(2018-10-13) How Not To Be Seen
How Not To Be Seen
Summary: Kaylee's older brother David requests help from the students at Coral Springs. Things don't go as planned.
Date: 2018-10-13
Related: Family Resemblance
NPCs: David Blake
Scene Runner: Kaylee

Abandoned Hospital Shady Cove

Huge old abandoned hospital with different rooms here and there, the doors either off their hinges or open. Or missing all together. The floor is concrete, dirty from years of being unused as well as exposure to the elements, the ceiling high with a few gaping holes. Staircases, some leading to upper floors, some leading.. nowhere, are located near an old elevator shaft that leads to.. certain death.

It is a fall evening. The weather is warm and fair.

Having led the students from the docks, through town to the abandoned hospital, Lt. David Blake would have been fairly quiet and unwilling to share more information about his intentions until they arrived. Once he was there with all of the students, however, he stops everyone in the lobby and unzips the knapsack he was carrying, pulling out military grade flashlights for everyone. "Alright, folks. First of all, I wanted to say that not only do I appreciate your assistance, but the United States Government does as well. Second, I need to make something very clear that I couldn't before. What we are searching for here is considered Highly Classified. This means that you are not welcome to share what we came looking for or whether or not we find it with ANYONE back at the school. I know you are teenagers and keeping secrets may not be something you're very good at doing. However, if you wish to help out, you're going to have to agree to it or else I'll have you wait outside. And, just so you know I'm serious, if it is discovered you leak the information, you WILL be prosecuted in a federal court, regardless of your standings as juveniles," he explains, looking each student in the eye with all the gravitas Captain America could muster. "If you want to back out now, I won't be upset at all. I just need to be sure we're all on the same page. So, who's still in?"

Koga shrugs, "It can not be any worse than a fear inducing demon. No problems from me in trying to keep this under wraps, so to speak." The asian teen had come along because he was sure that if it was Kaylee's brother asking, then who knows what might be the problem? Plus, seriously. A relative of Kaylee. Who wouldn't help?

He was currently in casual clothes, and checking the flashlight as he looks at it, then hums before looking at the man. "Do we need more light, or less? And how hostile is the situation we are possibly going into?"

Koga, despite his growth spurt, is definitely showing respect for the man. The man is a soldier, after all, and he knows about where those tend to come into play. He isn't going to glance at the bag or anything since he has his own proverbial bag of tricks that he himself uses.

Let's just say Fee Reid gets along quite well with her roomie, and thinking herself a family girl and how blood is important, when roomie's big brother needs help it's not beyond Fionnuala to raise her hand after the math homework is done and volunteer. Or maybe before doing homework. Fee hates Math and trekking into the unknown at the behest of the feckin' military is far more favorable to doing math homework.

Yeah she's weird.

Anyway people need help and Fee, Promethean to the core, sees fit to offer herself up. When David Blake goes into the ins and outs of the mission and what not to do, Fee — taken aback by the gravity of the situation but not entirely surprised either — lifts a slender hand into an earnest thumbs-up. Lest she say anything to make herself sound foolish. She is a slight girl with a black halo of feathered wings, clad in tight black denims and a form-fitting dark purple tunic, hair pulled back into a thick braid. She glances in the direction of the knapsack after taking up a flashlight (if/when it's offered immediately), but makes no real effort to look. She hasn't the look of someone who is backing out.

Jake was with everyone! He wore a blue shirt and blue jeans…with BLACK tenneshoes. His hair casually left to be messy, he looks at Kaylee's cousin with a raised brow. "Oh, amico, non voglio andare in galera…" Something in Italian about not wanting to go to jail. But, he wanted to help. So the answer was pretty clear to him.

"I'm in." He says in a very C'est la vie fashion before he manages to catch a good glimpse into that knapsack. With or without David noticing.

Well…that looks interesting. At least he's prepared.

Iain has no idea why the US Government is enlisting the help of teenage super powered students for whatever mission this is…but maybe they just did things differently here than in Scotland? All he knew was Fee had agreed to come along so, as her cousin, of course he wasn't going to let her come alone. When the speech and warning are given though, the Scottish teen is definitely more skeptical. Did none of these kids watch movies? This is how people died. Still, family duty wins out over common sense and Iain takes a flashlight as it's offered to him.

Of course though he's also going to try and peek in that bag if he can manage a sneak! Go go gadget bird eyes! From looking at the teen one might recognize a facial similarity, but Iain doesn't have wings like Fee does. He also has a Scottish accent for those who have heard him speak, but has only been state side for a little while. So it is uncertain just who knows of their relation. Looking at the others gathered and then back to Blake, he then looks over to his cousin and just gives her a look.

David smiles an All-American Smile at Koga and shakes his head. "There shouldn't be any actual threats in the hospital. At least, what we're here for shouldn't pose us any immediate threats. I can tell you that we're not looking for TROUBLE, so if you find some, it shouldn't be related," he says. He closes up the knapsack and slings it back over his shoulder as he stands up. He waits for everyone to respond before nodding.
"Great. That's what I like to hear. So, once again, I can't tell you a lot since the information is classified. But, what I CAN tell you is that we're basically looking for evidence of someone staying here. At least one person, if not a small group of individuals. So, look for signs of someone squatting- repetitive tracks, furniture piled up, any sort of organized fire residue. We don't believe anyone is here any longer, but we're trying to confirm that they WERE here," he explains. He lifts a flashlight of his own, turning it on and checking the beam. "You don't have to stay together, but stay within shouting distance of each other. Any of you particularly good at searching?" he asks, looking between the students.
The flashlights he's handed out are halogen lamps that are particularly bright. They also have adjustable beams that go from being a focused beam of light about the diameter of a softball, to wide beams that can cover a whole wall in light. The focus of the beam also affects the distance, so the wider it is, the shorter the throw. And, as far as David's attire, even though he's in the military, he's presently only wearing a t-shirt and jeans, a black fabric jacket worn over the top. Which may or may not seem conspicuous to anyone familiar with military uniform requirements.

Koga nods, then hums as he starts to look. "I do not think I know anything that can help in this sense… my techniques are more sensitive towards spirits. Ghosts, restless dead… that sort of thing." He adjusts the beam so it is at it's narrowest before beginning to search. Just in case, he zips up his jacket because a white t-shirt stands out a bit.

"Do you mind questions while we are here and searching, or would it be better to save them for afterwards, sir?" Koga asks as he starts to check a room. His eyes are only human, after all, but he has no trouble in trying to help out in this instance. However, he obviously looks a little lost other than trying to find things the old fashioned way like was suggested.

Indeed the two Reid cousins share a resemblance: dark hair, blue eyes. Fionnuala, however, in carrying some sunlight… her irises are temporarily of a honey-gold coloration. But on any given day both she and Iain have the very same blue in their gaze. She can feel his look even before she turns her dark-haired head to face him properly. "Cha bhasaich sinn," (We will not die,) Said quickly and gracefully in Scots Gaelic. "Gealladh. Is e seo obair-dachaigh!" (Promise. This is homework!) Followed up just as quickly, the corners of her lips curling up gently.

She is aware, too, of the other students present.. most known, one not very well known to her but she will have to come to trust Jake quickly! She turns back to David and listens thoughtfully, eyes lifting to rove slowly around the surroundings. So they're looking for squatters, likely dangerous?! Check! Okay so at least signs of them… but still. The question re: searching earns a sheepish look on her behalf. "I can see quite well." … blush. That sounded so dumb! Fee looks down at her feet. "I can heal anyone or anything needing it." Ugh, now she feels kinda silly.

Iain looks between Blake and Koga as they each speak, brow lofting a bit as Koga mentions his abilities. A brief chills goes through Iain, but he plays it off by adjusting his light a little bit. Then, Fee's words just get a furrowed brow. That didn't help him feel better. "Homework or not…yer' stayin' by me." When she indicates to Blake about her abilities, Iain just raises his free hand "Yah. Make that two ev' us for the seein' bit."

Simple. Clean. EFFICIENT.

Jake likes this plan, and is, without a doubt, quite excited! "Works for me. I like to think I'm good at searchin'! Ho avuto gli occhi di un falco e le orecchie di una volpe!" That last bit was mainly Jake talking up his senses in Italian. Eyes of a hawk and ears like a fox…maybe? Hard to understand him when he talks that fast.

But! He looks to Iain and Fionnuala, laughing a bit. "and I'll look after both of ya. Teamwork, right?"

"Okay. Well, like I said, just make sure you stay within earshot of one another. If anything happens, just holler for me and I'll be there before you know it," David says, offering the kids one more winning smile before he turns and starts pacing in to the hospital. Since Koga asked him a question, he tags along with him, his own flashlight left on the wide and short band. "Sure, kid. Feel free to ask me anything you'd like. If I'm able to, I'll answer it." Then, David stops and smacks his forehead with his palm, turning back and calling out for everyone. "Hey, guys! Why don't you come back over here for a second. I'm sorry. I totally forgot to introduce myself to everyone and let everyone tell me who they are! Forgot my own first rule about knowing who you're working with! I'm sorry, guys!"
Once everyone is gathered back around, he smiles and places his hands behind his back, standing casually at rest. "I'll go first. My name is David Blake. You all should know my baby sister Kaylee. I'm her oldest brother. I'm a Lieutenant in the Army and part of my job is special operations, which is what this is considered. Who's next?" he asks, looking around at the kids expectantly.

The female Reid has a Scottish accent but nowhere near as strong as that of Iain's, "Of course I will. I promise." Said kindly to her cousin to reassure him. "We'll stick together." Reiterated in her own words, "There's enough of us here, and like.. a military presence. What could possibly go wrong?" Whispered hastily to the dark-haired boy. Oh DAMNIT Fee, you asked the question! The trigger question!! But she's so earnest, her eyes rounded in her small face.. that how could you doubt her!?

Jake, a newer student, pipes up and earns a smile from the winged girl. "That's really kind of you. Let's all look out for one another. My name is Fionnuala, by the way.. I don't think we're met..?" Asked of the Italian boy.. and then David, walking with Koga, so helpfully segues into introductions! Fee looks up with a blush.

"Oh, uh." She looks 'round then back to David. "I'm Fionnuala.. just call me Fee. Easier. I'm actually your sister's roommate." Her smile widens a bit. "I can see the resemblance. She's a real sweetie. But me? Huh.." She rubs her chin. "I like art… and words.. and costume jewelry. And hugs. A-and.. uh… healing.. and I hate speaking at length about myself so I'm gonna stahp."

Iain looks over to Jake as he offers to look after them. Hey, anybody watching out for Fee was instantly a friend of his! A nod is given to the other student "Sound good ta' me." A look back over to Fee then and his eyes widen as she asks THE worst question to ever ask in a scary movie. "Well now you've fecking dun it. Thanks, Fee…" He sighs, looking to his light and then back to her "Are yeh at lest a virgin? They live in these movies. Please tell me yeh are." Then Dudley Do Right is introducing himself. "Iain. Ahm a Taurus and Ah enjoy long walks on tha' beach."
<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Spells: Success.

Doh! Jake was just ready to wander about before he (and everyone else) is summoned back to the gathering! "Makes sense, Amico!" He shrugs then and he salutes. "Jacopo da Costa! Though please, please, PLEASE just call me Jake." he laughs lightheartedly. As Fionnuala introduced herself, he smiled! "Wow, lovely name!" unique too! He couldn't wait to hear everyone else's!

It was already a school of peculiarities.

"Wow. Such awesome names!" he's starting to feel self-conscious… "I like walking on the beach and jumping along the clouds." because…weather control!

Koga makes his way back over, clicking off the flashlight.

Koga smiles, looking to Iain. "Seriously, if something goes wrong I can probably just do some crazy magic to get over near you."

Looking to the others, Koga gives a traditional Japanese bow in greeting. "My name is Koga Yamamoto. I am a friend of your sister's, David. She has helped me a lot over my time here much like Fionnuala has. I simply try to help out as much as I can." He moves a hand, creating a few small blue lines in the air as he does.

The blue lines spin and form into an orb of small lightning that twirls in place before him to give off a bit more light. "Also, I am a mystic of sorts. More of a sub-set of skills. Consider me the walking tank if things get too dicey."

He looks to the others, then deadpans. "… oh, and I like origami and tai chi." Hey! Everyone else did it!

There's a good-natured chuckle at Fee's description of herself and David nods to the young girl, smiling easily. "Nice to meet you, Fionnuala," he replies, getting her name almost perfectly on his first try. SO different from his sister. "I've heard some pretty great things about you. As you know, Kaylee CAN tell a tale. I'm glad the school's able to find her such compatible roommates." He then turns his attention to each person who introduces themselves, in turn, giving everyone his earnest and honest full attention. "Nice to meet you, Jake. Pleasure to have you on the team. From your accent, I'm guessing Italian is your native language?" Koga receives a slight bow, in response, as well. "Ohayo, Koga. Yoroshuuku." And then Iain goes and starts asking about Fee's sexuality and David immediately looks a little uncomfortable, holding up both his hands to keep the conversation on the rails.
"Whoa, whoa, whoa! That's not important right now! Like I said, guys. We shouldn't be in any danger here. We're positive the people we're after have already moved on, so the only dangers here are going to be native. And if it comes to the worst, I'll be able to protect you. I AM armed, but I hope to never need to use it," David explains, though he doesn't make any effort to reveal his armament.

Blink?! A sharp look at Iain.. not angry but typical of any sibling rivalry. Cousins are as good as siblings in Fee's family. "What kind of question is that Iain?! I" Blush blush. She's glowing as sunlight dashes beautifully throughout her plumage, wings quivering. "I am not" BLUSH. "I mean it's not anyone's business! I'm as doomed as anyone!" Fret fret. Yeah she just dashed that myth. She gives the other shifter a goodnatured nudge. "Long walks on the beach my foot. See? Someone else who likes long walks on the beach," A nod to Jake. "Jake can teach you manners!" Exclaimed next, but she wraps her arms around her snarky cousin's shoulders and gives him a squeeze to show that she's only joking.

A smile is cast to Koga next, "You help tons, Koga. I for one am glad that you're here with us. And the tank bit.. especially helpful with squishy mages about." A gesture to herself.

Back to David, his words cause her to flush again, casting the barest glow in these gloomy abandoned halls. "We get along really well. At least we don't drive one another mad with our glowing."

Koga blinks, then shrugs and turns to head for the hospital. "C'mon… let's get this show on the road before it gets too late. I do not want to figure out if I can portal somewhere safe for curfew." He mentions towards the others.

Turning, the little lightning ball brightens as Koga heads into the hospital. The ball brightens enough to shed some blueish light around the area just in case, but not enough to do more than just give some eery shadows and a bit better idea of stuff to not trip over. It isn't exactly subtle like the flashlights, however.

Jake just blinks (like everyone else) at Iain's question for Fee regarding her sexuality. "Uhm…is this somethin' we should be talking about here?" then Fee singles him out. "Woah woah woah! why me?! Questo è pazzesco!" something about making him teach people anything is crazy.

Though THANKFULLY David is talking to him too. "Si! Venezia, Italia." Venice, Italy. He seems to be extremely good natured too! But then he looks back to the sibling rivalry. "Let's….go through the hospital." Before someone ends up dying because of awkward questions, si?"

David facepalms as the cousins get into personal matters he definitely didn't need to know about. Just then, there's a loud 'crash' and some shouting coming from above them. Somehow, it seems like they're listening to an argument that's in mid-form, even though they didn't hear it start or approach. David is suddenly very alert, looking up at the ceiling and frowning. He reaches into his jacket and draws a pistol, disarming the safety and cocking the hammer back. Then, he holds his finger to his lips, admonishing everyone to be quiet. "Stay down, find cover, and don't do ANYTHING until I get back. And most importantly, stay QUIET!" he whispers, before crouching and slinking off towards the stairwells.

Feck. Guns being drawn? Talk of her, uh.. experience aside.. Fee knows when to shut her trap. When bid to do so she eases her small body into one of the many shadowy (and creepy-crawlie-filled-UGH) nooks and crannies of the hospital innards and waits. With the barest lick of light, her wings seem to 'shrink' and pull backwards, toward her body. How's that for handy?!

Her eyes peer nervously at the firearm — they make Fee nervous, no matter how competant and sane the wielder — only to drop down to her feet. Her lips tremble with words wanting so very terribly to be borne. Hey, she is Scottish.

Frowning, Koga motions at the others as he moves forward, hands already preparing a spell as he moves to the stairwell, prepared to follow just in case. The arguement definitely has his attention, and Koga sniffs the lightning ball out with a wave of his hand as he prepares himself just in case.

He does glance towards Fee, then the others to make sure they have sufficient cover before he himself moves to the side and prepares to use that military grade flashlight as a possible bludgeoning weapon. Here's hoping it's sturdy!

Hearing the sound coming from upstairs and the sound of people arguing, Jake keeps his head WAY down. His powers arn't as effective indoors, so he'd have to stick wit hthe martial arts he learned back in Italy. Nodding frantically, he just kinda…follows people. "a-a-anyone want to be my partner as w-we look around??" particularly someone who can use their powers indoors effectively!?

Orders or not, Iain was not about to venture into an non-abandoned-abandoned hospital to investigate some random people arguing who may or may not be armed as well. Luckily, Fee seems to feel the same way and as she finds her own covers, Iain would be right by her side…and then right in front of her. A reassuring hand goes back to find hers, giving it a firm squeeze. Even if he was younger, he still felt a protectiveness over his cousin…especially considering recent events. He was protective over family in general. Which unfortunately for the others meant if shit went south he'd make sure he and her got out of here.

Hey, he never claimed to be a Prometheus! "Fee…listen tah me." Iain speaks in a low whisper, keeping his hand in hers and his gaze ahead but speaking back to her. "If I tell yeh tah run. Yeh run…and yeh stay in front ah me." It wasn't a request. His voice was firm and unshaken, but his body was tense and at the ready. He just gives Jake and, if he can still see it, Koga a look and a quick shake of his head. Trying to tell them to just stay here. None of this sat right with him.

David disappears around the corner and ostensibly up the stairwell. The shouting upstairs continues, but it's far enough away that making anything out would be impossible without some type of super hearing. There are at least two voices, possibly three, though the higher pitched one is doing the most of the shouting. There's another crash and more shouting, but there's really no telling what the heck is going on up there! Instead, the kids are left in silence to worry and wonder about what will wind up happening!

Worry? Fee has that covered. Everything in her body language speaks of giving chase and intervening but she's not that stupid. Yelling appears to trouble her greatly and her breiefly mirthful expression melts into stark worry. The crash causes her to flinch and she nearly drops her flashlight. "W-what should we do? I know he told us to sit tight but what if he's hurt!?" She whispers hastily. (OOC: Pardon quickpose, have to see to something RL and don't wanna hold up. :) )
<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Spells: Great Success.

Koga glances up the stairwell, then starts to move his hands again. The spell he prepared is obviously turning into something a bit bigger than he planned. Especially as that's not really cover the others have. Turning back, he starts to move his hands quickly. His fingers dance in the air practically as he gets an extremely focused look on his face.

Archaic, almost writing takes shape in the air. Koga looks over it quickly, adding a few lines before he literally thrusts his palm into it. Almost instantly a quartet of mystic looking orbs fly out, dulling to nothing as they go to hide in the nearest places. Koga's own forms into a tower shield shape over his arm as he turns to start up the stairwell. He comments back, "Keep quiet. That is a personal barrier spell. Good for at least one shot from a gun. Maybe more. I am going up. Stay if you wish. Touch the orb to make it like this if you wish." He turns to start up the stairwell carefully, watching for creaks and loose boards as he goes. The flashlight is still held as an impromptu weapon.

Jake extends a hand as if to try and stop Koga but he's already moving! "Oh perché perché perché!" He says rapidly in Italian before he looks to the others. "Stay safe, I'm going with him to make sure nothin' happens." and off Jake goes! following closeby to Koga whilst basically following his steps.

Don't want to alert no one!
<FS3> Koga rolls Stealth: Success.
<FS3> Jake rolls Stealth: Failure.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls 7: Great Success.

Iain is doing his best to not pull an 'I told you so!' but…damnit he told her so! This wasn't a good idea. Still, looking at Fee instantly told now wasn't the time. Her desire to help was obvious, but so were her nerves. Iain just frowns and looks back to her "Fee. He's ah trained soldier. If he's in trouble…what can WE do tah help him?" He didn't mean to sound cruel…just realistic. Also damnit he was going to take care of his own…he didn't care how selfish that made him. He had already lost enough family. He wasn't going to lose Fee too. Perhaps his eyes betray this worry, but he quickly looks back as the others start their ascent up the stairs.

Iain turns back to his cousin then, "If we don't stay here, thar' won't be anybody tah' get help for them if they need it." Maybe that'd be enough to convince to stay here for now, even if he couldn't convince her to leave. He didn't see that working out too well…yet. Though hell he'd pick her up and carry her out of here if he had to. Or try at least! "Please. Just stay here…with me…and we'll help them by making sure we get outta here…" By making sure she gets out of here.
<FS3> Fionnuala rolls Alertness: Success.
<FS3> Kaylee rolls 5: Good Success.

After a few moments, there's a rustling in the shadows near Fee and Iain. And then, as if directly out of the shadows, David appears next to their cover. However, he's immediately scowling. "Where are the others? We're getting out of here. NOW," he whispers, scanning for the two nincompoops who didn't follow directions.
As Koga and Jake make their way up the steps, the arguing and shouting continues. Koga makes it to the second floor just fine and would even be able to peer down the hallway without consequence. Jake, however? Does not. As he makes it to a step behind Koga, it crumbles. And then continues to crumble. And then causes a small cascade of crumbling beneath it such that there's a sudden silence down the hallway. The fight has, apparently, stopped. Anybody wonder why? Lucky for Jake and Koga, that ALSO lets David know exactly where they are.
"You two head for the docks. I'll get the other two. GO!" David orders, not bothering to be quiet anymore as he stands and darts towards the stairwell.

And well, Fee? She knows she is a crappy fighter. Her ranged attacks? All-encompassing and serving only to cause problems even for the people trying to help. It does her no good to follow suit, though even as she hangs back this may very well appeal to Iain. See? She's not impulsive! For if she is shot in the head or curbstomped or beaten to a pulp, what good is she with her first aid and healing abilities?!

Fionnuala, long story short, stays put in her hiding spot with Iain, Her pretty golden eyes flit to her cousin a bit ruefully. "Sorry to have drug you along.. I really wanted to help. It won't help if I'm up there just getting in the way. You're.. gonna find that things just roll this way at our school."

All spoken in a whisper as she watches Koga and Jake press on, her sweet heart pounding harder. "We just stick with one another. We don't ask questions, we just go. It's hard figuring out the hero stuff." Then, a pause. She stays put, listening hard, holding tightly to her cousin's elbow.

Then… WUT. There's a David. With a yelp Fee whirls on him, gawking. "T-they went to-" His manner of arrival startles her as much as his being there. "It's loud up there, what if they get hurt"

Perhaps the irony in all of this is that out of the two of them, Iain was a fighter. He had gotten into scraps and trouble all throughout his years. However, maybe it was being in a totally different land…or maybe it was Fee being in possible danger now…or something else entirely. For whatever reason, while yes he could fight, his flight instinct was kicking in stronger right now. Pun intended. As Fionnuala looks and speaks to him about 'how things roll', he just gives her a hard frown. "That's not how yah end up ah hero, Fee. That's how yah end up dead. Jaysus…we can't jus-"

Whatever Iain was going to say is cut off as he pulls back with his fist ready at the sudden appearance of somebody. However, between the shock and also the reflex of catching himself before following through, the Scottish teen just staggers back a bit and stares at David. Before he can ask a proper 'What the feck!?', they are being given instructions that Iain actually agrees with. Then, David is leaving for the stairs again and Iain reaches out to take Fee's hand and tugs as he starts towards the lobby door. His tone is more pleading now as he looks to his cousin, "Fee. C'mon. Please. Yah heard him. We have tah' go."

Jake seems to pause IMMEDIATELY when he knocks down one of the steps, taking a deeeep breath and looking really scared. "uuhhmm….sorry?" He whispers softly to Koga, looking REALLY nervous before he starts to try and summon his powers over the weather JUUUST in case. But he's not actually using them.

Maybe he could destroy this entire level of the building with a good lightning strike. Buuuut then he'd really get in trouble!

<FS3> Koga rolls Mystic Spells: Success.

Koga freezes at the sound, raising his shield bearing arm as he looks behind him quickly. Pointedly at Jake of all things. He looks down at the missing stair, the stuff beyond. Blinks a few times, then he sighs. And it hits him that it's so quiet.

That isn't good. Koga immediately turns and thrusts his own shield forward, then makes some quick motions to cause it to expand and cover the opening of the stairwell. He turns to look at Jake. "GO." He hisses, motioning back downstairs. "Cover's blown. MOVE."

Wasting no time himself, Koga pushes Jake to get him to get back down the stairs quickly, stepping around the crumbled stair quickly.

Way further down the hallway, a head pokes out of a doorway. And, while normally there'd just be a dark hallway and a dark stairwell to look at, there's now a blue wall of light blocking the stair well. "Shit! THEY'RE HERE!" shouts a female voice, most likely from the head that is now disappearing back into the room. And that's about the time David emerges from a shadow on the wall, reaches out and grabs both Koga and Jake by the arm, and then drags them back into the shadow and through the wall. They will emerge from another shadow near the front door, hopefully where Fee and Iain are either already passing by or on their way to.
Unfortunately, as David emerges, he drops to his knees and pants, sweating profusely. "Go. Get to the docks. Head for home. Don't stop for anything and don't turn around," he says, in between breaths. And, even though it looks like the rescue took a lot out of him, he seems to be intently focused.

It all boils down to David telling them to go. Fee is neither impulsive nor is she a martyr and Iain taking her hand to ease her out, pleasing with her, bears fruit. Her feet move in Iain's favor across the grubby, dirty floors of what was once a space of salvation. Iain pleads and Fee, to whom family is the be-all-end-all (no wonder she meshes so well with the Masters crowd), concedes. "We'd better move.. he's trained, right? He knows what he's doing? I-I mean, if he doesn't have to worry about us" A flinch at a crescendo of hollaring. "… he can better focus on helping Koga and Jake"

They're already moving toward the entryway to the old hospital. Fee notices the movement of David appearing with her classmates, but she is already through the door and only able to peer beseechingly over a shoulder.

Iain visibly exhales as Fee agrees to leave with him, not even saying anything else as he turns and follows his cousin out. He does make sure that she's in front of him, turning briefly to see David before continuing to follow after Fee. The others were behind them. That meant they were in the clear right? One way or another, Fee was through the door and that was his focus right now. If she ran, he ran. If she flew, he flew. However she left the place, he would follow her until she stopped.

Jake is shoved down the stairs by Koga! Thankfully, David arrives just in the nick of time to pull them both through the shadows to safety! "Che diavolo?!" something something about hell. But once he's given the order? He simply nods and gets right back up and sprints to the outside! But he noticed that tired look on David and he paused…should he go back to help?

Damn kid, why do you have such a good heart?

He seems to debate with himself. WHY ARE YOU INDECISIVE!

Frowning, Koga turns to look at David. "Not without you! Come on!" Koga doesn't run, not when he notices David's looking pretty tired. Nope. Koga is a classic tank type. Party first, even the proverbial guests!

He moves to help David and get him out of there, too. Koga's eyes do go to the stairwell, as well as elsewhere to see if there is any signs of danger beyond those voices up there. At the moment his thoughts are to get everyone out, but he isn't about to leave David behind. That much is obvious.

Just in case any were wondering, however, those three left over barrier orb things? They're now following the three.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — David=10+3 Vs Koga=Physical
< David: Great Success Koga: Good Success
< Net Result: David wins - Solid Victory

With two kids out the door, David takes a deep breath. He pushes up to one knee, then turns and glares at Koga and Jake, who don't follow instructions. "You've caused enough trouble already. I said GO," he repeats, and then gestures with one hand. Suddenly, the shadows from the doorway will reach out and grab Koga and forcibly move him away from the hospital. And then, David will disappear down into the shadows again.
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Once removed from the hospital, Koga glances upwards, then sighs and moves. /He/ is more parkour based, so his run away is at least kept at a distance to make sure the others get out alright as well. This isn't his first mision, but well… Koga shakes his head and takes off on the instructions as stated. With David's pushing him out of the hospital unceremoniously so easily, he knows that guy has to be just fine. Hopefully. He looks to Jake. "Get moving. I'm right behind you guys. Tank, remember?" he moves his hand and manipulates the three barrier orbs to fly behind the group, making it easier for him to protect them so they can get to the docks as asked.

Jake watches as Koga is literally tossed out of the hospital. Listening to Koga's words, Jake simply groans. "Fine, but don't do anything stupid amico!" He then flies into the air to catch up with the others at the docks! Landing next to Iain and Fee as they hopefully await Koga and David.

Once all of the students are back at the dock, there is a short wait for the ferry that will take them back to school. After about fifteen or twenty minutes, just as the boat is accepting passengers, David comes jogging onto the dock. He then strides purposefully towards the boat, looking a little tired but otherwise in good shape. "I need the four of you to follow me. NOW," he orders, without stopping, as he marches on to the boat. He will proceed forward to the front of the boat, where no one else is present at this hour, and then fold his arms across his chest and wait for the students to follow him. And, by the set of his jaw, the thin line of his pressed lips, and the furrow of his brow, it could very easily be surmised that he is Not Happy.

Koga sighs, having let his shield spells disappear long before making it to the docks as he starts to make his way on to the ferry. At David's tone, Koga gulps a bit. Then frowns. He makes his way forward towards the front of the boat to where David is waiting as he looks to the man. Yeah, he wanted to stay but well… the run and the time waiting for the docks has given Koga a lot to think about. Not to mention a bit of quick meditation to calm his nerves so to speak.

Still, Koga is… not happy about being forced away from something that he was trained for more or less. And that's showing on him, too.

Jake takes a deep breath as he's ordered to follow by David, letting his shoulders slump briefly, he simply puts his hands in his pockets and mopes right on along to the front of the boat. Well, so much for that Mr. Nice Guy act.

If it was an act at all.

Well, that's pretty much what Jake gets for tryin' to help.

Once everyone is seated at the front of the boat, David waits a few more moments before speaking. And then, when he does, his voice is an even tone, not angry or shouting, just calm and assertive. "So I'm obviously not happy about how things went back there. What do you think went wrong?" he asks, looking between Jake and Koga.

Koga rubs the back of his head. He looks a bit thoughtful, as if trying to pinpoint exactly where he did wrong. "I do not know about Jake, but I came to the school to help others, not to be left behind when I could help or forced away, sir."

Jake also continues to remain seated, giving a soft nod to Koga. "We know we disobeyed orders." Jake looks apologetic, but he gives an agreeing nod to Koga and his eyes lock onto David's. Two heroes in the making perhaps?

Or two morons. either way.

Koga's reply just makes David sigh and shake his head. He looks at Koga, his hands moving to his hips, and then he looks away again, trying to decide what to say. After taking another breath, he folds his hands behind his back again. "Look. I'm not going to yell at you or tell you what you did was stupid or anything like that. If we're going to grow and get better, we have to learn from our mistakes. So, I'm going to ask again, and it's a simple question that I hope will get an honest answer. What do YOU guys think went wrong back there?"

Koga looks considerate, then sighs. "We did not stay put." He grumbles a little. At least he still has that respectful tone. "And we should have listened to orders." Koga doesn't look happy with admitting it. But well… he did say he considered himself the tank of the group, more or less.

Jake simply looks to David, nodding in agreement. "I followed to try and help…messed it up by stepping on the wrong floorboard." Jake sighs sadly. "we disobeyed orders and we should've stayed put while you did your searching."

David listens and then bobbles his head from side to side. "Well, you're not wrong, because you did disobey orders. But, that's not what I'm getting at," he says. He then begins walking back and forth in front of the youth as he gives them his lecture/pep talk. "The problem is, you guys forgot what I said we were there to do. Our only goal, tonight, was to determine if some people had been squatting in the abandoned hospital. All we were looking for was evidence. When they actually showed up, our mission was immediately accomplished. Unfortunately, you guys didn't follow your next mission, which was to stay hidden. Now, I understand, you guys thought you were going to come help me. But that's where things started to go wrong. So, in trying to help me, you broke a step, which caused a loud noise, which put the occupants on alert. Then Koga threw up a defensive barrier at the end of the stair well. Now, why do you think I say that this was th wrong course of action at this point?" he asks.

Koga blinks a few times. And it actually takes him a moment or two before he literally face palms himself. "… a visible barrier… I can name at least one, sir… they saw it, and are now probably leaving the hospital or setting up defenses?"

At this point, Jake just goes silent. Likely silently talking himself down because he probably thinks he (Jake himself) is stupid at this point. But eventually, he nods. "Yeah, that makes sense….and yeah. They probably won't be here at the hospital and we'll have to track them all down again."

David nods in Koga's direction. "Precisely. Now, I'm aware that you didn't know I was capable of moving through the shadows like I did, so you cculdn't have known I would be able to retrieve you before they found you. BUT, you likewise had no idea what type of threat you may have been facing. By reacting first, not only did you give away your position, but you also gave away a potential advantage by revealing your capabilities to the enemy. Not to mention, there WASN'T a threat when you put the barrier up. By raising a visible barrier, you created a self-fulfilling prophecy by alerting the enemy that you were there," David explains. And he doesn't do it in an angry fashion, but it's clear that David knows what he's talking about. "Then, once again, after I grabbed the two of you, you once again tried to rush to my defense against a threat that did not yet exist and WOULD not exist if we were not there to cause it. Now, I can understand that you want to be brave and running away from trouble may not be in your nature or something you want to do. But I wasn't asking you to run away from a fight. I was asking you to run away so that there wouldn't BE a fight. Can you understand the difference?"

Koga sighs, "I…" Koga looks frustrated, then nods finally. "Yes, sir."

Jake remained perfectly silent, rubbing the back of his neck. "Yes sir…" he looks up apologetically to David. "We weren't trying to cause trouble…"

"I'm not saying this to accuse you of anything, gentlemen," David says, stopping and facing the boys. "This is what we call an A-B-R, an After Battle Report. It's an honest and thorough evaluation of our mission, our actions and their outcomes. I don't know if you guys have ever had to fill one out before, but I sure have. And that's how /I/ know all of these things and why I learned not to make similar mistakes in similar situations," David explains. He then reaches out to put his hands on both of their shoulders in a reaffirming manner. "You boys were trying your best. I know you weren't trying to cause any problems. I think you are darn fine boys and you should be proud of your willingness to be in harm's way in defense of other people. That's a fine quality for someone who wants to be on the front lines, defending people." He then straightens back up and puts his hands on his hips, back in leadership mode. "What our problem is, now, is that the people I have been sent here to investigate and try to track have been searching for YOU guys and your school. My job was to see if they were here, and if they were, to try and steer them away. THAT job has now become much, much more difficult. So, once I get you guys back to school, I'm going to have to go and try and figure out a way to redirect their attention somewhere else. And I want you guys to really reflect on what happened tonight, and try to really think about what you did and what you COULD have done, and how that may have changed the outcome. Hopefully? I'll be able to convince them that it was me that they saw, and that no one else was there. Which shouldn't be hard, they're not very smart, fortunately," he says, smiling. He then holds up his index finger, raising an eyebrow as he looks at each of the Coral Springs students in turn. "Now, you remember your promise to keep everything you learned tonight a secret, right? You can't even talk with the teachers about it. IF it appears like the school may be in danger, I will alert the staff immediately and give them all of the information they need. Can you trust me to keep you and your fellow students protected?" he asks, returning his hand to his hip and looking each student in the eye for their honest answer.

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