(2018-10-28) Movie Night!
Movie Night!
Summary: A halloween movie night marathon!
Date: 2018-10-28
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Scene Runner: Shades


Ares/Athena Upstairs

Effectively this is the common area of the dorms. There is a large screen TV, with a hi-tech entertainment system and surround sound. There is a collection of couches and other comfortable chairs and tables all grouped in an assortment of conversation spaces, along with a bookcase or two, not that many teens read books anymore. They are there for the ones that still do. The walls and floor are done in tasteful neutral colors though there is a splash of blue or red, in the curtains or the furnishings.


The smell of popcorn and the crack of late night soda cans echo in the common area, where several students of Coral Springs have gathered for a Halloween movie night. Well, Halloween-ish; the teacher lounging in the back of the room keeping an eye out to ensure that things don't get too out of control. Shades is standing near the television, having pulled himself to his not tremendously impressive height, and announces- "Ladies and gentlmen! Thank you for coming this evening! For our first offering, we will be screening the 1993 classic, Hocus Pocus!" Without waiting for a response, he pops in the DVD, and then dashes back to his seat in front of the coach, as the movie begins.

Bryce took some time to make it up the stairs to where the movie was being held. He wasn't entirely sure about going to a movie event especially since he wasn't that big into movies, but with his weakened condition, maybe it was time to try and relax and do new things. Of course, being Bryce, he has brought a rather thick, hard cover book with him though he is holding the book so the title is hard to read. He finds one of the love seats off to the side so that he won't interfer with people who are really looking forward to watching the film. "Hocus Pocus. Released in 1993 with a run time of 1 hour and 35 minutes and starring Bette Midler and Sara Jessica Parker." With the recitation over, Bryce normal speaking pattern returns. "Um, are they any g-good?"

Iain had promised Fionnuala that he'd try and get out and socialize more. It wasn't that the Scottish Ares was antisocial as much as…socially selective. Either way, last thing he wanted was his cousin worrying even more about him and his "adjustment" to life at Coral Springs. So here he was! At least it wasn't far, just being in the common area of his own dorm. Yay convenience! He opts for one of the chairs, so that if a group of friends were wanting to sit together, they had the option of a couch. A nod is offered to Shade and then a wave to Bryce as he enters. Then, as Shades announces the movie, he lofts his brow…never having seen the movie, but if people were this excited it must be good right? Then, Bryce is giving a sort of summary so there ya go! As the movie begins he looks towards the screen curiously.

Besa showed up to movie night, maybe hoping a certain someone or someone's would be in their common rooms. They are not currently. But he's settled in the corner of a couch, feet curled up underneath him. Cocoa his chocolate lab is at the ancient teen's feet.

Sierra has found a beanbag to sit on and half disappear into. She's eighteen and a senior! Why do they also need a teacher here? Probably because she would put something inappropriate on if she could. "Oh…I thought Hocus Pocus was the one with Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman." A shrug at her misinformation. "It's still got witches in it, right?" She won't pick this apart at all.

On October 31, 1693 near Salem, Massachusetts, Thackery Binx sees his little sister, Emily, spirited away to the cottage of three witches. There, the Sanderson sisters, Winifred, Sarah and Mary, cast a spell on Emily to absorb her youth and regain their own, killing her in the process. Thackery confronts the witches who transform him into an immortal black cat to live with his guilt for not saving Emily. The townsfolk, led by Binx's father, capture the witches. But before being hanged, Winifred's spellbook casts a curse that will resurrect the witches during a full moon on All Hallows Eve when any virgin lights the Black Flame Candle. Thackery guards the cottage to ensure no one summons the witches.

Shades has clearly seen this movie far too many times. He can't help himself but to mouth along or subvocalize with several of the lines as they are spoken, while the movie's scenery reflects on his glasses. "Dude, heck yeah! They're the best!" he replies to Bryce. And Sierra's commentary gets popcorn thrown at her. "That's the Craft, and it's all light-as-a-feather-stiff-as-a-board girl sleepover stuff."

Bryce nods to Shades as he says that the actresses are good. He clearly has no idea who they are. He looks up as more and more people come in. He returns Iain's wave ableit slowly almost as though his hand was passing through water instead of air. He shuts his eyes for a moment and says then says to Sierra: "Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman starred along with Stockard Channing in a movie called Practical Magic which came out in 1998." He blinks open and says, "Oh, uh, h-hello Bbbesa."

Sydney wanders in with a couple 2L bottles of diet soda and a bag of nuts. The kind you turn with a wrench. She sits next to Bryce, very carefully, as not to wreck the furniture.

Saoirse floats slowly in, bags of large-sized Ultra-Puff marshmallows in each hand, facing up towards the ceiling. Peering down "Hello everybody, ah' brought Marshmallows!" Of..course she did, for those that know the world's strangest nanotech girl. Floating above Sierra a moment she re-orients to float down upside down, almost like she was swimming and very slowly bops heads with her, sitting upside down as she looks down at her with a smile. "Hello Fiancee! Though, perhaps that is premature because we haven' gotten the rings yet, perhaps th' right definition would be girlfriend. Girlfriend with benefits? They should give you a card with that, detiling what benefits yae' get. Like a health card." A little pout "They never can fit all th' rules and benefits no the cards. They usually jus' point out to a website. Though those have alots o' definitions, they never define anything. Mae' sister said ah'm nae' allowed to call the support line anymore with questions that aren't on th' website without her permission." Waving over to Sydney she offers "Hey Syd! Hey Bryce, Syd's Boyfriend? Hellow other people ah' don't know yet. Ah'm Saoirse."

Sydney waves at Sao, "Hey you. Haven't seen you in a while. Also, did you know that when you're upside down, it's hard to tell your chin from your nose?" She pours herself a cup of diet soda and hands the bottle around to anyone who wants it.

Iain just blinks and pulls back into his chair some at the opening scene of the movie "Shite! They dun' wait for the intensity do they…" Ah great. Black cats and magical curses. This won't bother his superstitions at all! As more people gather he looks at the new faces, before looking to Shade for clarification. "So wait…then nobody else knows tha' cat is really tha' boy?" He looks back to the screen, just blinking…but then as Saoirse makes her appearance the Scottish teen lofts a brow. Who was married to what now and getting the papers where with a card? He tries to look back to the movie and listen to what's happening…overly invested in the fate of Thackery Binx.

"Hey, baby" Sierra grins up at her girlfriend before there is headknocking. At least there's no knocking boots! "We don't need the rings to keep our promise. That's just society telling you how to do things their way, and we never do things their way. Right?" She nods slowly to talk of benefits and help desks. "Yeah, your sister might have something there. But at least you're keeping them employed. Hey, Syd." Sierra peers around. "Who just gave away most of the plot?"

Bryce adjusts himself to make room for Sydney though once she is seated he leans closer to her. "Hello, uh, Sydney." He reaches up with one hand to put his arm around her shoulder after she is done passing around the soda. Looking at the nuts, Bryce raises an eyebrow and asks her, "Are you, uh, going to eat those?" Upon Saoirse's floating entrance, Bryce tenses up some and lowers his head down remembering how often she liked to try and stuff marshmallows in his mouth. The two large bags of marshmallows don't help that feeling. Looking at Iain, he asks, "Hmm? Oh, the the movie?" He forgot about that already. He turns his attention to the screen. "The m-music seems to be, er, connected to the events, but why, uh, are they doing that?"

On screen, the tween stars of the movie have found their parents at a costume party- but while trying to warn them of the Winifred sisters, they inadvertently give the Witches the chance to enchant the town as the trio use the cover of the song "I Put a Spell On You", causing the adults to dance and sing while remaining oblivious to any dangers posed to the children.

Shades makes a face at the offer of the diet soda. "Ew, no. Diet soda takes like freaking battery acid… which, uh, I mean, more power to you." He throws another handful of popcorn at the floating Saorise. "Show off!"

Besa frowns softly, not really understanding what Shades means. Light as a feather? A soft smile is offered over to Bryce, the Guardian's hand sneaking up to rub his won chest. His own voice is low as he greets him back, "Hello Bryce. I hope you are doing well?" A shifts in his seat, dark eyes flickering to the screen. He glances between all the new folks arriving, going quite , not wanting to draw Saoirise's attention. He doesn't want to fight her if she tries to shove more sugar down his throat again.

Saoirse shakes her head "Nae, we do confirm to some parts of society. We follow laws, do not do any illegal drugs, do not perform acts of violence or murder. We actually follow many laws, rules, and societal norms." She wiggles her arms around "Anybody want some Marshmallows? They are Ultra-Puff large size!" When popcorn comes her way, she is pelted yet the popcorn floats for a few moments before falling down. She moves to perch on Sierra's shoulders, to sit on them weighing very little, if anything at all. "We should go trick-or-treating. They give yae' candy for free! Though we would have tae' obtain permission tae' go to the mainland. Ah' bet we can go to mae' sister's military base! They have lots of candy, and beef jerky, and beer at th' special forces barracks! Last time ah' got to sort all kinds of things. It was a very productive visit." Looking over at the TV, she perches on Sierra's head with her arms, leaning onto it a little to get comfy. "It's strange with the popularity of this film that Disney chose nae' to pursue it as it was a significant fiscal success."

Iain just watches the rest of the movie as it unfolds, not hearing whatever plot was given away thanks to the foot traffic. No spoilers! The talking makes it a little difficult to hear what's happening, but he manages to follow it for the most part. What else can you expect when you screen a movie in a lounge full of teenagers? "This movie is fecking' weird…but fun." He. Was. Trying. Fee would be proud! Or humored…probably both. He looks over to Shades and offers a smile "Good pick."

Shades flings a hand into the air at Saoirse's offer, animosity over showing-off being apparently a short lived thing. "Mallow me!" he calls. Stuffing a handfull of popcorn into his mouth, he grins and nods enthusastically at Iain. "Ah kno rit, ihts graht!"

She mentioned the marshmallows! Besa's eyes widen in some strange fear. The ancient teen lows his feet, edging to the end of the couch. The tiny Guardian looks like he might be trying to make a silent break for it. Cocoa, his dog, sits up, ready to follow.

"They don't need to make a sequel to /everything/" Sierra replies about the lack of a Hocus Pocus trilogy and a series of reboots. "And we definitely need to go trick or treating. Do you think they'd let us go to the army base? Beer? Do you know its against the rules for you to drink?" she teases, peering up at the girl perched atop her before pointing to the screen. "I don't know any witches like this. And I'm so not like this. Hand out the marshmallows, Cuddles."

Being the new girl sometimes means you don't get the memo. Bored and sick of the news on the internet, Aisha wanders upstairs, tablet in hand. She wears grey yoga pants and a t-shirt with the words 'kiss me, i'm itchy' on it, DIY-modified into a crop top. Her slippers look like goldfish. "I'm not crashing anything, am I?" she asks, holding her tablet to her midsection.

Bryce says to Besa, "I, I am starting to, er, get stronger though not, uh, what I was before g-g-goint to the medbay." Bryce looks up at Aisha enters and shakes his head. "Uh, n-no, this is a pppublic social, er, event. We are watching a m-movie, oh, I guess that is obvious. Sorry. You are, uh, more than welcome to, er, stay."

Saoirse tosses the bag towards it's requester, and it sort of floats over. "Ah' nae' sure ah' know about showing off, but mae' best superpower is ah' get unlimited marshmallows!" She opens a bag and takes a marshmallow, offering one down to Sierra first. "Nae', and neither are you. You realize since we kiss a lot ah' can tell when yae' drink and such, and as such ah'm compelled to report rule-breakage tae' the staff?" There's that air, that there's probably been reports previous? Possibly? "Well, they would let me over, mae' sister works with special forces. Ah'm nae' sure about a Mexican national, but maybe? Technically ah'm an Irish national." She looks at Aisha's shirt, then looks down at Sierra whom she is perches upon her shoulders. "We are in a lesbian relationship, ah' don't have to kiss her in order to allivieate her itchiness, do ah? Ah'd rather not. Ah'm nae' aware of it being a rule…"

Despite the assistance of the zombie that has been so doggedly pursuing them, and the trick with the fake daylight savings time, the Winifred sisters seem certain on the verge of victory. After exhausting the other tricks, Max drinks the potion, forcing the witches to turn their attention to him instead of his sister Allison. But just as hope seems lost, the rising of the sun destroys the witches, freeing Thackery and his sister from the centuries old curse. ROLL CREDITS

Shades pops up, one marshmallow jammed in a cheek like a squirrel. "Alright! Next up, getting a little creepier, the comedy-horror classic of Beetlejuice!" There's some brief fiddling with the DVD player as he swaps disks. "New girl! Just in time for the next movie!"

Aisha's face brightens up. "Yaaaaas!" She helps herself to some popcorn and ginger ale and plants herself in an open space on the couch. "I should have worn my 'bi til I die' shirt," she says with a dramatic sigh. "Wait, what's this about unlimited marshmallows?" When she's introduced as 'new girl', she offers, "Oh, and, uh, my name's Aisha."

Bryce gets a sympathetic nod from Besa, "Keep resting up, you will get there. If you thin a healing from me would help, all you must do is ask, my friend." This talk seems to be making the small teen uncomfortable and he scoots to stand. "I should….go find the twins…"

Bryce finally notices Aisha's shirt and clearly looks confused by the text on it. "I, uh, I am sorry," he says to her referring the fact that she is itchy. "Though, uh, I, I am not sure, well, how that activity would, er, assist. P-p-perhaps a m-mild steroid cream would, uh, help." Looking over to Besa with an expression of worry, Bryce shakes his head, "Uh, n-no thank you. I, er, ap-precieat the offer, but, uh, that rather, um, worries me. Sssorry." He then very slowly and gingerly gets up from the couch leaving the thick book on hits place. He pauses seemingly more interested in the credits than the film. Looking over at Sydney, he says, "I, I am going to gget a some, er, water. Did you w-wwant anything?"

Sierra has, alas, become accustomed to being betrayed to staff by her loving girlfriend. She reaches up to pat Saoirse's hand. "I know you do, Cuddles. Thank you for keeping me on the straight and narrow." There doesn't seem to be much enthusiasm in her words. The marshmallow is gobbled up before glancing over to Aisha and offering her a wave. "Don't worry, I only kiss Saoirse now." She peers up at the Irish girl. "Some kissing you do stops making me itchy" she deadpans before the movie is ending and the bad guys won. "When do the witches win?" she pouts.

Sydney takes a sip of her soda. "Nah, I'm good, thanks." She takes a mouth full of nuts and crunches them. It's dark, so people can see the little sparks.

Iain watches the rest of the movie as everybody talks, looking over to Shades once it's done "Ah've never seen it before. It's good. Ending was sad…but happy too. Ah'm glad he got ta' be with his sister again." He grins then "Mah favorite character was Billy…" He looks around a bit and is confused about rule breaking activity being discussed…with a teacher sitting in the room, but hey maybe that was different here too! As the next movie is brought out, he chooses to stand up before it starts so as not to disrupt anybody's viewing. "Good pick again. Ah think Ah'm gonna go see if Fee is about. Have a good night tho'." With that the Scottish teen stands up and heads to leave.

There's a good-natured laugh in response to the offer of steroid cream. "It's okay," Aisha explains, "I just like weird shirts." Through a mouthful of popcorn, she asks, "So we have Ireland and Mexico in the room, and I'm from Canada. I dig this mini-UN."

Barbara and Adam Maitland decide to spend their vacation decorating their idyllic Connecticut country home. As the two are driving home from a trip to town, Barbara swerves to avoid a dog and the car plunges into a river. After they return home, Adam decides to retrace their steps as they cannot recall how they got home. Upon stepping outside, he is taken to a desert world with monstrous sandworms (later identified as Saturn) before being pulled back in by Barbara. Even though he had been gone for less than a minute, Barbara claims he had been gone for two hours. She and Adam notice that they now lack reflections and they discover a Handbook for the Recently Deceased and realize they did not survive the crash.

"New York City represent!" Shades calls towards Aisha's comment, before taking a long pull on his coke. "Um. Don't the witches win in that one movie where it's like, they raised their boyfriend from the dead but it went wrong and they ended up having the whole, like, neighborhood help them?

Sydney watches Beetlejuice as it begins. It seems much more… connected to the culture she understands, in ways that Hocus Pocus just wasn't. She laughs softly.

"Oh, uh, sorry," Bryce says to Aisha clearly not having understood the shirt and probably still doesn't. He slowly walks over to where the drinks are and grabs a bottle of water and begins heading back to the table. "A book?" Bryce carefully sits back down next to Sydney and asks, "I, uh, wonder if there is, well, a book llike that. It would make a, uh, interesting read."

Saoirse nods "Mae' sister has an agreement as a sponsor, so our family gets unlimited marshmallows. Ah' dont think they really expected anyone tae' eat as many as ah' do. But they were very nice tae' me at the factory. Ah' got tae' try all the different flavors of marshmallow, they even had a pineapple one!" She hops down onto Sierra's lap, wrapping her arms around her neck, leaning in to kiss her on the cheek, and nibble on her hair a bit, though it sticks in her mouth after she leans away. "Ah, Aisha is bisexual, that is helpful tae' know. If you could wear a shirt with what sexuality you are goin' tae' go with, in case yae' change your mind that would be very useful for classification purposes!" She peers over at Sierra "Well, at least they aren't burning witches anymore, thought that probably wouldn't have any affect on yae'. Which is a good thing!"

Besa's eyebrow raises, unsure why a healing would worry Bryce, but he's learned to not push. Instead he nods, "Okay." The Egyptian smile softly arudnthe rom before he walks to the exit with his service dog.

"This is some trippy shit," Aisha remarks, kicking off her fish slippers and pulling her legs up to sit crosslegged on the couch. "Hey, don't be sorry, you were just trying to be nice." She offers Shades a fist-bump. "Toronto, here. Canada's New York." The marshmallow stuff still confuses her, and she just tries to listen to see if it starts making sense.

Shades returns the fist bump, reclaiming his own pile of cushions on the coach. "Okay, I think this is actually my favorite of what's getting shown tonight," he grins, as the spectral waiting room reflects on his sunglasses. "Freaking hysterical!" He laughs easily, quickly, and without particular concern or self-conciousness.

"I really wanted that priest back in Mexico to set me on fire, just so I could see his face when I laughed at him" Sierra sighs…happy days. A quick kiss to the tip of Saoirse's nose. "Some people might have to wear really long t-shirts to list everything. And people don't like being labelled. I know it makes things easier, but it can be dangerous too. If someone doesn't like what you are labelled, they know exactly how to spot you." A wave to those departing before she settles into watching the movie, arm around Saoirse's waist.

The Maitlands most recent ploy, forcing the Dietzes and guests into an unholy performance of "Day-O", ending with a grotesque grapple of hands made of shrimp - but one that the yuppies are now openly thrilled to have taken part in. Every attempt they have made to drive these interlopers out of their house has either been ignored or backfired. And so now, in desperation, they turn to the so-called Bio-Exorcist, Beetlejuice.

"I don't need to wear a shirt to be spotted as something a lot of people don't like," Aisha points out, letting people draw their own conclusions. "Auuugh, shrimp hands!!!" She covers her face with a pillow.

Bryce makes an 'oh' face as the movie continues. "I was, well, wondering how Alpha Orionis, also called, uh, Betelgeuse was g-g-going to fit into a, a halloween movie." He leans back some and then looks confused. "I d-don't understand. If, if they are dead how are they, uh, being bothered, and, well, why w-w-would those people want to, er, bother them even if they c-could?"

Sydney laughs again. "They fixed their house up all nice, and these weirdos moved in after they died. They want them to stop making their house ugly, basically.

Shades cackles, menacing Aisha with a reaching hand imitative of the shrimp, and then pffts at Bryce. "Dude, have you never like, had somewhere you liked get changed out from underneath you? Plus, they're also like, super extra post modern with a side of what the heck fugly. For the next however long!" He starts chewing on another handful of popcorn.

Saoirse tilts her head "What wouldn't they like? Are yae' referring to yourself? Yae' seem like a bright, socialbile, intelligent and possibly bisexual young woman. What would there be nae' to like? Yae' even have springy hair. Ah' can just imagine having springy hair like yours, ah' could fit so many things in there, like keys, and a radio, ah' could have mae' own speaker and theme music. Ah' could hide tiny bags of marshmallows…ah' have straight hair, and ah' will still have straight hair 3000 years from now. It's just how mae' body has arranged the molecules, and it's nae' going to change it." She looks over at Sierra "So ah' hope yae' like straight hair."

"The deco does, uh, seem to leave much to be, well, desire," Bryce adds. Then not wanting to offened the fictional characters on the screen, he quickly adds, "Though c-clearly someone ddesires that. P-perhaps what they need is a, well, someone who s-specializes in re-residential real estate, er, legal issues." Looking over to Shades he shakes his head and says, "Uh, well, everything b-before here was pppretty much decided by my f-f-father or the, uh, well, doctors and scientists who w-worked for him."

Aisha squeals at the menacing shrimp hands, batting at them playfully. She shoves the cushion at Shades. "So you're into medicine and astronomy?" she asks Bryce casually, giving the cushion another shove. She turns to Saoirse. "Oh, I'm amazing, but to some people, I'm just another black girl. Let's not go there right now. I want to enjoy this movie." She finishes her ginger ale and reaches for another.

Saoirse leans into Sierra "Is that a big deal in Mexico?" She seems oblivious to racism..or being quiet during the movies. Though she takes a timeout to chew a marshmallow.

"I might be all those things, Cuddles" Sierra smiles warmly to Saoirse, "But some people wouldn't care because I'm Mexican. And that is enough to hate me. Some people hate bisexuals too. Some people hate black people. But Aisha is right, we can talk about this another time. Let's watch the movies and have fun doing that, okay?" Another quick kiss, this time to her girlfriend's lips, before a little snort of amusement. "I'm not sure I could keep a radio in my hair, though my own theme music would be pretty cool. 'Fire' by The Crazy World of Athur Brown? 'I am the god of hellfire, and I bring you…' Probably not many people know that song. Yes, I like straight hair, but, most importantly, I /love/ you."

Shades pffts at Siera. "No way, your theme song is totally Fuel."

Beetlejuice is slowly bringing the Maitlands back to… unlife? after Otho's exorcism, and proceeding with his scheme to marry Lydia to escape into the world of the living. The ghastly priest proceedes through the ceremony at a sedate pace, as every effort of both the Maitlands and the Dietzes to stop the wedding by banishing the Ghost with the Most is met with horror-comic failure - until Barbara rides one of the Sandworms from the beginning of the film through the house, causing it to devour Beetlejuice and killing… or whatevering… him at last. In the end, the living and the dead learn to co-exist, as Lydia rises into the air while possessed-singing "Jump in the Line". ROLL CREDITS

Sydney cheers as the sandworm eats Beetlejuice and laughs as he gets his head shrunk.

Aisha blinks a few times at the end of the movie. "Well, that's something I'll never be able to unsee. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing."

Bryce looks from the screen back over to Aisha. "Uh, no, well, I, I just like to read. I have studied some, well, uh, first aid and n-neurology though." He looks up at the screen once again when the girl starts to float in the air. "P-perhaps we should, uh, make sure the uh, well, nocturnal v-visitors do not watch this, uh, movie."

Saoirse is definately confused "Why would people hate a quantification of what someone is? It'd be like hating a number?" She's kissed and she gives a little giggle "Mmmn. Well..I love you too, let's get married!" A little giggle before she fades from IC-ness by trying to neck a litle with Sierra. (Need to go OOC, feel free to have Sao taken with any number of random activity that she can be distracted with.)

Shades throws a pillow towards Bryce at his last comment. "Man, don't give Casper any freaking ideas. I /should've/ picked Ghostbusters, let'em know what's up if they keep with the spooky." After which, he gets up and begins to change out discs again. "For the last movie of the night, the classic haunted house story- Poltergeist!"

Aisha turns to Bryce. "Nocturnal visitors? Is the school haunted?" She's half-joking, but half concerned.

Necking is a go…even with a teacher watching. Saoirse and Sierra disappear into their own little world. Don't mind them. Eyes front everyone.

Sydney says, "Well yeah, kinda."

Steven and Diane Freeling live a quiet life in an Orange County, California planned community called Cuesta Verde, where Steven is a successful real estate developer and Diane looks after their children Dana, Robbie, and Carol Anne. Carol Anne awakens one night and begins conversing with the family's television set, which is displaying static following a sign-off. The following night, while the Freelings sleep, Carol Anne fixates on the television set as it transmits static again. Suddenly, a ghostly white hand emerges from the television, followed by a violent earthquake. As the shaking subsides, Carol Anne announces "They're here".

Shades shrugs towards Aisha as he reclaims his seat. "I mean, it's either a ghost or something that's basically just like a ghost, doing weird spooky crap and trying to, like, set stuff on fire. Oh! Hey are you on MyFaceJournal? I'm RealShadySlim." He reaches for another handful of popcorn, then sighs as he starts chewing on the disappointingly only like, half-popped kernals nearing the bottom.

Bryce rings both arms up to shield himself from the thrown pillow. It bounces off of him, and he says, "I, I didn't p-pick the, uh, movie." Bryce looks to Aisha and says, "There have been, uh, unusual occurances of, well, previously living individuals. They, uh, do not seem to to happy with some of, uh, the people here." Bryce looks to Sydney and says, "I should get, uh, to my room before I get too, er, sleepy. I'm glad, I, uh, came with you." He slowly stands up and grabs both his large book and the bottle of water. "Th-thank you for in, inviting me to the, er, movie night. Oh, sorry, I didn't mean, uh, to interrupt the nnext one. I still am. I'll be, uh, quiet now."

<FS3> Aisha rolls Spellsinging: Success.
"Oh, hey! You're the one who made the meme for me! I'm HeartSong." Aisha watches as the crowd starts to thin out. She reaches for some more popcorn, and sees the kernelly disappointing mess. Softly she sings, "Feelin' hot hot hot!" and hums. The kernels under her hand start popping. She scoops some into her hand, self-satisfied and pleased that actually worked.

Sydney watches Aisha pop popcorn in her hand. "Wow…"

"Man, that is so freaking cool!" Shades remarks, as Aisha re-pops the kernals. "Can you do that with like, any kind of music?" His attention is pulled away from the walls dripping blood reflecting off his sunglasses, and towards Aisha's popcorney activity.

With Carol Anne kidnapped and the supernatural terrors of the house growing more accute, Steven and Diane have brought in Tangina Barrons, a medium. She reveals that the spirits in the house are trapped in a parallel dimension, and were attracted by the light of the little girl- who has been kidnapped by a demonic entity she calls the Beast. Threading a rope through the seeming breach between the worlds of the living and the dead, Diane crawls through the otherworld to rescue her lost daughter- and when she emerges, Tangina Barrons proclaims that this house is now clean.

"I mean, I have to sing it, but yeah. I have to be carefull what I sing with intention. The reason I came here in the middle of the freaking semester is that I accidentally set my room on fire singing along to a song." Aisha drinks some more ginger ale. "That's the first time I've tried to do it on purpose and I'm kind of surprised it went so well."

Sydney nods. "Yeah, you get into a love song and you could have real troubles…" Syd shakes her head. "Or pretty much anything by Alice Cooper."

Shades has become entirely oblivious to the movie now. "Oh, what! That's wild! Does it- I mean, do you only- can you only do like, fire music, or like, anything?" His eyebrows creep over the top of his glasses. "If you sing Toto, /are the rains in Africa actually blessed/?!" Literally, the only reason to think that Shades is not making fun of you is how deadpan sincere his expression is.

"It's not just fire. And don't you fucking ask me to sing Despacito or I'll end you," Aisha threatens, wagging a finger at Shades.

"Oh man that is so sad Aisha sing Despacito," Shades reflexively replies.

Sydney chuckles a little. "Yeah, that song's a little explicit. First time I heard it, I was like "does the DJ know any Spanish?" But then it was like "yeah well, you can sing about anything now, I guess, and get it on the radio." Syd shrugs, turning back to the movie.

Bronwyn is running late…but she had to get ready! This is a social occasion and fans will be present, so she has to look her best. Designer jeans and t-shirt…and panda slippers. "Hello, everyone" she announces as she sweeps inside, delicately making her way past the pair on the beanbag before looking around for a place to seat. "I hope I'm not too late." She peers at the screen. "What are you watching? Gosh…that movies looks soooooo old."

When Shades asks her to sing Despacito, Aisha smacks him with a cushion. "Imma murder you," she informs him matter-of-factly. "Man, next time I go home, I'm going to bring some of that Pokemon soda from the Asian supermarket near my house. The Bulbasaur flavor is best." Bronwyn gets a wave. "Yeah, it's an old one."

Sydney snorts softly. "It's not that old.

Shades throws a half-popped popcorn kernal at Bronwyn. "You've missed like, almost everything! And Poltergeist isn't old, it's classic!"

Bronwyn squeals at the popcorn sent her way, offering a killer pout at Shades for such disrespect. "Classic like an Edsel?" she smirks before finding a place to sit since no one is going to offer one. Couch will do. "Didn't they make a newer one of these? Gosh, these old movies are so slow." A smile for Sydney. "No offence." Bronwyn pulls out her phone and starts typing away, glancing up every now and then when the music tells her to.

"What's an Edsel?" Aisha asks, taking the pillow back that she used to smack Shades and settling it in her lap.

Shades umphs at the cushion, and readjusts his glasses, grinning back at Aisha, and then gives a look of mock-horror at Bronwyn. "In this house, we do not speak of the Poltergeist remake."

The Beast is attempting a second kidnapping of Carrol Anne, unseen forces draging the mother while an animated clown doll restrains her brother. As they fight through these dangers, coffins containing skeletons and rotting corpses burst beneath their feet and throughout the neighborhood, chasing them outside - just in time for the father and older sister to show up, and watch as the house impossibly folds into itself until it implodes with a burst of furious light. The Freelings, exhausted, check into a hotel; the last shot is of the television being rolled out of the room. ROLL CREDITS

Sydney rolls her eyes and flips Bronwyn the bird briefly, then laughs. "Yeah yeah. It's a car from the fifties, I think. It did really badly because of the design. Supposedly the grill was supposed to look like girl bits.

"Girl bits?" Bronwyn peers at Sydney before thinking on this. "I guess that's why they sometimes call breasts, headlights." Seems to make sense to her. "Wasn't there a television series too? And sequels?" Bronwyn sends off a text before slipping her phone back in her pocket. "No one has nibblies anymore?" The whold world is against her!!

Sydney shakes her head. "lower"

Sydney points between her legs for emphasis.

"Ohmygod, I would drive a vulva car," Aisha declares, finishing her soda. When it's clarified that they looked like breasts, she looks disappointed. "Oh. That's nowhere near as cool as what I was imagining."

Bronwyn stares at where Sydney points and blushes brightly. "Oh…I see. That's…nice." A clearing of her throat before the movie is looking good around now. Except that the tree attacking the boy seems to have a knot with a familiar shape.

Shades throws a pillow at Sydney. "Oh my god, no way. No way that would've ever actually happened," Shades says, both blushing and choking down laughter.

Aisha cackles. "That makes you blush, girl?" She griiiiins. And Shades, too. She wrinkles her nose. "When I was in middle school, the nurse had a vulva hand puppet."

Sydney rolls her eyes again. "Oh ye of little faith." She gets out her phone, and the dirty secret of steel fingers on a smartphone happens. She licks her finger to get the screen to respond. And has to re-lick it every few seconds. She pulls up the wikipedia article, wipes the smears off her phone, and hands it over.
<OOC> Sydney says, "https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edsel"

Shades turns even brighter red at Aisha's words. "WHAT THE FREAKING HECK!" he shouts. "Man, Canda is f'd UP!" Without looking, he accepts the phone from Sydney, glances, and then starts cracking up.

"A vulva puppet?" Bronwyn looks at Aisha with a horrified expression. That would never fly in an Italian Catholic boarding school! "Hmm…I bet everyone wanted to shove their hands up it" she sniffs before peering over at the image on Sydney's phone. "Whoever designed that was not getting laid."

Sydney cringes and clamps her legs together at Bron's comment. "Eyah…. nope.

"No, we just have better sex ed than you guys, apparently," Aisha shoots back, but even her cheeks are starting to darken a bit. She leans over and looks at the car. "If your vulva looks like that, you need to see a doctor," she declares.

Shades starts to regain control of his breathing, and then at Aisha's comment, he glances between her, the phone, and then at Sydney. He opens his mouth to say something, and instead starts cracking up again.

Sydney mutters, "…metamorphic steel girl. It can." She takes the phone back. Now she's blushing too, her skin going from straw colored to rather blue. "Geez, we're talking about sex again and Sierra's not even here."

Bronwyn 'glares' at Shades. "See how boys disrespect our parts. Always laughing at things they don't understand." To Aisha she notes, "I think it's more vagina." She jerks her thumb towards the beanbag with the two heavy petting girls on it. "Isn't that Sierra over there. By the look of it, it might not be long before we more girl parts."

The teacher that's been lurking in the background coughs at Bronwyn's comment. "Alright students, that's quite enough. Sierra, Saoirse, please- at least take it to your room. Everyone else, it's time to hit the sack. Those of you in the Metis-Promeathean dorms, come with me. Everyone else, get to bed. I look forward to seeing all your happy smiling faces, bright and early tomorrow morning!"
Shades still hasn't stopped laughing. It seems possible he might never stop.

Aisha gets up and stretches. "Okay. Well, /this/ vulva needs to get to bed," she announces, setting the cushion she was holding back on the couch. "Class in the morning."

Sydney yawns and stretches and stuffs the last of the nuts from her snack bag into her mouth, crunching them, letting them spark. "G'night. This was fun!" She looks relieved though. It was starting to get saucy…

Bronwyn smiles sweetly to the teacher. "Of course, the movies were fun." She saw ten minutes of one. Then she moves quickly to catch up with her roomie.

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