(2018-10-18) Finders Keepers Investigation
Finders Keepers Investigation
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 2018-10-18
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NPCs: Ms. Victoria Ricci (teacher), Frank (Store owner)
Scene Runner: Seti


Finder's Keepers

Unlike huge bargain basements, what this location lacks in size it makes up for in quality of goods. Encompassing two storeys in one of the oldest buildings in town, patrons are easily able to find a variety of meticulously priced clothing and accessories on the ground level. Moving downstairs, one can find dishes, housewares, art pieces and a small assortment of vintage electronics. Washrooms and a receiving room for donations are accessible at the back of the building.

The store boasts variety and cleanliness, despite its close quarters. Thievery and vandalism are highly discouraged, due to rumors of the proprietor being a crackshot with a shotgun.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and overcast.


Field trips are usually times of excitement and enjoyment unless that field trip ended up being a secret cover up for a learning excersion. This field trip was such an excercion. Ms. Victoria Ricci, one of the teachers at Coral Springs, has gathered several of her students for a field trip. That was what she said of course, but most of the students probably knew there was more to it than just that. A non-descript white van drove the students from the docks into the city. Along the way, Ms. Ricci explained to her class: "We are heading to Finder's Keepers, a shop in town that sells a variety of goods. Before you get your hopes up, we are not here to shop but to investigate. The details of the investigation, I will leave to you. You will be graded on partipication as well as the ability to discover the pertinent facts of the situation. You will also need to inform me as to the reason we are investigating in lue of the police." As she speaks, she has a light Italian accent which matches her overall appearance. The van turns onto the street in question about to pull up to the store.

It seems the Italianites are out in force today. Bronwyn, one of them, listens to the teacher and tries to hide the bored expression on her face. Going to a shop and /not/ shopping? What cruel madness is this? She is dressed casually as per the 'disguise' requirements; jeans and t-shirt, and a jacket - this place is cold! "Because the polizi don't care?" she suggests nonchalantly.

Shades is staring out the window, virtually vibrating with barely repressed energy. The only thing better than a field trip is a field that that's a secret cover up for a SECRET MISSION! He looks over at the over folks in the van- mostly older kids he doesn't know. "Psst. Jake. We should make sure to stick by Buddy. He'll probably sniff out whatever's wrong in like, no time."

Besa's dressed in jeans and a long sleeved hoodie. He's pretty sure he's here to be medical back up. The ancient teen has been quiet, looking out the window but listening to the teacher. He lifts a hand to touch one of this perfect locks of hair behind an ear.

Field Trip!

This is Jake's first one. He's dressed in a leather jacket with blue jeans and a venezian colored (black and gold) scarf around his neck. Usual clothes. His eyes look to Bronwyn and he gives her a fond smile if she locks eyes with him at all. Theeen there's Shades. "mm? Oh. Si, sembra intelligente. That's very smart." he smiles to Shades. Then his eyes fall on Besa…who he hasn't met before.

Buddy is sitting in one of the middle seats next to the window. He has his face pressed up against the window watching the streets go by. He'd probably stick his head out of the window is possible. Buddy is sitting in such a way as his bare feet are up on the seat behind him. He looks back at Shades having heard his name. "Huh?"

As the van comes to a stop in front of the store, the on-duty manager is standing outside. He is wearing a blue button up shirt with a name tag which reads "Frank." He is walking back and forth in front of the doors with his keys in his hands.

Ms. Ricci looks over at Bronwyn with a raised eyebrow. "Is that your official report, Ms. Argento?" The van pulls to a stop and Ms. Ricci gets out of the van; however, she remains next to it apparently haven't little intention of actually doing any investigating herself. "You have one hour."

Shades immediately piles out of the van, giving this so-called 'Frank' a very stern and hopefully investigatory expression, carefully casing the joint for anything out of place.

Bronwyn blushes at the teacher's admonishment. "No, Senora" she sighs before gracefully alighting from the van. Though she sill stop to push another errant hair back behind Besa's ear. "It was looking messy" she explains before a smile for Jake. "We meet again." Frank gets a look over before she is peering at the antique store. Should Buddy really be allowed to run free in there?

Jake smiles to Bronwyn. "That we do." He walks up next to her before his eyes fall upon "frank". Well, guess it's time to look around. He moves with whoever will come with him into the store. Humming as a smile of excitement is on his face.

"I wonder if there's anything really cool I can buy as a souvenir." because he won't be there forever! Need to remember. But don't worry! he's also keeping up a cover of just casual shop-goers.

Besa's eyes widen slightly when Bron tucks his hair and he turns to look back up at her, "Hello Bronwyn." His arabic accent is fairly thick for those that have never heard him before. She gets a soft smile, "Have you been here before?" Franks gets a look as the students walk up, and then some walk into the store "Excuse me Sir, can you tell us what is going on?"

Buddy climbs over the seat in front of him and quickly gets out of the van. He is literally bouncing on his bare toes as he looks around. "This is so cool." He pauses by Besa when starts to question Frank. "OOh, that is a good idea." Thinking back to the fact that they will be graded, he runs up next to Besa to look at Frank. He sniffs the air in an odd fashion.

Frank looks at Besa and leans forward a bit. "That's a mighty odd ways of talkin' ya got there." He is about 25 years old. 28 at the max. "Well, just as I was a locking up for the evening, I heard all this commotion inside the store. Everyone was out alright, I made sure of that. When I went in, there was no one there. Just some of the goods were gone."
Most of the large halloween decorations in the widnows were intact inside the store; however, the display near the front of the store was in shambles. Two of the mannequins (wearing a ghost and a witch costume respectively) were knocked over and put in strange positions. The boxes of candy were torn open and a few of the bags were missing.

Shades does his best to not shove his way into the store, trying to look in every direction at once. "Hey!" he shouts towards the front. "Whoever is talking to the boss guy, ask what went missing!"

Bronwyn stays outside the store to listen to Frank's tale of stolen candies and humorously positioned mannequins. "How come you didn't call the police?" She can be direct too. "The back door all locked up? Any access to the ceiling?" Hearing Shade call out, she adds, "What is missing?"

Besa thinks over his words, not thinking he misspoke. Anyway, he echos Shades and Bon, "What was missing?" He doesn't understand why they were called. "Has soemthing like this happened before?"

Jake seems to observe the store from afar, looking to Bronwyn as if she asked his question for him. Either that or she was just smarter than him. Oh well. Though he does look to Shades, grinning at his roommate. "Any known ruffians about? Klepto club?" What, it was worth a shot.

Buddy runs over to the door and then inside to join with Shades and Bronwyn. He figures that he isn't going to be too good with all the interrogating side of things and might do better with the looking around part. "What happened here? Woah." He bends down to look at and sniff the box. "Smells, yummy."

Frank leans in a bit when he is asked why he didn't call the police. "Wells, I thoughts to, but earlier I got this call from a lady. Pretty sounding, if you catch my meaning. She said that if my store was hit too then I should call a number she gave me. I did." He smiles as though it was a good accomplishment. As for what was taken, "That is the wierdest part. The rummaged around the halloween displays and took some sweets and stuff, but they hit the toy area pretty hard." Thinking back to the questions Bronwyn asked, "Back door was locked. No access to the ceiling thats I know of."

Shades slows down to merely speed-walking once in the store, with his arms crossed behind his back as he goes. He doesn't really know what he's looking for, but- I mean, it'll probably be obvious, right? Like, glowing, or a big card with, like, a taunting riddle. "No, way, too obvious," he says to himself, chewing on his lip. He's naturally gravitating towards the limited and mostly stupid old electronics, cause, hey, there might be a cool game or something. Or a clue. Sure. "Eh, Buddy! You smell anything weird?"

"Wait, your store is not the only one that has been hit?" Bronwyn asks Frank. "Who else has been hit? Any idea what they took from those?" A glance over at their teacher. "Pretty sounding lady…got ya. Who could resist that, right? And when you rang this woman, she said we'd come along instead of the police? And you agreed to that?" She purses her lips in thought. "She must have sounded very pretty."

Besa frowns gently, not getting what Frank means, "Pretty? Young or…did she have an accent?" A slow head tilt, "That is all she said? May we have the number?" He glances towards the store before nodding, "Please stay here in case we have any more questions." He'll start making his way into the doorway, "Buddy….You don't smell any other animals do you?" If this is raccoons…. Looking back at Bron, "Ask him if they have the security cameras."

Jake seems fixated that this didn't seem to be done by some actual thieves. "You sure there's no homeless kids around? maybe some kids who don't know better snagged some toys and stole some candy. Or adults did it and gave it to the children. It happens sometimes in Italia." he shrugs lightly. For some reason, the fact that they only grabbed candy and toys.

Buddy sniffs a couple times and says, "I can sniff better if I shift. Is that okay to do here?" He looks around looking a bit worried. He doesn't doesn't want to get in trouble. What if Ms. Ricci gives him demerits? Or worse, what if she has a rolled up magazine?!

Frank rocks back on his heels a bit, "Wells, her accentation was a bit like this little miss here." He gestures to Bronwyn. "Pretty but also scary if you catch my meaning. I have the number on my desc inside. I don't know who else was hit. No one told me. Just that I could be hit, and the police couldn't do nothing like the other places. "
Ms Ricci looks down at her watch for a moment and then up at the team. She is either completely bored or everything is going exactly as she anticipated. Hard to tell with her.

Shades nods at Buddy. "I'm sure it's fine. Like, if we weren't supposed to do- ya'know, stuff, Ms. Ricci would've said something on the way here, right?" Having carefully evaluated the complete lack of video games, he starts back towards the front, leaning his head back to stare up at the ceiling.

Bronwyn considers the evidence so far. She is pretty sure, pretty certain, that the voice was Ms Ricci. Which means that it is either a test, or the culprit is not exactly…human. "What else has an interest in candy and toys that is not a child?" she muses out loud. "And can walk through walls. Oh…do you have security cameras, Frank?"

Okay, it was the teacher that called? Which means she knew? Is this a set up? Besa's confused , giving Bron a look before turning back to Buddy, "You can shift, yes. It is your power." Not knowing the powers of the students he sighs, "I can cast a rune if we have no other leads, if needed." Also, "We may wish to see if this has happened to the other stores next to this." Abcently he reaches up and rubs his chest, he was told to not bring Cocoa, and without the twins here, he's starting to feel a little anxious.

Jake shrugs. "Not like my weather will help out." he crosses his arms, but the sound of a camera being questiond does get him to perk up a bit. "Oh yes, a camera. If you say they jammed that too….these are either really good kids or some adult with weird wants."

<FS3> Buddy rolls Animal Senses: Success.
Buddy starts to fall towards the ground as a ripple rolls over his body. The clothing and the skin are quickly replaced by fur as he ends up as a german shephard, his first and favorite form. "Bark Bark!" he says. His tail wags as he runs in a quick circle before remembering what he is supposed to be doing. He pokes his nose down at the candy and starts sniffing around. He looks up at Besa and whimpers a bit and then goes back to sniffing. Finally, he barks several more times before running off down through the aisles directly to the toy area. A glass display case shows a bunch of toys with nearby shelves covered in stuffed animals. A shelf has puzzles and board games. The front of the glass display case has been broken and several of the items inside were taken. Buddy pauses at the glass and growls at it.

Meanwhile, Frank, who is looking more at Bronwyn than the boy to dog routine inside, says, "Of course we have security cameras. They aint hooked up to anything, but we got 'em."

At the sound of the growling, Shades hustles over to Buddy. "What'cha find?" he asks. "Is it bad guys? Is it? You find the bad guys?" He hesitates for a second, before adding. "Er. Sorry cabron. Kinda force of habit with, ya'know, puppers."

"They're not hooked up to anything?" Bronwyn repeats while staring at Frank like he's a moron…and that is being generous. A sigh before she glances over at Besa. "You okay?" She can be concerned for other people…rarely…but she can be. Buddy's yapping also gets a look in that direction. She really hopes that possessed toys are not involved. Bronwyn couldn't sleep for a month after watching Annabelle.

<OOC> Seti says, "can everyone run an alertness check?"
<FS3> Besa rolls Alertness: Good Success.
<FS3> Bronwyn rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Jake rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Shades rolls Alertness: Great Success.
<FS3> Bronwyn rolls Alertness: Failure.
<FS3> Jake rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Buddy rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Besa's hand drops when Buddy barks at him, not sure what that's about. But he will follow him to the toy section, eyeing the broken glass, "Do you smell something? Were they cut?" Shades is given a small glare for the ay he's talking to Buddy. Maybe he's a little sensitive from being a jackal himself. Hearing Bron he looks back over his shoulder, nodding. That perfect hair bounces, "I am. Thank you for asking." Maybe he's not aware? He smiles at her before turning back to look at the glass. He starts to turn away but then stops. His hand goes up to point at the case, "What was in here? That is important to know…I think it got lose…"

Jake turns his head to Shades and Buddy, moving over to them as he takes a knee beside that broken glass. "He probably found a scent. Strada da percorrere. Way to go, man." he smiles to the dog-Buddy before he looks to Shade. "That's…weird. Are you seeing this, Mio Amico?" he letsh is hand move along the glass. "Was this broken from the inside out? there's no glass shards inside the case."

Buddy looks up at Shades and tilts his head to that side that dogs do when their curious or confused. He then looks back at the glass and starts sniffing around some more. He growls once more at a spot of ground. Oddly enough, even though the glass pieces are outside the display case, there are no pieces of glass at this precise spot.

Frank followed Bronwyn as she walked in with the others. "Hey, where did that dog come from?" When they start asking about the diplay case, Frank goes complete and total nerd. "Oh, I had some great figures in there man. Action figures. Some where real classics two. This case had the taller versions. The little ones are on a shelf over there. These are, well, were the nice expensive ones. I even had a He-man with the chopping sword arm. Swish."

Shades huhs, leaning over. "Yeah. It looks like something popped the glass from the wrong side." He chews on the inside of his check for a second, as Frank walks over. "Oh, yeah. Uh. The dog's with the school, ya'know." He picks up one of the shards of glass, and then at the spot Buddy's growling. Still chewing his check, he slips off his jacket, and throws it over the growled-at space.

"There were action figures…that got out of the case…on their own?" Bronwyn shakes her head, "Nope. Not dealing with that." She takes a few steps back before her brow furrows in thought. "Wait, what were the other stores? They can't all have been toy stores. Anyway, if magic is involved, I won't be much help. Though I think we can guess why the police weren't called." A sweet smile for Frank. "I am just teasing, no such thing as magic." To the other students she adds, "I'll be in the van, researching the other break-ins."

Besa blinks, frowning slightly as Jake just kind of ignores what he said. "I have dealt with objects that have intent before…" He looks around, "Is this a …resale shop? Was there something old in here?" But the Frank explains and Best looks worriedly around. Is there a chopping sword possessed doll waiting for them? His hand goes to his thigh, ready to trace the rune to summon his own sword if nessicary. "Mr.Frank, which figures are missing, please?" Turning back, he looks to see if what Shades does has any effect. Hopefully whatever it was can't become invisible? "That is not a bad idea Bronwyn. Please let us know. Be safe."

The garmet that Jake throws lands and flattens into the floor. It startes Buddy-doggy though cauasing him to jump back and bark at the jacket. He then looks up a bit sheepishly. He moves over to Besa's side and presses his head into his hand as he sits down next to him. His sniffing duties seem to be over right now.

Frank watches Bronwyn leave a bit longer than he should have. After she leaves, he says, "Pretty girl, but believing in those fantasies and stuffs." When asked about the figures, he says, "I had some excellent DnD figures, some Lord of the Rings action figures include a wicked-cool Aragon. I told you about He-man. I had a Skeletor but he was being repaired so not on display right now. There was a really nice Picard figure in there too. Who would do this?"
Ms. Ricci looks at Bronwyn as she emerges from the store and says, "Finished with the assignment early?"

Shades pokes at the jacket, before grumping and picking it up. "Freaking- thought that it might've been there and like, invisible." He picks the jacket up, shaking off any glass that came up with it, and then continuing to glare at the square of floor. He looks over at Besa. "Um. I mean, I could get out of the shop through a locked door, but, uh. I kinda think that the toys are still here, just, like, hiding." Except that Buddy was super interested in this spot that I threw my jacket on, and I thought maybe it was there, and then, nope, so. Uh." He spreads his hands out, palms up. "Any ideas?"

"I don't do magic" Bronwyn explains to Ms. Ricci, though she's not happy to admit it. "My suit can't deal with it. I thought I would do some research on the other stores. What was missing from them. I mean, you'd think it was some magic antique doll that came to life, but if the other store that had this happen was a habadasher…no magic antique dolls there. And I think you know exactly what was missing from the other stores, Signora Ricci. Any information you have will assist us in our investigation."

Besa doesn't like how the man is looking at Bron, that's…not okay. 'Sir!" He'll try to get his attention. But then Buddy is touching him and he looks down, unsure what to do with the student. They're on uncertain terms. Not thinking that Frank is going to help anymore, he looks to the other boys, "I have no idea what those names mean. Would any of them be interested in candy?" Mayeb the idea of a haunted doll isn't as likely. "Perhaps someone psychicly moved them? Perhaps floated them out?" That doesn't explain the why though. And where are they now? He looks up at the ceiling, looking for vents or anything that someone could stash (or hide themselves in) the toys and candy. "How long ago was this?"

Jake looks to Shades as he picks up the jacket. "Hiding?" his eyes glance to Ms. Ricci, but doesn't ask a question. Instead, he simply remains silent.

Buddy starts looking up when Besa does, but he can't see anything specific. He goes back to sniffing the ground though and returns to that same spot where the jacket is. He pokes his doggy nose under the jacket to sniff some more at which point he sneezes.

Frank's attention is captured again by Besa, "Hmm? Oh, yes. They are toys. I mean, I imagine that they are real sometimes, but they aren't really real. They don't like candy."
Ms Ricci calls out, "Time is up class. Come out to the van." Frank's perks up hearing that voice and starts to follow too. As she waits for them to emerge from the store, Ms Ricci tells her in Italian ~Yes, I do not what was taken from the other locations. One was a toy store. One of it's displays were smashed and action figures and dolls were taken. Another one was a collector who had several figures taken. The last was an art supply store. The only thing taken was a large collection of modeling clay.~ Switching back to English, she tells the emerging Frank, "You may go home now. Class, report."

Shades walks out, scratching the back of his head as he does so. "Uh. Well, the toys- I mean, okay. *Something* broke the glass from inside the case. Probably it was the toys getting out, but, ya'know, can't say that for sure." He has a sudden thought. "There was this one super, Toymaster, that could, uh, he made like- dolls and stuff come to life. He was back in like… the 60s, I think, but I mean, maybe somebody like him? Buddy was also like, super interested in this one spot near the case, but it just seemed like any other spot on the floor, so, I dunno. Maybe that's how they left the store or something." He thinks for another few seconds. "And I bet we're not calling the police, cause it'd be dangerous for them to get involved with supers stuff of not entirely clear cause."

"Definitely spooky toys involved" Bronwyn nods to the others. "Though, with what Ms Ricci just told me about the others break-ins, it sounds like they were made by…someone. But why steal candy?" She frowns. "Does this Toymaster have a teenage grandson?" A nod to Ms Ricci about the report. Bronwyn will get straight onto it when she gets back to her dorm…and redoes her nails.

<FS3> Besa rolls Mystic: Good Success.
Besa's follows the rest fo the students out, his ears perking as the teacher gives the list of missing things. Apparently he understands Italian? As Shades and Bron fill the teacher in, the ancient teen takes the time to look around the area, turning to glance at the roof of the building and then back towards the pen door of the shop. A deep breath is taken and the Guardian's dark eyes unfocus a movement, "I think they were whisked away in some kind of magic portal…I am not certain the dolls broke themselves out. There is no evidence to determine that versus they were not moved with the power of someone mind or magics."

Time to leave! Jake puts his hands in his pockets and he starts to walk out with the others in the class. Though he appears to be immensely deep in thought. This was just a weird day. Was it a magic toys? Or was it some outside influence that made toys go bonkers? Either way, he looks to Shades, as if curious to know if there's anyone who used something along the lines of magic to animate toys, but he doesn't ask. What a day…

Buddy turns back into a boy once he is sure that Frank can't see them. "I smelled the person who ate the candy. One person. Probably short. Smelled of dirt. Sort of like Besa but dirtier? Hard to explain with words. There are smells people just can't smell or put into human words. Well, that person probably ate that candy, walked to the toy case and then…poof. That's it. No more smells."

Ms. Ricci says, "Interesting reports. I'll review the findings myself and give you a grade tomorrow. Let's get back in the van and head back." She confirms and denies nothing.

Shades shakes off his jacket, trying to make sure no little pieces of glass remain from the floor floofing. "Well. That was neat!" he says grinning. "Better than freaking geometery at least. Way fewer triangles. What we really need is someone like Hindsight. I mean, people joke about the ability to see the past, but man, I always thought that would be really freaking cool." With which, he clambers into the van.

Bronwyn is still deep in thought as she gets back on the van. She also seems to have completely missed being leered at by an old man - twenties is old! A deep breath before she smiles to all the others. "It's not over yet."

Besa gives himself a shake, his hand going up and rubbing his chest again. This was uncomfortable. From the set up with the teacher to the idea it was dolls. Thankfully Buddy says there was a person there, so it's not just dolls. He's having weird memories of the cursed bowl that almost killed him. Agreeing with Bron he sighs, "It is for tonight at least." Into the van he goes, careful to not touch anything electroic.

Buddy climbs into the van and works his way over to Besa. He has never had a chance to apologize between classes and the shifty flu thingy; however, even as a human, he can tell something is bothering him. He doesn't have Cocoa either. He sits down next to him and says, "I know it's not the same, but … it's the best I can do." He looks down as he says that and then shifts to a german shepherd. He curls up on the seat next to Besa and plops his head down.

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