(2018-11-07) Some Old Art
The Oldest Art
Summary: A chance meeting in the art room
Date: 2018-11-07
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Art Room

Sure this is called the art room, but it is actually more than that. Art isn't just painting and pottery. Because of this, the room is large, and is actually broken up into sections, with partitions or half-walls to give each area boundaries.
The largest section is where the cabinets, cubbies and various tables are. Also in this section is the teacher's desk and one of the sinks for cleaning up at.
The other sections are dedicated to certain styles of art. There is a section for doing pottery with a both a kick wheel and two electric pottery wheels, kiln and racks and cabinets for drying pottery and storing equipment.
Easels take up another area, and a few computers workstations in another.
Toward the back is another sink for cleaning up at. Next to that is another section with an upright piano and a cabinet that holds a /small/ selection of musical instruments and other things aspiring musicians would need.
It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and overcast.


In one of the rare ocassions that Ashton has free time. The art room is empty, and the young sorcerer is making use of the music space, for what it is. As the weather is not being kind for the health of a violin, Ashton is lost in the moment of playing music. He is playing with all the skill of a master musician. His eyes are closed as he gives in to the music.

Music is a good thing for the soul. That being said that Quinn was visiting the music room for the first time in awhile. He liked the room since it had an area for musical instruments. He liked playing the various instruments even if he didn't even know what he was doing most of the time. His blue eyes look at Ashton as he approaches him. He doesn't speak so he won't interrupt Ashton when he's concentrating so intently.

Shades raps on the door, before stepping in. He doesn't make it more than two steps in before stopping; manifestly transfixed by the music. His gaze is fixed on Ashton with what is probably unseemly intensity, his smile softening into thoughtful appreciation. The only sound he makes is one foot quietly tapping in time.

As he finishes up with the piece of Paganini, Ashton slowly moves the bow from the instrument. There is a smile on his lips as he opens his eyes. Seeing the two present, he smiles slightly, "Oh, hello. Were you two needing the arts room? I was just not subjecting my roommate to my playing while he was studying."

"No. I was just going to listen to you play. Plus it is nice to be amount things that make pleasing sounds." Quinn says smiling weakly, he doesn't look comfortable all the sudden for whatever reason. "The sound of your playing was quite pleasing to me."

Shades gives his head a brief shake, waking from the reverie. "Hwha… No, I just-" He blinks, looking down at his hands for a second. "Dude, where did you learn to play like that?!" he blurts out. "Are you like one of those crazy Mozart kids that's been taking lessons since you were two? Or like-" He gesticulates for emphasis, punctuating the words, "Are you like Aisha, and like your- what you do -is all tied up with music, or what?"

Ashton looks over at Quinn and smiles, "Well, we are linked to one another by my music, so it's not completely surprising." He chuckles over to Shades, "I am naturally gifted you could say… No, what I do is not tied up with music… I'm a sorcerer…" Well, he's also half-demon but that is not the point at the moment, even if it does have something to do with what he does.

Shades breaks into a grin. "Neat! Oh, hey, I'm Shades, by the way," he replies, walking over and offering a hand. He gives Quinn a glance backwards. "Hey, you okay man? You look like you swallowed a bug."

"Yes… I guess that we are linked a bit." Quinn says nodding his head a bit before looking over at Shades,"I am physically well and have not swallowed anything." He says matter of factly,"My magic is tied to music, his is not." He says seriously.

Ashton looks over at Shades, "Truth be told, I have yet to find an instrument that I can't figure out how to play… but the violin and piano are my favorites. " He smirks slightly, "So Shades what is it that you do… I know that you were pretty quick on your feet when the ghosts were attacking in the lighthouse." He looks over at Quinn, "What's wrong?"

Shades nods towards Quinn, before stepping over to the painting corner. "Kay. You just, ya'know, looked-" He makes an exagerated gross-out face, tongue curling out and towards a bit, and mimes clutching his stomach. "-for a sec. Uh. You two mind if I try and do some painting in here real quick? I'm supposed to practice demonstrating that my color visualization is remaining stable." He doesn't wait for a reply before going to cabinet with the paint pots. "Do? Uh. Kinda shadow-stuff, I guess. Like, I can turn into a shadow, and kinda shape 'em, and move through 'em, and… ya'know, stuff like that." He turns the grin back towards Ashton. "Gives me killer night vision too, but makes it kinda hard to see in the light, thus, ya'know," he adds, tapping his sunglasses.

"No go ahead." Quinn says smiling weakly at Shades,"And I get like that sometimes. Things don't work right sometimes in my head." He says softly before he considers that,"The ghosts have been recurring. Did you ever see that book we found? Had a picture of people who looked quite a lot like you." He says in a serious voice.

Ashton smiles, "Knock yourself out… Do you need us to leave? I know sometimes when I'm playing I like to be alone, other times I like having adoring fans around me." His tone indicates his joking about the adoring fans, well mostly. He nods to Shades very limited description of his powers, "Yeah, I bet that sucks at times… " He looks over at Quinn, "No, I have seen a book like that… "

Shades ehs, giving a shrug towards Ashton. "Nah, it's freaking awesome," he replies with a grin. "I'm gonna be a /superhero/! Saving people in the dead of night and stuff! And, nah, I don't wanna chase anyone off just for a stupid homework thing, as long as you guys don't mind me being here for a bit…" He trails off at Quinn's statement. "No man. What book that's got a picture of me in it… what?"

"Sydney and I found it at the bookstore but I had no money." Quinn says nodding his head a little bit,"It's not you, it's people who looked like you and had what looked like umm… sunglasses I think they're called. It was from back around the 1690s I believe it said. It was done by their majesties." He says in a very soft casual manner,"Ashton, you often attract people who liked your music."

Ashton shakes his head, "I meant about dealing with the light… No, the shadow play sounds rather cool." He says completely deadpan, "It's better than being a demon." He looks over and grins at Quinn, "So do you.. I have heard you sing."

Shades stares at Quinn for a second. "Dude, I'm pretty sure sunglasses weren't invented in the freaking middle ages or whatever," he deadpans. "Sydney found this book at the bookstore?" he asks, for confirmation, before pulling out his phone, tapping away on it.

Long distance to Sydney: Shades *text from Shades* Hey got a sec?
Sydney pages: *text from Sydney* Sure, 'sup?
Long distance to Sydney: Shades *text from Shades* Quinn says you two found an old book that had like a picture of me or something?
Sydney pages: *text from Syd* yeah, it's at that book shop where you didn't get the job.
Sydney pages: *text from Syd* from like the 1600s.
You paged Sydney with '*text from Shades* … and they had sunglasses?!'
Sydney pages: *text from Syd* Not… exactly. I mean, if you were drawing it and didn't know what sunglasses were, maybe. It looked kind of like the eye-holes in skulls.
Long distance to Sydney: Shades *no text from Shades* (read)

"Found is not entirely the right word. We think the ghost threw it off a shelf." Quinn said before shrugging a bit,"All I can tell you is that they looked similar to your's." He says shaking his head a little bit as he slides his hands into pockets of his trousers.

Sydney pages: *Sydney has sent you an image. Click to download*
Sydney pages: *text from Sydney* That's the pic I took of the book.
<Picture> An illustration, rendered in surprising detail for the obvious age of the art and style, of the cliff near Coral Springs, and the lighthouse that stands upon it. There's a trio of people in front of the lighthouse; a man, a woman, and a young girl. What is especially arresting, however, is that the face of both the man and the young girl resemble Shades- the same nose, the same black hair streaked with white and silver- even their eyes have been blotted out, as if covered by sunglasses that had yet to be invented.

Ashton shrugs, "I don't know about sunglasses, but eyeglasses were invented in the twelth century." He smirks slightly, "Out of necessity, I have to know a bit about the dark ages… Just because a manuscript is written in Latin does it mean that it's actually Latin. More times than not, it's a weird combination of Latin and where ever it was written, so you got to research…" He cocks his head, "Spirits can be helpful if they want to be… If you can remember the name of the book or what section it was in, maybe Shades could find it again."

Shades looks absolutely mindblown by whatever's on his phone, before his face contorts into a rare frown. "Que chingada?" he asks quietly, before punching the screen angrily and dashing over to Quinn. "Hey! Was this the picture!" he demands, thrusting the phone in Quinn's face.

The phone being thrust in his face and the angry voice cause Quinn to shrink back a little bit before he nods his head a bit,"Yes… Yes that… was it." He says in a weak choppy voice. His blue eyes watch Shade with a nervous expression on it.

Ashton watches the two. The nosy side of him has hm leaning slightly to get a glance at the image on the phone himself.

Shades glances over at Ashton for a second, and then at Quinn, chewing hard on his lip in deep thought. "Okay. That's… freaking weird," he says, tucking his phone back in his pocket. "Abuelo and Abuela didn't come to America until the 40s, and like, Mom swore that there's no one in our family with…" He takes a deep breath, and slowly blows it out. "Sorry," he says, giving Quinn a bit of a lame smile. "It just… kinda freaks you out, ya'know?"

"Perhaps it is a distant relative they're unaware of?" Quinn says looking at Shades and seeming to recover now. His blue eyes are still wary of the other boy. "It's ok… I would feel the same if there was someone who looked like me." He says seriously.

Ashton cocks his head, "Well… as far back as that was, then it's entirely possible that it didn't manifest since then, so she honestly had no clue. Then again, it could have been considered a shameful family secret and over the generations it was purposefully erased from the family history." Not that he would have any clue about things like that.

Shades fidgets with one hand, tapping rapidly against his thigh. "Maybe," he says slowly, but still frowning. He pulls his phone out, staring at the picture. "I just hope this doesn't mean I'm gonna, like, be my own great grandfather or something crazy." He gives a quick grin, and if it's forced, he's trying to hide it. "Like Klein, that one super that's got some crazy time looping suit thing?" He sticks out his tongue again, making another face. "No offense Quinn, I just don't wanna go back before central air and heat, ya'know? That lighthouse probably got like, major chilly during the winter back then."

"Most people don't want to go back to when I was born. There are so many things that you all take for granted that is terrifying for me." Quinn says with a weak little smile on his face,"Often things are forgotten on purpose rather than by accident." He says in a serious voice about the whole thing. "Klein?" He asks blinking slowly.

Ashton looks at Shades, "I seriously doubt that is you in the picture.. I mean, you don't seem like the type of guy to lose his shit and kill his wife and daughter in a fire, do you?" He shakes his head, "Nah, I think it's far more likely that they are some far distant relative."

Shades waves a hand vaugely in Quinn's direction. "He's a super from over in Europe. Some crazy technologist, he like… embedded a time machine in his brain or something, and now he can move in weird directions and stuff. I kinda thought Garret might be like that, but after the game of Faceball, I'm pretty sure not." He frowns at Ashton's comment. "Dude, I know I wouldn't, but I don't wanna think about like… a great grand uncle or something doing it either. That's- that's messed up, ya'know?"

"We don't even know what actually happened then. The veil is thicker now which would make contacting them more difficult." Quinn says seriously,"We could theoretically perform a ceremony to contact the ghosts." He adds with a little bit of a smile. "It would not be the first time that I have performed such a ceremony…" He says shivering a little bit. "It's complicated though. There's possibility of talking to the wrong ghost if we don't do it right and other things."

Ashton looks at Shades, his expression becoming very serious. "Every family has skeletons in their closets…. some have whole cemetaries… " He nods in agreement with Quinn, "Yeah, it's easy enough to contact the other side… the problem is making sure that you contact the right spirit… that's where it gets dangerous." He sighs, "I'm pretty sure that I could contact the little girl, but I don't know how useful she might be."

Shades shakes his head, holding up his hands. "Dudes, don't worry about it. The ghosts haven't like, done anything recently. They're probably gone back to… like, sleep, or whatever." He starts back towards the table where he had set down the paints from before. "Sorry for like… I dunno, freaking. Didn't mean to break up the jam session."

"I don't know if that's true. It hasn't been that long since the incident with the book." Quinn points out,"Or the incident in the library." He adds smiling a little bit,"The right ghost is hard to find sometimes but she could theoretically be of some use, if only to say what she remembers." He says with hands in his pockets.

Ashton smiles, "It wasn't really a jam session, I was just relieving stress… which I did.. I was done." He hrms softly to himself. "I probably should be heading back to my room. " He looks at Shades, "If you like, I can do a little bit of playing around and see if I can create a spell to summon the spirits and have them talk to you. But regardless, I need to do a few things before curfew. Later guys."

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