(2018-11-11) Pull My Finger
Pull My Finger
Summary: Syd, Aisha, and Shades talk about their powers.
Date: 2018.11.11
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The cafteria is a large airy room with one wall that is all windows so the view of the cliff and the open ocean is all one can see..well and whoever is on the patio.

Round tables with chairs are spread out and there seems to be more than enough. In the back is the area where the students line up to be served food by either staff or students serving detentions. Behind this is the entrance to the kitchen, which is off limits to students not on kitchen duty. There is also the plate and tray return window into the kitchen.


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Dinner! Overcooked slices of turkey breast, gravy from a box. cranberry sauce, stuffing, powdered mashed potatoes! Yum? Aisha just finished filling her tray and sits down at an empty table. She sits down, picks up her knife and fork, and looks around. Satisfied that no one is really watching, she sings the first few lines of 'Be Our Guest' from Beauty and the Beast. The smell of sandalwood rises around her and she removes her hands from her cutlery, which are now cutting the turkey on their own. She looks terribly pleased with herself.

Sydney gets a decidedly different tray - more scrap metal, albeit soaked in turkey gravy with a side of cranberry sauce. She heads over to Aisha's table and watches in awe for a few moments. "That is so cool… mind if I join you?"

Aisha startles at the interruption and the cutlery clatters to the plate. She looks up at the girl with skin like quicksilver and blinks, then tries not to stare. "Oh! Uh, thanks," she says, giving a winning smile to try and smooth the awkward over. "Sure, if you want!"

Sydney smiles. She fidns a seat and sits carefully. The chairs here are strong, but still, why test them? She grins. "It's ok to look. Doesn't bother me. I kinda like the attention, to be honest. You probably get that too."

"Usually the hair," Aisha says, rolling her eyes up to her hairline. "Though I want to cut people's hands off when they touch it without asking." The girl's gaze drifts to Syndey's plate. "Does it taste good?"

Sydney digs her spoon into her plate and crunches on the little bits of scrap metal. Swallows. "Pretty good, yeah… one of these days I have to get some iron filings and see what they can do with them, but… this is fine." She looks at Aisha. "I meant it like people stare because you're beautiful. That's appalling that people touch your hair without asking… I can't imagine even asking unless we knew each other a lot better.

"So are your parents metal, too?" Aisha asks. She's learned to take these things in stride since arriving at Coral Springs. "People can be damned rude and they don't have manners."

Sydney shakes her head. "Nah. I was born meat. Didn't get changed into this until I was 12, almost thirteen. I was kind of a lab animal to test the process for a powered organized crime guy."

"Oh, shit. That sucks, I'm sorry." Aisha wriggles her nose, realizing her septum ring is off-center. She fixes it with her left hand, extending her right to the shiny girl. "I'm Aisha. I just transferred in a few weeks ago and I'm still getting used to this place."

Sydney shakes the hand. Her hand feels remarkably soft and warm, considering her steel appearance. "It is what it is, you know? I'd be dead now if I hadn't been changed, so there's that. So welcome to Coral Springs. Can I ask what you do?"

"Whoa. So… are you actually metal, or…" Aisha can't figure out what the 'or' would be, so she answer Sydney's question. "I sing and the stuff I sing about happens. Most of the time. Sometimes it goes really wrong. I also am pretty good with a sword, and maybe I can use the two together someday. Maybe. Or maybe I'll be, like, a dentist. Not sure."

You say, "Mostly metal. All my cells basically have nanomachines fused to them. When I really relax, I'm kind of like the consistency of oatmeal. A non-newtonian fluid. " She listens to Aisha's power description. "Okay, that's really cool… just don't sing any of my music. I'm mostly into 80s metal." She grins. "You have to show me some sword fighting sometime. That's just interesting all by itself. :)" She nods at the matter of what to do when school ends. "Yeah, don't know what I'm going to do either. If I can find a hero gig, I'll stick with that. Otherwise I dunno, firefighter or something?

"Sure, I'd be happy to show you some sword fighting. I have a couple of wasters — wooden practice swords, I mean — so I can teach you stuff. Some people were talking about starting a sword fighting club and I think we should totally do that." Aisha eats her dry-ass turkey. "Eh, go to college like everyone else?"
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Sydney crunches on her scrap metal, eating the rest of her plate with a little bit of a hurry. She swallows, drinks from her glass and murmurs "it was starting to rust." She nods. "Awesome. Sword fighting is interesting. And edged weapons are something I can do." She extends one finger. It seems to shape itself vaguely like a spork, then plops into her tray, squirms a bit, and puddles there. Syd rolls her eyes, and the finger retracts to its normal shape. "Well that was a fail…

That… whatever it was. That captivates Aisha in awe and horror. "So… if your arm got cut off, you could just stick it back on? Are you basically billions of tiny robots holding hands?" That display didn't do much to hamper her appetite, though, and she buries her dry turkey with cranberry sauce.

Shades is do something that approximates dancing as he carries a heavy-laden tray of food from the line of dinner-seeking students. On spotting Sydney and Aisha, he grins and heads over. "Hey! And guess who freaking ACED his English test tod- uh, Sydney? Is it- supposed to do that?"

Sydney nods. "That's a nice way to put it, yeah. Billions of tiny robots bolted to human stem cells, holding hands. And yeah, it'd hurt, but I could do that if I got to the arm before the cells died. An arm might be big enough to respirate on its own. I don't know. I know small samples aren't." She looks up at Shades. "Hey! I'll bet it's YOU, congratulations! And nah, that was kind of a failed effort to turn my finger into a spork. Sharp points are easier, but way more antisocial. " She holds one hand up, palm out, to Aisha. "Wanna see something freaky? Push gently on my palm with one finger."

When Shades makes his big announcement, Aisha gives him double fingerguns. "This guy!" she cheers. "I'm about to do something freaky, apparently. Join us?" She waves him over. Then, with one index finger, she gently pushes into Sydney's palm, as instructed.

Shades plops down and starts to veritably attack the pile of turkey/gravy/mashed potato mix with the gusto of a shark in a feeding frenzy, or a teenage boy. "Ohkahy, buht-" *gulp* "-isn't it usually pulling a finger, not pushing one?"

Sydney relaxes her palm, and lets Aisha's finger slowly poke all the way through. Analogies of what it would be like are probably all not fit for a family friendly channel, except that it's dry and smooth. Syd flexes her fingers around the intruding finger, and Aisha would be able to feel things move inside Syd's palm, around her finger.
<OOC> Aisha says, "oh, crap, it's my pose. my bad."
<OOC> Shades says, "Sokay :)"

Aisha rolls her eyes at Shades' fart joke, and then her eyes go wide as her finger goes through Sydney's hand. "Holy /fuck/," she mouths, slowly withdrawing her finger. "That is… the weirdest thing that's ever happened to me. Hands down. The weirdest."
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Sydney smiles a little. "Now poke it hard. I'm not changing it at all." In fact, once Aisha's finger is withdrawn and the hole fades away, one could see Syd's palm slumping a little from its 'bones,' thinning at the top, thickening at the bottom.

Shades' eyebrows arch over the top edge of the glasses. "DUDE! That is so freaking cool! Aisha! Aisha, is it- she -uh -more like, like, pudding, or like… I dunno, like, like hamburger, or- oh man that is so - glahhhhh!! SO COOL!"

"Doesn't this hurt?" Aisha asks Sydney, canting her head a bit. "Okay, Shades, you've got to finally tell me what your thing is once I'm done poking Sydney," she informs him, then pokes hard as instructed.

Sydney 's hand feels like poking a steel wall when poked quickly. The magic of non-Newtonian fluids. "Nope. I'm completely decentralized. My insides are made of the same stuff as my outsides. I have blood, kinda sorta, but it's just a protein slurry that feeds my cells and carries iron and oxygen to the nanomachines, and rust away from the nanomachines."

"Oh, my-" Shades starts, and then shrugs. "I, um. Well, I do this." And then pauses for a beat, before being replaced by a roughly Shades-sized and shaped blob of darkness, like a thick, slow moving smoke. After a few seconds, he resolidifies. "Kinda turn into like… a living shadow? And have some weird shadow shaping stuff, and can, like, shoot blasts of- I dunno, shadows?" He grins, maybe a bit sheepishly. "It sounds kinda stupid when I say it outloud. Oh, and I see really well in the dark too. It's pretty cool."

"Ow!" Aisha shakes her finger, flexing her hand a few times. "It's apparently like each cell has a robot attached to it and all of the robots are holding hands," she tells Shades, repeating her metaphor from earlier. But when he becomes a gathering of shadows, she goes silent. "I have no idea what I just saw, but that is so freaking cool. Is that related to why you wear sunglasses all the time, or is that just a style thing? And what's your real name, anyway?"

Sydney is quiet, letting Shades explain. She's already seen the demo.

Shades bites his lip, the grin fading a bit. "I mean, kinda? I didn't- like, until this happened, I didn't actually need the shades. But, uh, yeah. It's kind of like, light is dark for me, and vice versa. So, sunglasses actually make things a little brighter and easier to see in most places. Without 'em, most places are like being in a pitch-black room for me. Or at least someplace really dimly lit." He shrugs, and then adds, "Oh, and my name's Corbin. I started going by Shades when- I mean, it seems pretty obvious, I guess, but, still."

"So your vision is basically backwards. Whoa." Aisha is suitably impressed. "And I won't call you Corbin unless I'm feeling like being really annoying, I promise. Not that it's a bad name." Scooping up some potato and gravy. "So you really don't want lamp at all, do you, brother?" She glances sideways at Sydney, seeing if the silver girl is also meme-loving garbage.

Sydney digs into her cranberry sauce, and is quiet.

Shades snerks at that, glad for the sidestep. "Noh Broudher, I dew nout." He shovels in another huge mouthful of turkey-mix. "But I'm, you know, pretty used to it by now. It's like- I read once about, how some psychologists did an experiment where they had students where these special glasses that like, turned everything upside-down? And after just a little bit, the students said that everything just 'pop', reoriented. It's kinda like that. Plus, the school's been like, helpful, with figuring out how to get like, shaded swim goggles and stuff." He takes a deep drink from his coke. "The hard thing is actually getting to sleep. I've got, like, a lamp that shines directly on my face, and that helps, but I also have to put, like, blackout curtains around my bed so it doesn't bug Jake."

"Maybe you should talk to one of the techy people and have them invent some special lamp sleep mask for you," Aisha suggests, peering at Shades over a forkful of cranberry and turkey.

Shades hrmmms, nodding and speaking around another forkful. "Dash noht ah bahd ihdeah," he manages, then swallows. "I tried, like, building something like that, but it uh… was kinda too heavy to really be comfortable at night." He shrugs after that. "I dunno, it's probably not super worth worrying about. I end up staying up too late most nights anyways just, like, surfing the net. Gotta keep ahead of the curve on the meme-futures market, otherwise there'll be another Bowsette shock event!"

"I don't know, little LED lights might work," Aisha points out, gesturing at Shades with her fork. "If the world was fair and made sense, you would totally have meme-related powers. It's a damned shame."

"Oh god," Shades starts giggling. "But would they, like, evolve? Or would I be stuck with whatever was popular like, right then? Or earlier? Halt criminals, or face the wrath of THE DAB!" Whereupon he performs the titular move, face down, arms up and pointed away. "With the power to impel that stupid Fortnite dance!"

"Just, like, shooting shiba inus from your fingertips until the end of time," Aisha grins, nudging Shades' shin with her foot. "Shober power!"

Sydney looks up. "Get an old tanning bed and replace the cancer tubes with LED fluorescent tubes?

Shades sticks out his tongue at Sydney's suggestion. "Ick, no. If I want to sleep surrounded by fluorescent lights, I'll just do it in class." Then a thought occurs to him. "Sydney! What memes were popular back in the 80s!"

You say, "I toootally don't know…"

Aisha cants her head. "Is Sydney from the eighties? How many time-travelling-slash-immortal people do we have in this school?" PUDDING TIME. Butterscotch! "Did they even have memes before the internet?"

Sydney laughs… "We called them fads, I guess. Memes involve a lot more direct communication. And yeah, I went metal in 1980, and one of the side effects is if you lower my body temperature below 40 degrees, I solidify and my metabolism stops. I just had my 15th birthday, but it's 51 years since I was born."

Shades hesitates. "Oh yeah, Sydney- well, um. Never mind," he trails off, and then adds, "And they totally had computers! I mean, okay, not like… good computers, but still." He gives Sydney a head-tilt. "Okay, but like- there were still like, funny pictures and videos and stuff, right?"

Sydney nods. "Oh yeah, but they were manufactured for us, rather than 'some weirdo in a trailer park in Illinois took this picture of her cat… so like you'd hear movie quotes, music lyrics, um… lot of tv, especially in fashion. MTV was just starting out when I went into the freezer, but even I'd seen it. We still had dance crazes, but not as many… it was less free-form, I guess. And more regional.

"So you were frozen? Were you able to find your parents?" Aisha, Aisha, Aisha. Tact. She pulls out her phone and looks something up. "It looks like the screens were, like, black and green and it's just words. God, that thing looks so heavy. Wait. That's just the screen."

Sydney chuckles. "Yeah, LCD panels might be the single best thing about modern computers. Now we get them, when I could as easily lift a semi full of CRTs. Still. The resolution is amazing." She shakes her head. "I swear I'm going to have to get one of those kits I see online and build a CP/M computer just so people know what I'm talking about. Or maybe just put the emulator on my current computer. She doesn't answer about her parents for now.

Shades leans over to look at the screen. "Hah. OH DUDE! That's why the Matrix text is like, that weird green color!" He sounds especially triumphant for that. "That's wild! And yeah, dude, CRTs way a freaking ton. My Abuela, she's got this *ancient* TV in her living room, it probably weighs as much as like, a dryer. And the picture on it /suuuuuucks/, but she's happy with it and won't let Mom buy her a new one so…" he shrugs. "And those monitors were probably like, the same way."

Sydney nods. "They weren't as big, usually, but yeah. My first monitor was an old vacuum tube black and white TV hacked to be a monitor. So my text was white on black. That's it.

"My grandma is better with a smartphone than my mom and it's so freaking funny to watch Grandma troll my mom," Aisha says, grinning and a little wistful. "So are any of you staying here over Thanksgiving? Canadian Thanksgiving is in October, so my family and I decided I'd just stay here and I can get a new tablet or something with the money they would have spent on the plane ticket."

Shades pffts, shaking his head. "I wish. Mom needs me to come home and be a busboy and dishwasher for the whole freaking weekend. Place always gets slammed on holidays." He snerks. "The strange and amazing origin of the superhero Shades!"

Sydney nods. "I don't have any living family, so I'll probably be around.

"So your family has a restaurant? What kind of food?" Food. That's how you get Aisha's interest. She leans forward. INVESTED. Sydneys comment gets a sympathetic hand on her arm. "I'm sorry."

Shades nods, breaking into a grin. "Yeah, Mom has a little taqueria. Taqueria del Guero, best mexican food in New York." He stuffs down another forkful of turkey, and then points the empty fork at Sydney. "Ahn Iahvent fohrgo-" *swallow* "-forgotten about you. When I come back, I think I've got an idea for the belated birthday dinner."

Sydney pats Aisha's hand. "I was gone 35 years. They were a room full of unhealthy habits. That's why I said I'd be dead now if I hadn't gone metal." Syd blushes. "It's ok… I had a good birthday…" Her skin turns vaguely straw colored, then into blues and purples as she blushes.

"Birthday party? I'm so down. Let's throw a rager, even if we get in trouble," Aisha says, a little too enthusiastically.
<Public> Aisha says, "aha!"

Shades breaks into laughter at that. "I wouldn't have pegged you as a hard-partying type person," he remarks towards Aisha. "I thought that Canadians were like, too polite to have a decent party!"

Sydney laughs. "Dude, Rush comes from Canada. And we totally have to introduce you to Sierra. She's been after me to go to a rave since I came to Coral Springs.

"Yo, I've never actually been to a party that didn't have, like, balloon animals," Aisha says with a little shrug. "And also, remember that the national sports of Canada are lacrosse and hockey. We're polite, but we also know how to slam into things repeatedly until our teeth fall out."

"That is the BEST idea!" Shades agrees enthusiastically. "Sierra would one-hundred-percent know where the best parties are happening." At Aisha's reminder of Canada's sports, he pffts. "Please. Soccer- that is to say, /actual/ football -and boxing- /those/ are dangerous sports. Hockey has basically as many pads as pretend football, and lacross- isn't that the like, fancy prep school game with the sticks that have the nets and stuff?"

You say, "oh god, soccer is awful. All that running and jumping and banging your head into stuff…" she crosses her arms around her bust protectively. "I mean ok, it was awful. I could probably do it now."

"Actually, lacrosse was invented by the Haudenosaunee and other First Nations as a sort of war substitute. Like, for conflicts that weren't worth actually killing people over, they'd have lacrosse games to settle it." Aisha tilts her know-it-all chin up a little bit. "O Canada, we stand on guard for thee. We can bring it. We also kicked your butts in the War of 1812. You guys burned down Toronto, so we burned down the White House."

You say, "in a time when none of us here were even born. Not even me."

Shades rubs his chin thoughtfully. "Is there, like, any chance of a repeat performance of that, given the present givens? Asking for a friend."

"I bet Besa was there," Aisha retorts with a playful grin. She starts to eat some of her pudding, but Shades' comment makes her snorfle and choke. She coughs, grabbing a napkin. "Oh my god, you're going to kill me."

Sydney laughs.

Shades grins, giving a quick bow, and then his best Wakko Warner impression, "Thank you thank you, I'll be here all week, please don't forget the tip the veal and try your waitress!"

Aisha finishes her pudding. "Okay, as much as I want to sit here and hang out with you guys all night, I have a lab to write for biology." She reaches out to muss Shades' hair as she gets up. She's a giant hypocrite when it comes to hair-touching, it seems. "See you guys tomorrow, if Bronwyn doesn't kill me in my sleep!"

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