(2018-11-02) A Brisk Evening
A brisk evening
Summary: Shades meeting Taka and catching up with RJ
Date: 2018-11-02
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Coral Springs Courtyard

The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.
With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.
It is a fall evening. The weather is freezing and fair.


Shades is seated on a bench, not wearing much more than windbreaker over his blazer, and almost completely concealed by the falling darkness. Despite this, his head is bent over a book that he's definitely trying to read, grimly glaring at the pages like a man walking to an execution.

RJ is walking in the direction of the Metis/Prometheus dormatory. He walks over to where the boy is seated out in the miserable cold - at least it is miserable for RJ, whose world was much warmer than this one. He pauses a few feet away, cocking his head slightly. "Is everything alright, Shades? You seem vexed about something? And why would you be sitting outside in this unbearable temperature?" He is wearing a dark grey military-looking uniform with black boots, making him look like a character out of a sci-fi movie.

Taka has resigned himself to the fact that this planet has stupid weather, but not completely. He's pretty sure that there's supposed to be a transition between summer and winter, although judging by the current weather, he's pretty sure the transition period was about fifteen minutes long two weeks ago. No doubt native Terrans merely call this weather 'brisk'. He calls it something that he will decline to translate from his native language.
As such, when he spirals down to a landing in the courtyard, it is not with his usual aerial grace, and his wings continue to flex and fold after he lands. He wants to be sure they still work in this ridiculously cold weather, or at least that blood still is flowing in them.
The word he says on landing is not anything in English, but the tone carries quite a bit of meaning. He catches the phrase 'unbearable temperature' and wonders for a split second if another of his people are here — no, definitely not, that's clear on one look, but certainly a kindred spirit. He folds his arms, hugging himself against the seasonably cool weather, and walks over. "'Unbearable' is certainly right," he says half under his breath.

Shades looks up from the book at RJ's comment, and gives a kind of half-shrug. "Eh, it's not that bad. Just brisk. And yeah, I just- I need to get some reading done, and so does Jake, so, I thought- you know, it's pretty dark outside and…" he trails off as Taka lands, jumping to his feet. "Bird guy!" he shouts. Not like, an angry shout, or a frightened one. More like, hella excited. "No freaking way, you're the bird guy!"

RJ snorts slightly, "We shall just have to agree to disagree about the weather. This is what the worst of our winter seasons are like back home." He then cocks his head, "It is rather dark out, which makes me curious as to why you are reading out in it." He looks over to the newest arrival. "Greetings."

"I, uh, suppose I am," Taka says dubiously, backing up half a step. He's not accustomed to such enthusiastic greetings. He bows slightly to RJ, spreading his wings a little. "/Kie/… I mean, hi," he greets, then peers curiously at Shades. "Do you know me?"

Shades waves off RJ's question, jumping up, the book fallen open to the ground. "I mean, I don't *know* you know you, but like, there's been some reports and stories and a couple of blurry pictures and I always figured there had to be like, a super with wings, but Carmichael said it wasn't him and-" He pauses for a breath. "Um. Hi! I'm Shades. I mean, I'm Corbin, but I go by Shades! Can you talk to birds, or do you just, like, have wings? Don't get me wrong, wings are plenty cool enough!" After a second, he releases an amazed gasp. "YOU'VE ONLY GOT FOUR FINGERS!"

RJ shoves his hands into his pockets to protect them from the chill. He cocks his head slightly as he watches the exchange. Ah, people watching - one of his favorite activities.

"The… last time I counted, yes," Taka says, half bowled over by enthusiasm. "Four *is* the standard number. except for Carmichael, yes." He glances to RJ, as if for help, then says gently, "It's nice to meet you, Shades. I'm Taka." The accent clearly falls on the second syllable of his name, and he glances again to RJ, for… help? An introduction? Warmer weather? Hard to say.

"Oh! Hey, sorry, I just- so, I'd read online about, like, there being a bird guy like, in the area, but the pictures were kinda fuzzy and usually it was probably just, like a bigass seagull or something- not that you look like a seagull, I'm just saying! -but I always figured that, ya'know, where there's smoke, there's birdguy, and you're here and THAT IS SO FREAKING COOL! Taka!" He reaches into his blazer, pulling out his phone. "Dude! Can I get a picture? Like, a clear one. I won't put it online or anything, I just- I like getting pictures of supers!"

RJ chuckles slightly, being mildly amused at Taka's perdicament. "Shades, I believe that your enthusiasm is being a bit overwhelming. So perhaps you might wish to…" He pauses, "How do you say it…. turn it down some."

Taka blinks once. "I… am known outside the school?" he asks, quite confused. "I can't imagine why. I have tried not to be."

"I mean- known is… probably a little strong." Shades replies, and then glances towards RJ. A bit of a flush creeps on to his face. "Oh, right! Um. Sorry. I just-" He grins, despite the flush. "Supers are just really freaking cool. Wasn't trying to like, creep you out or anything." He walks back to the fallen book, picking it up to brush off the pages. "Way cooler than the Odyssey anyways," he adds sourly.

RJ starts to shiver slightly. He taps the bracer on his wrist. He speaks to it in a language that can be described as a series of growls, hisses, and clicks. He looks back over to the two other boys. "I must admit that I find it mildly amusing that you get so excited about others who possess powers while you, yourself, possess truly amazing gifts."

"Flying isn't a super power," Taka says, still confused. "Everyone has wings… er, well, where I come from, anyway."
As for other powers… it might be noted that it's a little warmer around him than the ambient temperature. "I suppose if you want a photo I haven't a reasonable objection beyond just not liking being photographed, and that's not much of an objection, I guess."

Shades drops the book again to spin, phone out, and take a quick picture of Taka before he can change his mind. "Awesome!" he replies, grinning. "And, dude, RJ, I /know/ I've got cool powers, but that's new and I've ALWAYS liked supers!" Then something of what Taka said clicks. "Wait- WHERE YOU'RE FROM?!" His head swivels between RJ and Taka. "ARE YOU FROM ANOTHER DIMENSION TOO!?"

RJ blinks, "New? Were you not born with them? Were you exposed to something? I am sorry… on my Earth, there are no supers.. this place is mightily confusing to me." He looks over at Taka with curiousity in his eyes as well.

<Taka unexpectedly departed at this point>

Shades shakes his head at RJ. "Nah. It was like… just a couple of weeks ago, really…" He tucks the phone away. "I kinda woke up with Mom screaming cause I'd gone like… all shadow. And-" He puts his hand to the back of his head, grinning. "Next thing you know, I'm here! But, uh… I don't really know how or why. It just sort of happened."

RJ's sage green eyes look at Shades, "Is this metamorphosis a welcomed one or not? Did your…. " He has to pause and think, "mother accept your change or has she abandoned you to the world?"

Shades snorts a laugh. "I mean, once I, like, re-solidified and she calmed down, yeah, Mom was cool with it. She was never, like… against supers or anything. And once the letter for Coral Springs showed up, she was pretty psyched. Like, my high school wasn't great, and Coral Springs is way better, even apart from the whole… everything." He looks up into the sky, towards the clouds. "And the free food is, ya'know, a nice bonus too. she was always saying I was gonna eat us out of house and home."

RJ smiles slightly and nods. "That is good. I can only image that it would be difficult being estranged from a parental figure." He pauses, "Well, not really, but I think I might be able to imagine it." Being here by choice might have made things different for RJ. "I am still getting use to eating the food. My body still does not tolerate meat products very well…"

Shades breaks out into a laugh. "Dude, you don't need to be so… like, formal, or whatever. 'My body still does not-' no one talks like that!"

RJ blinks, "I apologize if my grammar is insufficient. I am trying to learn to speak more native-like." He grins slightly, with that light-hearted, slightly goofy grin of his, "Trust me when I say that my manner of speech is more more relaxed than it was when I first arrived here."

Shades shakes his head at that. "Are you on MyFaceJournal? You need like, twenty-percent more memes in what you talk about; that'll fix it with the swiftness."

RJ looks genuinely confused, "MyFaceJournal? No, I am not on whatever that is. What are memes?"

Shades hesitates, frowning slightly. "They're like… kinda like jokes, I guess? Pictures and like… videos and stuff that people find funny or whatever. Here-" He pulls his phone back out, taps on the screen a few tiems, and then hands it, showing RJ his MyFaceJournal profile. "You just sign up with like, an alias- I'm RealShadySlim -and like, start adding friends and stuff, and it makes it super easy to… you know, talk and keep in touch and share jokes and stuff."

RJ looks at the phone and frowns. "I do not think I have enough friends for it to matter… but I will consider it… Why do you use an alias? Is there cause to not be forthright about your identity?"

"Nah, it's- like, how you do things on here," Shades replies, a little confused at the question. "And, I mean, even if you don't have many friends, it's like- how a lot of parties and stuff get announced! Like, when I did my movie night, it was all on here! Plus, pictures from the Halloween fest yesterday!"

RJ hands the phone back, "Must you have a mobile phone for it? If so, it is a moot point, as I do not have one. I probably should see about obtaining one, but first I must seek out employment so that I might earn wages sufficient to do so."

Shades winces at that. "Dude, you don't have a /phone/? That's… wow." The thought appears to blow his mind. "Uh, but I mean, you can also just use a laptop, I guess."
The phone makes a sudden klaxon, the Star Trek red alert alarm. "Oh crap," Shades says. "Gotta head back, curfew soon. You oughta head home too."

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