(2018-10-17) Nothing Like Expected
Nothing Like Expected
Summary: Shades gets frustrated over the no one else wanting to be a superhero.
Date: 2018-10-17
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Athena Room 203

This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.
It is a fall day. The weather is cool and fair.


Shades is standing on a spinny desk chair, trying to keep his balance as he struggles to hang yet another heavy blackout curtain over oen of the windows. Not the first one, either; it seems he won't be satisfied until the room can be completely dark, except for the glow of a few monitors and the TV on a dresser. Which wouldn't be so bad, except he also tends to turn a bedside lamp on when he sleeps, keeping it aimed full at his face all night.

Well, Jake was napping. But as the sounds of the wheels of that spinny desk chair keep making little squeaking sounds, Jake groans. "mio amico…. perch? Why are you so concerned about setting up curtains? I mean..sure, they can be opened, but perch la stanza deve essere cos scura? Why so dark?" Jake sits up, straightening out his gray shirt while finally kicking off his shoes.

Shades keeps his focus on the blanket-like curtain, trying to muscle the rod it's threded on into place. "Because," he replies, "I'd like there to be at least, like, *one*- pendjo curtain, freaking fit! -place that I can see clearly without needing my glasses!" The far end of the rod skitters out of the hanging hook without catching, causing Shades to overbalance and end up jumping heavily and akwardly to the ground with a thump, and then rocking into a seated position. "Sorry," he adds. "Didn't mean to wake you; I figured that, ya'know, dark would be good for napping too."

"Per l'amor di Dio…" Jake rubs his eyes. "That's why I hate napping…I feel molto orribile when I wake up…" he doesn't like waking up when he naps because he feels terrible upon waking up. "Alright, I guess that makes sense." he stands up and walks over to him, helping him stand up on the chair. "Here, try now."

Shades clambers back up, and- with the chair stabalized by something more than being sort of levered against a wall, consideribly more easily gets the curtain rod into place. "Ha! Take that, forces of bright sunshiny days!" he shouts, hopping down from the chair. With the room basically blacked out, he's little more than silohoute in the dark, and takes off the sunglasses, rubbing at his eyes. "This is so much better." There's a brief flash of bright teeth in the dark, even if most of his face is still concealed in shadow.

<FS3> Jake rolls Weather Control: Success.
Jake didn't mind Shades' cry of victory towards the sunlight. Though speaking of sunny, Mr. da Costa decided to help fix that. Parting a single curtain, he concentrates….and clouded formed to block the sun, gradually turning the sky from clear blue to gray and weary. From those clouds came a down pouring rain that Jake seemed to enjoy looking at. After a yawn, he smiles. "Perfecto."

Shades stares at the sudden rainfall for a second, and then walks over to his desk. "Man, you're gonna be able to like, solve so many freaking problems once you graduate. One man drought buster and forest fire stopper." His monitor has the intensity of the colors reversed, causing it to look like a bad special effect at a casual glance. "Plus, instant white noise generator."

Jake chuckles as he leans against one of the walls. "Ehhh…if you say so, mio amico. I can do multiple things with the weather, just need to learn how to hone it." A shrug. "Sooo…shadows is your thing, eh? El Spectro?"

Shades nods, half-turning in the chair. "Yeah. Turn into a shadow, jump through shadows, shadow-shadow-shadow." He huffs out a breath. "I mean, ya'know, don't get me wrong! It's still awesome!" The chair he's sitting in is suddenly empty, except for a Shades-shaped shadow being cast onto by monitor-light, one from which his voice emerges, echoing weirdly as if emerging from a deep cave. "I'm still gonna be able to be a superhero! I'm still- here!" He then resolidifies. "But it's not, ya'know. Something you dream of."

"Ahhhhh. bien, bien, so…" Oh, he's gone. Jake just kinda shrugs before Shades reveals himself to still be present! "Oh! Very cool. I kinda wish my powers were more subtle like yours, built oh well! Dio saw fit to give me grandstanding, no?" Jake believes in God. Which explains why he pulls out a Bible from his backpack.

"Dude!" Shades resolidifies in the chair, spinning around. With the monitor at his back, it's basically impossible to make out his face. "Wait, you got your powers from God?! Are you like, part angel?"

Hard questions! "Ehhh si e no? Uhm, I believe in God Yes? I believe that we are all created in his image. Siamo molto beneditti. My powers come from family line most like, or something hidden, but I believe God is the one who allowed it to be." he?s worried he confused poor Shades. "Avere senso? Does this make sense?"

Shades shrugs, and turns back around. "Oh, yeah. I just thought you meant like- more literally from God. More 'Have this awesome power' way, not so much in the 'everything happens for a reason' way." He clicks at the keyboard for a second, apparently bringing up a page. "So, do you actually know where your powers come from then?"

Jake shakes his head. "In a scientific sense? Non molto, non." He shrugs. "Maybe it was in my family and it skipped una generazione. But, I don't know for certain. Who knows? maybe I'm the first." he smiles to Shades as he reads the Book of Genesis. "So, mio amico, where do your powers come from? La tua famiglia ha i poteri? Does your family have powers too?"

Shades shrugs at that. "Not that Mom or Abelua ever mentioned, no. I mean, maybe my dad, but-" A brief skip of keys clicks, "Mom doesn't really talk about him, and Abelua told me I shouldn't ask, so, ya'know. Maybe? But if so, I dunno. There's not a lot of superheros that use shadows, so, I'm kinda figuring I can try and track some of 'em down, and- I don't know, maybe."

Jake hums lightly. "Tuo padre?" Jake doesn't really ask about it, not wanting to push where it's definitely not wanted. But, he does try to smile kindly enough that nothing is strangely crossing the line. "Well, I think you'd be a great superhero. I don't know if I want to be one…."

Shades throws his hands up at that last statement with an exasperated, "What?!" He spins in the chair again, snatching the sunglasses in a fluid motion and afixing them so that, as he walks towards Jake, only the reflected light from the monitors can be seen. "Am I the only one at this school that WANTS to be a freaking superhero! I mean, I get that the students that choose to go into Metis or Promeathean aren't really big on the whole 'hero' thing, but dude! You're an Athenian! What could possibly be better!" Without waiting for an answer, he stalks towards the door, grabbing hsi umbrella and heading out.

Jake lifts his hands up defensively as Shades gets up into his face. Seems he isn't the confrontational type! Then Shades just starts walking out. "ermm….s-sorry…" and once Shades leaves? He takes a deep breath. "Oh ragazzo… che giorno" and he leans back on his bed, deciding to invariably take another nap and hopefully wake up happier.

Some Time Passes


Tide Pools

The rocky shore jut gets rockier a it continues around the island. In some area, like this one, there is nothing but shelves of rocks hanging over or jutting out into the water so that the waves during high tide crash over them quite dangerously. During low tide water collecting in eroded spots and divides in the rock creates tide polls where small sea creatures dwell. It isn't surprising to find sea stars, crabs, sea cucumbers, sea urchins and other creatures in the pools. During the early morning it is a favorite resting spot for harbor seals.
It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

Shades is looking out over the ocean, picking up the chunk of rock and chucking it as far outward as he can- which isn't especially far, but still. Judging by the grit on his shoes and blazer, he's probably been doing this for a while.
His charisteric grin is nowhere to be seen. Instead his mouth is twisted into a scowl, his forehead knotted up with anger.

Swim. Swim swim swim SWWwimm. Swimming is so much fun as a dolphin. The Buddy-dolphin swims along the currents that form beside the island. It was nice to go out and be something different from time to time. While the dolphin stuck within his mammal or bird theme, being aquatic made it different. The splash makes a big impression on the sonar of the dolphin causing him to turn in the water. He bullets towards the source of the echo and pushes up on his tail so his upper body is out of the water.
<OOC> Buddy http://coralsprings.wdfiles.com/local--files/buddy/buddy-dolphin.jpg

It is literally impossible to actually be mad when a dolphin pops out of the water. "Dude!" Shades exclaims, to no one in particular. Letting the rock he'd been about to throw drop, he fumbles for his phone, trying to snap a picture before the elusive creature vanishes back beneath the waves. As he does so, a earbud pops out, the tinny sound of something resembling music emerging.

<FS3> Buddy rolls Physical: Good Success.
The dolphin chips and skitters a few times before dropping back down into the water. It is a happy sound though what an angry dolphin sounds like might be hard to imagine. The dolphin starts to swim back and forth, zig zagging a course towards the land. Occasionally its dorsal fin crests the water showing that he is getting closer. Then he turns once more towards the land and is swimming so fast that he is sure to beach himself. Leaping up in the air at the last second, the dolphin seems like he is going to dive into the ground this time, but in mid arch, a ripple rolls over his body leaving a young teenage Buddy flying through the air in the same arch. He lands and rolls out of it and pops up on his feet. Pausing for a moment as though checking to see if his little stunt would work, Buddy then starts laughing.

Shades' eyebrows started to rise as the dolphin seemed hellbent on charging the rocky shoreline. "No- nonononooooo!" he shouts, as it jumps, trying to run to- what, intercept the multi-hundred pound dolphin-missile? Until it transforms back into Buddy mid-leap, at which point he gives a brief wheeze of relief. "Dude, that was *not* cool," he says, scoldingly. Then, after half a second, amends, "Okay, no, it was totally cool, but seriously, I thought that I was about to like, witness a dolphin committ suicide, and I just- I don't need that today."

Buddy stops laughing and ends up looking confused at Shades. "I'm sorry. I just wanted to try something new. It seemed fun at the time." He then tilts his head to the side in a very canine fashoin. "Am I dude or carbonicle?" He mispronounces the word that he said earlier. The scolding turns his confused expression into straight up puppy dog eyes. "What is wrong? Your face is all twistified?"

Shades tucks the earbud back into place. "Nothing's wrong," he mutters in reply, finding another rock to chuck into the ocean. "I just thought that, like- I don't know."
"I thought that maybe people here- I mean," His mouth curls downward. "Never mind."

Buddy quickly grabs four more rocks and runs right up to Shades. He gets a bit too close demonstrating his lack of understanding on certain parts of human behavior. "Here are some more rocks? Is this fun? It doesn't seem like you are having fun. What about the people here?" How much must this kid eat to have this much energy and play all the time?

Shades backs up at step at Buddy's closeness. "Not so close! There's a whole beach here cabron, don't have to pack in." Then, ignoring the rocks that Buddy brought over, he leans down to pick up a different one, holding it up in the dim light of the moon and stars. "And yes, I'm having fun, so don't worry about me," he says sullenly. He throws that stone with an especially vicious twist, causing it to whistle through the air before spalshing into a wave. "People here are… they're fine. They just- no one *wants* to be a hero. A superhero. I mean, I know that no one out there," he says, waving towards the mainland, "gives a crap, but I thought that here people would."

Buddy looks down at the rocks in his hands and throws them over his head into the water behind him. Buddy says, "Maybe people just have different goals. I have no idea what I want to be in the future. I'm still trying to figure out today." Buddy shrugs. "And I definitely give a crap though I've learned that if I do it as a rabbit people don't mind it as much as if I do it as a horse."

Shades stops midway to picking up another rock, head tilting up at Buddy, the moon reflecting against the sunglasses. "See!" he shouts. "Just freaking jokes! I thought that maybe here would be something- like, something real!" In one herky motion, he scoops up a handfull of gritty gravel, throwing it as best he can towards the ocean, where it rains down in subdued plinks. "What're you gonna do when someone tries to catch you again, eh cabron? Just hope that an actual superhero happens to swoop in and save you again?" he demands of Buddy.

Buddy blinks looking really confused. "Jokes? Did I tell a joke?" He definitely felt like they were talking two different languages. When he asks about someone catching him again, Buddy puffs out his chest and says, "I'll turn into … something scary. Probably. I'm still practicing that part. Of course I could also run or fly away. I'm working on that idea too. Why? What would you do?"

Shades starts laughing when Buddy says he'd turn into something scary. It's not a nice laugh; pointed and mocking. "You are a joke. Freaking everyone here is; me too, I guess." For the space of a breath, he vanishes, form collapsing into inky darkness, melting into the shadow of a large rock outcropping and then reappearing atop it, legs dangling over the edge.

<FS3> Buddy rolls Transform: Good Success.
Buddy's face starts to tighten. It seems the energetic kid can become angry too. "You don't think I can be scary? Fine." He looks around as though making sure that someone is not nearby. In fact, he is making sure that Besa isn't around. He then starts to fall forward like he does when he becomes a four legged animal. The ripple rolls over him again though there is no dog or kitty left standing there. Instead, Buddy had turned in a large Bengal tiger. He bares his white teeth and growls.
<OOC> Buddy http://coralsprings.wdfiles.com/local--files/buddy/buddy-tiger.jpg

Shades scrambles backwards to his feet at the sound of the growl, before he forces himself to laugh again. "Oh, very scary," he says, loading as much scorn as he can. "You can turn into a dog *and* a cat." His posture is tight and tense, looking down from the outcropping to the tiger, trying to judge how quickly it can jump, how high.

One of the nice things about tigers: they are very good at climbing. Buddy starts climbing the rocks and does a finally leap up to the top of the rock outcropping that Shades is on. He lowers his head and starts stalking towards him. The eyes are cold and calculating even though the color is still Buddy's blue/green arrangement. It seems in this form, Buddy is much more aggressive.

"Madre di dios!" Shades exclaims, as the tiger scrambles up the rock. "YAH! Get back!" He tries pulling himself up to his full not terribly impressive height, shouting as loud as he can. He's pretty sure he saw something about this on a National Geographic. "YAH! I'm not scared!" he adds, voice cracking midway through.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Buddy=physical Vs Shades=physical
< Buddy: Good Success Shades: Success
< Net Result: Buddy wins - Marginal Victory

Buddy-tiger doesn't seem to be affected by the increased height of Shades. When you are over 500 pounds, a teenage human doesn't seem to imposing. He leaps towards him not really wanting to hurt him but to knock him down so he could stand over him. The white teeth and deadly eyes are just above him.

Shades gasps, falling on his butt and trying to scramble backwards, taking several short, shallow breaths. Inky darkness swirls around him, but he doesn't vanish into it now. "B-Buddy, c'mon," he says, voice shaking badly, sounding like he's on the verge of crying. "Okay, you got me, y- you can be something scary."

The Buddy-tiger pads silently towards Shades with that same deadly stare. When Buddy shifts to an animal, he retains his core nature, but he really does become that animal. Finally, Buddy-tiger stops just inches from Shades. There is pause before there is that familiar rippling effect as the changes to another form. This time, he turns into his comfortable german shephard form. He quickly moves the last few steps and starts to like Shades face.

Shades gives a kind of laughing-cry at the transformation, just letting himself get licked for about a minute, before he shoves the dog off, trying to get back to his feet. He still smells hurt, and angry, and confused; a few tears roll down his cheeks. "You win cabron," he asserts. "Just, uh, please don't do that tiger thing again. I almost blasted you, I don't think either of us want that much."

When he is pushed away, Buddy ends up landing on the ground as a human once more. He says, "I try to not do tiger too much. It makes me feel angrier when I do it." He looks down and says, "I hope you aren't mad at me though." He looks up as though trying justify himself. "But you said I couldn't!"

Shades scrubs at his eyes, forcing the sunglasses up to do so. "I did, you're right. That was my bad. You definitely can turn into something scary. But man, if you could do that, how'd you ever get caught?" He half-hops, half-skids down the side of the outcropping.

Buddy looks down at that question. "Well, at the time I was only able to turn into a puppy, a kitty, and a little birdie." He then looks up wanting to defend himself even as he told the story. "I saw some bunnies. I hadn't seen them before so I came up to them as a kitty. When I came up to them, I turned into a bunny. It was neat to do a new form. That is when Granger saw me though and knew he could make money off me. It is easy to capture a scared bunny."

Shades goes quiet at that, trying to fight down some of the adreline still pounding in his head. "That- that sucks," he lamely offers. "But I don't think you have to worry about anyone trying to catch you again, cabron. If they do, you could just turn back into that thing and they'd piss themselves to get away."

Buddy shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know. Part of me worries that after all the time with Granger that I'll just be a scared bunny again. And then, what if Mr. Shocky is with him." He shudders at that. Finally he says in a bit of a happier tone. "Okay, now, you have to tell me what is wrong." He points his finger dramatically at him even though he doens't know what doing so means. It seems more playful than aggressive coming from him. "You keep making this face." Buddy makes a version of the distressed face Shades had. "Or do I have to become an octopus and tickle you." He suddenly gets excite. "Oh, that's a great idea! I've never tried an octopus before!"

Shades puffs out a breath, before shruging. "It's really nothing," he replies, shrinking back into himself a little more. "Just me being stupid is all."

Buddy goes to flick him in the forehead with a finger. "Come on, tell me. You know part of you wants to tell me. Or tell someone, and I'm the only someone that's here. I mean, you are here so I guess technically I'm the only someone -else- who is here. Wow, maybe I am learning something in English class."

"It really isn't- HEY!" Shades swats Buddy's finger away. "Fine. I'm just frustrated. No one here seems to want to *be* a superhero. It's like- so many people here could do so much good, but they want to just, I don't know, open pottery barns or play sports or whatever. And I mean, I get that, back in New York; when you're not super, you kinda can't make, like, a difference. Nothing you do is gonna matter. But here, everyone could matter so much. And- and it's like, I just… I get to feeling crazy. Like, does nothing matter here, either?" He blows out a breath. "So, yeah, just stupid."

Buddy reaches up and scratches his head trying to think through this one. He then shrugs his shoulders and says, "I don't know. It doesn't seem all that confusing to me. I think it is a difference between what people can do and who they are. I mean, I can become an animal but that doesn't mean I want to be in a traveling petting zoo. Maybe someone can cast fire magic stuff but would really just like to a be a dancer. What we can do, what we are isn't something we decided on. I know I didn't. But what we become, that we can control. That is us!"

Shades scowls a little at that. "Yeah, but if you *can* do something, shouldn't you? Like, if there was someone- I don't know, someone drowning, and you could turn into a dolphin to save them, you would, right? And, like- there's… you know, there's bad dudes out there. Supers that steal stuff and- and hurt people. Regular cops can't handle that, but maybe we could, ya'know?"

Buddy makes the 'I guess so' face. "But, aren't we already kind of doing that now? Maybe that is what this school is teaching: How to do cool supery stuff while doing normal people stuff." That is pretty deep for Buddy. He might not even get the full gest of what he just said though.

Shades shrugs at that, looking back towards the ocean. "Yeah, maybe," he replies, clearly skeptical. "I just- I wanted… I thought people here would like, *want* to be more. Like, a few folks not wanting to be superheros, I could take, but it feels like it's freaking everyone but me sometimes."

Buddy bends down a bit to look up at Shades. "I can't say for everyone else, but I'm just trying to live, figure out what it means to be me, and learn my powers. Maybe once I get over all of that then I'll think about what is in my future."

Shades snorts quietly at that. "Yeah, maybe." He turns to face Buddy, the start of a smile showing back up on his face. "Thanks, cabron."

Buddy shoots him a double thumbs-up sign. "You betcha." It sounds like he is saying something he heard someone else say. "Hey, you like throwing stuff….right?" The way Buddy asks that, it is clear that he is planning something.

Shades hesitates for a moment before answer, confusion edging into his tone. "I mean, yeah, I guess?"

Buddy becomes visibly excited even for him. He starts looking around and talking as he does so. "Nope, no. Oh, definitely not. Wait, is that it?" Buddy takes off down the way a bit and says, "Wait there!"

Shades waits, watching Buddy with a bemused twist on his mouth.

Buddy grabs a pice of a wood, a dark stick actually, and starts running back to Shades with an excited expression on his face. "Look at this. It's perfect. Great even." He hands it to him. "Okay. Pull back and throw it really far that way!" He points in the opposite direction from which he ran.

Shades raises the stick to give it a brief once over, before doing as request, chucking the stick so it twirls through the air in the indinicated direction.

Buddy runs after the stick looking quite happy. Mid-run, the ripple rolls over his body as he becomes the german shephard. He grabs the stick between his teeth and starts running back to Shades with his tail wagging as he runs. He drops the stick at his feet and says, "That fun!"

Shades shakes his head, grinning as he does so, and picks the stick up to throw it again.

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