(2018-10-19) Shades Meets Conner
Shades Meets Conner
Summary: In which Shades meets Conner and gets a SECRET MISSION!
Date: 2018-10-19
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Coral Springs Courtyard

The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and clear.


Shades is power-walking down through the Courtyard, umbrella up and angled against the sun as he's looking from side to side- clearly searching for something, or someone. Every now and again, he'll glance at his phone (putting it fairly close to his sunglasses) and then looking at someone- most often guys in Metis Consortium colors.

Conner is sitting in the courtyard, enjoying fresh air before the cold starts to really set in. He is, in fact, still in his Metis uniform, holding a tablet in his hand, giving it a somewhat blank stare as words write and rewrite themselves on the screen far faster than anyone could type them.

"HEY!" Shades shouts, as he gets pointed towards Conner, and starts to pelt over. "Hey, are you Conner Masters!"

His tablet goes still as Conner looks up, blinking, at the approaching Shades. "I hope so, or I'm going to prison for startling large levels of fraud. Why?" he asks, head cocked to the side.

Shades breaks into a huge grin. "Oh, man, I've just- Hi! Um. I'm Corbin, but, uh, I usually go by Shades now? And- dude, it's just- this is so cool!" He akwardly tries to fumble the umbrella into the crook of an elbow so that he can simultaneously tuck his phone back into his blazer and extend a hand towards Conner.

Conner still looks vaguely skeptical, but shakes the extended hand all the same. "Shades? Did you pick that yourself?" he asks, wrinkling his nose slightly. "You can do better. I'm almost positive."

Shades stutters for a moment at conflicting thoughts and words. "I- I- I mean, I did, cause I have to wear- ya'know," He reaches up to tap the sunglasses. "And, like, all my powers are shadow based and stuff, but- like, never mind! I've just- I've read a lot about the Masters, and I ran into Schuyler kind of accident and I just realized that you were at Coral Springs too! I just-" He pauses for a second. "I just, it's really cool like, getting to meet you. The Masters are a just-" Still akwardly juggling the umbrella, he gestures vaugely with his hands.

Conner looks at the shades and purses his lips. "You know, normally coming up with your own nickname, super or otherwise, is a bit of a faux pas," he points out. "But, I guess when it's something so terribly obvious, it was bound to end up as Shades anyways. So you get a pass," he declares, then raises an eyebrow. "Read about us? So you're, what, a fan?" He seems more than a little amused by this idea.

"I mean- not like of- of like, your family in particular! Haha, man, no, that would- that would be like, super weird, right?" Shades' stammers for a second to try and re-rail his train of thoughts. "I mean, like, stalkerish, and- no, I'm just, I was- I mean, I guess I still am, but I was too -on like, a lot of forums about supers, and I read a lot about 'em, and so, ya'know, the Masters family just, like, comes up a lot. CanIgetAPictureWithYouRealQuick?" he adds, in a rush at the end.

"Yes, that would be super weird," Conner confirms with a nod, though it's clear that, despite his calm, disinterested tone, he's doing his best not to laugh. He gives an understanding 'aaahh' at the explanation of general super-fanboyism, nodding. "Right. That's only a little weird. And there's a pretty high weird tolerance round here, so you're good." He lets out a small laugh at the picture request and, after a moment of consideration, nods. "Fine, but if I see any BFF tags or anything like that attached to this picture, I will personally make sure nothing you touch ever touches the internet again." His smile is perfectly pleasant, making whether he's serious or not hard to discern. And then he's standing to put himself next to Shades, smiling a seemingly genuine smile for the picture.

Shades makes a small squeek of delight, and then in quick motion spins around pulling out the phone and holding it out at arm's length so that both he and Conner are in frame. The screen is weird, with the colors inverted. "Nope, no tagging, I don't even put 'em online, I mean, a little private imgur album thing, but it's mostly just for, ya'know, me." Having gotten the picture, he seems to finally be able to take a breath, as he tucks the phone back into his blazer. If he's cogent of Conner's suppressed laughter, it doesn't show on his grinning counternace. "Is it true that all the Masters go on, like, a quest to become supers?"

"Hm. Like your own little Pokemon collection. Totally not weird," Conner says as he steps away, sitting back down. "Yes, the Quest is a thing." You can almost hear him capitalize the Q. "But now I'm curious. How does super-fan end up here? What's your whole…" He trails off, pointing at the shades and the umbrella, clearly curious.

"Oh, uh," Shades doesn't loose his grin, but he does shrink inwards a little, shoulders hunching and drawing his arms closer to his chest. "I mean- I've got this thing with like, shadows? And darkness, sort of. But, um. It kinda makes-" He hesitates. "It's hard to explain. But like, the brighter something is lit, the harder it is to see? And vice versa. Like, I'm fine in total darkness, but it might as well be totally dark if it's bright outside, ya'know?" He wiggles the umbrella a bit. "Plus, I burn like, real freaking easy now."

"Which would explain the glasses and the colors when you took the picture and all that," Conner says, nodding, then gives the boy a scrutinizing look. "How did it happen?" he asks. "Because I have a friend with a similar powers come with a curse thing going on, and I'm really wondering if you might, indirectly, mind you, be able to help." He gives Shades an expectant look.

Shades' eyebrows rise over the top rim of the glasses. "Wha- really! Oh, man, of course, yeah, I'd-" And then he stops, and looks down. "I mean. I'd love to, but- I don't know how much I'll be able to… this just sort of… happened, ya'know? I woke up about like, a month ago, cause my Mom was screaming- cause, uh. I'd turned into a shadow over night, and that wasn't what she expected to find when waking me up." He bites his lip. "No one else in my family is a super that I know about- and I mean, I think I'd know."

Conner thinks in silence for a few moments, chewing at his lip, before finally speaking. "Here's the thing. What I'm thinking of should almost certainly be harmless to you." Maybe not the most encouraging preface. "Long story short, I need a guinea pig that won't die if their powers are turned off for a few minutes," he says bluntly. "And if you don't want to do this, that's legit, but if you think you might, my friend stands to get that much closer to a normal-ish life. And, naturally, I'd try helping you out as much as I can, too."

Shades bites his lip a lot harder after that. "Turn… *off* my-" He hesitates before adding, "But- only for a few minutes? For sure? Like, there's absolutely no way they- they *wouldn't* come back?" There's a certain desperate sound to that question. "Cause I mean, I'll- I'll help, I just… I just wanna know for sure…"

"They will absolutely come back," Conner says with certainty. "But take plenty of time to think. It's a lot to spring on a guy at once," Conner says in an understanding tone. "While you take your time to think, though, can you do me one small favor? A little homework, if you will?" he asks, offering his most winning smile.

Shades immediately perks up, relief evident on his face. "Oh yeah, absolutely!"

<FS3> Conner rolls Technomancy: Good Success.
"Everything about your powers. Weaknesses, severity of problems, full capabilities you know about so far…. I want to know it all before we do anything," Conner says. "Just to make sure I'm not going to somehow make things worse," he explains. "Can you email me that whenever you get a chance?" he asks, brushing his hand across his tablet. "Address is in your phone."

Shades is struck speechless for a second, before pulling up his phone, flipping through it for a second, and then looking between it and Conner several times, with increasing amounts of grin each time. "THAT IS SO FREAKING-" he catches himself mid-shout, and takes a breath. "I mean- yeah. Everything about my powers. Totes can do."

"Yes, yes, I'm very impressive," Conner says, tone dismissive even though he's grinning at the enthusiasm. "And, Shades. If my inbox is full of cat memes in the morning morning, I'm going to be upset." There's a brief pause, then another grin. "Cat memes are more of an evening thing." So probably joking this time.

A bell chimes, providing an alert of impending class change. "Oh- oh crap, uh." Stuffing the phone back into his blazer, he says, "This has been super awsome, but I've like- I've gotta run to class, but! Thanks! And I'm Shades!" He turns and starts to pelt for the academic building. "I already told you that though! Just- just making sure!"

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