(2018-10-24) Plan C
Plan C
Summary: The morning after "Who ya gonna call?" and "Horizontal Problem Solving," Syd meets up with Kayle, and later Erica and Garrett. Syd airs her concerns about Bryce's health and solving his problem. In truth, this log was shot before Horizontal Problem Solving for OOC timing reasons, so if it seems a little disconnected from what Syd and Bryce talked about, that's why. Didn't want to edit it too much.
Date: 2018.10.24
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The cafteria is a large airy room with one wall that is all windows so the view of the cliff and the open ocean is all one can see..well and whoever is on the patio.

Round tables with chairs are spread out and there seems to be more than enough. In the back is the area where the students line up to be served food by either staff or students serving detentions. Behind this is the entrance to the kitchen, which is off limits to students not on kitchen duty. There is also the plate and tray return window into the kitchen.


Sydney glumphs into the caf, bright and early in the morning. She waves blearily at whoever it is standing behind the counter… she squints… Mrs. Jarre, who recognizes her immediately and gets into the fridge. She returns with a bowl of steel punchings mixed with cottage cheese and a spoon for Syd. "Thank you," Syd says, and manages a feeble smile. Syd's next stop is at the coffee machine to fill her travel cup. Cream, no sugar. She shuffles to find a table and smiles, again feebly, when she sees Kaylee. She sits over there with the cool senior.

Waving in her typical, frenetic fashion when Syd walks in, Kaylee is all smiles as the younger girl joins her for breakfast. Her tray has pancakes, oatmeal and orange juice on it- the pancakes already mostly gone. "Good morning, Sydney! How are you this morning?" She's not wearing her glasses, which means her soft blue eyes are staring blankly ahead at the world. Her hair has been done in a fairly intricate braid with some feathers and beads in it, which most familiar with the girl would probably quickly attribute to having been done by her roommate, Fee.

Sydney nods to Kaylee, then notices the staring eyes. "I'm doing. Um. I'm ok." She yawns, now unable to NOT look at the staring, blank eyes. "Um. Up late studying. Reading up on adenosine triphosphate and psy powers and stuff. I'm working on a project." She looks at Kaylee. "Your hair's beautiful. I mean… colors and the braiding and everything."

While Sydney talks, Kaylee eats, though there is a brief pause at the chemical compound mention. Without a hint of recognition, Kaylee resumes eating and grins at the praise. "AwwWWW! Thank you! My roommate Fee does it for me, like, alla time and she does SUCH a good job of it! I will totally make sure I tell her I got complimented on it first thing this morning," she responds. "How is your project going?"

Sydney sighs a little. "Well the project is 'save Bryce's life before his powers starve the rest of him to death.' I'm starting to at least understand the problem… a little… I don't know the right questions yet, but at least I might understand the answers in very basic terms. So. Not very well."

There is even more blinking and Kaylee lowers her knife and fork. "… wait a minute. What do you mean Bryce's powers might starve the rest of him to death? He hasn't ever told ME anything about that!" she asks, suddenly very concerned.

Sydney nods. "Basically the short version is they burn up his ATP… adenosine triphosphate… the energy molecule in your body, his body… maaaybe my body although I'm not really sure. Anyway, they burn it up faster than he can make it. So he pushes his power to the limits, does amazing things, then collapses and lands in the infirmary. And then there's the whole question of psy power overwhelming him, and somehow convincing his brain that his survival is important." She takes a spoon full of the steel porrage. "It's getting worse, too," she says in a low voice.

"Oh! I know what ATP is, I didn't know the full thingy, though!" Kaylee chirps when she recognizes the abbreviation. Somebody DID pay attention in biology! She frowns distinctly, though, her brow knitting together as she hears Bryce's dilemma. "Well … hmm. I wonder if there's a way to get his powers to use something else? If I recall, there isn't really a way for us to just make more ATP or anything, right?"

Sydney toys with her porridge, making little clicking sounds with her spoon. "I think the problem is like this: for him to make more ATP, he has to get bigger. More muscle, more bone, taller, whatever. But for him to grow, he needs more ATP than he's got left. Meanwhile his powers… his brain, basically, keeps wanting more. I have a couple ideas, none of them what you'd call good. I mean assuming my body somehow makes ATP despite the fact I don't have a normal metabolism means it's synthesizing the stuff somehow for my living cells. I'd give him a few pounds of me to hide in there if it would save his life, no question. The second one would be to get a power blocker like Ness wears, and keep him shut down for a few months and see if he'll have a growth spurt on his own. I'm not at all sure these would really solve the problem or just postpone it. The third… would involve breaking some rules. Probably a lot of rules.

Kaylee grimaces and shakes her head adamantly at the last suggestion, not even giving it a moment to simmer. "Well we definitely don't want to try and do that, then. I think a power blocker would probably be the best idea? Doesn't he already have a power liiter or something? Can't we just turn it up?" she offers, hopeful.

Sydney crunches on some of the porrage, but the cottage cheese suppresses the sparks this morning. Mostly. "Sad thing is, plan C probably has the best chance for success. It basically amounts to giving Bryce access to a proper mad scientist's lab, and letting him use that brain of his to figure out a better solution than plan a or b." She looks up as Erica arrives, and smiles. "Well there's a familiar face. Hey, come sit with us when you get your breakfast!" She looks at Kaylee. "Do you know Erica?"

Erica does move over to gather her breakfast. It mostly for her is a lot of fruit, and she does get some cereal too. She heads over towards the pair after having heard the call.

Sitting at a table by themselves, Kaylee and Sydney are enjoying their breakfasts before classes begin; Kaylee has pancakes, oatmeal and OJ, Sydney has … metal shavings with cheese. But, hey, it's Coral Springs. Kaylee shakes her head again in response to the third plan, countering with, "If he could figure it out there, there's no reason he couldn't figure it out here. Our facilities are just as state of the art as any other scientist's would be. So I don't think Plan C is really anything to consider." And then Erica is approaching and Kaylee's blue eyes shift in the girl's direction without actually focusing on her. "… Erica?" she asks. She looks slightly confused for a moment, canting her head to the side for a second. Then, she closes her eyes and concentrates for a moment, before she turns very pink. "Ohmygosh. Um … we've only ever met when I was a little kitty, back when everybody got that shapeshifting flu," she explains quietly, ducking her head down and stuffing the last bite of her pancakes into her mouth.

Sydney chuckles. "Yeah… I learned pretty fast not to complain about getting stuck in my pre-steel meat form. I could have been a cow or something. Instead it was a kick in the head reminder that I really have come a ways since then." She looks up at the dragon girl and smiles. "How've you been?" Crunches some more of her steel punchings and cottage cheese.

Erica settles down at the table and then smiles, "Hello to both of you." she says and smiles to Kaylee, "Its okay" she says and then shakes her head, "Oh I am so glad to be back to normal. I hated sleeping on the roof and scaring people when I came to eat." she giggles just a bit and then smiles, "Okay, loving practice and classes really." She eats some of her fruit.

"Ohmygosh, me too! Having a tail was like, the worst thing ever! And trying to run with four legs?" Kaylee says, shaking her head rapidly. "Gosh, worst two weeks, EVER." But, at hearing that Erica is liking her classes and stuff, Kaylee grins and nods! "I love the school! And not just because I'm like, a nerd or anything. I'm not a huge fan of classes and definitely not of homework. But, the school does SO much for us, and they staff do the best they can to take care of us. Honestly, I can't even IMAGINE what my life would be like without having come here! I can't imagine trying to figure out my powers and going blind and living with this stuff on my own."

Sydney winces and looks down into her bowl, as Erica gets up to go use the ladies room. "Sorry to hear you finally went all the way blind."

"Oh, not ALLA way! Just … well, enough that I'm more used to seeing like this than I am with my eyes! I can still put my glasses on and make stuff out. And like, I can read books if I HAVE to and stuff. It's just way easier like this! You don't have to feel BAD for me or anything! It's not like I even need to use a cane to get around or anything, so I'm only kinda-sorta disabled!" she says in an encouraging fashion before she starts in on her oatmeal.

Sydney nods, thinking about it. "Kinda like weighing six hundred pounds in a world designed for 150 pounders." She nods. "Not disabling, but definitely annoying." She looks at Kaylee, and looks into those eyes, knowing full well that if the other woman can see her, she certainly can't focus well enough to tell that Syd is staring. At least, that's what Syd hopes.

Sitting at a table with Sydney and an empty, tray of fruits and such that was left by Erica for the moment, Kaylee totally can't tell (other than a human's sixth sense, which Kaylee is pretty incapable of) that she's being stared at, her eyes just blankly looking off into the distance. "Well, I mean, it's really not even that annoying," she explains, shrugging her shoulders up so she can swallow her latest bite of oatmeal. "I mean, sure, it's pretty weird not being able to SEE people, or to know what they really look like or anything. But, everybody's got their own unique light … um … shape, I guess, maybe? So I can still tell people apart super easy and remember who is who. But, like I hadda explain to SeeSee when she was wanting to take me to prom and stuff- I can't really see people to know whether they are hot or not, so that's part of why I'm not super excited to date or anything." Then, Kaylee's eyes shift from side to side before she leans in and adds in a whisper, "But I can still see people's SHAPES, for the most part, and SeeSee is like, TOTALLY curvy and it's pretty amazing. She's curvier than any other girl at school that I've seen!"

Erica comes back from where she stepped away to and rejoins the two at the table, "Sorry about that." she says and shakes her head a bit. She works to start eating again.

Sydney blushes, which Kaylee isn't likely to see either, but Garrett can. She looks away from the stunning blue eyes that don't see much and chuckles. "Yeahh… I had noticed that. You've got some of your own in that department that are pretty nice… and you're nowhere near as much of a loon." She crunches on her porridge some more, the metal punchings making grinding noises as she pulverizes them, their metal screams not even registering when the real digestion - nanodisassembly - takes place. "Welcome back."

Garrett makes his way away from the lunch line, tray piled high what looks like…. Everything he could convince them to give him, a small mountain of eggs claiming the place of honor in the middle of the tray. He scans the cafeteria and eventually spies his team captain! Perfect. "Room for another?" he asks the trio. "Hey, Kaylee. And…. Sydney, right?" he offers Sydney a small smile, and then Erica gets one, too, but he's also giving her the 'not sure if I know this person' look. He's already dressed in the uniform and ready to face the day, it looks like.

Kaylee laughs at Sydney's response, shaking her head. "Oh gosh, Sydney, I'm not even CLOSE!" She leans in closer, again, since this is a very public place for what should probably be a more private conversation, and is just about to go into more details when Erica returns and Garrett arrives. So instead, she just grins and flails her hand at Garrett, sitting back up. "Hey, Gary!" she chirps. "How are you this morning? You've already met Sydney? And this is Erica," she introduces, playing the hostess because she's Kaylee.

Erica nods her head and then smiles, "Thanks," she says and then dips her head to Garrett, "Hello." she offers. She looks at him for a moment and then back to the other two. There is a hint of color to her cheeks too but probably cause of what she heard as she walked up. She stretches a little, "Still stiff from practice yesterday."

Sydney looks up at Garrett. "Sydney, yeah… I've seen you around." She curls a smile in his direction. Man, cute boys come out of the woodwork in this place. She glances at Erica and Kaylee, blushes a little more, and digs back into her porrage. Steel girl blushes from straw color into the blues. If she manages to go incandescent orange and her skin is still not searingly hot to the touch, someone report her to the police for breaking the laws of physics.

"Yeah, earlier this year," Garrett confirms with a little bit of a nod, taking a seat with the girls. Then glances at them. Lot of blushing going on at this table. He blinks a few times and gives a little mental shrug. "Nice to meet you, Erica," he settles on, offering her another smile before digging into Egg Mountain.

"What were you practicing?" Kaylee asks Erica, canting her head to the side. And then Sydney's skin changes to a different color and it gets Kaylee's attention back, her eyes casting in Sydney's general direction. "Hey, Sydney … are you feeling alright? Or does your skin nomrally start reflecting colors so differently at different times? It's actually kinda hard for me to make out what you look like alla way," she explains. At least Kaylee isn't blushing at all!

Erica smiles a little "I am on the Ares Arena Fetch team." she says and smiles, "I took a few good hits, and made the mistake of not shifting before I went to bed last night." she shakes her head and then giggles some. She looks over at Kaylee and Sydney at the question.

Sydney nods. "Yeah… I'm on the Metis team. Gotten a few hits myself." She finishes her bowl of metal porridge. "Anyway, I need to go get my morning workout before I head to class. You guys take care. Nice re-meeting you, Garrett." She grins.

Sydney does run her hand over her cheek though. "reflecting… Is that how it works? I wonder if I can control that…"

"Hmmm, should maybe give Arena Fetch a shot now that I think I have my whatever figured out…" Garrett muses, half to himself. "How's our team look this year, Kaylee?" he asks once he swallows his mouthful of eggs, chasing it down with some milk.

"See ya, Sydney!" he adds to the departing girl.

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