(2018-10-24) Horizontal Problem Solving
Horizontal Problem Solving
Summary: After the events of Who Ya Gonna Call, Syd carries Bryce back to her room to spend some cuddle time with. This is a family show, cuddling means just that. No detention for our heroes, right? They're putting their heads together to try and solve Bryce's problem with his powers.
Date: 2018.10.24
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Metis Room 100
This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.


Sydney carries Bryce in and sits him down on the futon gently. She bites her lip a little. "So… you want to get some rest until we get close to curfew?"

Bryce almost drops his head all the way to the futon the moment she lays him down. He works to keep it up some so he can talk to her better. "I, I think that is, uh, best." He reaches up with his hand which trembles from the fatigue and effort. He reaches up towards her face. "Why, why the lip?"

Sydney gets up and walks over to her closet. "It's usually me thinking. Do I know what I'm doing? Do I want to do what I'm about to do? Am I willing to face whatever consequences come from it? And in your case, "Can I keep this snuggly and not sexy?" Apparently she's decided the answer. She undoes her boots, and systematically undresses with her back to Bryce, until she's down to panties, then puts on a (cheap) satin robe and ties it at the waist. "'Course I should probably ask if you're up to snuggling, but I figure you're not dead, so…"

Bryce swallows hard watching her undress. He is embarrassed terribly by her question, her last question, but he figures that he must answer it for her sake. "S-sydney." His embarrassment drips from each word. "I, uh, you can do almost anything, well, you want to, but but …' His voice starts to soften some though whether from fatigue, embarrassment or both is hard to tell, "You are .. always … uh … s … sexy." He wants her to know but at the same time he has so much difficulty saying it. "Together is, is nice."

Sydney smiles and sits down next to Bryce. She's covered… more or less. But satin is infinitely more snugglable than wool sweaters and leather boots. Plus or minus the steel girl inside. "I worry about you, Bryce. I thought we had more time to figure out your thing with your powers, but it's pretty obvious we need to get on that." She settles in next to him, lies back, and unless he objects, snuggles him close.

Bryce takes a deep breath clearly relaxing as she sits next to him. He clearly likes the look of the smile on her face. "I will get b-better. I did before. I will just have to, er, be more careful and build up my, my psychic energy reserves. It is sort of, uh, like a gas tank and, well, I almost ran out. If I can get better on my, uh, fuel storage and fuel consuption, then it should be, be okay." He rests his head on her.

Sydney arranges Bryce a little, so his head is cuddled against the v of the robe where it bares her metal skin. She has a heart in there, or something like it. Bryce might even hear it. She sighs softly. Lungs too, apparently. For someone without cellular diversity, there's a lot of complex structure in there. She pets his hair and cheek softly. "Ok." She thinks about it a while. "Do you ever think about what you want to do when you graduate? I mean collage, probably, join a super team, I dunno. Like that?"

Bryce rests his head against her arm apparently enjoy the sounds of her inner workings. He bends his arm so his hand is resting on her stomach near the opening of her robe. "I, I don't know. I'm not sure what type of things I'd, uh, be good at. Researcher? maybe. I have thought of, well, being a t-teacher here at least one year so, well, you know, because, well, uh …. "

Sydney lifts her head to nuzzle Bryce's hair. "Why?" Sometimes when she asks questions like that, she has a knowing smile if she suspects the answer. This time, not so much.

Bryce blushes a bit thankful that she cannot see it too much. He takes a breath and says, "Well, I'm, I'm a sophomore this year and, well, you are a freshman." He pauses wondering if that was enough information there. "And, well, when I'm a, a senior, you will be a j-junior. So when I graduate, well, …. you will still be here."

Sydney squeezes Bryce firmly and kisses his lips. "That's sweet… but it would mean we couldn't even date. Teachers and students… something something from a position of power.

Bryce groans a bit from the squeeze though he clearly enjoys the kiss. When she says that they couldn't date, Bryce shakes his head and says, "No, uh, no worries. I'm sure there are, uh, pages and pages of rules. The, the more rules the better becacuse often in such a, a rule system there are loopholes which can be, uh, exploited. I, I can know all the rules like, well, no one else."

Sydney ponders that. "Maybe law… although that would be filling your brain with some really, really mindbogglingly dumb stuff." Syd sighs and hugs Bryce more gently. Having his bones creak is a little scary. "I don't know what I want to do. I want to be a hero. I had a taste of it that time at the fairgrounds, and I liked it." she thinks about it. "So… what are the rules of your powers? You sometimes generate more power than you use, you can now throw around more power than you can generate, and either way it eats up your ATP faster than your body can produce it? Or is there more?

Buddy shakes his head at the law idea, "I, I want to help people but, well, I'm not sure I really, uh, can. I don't think, er, people take me … seriously." He sighs a bit at that and then goes to answer her questions. "From what, uh, I can tell my psychic energy is, is greater than my body can handle. It is like, uh, my brain focuses too much on, er, that instead of running the rest of my, my body. The circlet, my f-f-f-ather made it." He tends to stutter worse when he mentions his father. "Made it as a a psychic suppressor when I was in the, uh, coma. I think that is why I I woke up. When I, my mom rescued me from my, er, him, I was able to ad-adjust it from a suppressor to more of a, a battery of sorts so now the excess psychic energy is stored for me to, uh, use. My body and brain store some in-internally but my circlet stores some externally too."

Sydney ponders. "So just fixing your ATP problem won't solve your problem because it doesn't change your brain's priorities."

Bryce nods his head some and says, "I think, uh, I hoped that strengthen my body would result in me using, er, less powers on a day-to-day basis. I tend to s-suppliment." He rests his head back down on her and says, "But I have been hoping that by strengthening and disciplining my, my er psychic abilties, that I will able to extend further and further. Of course if, if something ever happened to the circlet…" Bryce doesn't finish that thought verbally though he physically shudders.

Sydney ponders some more. "What if you made the circlet like Ness's collar? So it suppresses by default unless you turn it off? Then you wouldn't have accidental leaks like having your armor come on in the shower with me, or stuff like that. Then you could manage when you use it a lot more tightly. If it… is like your subconscious, you could also control when it "Gets to come out and play" and maybe… teach it that way?

Bryce thinks about all that for a moment and says, "If, If I turned it back to a full suppressor, then, uh, well, I probably wouldn't be able to use my powers or at least not well. Part of the problem I'm also having is, well, I can get overload from my own psychic energy so I have to find a way to release it but not too much. There is like a safe range for me to stay in, but that range is changing and I've been growing, well, past my circlets….*yawn* … ability to handle. The armor is sort of like an an involuntary defensive, uh, reaction. I, I kind of like it to to be honest."

Sydney nods. "Is it… possible that what will happen eventually is you'll become just a… psionic energy being? I mean that'd be star trek-y, but…

Bryce thinks for a moment and nods. "I, I guess it is possible. When I was, in .. my coma," his body tenses up as this is hard to remember and discuss, "I remember, uh, I think I left my corporal form and went … uh .. somewhere … psychically? I'm not sure."

Sydney nods. "Well… hopefully it's a ways out, anyway, if that's what's supposed to happen." She doesn't finish that thought - 'how could you love someone you can't touch?' She supposes there are ways. When she goes on, it's a different thought. "So for the short to medium term… we need to make you a bigger circlet."

Bryce's breathing starts to get deeper and deeper as she talks. "Perhaps if, if we increased the storage capacity, but I'm, I'm a bit … worried about adjusting it. I could contact my f-f-f-ather, but he would reclaim me and activate suppressor." His eyes start to close.

Sydney shakes her head, petting Bryce as he seems to be getting sleepy. "I was thinking make another one. It'd be good to have a spare anyway."

Bryce's thoughts on the creation of the second circle are left somewhere in the recesses of his brain as his weakness, fatigue and tiredness overwhelm him. "Good night, S-ss-yd-ney." He kisses her on the arm where his head is resting and then falls asleep against her.

Sydney kisses Bryce's forehead. She'll eventually wake him up before curfew and walk him back to his room if he'll let her. Robe and all.

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