(2018-10-21) Who You Gonna Call?
Who You Gonna Call?
Summary: Ghost. Math room. A handful of students trying to study. Hilarity ensues.
Date: 2018.10.21
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Math Room
Smooth white walls, dark polished wood wainscoting, a travertine floor and an arched ceiling give the math room an almost church-like feel and sound, and the narrow, vertical windows do nothing to break that impression. Theres a tremendous view of the sea below, crashing into the cliffs, and a view of other, less tamed islands, in the distance. There are jumbotron screens at both ends of the room, and these are used by the instructors to show techniques and display results. They can also be used by students when called upon. When not in use, they usually have fractal images or Escher scans, lending a slight touch of 70s record album cover to the church-like room. Math is weird sometimes.


First day out of the infirmary and Bryce has made it to the classrooms. It was a struggle to get here, but he had to get caught up on some work. He did have to sit down and catch his breath before he could get starting. Laying on the desk where he is seated is his homework which he has not been able to do for two weeks. Laying on those papers is a pencil and an eraser though there is not a textbook or notebook. He leans his head forward and rests his arms on the desk.

Sydney went to see Bryce in the infirmary, only to be told he'd been discharged. Well it wasn't like she needed to take him home and nurse him back to health or something… Syd blushes vaguely straw colored at the thought… She has homework of her own to do, but given that Bryce isn't in his room (she checked) she checked the classrooms next. Science, no. Math…aha! "There you are," she says softly as she comes in.

Bryce looks up at Sydney enters and gives a bit of a smile. He doesn't hide it though from weakness or from comfort is unclear even in his own mind. "Sorry. I, they released me today so, so I thought I'd try to, uh, get some work done. I, uh, well, I didn't think … the stairs. Normally I would use my, my p-powers to help but I'm trying not to, er, yet. H-how are you?"

Sydney wanders in and puts an arm around Bryce. She glances around to see if anyone's watching (except the security cam, no doubt, but they've show no signs of caring) and kisses him on the cheek softly, and curls a little smile. "Busy. A lot of background knowledge I'm trying to catch up on still. But I'm managing. I got paid from the library, so I upgraded my computer to an SSD. Exciting to me, probably not to you."

Bryce tries to reach up his arm to put it around her waist but doesn't make it and ends up dropping his arm down her legs. Thankfully with her strength, he isn't worried about hurting her. "I'm, I'm glad to s-see you. SSD?" He closes his eyes for a moment and reads: "A storage device containing nonvolatile flash memory, used in place of a hard disk because of its much greater speed." He blinks his eyes open and says, "Ah, s-still not sure what that, that means except it is ffaster. I can, uh, help you catch up if, if you want."

Sydney pulls Bryce's arm around her waist. "We can study together, sure. I know you've got catching up to do too. I'm finding out that my study habits are rusty and weren't that great to begin with. It's just that my schools were set up for chowderheads, so even though I got high every few days and came to school that way sometimes, I still did ok. It's way harder here." She sits down at the table next to Bryce and gets out her iPad and keyboard (metal fingers). "What're you working on?"

Bryce tries to moves his desk when she sits down next to him, but he doesn't actually move his desk at all. He lifts his left hand as though to use his powers but catches himself and drops his hand with a sigh. "I'm doing s-some of my homework for AP Algebra II. I, I tried to do it, uh, in in the medbay, but it, it was hard to even hold the, uh, pencil. And it was just too, uh, weird doing it on the, the i-iPad.

Sydney frowns a little. "We gotta build you some physical strength, hon. We gotta. Somehow, we have to find a way. Feed you more glucose, oxygen bottle, I don't know. Whatever it takes, because if we can make you bigger, there's more of you to make ATP, and your brain is a smaller percentage of your metabolic load." She rubs Bryce's back gently.

Bryce nods his head understanding what she was saying. He will look and probably even feel a bit skinner. "I, I understand what, uh, you mean, but, well, it is really hard for me to, er, do so. Right now, nor-normally, I would be using my, er, under armor to help support my, my body. I, uh, I normally get physically weaker when there is, uh, either a big draw on my, my powers or when, well, when I develop a, a new ability."

At the front of the room a bored-looking senior is watching over two freshman trying to muddle their way through remedial Sunday Math. Gussie's leaning over toward Shades, pulling a piece of crumpled paper out of her mouth, which she then (sniffling gently) begins to flatten out on the table beside her.

Shades' eyebrows rocket over the top of his glasses as he claps a hand over his mouth. "what did you just do? are you okay? how-" he whispers towards Gussie. He bites his lip to keep from getting too loud, legs jiggling excitedly. "that was so cool! and weird! and cool!"

Sydney nods. "We gotta make it a priority to find a solution for you. Or a group of solutions. I mean… somehow my body makes ATP enough for the living parts of my cells, and I mostly eat scrap iron.

Bryce looks over at Sydney and then down at his homework. "Well, I will keep, uh, trying, but I think, I think it will keep coming down to, to mastering my, well, trying to mastering my abilities to, to keep the negative effects to a, a minimum." He glances up and notices the others working probably on homework as well. "Th-that guy in the, the sunglasses, he, he was nice and brought me a, a get well card and some, er, chocolate."

Sydney looks where Bryce points. "Shades, you mean?" She waves at Shades and the girl he's with that Syd doesn't know. She does keep her voice down. Some people are actually studying, even if she's not necessarily one of them.

Gussie wrinkles up her nose, looking sort of excited for the accolades. Usually her powers are not quite so well-received, even when they prove in useful. She sniffles once more, giving Shades a thumbs-up before she goes about copying down the answers from the paper she'd hocked up— her handwriting rather uneven and untidy. "I'm fine. I just got them to steal it off of the desk," she whispers.

"Got who?" Shades asks, and then jerks his head up at the mention of his name, glancing around the room with the guilty quickness of someone getting away with something. Spotting Bryce and Sydney, he fidgets for a second before waving at them both, and then returning to the paper. "this is so freaking awesome!" he whispers towards Gussie, comparing his own paper to the recently produced one.

Bryce nods his head and tries to wave his hand back at Shades, but he really struggles to do so for long. He goes to say 'thank you' again, but Shades turns his head looking a bit uneasy. He raises an eyebrow and then is glad he can still do that at least. He shakes his head and returns his attention to his girlfriend. "Yes, that is the, the name on the card." He pauses a bit uncomfortably before saying, "Uh, I, I know all this has been, er, hard on you too. I'm, I'm sorry."
The lights in the room flicker on and off three times and then resume their normal function with a slight hum that wasn't there before.
GAME: Save complete.

Sydney shrugs a little. "Yeah, it has. I can live with…" she glances up as the lights flicker. "That's not good… did you do that?"

"Them," Gussie re-iterates, patting her hand on her stomach with a creepy little smile, like some weird pregnant fifteen year old with magic babies inside of her. Except not. Except… yes. The flicker of lights comes well-timed as a dramatic flourish to her introduction of Shades to her Tummy Demons, but she didn't do that, either. She doesn't think. She looks up, then quickly slips the paper she was copying off of underneath the table, now that the senior in charge of watching them has probably woken up.

"oh, sure, them," Shades whispers in reply. When the lights flicker, he glances up, and then over to the senior. "did, uh. did they do that too?"

Bryce shakes his head in answer to Sydney's question. "I, uh, I didn't. I'm not sure if, if they did or maybe so-someone else in the hall. I, well, I can't imagine there being power, er, difficulties h-here." He tilts back to look up at the lights for a moment. "That, uh, humm makes it seem like s-some resistance." He looks back down to her. "So what, uh, are you having problems with. Maybe, er, maybe I can help. Not much I, I can do in th-this state, but at least my, my brain works." He smiles a bit at that comment as though it was slightly humorous.

A door down the hall slams shut followed by the next one. This keeps happening like a domino effect until even the Math Room door slams shut. The effect keeps going down the hallway.

Sydney looks up at the senior in charge of the room. "Someone I care about is sick? Social stuff too? You know. Like that." She gets up and walks to the door and tries it. She's always wondered if she could take one of the doors if she had to. She wonders if this will be one of those times.

Gussie lifts her hand from her tomach, peeking down as if in conference with her bellybutton, then looks up, shaking her head, "I don't think so!" she admits, jumping down from her seat when she hears the doors slamming down the hallway. She's about to duck out and see what's going on when the door slams shut between her and the outside world and she grabs onto the door handle. Stuck in the math room? Nooooooo!

Shades all but jumps out of his chair as the doors start slamming up and down the hall, rushing to the desk to turn in the paper. "Thereyougoalldone-" And then pauses. Uh. The senior assistant doesn't look up. Or hardly move. Instead he flickers- once, twice, thrice, and then vanishes. A thin trickle of smoke starts to rise from under the chair. "Oh. Well, uh. I think Rodney was a hologram," Shades announces, towards Gussie, the door, and the room in general. He ducks, and then pulls a small disc of silvery metal up. "Yeah. Yeah, pretty sure. So… uh. What's going on then?"

Bryce starts to get up too, but he really struggles to do so. Finally, rising to his feet, he decides to hold onto his chair to steady himself. He isn't sure he is ready to do a lot of walking again. "Something slammed all the, the doors." Bryce's brain is fast at work which is the only thing fast on him. "Gust of, of wind? Not likely. A prank? uh, possible, but, uh, then we would have a, a prankster. An attack? How, uh, how would it be, er, possible so far in the, the school."
The door isn't locked, but it also will not open. It is as though the door is suddenly too large for the doorframe. The windows of the room now start to rattle, and even though the door and windows are all sealed and closed, a very cold breeze blows through the room.

Sydney 's jaw juts out and those sensitive to those things (or who have even the most rudimentary clue about body language) will know she's starting to get angry. She glares at the door. "Anyone have a good reason not to rip this off its hinges?"

Gussie hangs down off of the door handle, which turns with her weight but will not open, no matter how much she plants her feet against the floor and yanks— her hands slip free and she lands on her bum, looking faintly disgruntled and then covering her ears when the cold wind whips thrugh and rattles the windows. "It's stuck," she reports, if people couldn't figure that out by watching her wrestle with it. "I don't! I'd like to leave."

Shades gives a perfunctory tug at one of the windows before giving up. "Yeah, windows are too- and, uh." He gets a huge grin. "No way! Do it! I'll totally vouch that there was, like, a creepy wind and it was stuck and stuff!"
Long distance to Bryce: Sydney Assumes the hinges are on the inside of the classroom. It wouldn't make much sense for a security door to have hinges on the outside if it's to protect the occupants…

Bryce tries to hug himself to help with the sudden drop in temperature. While everyone else is telling Sydney to go ahead and rip off the door, Bryce says, "I, I'm not so, so sure. I mean, it, it isn't the door that is, is the problem. Without knowing, er, more it could just mmmmmake things worse." Now his stammering and stuttering problem is being complicated with shivering. Bryce looks at the girl he doesn't know and asks, "Uh, w-what is your name? I, I am B-Bryce." He just released that the three of them are freshman while he is a sophomore.
The lights flicker again for a good 20 seconds during which time a very faint sound can be heard though where is it coming from is hard to tell.

<FS3> Shades rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Sydney rolls Alertness: Failure.
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)
<FS3> Sydney rolls Physical: Great Success.
Bryce pages: that works for me though even if you take the hinges off the door won't move.

Sydney shudders at the cold, and looks back to the door. "Probably not a bad point," she admits. She finds the hinges, and reshapes her pinkie to push the pins out, then pulls on the hinge side of the door with titanic force. And nothing happens. She looks up at the door sheepishly and quietly pokes the pins back in. "Shit."

"It's like the door's just wedged in there," Gussie points out. "Could you break it o— hello?" Distracted in the middle of a sentence. That's Gussie. She puts her ear to the door. Then skitter-hops back toward the windows. "There's someone outside. Laughing," she accuses that mirthful person, whosoever it might be. "Huh? I'm Gussie," she answers Bryce, finally. "HELLO?" she calls out the window toward the laughing voice.

Shades starts breathing in quick, shallow gulps, bending his knees into a bit of a crouch. "Okay, not funny!" he shouts at… nothing… in particular. "But you- you should really… like, let us out! Cause if Sydney has to bust down that door-" And then nothing happens. "… if… uh… I mean…" He glances at the other students. "… you don't wanna know what'll happen if you don't let us out!" He leans towards Gussie. "You're *sure* this isn't… you know…" And he mimes pulling something out of his mouth.

Bryce looks a bit confused with that, "L-laughter?" He goes to sit back down and says, "That doesn't, er, mamamake sense. That would fit more with, uh, with a prank, but to do this many, er, diverse things." He looks at Gussie and waits to see if there is a response to her question out the window. He does say to Shades, "Sh-shades, is it? Right? Please, er, please come here for a, a moment. Try to, to, er, take some deep breaths. Nothing has, er, has really happened, has it?" To Gussie, he asks, "Did they, er, say anything?"

The laughing stops for a moment as the lights drop out completely leaving the room in complete darkness. Then, in the middle of the room, a faint bluish glow begins to form in the middle of the room. It is faint at first and the becomes more and more noticeable taking on the appearance of a three and a half foot column of bluish light.

"If it is, they've never done this before," Gussie leaves open the possibility, but she's pretty sure they're not involved. They seem well contented despite her general state of agitation. "Just laughing— oh!" the lights drop out, and she goes to find Shades with both her hands. He can see in the dark, after all. "What's that?"

"Something is happening *now!*" Shades shouts at Bryce's suggestion, his voice cracking halfway through. His hands curl into fists, and then fade into the darkness of the room. "Okay you- you light! I'm gonna need you to let us out right now, or- or something bad will happen!"

Sydney does, eventually, note the light, and everyone talking to the laughter source. When the light has a definitive source… or at least location, she takes a powerful kick at it. *swoosh*. Nothing there. She grumps quietly. "I dunno, maybe I can reflect it or something.

Bryce looks at the glow and is getting a bit nervous as well, but he is trying really hard to not show it. He clears his throat and asks, "Did, uh, did you do all this?" Looking to Shades, he says, "Pl-please do not, er, threathen or re-resort to violence. We have not been, er, harmed." Just chilled and scared though Bryce doesn't add that part. He then is shocked when Sydney tries to kick it. "Sydney?!" No stuttering that time.

The laughter is gone and replaced by the sound of a little girl's scream. The light then quickly fades. The temperature of the room starts to rise again as the cold breeze stops though the door and windows remain closed. Only the light from the nearly full moon entering through the windows keeps the room from being pitch black. Then, silence.

"… OK," Gussie finally pronounces, when the light goes dead entirely and the screaming stops. "That was… maybe a little bit cool. Are we haunted? Are we haunted?!" she repeats the question in a slightly more elevated pitch.

Shades slumps into a seat. "Okay. Cool. No more creepy ghost light." He looks over towards the door. "I could probably go shadow and get out. At least to see if the door can be opened from the other side or- like, whatever." He scratches the back of his head, and pushes his sunglasses up his nose. At Gussie's question, he replies with, "I mean- ghosts are definitely a thing. Like, there was that one villain, the Nightgaunt, that was supposed to be the ghost of a hero who had been killed by mobsters, except that being killed caused him to go crazy and stuff." He pauses for a moment, then adds, "Plus, there's whatever's going on at the lighthouse."

Sydney looks around at the sudden silence. She picks her way carefully toward the window and looks out. "You ever get the sense that this was a test, and I just failed it for us?" She inspects the window, with an eye toward seeing how hard it would be to simply destroy it, leaving a (relatively human sized) hole in the wall for people to escape.
Math Room Coral Springs
Sun Oct 21 22:47:23, 2018 — Sun Oct 21 19:47:23 2018

Smooth white walls, dark polished wood wainscoting, a travertine floor and an arched ceiling give the math room an almost church-like feel and sound, and the narrow, vertical windows do nothing to break that impression. Theres a tremendous view of the sea below, crashing into the cliffs, and a view of other, less tamed islands, in the distance. There are jumbotron screens at both ends of the room, and these are used by the instructors to show techniques and display results. They can also be used by students when called upon. When not in use, they usually have fractal images or Escher scans, lending a slight touch of 70s record album cover to the church-like room. Math is weird sometimes.

Bryce goes to stand back up using the desk for support this time. "Pl-please, everyone try to, to calm down a, a bit." Bryce is wanting to sound a bit authoritative, but the stammering pretty much shoots that down quickly. "Nothing really bad has, has happened. If we just, er, remain calm, yes, calm then we might be able to, to figure this, er, out. Last thing we want is, uh to … "
But before he can stammer to a close, there is another voice. It is not that of a faint little girl's laughter. No, this sounds more like a terrible old woman's angry scream. The temperature starts to rise in the room, higher and higher it climbs until it quickly becomes uncomfortable.

<FS3> Gussie rolls Conjuring: Good Success.

"They're haunting the thermostat," Gussie judges quickly, once the young screams have been traded for elderly screams and the cold snap for a hot flash. "She should turn middle-aged, then the temperature will be right again," she nods in affirmation of her very sound advice. Her face screws up as the temperature becomes redoubtable, and she hunches forward, almost unhinging her jaw to vomit up a frosty, malleable ice pack, like one from the sports freezer downstairs, and she slings it over the back of her neck.

Shades lets out a startled laugh at Gussie's statement, before taking a deep breath and… just vanishing. A vaguely Shades-shaped shadow, cast from nowhere in particular, traces along to the floor and to the door. It reaches for the door, and then hesitates, before beating a shadow-fist soundlessly against the door. At which point Shades pops back out, rematerializing in front of the door. "So, uh," he says, without turning around. "I can't get out either." He starts to shrug out of the blazer. "Okay, creepy ghost lady! What do you want!"
Huh? (Type "help" for help.)
<FS3> Sydney rolls Physical: Good Success.

Sydney is… actually pretty comfortable at this warmer temperature. It takes a lot of heat to do otherwise. But she's acutely aware that her friends are being attacked. The window? Well it's not really wide enough for a normal human to go through, but Sydney Turner is in no way a normal human anymore. She puts her fist through the window with no particular trouble, looks over to the others, and says "I'm going to get help. Be back as soon as I can." With that, she squeezes unnaturally through the narrow window, and jumps down…down…down to hit the ground like bells of doom. Anyone watching would note her get up, dust herself off, and run up the beach.

The source of the heat becomes obvious as the sound of flames comes tearing down the halls. It burns through the door without actually damaging the door itself. The wind ripping in through the open window seems to hold the fire at bay some, but it still heads towards the three remaining students. Bryce knows he will probably get in trouble for this more from Sydney than the doctors, but he has to try something. He stands in between the two freshman and the fire and holds his hand out towards the flames. A beam of energy emerges from his forehead and forms a dome around the trio. Even as he does this, he uses his other hand to steady himself. The flames flick over the dome and then finally subside. When the flames die down, the lights flicker on and the door opens like absolutely nothing ever happened. There is no fire damage. The temperature has returned to normal. The only evidence that something happened here is the hole in the window that Sydney made.
With the fire gone, Bryce takes an unsteady seat in the chair and is back to breathing heavy again. At least his powers worked. "You, you both may want to, uh, head out."

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