(2018-10-20) Honey Badger Don't Care
Honey Badger Don't Care
Summary: Callisto and Daxton finally go on a date! Nobody is harmed! Wut?!
Date: 2018-10-20
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Astro Park, Shady Cove
Sat Oct 20, 2018

Alive with the sound of voices and laughter, the cacophony of the park is mixed with sounds of rides and laughter or screams at appropriate parts of the rides. As one walks the midway, sounds join in from the carnival games one finds there and the barkers reeling in spenders. Likewise, in the middle of the midway, the open space arcade, like an old palisades dance hall that has been converted, calls out with quarter dropping and flashing lights. Off to the north, the Ferris Wheel looms over the other thrill rides, the loved attraction by all locals who grew up riding it, it lights the night sky for miles around. Opposite that end, the sound of go-karts whizzing around a large track can be heard, one can ride bumper cars, bumper boats or play miniature golf all inside the go-kart track as it is that large.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and overcast.


It's been a long stint.. since Daxton's hospitalization and release, Callisto had a few poignant but mercifully not harmful situations. Between that and classes and just everything afoot there had to have been time to text and make plans for that date that she and the speedster were on about. Before things went bad with Ness and Dax got lost. That kinda put a damper on plans. But 'lo and behold it's eeking into the end of October and finally.. there is a chance, a blessed chance to have fun! To do something brainless and adolescent! Callisto sent a text out to Daxton earlier in the day before class to see if he was: A. Free and B. Interested in a visit to somewhere in town.

Proof of how much the girl has lightened up: she offered up the local amusement park.

Fast-forward toward the late afternoon and Callisto is waiting at the entrance to the loud, bold, utterly maddening place. It's Saturday night so it's busy! But there she stands, willowy and striking in a tight black pair of slacks, sleek flat-soled boots and a long open-necked ivory peasantry blouse with a black cardigan slung over her shoulders. Hair is braided and she's fiddling with the end of said braid as she scans the crowd, waiting and looking for Daxton amidst the crush.

Daxton comes walking up behind her, having gotten here earlier. He's dressed in jeans and a white tee, with his blue racer jacket on. Almost James Dean-ish. Almost. He's not gotten anything to eat yet, he's a gentleman like that. 'Hey Strawberry." He smiles crookedly, "You look nice."

She was so trained upon the crowd that she actually didn't see the boy's approach from behind! Her head turns quickly, braid swaying with the motion, eyes quickly looking upon his face before taking in his attire and physique in one fell swoop. Her lips curve into an appreciative smile, "Thanks," No demurring or shyness here, Callisto knows how to handle a compliment! But she's not stingy with dishing them out either, "As do you. You define the color blue." Said easily enough as she steps forth to reach for him and indeed kiss him in greeting. People mill around, gravitating toward the midway and arcade. The smell of carnival food and sugar is cloying.

"How have you been faring? Forgiveness for not being in town the past few days," A little frown, "T'was a bit of an annoying week. Studies, not other things."

Daxton snorts, "Define it, huh?" What does that even mean? He grins against her lips though, accepting the kiss. "I'm alight. Starving." Always starving. "Good. I thought maybe you were ditching me for some dream dude." He'll reach for her hand, "Lets get some corndogs."

"When I see the color blue, it reminds me of you. You are synonymous with the color." Look at her tossing out the 1.50 words. Callisto considers, supplies next: "I mean…" She takes his hand.. her palms are warm and smooth. "Yes.. it reminds me of you." Yeah let's stick with that. "And you look divine in it." Less clothing is better but they are in public. c.c

A shot of laughter, "Hah, of course! But I know the drill now.. let us find some food. Corn dogs, then? I can smell them from here.. is that what that frying smell is?" Callisto's eyes widen, and become briefly snarky at the dream dude comment. "Pft.. come now. The only dude I've been in confidence with is the English teacher, with his thousands of essays. You are safe." Said as she hugs his hand closer to her side, squeezing it. She's been extra cuddly since he nearly died.

Daxton chuckles, "So….ocean and sky, uh?" That's a big portion of the world. His smirk only grows when she says divine. "Heavenly? I can live with that." He knows the way to the corndogs and leads the way. "Yup. Divine corn dogs." He'll continue teasing her, 'Oh…dreaming about //older men now, are ya? Isn't that the bug dude?" How can he compare to Swarm and his bugs? He lets his fingers crawl up her arm slightly, "You into creepy crawlies?" He doesn't seem to mind the extra cuddles. It's nice.

A delicate shudder, either from the contact against her arm or what it resembles.. creepy crawlies? Callisto's cheeks flush just barely; the tips of her ears pinken. She's so aghast at the thought of insects that even the ridiculousness of divine corn dogs slips past her. "Yes, the bug dude." Said gently, her arm immediately giving over to goose flesh beneath the fabric of her cardigan. "I know naught, whomever could fill the shoes of a love interest for 'Swarm'. He is one unto himself. I can see it," Said as she continues to walk toward Corndog heaven with a smooth, long-legged gait. "Here my darling," She's trying to imitate the teacher's voice and is failing. "For you—" Her free hand, not clutching Daxton's, swirls 'round her front as if producing a bouquet. Her fingers splay to pantomime a spill of insects, fingers wiggling. "Beetles. Locusts…"


"I do so enjoy him, but… not the bugs.." OMG Callisto is scared of insects.

"Ah, fantasizing about him in front of me. Whatever will I do?" Get corndogs, apparently. He snorts at th idea of a bug bouquet. "Don't think I can top that." Nor does he want to! The shutter gets an eyebrow raise, "Are you grossed out or scared?' It's a more serious question, but now they're at the stand and he raises three fingers, but then stops, "Do you want one or two dogs?" He's buying.

She gives the speedster a little, ineffectual shove. "You figured me out. I so very much desire to have crickets on my bedstand and in my hair." Said with a cute bit of snark. Callisto enjoys the bit of teasing though, sobering to the nature of Daxton's query. "I am not so much as scared of them as I am 'grossed out', as you say. I respect that insects have a function but I wish not to have but one on or around me." Said haughtily. You can just see her saying to a spider, with a sniff, to 'take it's leave of her'. Oh Callisto.

Then there's the stand! Her eyes round thoughtfully, "Oh, just one for me." He may end up getting half of it.

"Man, I never even had a chance." The speedster nods, filing that info away for good or not. Hopefully good. A nod and he turns back, three fingers held up. As the attendant rings them up, he dives into his pocket for his wallet. "Things calmed down at the school now though? No more hysterical mind melders?" He's not really been given any info on what happened afterwards, everything was fuzzy. And Afterthought wouldn't stop baking cookies for him. The cash is handed over, change thrown into the tip jar and then they step to the side while they wait for the dogs to come out of the fryer.

Pale bluish-green eyes watch the preparation of the hot dogs. "Whomever came up with this? How?" Asked in a near-whisper as she contemplates the nature of fried breaded hot dogs. But she digresses. Callisto turns to look upon Daxton and she hitches a thumb into either a belt hoop of the edge of one of his pockets to pull him a bit closer to her, an arm snaking around his lower back. Again: she's seeking a lot more contact lately. Not quite overprotective persay; just.. yeah. The whole thing with Ness left her shook. "Things seem.. alright. I have not bore witness to Ness quite so much since.. everything." A touch of sadness there. "The whole thing landed her with heavy detention and I suspect.. further counsel. She was very much off the rails." But she's not bringing that recollection into this moment. Of corn dogs and rides and noise.

The sound of frying batter, "Has everything been alright at home? Your teammates settled after that… situation? I shall have to speak to AfterThought again soon."

"Don't question such things, Strawberry." He side eyes her, sneaking an arm around her waist as well. Dax is going to need to do something to calm her down, as much she likes the physical touch, he doesn't want Calli to be all freaked out. "Good. I'd hate for her to have said something else to someone." While it sucked, he was able to keep warm enough, most students wouldn't have been able to. "The Unit's fine, don't worry about us. Why do you need Afterthought?" 3 beautifully golden corndogs on sticks are presented. "Hell yeah." He drops the physical contact with her in favor of grabbing the food. His two get mustard before he starts to inhale them. With a mouth full, "Wanna lemonade?"

The dark faerie likes this feeling, waiting for food and having her waist encircled. Will it always be this nice and feel this 'free', once her mother is gone? Because right now though she has the pendant and her mind (at least) is safe, it's just the knowledge of her being out there. And restless, as told recently by Oridove.

Callisto is about to answer the question re: AfterThought but pauses as the food is up. She doesn't hold it against him when he transfers her fond touch to corndogs; if anything it amuses her more. She, however, takes hers with ketchup.. though the bottle makes a gloriously wet raspberry when she squeezes it. Dax asks about lemonade with a mouth-full of corndog and it's all Callisto can do, is to laugh. Such class.

"Why not?" She looks down at the corndog. "A lemonade too, please."

A pause as they wait again and the girl finally answers, "I've more information on that other.. unfortunate business." A touch to her pendant.

Daxton finishes the first dog, although his free hand pays for the drink and then holds it. He pauses, drink midway to his mouth, "What other business?' He's attacked so much lately, it could be anything.

Everything Callisto does is graceful: eat the corndog that a ketchup bottle literally shit all over? She may as well be sampling a pastry at high tea in some old-as-the-hills manor. The lemonade? She will lean forth to sip it like nectar. She is totally not fitting into this carnival eats bidness. She segues into the 'other business' smoothly, speaking lowly so as to not bleat this odd situation out for any and all to hear. "She is actually becoming mobile for the first time in.. nearly a century. She seeks a new mate. Both bad things… but also helpful in a way, when it comes to dealing with her.." A gentle clearing of the throat.

"Worry not about her. This is not the place for her." Said as she finishes her corn dog, eyes roving the midway. The sound of something 'whizzing' —- little go-kart pony engines — causes her to crane her lithe neck in the direction of the sound. She looks interested.

Daxton frowns, following The Who. "A mate?" Jesus. "What's happened to your father?" Maybe he could be an ally? "Guess she's not the swipe right type, huh?" Worry not? Ah….bitch is in his dreams, he's gonna worry. "Callisto‚Ķ How do you know this?"

"Another mate. She has destroyed father in the worst way, as I've long suspected." Callisto blushes. Oh, she does not feel sorry for Daddy; he's not malicious but he's a bit of a fool. "One of my mother's ilk, elder fey who have gone dark, are like… those praying mantis insects, yes?" Ah, back to bugs. "Right down to how they chew off the heads of the males." Hey, she HAS been listening to some of Swarm's digressions into bug life! Euch.

She flushes, disgusted. "T'is the case here. Mother and Father have created their issue but she has grown bored of him. So rather than expand lineage she has sought to devour his mind to empower herself. Not so much as literally eating his head, but… similar self-serving premise. He is no longer useful to her." Callisto whispers, looking embarrassed. "He was never useful—" Blink. "Swipe right..? Whatever does that mean?" Sometimes she is so innocent that it's painful.

"My sister, the one in Thunder Bay, has shown herself for me and informed me. She is no longer being a spectator." Said with a touch of hurt.

That's…uncomfortable. Not only the fact she destroyed a mate, but the fact Calli doesn't seem to care all that much 9What does that say for Dax if they ever break up?). Ah! She ate his head?!? What the hell is Callisto?!?! He doesn't look calmed when she explains it's metaphorical. And he also doesn't explain the tinder reference. Maybe later. "Why are you upset that your sister is stepping up? I thought you said she was a good guy?" Also, "are there any other good guys in your family? Or…maybe some of the other Fey families?"

She can read the boy's look! He doesn't seem calmed by the explanation and the girl offers again, "His mind. We are a matriarchal race.. some take it to the extreme. Others, younger like myself, break away because it's… twisted." Understatement. Callisto has the grace to really blush now, not liking to mention all of this ugliness. If anything it will reveal more of her reasoning of trying to escape that life.

"She is good.. in a way. I just wish she could have stepped in sooner. Before others, wanting to be free, were killed." Callisto says in a gentle way, her brow knit with trouble. She's thinking of two siblings in particular who sure as shit didn't deserve their fates.

She looks up, into Daxton's eyes, "Most in my immediate kin are neutral.. the good ones, if but a sniff of that 'goodness' is suspected, are killed. The bad ones are favored. Oridove wants to be good." She outright says her sister's 'fey' name, to hell with monikers. "As for other families.. I have been removed from that society for so long that t'is hard for me to figure out who else is out there."

Daxton doesn't seem convinced, wants to be god and being good are two different things. "Maybe Orville needs to then. If your mother is physically moving, that's a good thing. Easier for the Unit to deal with." And maybe the battle doesn't have to take place in his mind, which is the running theory currently. Talk of her evil family has put a bit of a damper on the speedster, although he starts working on the second corndog.

"Enough about the lot of them." Callisto says suddenly, her cheekbones still flushed. "Finish eating that, and let us go check out whatever is over there. It.. sounds familiar." She indicates with a lithe hand the direction of the kart track. There is a touch of urgency to her voice to further push the notion home of leaving the Fey Griswolds from Hell at the doorstep of the park and going to have some fun. Callisto likes fun; has wanted more of it since the last time she really let herself relax. Too bad she was a fox then.

"It sounds like… Mario." Said in a conspiratorial whisper. Oh dear God.

Uh huh. He'll shut up about it…for now, and finishes the food as they walk towards the go carts. "Looks like it's go carts." He moves to detour to throw out the sticks and napkins, pulling out his phone to send a quick text. "We can do them if you want?"

For now. Callisto wholly intends to fill Daxton in, and before she makes to lead him toward the go karts she takes his hand once he is finished texting. "I can return to the estate for awhile, after, and we can talk then. But I beg," Oh, she is so uncool with her manner of speech. But her eyes speak volumes as they trace his face in that way that she is always given to doing. "Let us enjoy ourselves." Oh, her expression is beseeching! Faeries are dangerous like that. But then her lips curve wryly, "Let me destroy you in some realtime racing." Oh there it is. Callisto is talking shit; let's just leave the fact of her having never driven anything — period — slide.

"Oh, but I want." Take it as you will fellow; but immediately? It's totally the go-karts.

Now that seems to agree with him, the speedster nods, "Alright, after the carnival we'll head back to fill Inferno in." An eyebrow raises when she begs, cause who even talks like that anymore? "Alright we can-" Destroy him? "Have you ever driven before?" Has he? He usually runs everywhere! "You wanna try ti destroy me? Wanna place a wager on that?"

She talks like that, that's who! Daxton will have cracked ribs laughing at her if he met her in the 1970s when she was 'new' from the North and REALLY antiquated. But 'lo, it is what it is now and for Callisto to speak in slang… it'd be odd. He seems keen on the carts and Callisto's previously anxious expression returns to that look of wonder and amusement. This loud, smelly, hectic place is actually agreeing with her. Her eyes seem to flit here and there, tracing other patrons as they play and wander and loiter. One child scoots past carrying a gigantic stuffed unicorn. Another dude? Double-fisting two massive milkshakes. A cluster of skinny teenage boys from the local unpowered middle school argue boisterously over divvying out tickets.

Callisto watches them, laughing a bit, though Daxton calling her out on whether or not she can drive earns a brief deer-in-headlights look.

"T'will be my first driving lesson." Said airly to the speedster, her lips quivering as she bites back a laugh.

"God help us all." But he'll motion towheads the carts. Dax is watching her though, maybe trying to determine if there's something she sees she likes .Giant stuffed unicorn? Weird mirror with band name on it? Giant inflatable hammer? "Best advice I can give you is don't throw things at people, it's not like Mario."

The girl's gaze hadn't lingered overlong on the obnoxiously-colored unicorn, though she did spy one of those hammers that someone was hocking from behind a stand. That too warranted only a second of her regard. Speaking of, she narrows her eyes at him, "Come now, it cannot be terribly difficult, no? T'is not like true cars… and if I crash I shaln't be too bad off. And—" By now they're at the track and her pale gaze observes the little warhorses screaming their way around and around. The air is acrid with their exhaust. Callisto looks to be seriously considering if adding projectiles would be a wise, worthy decision.

"Noted. And you shall drive one.. no running and lapping the lot of us, seven times over." Said with a smirk. The carnie working the turnstile gate looks upon the two with interest, though his eyes drop to the hunk of silver resting between the pointy-eared girl's knockers. "Two of ya?" He grates out.

Well, that doesn't make things easier for winning her something. "Have you ever driven a 'true' car either?" He smirks back, "Only 7?" She must think he's a slow poke! His face goes neutral when he sees the carnie checkout Calli's necklace…or is it her chest. Either way, not cool man! "Yeah, two."

Ah, give it time dear speedster.. something will catch Callisto's eye! But what?! It may surprise even him.

Funny thing, there's not much chest to check out. Oh, she's proportional, but she's.. slender. The guy's eyes settled upon that pendant moreso than Calli's boobs.. appraising it. Is that real silver? The fellow reaches for payment, "Ya win that here? That's not the usual stuff I'm seein' girlies wear. Looks angry." He snorts laughter. Callisto tilts her head with a wary look.. she'd rather be checked out than have anyone speculate on the 'cost' of her lifesaving pendant.

"I have never before driven a true car. I have been considering learning, truly. But I am a bit… nervous?" Callisto admits.

Daxton quickly, as in super speed places himself between her and the ticket taker, making it obvious he has powers. "Very angry." He starts to move Calli onto the track, "Maybe we should have started with bumper cars then…" Not that they have those here. "I can teach you if you want. It's not hard, you have to just pay attention."

Not for the first time, Callisto feels a great swell of… something.. in her chest when the speedster moves to obstruct her from the carnie's view. It's a good feeling. It goes beyond the damsel'y 'oh protect me~' feelings… it's something else. Her lips quirk at their corners into that slight, gentle expression. The ticket carnie shakes his head, muttering about snarky kids, though speaking louder to insist the two get their helmets fitted and wait for the people before them to finish their last lap. This will happen within minutes and as the carts are parked, departed from and quickly seen to by staff, Callisto responds to Daxton's words.

The helmet she's easing onto her head is a garish cherry red orb of a thing, covered in stickers. A little look of brief discomfort as she makes sure her ears aren't crushed, and Callisto goes on looking foolish. "Bumper cars? Those sound worse." A pause, blush. "You would teach me? Are you certain?"

Snarky? Dude hasn't seen anything yet. But he doesn't throw down with him, just kept an eye on him, and the does a details glance around to make sure there's not some kind of scam going on. Calli looks like an easy mark. His helmet is yellow with stickers that look about 4 years old. "Yeah, You couldn't do more damage than the ocean, right?" He smirks over at him, trying to joke. "I have a crap car we can practice with." Why does he have a car?

He sure as shit hasn't seen nothing yet and if Callisto has it her way, the carnie won't. Not even a second glance is spared to the man and she is neither flinching or making mentalist-style faces or looking pained or any other precursors to Bad Things. What they see here is a legit racetrack for these little warthog carts, smokey and loud. There's singles and doubles (for minors who want to go but need to be pegged with a parent) … Callisto's eyes linger upon the one double-seater that pulls up and is immediately deemed not usable right now. A concerned and mildly embarrassed mother is easing her seven-year-old son out of cart because the kid just got sick and picked all over said cart. Huh. c.c

Callisto's nostrils wrinkle delicately, before she turns back to look upon Daxton with his helmet. Immediately there's a little bark of laughter and she covers her mouth lightly, though her gaze sobers. "However long has it been since you've driven? Whyfor do you need a car?" Asked without guile.

Daxton takes a small step backward, away from the puke cart. No thank you! "You wanna double it?" Here's her out, if she wants to not try this alone. "I bought it….a year and a half ago?" There's a shrug, "I drove it a few months ago. Sometimes AfterThought drives it." He then smirks, head tilting as he looks at her, "I can only carry so much when I run if Felicia isn't with me."

"Double it..? Oh, yes.. I think that would be best." Callisto admits, having been swayed by the sight of the green-skinned kid being led away. "I should not like to endanger children if I were to be out there on my own." Oh my God, spoken like a true human! Or fey wanting to be human! Callisto tilts her head slightly in a question as the gawky carnie who eyed her necklace ambles past with a bucket.

"Yes, then.. lets. T'is safer." She nods as a few other patrons move to select their, uh.. mighty steeds. Then, Callisto and Daxton are pointed to a non-pukey model. Still looks like it's seen better days though.. the paint job is ruddy brown and scuffed black with what appears to be a decal of an angry honeybadger.

"I learn something new about you every day." She says as she eases her body into the thing, having a bit of trouble at first with her legs. "I cannot quite.. picture it. Perhaps this shall be a good precursor." Said as she smiles up at him in her ridiculous headgear.

Daxton snorts, "Honey badger don't care." He'll offer a hand to held her get in before he himself jumps in. It's a tight fit, he has wide shoulders, so he turns slightly to not smoosh her. "There's lots about me. I'm a complicated dude." No he's not. He reaches up and raps his knuckles gently on her helmet as he smiles down at her, "For luck."

Aide accepted, Callisto finally configures her long frame into the cramped, hokey little rig. She's not wide in the shoulders of course; it's getting her legs configured! It can't be easy for Daxton though the proximity is enjoyable. But.. distractions!

"Whyfor would honey badgers care about go carts? Is there another student here? I know naught of another person with such a code name…" She has the grace to not reflect upon the late Headmistress. Not while crammed into a sputtering, snarling go cart.

"You are complex." Callisto offers, but her tone is not accusatory. It's just an observation, and it's a good one in her eyes anyway. "Moreso than you would like to admit." Her smirk softens into a smile though she twitches with surprise as her helmet is knocked. Catching on, she laughs softly and does the very same to the speedster's helmet. "Ah, yes.. luck."

Daxton just laughs, "Honey badgers don't." He eye rolls, he's not complex. He likes to eat and not get shot. He's a pretty simple guy. His head is tilted so she can reach and he'll start buckle up with whatever outdated safety belts they have. He legs his legs press into hers. Might as well, right?

".. is this a… is it a meme?" Callisto asks as she works to clasp the old seat belts across her waist and perhaps chest. They're old and smell kinda funny. The bridge of her nose wrinkles just slightly as she smells something. Ghosts of puke past?! Spilled, incognito booze? The girl reaches back to pull her her braid over one shoulder and tuck the end into the belt over her shoulder. But wait, rewind.. Callisto knows what a meme is? She does you know and she's asking if this 'honey badger not caring' bit is one of 'em. As everyone else is ready to go, one can hear the awakening ROARS (ahem.. emphysemic groans) of eleven other engines. It's sounds as epic as you can imagine.

Music begins to pipe up from a speaker in the middle of the track and it's positioned just so, loudly enough to not be drowned out by the other sounds from the park. Just to make this even more awesome (painful) the song is none other than 'The Final Countdown' by Europe! Callisto hardly notices; she's too busy feeling his leg there. Don't distract your co-pilot, dude!

Daxton nods, reaching over to help her adjust the belt. "Sure is." He reaches over to start the cart, bu then stops, "You start it, and you can steer." He stretches his leg out to be able to hit the gas and break, pressing into her leg more, probably on purpose. She gets a smirk before he nods encouragingly, "let's do this!"

<FS3> Callisto rolls Reaction: Success.

He's totally gonna catch her looking up 'honey badger don't care' on youtube later. Right now she has to help steer this rig and she starts it up, at least. God help them both. Suddenly the signal is given and people are going! Between feeling the speedster's leg there (ooo~) Callisto is at least not so distracted so as to not steer properly. Especially as the gas pedal is pushed! The fey girl reaches up to grip the wheel and thanks to reflexes and straight-up common sense she doesn't steer into the first go-cart she sees! Win! Too bad there's many others surrounding them!

It was a near miss but no hit. They're underway now with Daxton having no issue braking and accelerating but Callisto has to get used to the feel of it all. She calls out to the other cart that she came upon too closely, "Undskyld!" Yeah, 'sorry' in Danish.. she defaults to her 'second' (English being third) language when nervous. c.c

Daxton laughs loudly, only grabbing the steering wheel last second if needed. IS he taking up more room on the seat? Pressing into her more? Sure feels like it, but the could just be the momentum of the cart darting around the dirt track.

Hey, whether it's deliberate (likely!) or due to the motion of the shoddy little vehicle.. Callisto isn't minding the boy's body easing against hers. It's a weight she is grateful for.. especially nowadays. Even a go-kart race drums up a measure of adrenaline and that, paired with the physical response to being touched..? Hoo boy. All she needs is to accidentally down a cup of cream (why would she) to add the giddiness to it all and there you go. Hey, she's already kinda giddy.. because this is fun. Daxton has to correct her steering a couple of times be it through breaking or (worst case) taking the wheel.. so they likely won't win. Or will they?

Suddenly there's a delayed contender to the race: newly 'cleaned' (okay a lick and a promise of water and a lot of Febreeze) and the previously soiled cart has rejoined the herd! Callisto sees it speed past. "Do not let the puke cart win!" She belts out abruptly, pressing her own body to Daxton's in-turn as she lurches toward the wheel.

Maybe he'll get milkshakes for the way home….His thoughts are only partially on the race (hey, he still has teenage hormones!) so when she's suddenly bellowing he blinks, a low grunt and then he'll try to focus and presses on the grass. Not that he personally cares if they 'win' or not, but she's cute when she gets all competitive.

Despite the surge of what could be a competitive nature, it's not enough to win the day. Callisto still has to focus on not steering badly and to squint in the direction of the 'puke cart' is to see it — a double — being manned by two of the guffawing Beavis and Butthead'ish teenage boys from before. And hot damn, they're winning! The traumatized go-kart is getting retribution! The girl's knees lift as if trying to goose an accelerator but it is just an instinctive motion, she may as well be just about to flop into his lap! Mercifully she does not.

It'll be another two laps of this pressing and barking and the ineffectual chase to catch the puke cart. Eventually when the race is over, the two boys win some tickets to other rides and attractions. Callisto doesn't seem bothered at all in losing. She will lean over to give Daxton a kiss, or try to; the helmets knock. "Hng!" A surprised exhale, and rueful smile. "Is there anything else you would like to see, here?"

Daxton laughs harder when she head butts him. "Slow down there, speedy." He'll untangle himself from her an the cart before offering a hand down to help her up. "Want anything else to eat? Or to play any games?"

"I wish to win something for you." Callisto says frankly, still looking and sounding queenly despite her stint as a go-kart pig. She unfolds herself — again with help from Dax — from the seat and stretches, allowing joints to roll back into her place. Hands lift to unclasp the helmet and she pulls it off of her head, revealing helmet hair and pinkened elfish ears. Classy. They get dick-all for losing, not even a measly ticket! Callisto makes her way back into the main thoroughfare of the park, bodies of all ages and shapes sluicing around the mentalist and speedster like a salmon run. There's just so much going on!

"Let me try just that, and we can get another drink. Or perhaps ice cream." Hey, that'll be safe! Maybe! Not like it'd hurt her to begin with.

She squints in the direction of the various game booths lining the midway. But then, something catches her eye too: one of the prizes is a fox plush! Not a white one, it's red.. but still a fox. It's one of those 'shoot the ducks' games!

Daxton pauses, clearly surprised by that, "I'm supposed to win something for you." Take that, Equality! His helmet is tossed into the bin with the rest and he follows her. "Okay, whatever you want." He's good with eating anything! But then, lucky Daxton, she spots something at a shooting game. He may not even have to use powers! "What game do you wanna try?"

"Could you win at this?" Asks Callisto mildly, pointing to the shooting ducks game. This is clearly one of the older games at the park, likely hailing back to when Astro first opened. It's a game that is kept around for the sake of nostalgia and fondness and a real effort has been made to maintain the props. Some ducks are lopsided! Another was spraypainted hot pink (an act of vandalism that wasn't rectified); another has been reconfigured to be upside down. It looks dead easy with a pair of airsoft guns at ready. A vaguely disinterested-looking twenty-something dude wearing a Guns N' Roses shirt looks up as if startled to see potential patrons.

"I should like very much to have that." Said with a gesture to the fox plush, the fey's features pulled innocuously into a flustered smile. The carnie quirks a brow.

Daxton eyes it for a moment, using his speed to look over the ducks to make sure it's not rigged. "From what I can tell, yeah. If it's honest, I can win you whatever you want there." Dax gives the metal head a shrug, "Lady wants a fox, looks like I'm playing." He pulls out his wallet to hand the guy a five. Sometimes you have to win multiple times to get the bigger prizes.

Seems legit! Maybe that's why the booth has such staying power! The metalhead who is manning a booth filled with cutesy plushies and cartoon ducks takes the fiver and crams it into the money box. "If yer wantin' one of those bigass unicorns, got none here. That's over at Murph's stall and he's a greaseball." The carnie drawls and starts readying the ridiculously dated game. Callisto watches carefully, as if fascinated. "Everyone wantin' those fucking unicorns, I—" Pause; the carnie seems to slip expletives often.

Callisto exhales a chuckle into her palm. The game starts up and the air is infused into the 'firearm'… ducks start 'floating' across the front of the hokey 'pastoral lake' scene! But instead of the sort of musical box drivel sort of melody that accompanies this sort of game… it's 'Run to the Hills' by Iron Maiden. The carnie snorts. "You try listening to that other garbage all day.. I made tweaks."

It's on!

<FS3> Daxton rolls Firearms: Failure.

Daxton raises the gun and shoots, but since it's not a real gun, the weight is off. The shoot pings off of the background and he frowns, clearly annoyed. He takes a moment to feel the gun before raising shooting again.

<FS3> Daxton rolls Firearms: Success.

"T'is but a practice shot." Callisto offers to reassure, giving his elbow the gentlest touch for a second or two. But then Daxton, not one to be fleeced by some stinkin' duck shoot'em'up, really gives the 'firearm' a onceover and accustoms himself to it's weight and feel. Just as the carnie snorts, the speedster is ready to try again and the next shot fells one duck! And another! Some of them don't 'fall' smoothly.. one is hitched only halfway back but it still counts. Everytime a cut-out is 'shot', it makes a pitiful 'QUACK' sound that sounds more like a fart. Between that and the altered soundtrack from the 'ice cream truck' special to headbanger delight… what a piece of work. Callisto can't help it, she laughs again.

The round is over but since Dax paid it forward, the carnie nods again with a smirk. "Get t' go again. Gotta get a few games won for the medium prize," A gesture with a gnawed thumbnail to the fox.

There's something a little unsettling as Dax shoots. He's clearly been training in guns, his stance is very exact, he still (Which in and of itself is unsettling) before pulling the trigger. A small reminder that he's got baggage completely different that Callisto's. The ducks falls , enough for the medium and them some before he leaves the last few shots for Calli. "Come here." If she does, he'll go behind her and help her aim. "Keep breathing," which may be hard as he's whispering in her ear. "Squeeze the trigger on your exhale…"

It is a sort of baggage that Callisto cannot relate to. It's a different realm. Sinister as her mother may be; odd as her kith and kin are apiece… she would be hard-pressed to ever recall any one of her species (at least her 'family) picking up a firearm. Even military training is… yeah. Different baggage is right. Even the carnie notices the posture and what it means and sees fit to keep quiet and not poke fun or rib Dax on as he would other patrons. Callisto notices too and though her laughter dies, it's not because her mood has been dampened. She's just.. realizing what is afoot here. But then Daxton shoots his fill and quota to win the 'main' prize and a couple of other tiny ones and is bidding her to—-oh.

Keep breathing, he says. Focus, he says. HOW when he's that close and easing in and directing her in such a fashion? He'll feel her inhale, arms moving to hold the prop gun, but she's not thinking of wooden ducks right this second. She'll ease into him some.. like, into him.. and exhale with a little sigh, ears pinkening again. The gun shoots and she could care less where the pellet flies. Somehow she hits one!

Daxton stays where he his, she can feel him smirk next to her ear, "Good. Keep that momentum….Keep breathing…" He lifts her hand slightly, helping her aim a little bit. 'Let the target some to you…" Which is fine and dandy when it's a duck, when it's a person… Yikes. Baggage.

Oh she can breathe, but there is more of a heightened quality to her measuring of breath now with him being so near. Right next to her ear, guiding her! Hot damn. A little sound in her throat, more ponderous than anything, and her fey nature rises up some in her countenance only for her sensibility to squash it flat. It might not do to try heaving the speedster onto the table.. keep it family friendly. But he's there, so close, and Callisto squints to take her last shot. A little tremble as she 'lets the target come to her' .. so compliant, not a person. Pip! Down it goes.. pure fluke, and mostly due to Daxton's guidance.

Not even noticing the carnie gawping at the dude standing as if he is facing trenches, Callisto turns to reach out and try planting a very grateful kiss to the boy's lips. Take that baggage. Oh and hey she is thankful for the prize.. but then he had to go and get all close and instructive.

Daxton smiles into her mouth, "You're a natural!" That's not a good thing! But he seems to think so, laughing and grabbing her hand, "Let's pick out which fox you want." Is there a difference? Apparently in Dax mind there is! "Ophie always says you have to look them in the eye to get the right one." He must be feeling good, to mention his sister so casually.

"Ophie.." She ponders, then her eyes round in fascination. Callisto would be content to kiss the face right off of him but then the mention of his little sister is so sudden, so unexpected and poignant that though the feelings are still there, the grabbiness is foisted right to the back burner. This is 'Important'. "Ophelia, yes?" She makes sure she gets the girl's name right. "Then we shall follow this advice thusly. T'is important." Said as she turns her flushed face toward the carnie who has been getting an eyeful. "Please produce the foxes." Oh God Callisto.

She can't help it~

Collecting roundabouts the five that are in stock, the carnie splays them all out in front of te duo. Hey, there's nobody waiting to play. Callisto peers down at the five identical — at a glance — stuffed foxes. Carefully she picks one up, and looks right into it's face. =_=

Daxton nods, clearly missing the importance of his slip. He's trying to look at stuffed foxes! "I think it's more to check to make sure they don't have derpy faces or are sewn wrong or something." He let's Calli pick, it's hers after all. He will take a moment to scan the area, making sure there's no group of carnie mob tying to stay Calli's necklace approaching.

"This one has a conniving face." Said simply as she holds one up.. bad sewing job on a muzzle. The next, similar defect but just the wrong placement of but one stitch renders the thing looking straight-up derpy. She's looking through the bunch, oddly excited (and then some) and indeed prone as the gorgon head hangs down, it's sterling facade sneering as it swings gently at her bosom. It's as if the necklace is scrutinizing the foxes too!

It's the fourth one that is actually passable. "Here we are. I shall take this one." Said with ease as she accepts it and a couple of other baubles from the previous wins leading up to the fox! These are your usual carnival frippery: one of those tops that you press a trigger on to send it flying, a whoopee cushion. Callisto gives those to passing kids but keeps the fox for herself.

"Thank you." Said to the speedster with a soft look, "Your sister's advice held true. Did she collect stuffed toys when she was little?"

Daxton nods, "Still does, I think." He's not seen her room here. And it's that moment he realizes what he's talking about and changes the topic, 'Let's get a drink and then head back to the Estate."

And Callisto, bless her, recognizes the precise — right down to the second — moment when Daxton changes tact. She also knows by now not to push or dig or pry. She's sick of jugulars.

"Well, consider this my first. I shall have to name it, yes? I will keep it right on my bed." Said frankly, feeling every bit the teenager that she technically is.. even giving the thing the gentlest hug. It's becoming of her.

She looks up with an easy nod, "I am thirsty.. and ready to leave here.. I've a few hours yet. The drink is my treat." Said in offer as she sees that same brick shithouse of a dude walking past with two cisterns of milkshakes. The same ones? Callisto's lips curl a bit, and she squints in the direction from when the dude walked. There's the milkshake / icecream / lemonade (yes a competitor for the corndog stand c_c ) vendor! Charge!

Daxton feels kinda proud for a moment, doing the good boyfriend thing and making sure his girl as a cuddle critter for when he's not there. Dax realizes it's prolly not milkshakes so he doesn't say anything, just let's Calli lead. She can pick the drink, especially if she's paying. "I'll get you home before curfew." He's not showing an fear of going out on the water, which is good.

Spiked milkshakes?! Hey, it's Astro Park and Saturday… can't be put past anyone! Callisto observes Daxton's response to the gifting of the fox and it's quite cute indeed. She sees fit to cradle the little thing into her elbow as they go and Callisto, well.. she's putting stock in these park milkshakes not being quite so rich; not as much as those in a dedicated storefront or ice cream shop. Hah.

The fey girl has noticed and is indeed heartened by Daxton's bid to run her across the water, and she will take his hand and give it a grateful squeeze to bring the point home. Gratitude; relief. Goodness, he is made of strong stuff.

"Curfew is 11pm on Saturday nights." Said with a cheeky smile (her player had to dig deep back into the IC posts for that one!) .. they will reach this stand, manned by a very wholesome-looking girl with braided hair and suspenders. A good break from leering at necklaces and metalheads!

Daxton just smiles, not exactly sure why she's squeezing his hand, but it's nice. "Okay. I'll have you home by 11 then." He turns that smile to the girl at the counter, "We need something to drink…" He leans back to read the sign above their heads, "Do you like root beer floats, Strawberry?" The girl behind the counter looks confused, "We don't have Strawberry root beer floats…."

Though she is showing a significant increase in the affection that is dealt — and it's not at all forced either — Callisto is not too clingy. Her hand rests comfortable in Daxton's as they contemplate drinks, palm warm and fingers deftly knit into his own. Pale eyes observe the girl behind the counter as Daxton speaks of these.. 'floats'. She turns to look at him, moonpale hair alight with some of the colors of the flashing lights which surround them. "I have never had one before. A root beer.. float?" Well, that should answer his question! She turns to look upon the girl with an amused expression. "T'is my nickname."

As if that helps the girl's confusion. She stares back at the two with a silly smile. Just smile and nod and take their order!

Daxton just ordered, "Alright, that needs to be rectified. One large float please." He leans against the counter, smirk at Calli as the girl makes the drink. "We'll get this and then head back home, yeah."

Fascinating, this. A root beer float? Does the drink float? Poor Callisto, so very advanced in some ways… such a newb in so many others. Just one look at her and you can tell she doesn't sample sweets often. It's funny, years ago.. a different identity ago.. she was drinking wine. She was somewhere else. A city that she just cannot quite recall or doesn't care to. Now she's watching this Raggedy Anne impersonator scooping vanilla ice cream into a large cup and getting the soda ready. It's not wine. This isn't a city.

Callisto's gaze softens some as she watches the whole process, her expression both ponderous and rapt. "Oooohh…" Exhaled.. she's intrigued!

"I shall trust that it is good. Worse case you'll get most of it." Said as she turns to the speedster, smile widening, eyes alight. "What other peculiar drinks and snacks am I to encounter and learn of, in knowing you?"

Daxton likes showing her new things. He didn't expect that. "It's good. You'll like it." He studies her, that excitement, and it make she smile, 'We can walk home if you want." He doesn't have to run her to the estate, they can enjoy the night some.

The excitement even surprises Callisto.. maybe it's just the present company and all of these things happening around her, stirring the interest. Perhaps, too, it's that new concept of fun! Daxton proposes a slower clip and Callisto.. well… that is just her speed. There's the hissing of the co2 as the root beer is poured and even the completion of the drink goes unseen by the fey girl, her eyes studying Daxton's face. He definitely looks different, to some degree.. not an unpleasant thing. Callisto tilts her head some, flecks of hair quivering at her chin in the cool breeze, laden with carnival smells.

"I would like that, a great deal. T'would be wonderful in fact. We've time." Said contentedly as the fox stuffy's beady black eyes also 'study' the speedster.

The girl slides the frosty drink in the direction of the two, and requests payment. Callisto eyes the floating globule of vanilla ice cream as the froth of fizzy drink surrounds it.

Daxton's head tilts back at her, "What?" He's noticed her watching him all trough the date. "Do I have something on my face?" After a moment he'll move to pay for the float, Calli can get the next date. The drink is offered to the fey to try first as they start walking.

Gah, he noticed?! Of course he would. Callisto has a way of watching others. It's almost like the poise of a cat; this could be a good or bad thing. But as he catches her and asks his question, Callisto clears her throat as her face flushes. "I've just been.. thinking." Ruh roh.. scary when girls — even immortal ones — 'think'! But it's not spoken in a morose or troubled way. Her lips curve upwards at their corners in a surprisingly shy look. "Let us walk, and we can talk more." Thinking AND talking?! She seems content as she muses over such a thing; her hand will not have left his or will seek to take it again as they part ways with the booth and ultimately the hectic, colorful, noisy bastion of Astro Park.

But first she will sip the drink.. having her first taste of a 'root beer float'. Her lashes flutter, expression becoming… interested.

Another deeper draw of the old-time'y treat. Callisto.. giggles.. sips again. Oh, she likes it! But remember.. there's cream in ice cream! As she takes it into her system she will yet remain herself just…. 'happier'. "So.. a thought.. " Started as she offers the drink to the speedster.

Daxton's smirk grows, happy with her expression. "Yeah. We can do both.' He's talented like that. He takes the drink with his free hand sipping as well and giving her most of his attention. He does scan the area to make sure they're safe as they walk.

For once.. for once the stars align and fortune smiles and nobody is melting out of the suburban shadows to murderface either of them. Woot! It's about time! There's not a smidge of unease in Callisto's countenance; no sign of her sensing or 'hearing' a damned thing. It seems to lighten her step as the street lights, more prominent in the darkness of night, wink along the links and pendant which comprise the necklace. She sips the float, passing it to Daxton companionably and not intending to have a go at the whole thing less she become too giddy from the ice cream. Hence the reason as to why she was careful with all of the milkshakes consumed!

"I…" She trails off.. sentimentality is new to Callisto, or at least that of a deeply buried virtue that has been asleep awhile. Her thumb moves to stroke the back of his knuckle. "I like you, Daxton. Like like you. I hope that you do not mind this. That t'is not too.. forward.." Said as she looks down at her feet briefly.

Well, no one is attacking them just yet! Dax will take it. When she admits her feelings, he chuckles, "I should hope you like like me. Otherwise we're wasting our time…" Or they at least need to get on the same page.

Just 'yet'… Callisto may destroy any wouldbe attackers if they were to intrude upon this moment. No, it's no dewy-eyed sparkly moment of feelings… it's just her being rather frank. Callisto came to understand a great many things with the recent events. His chuckle pools in her belly like a warm soothing thing… that and the drink makes her feel content. "Of course I do. Foolish thing. I.. was near mad, utterly outside of myself when you went missing.. t'was a terrible few hours. It solidified some things for me."

She looks up at him then, "So even with the trouble I've darkened your door with, after all you've been through and yet deal with.. you wish to continue with me?" She nudges him gently with a lithe shoulder, reaches for the float.

Daxton says, "It solidified that you liked me." Good to know. "Guess I'll have to near die every few month so you don't forget that, huh?" He's joking. "Foolish thing? You need to come up with a better pet name for me than that." The drink is handed back, "Well yeah. At least until after the holidays.""

"Dastardly boy," She snaps, though in jest. Another nudge, her gaze is sharp and full of thought. "I am trying to be honest. And what I meant by that was that.. I was trying to take care. To be considerate." A delicate sniff of laughter, and she pulls his arm in to hug it to her side. Callisto gazes straight ahead then, sipping the drink. They're departing Ocean Circle and walking along some measure of Main Street. A cluster of teens, coming from Downtown Funk and going off toward Maple Drive to extend their night into less 'moderated' activities. Callisto's eyes track them, before she turns back to the street ahead. Watches the passing storefronts.

"But, t'is true. And to bring the point home I do need to find a nickname for you, don't I?" A pause, a sharp (still jesting) look at the 'holiday' remark.

Daxton chuckles, faking a stumble when she nudges him. He'll stop though, pulling her to face him once they're out of the park, "It'll happen, don't stress about it…" His blue eyes study hers, although there's a hint of want there. Want for a nickname? Surely not! He steps a little closer, "I can be dastardly though…."

"Dastardly." Callisto echoes, slowing her gait to look up at him. Her manner is more.. relaxed. Not quite so uppity and aloof. Must be the float… no, it is most definitely the night. The fox stuffy remains tucked into her elbow, content with it'sw lot in life. Dax bids them to slow in their gait, ultimately stop. The other teens lope away into the darker part of town, their voices braying like donkeys, ready for fun. They may as well be calling from a different galaxy.

"Blue." Callisto says next, a finger lifting to trace his jaw, skin cold from having held the root beer float for a minute or two. "Such blue eyes." Said frankly, "Handsome.. even when you're cramming corndogs into that mouth." Fingertips drop to caress the side of his lips, Callisto's own expression teasing but kind.

Daxton tilts his head, maybe giving her a better view of his jaw. Something flickers across his face, "Don't call me handsome." It's not an order so much, but….that's not the nickname he wants…again. Blue eyes narrow slightly, but then he moves in to kiss her, hard.


The first nightmare. The one she 'pushed', forced his sleeping mind into something 'pleasant'. A girl there calling him handsome… was it handsome? Wait no.. it was something else.. something so…. it was handsomeness. That had to have been it.

Oh Gods. Callisto is bid to not use that name and little does Daxton know, cripes, she understands. How could she say that, even if he is totally that? What else can she say? Her lips move to speak, to take it back, to find something better. There is something better. But then he grabs her and takes her mouth rather intensively and Callisto cannot quite think for the moment. A second of surprise and she immediately drops into the emotion of it all, arms lifting to wrap around his neck.. though not before she quickly, awkwardly shoves the fox into her bag.

Her form melds into his, giving back as good as she gets and not shy with the pressure.. but with but a breath she finds a much better word for him: "Powerful." Before she dissolves back into the embrace. Something hoots briefly and harmlessly, way over Maple Drive way.

While kissing her, he flips the hooting person the bird. Dax is not chasing after them to drop them in the ocean this time. Empathy man! He takes a deep breath, lip twitching against hers, "Lets get home…" Maybe he will run her home…

They can all go pound sand, as far as Callisto is concerned. They wanna hoot? Who cares. Hoot away. Use it as fodder for their own minds later. Honey badger don't care and neither does Callisto. Her hands move to slide beneath the speedster's shirt, fingers skating ever-so-carefully up his sides. It may be in his best interest to run them home because when Callisto gets all insistent and, well… fey… who cares about public places!

The teens have mostly melted into the shadows of the derelict portion of town. One remains though, a stocky late-adolescent boy with a bomber-style coat, grubby denims and a tousled head of dark green dyed hair.

It's hard to see in the shadows, but his face is a riot of acne. His 'friends' have moved on and most have been dissuaded not to touch him; no fist-bumps or nudges because one might be startled to find that this 'teen boy' is soft in places where a teen boy shouldn't be. The glamoured Oridove observes the two with a sort of interest. It's more serious than she thought… but she—-'he' turns, and follows the other rabblerousers into Maple Drive. She is of no harm to the two as they coil around one another in the street, only to speed away.

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