a couple of times for Besa, but that's beside the point. No one has ever taken care of him, other than his grandmother before, other than Besa. "and I'm sorry I didn't tell you that today was my birthday."

There's a soft nod, "15." Dark eyes study Dylan carefully. "It is my duty, yes?" Apparently Besa's decided that that's a duty of a boyfriends. "I am sorry I did not ask before." He should have, at some point. "We can go do something nice this weekend, yes? A proper birthday celebration?"

"Duty?" Dylan arches a brow. "We're dating… it's not the military. Nothing about dating should be a duty." He shrugs, "Don't apologize.. it just never came up.. besides, it's not like we have really known each other all that long… " Besides, Dylan _could_ have said something himself. He nods slightly, "If you want… we can do that… but we don't have to."

Besa frowns, "I want to." Why does everyone feel like duties are bad? That frown turns a little more sad, "Tom…I wish to give you these things. A happy birthday. It is what I wish …for us." Is that too much? His lips press together, worried, while his fingers worry each other

Dylan chews on his lower lip slightly. He nods slightly, "Okay…" He says softly, as he reaches up and takes Besa's hand into his own. A timid smile spreads itself across his thin lips. "Okay." He repeats. "We can do something this weekend."

Besa's got those puppy dog eyes down, he must have learned them from Cocoa. But as soon as he gets the smile and hand hold from Dylan his face brightens into a smile, "Yes? It will be nice. I will buy you a present and put one of those….ribbons on it and we will have nice food. As many tacos as you wish." Only the best for his boy friend!


(OOC: I had to AFK extensively here and got dropped in a site crash. I may have missed a round or two from the boys. - Callisto)


She was gone awhile… too long. Out Callisto slipped to get the cake from a source and now she's back with a decidedly mussed look. THe previously tidy coil of shining hair? Crooked. Expression? Dazed. Mouth? She's been damned well snogged or maybe she was just paying the dude to run the cake out to her. Though it seemed like awhile the girl was really only gone for about ten minutes and once she re-enters the games room she's holding a box containing a chocolate birthday cake, eight inches round in diameter… it's covered in what may as well be fistfuls of colorful confetti sprinkles and cripes, the writing.


Callisto reveals the cake to Dylan and Besa with a fond look, "Forgiveness. It has tilted a bit in transit. And I left it up to Daxton to choose the, ah… script."

Dylan is about to say something to Besa when Callisto's reappearance and Callisto's appearance gets Dylan's attention. Oh, he put one and one together, and the amused smirk on his lips and the laughter in his eyes says that he knows all too well why it took so long. Then he looks at the cake itself. For all of about five seconds he holds it in, then he bursts out in hysterical laughter. "I guess that is payback for calling him Mister Quicky. "

Besa doesn't get the joke, but he smiles warmly as Dylan laughs. He looks almost relieved. "Shall I go get us forks?" Callisto gets a thankful look, she's just earned herself another mug! (He thinks he owes her two now!) "We can sing to you and have a picture taken to give to your grandmother so you knows you were not forgotten, yes?"

Lovely, lovely laughter. Callisto can get behind that and she considers the whole mission a success. Thank goodness for speedsters—oh Gods she forgot about that nickname. The hand not holding the cake box lifts to press delicately to her mouth and she snickers gently.. she would probably be kicked to the curb if she called Dax that. At a time where it is not rude of her to pull out her phone and do so, she will text the U23'er with something along the lines of: 'mission success!'

"Happy birthday, Dylan," Callisto reiterates, and gives him a wry look.. though just try taking her seriously with the state she's in. "No more making light of your birthdays. For now we know." A gentle sagenod, then she's considering Besa's words.

"Let us take this downstairs. If you wish I shall take a picture of the two of you." She bows her head lightly and leads the way down to, perhaps, one of the team common rooms.

Callisto may even sing. She's in a really good mood.

Dylan shakes his head, "Not just the two of us.. I wouldn't mind a picture with you too Calli. You're my other closest friend, well, maybe Dax too… just don't tell him that. I wouldn't want his head to get too big." He looks up at the two other students. "Thanks guys… this has been the best birthday I have had since I was little." He looks at the mess around him and waves his hand. The cans and chips are gone and the trashcan is a bit more full. "Come on and let's go downstairs."

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