(2018-10-09) Dinner for Three?
Dinner for Three?
Summary: Besa, Bronwyn, and Dylan have dinner together.
Date: 2018-10-09
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Cafeteria - Coral Springs

The cafeteria is a large airy room with one wall that is all windows so the view of the cliff and the open ocean is all one can see..well and whoever is on the patio.

Round tables with chairs are spread out and there seems to be more than enough. In the back is the area where the students line up to be served food by either staff or students serving detentions. Behind this is the entrance to the kitchen, which is off limits to students not on kitchen duty. There is also the plate and tray return window into the kitchen.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and raining.

Besa has already told Dylan that Bronwyn was going to sit with the during dinner, and to be nice. He thinks it would be good for them, after buying the hatchet and all. He's changed out of his gym attire and took a shower, so his hair is still damp (but frustratingly perfect). Cocoa is next to his leg as he settles down at the table with his plate of roast beef and veggies. "I think I am finally getting used to some of the food here. Everything used to taste so sweet, it is not that way so much anymore." Both students get a warm smile, "How was your day today? Were your classes well?" Being a junior, he's probably not in their classes.

Dylan is wearing a pair of well worn jeans and a faded pink-ish shirt with the Dr. Pepper logo. He's okay with Bronwyn sitting with them. It's not like his name is on the table or anything. Nor is it like Besa and he have really defined out whatever it is they have going. He has a plate of food in front of him as he stabs at the roast beef with his fork. "Classes were classes… I feel like a fish out of water, flopping around and gasping for breath…. " School was never his thing, but he is trying at least. He sighs, "I know they have to, but why does everything they serve seem so damned healthy… I'd just about give anything if I could just 'skip' over and grab a greasy cheeseburger, onion rings, and a shake, but no… can't leave the school during the week… I don't really understand why."

Bronwyn has dressed for a date; high heels (not very high), black tights, pretty pink skirt, rocker t-shirt (The Clash), ribbons in her pigtail braid hair. Not a formal date, more a casual one. Perfume and make-up have also been applied. She sits at the table, smile plastered on her face, doing her best not to be too upset that Dylan is here as well. Though she does agree with him about something. "It's a boarding school thing. They have responsibility for you so they can't just let you walk off the premises any time you like. It sucks, but it's a legal thing." Her fork pokes at the roast beef - she'll get fat eating that. "Classes were fine" she shrugs, a little smirk forming at the mental image of Dylan flopping around like a dying fish. "That all sounds really fattening" she scolds about the food. "But pretty awesome too."

Dark eyes dart between the two. Ohhhkay then. "You are doing well from what I can tell, Tom. You have not gotten any detentions have you?" Apparently that's how he can tell if an Ares is doing well! He glances down at the food which he though was pretty good. "I do not mind the heathy food. It is easier for me to eat. Sometimes the…" Besa stops, trying to think of the right term, "greasy and fried food…if I eat to much it hurts my stomach." The ancient teen will try a different subject then, "Rain says she's going to be able to sell all the mugs I made on her computer store. I think I may even be able to start throwing vases and more fancy things too." He smiles warmly at the idea.

Dylan grins over at Bronwyn, "I guess it might be fattening, but I burn through food whenever I use my powers… If I eat too little and skip too much, it's like I'm starving. I have actually gotten too skinny eating like normal." He pops a fairly large hunk of meat in his mouth. With it only half chewed, he continues speaking. "No… I haven't gotten detention yet. I have been trying to tow the line, like I promised you." He looks over at Besa as he says this, before he looks over at Bronwyn, "So how are you liking being here?" He's trying to be friendly and talk accordingly.

"Awww…you poor thing, Besa" Bronwyn frowns sincerely, reaching out to pet his forearm. "Rich food can be pretty bad for the stomach" she nods sagely. "We could go on a diet together" she smiles sweetly. "Oh, wow, you sell mugs? That's awesome." Her eyes narrow in confusion. "Why do you want to throw vases?" Maybe her English isn't all it should be and she missed something. Her mother is Scottish after all. A shocked look for Dylan. "You get detentions? Ah, a bad boy thing." She stares at his open mouthed eating and tries not to look too sick. "It has its moments" Bronwyn replies about the school. "I'm going to organise a talent show and Halloween party too" she grins proudly. "What days aren't you available to come along, Dylan?"

Besa's seen Dylan needing food. He'd rather not have to again, so the open chewing isn't commented on. "I know you have. I am proud of you!" His attention is brought back to Bron and her petting of his arm. His left forearm has scars on it, some newer than others. An eyebrow raises and his head tilts, "You think I need to go on a diet?" He's not insulted, more just confused. But then she's asking about his art and he brightens back up, "Yes, I was selling them at the coffee shop in town, but Rain is selling them on her computer for more." A soft chuckle, "Throwing is the term for when I throw clay onto the wheel to form the ceramic. I do not throw them once they are made and dried." That would be silly! But then his smile turns into a slight frown, "Bronwyn! You said you hatcheted with Tom."

Dylan smiles at Besa's comment about being proud of him. It's a sentiment that he hasn't heard much in his life. He looks over at Bronwyn confused, "What days I'm not available to come along? I'm not really restricted beyond what anyone else." He doesn't take it as a slight, he's just confused by the question.

"I only meant so that I could make sure that we held them on a date when Dylan could come" Bronwyn protests, ladling on the innocent voice. "What did you think I meant?" The pout appears, hand withdrawn from Besa so she can cross her arms over her chest. "I try, and this is what I get" she sniffles. "I thought we could go on a diet together so your stomach doesn't get bad, Besa. I guess that was another way I tried to help that failed." Another sniffle, louder.

Besa blinks, confused at the sudden turn of events, "I….I thought you were being mean to Tom." His brow furrows as he goes over her words, "I…I am sorry, I did not mean to upset you…" A quick glance to Dylan, maybe trying to confirm if he indeed said something wrong or not. "I misunderstood what you meant by diet. Most students say diet to mean lose weight. I thought it was silly, as most would say I'm too skinny as I am." Underneath the table, Cocoa shifts and leans into Besa's leg.

Dylan shakes his head, "Look, chill… everything is cool… Bronwyn didn't mean anything, and I'm not upset… " How is it that Dylan is being the cool head. He continues eating, clearly not bothered by the conversation. "So, Bronwyn, you're throwing a party… that's cool… " He is clearly trying to turn the conversation to something that she will dive into. He offers a dimple framed smile. He reaches over at the same time and places his hand on Besa's to offer him some comfort as he knows that the Egyptian boy is going to freak out about upsetting another person.

Bronwyn wipes the tears from her eyes while nodding towards Besa. "It's okay. I know you didn't mean anything by it." She picks up her napkin from the table to blow her nose. "I try really hard and everybody thinks the worst of me." A forced smile appears as talk turns to parties. Bronwyn nods quickly, excitedly. "It is going to be sooo awesome" she smiles brightly. "I have to still get the principal's permission… if I hold it on school grounds. I might even sing for you all. How awesome would that be?" Her mood seems to have improved no end. "And the talent show too. Have you got any talent, Dylan?"

Tears? Yes, now Besa is very upset. "I do not think worse of you, we are friends, yes?" The touch from Dylan has him glancing over, unsure what he really did wrong, but now B's worried he'll do it again! Thankfully Bron seems happy to talk about the party. "I am sure everyone would like to hear you sing." Again dark eyes look over to Dylan, wondering if he's going to say stealing things or surprise them with something else.

Dylan snorts, "Um… nothing that anyone here will ever see… " He doesn't really expound on that any. He looks over at Bronwyn, "So you sing? That's cool."

Bronwyn is a little shocked by Dylan's question. Of course she can sing. She's a pop star! Is he being deliberately malicious? Should she have buried the hatchet in his head? Though that would have missed his brain by a few feet. Nope…she will be mature and smile sweetly at him. "Yes, I can sing. And dance. And act. Superheroics is not really a living…supervillainy maybe. So you have no talent? What a shame" she frowns before shrugging him away and looking back to Besa. "And what will you do for the show?" A warm smile on her face for her friend. All insults forgotten.

"She can dance too! I saw her in the gym, it was ballet." The ancient teen tells Dylan. As for himself, Besa lifts a shoulder, "I do not think I have any talents that are show worthy. I will just come and cheer you on, yes?"

Dylan didn't say that he had no talent, just nothing that anyone would here would see. His expression holds no malice to it at all. He obviously had no idea that she was any kind of celebrity. "Well, cool. I'm sure you're going to knock people's socks off."

"Probably" Bronwyn nods to Dylan, totally serious. A smile for Besa, "I'd love to have you in my corner cheering for me. But I'm sure you have some talents. Rock climbing, for example. Though, might be hard to do that on stage." She picks a bit more at her food. "So, you two are dating now?"

Besa snorts, head shaking as he reaching for his glass to sip on his water, "I do not think anyone would care to see me climb rocks, not when half the school can fly." And it's not like he can fight a demon on stage. The glass makes it to his mouth, but then he turns to glance at Dylan when she asks the million dollar question. Are they? Ball's in your court, Tom.

Dylan swallows hard, before glancing at Besa, then turns to answer Bronwyn, "Yeah, I guess we are…. We've gone out once…. and were waiting to see if I was going to go to prison before we went on a second one… "

"Well…that's nice for the two of you" Bronwyn replies through gritted smile and grinding teeth. "I'm so happy that you're together. Prison? Gosh, sounds like you have a great future in store for you." A deep breath as she places her cuttlery down. "I should let you two eat in peace. I'll let you know when the parties and show are on." With that she rises and offers a little curtsey. "Have a good night."

Besa can practically feel Bron's tension. He stills and his eyes widen. It surprises him so much he doesn't even react to Dylan finally making a decision on their status. "Bronwyn? Are you alright?" His glass is set downs well, unsure if he should get up to help her or not.

Dylan quirks a brow at Bronwyn's sudden change in personality. He blinks, "Have I missed something?" He looks between Besa and Bronwyn, not really sure what is going on. He stops eating and just watches the two of them.

"I'm fine" Bronwyn assures Besa with a Hollywood smile. "I've had enough to eat and you guys should talk and…stuff. Sounds like you might not have lots of free time to do that. A shake of her head to Dylan. "Nope. Everything is both hunky and dory. I've got some studying to do anyway. Have to go the tidal pools or something and I'll need to get changed. Have fun." A fingerwave for them both before she heads on off. Don't look back!

Besa doesn't know what to think, so the confused teen shrinks into his chair slightly, but nods to Bron. "…okay." He'll need to meditate on his words, surely he said something to set her off. A glance to Dylan and he give the smallest head shake. He keeps his voice low, "I think I upset her…"

Dylan watches Bronwyn walk off. The sudden change of demeanor, the practice smile, the purposeful walk away. He cocks his head, "No, I'm not sure that it was you. She changed all of a sudden when I said that we were dating." He stabs at something else on his plate. "Well, if she has a problem with it, then it's her problem." He assumes that she just has something against two boys dating. He looks over at Besa, smiling slightly. "You can chase after her, but I'd suggest just giving her a little space. I, for one, plan on finishing up dinner, and I'd really like if you ate with me."

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