(2018-10-16) Lady and the Tramp
Lady and the Tramp
Summary: Dylan and Besa eat spaghetti and watches a movie.
Date: 2018-10-16
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Ares/Athena Upstairs - Coral Springs

Effectively this is the common area of the dorms. There is a large screen TV, with a hi-tech entertainment system and surround sound. There is a collection of couches and other comfortable chairs and tables all grouped in an assortment of conversation spaces, along with a bookcase or two, not that many teens read books anymore. They are there for the ones that still do. The walls and floor are done in tasteful neutral colors though there is a splash of blue or red, in the curtains or the furnishings.

It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

Dylan left a note for Besa to meet him in the Ares/Athena upstairs lounge at dinner time and to not eat before hand. That he needed him for something that should last at least two hours. He initially thought that he would dress in his best clothes, but then instead thought differently of it. Instead he is wearing some of the clothing that Besa brought him when he was hiding out in the abandoned train station. On a makeshift table made of milk crates is one massive dish of spaghetti and meatballs. He has the remote to the television set on the table, and the screen shows that it is on a holding screen for the Blu-ray player. The young teleporter is pacing a little nervously as he waits for the Egyptian boy to arrive.

Besa can guess what the other boy in intending, but without more info he decides to wear jeans and his long sleeves tee shirt. It's starting to get cold. He finger brushed his hair, and it's falling perfecting round his face as he steps into the lounge. Cocoa is with him, although she scurries ahead to great Dylan before Besa can. The ancient teen chuckles, "Hello Tom. I hope it's alright that Cocoa joins us?" His nose twitches and he glances over at the good. Hopefully it's good smelling!

Dylan grins and kneels down to pet Cocoa, "Of course it is alright that she joins us. I figured she would. I hope it's alright, I got her some dog food.. it was in this plastic container that you can microwave so that it will be warmed up. If it's not, then I don't have to give it to her." And yes, the food smells pretty good. He got help in making it so that it would. He chews on his lower lip, "Have a seat…. " It is obvious that he is a bit nervous.

Besa's expression softens, Dylan's thoughtfulness about Cocoa is going to earn him a lot of points with the Guardian. "Yes. I think she would like that very much." A smile to the Ares and he'll step closer, reaching for the taller boy's hand. "It smells wonderful. Thank you for inviting me."

Dylan smiles, "Good, then let me go warm it up for her…. I got you a bottle of cold green tea to drink. I hope that's alright. I know you drink like healthy stuff." Before he says anything else, he runs off to heat up the thing of Beneful's. As soon as it is done, he rushes back, stirring it up as he returns. "Here you go, girl." As he sets it down. He moves to sit beside Besa on the couch. He picks up the remote control and starts 'Lady and the Tramp'. "I know it's not much of a second date, but I thought surprising you might be fun too…. " He pauses, "And the one plate of food will make sense a little later."

Besa's head tilts as he watches Dylan run off. Cocoa gets a smirk before he moves over to sniff the spaghetti and then sits down on the couch. Dark eyes flicker to the screen and then back to Dylan, "Okay." He doesn't mid sharing a plate. "I like surprises. This is …sweet." Not that he wants to use Bron's words for himself. A lock of hair falls into his eyes, so he brushes it aside and reaches for the tea. "It is not the healthy that is the factor, I do not like the fizz. It goes into my nose."

Dylan blushes slightly at the word 'sweet' being used in any regards to him. "I'm not sure about sweet… You'll probably think it was pretty corny after you see the movie. I don't think that I'm all that good at this dating thing." He smirks, "The fizz is one of the good parts… the caffeine is the best part.. .but the carbonation is a good second." He scoots a little closer to Besa as the movie starts playing.

Besa likes the color on Dylan's cheeks. Or maybe he likes that he put it there. "I think you are doing perfect." A soft head shake, "It feel unnatural in my mouth. I would rather get the caffeine from coffee or tea." He leans slightly towards Dylan, but lets his gaze go to the TV.

Dylan chuckles, "Coffee is cool too… but as far as the fizz, we can just agree to disagree on that one." He chooses that moment to open up his bottle of Dr. Pepper and takes a big sip of it. Meanwhile he scoops up a meatball with his fork, and not so subtly drops it on the floor. "Oh no! I dropped a meatball… I guess Cocoa will have to eat that one." He has a wide grin on his lips as he says it. He knows that he's not fooling either the boy or the dog. Of course, Dylan is the spaghetti slurping kind of kid.

The crack of the soda gets B's attention back, "You can have all the soda pops." H'll sip on his own tea but then raises an eyebrow at the meatball, "You do not have to bribe her, she likes you." Although she likes him more as she moves over to gobble up the dropped food. And then sits at both boys feet…just in case. "I like you too." So there. He'll reach for his won fork. He's not a slurping spaghetti type.

Dylan chuckles, "It wasn't really a bribe… I just know that some people don't like dogs having "people" food, so I was trying to slip it to her so that she wouldn't be the one in trouble, but me." He reaches down and pets the lounging dog. "I like her too." He doesn't say anything about Besa, as he grins and watches Besa out of the corner of his eye, before he laughs softly and leans over and softly pushes against Besa, "And I like you too…. I guess." He says in a teasing fashion.

"It is not good for her…" But Besa isn't a complete stickler for that. Maybe because Besa tends to eat healthier foods and shares them. Again, Dylan's attention to Cocoa seems to make Besa very happy. A soft chuckle, "That is good. I would hate that you went to all this trouble if it was only a guess." Another chuckle and eh rolls his eyes, "Do not let Bronwyn know it is a guess, she may pounce me." Apparently Besa's figured out her intent from the other day, yikes.

Dylan looks mildly scolded about the people food. "Okay, I won't give her any more." He suddenly moves away from Besa so that he can look at him better. "What do you mean by that? I knew that that she had the hots for you. She does, doesn't she?"

Besa leans forward to spin his fork in the spaghetti bowl. "I thought she liked you. I still am not certain she is trying to flirt with me to only reach you…" But apparently something happened. "The cats are bad in this?" Huh. Glancing over to Dylan, "Tom…I am where I wish to be." Just in case he's worried.

Dylan frowns slightly and snorts. "I seriously doubt that she liked me… People like Bronwyn don't like people like me… I'm nothing but trash to people like her. She's rich. I am not interesting enough to be interesting enough and still be poor. You're awesome and like unique." He chuckles, "Don't get me wrong. I'm not upset with you. I know that if you weren't interested in me, you would tell me. You don't have a dishonest bone in your body. I just am a bit irritated that she would still make goo-goo eyes knowing that we're dating… which there wasn't any misunderstanding about that after dinner the other night. Which I got the feeling that she was really not happy that I was there…" He gets a fork full and slowly sucks up a long strand of pasta.

Besa frowns, "You're not trash." He takes a deep breath, reaching for Dylan's hand, "You are very interesting, Tom. I am with you." Goo goo eyes? The ancient teen blinks his dark eyes, "She knows I am with you." He watches the noodle disappear into Dylan's mouth and then sighs, reaching up to wipe the drop of sauce from his chin.

Dylan shrugs slightly, "Yeah I am, Besa… Just about anyone who has ever known me will tell you the same." He snorts slightly "Interesting? Nah, I don't really think so… I think you're just bias." He chuckles as his chin gets cleaned up by Besa. About that time, Lady and Tramp's own spaghetti dinner date comes on to the scene, as Dylan moves back over to Besa's side, almost dare he say snuggling distance.

Besa frowns again. "Stop it, Tom. You are not." Trash. "I am not biased. Why does everyone say that?" He tilts his head, watching as Dylan gets closer, eyes blinking slowly. The corner of his mouth twitches. He doesn't watch the movies, his attention is completely on the Ares.

Dylan looks over at Besa, "I won't argue with you, 'cause this is suppose to be a date, and I don't want to argue with you on our second date." He obviously believes the 'trash' remark and Besa's disagreeing with him isn't going to change that opinion. As he notes that Besa has given up on watching the movie, Dylan watches Besa watching him, before he leans in for a kiss… be it an uncertain and inexperienced kiss.

"You should not argue with me at all." The ancient teen's chin sticks out diffidently. He's very wise, people should listen to him! But then there's a lean and his cheeks flush in anticipation of the kiss. While he doesn't have a ton of experience himself, the certainty is there. Lips brush gently against Dylan's, enjoying the moment and not demanding more.

After a moment, there is more confidence in the kiss, though it would hardly be called an overly passionate one, more tender and sweet. Afterwards, he pulls back. "Was that okay?" He catches the television screen and snickers as the kiss scene is what is playing at that very moment. "I swear to God I didn't time that!"

Besa doesn't mind tender and sweet. His eyes flutter open and he lets out a soft content sigh before glancing to the screen to see what Dylan is talking about. He laughs, finally getting all the talk of spaghetti dinners now! "It is fate!"

Dylan's cheeks are blushed quite deeply. He chews on his lip, as he watches Besa. "Maybe so, but you still didn't answer me… Was it okay? The kiss and me kissing you?" Yeah, the bravado has flown completely out the window right now as he waits on baited breath for the Egyptian teen's response.

Besa looks back, suddenly seeming much older than Dylan. A hand raises and he'll cup the other boy's pink cheek if allowed, "Tom. I have wishes to kiss you for much time now. Yes. It was perfect." He smiles warmly and will lean in to initiate his own kiss. He doesn't push it beyond a lip caress, but at the very end there is a hint of more pressure.

Dylan smiles at Besa's remark. "You know you didn't have to wait.." But when Besa leans in and initiates a second kiss, Dylan definitely responds to the kiss. He responds with a bit more enthusiasm and a touch of exploration.

Dinner is ignored. The movie is ignored (Although Besa will later tell Rain he very much liked the film). Even poor Cocoa is ignored at the boys' feet. All Besa focuses on is the touching of lips and the feeling of Dylan's warm cheek in his hand. Both boys taste vaguely of spaghetti sauce, but the ancient teen doesn't seem to mind.

Having never really experienced anything like this before, Dylan is utterly lost to the moment. His hand moving up Besa's arm to rsst on the other boy's shoulder. The entire time his eyes are closed, until he eventually pulls away out of need to breathe, as he had forgotten to breathe while kissing Besa.

Besa smiles, taking a deep breath as well when they break. If Dylan will allow it, he'll rest his forehead against Dylan's. "P-perhaps you were right. I should not have waited." They could have been doing this since the cliff! Or even before if Besa had gotten the nerve up! A soft smile graces his face though, he's clearly happy.

Dylan chuckles softly. "Well, if I had any doubts about if this was what I really wanted, I don't any longer." He is still quite flushed. He has a wide, dimple-framed smile on his lips, likewise clearly happy as well.

Besa's eyes widen slightly, "I should hope that cleared everything up!" If not, Besa might crawl into a hole and die (again). That perfect hair flops to one side as Besa tilts his head, "You are happy, yes?" Verbal confirmation is nice, along with the happy face. His thumb caresses Dylan's cheek gently.

Dylan smiles, "It was the best kiss that I have ever had…" He smirks slightly, "Of course, it was the only kiss that I have ever had… I mean except by those from my ami sani…" He chuckles, then leans into the caress. He closes his dark blue eyes as he sighs softly. "Yes, Besa.. I am very happy."

Besa's face crushes up slightly, nose wringing, "Please do not compare my kissing ability to your grandmother's…." He knows he's old, but yikes. "We will have to kiss more, so you can have more to compare to, yes?" He doesn't men right now, the dark skinned boy seems very content to sit and watch Dylan as he leans into his hand. "Good. You deserve to be happy."

Dylan bursts into laughter. "I was in no way comparing your kissing to my grandmothers…. " He shudders, "That is just … ew!!" He scoots up next to Besa, moving the Egyptian's arm around his shoulders as he nestles himself up against the other boy, so that they can cuddle and "watch" the rest of the movie.

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