(2018-10-30) Halloween Festival
Summary: Halloween Festival in Evergreen Square!
Date: 2018-10-30
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Evergreen Square

This walking around shopping area has been under construction for quite awhile now. Finally though it is done and open for business.
It's not really a square, more live a big oval with a large fountain in the middle. There is no car access, but the parking lots are on the back side of the buildings with sidewalks passing between sections of stores and restaurants. The sidewalk follows the oval around past the businesses.

The square is all decked out for Halloween. Black and orange and other halloween colors are predominat in the store windows. They showcase thier products with a spooky and/or fun holiday flair. Quite a few are giving out candy as well. Kids of all ages, sdults, teens and actual kids are dressed up in costumes to enjoy what the carnival has to offer.
One of the parking lots are a variety of carnival rides and games while the other parking lot is serving as a trunk or treat. A safe alternative to trick or treating for the really young kids, though it isn't restricted to just the young.

It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and fair.


Shades has been here for a little while, dashing between games and rides and stores. He doesn't actually buy much, but he does appear to be having a great time, grinning hugely, pointing, laughing, and stopping to get photos of kids dressed as various superheros (with parental permission!)

Dylan is not dressed up. He is wearing a pair of old jeans, a faded grey tee shirt, and a black leather jacket to shield him from the horrible, wet chill - at least to the boy raised in the desert. Instead of just blinking into the square, as he would normally make an appearance, he actually walks into the square, walking hand in hand with Besa. The young teleporter has a huge, dopish grin on his face, obviously looking forward to having some fun.

Besa's not in a costume, per say, although he did find an old goth tee shirt hand me down from Sky to wear underneath his hoodie. The shirt has a graphic image of a raven and a thought bubble that says 'Nevermore'. He's glancing around the entire festival, although he's keeping his free hand deep in his pocket, not wanting to accidentally bump into someone and shut down their phones. "I did not think to ask you, Tom, do you like the trick or treating?" Maybe they should have done that?

Buddy wasn't sure where the park was, but that wasn't a big problem for him. He simply ran around in the backfields and turned into an eagle. Flying high over the city, he was able to easily spot the lights and fly towards the Square. Tucking his wings in, he is able to soar down with his cry pealing through the air. The Buddy-eagle lands behind one of the rides. Checking to make sure he had privacy, he transforms to his human form and is glad that whatever he was wearing last comes along. Buddy, now dressed in pair of brown shorts that he has torn up along the bottom edge. He is also wearing a brown belt around his shoulder to try and look like a strap. Clearly he has just thrown something together. He isn't wearing a shirt or shoes. "Wow!" He says suddenly out in the open. "This looks so much better from the ground."

Shades spots Buddy and dashes over. "Dude! When did you get here- and what are you wearing?!" I mean, Shades hasn't even bothered with a minimalist costume, so. "Anyways! Com'on, funnel cake awaits!"

Dylan looks around at the little kids having fun. "Not really… when I was little, there wasn't a lot of trick or treating on the Res.. and then when I was with the Johnsons… I didn't really get to do anything that was .. you know, fun." He chuckles. "I did get in trouble once for going out with some friends and egging some cars and TPing some houses… I was grounded for almost a month for that, but it was worth it. They never figured out that I was the one that egged their car."

Besa nods, "I have only done the holiday once before with the twins…it's a strange one." His head tilts in confusion and the Ares is asked, "What do you mean 'egging' cars and 'TPing' houses?" For whatever reason, Besa's now imagining a car sitting on eggs like a chicken…that can't be right. His fingers shift in Dylan's, but don't pull away. "Would you like to get something? There are food venders."

Buddy poses with his hands on his hips and says, "I just got here from there." He slowly points up in the air and laughs. He then looks down at his costume and says, "I'm Tarzan! King of the jungle. Ahhh ahah ahahahahaaa." He tries the call, but he doesn't do it well. "I made it myself. Isn't it … cake? What is funnel cake? Is it good?" He then is distracted again. Good luck keeping him focused tonight. "Look it's Poofy Pop and Healy Guy! Hi!" He waves his right hand very enthusiastically.

Rain hasn't been spending much time off campus since school started. She went shopping once or twice with Besa, Sky and/or perhaps Fee, but she has pretty much been a school hermit. It's way past time to get out and the Halloween carnival was a good opprotunity to do so. She wanders the carnival with Fiona. The pair are wearing what would be considered a couple costume. He usual blonde hair has been died black (temporairly) and his pulled back into a low ponytail with a wide ribbon. A blue shirt, brown vest and light olive capri pants finish the look. She has spared no expense to pull off the look of Tulio from Road to El Dorado. "The lute definitely makes the costume." she tells Fee as she takes in the variety of entertainments the carnival has to offer.

"Funnel cake is AWESOME! It's like- fried goo with powdered sugar! This way!" Shades starts to push Buddy towards some of the vendors. At Buddy's call, he turns and waves enthusastically towards poof hair and- "Oh, hey!! It's, uh- Besa, right?! You guys need to get some funnel cake too!!"

And arriving alongside Rain — or 'Tulio' on this occasion — is none other than Fionnuala herself, providing the gleeful foil of Miguel! And wouldn't you know it, she actually looks great as a blonde! Her heaps of black hair has been fastened and bobby-pinned and pleaded woth to remain close to her skull and over it, a shoulder-length blonde wig of obviously good quality; straight and parted in the middle. Seeing as how the girl has taken on some sunlight earlier, this lends to her typically blue eyes a sort of golden yellow color which… could be an olive coloration at a glance.
She's wingless, wearing a loose-fitting red tunic and khaki pants; her chin is painted with the likeness of a darker blonde/brownish goatee. But the real cherry on top of the costume? Fee is carrying a lute!
"I love this thing." The girl giggles, fingers flitting along the length of the small instrument to cast forth a few random chords. "Look at all these people! Think they'll know who we are?! The black hair suits you!"

Dylan chuckles. "Um.. " He reaches up and rubs the back of his head. "Well… you know how it's trick or treat… egging and TPing is the trick part… you take eggs and let them sit out for several days so that they are rank and you throw them at people's car that you don't like… TPing is taking rolls of toilet paper and throwing it up into someone's trees…. so that it's covered in streamers of toilet paper…" He pauses, "And other things that you probably wouldn't approve of either…" He looks up as he hears Besa's name. "Oh, hey Buddy… and um… sorry, I don't think we have met… I've seen you around the school… and um funnel cake sounds pretty good actually… we were just talking about getting something to eat." He look sover at Besa, "You cool with funnel cake?"

Besa doesn't hear Buddy, maybe it's the calling him Healy guy. But he does hear Shades say his name. The two students get a smile and eh removes his hand from his pocket to wave, "hello." His nose wrinkles ta the imagined smell that Dylan describes, "That seems…unkind." Yes, he probably doesn't approve of the trick part, but eh won't say it. Instead he nods, "I believe I have tried it before. I am cool with it." He's not seen Fee or Rain yet.

Buddy seems pretty interested in this funnel cake thing. "Fried…with sugar?! Wow!" He points at Shades and says, "This is my friend. He is funny and likes to go swinging through the woods with me." Buddy starts laughing and actually holds his stomach he is laughing to so hard at that. "And this is Healy Gudy and Poofy Pop. Healy guy is cool because he heals people and even forgave me after doing something. Oh, and Poofy Pop is like … neato. One moment, he is over there and then -Poof- -Pop- he is over there. Cool, huh?" In all his wild gesturing, he notices Fee and Rain. "Oh, no!" He goes running off towards them. To Fee, he says, "Pretty Wings, someone stole your hair. Oh, and you have something on your chin." He reaches up as though he is going to try and rub it off.

"Guess you will need to get some lessons. Maybe learn a song or two on it." Rain suggests as she gives a breif smile at Fee's excitement "What did you want to do first? Food? Rides? Games?" she is fine with anything having decided early on that she was going to have fun and not ruin anyone elses. She tends to do that, not on purpose of course. She pauses as they are approached by the energetic buddy. She has seen him around school, but not being the social butterfly Fiona is has said little to nothing to the younger student. As he greets Miguel nee Fiona she looks in the direction he came from. Noticing the others she gives them all a wave.

Shades glances askance at Buddy's introduction, before extending a hand towards Dylan. "I don't think so either- like Buddy said, I'm Shades. Well, Corbin, but I go by Shades." At Buddy description, his eyebrows arch over the rim of his glasses, and his grin grows to face-hurting proportions. "Dude, no way! You can teleport! That's so freaking cool! Does it like tire you out, or is it only in sight range, can you take people with you, DUDE one of my favorite superheroes can teleport! Oh man- what grade are you in? And, uh, what team? I'm a Freshman Athenian! Could I get a picture? Not for posting online, promise, just- dude! SO COOL!"

By now the costumed duo are entering the area proper, Fee is still gushing over her newly acquired lute. Poor Rain will have had to fend her off with a stick with the hugs that resulted from that realization! But it suits her, it does! Her standing knowledge of a ukulele lends to Fionnuala an overall sense of how to hold and strum the instrument, so one can bet that she'll practice when the time is right. Or even NOW! "I'm actually a bit hungry.. okay if we nip over to one of the stands to snag a hot dog or something? I was too busy painting my face that I didn't give actual suppertime the attention it deserved." She shoots 'Tulio' a big smile; it's an appreciative one. Even if the two were to just stroll and chit-chat, Fee would be happy.
"Oh look, he knows who we are!" Fee chortles as a thirty-something man points with glee to 'Tulio and Miguel' and nudges his girlfriend at his side excitedly. By now Buddy is running over and Fee jumps slightly as the boy indicates her painted-on goatee. "Oh! No Buddy, it's ok! It's supposed to be here! Don't smear it, I didn't bring my touch-up crayon—"
Rain waves to others present and Fee finally spies Besa, Dylan and Shades. Fee waves animatedly in greeting.

Dylan smiles and nods. "I'm Dylan… nice to meet you Shades… And yeah I can teleport… myself pretty much anywhere that I know… others and things anywhere I can see… It is pretty cool… It's gotten me out of a pinch or two…" He looks over at Besa, "And yeah you're right.. Egging cars and TPing houses isn't very nice… but that was kind of the point… " he pauses, "Which was the old me…" He looks over at the new arrivals, "Um.. hey?" Not immediately recognizing either.

Besa smiles over to the two girls, "Hello Fionnuala, Rain. You both look wonderful." He has no idea what they are, but they look like they're having fun! His mouth twitches more as Shades gushes over Dylan, giving the teen's hand a squeeze, maybe indicating he should be nice and like Shades take the pic. And then Dylan says the right thing and Besa smiles proudly at the teen. "I am so proud of you." His free hand starts digging into his pocket to find his money.

Buddy turns to look at Rain and says, "Oh, I almost know you." And somehow that makes sense to him. "You go to our school. Did you two trade hairs or something?" He looks from Fee to Rain and back still looking a bit confused. When Rain says that the stuff on her chin is supposed to be there, he leans in a bit closer and tilts his head in a very canine fashion. He then returns to normal (at least for him) and says, "Okay. Do you like my costume? I made it myself. I'm Tarzan. Ahahaha ha ahahahaaaa." He tries the yell again and beats his bare chest. "We are going to get funnel cakes. They sound great. Want some?" He tries to take them both by the hand and run them over towards Besa, Dylan and Shades.

This is new territory for Rain, not the dressing up, but the dressing up with someone who isn't her brother and going into this very public arena. She is at a bit of a loss for what to do. Especially when Fee announces that they have been recognized. She looks around for said person and gives a wave. No this isn't awkward at all, and only those that know her really well would pick up on that under that unruffled, stoic air she cultivates. At least Besa she knows how to deal with "Hi Besa." she gives him a brief smile as she calls out to him "Thanks." Finally someone she is happy to see, besides Fee. And then her hand is being grabbed by the energetic Buddy, her initial reaction would be to pull away, instead she lifts her hands up to adjust the ribbon around the ponytail, it was slipping…

Shades makes a high pitched squeeling sound, pulling out his phone and snapping a quick picture of Dylan, before turning and looking towards- "Tulio! And Miguel! Oh man, my Mom freaking loves this movie! *Please* tell me that you convinced Conner to come as Chel!" He sprints over Rain and Fee-wards. "You both look awesome! Can I get a picture!?"

Here's where Fee is a great bestie to have. She knows from the get-go that Buddy trying to grab up their hands will result in the Masters girl being discomforted. Golden eyes spy the costumed girl lifting her hands up to adjust the ribbon in her dyed black hair and Fee? Well, it's Fee. She's totally fine allowing Tarzan!Buddy to grab her and make to drag them along. As long as it means Rain can follow comfortably and not being pulled? Win-win. 'Miguel' shoots 'Tulio' a quick indulgent grin over a shoulder as they are led along. They are met in earnest by the other teens and Fee gives everyone a big grin. "Hi! Thanks, Besa!" Said in response to the Egyptian boy's compliment. "Are you guys having fun—?"
Shades… bless him… RECOGNIZES them! Fee breaks out into a big wide grin, laughing outright as she hefts up the lute to strike a very Miguel-esque pose… but first she adjusts her wig!

Dylan offers Rain a friendly, though still a little uncertain smile. "Hey Rain… Fionnuala… How's it going?" His cheeks blush slightly at Besa's comment about Besa being proud of him. "Nothing really to be proud of, Besa. I mean I'm just doing what is … well, what is not what I would have done when I was with Marco's crew… "

Besa's eyes widen when he realizes what's going on, "Oh! Ahh…Buddy, please don'y grab people like that. Not everyone is alright with that. Ok?" He offers a gentle smile, hoping to soften any hurt feels from Buddy. Turning back to Dylan, "It certain is. I am." He grins happily at the boy. "I will get us a funnel cake."

Buddy doesn't even notice that Rain moved her hand just as he reached for her. Buddy puts his fists on his hips again and looks at Shades. "No, it's Pretty Wing and, uh, her." He doesn't know what to call Rain yet since he doesn't use people's names. Names are just weird. He also, clearly has no idea who they are trying to be. Then, Buddy, who is already very excited, gets even more excited. He bounces on his toes and points at Fee while looking at Shades. "She can turn into a bird too. Such a pretty bird. She's amazing!" He looks at Besa and tilts his head to the side. His eyes start to go wide and slowly morphs into sad puppy dog eyes. "I did bad again, didn't I? I'm sorry. I don't mean too!" He hangs his head down and the excited energetic boy now looks like he might cry at any moment.

Up until now Rain hasn't been on the receiving end of Shades wanting a picture of her. Normally she would refuse but since they are in costume and Fee is already posing she poses as well. She leans a shoulder against Miquel, looking quite serious…this is Tulio..he was the serious one and lets Shades take his picture. No ruining anyones fun! "Hello Dylan." she greets with a tone one step up from bland neutrality, for Besa's sake. "I'm alright. Are you enjoying yourself?" her eyes cast around "I wasn't expecting quite this big of a thing." as for being called Her by Buddy, she seems unbothered by it. "

"I know, she told me about the bird!" Shades replies towards Buddy, while snapping a picture of Rain and Fee. "Alright, gang's together, time for FUNNEL CAKE!" With which he starts to pelt afterBesa, for- presumably -the same goal. "After that- HAUNTED HOUSE!"

Dylan reaches up and rubs the back of his neck, as his eyes move away from Rain's, feeling somewhat judged and found wanting, even if she is playing nice for Besa's sake. He shoves his hands in the pockets of his jeans as he watches after Besa, withdrawing a bit into himself and becoming uncharacteristically quiet.

Besa sighs, not know how else to help Buddy. He moves with Shades to get the food, but looks over his shoulder as Dylan goes quiet. That's not a good sign. His eyes flicker to Rain, shooting her a worried look before asking the vendor for a funnel cake.

Buddy just stands there for a bit looking like a very sad Tarzan. Something must have happened to Jane. After everyone has moved off towards the food, Buddy slowly and quietly starts to follow along.

Aisha shows up late. Her costume was giving her trouble. She's dressed in a black unitard with a fuzzy shirt in striped horizontal shades of brown, oversized round glasses, antennae on her head, and big moth wings. She is carrying a lamp in one hand. She spots some familiar faces and trots over. "Hey!" she chirps.

Besa gets a shrug from Rain. She is trying to be nice, did she not try hard enough? That's usually how it works. He knows Dylan better than she does but she is quite skilled at sharing worry. "Why didn't you dress up Corbin?" she asks him. Fiona and her are dressed up as Miquel and Tulio, from Road to El Dorado. Aisha gets glanced at when she comes up. They are both Athenians so they at least know each other in passing "Isn't that the costume you showed me?" she asks of Fiona before greeting Aisha with a nod.

Shades squeels in a deeply undignified fashion at Aisha's costume, holding his fists in front of his chest and shaking excitedly. "Bouther, may Ay burrow suhme lahmp!" he shouts. "Although man, that meme's like, already basically dead and buried. Shoulda gone for Bowsette, I think there's still some life there. Can I get a picture?!" he says, grinning, and then turns towards the vendor. "Uh, one cake and…" he pulls out his wallet, stares for a second, and then says, "Uh. Actually, can I just get a bottle of water? Thanks." His grin fades for a beat as he hands over a few bills and takes the bottle of water, then turns towards the rest, stepping out of the line and taking a deep inhale. And then turns back, at Rain's question. "Oh, well. I was trying to do a thing with like… shadows and stuff, but, I couldn't get 'em to stick the way I wanted, and it ended up looking kinda stupid," he replies with a sheepish smile.

Aisha laughs, posing for a picture… then her phone rings. "Crap. It's my parents. My aunt's sick. I've got to go."
<OOC> Aisha says, "(I owe Garrett a scene. I'll catch you guys later!)"

Buddy watches as Aisha arrives and then heads off before he can even say anything. She was even dressed as an animal too. As he waits in line quietly for the funnel cake, whatever that is, he notices one of the rides: Vomit Comet. That sounds great. Buddy takes off and disappears into the crowd.

Besa's not in a costume, but he is wearing a goth tee from Sky that has a raven on it. He doesn't understand was Aisha is, but he waves as she leaves. Dylan has him worried, but he'll stay in line and buy from the vender. Over his shoulder again, "Would you like a funnel cake, Rain?"

Rain nods at Shades explanation "You should get someone to dress up as Peter Pan for you and then you can be is free spirited shadow." she suggests to Shade "That shadow always was leaving Peter." as several people start to depart she hmmms but says nothing of it. There is lots to see and do here. "Carmel apple would be preferable." she notes that Shades has only gotten himself a water "We can get you a funnel cake Corbin." cold she may be but she is also generous.

"No!" Shades snaps, and then clicks his teeth shut and turns away. "I mean. Nah, thanks. Just, ya'know. With the size of the meals at the cafeteria, I gotta watch what I eat or I'll balloon up." After a beat, he readjusts his sunglasses and then half-turns and gives a grin. "And Peter Pan's shadow- that's a good idea! So- Haunted house, or did we get enough of that back at school?"

Besa also has no idea what Peter Pan is, so he just orders Rain a Carmel apple instead of asking. He gets the food, handing it over to Dylan, "I do not know if a Haunted house is wise. We seem to have bad luck with those…"

The reaction is surprising to Rain and her stoic bearing breaks as her eyebrows lift "It's just a funnel cake." she gestures to them "It's not like I am offering to buy you the Hope diamond." there is a slight questioning look at Besa as she takes the carmel drenched apple from him "Maybe you can get that that guy dressed as Tarzan to dress up as Peter Pan." she shakes her head at the haunted house idea "If you want to go feel free. We can wait for you outside of it. Or is there a second option?"

Shades flushes a little at the comment. "Yeah, I know. Just- sorry, okay? But I'm good." He starts to walk through the crowd, slipping through all too easily. "I mean, there's a carrousel, but, kinda kiddy. And there's a Ferris wheel, but- the line is like, super long." He flashes a grin towards the group. "How about this, I'm gonna go through the haunted house, and anyone that wants can come with me!" Without waiting for a response, he's slipped into the hastily repurposed building, emanating with electric screams and strobe lights.

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