(2018-10-16) Spooky Scary Lighthouses
Spooky Scary Lighthouses
Summary: Lance and Sierra lead a mission to investigate the Mystery of the Spooky Lighthouse Light
Date: 2018-10-16
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This small land mass is hardly big enough to earn the name peninsula, but that's what is being called for lack of a better title. It is important to note that it can only be accessed twice a day on foot when the tide is out, and even then you are wading in ankle deep water. Otherwise a boat is needed to get to the small land mass.
The plot of grass covered land is only a couple of acres and the only thing it holds besides a colony of seabirds is the ruins of a lighthouse, it's brick surface gray and blackened from age and perhaps a fire from long ago. A farmhouse is attached to the lighthouse and is crumbling from age and the salty sea air. Rumour has it that a ghostly figure can be seen on stormy nights and occasionally the lighthouse glows an eerie orange as if a large fire burned within.
It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and overcast.


The faculty has decided that it was necessary to investigate the strange lights and events surrounding the old abandoned lighthouse. This lighthouse stood high on one of the cliffs of the island. The lighthouse itself was in decent condition though a connected structure was run down and abandoned. A large section of the room was missing, several of the windows were broken out, and the path leading up to the structure was heavily overgrown. The wooden door which lead into the lighthouse was in much better condition than the wooden door that lead into the ruined building. The ruined door had a hole large enough that a small child could fit in.
The sky was becoming more and more ominous with a few thin bolts of lighting being visible in the darkening sky. A soft breeze comes over the water onto the shore bring the smell of the sea and the approaching storm. Instead of the faculty itself investigating the area, the teachers believed this would be a good opportunity to allow the students to gain some experience. Contacting several of the students to see who wished to participate, they made sure to include both upper and lower classmen.
The first upper classman to arrive is Lance, a junior this year. He wearing his customary school uniform with the Athena markings. As he stands at the rendezvous point with his gear already stashed on his person. His waits with his arms behind his back and his feet shoulder-width apart in a very militaristic manner.

Shades jumped at the chance to get to investigate The Mystery Of What Was Up With the Weird Light in the Lighthouse, sticking near Lance and alternating between trying to look calm and collected, and then being overwhelmed with the awesomeness of going on a capital-M MISSION. He has his umbrella out, despite the lack of rain, angled against the setting sun and casting a long shadow out behind him. "Okay, so, I'm thinking- aliens. Alien scouts. Scouting for an invasion. Has the school been invaded by aliens before? I know there's like, at least one or two students that like, are aliens, so it seems like the sort of thing that you should expect, ya'know?"

Ashton has been trying to keep himself busy. Less time to think about things, less opportunities to have a ptsd attack. The former Ares is dressed in the Metis green mission uniform. He can't help but smirk as the thought passes through his head yet again that he is now in Slytherin colors. He looks over at Shades. "Let's just keep an open mind until we know exactly what we're dealing with. For all we know it could just be a practical joke from some of the townies." Not that he believes that for one bit, but hey, it /is/ possible, right?

Sierra arrives, doing her civic duty in helping out the world - she was short more than a few community service credits. She arrives in her blue Ares bodysuit, hair tied back in a pony tail, floating down from the sky to land in front of the others. "Let's get this done. I have a Warcraft quest to go on in a few hours." The Latina knows Shades…and knew Ashton was in Ares once…but she's never been a social person, and has no idea who the others are. Like the guy who looks like an escapee from the Marines.

"We have no way of knowing whether it is aliens, demons, or the… what did they call it… Loch Ness Monster?" Quinn doesn't seem sure of himself with the last bit as he looks over at Ashton. He was dressed in the Metis green mission uniform and looking decidedly uncomfortable in it. However, it was better to be prepared than not. The ancient teen shrugged his shoulders a little bit. "It could be anything and nothing. I once knew a sorcerer who liked to do illusions just to make people think something was happening."

Lance turns his gaze from the lighthouse just ahead of them to Shades. He didn't know the boy well having really only seen him in the halls a few times. He did see his name on the list of those who signed up for the mission. The umbrella seemed an odd thing to bring on a mission. Perhaps it had something to do with the possible storm coming. Time would tell. "Ashton and Quinn are correct," Lance says. He has a slight southern accent as he speaks. His words are crisp as though he has been taught diction from childhood. "If we knew what this was, we wouldn't need to investigate." He glances back at Sierra and says, "Miss," with a nod of his head. Even though this was a mission, there was no reason for him to be cordial or respectful to a lady. Once everyone was there, Lance said, "Alright, let's head in." He starts walking towards the doors which are spaced about seven feet apart. As they walk up towards the lighthouse, a soft sound can be heard coming from the ruins and a gentle red glow is just visible against the darkening sky. The glow is coming from the top of the lighthouse.

Shades closes the umbrella once he's beneath the shadow of the lighthouse, tucking it under an arm, giving an exagerated shoulder roll at all the cautions. "Yeah, I know. I'm just trying to think of, ya'know, what it *could* be." As Lance heads towards the door, he asks, "Uh. Maybe we should fly up, instead?" He looks around at everyone assembled. "I mean, if you can. It just seems like, if there *is* something bad, then going in the front door would be the best way to get a blast full of bad to the face."

Sierra looks up the lighthouse at the glow. "I guess that is what we are here to look at. I know this lighthouse is not used anymore, but that is what this place is for. Light in a storm. A warning." She looks down at the others. "Maybe we have a ghost doing his old job." Her face breaks out into a grin. "It is almost Day of the Dead." She follows Lance. If he wants to be in charge, then she isn't going to complain. She will probably do what she wants anyway. "Or maybe a ghost operating a generator. Everyone else hear that?" Sierra is not perturbed about barging in. Direct confrontation is what she does. "Hide behind me if you want, Shades."

Ashton smirks at Sierra's remark. His expression is amused by her impatience, not judging the warcraft part. "I think we can rule Nessie out." He looks over at Shades, "You're right, it could be anything, but I try to keep an open mind until I have something to work off of. Just me though… " He glances over at Quinn and Lance, "I don't think that we all can fly… I'm sure that if I have a moment, I might be able to make up a spell."

"I have never flown before… I guess theoretically I could do a spell but it would be really really hard." Quinn says frowning at himself for the moment as he considers what people are saying,"I think we could probably figure out something. Maybe some form of spell to see in there first?" He suggests. "Even flying would be a risk." He says in a soft voice as he considers,"I do not think Nessie is involved. I don't hear what's inside yet…"

"It would safest to remain close together until we know more what is going on," Lance states. "Another problem with flying to the top, is that we need to investigate the entire area so we might as well start as the start."
The storm seems to be hastening its approach to the cliff as the team makes it to the lighthouse. The door that leads directly to the lighthouse is locked even though the door looks over a hundred years old. The other door was locked, though the lock is damaged. There is another odd sound coming from inside the ruins at the base of the lighthouse.

<OOC> Seti says, "Go ahead and roll if you need/want more information or want to try things."
<FS3> Shades rolls Picking Locks: Failure.
<OOC> Shades bahs!
<OOC> Seti chuckles.

Shades sticks his tongue out at Sierra. "No way is it a ghost," he replies. Then, after a beat, he adds, "Okay, it might be a ghsot, but not like, a /ghost/ ghost." While the older students are talking, he slips over to the door, trying to turn the handle- only to find it locked. Frowning, he pulls his tie forward, unclipping a safety pin that was clipped on, and starts trying to wriggle it into the lock with an expression of increasing frustration and irritation. "Darn- stupid- com'on you stupid lock! Open!" After maybe a minute, he yanks the pin out and throws it to the ground, before adding to no one in particular, "The door's locked."

<OOC> Sierra will attempt to blow the door in with a blast of fire.
<FS3> Sierra rolls Energy: Good Success.

"Get out the way" Sierra informs Shades, balls of flame forming around her fists. "Quickly" she adds with a wry smile. Once he has removed himself from the target area, she raises her arms to point at the door. Under her breath she is reciting a mantra in ancient Aztec…a spell. And then those flames explode from her hands into a column of heat and pressure that blasts into what is supposed to be an old door…albeit locked. Flames slam into the door, curling around the stone of the frame. Hopefully, that will do it.

<OOC> Seti says, "Ashton, feel free to have the door burn down/up etc with iron locks and hinges remaining."

Ashton cocks his head, "I can open it, but if there is someone or something they will know we're here, if they don't already." As Sierra launches her fiery blasts, he grins, "Or you could do that." The wood is rapidly consumed by the ancient power of Sierra, leaving the slightly droopy iron hinges hanging from the door frame. He grins over at Sierra, "Nice job." He moves to glance through the doorway, unconcerned with the residual heat and flame.

The fire gets a surprised look as if he hadn't been expecting it. "Well… Whoever is there knows we're here now." Quinn says softly as he eyes the door. He is not immune to heat and the idea of crossing the threshold just yet seems to be a little… nervewracking for him.

Just as the fire started to burn down, a terrible shriek could be heard from the surrounding area. It was difficult to pinpoint the location from where the sound came from or even if the source was human or not. The dim light at the top of the lighthouse seemed to grow brighter though it was difficult to tell if that was connected or just relative to the darkening sky.

Lance looks at the remains of the door and then at Sierra. What was done was done. "I think we should split up and explore before that storm hits. Shades and I will stay down here and investigate the lower ruins. Looks like an old house to me. The three of you can head upstairs and see what that light is." He pauses for a moment and says, "Be careful and stay in contact."

Shades shrieks as the blast of flame annhilates the door, falling on his ass at the backwash of heat. "Que chingados?!" he shouts at Sierra, before looking between her, the former door, and then back to her. Suddenly his grin takes over. "That was freaking awesome!" Standing back up, he scoops up his umbrella. And apparently doesn't need to be told twice to start up into the lighthouse. "OkayLanceWeGotItYou'llBeDownHereWeExploreTheLighthouse!"

"No jures" Sierra smirks at Shades before she is nodding to Lucas's directions - she doesn't take orders. Noting that some of those under her 'care' are not flyers, it looks like they are taking the stairs. And there are a lot of stairs. "Quinn. Ashton. Let's go." Sierra heads inside. Not exactly wary, but also making sure she isn't surprised. "That 'scream'. You think the lighthouse is alive and we just hurt it?" She's been watching horror movies again.

Ashton nods then pats Shades slightly, "Sorry, Buddy, but boss man and you are staying downstairs and investigate down here.." He rubs his hands through the remaining fire, leaving his skin untouched. He shakes his head, "I doubt it, Sierra… I'd think a spirit bound to it before it being alive."

"I think it was a warning siren of sorts." Quinn says softly as he follows after Sierra and Ashton like a lost puppy,"A living structure is not out of the question but I would think I would be able to hear such a thing and it would have been noticeable from back at the pools." He does hear living things after all. "We should hurry…."

The ruins of the ground floor structure is indeed the remains of a home. It is over a century old though the scars on the stone of a pre-Sierra fire are still visible even after all this time. It was a modest structure clearly designed for a small family. The entry way, which served as the connection point between the home and the lighthouse, now was missing a front door. A doorway leads to a living area connected to what appears to be the remains of an old kitchen. On the opposite side of the living area is a hallway. Also in this entry way is a stone spiral staircase that leads upwards to a first landing above them. The first landing is a simple platform with the remains of old tables and large sheets of paper yellowed into near obscurity with age. After the first landing, the spiral stairs turn to brick and lead even higher.

Lance places his hand on Shades' shoulder as he tries to go. "I need you to stay down here with me. Let's get to looking." Seeing the fear on the boy's face, he says, "Stick close." He hopes his confidence will help the scared younger teen. He nods to the others as they start to go up. "Thanks," he says and then nods in agreement with Quinn.

Shades hrks at Lance's grip, making a perfunctionary effort to slip out of it, before sighing in defeat. With a longing, backwards glances towards the probably haunted by alien-ghost-magic spirits, he follows his fellow Athenian towards the stupid shack or whatever. "Fine, whatever," Shades replies, scuffing his shoes as he follows Lance.

Sierra leads the others up to the landing, floating rather than walking - there could be booby traps…or the stairs could collapse. A curious look at the papers on the table. "Why do you leave things like that behind if you move out?" A nod to Quinn, she's all for hurrying. A gesture towards the spiral stairs going up…and up…and up. The red glow somewhere up there. "I hope you boys are fit" she smirks before floating on upwards, flames once more licking around her hands.

Ashton starts heading up the stairs without a pause, "Because you don't plan in leaving and not coming back? This place makes me feel a little uncomfortable, honestly." He looks up at the stairs, then over at Sierra, "If I'm not, then I need to quit the Arena fetch team…" He chuckles and starts up the stairs, moving with a bit of caution.

"I do not understand the question… What is fit?" Quinn asks looking utterly confused by the whole thing, running fingers through his hair. He doesn't seem to care about an answer as he follows up the stairs. "I have excellent breath control." Considering his magical talents, that's probably not too big a suprirse. "If you're going to use your powers, why not go up there and see if you hear anything up there?"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Lance=6 Vs Shades=6
< Lance: Good Success Shades: Success
< Net Result: Lance wins - Marginal Victory

As Lance and Shades enter the house section, Lance pats Shades on the shoulder and then lets go of him. The living room was once full of normal furniture though that has all been ravished by fire and time. However, several of the old cooking vessels and the stone stove are still identifiable. Lance bends down and starts to look around. Speaking to Shades, he asks, "Do you have any powers of observation?" A few moments later, one of the old metal cooking pots falls off of the counter where it stood for so many years.

As the trio work their way upwards, all the items on the first landing fade backwards as through time. Nothing is left of the tables and papers except for ashes, more sign of fire. Broken windows, cracked by heat and time, mark the path upwards. Even the bricks look darkened by old flames. A soft giggle can be heard as the tables and papers change back to ash. The second landing is much narrower than the first and about two thirds of the way up the tower. There are another 20 steps to go to reach the top landing. The second landing probably once held much in terms of importance but nothing identifiable remains from the ravages of time. The hatch that leads up into the top landing is closed.

"I mean, I see really well in the dark," Shades replies, looking around. He's still scuffing his feet as he walks in, shoving his sunglasses up on his nose- a curiousity, since it's already pretty dark in the burnt out room. "But I mean, I'm not seeing anything in here, other than, ya'know, ex-cabin." Until the pots fall, at which point he jumps nearly a foot in the air, raising both hands, palms up in a warding fashion. "YEAHGHHA!"

Sierra notes the strangeness around her but she's not stopping. If anything, that's a sign that they should move faster and deal with whatever this is before they're sent back in time. Preferably, there will be violence involved in dealing with it. "Fit is…umm…fit!" Where do they get these students from? At the sight of the closed metal hatch she frowns and looks at the others. "Either of you want to have a try and opening this?"

<FS3> Ashton rolls Magical Senses: Failure.
<OOC> Ashton says, "Of course."
<OOC> Ashton says, "Luckily I don't burn."

Ashton looks at Sierra, "Quinn is misplaced in time… he is from a couple thousand years ago, so English doesn't aways translate in his head." He nods, "Yeah I'll get the hatch." He moves up the distance to open up the hatch to the top of the lighthouse.

"It's a few thousand years. I have actually been considering writing some of the archaelogists that have been attempting to translate the language that was around from before my displacement." Quinn says seriously as he waits for a horrible death to happen at the hands of vengeful evil spitis.

<FS3> Lance rolls Physical: Success.

Lance looks back at Shades when he jumps. "I think whomever screamed is still around. Be careful." He searches a bit more in the living area and says, "I don't see anything specific in here. Let's check down the hallway." Heading in that direction, the remains of a door slams shut without no warning and no obvious gust of wind. At that time, severl of the ceramic bowls lift up in the air and fly at both Shades and Lance. Lance is able to leap out of the way with a gymnastic style move allowing two of the bowls to crash into the stone wall near him. "Look out!"

Upstairs, the hatch remains closed as though something is sitting on it. A faint breeze moves from the hatch down towards each of them. Then, a faint voice, a girl's voice says, "Ma…mama….I ran." Another giggle just before the breeze stops.

<FS3> Shades rolls Physical: Success.
Shades freezes in place as the bowl flies towards him, until at the last second he floofs into a misty-inky black cloud of shadow-stuff, allowing the projectile to pass harmlessly through him. "Hey!" he shouts- his voice echoing weirdly. "Not cool! Come out! We don't want to hurt you!"

<OOC> Sierra will try to turn the hatch into…hmmm…water.
<FS3> Sierra rolls Aztec Ritual: Success.

Sierra wasn't exactly sure what Ashton was trying to do, but whatever it was, it didn't seem to work. And then there is that voice. "See…ghost." Sierra hates being right…which is pretty much all the time. A deep breath before she starts to mutter another of the spells that her companion has taught her. This one is some kind of transmutation spell as the metal hatch starts to change. Turning into water. Even if there is something sitting up on it, it can't stop gravity causing all that water to fall downwards. Sure, the trio will get wet, but there won't be a hatch. Hopefully whatever might be sitting on it won't fall on them too.

Ashton sighs as he pushes, "It feels like there is something on top of the hatch." He shakes his head, "Yeah… definitely sounds like we have a ghost situation going on. As Sierra starts casting, the young sorcerer moves out of the way, halfway expecting another blast of fire. He may be fireproof, but he certainly doesn't want molten metal dripping down on him. "A banishment spell is simple enough… I actually know a couple."

"Perhaps finding out why they're here first?" Quinn says softly as he looks at Ashton and standing there looking at where the door once was. "Sometimes it is better to find that out than to banish. Banishing can be harmful to the spirits." So he has a soft spot for spirits.

Lance is glad that Shades was able to phase through the bowls. Larger heavier pots start to shake as though some force is working on them. A nearly demonic sounding female voice yells, "You will burn! You willl buuuuurrrn!" A fire springs to life in the hearth which was unused for over a century. Lance says, "Head to the front door, Shades. I'll watch our backs." Lance slides his expandible baton from its sheath and flicks it to its full length.

As the hatch melts into water, the voice says, "I hid, mama…" This voice is whispered from the air just beside Sierra's head. With the opening to the top landing available, the remains of the old light beakon sits broken in the middle. However, along the side of it, hidden along the back edge, is a small collection of nick nacks, trickets. Clearly they once belonged to a girl though most of them were burned beyond recognition. All, except for one item, an old doll covered in fine ash. Somehow, it seems this doll was protected from the majority of the damage.

Sierra starts at the voice so close to her now. "Ghost" she nods, as much to herself as the others. She rises up through the hatchway, floating above the deck while looking it over. "And this is where you hid" she mutters to herself. At the sight of that doll, ash covered but otherwise intact, she has to cross herself. And she hasn't done that in a long time. "Ashton, grab the doll" she commands, her voice sounding a little squeaky until she clears her throat. "Little girl? Is it okay if we take your doll? You can come with it."

Ashton nods. He can only imagine why the doll wasn't burnt, and it's not a pleasant thought. He climbs up into the light well and very carefully and respectfully grabs the doll and moves to climb back down through the hatchway. "Though for the record, if she goes all poltergeist on me for touching her doll, you owe me chocolate."

<OOC> Shades mrfs. "Everyone, I apologize, I'm going to have to bow out. Lance, feel free to pose Shades departing; I'm going to remain to continue capturing the log."

That being said, Quinn actually begins humming softly to himself. Those who have seen Hocus Pocus would probably recognize it as the song Sarah sings to lure children. Right now Quinn's not really doing anything with it but he's definitely considering what might need done. He's watching that doll intently. He's also half wondering if it was going to spring to life and start stabbing everyone.

The fire in the hearth starts to grow faster and stronger than should be possible. It burns across the floor rapidly as though consuming fuel that is no longer there. Lance calls up the stairs as loudly as he can, "Get out of there. Quickly!" As the fire rushes towards the entryway, Lance makes sure that Shades is free from the building. He watches as the young teen gets away from the burning structure. The flames already starting to lick up the stone steps.

The girl's voice says, "Dolly!" Another breeze as she says, "Time to hide again." The voice fades into nothing as the flames threaten the lighthouse.

Magical fire? This is right in Sierra's wheelhouse so she'll be fine. Ashton as well…probably. Quinn though… "We're going to have to take a short cut" she informs the Timeless Boy. "Ashton, you okay with that fire? It might be demonic or something. Quinn, hop on my back. We're going to fly." Time to leap off the edge and float on down to the ground. "Don't worry" she says to the air. "You hide, and we'll look after dolly."

Ashton chuckles, "It would shock me if it did.. Yeah, I'm good with the fire." He starts walking down the stairs. There is a little bit of speed to it, but he doesn't hurry too much. "Demonic fire worries me even less." He looks up, "Yeah, little girl… we'll watch after it for you…. why don't you come with us…. "

"I do not particularly feel like testing how fast I can sing a fireproofing song." Quinn says seriously as he does as he is instructed and hops on Sierra's back. He's back to humming though, this time he was starting to make sure if they fall, it doesn't QUITE kill them. Course his magic isn't usually the fast acting kind. He was building the spell in his mind as he hummed.

The fires roar up the lighthouse supernaturally fast. The screaming of the woman continues louder and louder though now the voice has broken into two parts. The first is full of anger and hatred while the second is full of pain and fear. One ethereal, the other, earthy. A ghost image of a woman on fire rushes up at Ashton through the flames. "Where! Wheeerrreee!" She phases right through him. As the fires reach the top, there is one more scream: that of a little girl.
Lance and Shades are waiting down at the bottom outside the lighthouse near the spot where they first met. He is definitely glad to see the two emerge though he asks, "Where is Ashton." He starts to head back to the building as though planning on trying to find some way to rescue him if needed.

There's no danger of them crashing into the ground. Sierra using a cushion of hot air to descend gently to the ground. "Ashton will be here in a second. He is not bothered by the fire." The Latina listens to the scream and the voices as Quinn hops off her back. "Looks like we have ghosts and spirits. At least two. But why now? Maybe this is the anniversary of something?" She shrugs, she's not the research type.

No, Ashton's descent is not nearly as quick as Sierra and Quinn's. He pauses to watch the scenario with the mother ghost to try to figure out what exactly happened, before heading on down. The fire has no effect on him, in fact, if anything he seems almost energized once he walks through the doorway. "Sorry… I was watching the ghosts… "

"It could be that, or it could be that people here have triggered whatever happened then. There are a great many things. It would be easiest to ask them." Quinn says as he hops off the Latina's back,"Since we have something of their's it wouldn't be terribly difficult creating a bridge between us and them. However, we should be quite careful about doing this. In the meantime, we should perhaps report back to the administration about what happened here…"

Lance nods his head as the flames consume the lighthouse completely. He looks back at it and says, "What do you have there. A doll? Odd." He then adds, "I agree, Quinn. We should report this right away." Lance waits to be the last one heading back from the lighthouse. As he looks back one last time, the lighthouse is no longer on fire. In fact, there is no evidence that the group was there. No additional burn marks. No additional broken glass. Even the door Sierra torched has returned.

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