(2018-10-22) Whodunnit?
Summary: (WARNING! Log includes discussion of some intimate situations, though no graphic descriptions) Syd meets up with Kaylee and Sierra talking on the patio. The topic seems to be sex. Also, the title is totally Kaylee's fault.
Date: 2018.10.22
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Patio Coral Springs
Tue Oct 23 00:06:32, 2018 — Mon Oct 22 21:06:32 2018

The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and overcast.

Kaylee - Very tall (6' 2") blonde girl with blue eyes that don't ever look at anything.
Sierra - 5'3" Cherubic Latina
Sydney - Steel Girl. Short. Blued steel hair. Green reflective eyes.
Exits: [BF] Back Field [CA] Cafeteria
[CO] Coral Springs Courtyard [CW] Covered Walkway
[SB] Student Building


It's evening. A lot of the kids are probably inside doing homework or getting ready for bed and stuff. Kaylee, however, is standing on the patio, leaning on the fence with a cup of steaming cocoa, looking wistful as she gazes out over the schoolyard. She's wearing her glasses and is wearing an over-sized sweater and sweatpants.

Study? Homework? Two alien concepts for Sierra, which is why she is on the roam instead of locked away in her room. And ever since Saoirse found out the rule about no sex between students on school premises, the Latina isn't in her girlfriend's room either. It is the patio she ends up, seeing Kaylee and smiling at the sight. Sierra dressed in yoga pants and a t-shirt that reads 'Life is a bitch and it's never in heat'. With her control of fire, she doesn't really feel the cold. "Hey, Kaylee. Am I interrupting?"

Kaylee starts a little when Sierra calls out to her, a quiet 'meep' escaping as she turns in Sierra's direction. She grimaces and then smiles sheepishly, nodding and taking a sip from her cocoa. "Of course not! Sorry, I guess I'm really not used to wearing my glasses outside of class anymore! You snuck up on me," she admits, moving to the side a little to make space for Sierra to join her at her particular portion of the fence. "What are you doing up and about at this hour?"

"People scream in terror when they see me coming too" Sierra giggles, taking up position at the fence. "I could not sleep" she shrugs, "I could not sleep with my girlfriend either. So, energy to burn, I decided to go for a walk. Why are you up and about?" She looks up at the taller girl. "You look good in glasses. You have that 'totally hot when I take them off' kind of thing going."

Kaylee snickers when Sierra mentions she can't sleep with her girlfriend, and then laughs outright at the comment about being hot when she takes them off. "I'm so not hot, Sierrra, but thank you," she demures, grinning and sipping more of her cocoa as she turns and looks up at the sky. "You know, for as many nights as we wound up snuggling in each other's beds, me and Violet never actually did it? There was one time, in the locker room, where we got pretty naughty in front of each other, but … that was the worst. Even when she spent the fourth with me and my family, she refused to take my virginity unless we decided we were gonna get married," she says, smiling at the memories.

"You never did it?" Sierra is definitely surprised by this. "Wait. Are you still a virgin?" A pause before quickly adding. "Not that there is anything wrong with that. And it is rude of me to say, but I never thought of Violet as the kind of girl who would wait for marriage." A snort of amusement. "Shows how little I know people." Sierra reaches out to squeeze Kaylee's arm. "You still miss her? I know how that feels."

The two seniors are leaning against the patio fence, staring out at the world. Kaylee has a cocoa…and isn't sharing!
<FS3> Sydney rolls Stealth: Failure.

Kaylee laughs and her nose crinkles as she smiles. "Yup! Still a virgin!" she admits. And then she laughs even more as another memory strikes her. "But not for lack of trying!" she adds. "The last time we were back home, last summer, I gave her this lap dance to that song by Selena Gomez, 'Good For You?' And I was like, SO sure she was gonna jump me that night, and she darn near did it, too!" Kaylee laughs some more and shakes her head, a soft yellow glow beginning to shine around her. "But that girl's willpower was just as strong as the rest of her. And she was set on us NOT doing it until I was sure I wanted to marry her, cuz I wasn't. And of COURSE I miss her! But, it's not like I'm still heartbroken. I miss her because she's not here anymore, but I don't really miss what we had. It was super wonderful, but it's over, and I'm okay with that.

Sydney is taking a drink as she steps over the threshold of the door. Russian tea, made with sugar free tang and iced tea mix, served hot, thanks ever so. So she misses the big wrinkle in the mat, and catches her toe on it. Reflex takes over. Don't put the toe through the fragile thing. That reflex. She draws her foot back, leaving her with… no feet to hold herself up. Down she goes, mug hitting her in the teeth and mouth, and body hitting the deck with a clang like throwing an engine block down a flight of stairs. For a normal person, this might be a pretty serious fall. For Syd? Not so much. She spits the ceramic fragments out of her mouth and wipes tea off her face, and looks around sheepishly, still lying on her stomach. "Hi."

"I like Selena Gomez" Sierra admits, "And that didn't work? Damn, Violet really could keep her passions in check. Sorry about that. Maybe if you had, she would still be here." A dismissive wave of her hand to her own words. "Or not. We can never know. You never really found anyone else, did you?" For someone like Sierra who has had lots of short-term and long-term partners, the concept of being alone as long as Kaylee has is completely alien to her. "I still miss Mabel too" she smiles softly before there is a whole lot of crashing going on behind them. She turns to see a Sydney on the ground…not as rare as some might think. "Are you okay?" It's polite to ask, even of metal superheroines. She will offer her hand to help her friend up. "Nice entrance."

"Oh, it's okay! I'm not upset about it, it's not like I'm desparate to punch my card or anyth-," Kaylee starts to say, before there is a loud crash to interrupt her. Even more startled, this time, Kaylee almost drops her cup of cocoa this time, but manages to snag it by using both hands. And, since she had been letting the soft yellow glow happen, the sudden change causes a brief flash of white before disappearing. Not enough to blind anybody or daze anyone, just a shift of colors before dissipating.
Regardless of whether Sydney needs help or not, Kaylee will set her own cocoa on one of the tables and quickly move to try and help Sydney up, tucking one of her hands inside the overly-long sweater sleeves so she can use it to try and wipe some of the tea off of Sydney's face, if she's allowed. "Ohmygosh, are you alright!?" she parrots Sierra, her eyes actually working behind her glasses as she tries to look Sydney over. And, since it's pretty dark on the patio, she helpfully starts emitting a beam of light from her eyes to help everybody see the mess- it's kinda blue-tinted, as well, due to its source.

Sydney flails just a little as everyone seems to want to wipe her face all at once, before aquiescing to the fact that she has friends, and this is one of those friend things. "I'm fine. I'm fmmmmf fine. Really. Girl of steel and all that." She doesn't let anyone try to help her to her feet though, just gives whatever hands are offered a gentle squeeze, lets go, and rolls to her feet. "Sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt talking about sex."

"It is better than interrupting us having sex" Sierra smirks at Sydney before giving her a hug once she is on her feet. "Though we would have just asked you to join us" she adds, knowing this may horrify poor Kaylee. "So, instead, we will just ask you to join us talking about it. Though I think you need another tea. And teacup."

Sydney blushes quite a bit - into the blue colors - as Sierra teases her again. She gestures with the handle and the little hunk of mug it's still attached to. "They taste like bricks when you eat them, too." She sticks her tongue out, heads back in for a moment and returns with another mug of the stuff, steaming hot. She eyes the mat suspiciously and steps directly on the lump this time, carefully kicking it smooth. "'Sides. You're seeing Saoirse. Aren't you? I haven't seen her around in a while."

"Sierra!" Kaylee gasps when there is mention of a threesome. And then Sierra doesn't make it any better, inviting a girl Kaylee barely knows to join them talking about something that NOBODY else would know about her! "Ohmygosh, HUSH!" she admonishes, swatting at Sierra with the overlong sleeve of her sweater. She shakes her head and rises with Sydney, turning the light off once things are sorted out. "First of all," she begins clarifying for Syd, "I would never do that with someone else's girlfriend, EVER. And second, I would never EVER ever do it in public, Especially at the school." And then Sydney's gone and come back again before Kaylee can explain anything more, so she just sticks her tongue out at Sierra and takes her cocoa again, moving back towards the fence.

"I was only kidding" Sierra says to the others, barely able to hold back the laughter at the reactions. "Everyone calm down. Saoirse and I are still together…and probably even getting married." She clears her throat with that news before adding for Sydney. "She has a lot of studying to do, and I dash off with her every spare moment she has. Sorry for keeping her away from you guys. That was never the intention." Sierra makes her way back to the fence. "Okay, Kaylee, no sex talk." A poke of her tongue in return. "How is your brother? Gone now?" When Sydney returns, she will indicate for her to join them at the fence.

Sydney joins the seniors at the rail, and muses a little at how it suddenly feels different… more school-ish… that these two are on the other ends of their high school career from her. And then Sierra drops that little bombshell. Fortunately Syd expects these things from her. She takes a breath, sips her tea, and says, "Kaylee, you're pretty much the poster child for personal integrety in my book, don't worry. Seriously. You make lawful good look like the good and noble thing it really is." She looks over at Sierra. "You're more lawful neutral, but still. Married, huh?" She sips her tea again, belying the shakiness of her hand. "Damn that sounds grown up… at least from where I stand.

"Uh-huh," Kaylee doubts, furrowing her brow at Sierra a little. But, she's not too put off by it, knowing Sierra was mostly kidding. … mostly. Kaylee shakes her head again and chuckles. And as Sydney makes her way over, Kaylee scoots down some more to allow her space there. She certainly doesn't seem to care if there's an underclassmen joining them. The marriage comment causes her to almost choke on her cocoa, though, and she turns and /blinks/ at Sierra. "… are you for reals?" she asks, once she's able to. "… Sierra, you two barely- …."
In a moment of incredible will, Kaylee stops herself and closes both her eyes and her mouth, then shakes her head and instead just smiles. "Sorry. I keep forgetting that I'm not anybody's mom and I'm not even older than you guys, so it's really none of my business what you do. As long as you guys are sure and you're happy, then I'm for it. /I/ would just have lots of concerns. Which is obvious, since we just talked about how I wasn't ready to marry Violet," she says, regaining her composure and turning back towards the fence.
At Sydney's D&D breakdown of her nature, Kaylee giggles quite a bit, her face crinkling up in a smile. "Aww! Thanks, Sydney! I do really try my best to be a good person. And yes, my brother was only here for last weekend. I guess he came up to the school looking for me on Saturday, but I was away at basketball already, so I missed him. But he's super great, thanks for asking!"

"Lawful neutral? I was going for Chaotic Good" Sierra giggles at Sydney's assessment. Yes, the Latina is a geek too. "Saoirse is keen on getting married, and I guess I am too. I love her. She's…crazy…and I like that. She wants to find somewhere in Ireland to live, since we can't get married in Mexico, and give up the superhero business. The two of us together alone is a pretty nice idea but…I don't know if I can give up helping people, you know?" A laugh at the thought of being grown up. "When did I get so old?"

Sierra shrugs at Kaylee's concerns. "We are happy. And we love each other. What else is there?" No thought to how they will maintain themselves…probably work in a bank.

You say, "You're asking me? You're the senior…" She shrugs. "But it's sweet. I mean… oh hell you know. I just… I'm a little weirded out I think. I mean… one more year and you guys will be out… starting your lives, basically. Is that as scary as it looks from where I'm standing?"

"Right, as long as it works for you guys, who cares what anyone else thinks?" Kaylee offers, nodding her agreement. She shrugs a little and shakes her head. "See, I'm glad I put my foot down and didn't let SeeSee take me out on a second date or try to kiss me or anything. That girl was in WAY too big of a hurry for me," she says, taking another sip from her cocoa. "I mean, I'm not saying it's bad or anything. I just … I mean, you remember how long it took Violet to finally ask me out? I spent like, almost two months trying to figure out who was leaving me the flowers!" Kaylee giggles again and smirks. "I guess I'm pretty darned old fashioned when it comes to romance and stuff. I wanna be wooed, darnit!"
Kaylee turns and smiles at Sydney and shakes her head a little, regarding her comment. "It's not scary, Sydney. I mean, this is still just high school. I've got applications in to several colleges that I really hope to get in to. It's not until after THAT when I'm gonna start worrying! But, it IS kind of a big deal, applying to colleges and stuff. Especially becausee I applied to some that are pretty far away, and I've never really ever left New England before."

Kaylee quickly adds, "Except for like, basketball tournaments and stuff."

"It is not scary at all" Sierra shrugs, trying to convince herself more than Sydney. "I have been alone for most of my life. Having to live for myself. I mean, I have a big family and most of them love me, but they did not have a lot of time for me either. And here…I barely ever see them. They cannot afford to come here." In truth, Sierra is terrified but she will never say. A nod to Kaylee. "I hope it does work. And I think I was the one that hounded Saoirse. I mean, have you seen that girl's ass?" She looks from Kaylee to Sydney. "Umm…forget I said that. And, yeah, I remember the whole flower thing. At least you didn't think it was me or Mabel."

Sydney blushes again. "Umm… yes? Who's Mabel?"

Kaylee glowers a little, her bottom lip coming out in a sympathetic pout at Sierra's story. "Aww, Siri!" she offers, reaching over to give the girl's shoulder an affectionate rub if it's welcomed. "I'm sorry to hear that. I know everybody knows how close I am with MY family, so I couldn't even begin to imagine." She shakes her head, but then smiles again and chuckles. "Well of COURSE I didn't think it was you or Mabel! She was your girlfriend already! And, honestly, I didn't have ANY idea that it was a girl. I was pretty darn sure it was Koa or Grayson, before Violet told me. And I know you'd never think it was Grayson, but … he was actually a pretty big sweetheart if you got past the prickly parts!"
And that's when Kaylee's phone beeps at her and she pulls it out, disabling the alarm. "Oh gosh, is it really that late? Sorry, ladies, but I always try and make sure all of the Prometheus girls are at least accounted for before lights out, just in case we need to mount a search and rescue. So, I've gotta go! But have a good night, okay? And don't stay out too much later, okay?" she pleads as she turns and heads for the door back into the school.

"Don't worry, Kaylee, we'll be in before curfew" Sierra replies with a a straight face. It may happen, it may not. Though the thought of Kaylee checking up on everyone makes the Latina happy she's not a Promethean. "Mabel was my girlfriend" she repeats for Sydney. "Kaylee didn't like how we were always smooching in the hall. We probably wouldn't get away with it now. She…" Sierra frowns with a sigh. "She was the one who disappeared one night. Probably packed away into a test tube never to be seen again. You can see why I have trust issues with this school. Goodnight, Kaylee. I hope none of the girls are missing."

Sydney waves to Kaylee. "Take care." She watches Kaylee go, then closes her eyes and looks away. "You always make my thoughts so dirty…

"Oh please, Sydney. You might like a little push every now and then but you have a dirty mind without my help" Sierra giggles. "How are you doing, Syd? Still all good with Bryce?"

Sydney nods. She sips her coffee. "Just noticing Kaylee's got a pretty nice butt too." She sighs a little. "Bryce is… well his powers got stronger, so his body's weaker. It's like his powers are eating him up."
GAME: Save complete.

"Kaylee doesn't realise how hot she is. Or she does and is deliberately being modest. Probably the latter" Sierra decides before becoming concerned at Sydney's news about Bryce. "I thought he was all about the brain power. What does the doc say about it? They've done tests and stuff?"

Sydney nods. "They have, yeah. His body can't make enough ATP to run his brain and his powers. And his powers are winning. I mean it's like if your fire powers were being sucked out of you.

"I'm sorry to hear that. Have they looked into how to replenish his fuel? There was a girl called Tabitha here a couple of years back, who used to let me charge her up with my fire powers. She's the one who healed my gunshot wound" Sierra replies before moving to give Sydney a hug. "What about you? How are you handling it?"

Sydney hugs back, resting her chin on Sierra's shoulder. "Hangin' in there, I guess. Kinda took him back to my room this afternoon for a while. Just spent some time together.

A tighter squeeze for her friend when Sydney starts talking like Bryce is going to die. "He'll be fine. We're always changing. New powers keep springing up all over the place. My guy is constantly telling me new spells and I feel like my head is exploding to take it all in. But it gets better. It could just be the same for him. I mean, why would the powers use a body that could not handle them?"

Sydney nods. "There's time yet. He's not dead or anything." Syd looks down. "It's just… I mean if I were a magic user, or one of the super scientists or… even… Bryce…." She looks at Sierra. "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

"Probably not. I'm not good at thinking in advance" Sierra grins before stepping back from the hug to study Sydney. "I'm a magic user. Sort of. What are you thinking they could do?"

You say, "What if we got him to the mad scientist's lab we found? Bryce himself might be able to fix it."

"Back at the old school?" Sierra considers this. "Wouldn't it have been sealed off by now? It'll be guarded. Probably expulsion for even setting foot back there." A pause. "I'm in." A big grin on Sierra's face at the thought of it.

Sydney rolls her eyes. "I dunno… it might have been a "let sleeping dogs lie" kinda thing. Or the team wanted it… or it got lost in the shuffle. But we gotta try." Syd shudders. "We gotta figure out what's in stasis in there too, while we're at it. Who else should we bring?

"Someone who doesn't mind getting in trouble" Sierra replies. "Saoirse…probably not. Kaylee…definitely not. Shades would come along whether we wanted him to or not. What about someone like Besa? Or one of the proper magicians?"

Sydney nods. "Yeah… Besa could be bad… but… if we need to kill off the computer, he's our man.

"Sounds like the Dirty Half-Dozen will infiltrate the base and save your boyfriend" Sierra smiles. "Revengers Assemble! But seriously, Syd, we'll get this done. I'll do whatever it takes to set this right." A hug for the metal girl. "But, right now, I'm going to see if I can convince Saoirse to smooch for a while. Which is pretty hard since someone told her about the rule of no fooling around on the school grounds. When I find out who told her…" Flames flare up around her fist for a moment before she offers Sydney a wink. "Take care of yourself and take of Bryce. Let me know when we're going in."

Sydney nods and gives Sierra a quick squeeze, and whispers something (probably) very crude in her ear.

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