(2018-10-24) Burning in the Library
Burning in the Library
Summary: The ghost makes another appearance. Smoke, books every where and a possession or two
Date: 2018-10-24
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The last time the ghost made an appearance was in the library so the assumption is that maybe if the ghost were to show up again that would be the most likely spot. Since then students have been sneaking into the library at night to try to catch sight of the ghost. It got to the point where staff started to lock up the library, but where there is a will there is a way, and thanks to duplication abilities another batch of students have managed to sneak in after curfew to see if they can experience a ghostly encounter.

Rain isn't much of a rule breaker, but Sky asked for help and this seemed relatively harmless so she went along and got the library opened with help of Legion. Neither made it past midnight though, they are both fast asleep, heads nestled in folded arms on a table near where the others hold their waiting on the ghost vigil, the only light coming from cellphones and moonlight through windows.

Shades is pacing around with the pent up energy of a curfew dodging kid out late and hopped up on soda. He looks half-ghost himself when he passes in front of the windows, sunglasses briefly reflecting the moonlight and starkly illuminating his sillihoute. "So…. think it's gonna actually show up?" he asks. "I mean, Bryce laid down a pretty solid butt-kicking, so, I'm thinking it might just be like, gone."

Cellphones are safer than candles, although Sky would have preferred the latter. While he doesn't do magic, per se, he's had experience (so he says) speaking with the ghosts at home, so maybe this is no different? He's also a firm believer that most ghosts are harmless unless provoked. Most…not all…but he's willing to give this one a chance.

He's back in his all-black clothes, his pale skin, hair, and eyes a stark contrast to the dark. Unlike Rain, he's settled himself on some pillows on the floor, quietly waiting, so it seems. For those who can pick up such a thing, for it's not actually spoken for all to hear, his psychic voice is offering, «I'd like to talk. I mean you no harm.»

As Shades paces and starts talking, he -does- speak aloud, «Quiet. And ghosts don't get hurt like we do. It will probably be mad, but don't attack it until I give an ok. Capisce?»

A certain dark fey girl likes herself a good ghost story. Okay there's that, but she really truly loves this library. A chance to enter this hallowed ground after curfew proved too tantalizing a thing for Callisto to pass up. She ended up getting lumped into this latest expedition to track what's been essentially called the 'library ghost' (there are other, more creative names surely… but that's the consensus amidst students who are excited about it.)

So as the midnight hour unfolds, Callisto is a quiet, thoughtful presence.. she is without a cellphone this evening, instead favoring the silvery moonlight that filters into the windows. She is seated opposite Rain and Legion, a seat or two down, her eyes closed not in slumber but in meditation. Clad in dark sleep-clothes, hair long and loose over one shoulder, her head tilts ever-so-slightly in the direction of the pacing Shades. Eyes open partly and she watches him, ponderously. She is, meanwhile, tuned well-and-wholly into Sky's psychic voice, appealing for an audience with this wayward ghostie.

All is quiet in the library, the only noise being the settling of the newly built building, it's creaks and pops sometimes sounding really loud in the silence, and the sound of an owl occasionally hooting outside somewhere. Since it is the off hours the library heat is turned down so it is chilly, but not uncomfortably so.

"I mean, I'm not gonna, like, take a swing at it," Shades protests. "Unless it does the whole 'try and set everything on fire' again, which would be extra rude in a library." He wanders over to the recent releases, idly running a hand along the spines of the books.

«Don't antagonize it,» Sky scowls at Shade, «So don't even try to taunt it. Let me do the talking.» He adds, as an afterthought, «Please.» There's a look to Callisto as she has also joined them. There's another glance to the sleeping Rain and Legion before his scowl fades some and he returns to the effort of beckoning the ghost, promising no harm as long as it comes in peace.

She may have grown herself quite the conscience and sense of altruism in the past year, but Callisto is a dark being by birthright. As far as she knows, anyway! What this means is that she likes the shadows, the coolness, the vague lighting.. the shelves upon shelves of books and such vaulting toward the ceiling. Her eyes remain half-lidded, tracing Shades' antsy progress along some measure of the library floor. Callisto rocks this stillness + watchfulness bit, and her pale bluish-green eyes slide over in the direction of the sleeping girls for a moment before settling finally upon Sky as he bids Shades to settle.

Easing back into a semi-meditative state, Callisto innocuously casts her psychic awareness out into the room like some manner of unseen, gossamer net. It's not her bag to seek spiritual entities, but it doesn't hurt to try something!

As the students hold there vigil time passes, second by second, minute by minute with nothing happening. 12:30…12:31…12:32…times passes…12:40…12:41…THUD…the sound of something hitting the floor is heard from somewhere in the bookshelves. THUD…it's heard again a bit closer..and again and again, closer and closer. The temperature suddenly drops causing breath to come out of the students mouth in a fog. The acrid smell of something burning begins to fill the library and smoke seems to billow upwards from the shelves but no fire seems to be evident.

Shades bites back further defenses in favor of huffing out a breath, and instead returns to pacing around waiting for- THUD -jumps, head swiveling around to locate the source of the sound and smell, landing in a crouch. He starts to open his mouth, and then clicks it shut again, but can't help raising his arms into a defensive posture.

Schuyler doesn't hear the 'thud' but he feels it. It has him looking up, his nostrils flaring as he catches the scent of burning and the sight of billowing smoke. He gets to his feet but doesn't take a defensive posture like Shades. He even gestures for Shades to stand down before offering, «I promise, we mean you no harm. Please don't burn the library. We like our books. We would also like to talk. To help you.» There's another glance to Calliston even as he gives her a little nod.

The only thing to betray Callisto's deep startle is a sudden twitch of her shoulders, and her hazy gaze immediately becomes clear. Now fully 'awake' and aware of the room the moment the sound is issued, Callisto yet remains calm. Her nostrils twitch as she now catches the odor of burning. Her first thought is terror not of a ghost but of books being harmed. She's a nerd.

Finally Callisto rises, though slowly; her long body unfolds from the chair not to do anything drastic but to instead move a bit closer to Shades. She does not touch or otherwise do anything to calm or reassure him.. just stands a bit closer.

«You can trust us.» She casts out, tentatively. She has a smooth, calming mental 'voice'. «Whyfor must you threaten fire? Stand down and let us help, somehow.»

The commotion of the thuds and the dropping temperature is enough to wake Rain up. "What's going on?" She asks groggily, tired as she is the recognizes the smell and the alarm is enough to bring her fully awake. A hand grabs Legion as she wakes up and the duplicate disappears as Rain pulls her back in.

"Where is he?" A disembodied female voice echoes through the library and in Sky's head. A ghostly figure appear, it has no distinct features but the shape is vaguely humanoid. "Where is he?!" The voice is louder and the ghostly figure becomes a blur as it zips around going through all the students, Callisto, Sky, Shades and finally Rain, where is seems to disappear into the Masters girl. Rain stiffens, eyes beginning to glow strangely, the link between the twins going blank like it's been clamped shut. The ghost leaves a chill in the students as it passed through. The possessed Rain turns to Shades, "You, you burned us all." I. A few breaths and she is in front of the young student reaching to clasp his arms, her hands both burning hot and freezing cold at the same time. That'll probably leave a mark.

Shades gives a frightened shriek as the spectre reaches to grab him, and instinctively turns into a cloud of dark mist, hardly distinguishable from the other shadows in the library.

And then *screams* when that doesn't let him slip free, the sound emerging weird and echoing from the shadow-shape. "HELP! SKY! RAIN! IT HURTS! HELP!"

Schuyler looks over to Rain and Legion as they wake up and his eyes widen when the ghostly figure appears…and then goes into his sister! "No!" he actually calls before he lunges towards his sister and Shades, as if hoping to break that grip. «We're not here to hurt you! We want to talk! Let them go and talk to me!» He'll even try to mentally push the spirit out of his sister.

Oh Fates. It's Shades' scream that rattles Callisto most of all, even as she sees Rain being overtaken. «Whomever is he!? Talk to us! You are attacking the wrong being! You are attacking needlessly!» She pours more emotion and force into her own psychic words, joining Sky's. The Masters boy may try to oust the spirit out of his sister; Callisto tries to join in on the efforts and directs another tangent of her abilities into the fray. She moves her body closer into the area where Shades had been before he dissipated into the shadows, her cerulean eyes bear down upon Rain as the possessed girl rails outwards on the ghost's infuriated behalf. Callisto concentrates even as she pleads: «Stand down! Pray, talk to us!»

Callisto tries to 'push' forth the calming effects that her mind can occasionally elicit within others, if their minds are open; the 'coax sleep' technique. Used here not to knock out, but to attempt to ease the spirit's wrath or try to calm it somewhat. This may work, or do nothing at all.

"You burned us, your wife, your child. Killed us." the spirit cries out in mournful anger "You must burn too!" the smell of burning and the smoke grows, starting to make throats itchy and eyes water. The psychic shove from Sky combined with the calming effects from Callisto eject the spirit from Rain whose hands drop as she crumples into a heap where she stood. The trauma of being possessed knocking her out. The ghostly figure seems more distinct as it floats before Shades, female, seeming to wear a night gown perhaps, with long hair floating and flickering halo like around her head.

Schuyler darts forward to catch Rain…or at least cradle her as she crumples, unconscious. «It wasn't him. He's…fourteen or fifteen. He didn't kill anyone. We didn't kill anyone. But let us help you find out who did so you can be at rest. No one here burned or killed anyone!» Right? There's a glance to Shades as if asking, 'Right???' He knows they were fighting the ghost before, but it seemed to be singular. «When were you killed?» He tries to look at her clothes as if that will help him place a date. «It's 2018 now.» As if that might help the spirit pause and think.

Good, Rain has been freed. Callisto moves slowly toward wherever Shades may be lurking, whether tangible again or still dissipated. «He is a young one. He did not partake in the terrible things that have befallen you.» She, once again, seconds Schuyler's words to the spirit. Pale eyes stare hard at the ghostly female, but Callisto's hands remain innocuously lowered at her sides. Sky poses the questions that she will have put forth herself and the faerie nods her head just barely, watching raptly and listening closely with both her ears and mind. She reaches up to rub her eyes, for they itch terribly in this acrid space. Ugh.

Callisto harbours suspicions.. a family, burnt? She needs a date. She looks briefly to Sky, then back to the spirit.

The ghost moves around in place, looking this way and that for Shades "Where is he? Where did he go?" the demanding questions echo through the library, but instead of the echoes getting softer they get louder until the culminate into a shout which dies suddenly as books fly off the shelves. The clothes are to indisticnt to gauge style, just the vague shape is made out. The words from both Sky and Callisto doesn't lessen the anger just adds confusion to it "He must burn. He killed us. He must pay." while this does seem to be an intelligent haunting, it also seems to be residual/broken record time…defintely a vengeful one. While the ghost seems aware of the students she seems unable to engage in meaningful conversation as a spirit.

Schuyler can't help but wince at the mental shout and the flying books, but he looks to Callisto before standing and leaving his twin's side. He then moves to stand in front of the ghost to try and catch her attention as best as he can. «It was not him. He's a kid. A. Kid. Tell us who did it and we can help find them. They may be dead now too.» He isn't going to back down.

The fey girl shoots Sky a stricken look, as the spirit only grows more incensed. Now books are being toppled and Callisto steps away from the shelves that she had been edging towards initially. Just as well, as a thick hardcover very nearly springs forth to clock her in the head. «He is not here! He is not whom you seek! T'is 2018 and he is but a boy!» Callisto tries to inject another level of force into her words, not angry but insistent.. almost pleading. «Who was he? Tell us more about him. Maybe there's something we can do to help track him or learn of him but you shall find no purchase in accosting a kid.» Said still with that 'tone' that is both forceful and pleading. She, too, faces the figure.. though she's also trying to mark where Shades ended up.

Shades watches from and within a part of the shadows, breathing as quietly as possible. Just another patch of darkness. Waiting. Watching. His only movement rubbing his wrists, and trying not to cry.

The spirit swirls around the room a blur of ghostly light, more books fly and she goes through Sky and Callisto who she disappears into. The fey girl's eyes glow, and a jerky step is taken forward, eyes darting around looking for Shades still.

Schuyler moves to step again before Callisto now, «It's not him. Tell us who you're looking for and we will help you. But it is NOT Corbin!» If he needs to speak those words aloud to be sure that the spirit hears him, he will. «Stop attacking. Please. We want to help you.»

The spirit itself is not what would be considered a demonic entity… so the gorgon pendant? Always on Callisto's person? Ineffectual… it doesn't cover possession!

The fey girl's eyes widen a bit. She has a second or two of her own thought and her lips move as if to hollar something.. but then Callisto is overtaken. She's looking around for the boy whom she hurt and frightened terribly, still hell-bent on finding Shades. She steps forth with none of Callisto's grace, the movement choppy. Glowing eyes pass over Sky as the scent of burning remains potent and books continue to drop like flies from their designated spots.

"He did not listen! He accused me!" The spirit bellows and, paired with Callisto's own voice, she sounds foreboding. "Our child! Our daughter! He accused ME!" A shriek as glowing, unfocused eyes rove around, still seeking Shades.

"That which illuminated the lighthouse were flames of murder! Not a beacon!" Booming, hot, she whirls on a heel and 'shrills' at Sky. Books no longer tumble from shelves, they are flung with fearsome velocity. Violently. Callisto's feet begin to leave the floor.

Shades slides shadow-soft along the floor, towards Callisto. At ten or so feet away, he takes a breath, and steps out of the darkness, directly into a shaft of moonlight, facing her. "I'm right here; leave her alone!"

Schuyler closes his eyes and gives a huff of exasperation, «You are not helping, Corbin. She is just going to fixate on you if you don't let us convince her that you did not hurt her family!» Although at this point, he's almost ready to toss Shades at her if he wants to be the martyr. «It's not him! How can we convince you? He's a CHILD!» Not like they're much older. He then blinks at the mention of the lighthouse. «Was it built on a gravesite then?» Is the lighthouse that old? «What is your name.» He'll try that tactic. «What is your daughter's name?»

The floating girl twitches.. this is Callisto trying to oust the ghost from her mind and body, her hair floating around her in a silvery cloud. The force of the energies surrounding the possession levitate the mentalist and rather than walk awkwardly, it's so much easier to float. Then poor Shades makes himself known! However, Sky asks more questions; more of those damnable questions. It only stokes the ghost's righteous vengeance, but there's enough sense there when asked of 'those' names that the spirit deigns to answer. Maybe the prospect of stating 'her' beloved daughter's name is too precious to pass up.

"Abigail, my poor Abigail.. burnt, burnt alive—" There's a huge lull of sadness in the room now; the books cease their whipping around but the smoke thickens and curls languildly. "I was called Celia, once.."

More ponderous sadness, then a fierce spike in rage. Callisto whirls on Shades and in that motion about five books careen from the shelf in the younger boy's direction. Her hands reach for him but she doesn't quite move after him yet. "You! Bastard! Murderer! You burnt our HOME! Marked me as a whore! I will destroy you now that I've found you!"

Shades vanishes back into the shadows, the books flying through his former location, then reappears. "And what is MY name, then! What is the name telling you to let her go!" he thunders towards not-Callisto.

At least Schuyler’s getting somewhere now that he has names! «And your surname?» When the possessed Callisto turns on Shades again, he gives a sigh and turns to the younger kid, «You're an idiot.» And with that, he just steps back, away from the possessed Callisto and Shades, scowling darkly.

There's something holding the ghost back. Preventing her from wrapping Callisto's slender fingers around Shades' arms or even neck — provided she can reach him — and squeezing. Callisto is in there still and pouring every single ounce of her mental fortitude into preventing her body, fueled by supernatural energy, from doing something unforgivable. She gives a great lurch once again; her feet touch the floor and she crumbles into a crouch, breathing hard and fast. A mewl of effort, a pained sound… is un-Callisto trying to say something? Trying to supply that which Sky asks of, to reply to Shades?

A scream, not that of the spirit's rage but Callisto.. giving one final SHOVE with her mind. Kinda like Gandalf vs. the Balrog! Like that!

A force, like the room is exhaling, and the dark faerie collapses onto the floor onto her stomach, head turned and cheek to the floor. Unconscious, just like Rain.

Shades immediately runs over to Callisto's collapsing form, checking to see if she has a pulse.

Schuyler takes another step back and looks between the collapsed Rain and Callisto…and then at Shades as he rushes towards the fae-girl. There's a mental test to make sure that their minds are ok before he goes to dig around in his messenger bag. A slightly crumpled clove cigarette is pulled out as well as a worn book of matches. There's a scowl at Shades before he just walks out of the Library…and out of the school, no doubt for an ill-gotten smoke. He is not pleased.

With the spirit firmly ejected it disappears leaving a mess of books and acrid smoke behind which sets off the smoke alarms. Within moments security and staff descend on the library the students are going to have a long night explaining things…the conscience ones at least

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