(2018-11-04) Birthdays and Boyfriends
Birthdays and Boyfriends
Summary: Syd and Bryce, on Syd's Birthday.
Date: 2018.11.04
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The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.


Bryce knew that today was Sydney's birthday. It was the first time she has had a birthday since they were dating. He was determined to do his best so he did a lot of research (this is Bryce here) and saved up almost all of his money from his job in the commissary to buy her some presents. However, he doesn't want her to see it so he is sitting at the pre-determined chair in the patio. Deciding to dress up a bit, he is wearing a pair of dark blue jeans, a deep green button up shirt and the leather jacket that she helped him purchase on their first shopping date. On the table in front of him is a large box made completely of his powers.

Sydney is, above all, curious. It's been a couple years (or 35, depending on how you count them) since anyone celebrated her birthday. And it's Bryce. He's an unusual guy. She pads along the path and waves. "Hey hon." She cocks her head. "I thought you weren't supposed to be using your powers?"

Bryce stands up when he sees her coming. He returns the wave and then steps forward to hug her. "H-happy birthday." Speaking of the use of his powers, Bryce says, "I am treating it like, uh, like therapy. Using it in controlled manner to to slowly increase my power strength again." He

You say, "Ahh, ok." She sits next to Bryce and slips an arm around him. "That makes sense." She rests her head lightly on his shoulder. "Thank you. My birthday hasn't been celebrated much lately.""

Sitting back at the table, Bryce lifts his hand so the box slowly slides in front of her. Of course, she can try and physically force it open, but he can also slowly open it which is what he was planning. He puts his left arm around her back and rests his hand on the small of her back. "I, uh, I got you some stuff." He sighs as he realized that he said something stupid again. "Sorry. I guess that was, uh, obvious." One quarter of the box slowly fades away revealing a small vertical box and smaller black cups each with a lid. Inside the box is a lot of hex nuts of various sizes, and in the cups are different flavors: cinnamon, ginger, chocolate powder.

You say, "Sometimes redundancy is ok hon. It's a contextual thing." She peers curiously at the nuts and dipping sauces. "Oh wow! Thank you! She picks up a nut and dips it in the ginger experimentally, then chews it. "Mmm…. That's good… I wish you could taste…" then she smiles impishly and turns and tries to kiss Bryce on the mouth. He can't chew steel, but…"

"I can taste the, oh…" Bryce's speech is cut short when she kisses him on the lips. He can taste the ginger on her lips as well as a hint of iron though the hint of iron wasn't too unusual when kissing her. "You are, uh, welcome. I didn't know if, if different metals tasted differently, but, uh, I saw you eating them the the other day at the movie." Trust Bryce to remember something like that. "Want, uh, well, there are two more, uh, sections."

Sydney brushes the tip of her tongue on Brice's lip before drawing back. "Okay…" She smiles, a little saucily. "We can eat the nuts later, if you want. One at a time."

Bryce points into the bucket of nuts and says, "Some are, uh, nickle while others are iron." He picks up one and says, "This one is, uh, obviously brass. I almost got some, uh, washers, but you seemed to l-like the nuts." Bryce didn't want to experiment too much. "Oh, and, uh, I wasn't trying to rush you to the the next. I just wanted you to, uh, know there are more."

You say, "Mm. I don't think I've ever tried brass." She smiles, still snuggled close. "This is very sweet of you. My eating habits are pretty dull, most of the time. One of the things I miss about being meat.""

Bryce keeps his right hand towards the box making sure his powers don't fluctuate while he keep his other hand on the small of her back letting her get as close as she wants. "I, if you want, we can, can experiment about different, uh, metals. I assume that they would have, well, different textures in your mouth since they have different specific densities." He starts to rub the small of her back. He wants her to feel as special as he thinks she is.

Sydney nods and mmms softly. "They have different tastes too. I can't eat aluminum… iron oxide plus powdered aluminum makes thermite. That's way more energetic than I want inside me.

Bryce nods his head. "That makes, er, sense. I, well, I figured that iron would probably be the most, uh, nutritious for you, but I hoped the others would be, uh, okay." He says, "I thought about, uh, getting you close, but, well, I, I wasn't sure the the size and it seems to be, well, changing." He is gently reference her bust growth.

Sydney nods. "Yeah… I took my measurements yesterday. I'm up to a friggin' triple-d. A lot of it's my pecs, but… I hope you like busty girls, put it that way. So yeah, clothes are complicated.

And there engages Bryce's blushing abilities at nearly full intensity. Almost his entire face starts to turn red. "Uh, I, I mean, I like, uh, you and, well, the, the size I prefer, I've never thought, but I mean there are, uh, big is …. nice." His voice is almost inaudible by the time he gets to the last word of his rambling sentence.

Sydney smiles. "Thanks…" She takes one of the brass nuts, licks it, then dips it in the ginger and crunches it. "Hmm. I don't know it' tastes kind of… green. I don't know a better word for it.

Bryce clearly likes the smile. He watches her as she eats though her comment about the taste of green causes his eyebrow to go up. "That, uh, makes me wonder if you are a a synesthete." He notices that she goes for the ginger. "Does the, the ginger taste the best?"

You say, "I dunno, I haven't tried the others. I just haven't had ginger since I was meat. It's still good." She dips a chrome steel nut in the ginger and then the chocolate and crunches it, then leans over to kiss Bryce with ginger, iron, and chocolate on her lips."

Bryce makes the 'oh' face. "I thought maybe you, uh, knew how the others tasted a-already." He presses on her lower back when she comes in for another kiss. "I'm, uh, glad that you like them. The next one I'm, uh, a bit, well, unsure about." He takes a deep breath and slowly starts to allow his powers to drop over another quarter of the box revealing a small package wrapped in gift wrap. A gift wrapped box in a psychically created box. Overkill anyone? Inside of that is a small airbrush kit with a set of acrylic paints.

You say, "Oh wow… oh wow… an airbrush? She shakes the paints curiously. "Um… am I being incredibly dense here? I mean, I'd love to try painting with it, but I've never done much with art…""

Bryce hands his head feeling that he made a big mistake on that one. "I'm, I'm sorry. I just, well, I know that, uh, girls tend to like to use, uh, well, makeup." He then quickly looks up and says, "Not that you need any. You are already, uh, very pretty, but, I was th-thinking…if you wanted…the acrylics are good for painting on metals, and the the airbrush would give it a, a soft appearance."

Sydney blinks. "oh! OH! I get it! That would totally work!" She beams at Bryce. "Yeah, absolutely. I could do hair coloring with it too, probably. Oh this is awesome!" It gets Bryce another kiss. Is anyone surprised?

Bryce is just as surprised as she is. "Oh, I thought … " That thought is blocked with a kiss which is an effective way of stopping his stammering. He definitely looks relieved because he wasn't sure she would like it at all. "You could, uh, probably do your nails too … if you wanted." It was important for her to feel special, but he wanted to feel beautiful too.

Sydney nods. "I could. Right now I do them with car touchup paint." she draws her hand to brush her hair back and it brushes the side of her bust on the way back down. She looks at Bryce, then at the airbrush. "It'll take me a while to get good at it…"

Bryce nods his head and says, "I could, well, I could try to l-learn if you want. Oddly though it would be, uh, more successful if I used my powers instead of my hands." His brain can control his powers better than his hands. "Well, that leaves, uh, the last and biggest part." Of course, he hasn't removed his psychic box yet. Perhaps he is trying to drum up some suspense for this one.

Sydney fidgits, waiting. "This is so cool. Thank you so much…

"You are welcome." He has spent most of the money he made on all this, but what else was money for? Slowly the last remaining part of the box disappears revealing another wrapped package. Like the first, the wrapping is very precise which makes sense because Bryce did used some formulas and a ruler to make sure the wrapping was perfect and symmetrical. "I uh, hope you like it." Inside this wrapped package in a cardboard box. Inside that is a wicker basket filled with 5 different body oils all with different scents: lavender, rose, jasmine, shea butter, and almond.

Sydney squeals uncharacteristically. She sniffs each one separately, dabs it on her hand and rubs it in to smell it. "Oh wow… oh wow… Thank you so much…"

"I remembered the, well, when I fell on you," It was still an embarrassing memory. She was using oil then. "And I, I figured the lavender oil I got you before had, uh, probably been used up so I figured you might, uh, like other scents."

Sydney nods. She slips both arms around Bryce. "I remember. It still makes me smile."

Bryce uses both arms to hug Sydney now that he doesn't need to use his hand to help direct his powers. He did feel good to not need to maintain that box any more. He has to side-hug her since she was sitting next to him. "I, I also wanted to, uh, take you flying again, but I I think I should wait a bit on that."

Sydney kisses Bryce slowly. "I want to go flying with you again. And I want to hold you again like the other night. When you're well. When you can touch me."

Bryce nods his head again and holds her tightly, well, as tight as he can. "I am also, uh, working on some other experiences for for you." There are things she can't do any more since she is metal, but perhaps he can simulate it for her.

Sydney moves to carefully straddle Bryce's lap, facing him. "Like what?"

Bryce's circlet flashes as she goes to straddle him. He shifts his hands to her hips and presses down indicating that she can relax and his armor will hold her. "It, it is a surprise. S-sometimes the, uh, build up is as important at the, uh, event." He's been reading again.

Sydney carefully settles into Bryce's lap. "Don't strain yourself here. I can hold myself up." She leans against him gently. "Can you feel this?"

Bryce pats her hip a bit and says, "It's okay. I'll, I'll be fine for a bit." When she asks if he can feel it, he nods his head. "A, a bit. I've not, uh, played much with variable thickness and strength. The, the armor has only three modes: off, under, and full."

Sydney rises up on her knees a smidge. "Let's do it like this. Less work for you, and we can actually touch each other." She nuzzles his face softly, metal skin flexible and unusually warm.

Bryce whispers softly in her ear. "You are, uh, w-worth the work." He knows that he told her that he wants to talk about some things he is working on, but this is her time and her day so he will wait on that. "Happy b-birthday, Sydney."

Sydney whispers, "Thank you." She kisses him slowly and lingeringly. "And thank you for being my boyfriend."

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