(2018-10-11) Flying Practice
Flying Practice
Summary: Jake, RJ, and Shades get in some flying practice
Date: 2018-10-11
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Coral Springs Courtyard
The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.

It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and fair.


Shades is hopping from foot to foot. "I mean, this is the dream, right? *The* coolest thing. It's like, ask anyone- hey, what super power do you want? Nine times out of ten, flying! And we're gonna get to PRACTICE flying! Like, that's SO FREAKING COOL!" He's walking up from the cafeteria, talking at his phone- presumably recording. Otherwise, it's even weirder. Fortunately, as the night is clear, he can keep his umbrella closed and tucked under his off arm, while he slides his sunglasses back up his nose.

RJ is currently sweeping the sidewalks with one of those wide brooms. The pale teen seems quite happy to be doing so, unlike the majority of the rest of the student body would. But RJ is a special case. He looks over at the new student, who is talking the the phone. "Greetings. I do not wish to interrupt your conversation, but I thought that I would offer my welcoming to the school."

Jake was already in the Courtyard, looking up at the sky with a small smile on his face. He pondered making it rain, for he so loved the Rain that it always had a way of calming his spirit. But, what sounds better than that? Flying! So, When Jake is about to take flight (or try to), his eyes glance to RJ. "Oh, hello." he also notices Shades rather prevalently with a smile on his face. "Hi there!" he says to both with a very, very slight Italian accent. However, he appears to at least be trying to hide the fact that he's Italian. Master the art of american accents!

"Wha-" Shades starts, immediately tucking his phone away. "Hey! I'm Shades, and, uh, thanks! We're supposed to practice flying tonight! IS THAT NOT THE COOLEST!" He is practically vibrating, before he visibly forces himself to take a deep breath and calm down. "So, uh. I mean, I guess just start?" With which, a black and inky mist starts to gather at his feet. "Like, how do you fly? I mean, for me, it's like… I just kind of reduce my weight and push down and then, ya'know, /whoosh/, but it wasn't something I could try much back home."

RJ offers a wide slightly lopsided grin to both boys. The faintest of dimples framing the smile. "It is good to making your acquaintance, Shades." Shades what a strange name. He must not be of this Earth either. "You may call me RJ. It is what everyone else does." He blinks, "Oh, you are flying tonight. How exciting!" He looks over at the darkness-wielding boy. "I just tell my symbiote bracer to resist the pull of gravity and repel myself, but I am not very good at it." His sage green eyes turn to Jake, "You are a new arrival too, are you not? Greetings. As you heard, you may call me RJ."

Shades had started to rise maybe six inches when he whumphfs down, pelting closer to RJ. "Dude! You've got a symbiote bracer? Like, is it an alien thing or a weird technology thing or a magic thing? Can I see it? Were you, like, born with it or did you get it implanted? Does RJ stand for something, or is it like, just- ya'know, RJ?" He's grinning ear to ear, trying to get a look at RJ's arms. "And if you're not good, you should practice too! That would have to be better than like, sweeping!"

Jake turns to look at Shades with a bit of a raised brow. "Heh, you're pretty cool! I've never seen shadows move like that. What's your name, shadow-dude?" before he ends up looking at RJ. "Oh, hi. I guess we're flyin'! Just, uh, don't laugh If I plummet to the ground, okay? still kinda getting used to it…." he smiles, extending a hand to RJ. "Si, that's me. Name's Jake." he has a long Italian name that he doesn't often use, soo….

RJ blinks as he is hit with a barrage of questions from Shades. He pulls back the sleeve of his shirt to reveal a strange blue metal bracer with a large slightly glowing golden gemstone. "It is ancient Faroshi technology. They are the alien race that conquered my Earth." No he doesn't explain that further. "I put it on accidentally and now it cannot be removed. At least as long as I continue to be alive, then it will come off." He smiles, "RJ is short for RJ-148963. That is my actual designation, but no one ever bothers with the whole thing. So I have come to just accept, RJ as what people call me." He glances down at the broom, "The entire student body is expected to maintain the school grounds. So why would I not be sweeping? It needs to be done." Yeah, that really is all that matters to RJ. It needs to be done. He looks at Jake horrified, "Why would anyone laugh? Plummetting to the ground is how I finally learned how to do it. It certainly is better than leaving craters from the impact when I fell or jumped. In truth, I am not very good at the flying, I am much better at the falling."

"Hey, I'm Shades!" Shades directs towards Jake, shoving his sunglasses up his nose. "And- yeah, shadows are kinda my thing. I thought about going with like, La Umbra, but there was actually a sueprvillainess that went my that in the sixties, and it's also kind of a girl's name? So, just sticking with Shades for now. I mean, my name-name is Corbin, but I mostly go by Shades. Here anyways. What's your name? And how do you flyu? Also," Without missing a beat, he spins back towards RJ, "I mean, yeah, but we're also expected to be superheroes! And that means flying, man! If you're better at falling than flying right now, there's only one way to get better! Com'on! Com'oncom'oncom'on!"

Jake smiles widely to Shades, offering the fellow a handshake! "La Umbra? Hhrrmmm…I dunno, Shades is a pretty awesome name, Amico mio (my friend, Italian). So, with a chuckle. "Name's Jake! Well, Jacopo da Costa, but I really prefer to be called Jake, si?" he looks to RJ then….and he looks incredibly lost. "uh….Eh? Eh? EH?!" Jake runs up to RJ. "YOU'RE AN ALIEN?! Oh mio Dio" he sighs very softly. This place was crazy!

It was just right.

RJ cocks his head, "Yes, and no. I am from another planet, but it just happens to be Earth as well, just from another dimension. Though three of the Overlords did follow me through the wormhole that brought me here, but I have not seen them since I got here…. though I believe they were on the news a while back." He looks over to Shades, "Alright. I will succumb to the pressure of my peers."

"YES! Awesome wins again!" Shades fist pumps, and then thinks to set the umbrella down. "Okay, so… like I said, I need to… uh…" His brow furrows, as he looks down at his feet, as the inky black mist-stuff starts to gather around them again, slowly starting to lift him upwards. It seems to crawl up his legs as he rises, as if transforming them into the same shadow-stuff. "And focus- WAIT DID YOU SAY ANOTHER DIMENSION?"
"Was that the meteor that fell like, a couple of months ago? I saw that on the news and I was *positive* that it was something supers related, just a feeling ya'know cause it was- it was a thing! And you- the Overlords? Uh, was that like, the freaky looking dude? Wait, he's an ALIEN and from another dimension? I mean, one or the other, sure, but both?!" Oh yes. Focus. Shades is great at focus.

<FS3> Jake rolls Flight: Success.
Jake just oculdn't believe his eyes! Can he go back to Venice now please? Where he can sing terribly (okay, he's like Italy's only bad singer) and play his guitar? No? Ok.

Jake kept his eyes on Shades, a smile for him. "I know! Isnt it crazy? But…why are they called Overlords instead of like the usual things, you know? Like quazar or…something. Bah, gli alieni sono solo pigro." Something about aliens being lazy with their names.

"Well, guess we better start out flying, no?" a grin before he uses the wind to propel himself into the air! about 20 feet up, to be specific. "Come on, amico mio! You'l miss out on all the fun!"

Buddy arrives from the Coral Springs Dock.
Buddy has arrived.

<FS3> RJ rolls Flight: Good Success.
RJ offers Shades a goofy grin, as he nods, "Technically, I was the meteor, but yes, that was the incident in question." He moves to set the broom next to one of the benches so that it is out of the way. He shrugs, "The Overlords are the warlords of the Farosh. It is just what they are known as, or at least, that is how it translates. Humans are for the most part not allowed to speak Faroshi, though we are expected to understand it, as the Farosh do not sully themselves to speak the tongue of their inferiors." He shrugs slightly, "Personally I just do not think that their tongues can mimic the sounds of Earthers' languages." He closes his eyes for a second, almost whispering to himself, before the golden gemstone begins to glow a little brighter, and his feet slip from the Earth's embrace and floats into the air."

<FS3> Shades rolls Shadowflight: Failure.
Shades takes a deep breath, doing some stretches. "Okay. Okay. Okay. Fly. Up. Fly like a shadow." As the darkness begins to coalesce around his feet again, starting to lift him upwards. "I'm doing it! I'm-"
After a few seconds, he realizes he's stopped rising, maybe a foot off the ground. "Aww, what?! Com'on!" His left arm is suddenly composed of shadow, and a burst of blue-purple-black force erupts from his hand towards the ground, sending him flying- briefly -and then falling back to the turf, scowling.

Jake seems to smile as RJ takes to the skies! "Guarda come vai! Sapevo che ce l'avresti fatta!" Something in Italian about knowing that RJ could do it. Before he looks to Shades. "Come on Corbin! Volare (fly)!" he seems to frown though when Shades plummets back to the ground. "oof….that will leave a mark."

He flies back down to Shades, but doesn't touch the ground. "Come on, you can do it! Just think…fly. Harness your power." he smiles then, trying to encourage.

Running up from the docks towards the courtyard is a bundle of furry energy. A german shepherd is running with his tongue hanging out and his tail wagging. Bark Bark! His barks sound pretty happy as he run. Noticing the three students doing something weird, he runs over to them to get a better look. He barks up at the fly RJ.

RJ watches Shades and sees his aggrivation. He closes his eyes for a second and the glow suddenly flits out and he falls to the ground. "Do not feel bad, Shades. See, I told you that I was not that good at it. I am sure that you will be in flight if you try again." He looks at the German shepherd. He leans a little closer to look at the eyes. "Hello Buddy. How are you doing this evening?"

<FS3> Shades rolls Shadowflight: Good Success.
Shades picks himself up, brushing himself off. "Okay. Yeah, this time. This time for sure." His head tilts down, almost glaring at his feet. "Com'on… com'on… com'oncmoncmon…" The darkness rolls along against them again- and this time, he lifts up effortlessly. As he rises higher, almost his entire form is lost, becoming just another flitting shadow in the darkening night; if it weren't for his wildly exuberant laughter, an observer could be forgiven for thinking he had simply vanished. "I'M FLYING! I'M FREAKING FLYING! THIS IS THE FREAKING BEST!"

"Woo! Ecco! Congratulazioni amico mio!" Jake praises Shades' efforts in Italian, a smile on his face as he flies up with Shades to see RJ. "See? I told you he could do it." His eyes shift to Bud-wait, is that a dog?? What the?! But..But….GERMAN SHEPHARD! "Oh! who's dog is that? it's beautiful, arn't you boy?" Jake smiles but then he turns serious. "…are there any animal people at the school? I don't remember seeing any pets."

The german shepherd barks happily at RJ and wags his tail. Turning to look directly up at him, the dog's attention is grabbed by the screaming Shades. This yelling seems to startle the dog so he lowers his head and perks his ears forward. A soft growl is heard in his throat though the action is more from being startled than pure anger. Jake's words of praise cause the dog to look over at him. That poor dog is clearly conflicted between wanting to respond to Jake and being startled by Shades.

RJ grins widely as Shades turns into a living shadow and flies upward. "I knew you could do it!" He looks to Jake, "This is Buddy. He is a student here. He can change shapes to all manner of animal life." He pauses, "Though Besa does have a dog, and Theodore has spiders, but those a manifested by his powers."

There's a faint swoosh as a patch of darkness passes over Buddy. "Cute dog!" And then Shades is past, flickering back into the night sky. "But it can't FREAKING FLY!"

Jake seems to laugh happily as everyone but apparently the dog seems to not want to fly with them for obvious reasons, right? "Wait, that dog is a person?!" he stares at RJ with wide eyes. "Le cose si fanno più strano e più strano di tutti i giorni…" (things get weirder and weirder everyday). "So…is he a shapeshifter then?" he asks curiously.

Though he does laugh as Shades seems to be enjoying flying way too much! it's perfecto!

Buddy looks at Jake and says, "Bark! I'm Buddy." He can talk a bit in certain but not in many of them. He turns his head as his hearing picks up a sound. He lowers his head down even further and then with some more bark Buddy-doggy goes running off around the back of the school sounding like he is chasing something or someone.

RJ nods, "Yes, he is a person. He can change shapes, so I guess that makes him a shapeshifter." He watches Buddy suddenly run off. "He also does that as well." He chuckles as he watches the dog disappear into the night.

Shades lands-ish. More accurately, his shadow-self hits the ground with a startling amount of force and then disperses, leaving Shades laying on his back on the sidewalk, arms and legs spalyed out, half-laughing and half-signing the song from Peter Pan, "I can fly, I can fly, I can fly….!" He starts to get to his feet, grinning deliriously.

Jake comes to a landing as well, noticing that the dog runs off. "I know! Isn't it cool??" He offers Shades a high five, before he looks to RJ. "Oh, that's cool! I just kinda hope I don't find a cool dog and end up petting the guy and making him upset…" he smiles. then before he stretches. "Sounds like we can report a successful training exercise to me!"

RJ chuckles. "You would not make him upset if you were to pet him. He rather enjoys it. When he is a dog, he thinks like a dog." He pauses, "At least, I think he does. It is all really confusing to me. And yes, I think your training session was quite successful, but now I must get back to my sweeping."

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