(2018-11-01) Ghosts, Bookstores, and Shades
Ghosts, Bookstores, and Shades
Summary: At the book store in town, the ghosts make another appearance, and drop a clue.
Date: 2018.11.01
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Silver Fable Book Store
A tall and imposing structure that houses shelves upon shelves of books. Three stories tall, the first two make up the sales floors while the third serves as the apartment of the proprietor. In one whole side of the store there is an area dedicated to Buried Under Comics, a new addition to the store itself. A stair case leads midway to the second floor before splitting off and going to both the left and right, where even more choices of books are on display. The area is well lit and there are security cameras filming the customers. A large man who goes by the name of Goose, runs the store, he is in his mid to late twenties and is rather talkative, if one wanted to sit and speak with him awhile.


Shades is running late, and hasn't gotten to the Silver Fable yet. But, he sent a text to Sydney to just meet him there- something about moral support.
The inside of the Silver Fable is about as busy as any modern bookstore, which is to say, nearly empty. Halloween decorations are starting to come down, and Christmas starting to go up, but today everything is still in an odd transitional period between the two holidays.

Moral support at a bookstore? Syd wonders if that's how today's kids say 'stop me from buying porn?' Still, she's curious, and could use a trip to the bookstore anyway (Christmas is coming and she's got gifts to buy), so she hops on the ferry and hoofs it to the Silver Fable. Where Shades is nowhere to be found.
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Bookstores were still a wonder to Quinn. His people didn't write a whole lot down. The protoceltic written language was not until after him and around the time of Julius Caesar. His people were like most of the Celts, an oral tradition group. He was developing his reading skills but they were still remarkably lower than most teens his apparent age, but then again he's been speaking the language for under a year still. His eyes flicker a little bit around as he notes the Christmas decorations, a growing look of confusion on the ancient teen's face.

*tingling* "Hi, Welcome To The Silver Fable, Where We Hope We Can Help You Find Your Happy Ending!" the surprisingly chipper, middle aged woman at the checkout counter chirps. According to her nametag, she's Barbara. "Please just let me know if you need any help finding anything- oh, goodness! You must be from the school!" She gives Sydney a bit of a double take, and then smiles broadly at Quinn. "Well dear, if you're looking for anything on robotics or programing, I can point you to our technology section!"

Sydney smiles. "Yeah, I'm from the school. It's the hair, right?" She laughs, good-naturedly putting Barbara on. She knows she looks unusual. She's used to this kind of thing. "Actually I'm looking for a book on C++ programming for beginners…" Syd waves to Quinn when she realizes Barbara is talking to him. "Hey Quinn."

Barbara gives Sydney a… somewhat confused look, and then returns her attention to Quinn. "Well dear, I'll give you this, she certainly is life-like! I've been seeing wonderful robotics coming out of the school for several years, but you've made something else!" Then, obviously humoring the original request, she turns to Sydney and starts speaking with exaggerated slowness, care, and volume. "You- Will- Find- Our- Books- About- Pro-Gram-Ing- On- The- Second- Floor- To- The- Right!"

"Hi Sydney." Quinn says before looking at Barbara like she's grown a third head,"Why would I be looking for books on robots? I don't even have one of those… cell phones I believe they're called." The ancient teen says scratching his head a bit in confusion about the whole thing. "I'm ummm… looking for books about writing in English. I have been struggling and need additional texts in regards to this task. Your language is very strange, did you know that?" He asks sounding confused still. "She's a person." He says pointing to Sydney.

Sydney looks over at Quinn, then at Barbara. "Ohhh… you think I'm a robot. Nahh. I started out as a normal flesh and blood human being." She doesn't get into the finer points… that as much nanotechnology as she's got going, she's at least a cyborg… it's not the point she wants to make.

Barbara gives another look between Quinn and Sydney. There's a visible moment of confusion, and then she shrugs it off. "Oh, well, I'm very sorry Miss. Uh. The books on C++ are upstairs to the right though." Then towards Quinn, she says, "And you want books to help with writing? Well, of course! We've got a small section on grammar and technical writing advise- it's also upstairs, but you turn left instead of right. Just near after the history section."

Sydney shakes her head and waves it off. "Don't worry about it, ma'am. I get that a lot. Little kids tend to think I'm a TV character too, although which one I haven't found out yet. I get asked to pose for pictures every time I go to the amusement park." She grins. "So I pose. I'm studying to be a superhero. It goes with the territory." She nods at the advice. "Thanks. I'm starting to get around 21st century computers. It's a bit of a slog."

"Thank you miss. The English language has a lot of strange things I can express verbally, but I have not had much time to deal with the written language. It is still a strange thing." Quinn says giving Barbara a smile before he begins heading to the grammar section. "What does slog mean?" He asks to Sydney. He was still getting some words confused.

A chill wind pushes past Sydney and Quinn on the stairs leading to the second floor, and a little girl's giggling rings softer than the bell on the front door.

You say, "A slog is literally to wade in mud. I was using it to mean… it's been difficult to understand and it's taken me a lot of…" then the cold breeze and the giggling. Syd looks around. "I've heard that giggle before…""

"I heard it at the Lighthouse…" Quinn says blinking slowly. "I should have tried to talk to her last night. It would have been easier." The day was still very powerful to him, and he didn't really get trick or treating,"We could probably still do it today… There's power here too…"

The wind and the giggling pass, as if they were never there.

Sydney looks at Quinn. "What would you do?" She sets the book she found back on the shelf. If the burning comes again, better it not catch fire.

"I'd have to find a way to create a bridge between this plane and her and try and overlap myself between the two. What you celebrated yesterday was a version of the event I grew up with." Quinn says in a serious voice,"I've only taken part in the ritual a few times besides last night."

A book suddenly falls off the shelf in the history section; a book that looks considerably older than the ones around it. As it falls, a small poof of dust rises, and the air briefly fills with a smell of oil and old leather and rancid smoke. The book has fallen open, revealing an illustration, rendered in surprising detail for the obvious age of the art and style, of the cliff near Coral Springs, and the lighthouse that stands upon it. There's a trio of people in front of the lighthouse; a man, a woman, and a young girl. What is especially arresting, however, is that the face of both the man and the young girl resemble Shades- the same nose, the same black hair streaked with white and silver- even their eyes have been blotted out, as if covered by sunglasses that had yet to be invented.

Sydney braces herself for book mayhem when one book unshelves itself. When the rest don't follow, she wanders over to the book and picks it up. "These people look like Shades."

"Could be relatives. That does happen I am told." Quinn says not seeming to jump when the book unshelves itself or seem too terribly upset for the moment but inside his stomach was jumping all over. He was trying to look calm and collected so that he can do things. "This might be another thing to provide an anchor to them…" He says seriously as he reaches to touch the book. "This is a photograph right?" He was still getting used to that kind of thing.

It is a hand-drawn illustration, not a photograph; the book looks to have been printed prior to photography. It *really* shouldn't have been shelved here.

You say, "Umm. Not this old, I wouldn't think. More likely an artist's painting or drawing." She marks the pages with her finger and flips to the fly leaf to look for a copyright date.

"I don't know… It's hard for me to know what is an old time photograph… They're all new things to me." Quinn says with a weak smile,"It's strange though that it unshelved itself. It means that it is probably connected to some of the things that have been happening."

BEING an Account of The Founding Of The Cedar Island Colonies, Its TRIUMPHS and TRAGEDIES
In the Name of Their Royal Majesties, KING WILLIAM and QUEEN MARY
RECORDDED BY (name illegible)
Print 1690

Sydney whistles. "1690. Nothing like finding a book that was old before your country was born." She holds the book out to Quinn. "Once you start dealing with magic and ghosts I'm out of my league. I'm a brick. I break things, mostly."

"All of these are from after my country was born and died?" Quinn says helpfully as he takes the book and runs his fingers over it as he feels it beneath them. "The United States is more of a baby in the concept of time." He says smiling and looking nervous all the sudden,"Who were King William and Queen Mary?" He asks curiously,"And why was this done in their name?"

You say, "They were the king and queen of England. New Hampshire was a colony of England in those days."

Sydney's phone buzzes with an incoming message.
Shades: Hey! Sorry Im running late missed the ferry. Coming in now you there? Thanks!

Sydney 's phone buzzes and she pulls it out. "Shades says he missed the ferry. He's coming in now." She texts back, "Yes, Quinn and I are here. The ghost made an appearance, and there's a book here you should see."

"Oh. But why does it say it was done in their name? I do not understand…." Quinn says frowning and looking a bit frustrated,"Sometimes I think being here is as complicated as not." He says sighing deeply. It was baffling to him how all these things people just seemed to accept, and there were things he knew to be true, people refused to believe."

Shades flings open the door. "Hi Barbarba sorry I'm late we spoke on the phone earlier I'm Corbin Mordeno!" he says, all in a rush.

Barbara glances at Corbin, and then towards her watch. "Oh yes, you're the boy from Coral Springs that was asking about coming in to work during the Christmas period, right?"

Shades nods emphatically.

"Though I believe I asked you to come in yesterday." Barbara says, with more than a touch a disappointment. "Honestly, I expect better from those students."

You say, "It probably means the book was commissioned by the colonial government, or by the English government itself. I don't really know." She looks over. "Oh hey Shades!" Syd waves."

"Oh. Did they do that often back then?" Quinn asks curiously as he looks at the book,"I don't really read well enough to know what most of these words mean. It's harder to transfer knowledge of the written language since I didn't have knowledge of such to give in return." He says seriously.

"Yester-" Shades says dumbly, before looking up at Sydney's call. He gives a quick wave back, and then returns his attention to Barbara. "I- okay, so, I mean, I'm sorry, but is there- can we, like, reschedule or something? Please? I really… I could really use this job, please-"

Barbara shakes her head slowly. "I'm sorry, but if it meant that much to you, you should have thought of that yesterday," she says, with a tone of finality. Then, a little more gently, "Why don't you go up and say hello to your friends, hmm?"

Shades nods, but doesn't do so. Instead, face carefully composed, he turns, opens his umbrella against the sunshine of the day, and slowly walks back to the street.

Sydney looks at the book, then at Barbara. "Is this book for sale?

"Any word when Shades will be here to see the book?" Quinn asks softly to Sydney. "I have very little spare money." He says casually.

Sydney shakes her head. "Me neither. Christmas is coming." Syd does take a picture with her cell phone of the photo of Shades's doppelgangers, then carefully reshelves the book. "Maybe it will still be here when he gets here.

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