(2018-10-18) Friendly Heartbreaker
Friendly Heartbreaker
Summary: Fionnuala meets Jake again, and breaks his heart in the most well-meaning way possible.
Date: 2018-10-18
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Coral Springs Dock, Coral Springs
Thu Oct 18, 2018

Not only is there a new school, but apparently there is a new island as well. This one is much larger and a lot more cliffy and forested than the previous one.

The docks are quite nice, with a heating and air conditioned building that has vending machines and restrooms so students can wait for the ferry in inclement weather.

To the left of the docks is a small park like area, the rest is left as nature intended it. Mostly rocky shore, with waves and riptides that make any swimming here dangerous. A winding, flower and tree lined cobblestone path curves up a hill and signage indicates that the school is at the top.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and fair.


<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Solarkinesis: Good Success.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Ukulele: Good Success.

It's a Thursday; a Thursday like most others. Maybe colder as October progresses onwards… but the late fall sunshine is still giving the day a lick and a promise and if one sits in the direct stretch of it's rays, they'll get warm enough. Otherwise it's crisp outside, actually kinda pretty. REALLY pretty. When you're an artist and a being that can see colors beyond the typical color wheel, the mere sighting of the body of water beyond the school docks is a buffet of color in it's own right. So many blues and greens and even some ochre as the sun dances atop the waves.

Classes are over and Fionnuala has been having some trouble committing her brainmeats to studying for what is some manner of sciences test. Like the Math(s), the sciences are the girl's bane and it's a struggle to keep her head above water. So she's perched there in the parkland that is set off to the left of the docks, upon a bench and still in her uniform, strumming what appears to be a small string instrument. How does Fee cope with study blues? Music! Her wings twitch and move of their own volition, sunlight enmeshing itself into the black feathers and fueling her. The chords from her uku carry across the dock, and it's some manner of cheerful melody.

Thursday is the worst day.

Jake seems to be in slightly low spirits for doing rather poorly on a chemistry project. It's not his fault the chemical combusted because his fingers were electrically charged! Then again, he also doesn't seem to get along with his lab instructor. That said, Jake's come down to the docks to clear his head.

Then the Italian hears the beautiful tunes of Fionnuala. He might be in love.

Quickest way to his heart!

approaching Fionnuala as she plays her melody, he smiles. "Buongiorno." good day, in the Italian tongue. His own accent melodic when he's speaking Italian. "May I join you? You're music is the most beautiful sound I've ever heard."

The winged girl has become quite versed with her little ukulele in recent months. Between times spent practicing with Ollie and just filling the times 'in between' with tunes, Fee has become competent. It's not the most elaborate instrument but there's just something so sweet and simple about it's melodies that it… suits her just fine. Her deft fingers pluck and sweep across the strings. Fionnuala is not singing along as she is usually apt to do, for that requires more thought and she's really not in the mood to think more than she must. So when someone else joins her in this neck of the woods, glowing topaz eyes flit in the direction of Jake as he follows her chords. Her lips quirk in greeting and recognition, "Hi!" The girl exclaims, not breaking her stride in the melody. What melody? Frankie's 'Fly Me To The Moon'

"Thanks! I'm still a newbie… but.. you're Jake, right?" Fee asks sunnily.

And then he SEES HER.

Jake don't faint. don't faint. DO NOT FAINT OR I SWEAR TO GOD.

He manages to keep his composure, though he is /blushing/ up a storm, but he does move to sit next to Fee on the docks. "Yeah. For a newbie I mean…..wow." he just looks in her eyes. "you're….Fionnualaaa?" he says with great uncertainty and probably butchered her name with his Italian grammar knowledge. AKA he can't spell/pronounce Scottish names to save his life unless he learns.

"D-do you sing? Scommetto che canti splendidamente.." he bets she'd sing as good as she played.

Poor Jake.. if he were to faint over quirky neo-hippy Fionnuala, she would at least not leave him there to sprawl. That's just what she looks like too: a slightly rumpled air to the uniform, hair loosened and left to hang, woven and braided in spots with braids and beads and feathers of all colors. How long does it take for her to knit all that stuff into her mop? It suits her and if she could have it her way, she'd decorate her wings too. But she doesn't. Jake's blushing doesn't trouble the comfortable girl in the least. Eye contact, too, doesn't bug her and she looks right on back rather pleasantly. Fee is a friendly girl. "Hey, close! Just call me Fee." Is offered; she is used to her name being eaten alive by voices.

"Sing? Oh yeah, all the time! Singing is my version of fidgeting." Said with a chuckle as her fingers, with a sentience all their own, dance through the bridge of the melody. "You settling in ok?"

Well, at least he wouldn't be left behind! Jake tries to be close to her, because she's stunningly gorgeous, but he doesn't want to impede. Not to mention she's playing his favorite song! No wonder it's like the call of the angels to him. He smiles to her softly, being careful not to touch her wings. "Fee? Si, si…well, you already know me by my shortened name." he smiles warmly before shrugging.

"C-can I hear you sing? I bet it's beautiful…" he lowers his eyes. HE'S NOT GOOD AT THIS!

But at her question, he nods. "I am. Everyone here is very friendly. molto gentile. My roommate, Shades, is friendly, so he's really helping.

<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Singing: Success.

It's nice to meet a peer here and not in the depths of an abandoned hospital. That was not an easy time. Since then Fionnuala had been pulled back some from the mission; for reasons. But here in the sun and beside the sea, it's easier to re-acquaint herself with the boy whom she met in that.. tense situation. Jake seems flustered though and Fee is kind enough to call attention to it or make him even more blushy. One of the big, black wings moves to better avail a spot for Jake to sit. There is warmth emanating from the shifter, much like what one would feel when they sit upon a sunny patio.

So he wants to hear her sing? But 'lo, Fee has questions! So in true Fee fashion she will hit two birds with one stone.

The melody changes from a song cover to a ponderous tune of no real rhyme or reason. Just a few chords slung together into something nice and passable. Then, instead of speaking her words, Fee sings them! It's not profoundly beautiful, as it's an awkward way to talk, but it sounds nice!

~Everyone is friendly!~ Spoken in song, eyes twinkling with amusement. ~Never met Shaaa~aades! What grade are you both in?~

Jake's in love. Poor bastard.

He listens to her sing and he just listens, his eyes never leaving hers for even the smallest second as if she was the greatest work of art he's ever seen. He listens attentively, before he smiles. ~iiii caaaannn''ttt siiiiinnnggg!~ he has a very Italian, musical melody to his voice.. but it's not very good! No wonder Italians pity him.


But he eventually laughs. "I'm a Freshman. I think Shades is also a Freshman."

Oh Fee.. sometimes her tolerance is her downfall; else, it makes others either uncomfortable or in the case of Poor Jake here… her just not being shy with any and all eye contact will likely only make him even more flustered. Fee will return the eye glances here and there to be both polite and friendly, but.. poor Jake!

She speaks normally now, fingers still prying a nonsensical but pretty melody from her uku. "Aw, anyone can sing. If you have a nice voice or way of speaking, or the passion for it… you just get some lessons. I'm not sure if there's anything underway here but there's a vocal coach in town. My Ma and Da got me lessons not long after we moved here and before starting Coral." Said with a giggle. "Be kind to yourself. Do you have family closeby or are they all overseas?" Asked as she just assumes he came here from Italy!

Ohhhh it probably will be one day. But, at least there's still time to break Jake from his heart-felt insta-love for Fee.

As she tells him that anyone can sing and he chuckles softly. "Well, anyone can sing, buuuut not everyone can sing /good/." he laughs a bit, but he shakes his head.

"No…sadly, my family is in venezia. Venice." he sighs sadly. "It is what it will be." a small shrug of his shoulders. "What of you?"

"I'm a Junior. Almost at the jumping-off point." Fee says with a giggle. So she must be a bit older, then; her manner and appearance is younger. "I don't remember much of my Freshman year… it was scary enough easing in from the middle school in town. I can't imagine coming all the way across the water to join in. People are pretty understanding and helpful though, as mentioned. It took me just over a year to really make friends though." Admitted easily.. Fee isn't shy about disclosing moments where she struggled. Jake seems shy and easily-flustered.

"Venice! Dude, wow.. so like.. with the waterways between buildings and docks? All those canals and bridges? It sure looks beautiful in books!" Fee exclaims before she sets her ukulele down to give her fingers a break. There's plenty of pretty ocean sounds around them to fill the gap. "My parents are over in Shady Cove.. but I have tons of family in Scotland. It's actually pretty vanilla."

"Oh….a year?! But you're wonderful. Why did it take so long, if I may ask?" Jake looks utterly aghast by that information!~ But he does chuckle rather softly. "Exactly. Venizia…ah, come mi manca la mia casa.." he's clearly reminiscing of home. But, he eventually looks at Fionnuala, perhaps looking a little jealous.

"I'm glad you have your family. I miss home. My folks didn't want to come with. They wanted me to have that individual experience of being on my own I suppose."

"I was shy," Fee grins widely. "Stereotypical art nerd. Like the ones in those foolish teen movies that are dorks and quiet and on the sidelines. But I like it when they stay nerds and don't get those makeovers to become prom queens. I stuck to my nerdy roots and found people to like me.. and I can in turn love them whether they like it or not!" A melodic giggle. "I'm really okay with it. It gave me time to get to know myself, y'know? What I like and don't like and how to be a teenager without turning into a crazy hosebeast. So when the right people came 'round, I was ready."

Well that makes sense.

She looks sympathetic to Jake having no family close (little does he know), but sees the positivity: "Well, that's good too. And we're all connected with email and Skype and stuff. You'll be amazed at how the time flies before you see them again. Until then, keep making friends! Maybe I'll meet this Shades fellow too!"

"Well, I guess that makes sense." Jake gives her a playful shoulder-nudge, though he blushes again. Though as she tells him that she discovered people like her, he smiles. "Of course people like you. Us nerds are in high demand dontcha know." He winks at her, perhaps some minor flirting from Jake to Fee.

But he does shrug a bit. "Well, how about we be friends?" he smiles, but his eyes might suggest more on the…relationship side of friends. Can Fee catch his subtle advances?

Oh nooooo…

Fee does recognize that nuance to a smile. She's seen it before, a couple of times…. no, more than a couple. Quite a few. Fee is no beauty queen; she is pretty and bright but it's mostly been the personality roping in the interest of some others. It always pains Fee more than it flatters her to see that look. She's not so selfish as to perpetuate things either, lest she make it even harder for Jake. Between that glimmer in the boy's Italian eyes and his little nudges at flirtation Fee must quickly reach for tact.

"I'm fine with being friends! I know lots of people, too.. maybe there's some other pals I can introduce you to." She knits her fingers together in front of a knee, pulling it up to her chest. No worries about any peepshows; she's wearing slacks today, not skirts. Too chilly out.

"Lots of nice girls who will melt if you talk Italian to 'em." Said with a wink.

Jake seems to smile to her, but then again, when she diverts him, Jake gets the picture fast enough. "As long as we can be the best of friends, mio amica, we will be very happy I think." he shrugs. "Though, since I think you're way out of my league and probably have a boyfriend….I can at least innocently say you're the most beautiful woman I 've ever seen in my life." He can get away with that!

"Oh, I don't think I'm good with ladies….heh, I'm too nerdy, I think."

There it is.. better draw it forth now lest she do anything to hurt this sweetie's feelings! Fee looks apologetic, "I've been dating a boy for awhile now.. he's graduated. I'm really sorry." Hey, she's earnest! No fluttering around or stumbling. "And flattered.. woo! That's high praise! You're just seeing me on a good day… there are bad ones where I should be kept in my room. So thank you all-the-same! But see, you're in a place where there's lots of beautiful women! I'm, like, just the one who shows you to your seat so you can really peruse!" Fee giggles outright, then blushes. Her solarkinesis makes her blushes glow.

".. okay that sounded stupid. Totally not the best metaphor. But really Jake, thank you… but I guarantee you've not seen nothing yet." Spoken factually, not at all down on herself. "Once you're settled it'll get easier. Nerds are in, this decade… and if they talk like you? Bonus."

Jake is tempted beyond imagination to kiss her cheek or to give her some kind of intense affection to show her that she's not the person who 'walks you to your seat'. She's the person who's the main event. He smiles to her. "Be kind to yourself." he mimics her own previous words. "I wish I came a few years earlier. May then I would have had a chance." he smiles warmly to her. "Even on bad days, the sun still shines." regarding her warmth.

Maybe one day he can be with Fionnuala…but right now? hard no. Poor guy.

"Well, we'll see, hm?"

Poor guy indeed! Fionnuala is indeed very tight with Ollie; she wonders to herself if the alien boy had to break a few hearts in between his own dating experiences. Had Oliver as hard a time or even harder a go at it than she has? All Fee can do is smile apologetically, "Really, thanks.. I'm not feeling bad or down on myself at all, promise. I just really like pumping people up… y'know, cheering for others. There's enough crap in the world that we all kinda have to make efforts to push one another along, hey?" The cheerful girl lifts up her instrument again.

So she meant it, complimenting the array of girls going to school here. So often there's cattiness, and cruelty and competition. Fionnuala does not partake in such things. "Give it time. Take your time. It'll all work out." Fee pushes back some hanks of ink-black hair and starts plucking out another melody. "So you've never, ever been on a date?"

Jake chuckles. "Si dovrebbe avere pi fiducia in se stessi. You should have confidence! You're good at what you do. Though, maybe you're too good. One look at you and I fell." he laughs nervously, not ashamed to admit he likes Fee. "But you are right."

"Mai mai. Never have I ever gone on a date." he shrugs. "I don't think girls like me that much." he smiles. "Or at least, not the good ones."

"I value your honesty. Keep being honest like that." Fee beams. She's trying her best to help ease that nervousness, which has now been compounded with perhaps regret. Her fingers dance across the strings and the ukulele responds with a cheerful ditty of chords. There is a rush of waves off in the distance, as if the ocean wishes to dance along. Well, not quite it.. the weather actually appears to be turning some. Getting cooler; the clouds starting to call one another in. A breeze heightens into a gust, and that is what furthers the illusion of dancing waves.

"Well you're like, new new here, right? We're all in the same boat in some fashion, no matter what our family life or past happens to be like. So that's an icebreaker right there and hopefully something that makes girls be a bit more understanding if you're shy, or nerdy." Hey, Fee has seen some of the most shy / awkward kids find dates here. "I think you'll have a better go of it here."

"Chiedere e si ricever. Ask and you shall receive." Jake smiles very softly to her, the sun shining high as he looks upon the sun itself…he can see it through Fee's eyes. "I am very new here. and perhaps you're right. But…truthfully, thank you." he reaches to touch her hand briefly in gratitude, before removing it as quickly as it came.

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