(2018-11-01) Tracking a Fiend
Tracking a Fiend
Summary: Callisto receives more word on her evil matriarch's actions; poor Daxton gets the onceover.
Date: 2018-11-01
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NPCs: Oridove Aine
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YMCA, Shady Cove
Thu Nov 01, 2018

Any town worth it's salt has a solid community centre, and 'the Y' serves that purpose in Shady Cove. This recreational complex is home to a substantial indoor public swimming pool with a variety of fountains, slides, splash pads and even a lazy river that one can float along using a floatie or pool noodle. Also present are the other amenities of a public pool: a wading pool for kiddies, a large kidney bean-shaped hot tub, steam room, sauna and a variety of pool toys and peculiar flotation devices stored in a walk-in 'closet'.

Swimming lessons and aquatic fitness classes are also held here, at scheduled times. Present at all times are life guards, usually 2-3, who watch the area like hawks and sternly discourage running on the wet tiles.

The building also houses a diverse fitness area, three rooms that can be rented for parties and other occasions and finally a simple cafe in the foyer. The building itself was built sometime back in the early 70s, but continuous upkeep has kept it modernized and versatile

It is a fall night. The weather is freezing and overcast.


It was aquafit time here at the YMCA this evening.. and it was Callisto's turn in the rotation, of those who were capable of leading the class. Without tiring Callisto had led the class of upwards to twenty men and women of various ages and skill levels in a series of exercises in the deeper end of the main pool. Before she — and her utterly exhausted patrons — knew it.. the hour was up.

Which leads us now to the present. Preceding the willowy girl is a pack of pleasantly worn out middle-aged women, toweling their faces and depositing their pool floaties and props into a large bin. Callisto gathers up the loose ends and realizes that.. glory hallelujah! It's breaktime!

Having been unable to get much time to visit Winbarry this week due to the tail end of detention served, the girl invited Dax to meet her in the small cafe in the rec centre's main lobby. It's still open at this hour (roundabouts 7pm), hocking simple sandwiches and drinks. Callisto, in a drying one-piece with a pair of shorts covering her faerie ass and a towel over her shoulders, awaits the speedster.

Daxton arrived about 7 and is already sitting at a table with a large soda in hand. Seeing Calli he stand sup with a smirk and steps over to her, "Hey Strawberry. Good classes today?" He's dressed in jeans and his jacket, no pizza delivering today.

Just when she's about to pony up to the counter to get herself an orange juice, Callisto is aware of Daxton's presence! Her gaze softens and she pays for her drink before she pads over in his direction, her flats moving near-soundlessly upon the floor. Her hair is damp and sleek against her head, pearlescent in the lighting; but sadly she reeks of pool chemicals. "Good evening Daxton," She offers, moving to meet him as he rises to go to her and taking care not to disrupt the soda in his hand, she will ease her body in so that she may press a kiss to his mouth. A couple of the older ladies she guided in the exercises amble past, gawking at the duo.

Callisto then studies him, "Good at the school, for I am no longer in trouble." A wry twinkle in her gaze, "Good here. Some of these customers think me a half-hearted and given to frippery when they discover me to be their instructor.. until I get them into the water and wear them out." She grins now, looking so very fey. "T'was good. How have you been holding up?" Asked as she gives his hair a delicate sniff. No pizza smell! "Off tonight?"

Daxton grins against her mouth, not minding the chemical smells apparently. He chuckles, "No more detention then?" Such a bad girl! "I'm fine, promise." Yesh. "Yeah, did some running for Inferno, but besides that I got nothing…How late is your class tonight?"

It's a relief to hear this. Her deft fingers lift to adjust the neckline of Dax's jacket, the motion so relaxed and familiar that Callisto perhaps doesn't even realize she's doing it. "Hn," Said with that slightly crooked little smirk, "No. I was content to remain in the library, re-shelving and dusting and sorting countless tomes." Her bluish-green eyes flit up to watch his own striking gaze, "I shall have to tell you more of what happened, but.. not here. I—"

Daxton's question re: how late the classes shall go is answered thusly. Callisto's supervisor sends along a text and when the girl deviates briefly to glance, her expression brightens. "Hn… t'is slow tonight. I am being let go early. Settle for but ten minutes and we can set out." Now she's downright chipper!

Heck. Yeah. The speedster smirks as he sits back down, propping his feet up as he waits for her to clean up. He has a few ideas before running her home, he already decided he'll just run her over the water.

The girl, too, is trying to figure out what to do impromptu as she hadn't anticipated being released from the slammer 'til closer to 9! Huh! True to her word Callisto is quick in removing the wet stuff, getting it folded and sorted into a duffel and after a touching up of her hair and face she's re-joining Daxton in precisely ten minutes! Ivory tights (she's brave), calf-high black boots and a long black tunic-style blazer that fits like a glove! Good to go, though she still reeks of the water. c.c

She smiles at him then, "No need to have you here being eyed by the older ladies. Let us, as they say…. 'take leave this popsicle vendor' .. yes?" .. oh God. SHE SAID THAT. A for effort, Callisto.

Daxton snorts at hot words, putting away his phone where he'd been texting someone. "You're the only old lady I want eyeing me." He blinks at her, raising an eyebrow at her terrible twisting of that saying, "You hungry? Or want to go chill and watch some TV?"

Blink. Old lady?! Well, she… is old, and yet she's not.. Callisto eyes the speedster. "I" Blink. She's actually at a momentary loss for words. But she's amused, and her lips curve into a strange little smile. "Are you certain of this? For I am so very, very old." Said with a little bark of laughter before she shoulders her bag. "I am an old woman who desires a few hours with a dastardly young creature," Says the willowy thing who doesn't look a day over 18/19. "So t"

Oh, she's conceding to go back to somewhere a little more.. comfortable. But something, or someone, has caught Callisto's eye at the entrance of the YMCA. A boy in an oversized bomber jacket, hair dyed dark green and dark eyes studying them both. His forehead is pitted with acne; he looks awkward even as he grins slightly.

Callisto gawks at him, looks mildly exasperated.

Daxton laughs, "Right? I must have a thing for walkers…by the way, do you need help walking?" He offers his arm for her to hook hers into, if she wishes. He waits for her answer, his smile turning to one of confusion when her attention goes to some kid. "Everything okay?"

Despite her brief change in countenance, Callisto doesn't seem too troubled. More annoyed than anything at the sight of the awkward-looking kid who seems to be getting an eyeful of the two making their plans. She hugs the boy's arm protectively to her side, perhaps even with a twinge of territorial behavior as she eyes the green-haired kid. "We are not in danger, I just… wish she would drop the facade. T'is not needed." What? Callisto looks to Daxton, watches his face in that way she is so apt to doing, before turning her head back to the front doors. The watchful boy side-steps to get out of the way of a few people departing.

Suddenly Callisto calls out to the boy, speaking not in English but some manner of languid, sweeping consonants; all sweeping 'S' and 'V' sounds. Whooshing of breath, only as long as a heartbeat. She speaks to her glamoured sister in Unseelie and all the 'boy' does and chortle lightly and indicate that the two join him.

Callisto turns to Daxton, "My elder sister desires a word. Are you alright with this?" She's suddenly blushing.

She? He frowns, "What? Who?" His nose wrinkles as she suddenly speaks Parseltongue. "What did you just say?" He's bristling, picking up that this 'boy' isn't what he appears. He sounds annoyed, he nods, "Sure."

"It shall only take a moment. I promise it shall not ruin our night." Callisto offers softly, watching Daxton's face. The green-haired boy has loped off, likely down the sidewalk by some measure, but Callisto isn't rushing to catch up with 'him'. She will damned well take her time; lord knows her oldest sister took long enough to take an interest in this whole situation. Callisto pulls Daxton's arm forth and lifts his hand so that she may press a kiss to his knuckle. It's such an antiquated form of affection that just.. suits her. Pale eyes peer over his hand, up to meet his gaze. "Think of what movie you desire to watch."

Then, holding that hand, she will move to depart the rec centre.

Famous last words. Blue eyes study her back, "Okay. Let's go talk to…which one is this Orville Redenbocker?" He nods, she's going to owe him more than a movie. He lets her lead.

The white-haired girl chokes back a spat of laughter at Daxton's moniker for the illustrious Oridove. By now she is no slouch in name brands and after countless movie nights during the evenings at Winbarry back in the summer.. she knows he's talkin' popcorn. One hand lifts to clap against her mouth while her other hand holds his, the two stepping out into the brisk evening air. Callisto shivers lightly at the blast of cool air against her still-damp tresses. She usually has her hair dried before leaving the building. She looks sideward to Daxton, her tone painted with laughter. "Pray, do not call her that. She is proud." A whisper to his ear. The ornery green-haired boy pauses just past a couple of storefronts and/or houses and peers back at them.

"Call me what?" The 'boy' asks in a voice that is not quite boy-like anymore. Now standing in the shadows, the elder sister's glamour is beginning to fade. 'His' body ripples lightly.

Daxton isn't going to remember Omnibus, sorry. He moves a little closer to Calli, "Need my jacket?" His hand vibrates , warming hers. Blue eyes travel to the shifting 'boy' and he'll answer, "I can't pronounce any of your names."

"Just a chill," Callisto reassures, studying the other fey as she lets the glamour go. In seconds the boy is gone and Oridove is there, looking more like Mommy Dearest than Callisto ever could. Tall like their mother, but not as tall.. the elder fey stands at roundabouts 6'4", all leg and lean body. Mercifully she has taken to dressing more modern though blending in with this height and coloration is tough. Lest we forget the pointed ears. Black eyes study the two from a face that is too angular to be called beautiful but instead, rather handsome. Severe.

"Please do not try to." Said in an attempt at humor, with a British accent, but it just sounds haughty. "Europa will do. And you are Daxton, yes? I've heard about you, naturally." 'Europa' smiles slowly; it is not a comforting look but not evil, either.

"What do you need?" Callisto interjects, hand felt tightening in Daxton's. She even tugs him a tiny bit closer to her. She doesn't like how Europa is watching him.

Europa? That's not much better, but he nods. Perhaps acknowledging he's Dax. Although a quick glance to Calli. She talks about him? He doesn't move at the tug, but looks over t her again. Didn't she says that this one was safe?

Strangely enough, Callisto's eyes round themselves in her face. She looks at Daxton the moment he turns to her, and her expression looks troubled. There is a sudden shaking of her head. But there's a.. look of startle there. She turns again to watch her elder, tension rolling from her body. Mouth opens to speak.

'Europa' pads forth, looking every bit the urban professional in her designer suit and longcoat. Looks like she's been making herself at home in Thunder Bay. Her dark, dark eyes look between the two before she affixes her younger sister with an amused smirk, "Calm now, you've no need to raise hackles. He is not my type." Said lightly, looking to the speedster's face, "Callisto does not speak of you, at length. Or she hasn't. I but know that sister cares for you very deeply. It is not of our ilk to foster such ties. But…"

There, the barest softening in her expression. "Mother speaks of you, boy. I hate to say, but it is through her vitriol toward you that I've heard much of you. You slighted her; your mentalist offended her." But then, Europa smirks.

Daxton frowns, not liking Calli's reaction. His fingers tighten around hers. But then he smirks, turning back to the taller sibling, "Good. She's going tp be more than offended next time." He's assuming there will be a next time.

"Do not be cocky with her." Europa says to Daxton rather coolly, "For outside of your mentalist, you've no defense against her. And—"

"The mentalist has a name," Callisto grates out, but does not offer it up to the other fey. It appears that names are a Big Deal with their lot. "And they are powerful. Do not be cocky with Daxton." Said in an equally chilly tone.. they're such a loving lot. But instead of getting offended or snorty, Europa seems pleased. Callisto is about to speak onwards until the other fey silences her with a look. Or maybe it was a mental goosing. c.c

Europa looks between the two again, "She does so hate you, sister.. most of all. As much as she had the other one. But I am not holding up your frolicking to simply throw doom at you. I but have progress," Because Europa is such a turncoat. "She has left the North. She is moving, for the first time in many, many moons." She still looks amused, stark white hair forming a frizzy riot around her features. Just like Mother's.

"Uh huh" The speedster doesn't seem impressed. "My cock wants nothing to do with her, honest." Fingers tighten, not quite warning Calli, but maybe trying to calm her. "It's alright." Didn't they know she was moving? "Do we know to where?"

Then, proof that 'Europa' is not entirely a staunch messenger.. she tosses back her head and unleashes a barrage of throaty laughter. Right from the belly. Callisto narrows her pale eyes at the other fey's rather attractive laugh; it causes a few folks to look in their direction, some with interest. Europa sighs lazily and looks upon Daxton with amusement, "I should hope not. She is not one with whom you wish to… dip your wick." A predatory smile, before she nods her head once to Callisto.

"I spoke briefly of you of the potential of her departing the ancestral home, and now she has officially done so.." Here she dredges up a couple of fey names, each as convoluted as the other.. in Dax-speak it'd be like 'Microwave Sausages' and 'Chip Dip' or the like. Callisto echoes him, "Where?"

"They," The fey behind the names that Europa just spoke of, "Have passed onto me that she has alighted into Ireland. Southeastern portion… some have said Wexford. She has a cause, as you've already come to know."

Daxton's nose winkles, "Nope. I don't dig cray cray." Leave his wick outta that! What is up with these names?!? Ireland huh? He nods, he can use that info.

A little tremble in the blue-eyed fey's body, she stares hard at her older sister. "He's..?" Callisto can't bring herself to say 'Father', having never had even one iota of attachment to the man who apparently sired her. "Did she…"

Europa nods once, her maddened head of hair swaying, casting forth a very pleasing manner of cologne. "Dispatched, mentally. Father is a blithering idiot, she's done with him. He's kept around for entertainment. It is really something." There, an edge of anger in the elder's tone.. some of that dispassionate manner shaking a bit. She turns to watch Daxton again, to speak to him.

"Wexford. I do not know much more beyond that, how long she will stay there. The Emerald Isle is a place of much activity for our kind.. and others outside of our lineage. Fancy that, she find a potential mate there. She will not return North again; she may even consider coming closer to here. You will find reprieve from her nosing around in your head, for awhile.. if you've not already." Europa smiles slowly at Daxton, dark eyes seeking his. "Mark that location at least."

Daxton doesn't say anything about the father situation. It's just weird. And Wexford. "We'll put some feelers out there right away, reach out t some contacts." Unit 23 maybe traveling soon. He nods, he's already been sleeping easier. "It's marked."

The taller, older female is observing the speedster, only to turn her head slowly to look upon her younger sister. She looks as if she wishes to say more for she has noticed Callisto's utter lack of interest or 'concern' for the downfall of Vasili.. 'Father'.. call him what you will. Sucker is more like it. Europa heaves a little sigh and steps back, deciding to keep the glamour dialed down and take her leave of the two as she is. "It is enthusiastic of you, wishing her dead.. but I do not disagree. She really has become quite mad herself." Europa admits, looking into Callisto's astounded gaze. Black eyes drop to the gorgon head pendant with a look of displeasure.

"I shall leave you both to play. I will relay more, should I receive it… all this talk of dipping wicks leaves me wanting for another errand altogether." Said without shame and/or fanfare… she peers over a shoulder. "Good evening, then." Also without much affection, and Europa strides off. Callisto watches her leave with a furrowed brow, before looking at Daxton. "I am sorry.. so very sorry that you are caught in this mess."

Daxton blinks, not sure exactly what just happened, but then his male brain connects something and he snickers. Lesbians. A shoulder lift to Calli, "There's always a mess, Calli. Don't stress out." He starts tugging on her hand, wanting to walk.

Blink? Callisto knows Daxton well enough to recognize his expressions and what some mean. She studies him, her drying hair quivering at her chin. "You have gone into that thread of thought, haven't you?" She asks of him; his look of amusement always calms her mind. His hand tugging hers breaks her out of that watchfulness and she sees fit to confirm his suspicions. "Oridove has long chosen women as her dalliances. For as long as I can remember, or even know of her." Said with little concern, even as the other fey's whipcord frame can be seen sashaying up along South Street, as if the entire damned length of it belongs to her. Callisto shakes her head slowly. She tucks his arm closer to her side again, hand grasping his.

A deep breath, and she's back to her previous cheer. Being with Dax again is great and to hell with Orville Reddenwutsit with news of Mother going to find a new wick. She turns to him, "Were you desiring to return to the estate? I should like to go whereever you wish this evening in the few hours I have left."

Daxton just shrugs, still smirking. "I think some alone time might be nice, yeah." And then unless she says not to, he'll swoop her into his arms and run her back to the mansion for just that.

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