(2018-11-08) Too Legit to Quit
Too Legit to Quit
Summary: Syd and Besa finally test whether she'll die if he touches her. Spoiler… nope.
Date: 2018.11.08
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The School's library is one of the largest buildings in the school. Five stories tall and the size of a 747 hangar, plus a basement, its built in a long line of square clusters of of dark polished hardwood shelves, with desks and reading chairs of the same wood. At the center of each cluster, surrounded by a wrought iron and polished brass railing, is an opening extending from the ground floor to the skylights above, that sunlight (albeit carefully filtered to protect the books) might reach the inside of the library.

And what a collection: thousands upon thousands of books, some quite ancient, on every topic imaginable.

There are more. Around the perimeter of each cluster are robot dumbwaiters (stocker robots) and the ubiquitous brass robot tracks run around each floor of the library well above head height. Students can request books from the archives in the basement, and the stockers, along with the tracked robots overhead, will see that the book reaches the stocker closest to the student.

Theres still more. A battery of desks with ultra-thin computers and keyboards provide access to a vast electronic library, stored below in vaults that could weather a nuclear detonation, and checked out to student iPads.

Physical books are as easy. Pick up a book and carry it out. The RFID embedded in the book is paired with the RFID in a students ID tag. Best have the book back on time. Students who fail to often serve detention shelving books by hand.


Sydney is in the library. Why? Well, she is a bookish steel girl, but also she works here, and this is her sole income. If she doesn't want to start doing youtube videos in a bikini to try and get some ad money… which… is a little beyond her comfort zone… she needs this job. So here she is, feeding the stocker robots, picking books up and letting the system re-shelve them properly, and generally doing the library thing. One thing she's sure of. She will not be making a career of this.

Besa steps into the library, poetry book in his arms to return. The ancient teen has been busy making mugs, so he understands working! Although he enjoys it much more than Syd seems to enjoy book stuffs. Setting the book gently down into the return bin, he steps over towards Syd and the resolving robots. He makes sure to not touch them, that wold be bad, 'hello Sydney. I hope you are heaving a nice day."

Sydney turns when Besa addresses her, lost in her own thoughts. "Oh hi. Yeah, I can't complain. Nobody's planning to test me to destruction if I don't get my work done today, so… you know. No complaints." Syd smiles. "How're you doing?

Besa smiles warmly, "I am well, my friend. I have been working on a rune, but I think today is a …rest day." His smile grows, liking that idea apparently.

Sydney nods. "Rest days are good. I've been working on trying to find a way to help Bryce." She pauses, then moves toward the desk. "Wanna try an experiment? A way to see if hugging you would fry me?"

Besa will follow, nodding. Little more gently. "He seemed in a better mood when I spoke to him last." Although he doesn't really have a good reference for what's going on with the teen. "I offered to heal him…." The Guardian shrugs, apparently he didn't accept the offer. His eyes widen and he takes a small step backwards, "what? No! I would not wish to fry you!" His hands both go up, let he can keep her way with just willpower, 'You are my friend, I would not wish harm on you!"

Sydney holds her hands up. "Trust me, I wouldn't risk frying all of me at once." She holds her finger over the desk and focuses her attention on it. A metallic drip slowly forms at the end of her finger, and reluctantly separates to plop on the desk like mercury, only…stiffer. "If you touch that and it fries, I'll know when I try to reabsorb it. Don't wait too long though. It can't breathe effectively without me. Also I don't want it getting a will of its own."

Besa looks slightly mortified, although it's at the dripping goo or the possibility of shorting out just part of Syd, who knows. "Sydney…what if it hurts you when you reabsorb it?" His brow furrows and he's all concerned faced.

Sydney shakes her head. "It shouldn't It should either be fine or dead. One way or the other. If it's dead, I can break it down to make more of me. I do it all the time."

Dark eyes dart between her and the separated goo, and a hand goes up to rub the back of his neck nervously. "I…" He doesn't understand his curse or electrocics well enough to argue it. So he steps closer and touches the puddle of Syd on the table. His fingers are thin, there's clay in his nails. Rain will have a fit when she seems that. "How can we tell?"

Sydney reaches out to reabsorb the drop once Besa stops touching it. She feels her fingertip a moment. "Well… I can taste the clay under your fingernails, but I'm not feeling any dead cells or nanomachines." She shakes the fingertip like it's gone to sleep. "Yeah, they're waking up nicely. Always feels like that when they're oxygen-deprived."

Besa actually holds his breath when she touches the piece of herself, biting his lower lip. He's ready to call out for help if needed, but she doesn't fall over. When she says everything is good he lets out a huge sigh of relief, hands going to cover his face briefly. His anxiety shot through the roof for a moment. Where's Cocoa when he needs her.

Bryce walks into the library carrying some books with him. He is only carrying two books which is smaller than his normal load but bigger than he has been carrying recently. He looks like he is getting stronger which is just back to his usual level of weakness. He walks up to the counter and places the books down and takes a big breath.

Sydney reaches her right hand out toward Besa, slightly rotated, thumb open, an invitation to touch. She glances over at Bryce as he comes in. "Heya."

Besa wets his lips, glancing from her offered hand to her face before he starts to reach for her. He stops inches away when she calls out to Bryce. He explains to the other boy, "I….I touched a pice of her and it did not hurt her…We think my curse does not extend to her…hopefully…" But then he waits, if Bryce makes some indication that eh shouldn't chance it, he won't toucher her hand.

Bryce turns to look at Sydney when she calls out ot him. "Hello, Sy-syndey." Seeing Besa causing a brief stutter. "G-ggood evening, Besa." He slowly walks over towards the two of them and glances oddly at Besa reaching out for Syndey. Were they trying to hold hands? "I, uh, I don't know much about your, er, curse except that it, well, it negatively in-interfers with technology." Bryce moves over to sit next to Sydney and says, "But, uh, Sydney, you aren't, well, technological, at least not, er, as I understand. Rright?"

You say, "I'm a nanocyborg. Nanomachines fused to living cells. The sample was all that too, and I can't feel any change in it. I feel it when they're dead. It's like having a hangnail." She looks at Besa. "It'll be fine. Trust me.""

Besa looks like he may get sick, the idea of even possibly hurting someone doesn't sit will with him. His hand not reaching for Syd reaches up and rubs his chest, pressing into the necklace that's underneath his sweater. But then he takes a deep breath and gently grasps her hand.

Bryce places his hand on Sydney's lower back to support her if she needs it though without his powers active his support is more emotional than physical. "It, it will be o-okay." He watches carefully as Sydney and Besa interact to see what will happen to Sydney and what will happen to Besa.

Sydney 's pulse gives her away, both to Besa and to Bryce when she slips her free arm around his waist. Her heart, or whatever serves her for that function, is hammering a mile a minute. She takes Besa's hand, gives it a gentle squeeze, and exhales slowly. "No problemo." She gives Bryce a squeeze. "I was pretty sure it wouldn't be… but there's always a little doubt in the back of your mind… will a fission explosion set the atmosphere on fire? That kind of little doubt.

Besa again shakily sighs, squeezing Syd's hand back. He exclaims soemthing in ancient Coptic and then smiles softly, "I am so relieved, my friend!"

Bryce rubs Sydney's back and says, "I am not sure if, well, a - oh." That wasn't te most important part of that sentence. "If, if you were in doubt of the, well, result of the action, why did you proceed with, uh, it?" Looking to Besa with an odd look, he asks him, "Um, why would, I mean, how would they have been of assistance?"

Sydney shrugs and rests her head on Bryce's shoulder and smiles at Besa. "I was 99.9% sure it wouldn't hurt me. Especially after we tested it. But if it wasn't for self-doubt, I'd probably rule the world or something."

Besa blinks, realizing that Bryce understood him, "Because they are always watching?" He gives Syd's hand anything squeeze before dropping it so she can snuggle with her boy. His other hand though stays pressed into his chest. It's going to hurt all night. 'I am so very glad you are safe."

"Fr-from where?" Bryce asks Besa. He isn't being antagonistic, but just curious. He raises a hand to the top of Sydney's head as she puts it on his shoulder. He then uses that hand to block when he kisses the top of her head. "You aren't, uh, allowed to rule the the world…It would take up, uh, too much time from d-dating me." Bryce's attempt at a joke. Thankfully, he hasn't memorized a book of horrible jokes and started quoting them. He slowly gets up in a way that gives her plenty of time to move her head. "I, I have to check out more, uh, books. Sydney, can we, well, talk tomorrow?" From the look on his face, it isn't a bad talk.

Sydney nods. She laughs at Bryce's joke(!) Not in the 'oh, he's being funny again' sense, but because she genuinely thinks it is funny. She nods to Bryce. "Yeah, definitely. I have a thing to give you." She watches Bryce leave, then looks at Besa. "Are you ok?"

Besa smiles, "From where they are." He's not trying to either, it's just what he believes. Looking between the two, he's happy for them, although the hand continues to press into is chest unconsciously. "I am not the one that was in danger, Sydney."

You say, "Neither was I." Syd grins. "You're just holding your chest.""

"You were…until you were not." Dark eyes widen and he glances down at his chest. Another exclamation, still soft, but clearly more a swear this time. "I…sorry. I do not mean to." His hand darts away from his chest embarrassed. "I am glad I do not have to be fearful of hurting you with a touch now."

You say, "I don't want to hurt you, Besa. Is your heart ok?"

Besa nods, maybe a touch too quickly, "It is fine. It is healed. The pain is…not really there." A smile is forced, although the kindness is honest, "It is something I must just…overcome." He kinda wishes he had brought Cocoa with him though, she helps.

Sydney nods. "Yeah… I guess I understand that. Kind of a phantom pain kind of thing."

More nodding, "Yes, that is it. The ghost pain. It is not so bad." His hand is resting on his hip, purposefully so. He's not going to touch his chest again, darn it! He tries to change the subject, "I am happy that you and Bryce seem to be doing well, yes?"

Sydney smiles lightly and nods. "Yeahh… taking things slow. I might not have any innocence left, but he does. It works out well for both of us.

Oh, well…Besa's cheeks blush slightly, "Oh, well…That is good, yes?" He clears his throat, "I am dating someone too now, Tom. He is very nice. We are…uh….taking it slow too." That's what you tell , right?

Sydney smiles. "That's awesome. I'm glad you're not lonely anymore. And yes, it's good."

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