(2018-10-08) Unhappy Updates
Unhappy Updates
Summary: Callisto's eldest sister finally comes to her; they trade words and facts… poor Brier is in the middle of it and handles it as only Brier can.
Date: 2018-10-08
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NPCs: Oridove Aine
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The Cat House, Shady Cove
Mon Oct 08, 2018

Once a family home in which people grew and thrived, this homestead has been left to the elements for many years. Unlike some of the other abandoned structures to be found in Maple Drive, it appears that some positive activity has occurred here recently. For one, despite the damage that has been dealt by vandals and elements, effort has been made to clean, organize and weatherproof the structure. It is of a simple utilitarian design: a main level with an empty kitchen, den, bathroom and two former bedrooms. A narrow staircase leads to a series of other rooms… four in total, their former usage difficult to peg due to the starkness of abandonment.

And then.. there are the cats. In any given room, a variety of stray cats of all ages, breeds and temperaments have laid claim to the spaces. Despite seeming feral, they appear to be well-cared-for and fed. Upon closer inspection there are bowls to be found here-and-there throughout the house, continuously topped-up with kibble. This place almost appears to be a…. cat sanctuary?!

It is a fall evening. The weather is cool and overcast.

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Funny how cool weather feels straight-up cold while inside of an abandoned building. While the 'cat house' isn't as derelict as most on the stretch of Maple Drive, it has nonetheless been vulnerable to an array of damage and vandalism before some students came along to spruce it up. Though doors have been re-attached (some actually impromptu pieces of plywood) and windows repaired, it's still cold in the old family homestead. Not like the cats really mind.

Despite classes having long since kicked up, the kitties are still being cared for to the best of the students' abilities. It appears a few other trusted bodies have been enlisted to the cause — both in Coral Springs and in town — and the clowder of feral strays appear to be doing as well.. almost as well.. as cats with true homes! Some have even gained weight! IT's early evening in this neck of the woods and the sun is setting just a bit earlier. It's dying reddish-gold glow illuminates the remaining intact panes of glass in the house's array of windows, while casting beams of light in slanting lines across the worn-down floorboards.

To approach the house is to see light — not just sunlight — in the remaining windows on the lower level; likely a former downstairs bedroom. Keener senses may detect voices talking.. two of them.

Brier was enjoying the cooler weather by sporting his usual linen pants, but also a woven hooded pull over in varying shades of blue that made his eyes even more vibrant in their hue. His hair was pulled into a messy bun as well, completing his typical hippie look. He was taking advantage of his free time and going to check in on the kitties, seeing light on in this house. Maybe Callisto or Besa was there, or one of their other friends who knew about the house. Getting up to the window he usually used for entry, he opens it and calls out so as not to startle whoever it was "Sup!?" Yep…there was no mistaking who that voice belonged to!

The talking ceases briefly at the arrival of a third; one sounds male, the other the unmistakable timbre of Callisto Aine. The latter is the one who calls out to greet Brier proper, "We're in here!" Exclaimed; she sounds glad enough at her friend's arrival but there is an odd… very vague note of tension to the girl's voice. Nervousness. Should the ebullient hippy follow the faerie's voice he will find her seated upon an overturned stereo speaker in what was surely an old bedroom. The area has been cleared of debris save for whatever structures the cats like to have around for climbing.. the case here: an old bookshelf, the box spring of a bed. Callisto is wrapped up in a hip-length woolen coat; it is of the deepest bluish-gray coloration with a black collar, paired with tight black slacks which hug long legs. Her hair has been loosely braided. Seated across from her lotus-style upon the floor appears to be a delinquent boy.. he's of a stocky build with dyed dark green hair, upper body cinched in a bomber-style jacket with tattered denims hanging over shit-kicker boots.

"Hi Brier," Callisto smiles gently, but she's sitting too straight. "How are you doing?"

Brier walks across the area until he gets to the room where Callisto and the other person are. The tone to her voice is noted, as is her seated posture as he enters, but his outward own expression and stance don't give any of it away. His backpack is slung over one shoulder in lazy teenage fashion, the hippie giving the two gathered a nod "Brought some more supplies! How are they doing tonight?" His eyes then go to the boy, the blonde offering a wave with the hand not held against his backpack strap. "Sup. I'm Brier!"

Strangely enough, Callisto doesn't wear the strained look of one who is endangered or uncomfortable. She looks as if she is… trying to maintain appearance. Some degree of deference. But to a kid? A skater kid or whatever manner of layabout this boy — for all appearances — is? Strange. The green-haired boy lifts his head to observe Brier, his forehead studded with blackheads and chin sprouting a few mismatched hairs. He's not handsome.

"Hey dude," The guy drawls, "Just checkin' this place out." He sounds a bit nasal, voice gritty and low. His eyes are an attractive hue, though; hard to peg at this distance. "Hope y'aint' minding me crashing. One of these guys looks jus' like one of the cats I had when I was like, ten.." He drawls.

Callisto's eyes flit from the boy to Brier, and her look softens. "All is well here. We're low on cat nip and a lot of the toys have gone already." Explains the elegant girl. The skater kid watches her beadily before offering out the side of his mouth, "I'm Owen."

Whether from his own exposure to people back home or just from his Brier-ness…the hippie doesn't seem taken back by Owen's appearance. "The cats are the ones that have the final say and they seem to like you" Brier offers with a grin. "Owen." He does his best to commit the name to memory, "Nice to meet ya!" He then looks back to Callisto and gives a nod "Well I brought some toys. They tear through those suckers fast!" He can't help but laugh as, as if to prove his point, a few younger cats roll through the area either fighting over a toy…or joining forces to vanquish it!

"They do, huh." Owen muses, and pushes himself sluggishly to his feet to pad around the room. He kneels, not tremendously graceful, and reaches out to scritch behind the ear of one crouching kitty that appears to be batting at a large dust bunny. "Funny.. cats never really liked me before." He guffaws and stands again, the cat eyeing him thoughtfully with one ear cocked back. Callisto watches Owen and the kitty the whole while, looking perplexed. Did this boy get the drop on her when she was minding her own business here? Owen hooks a pair of grubby thumbs into his belt hoops and wanders over to give Brier a proper onceover.

"So like, am I intruding on like a love nest or something. Ya'll come here to make out?" Owen snorts with a wry grin, looking the hippy over from top to bottom. Callisto makes to stand and doesn't quite know what to do with her hands. She drops her gaze down to watch a few of the younger cats skitter after the few straggling toys that come into their midst. They seem to be skirting Owen, or at least giving him a few super-curious looks… which says a lot, for such naturally curious cats.

Brier watches Owen interact with the cat, noting the reaction of both and grinning at the kitty's expression. Then, at Owen's question, Brier just shakes his head "Nah man nothing like that. We're friends and go to the same school." He didn't sound shocked or offended. He looks over at Callisto again, watching as his friend watches the cats…and then looking around at the other cats as they interact with Owen. "They sure do seem to like you, Owen" he says with a smile.

"You know t'is to another to whom I am attached romantically." Callisto says finally, watching Owen with a perplexed look. "Whyfor would you ask such a thing? You know. Do not make my dear friend uncomfortable." Said not in a confrontational way, just factual. What the hell does that mean? Has she known this boy for longer?

You know the feeling you get to be standing beside or in front of someone who is taller than you? It's hard to explain; it's like a shifting of energy. One can just feel the space that they displace. Owen pads over toward Brier to stand alongside him, completely innocuously… he is physically shorter than Brier's six-feet-ish; but he exudes that strange displacement. He FEELS taller than he looks.. as if he is taller than Brier even though he (Owen) 'stands' a few inches shorter, and much stockier.

Owen's eyes, a stark gray color, peer up at Brier.. "You sure he won't scare easily?" His smile is slow, puckish.. it does not suit the paunchy face.

"Brier.. I would like for you to make the acquaintance of my sister." Callisto says gently, looking deeply nervous. Sister? This stocky, drudgey boy?!

Callisto's defense of him has Brier chuckling and shaking his head "No worries, Calli I'm cool." While the hippie was usually more laid back and go with the flow…this one did take him off guard. As Owen seems to give him the up and down, there is that odd…presence. Huh. Then the smile and finally…the introduction!? Whatever was going on in Brier's head, at least he seemed to have the good sense enough to keep it there. Though there was definitely a confusion or question to his expression. More than normal. "So dudette then. Cool. You in town for a visit?" Or maybe she was coming to the school. Wait was this a good thing!? He tried to recall if Calli had mentioned her sister…but nope just the crazy evil mother.

How may sisters and brothers does Callisto have? Plenty. Some dead, others in hiding indefinitely… others hanging on the coattails of the evil mother and desperate for her favor. One such being had been destroyed by Daxton but what of this one? Why is she here, in the cat house, in the guise of a dumpy teenager? Brier, in true Brier fashion, does not glower or cower or otherwise antagonize the glamoured dark faerie. Instead, he speaks amicably to 'him'; even asks if 'he' in town for a visit as if talking to a completely normal mortal. It's cute. Gray eyes, beginning to darken in hue, flit from the chill hippy boy.. back to the willowy girl.

"He is a lot like the one you favored years back," 'Owen' muses and some of the roughness of his speech fades. A pause as he picks at a spot on his chin, lips curling at their corners. "So forgive me if I became.. confused." An accent is infusing the words next, but it's… British? The sluggish baritone is beginning to heighten. Did Owen's skin just shimmer?

Cats begin to scatter as the boy's body appears to have a 'cloak' of magic drop away and in a blink… standing well over six feet (roundabouts 6'5") is an astoundingly handsome (she's too patrician to be a delicate beauty) faerie woman with sterling silver-colored tresses and irises as black and shiny as onyx. A diaphanous wine red and silver dress, the skirts dissolving into smoky folds, clings to her body like a second skin and upon her back: sheer black and gold wings like those of a monarch butterfly. "Brier, yes?" Exhales the elder fae. Callisto narrows her eyes at this sister in warning. 'Do not hurt him.' It says.

Brier listens to 'Owen' as she speaks, watching then as the appearance of the person in front of him changes completely. As does the voice. Suddenly, the hippie finds himself raising his own gaze to meet the one of the now taller female that stands in front of him. Then, once again in true Brier fashion, his brow furrows in a mixture of wonder and thought. "…Huh…." Well how about that! Then, the question just gets a nod from the blonde "Yep. I'm still me." The furrow turns into an arched brow of curiosity "So I'm going with…not Owen?"

"Not Owen." Says the older fae, her dark dark eyes observing Brier levelly. There is nothing harried or stressed about her as she stands like a dark queen in this derelict space, cats gawking at her. The more adventurous of the lot even close inwards some to swat at and try sniffing the flickering 'hemline' of the woman's dress. Callisto watches the whole exchange and with a look of anxiety, she bows her silver-white head in deference to her much, much older sister. The taller, older woman — she looks to be perpetually in her late 20s — lifts her head to eye her younger kin.

"You needn't bow to me Callisto," Says the woman in her accented (British-sounding) way; her voice is sultry, a bit on the deeper side (by womanly standards).. before long lashes flutter and she turns back to the hippy. "You may call me Europa." She drawls gently, watching the boy. "Tell me of yourself Brier." Bid with a flashing of those eyes.

Funny.. another 'Jupiter moon' sounding nickname. Callisto slowly looks up.

Brier watches and listens as Calli's sister actually introduces herself now. "Europa. Nice to meet you." At least as far as he knew! Then she's curious about him, causing the hippie to think for a moment. "Uh…well I mean I've got 17 years of material to go on sooo…what do ya wanna know?" The tone doesn't indicate any kind of sarcasm or attempt at wit with the statement. Just Brier being Brier.

"Seventeen years~" Declares the willowy woman in her lilting way, her eyes rounding themselves in her patrician face. It may be a trick of the ear or some manner of magic but in 'Europa's' mirth there's the barest tinkling of bells to be heard in one's ears. Brief, harmless, fleeting. Callisto has certainly heard and sensed it and she gazes hard at her sister. At her calves a svelte white cat bumps and nuzzles against her legs and Callisto, unable to help herself, leans forth to collect 'Snowball'.. no longer a kitten, close to that 'awkward' age where spaying and neutering must happen quick. Callisto hugs the little critter to her bosom and both she and the cat — the cat has blue eyes — observe the other fae as she 'investigates' Brier.

Europa, whose fae name is Oridove, watches the boy with intrigue. Even the waning sunlight seems to bend to her, kicking up sparks in her gown. "Have you a fine family, Brier?" Asks the older fey in her deep tones.

While he knew about Calli's family…Brier also knew Calli. If the information Europa were something that wouldn't be good for her to know, Callisto would give some kind of indicator. Right? At the sound of bells, the hippie lofts a brow again and glances around briefly. When he seems to realize the sound was caused by Europa, he looks back to her and grins at her question. "Yeah. I've got an awesome family." Said with full confidence and all the joy a momma's boy can possess.

There is nothing to deceive Oridove's intentions as she watches Brier, and in her focus she gleans the barest mental image in her own mind's eye of the 'family' to whom Brier alludes. There's strong feelings of love and devotion around the woman known as Marigold. Oridove's wry expression seems to soften as she 'see's something in that heartbeat's worth of time, and she bows her head slightly. "You are fortunate. To love and be loved by a fine family." Says the elder fae to Brier in the softest voice. No, she's not being sentimental… she's observant, but she sounds kindly enough while doing it. THe onyx eyes, stark and analytical lift to Callisto and settle upon the pendant upon her collar.

"Speaking of family. Of Mother. You've not removed that pendant to condition yourself—" 'Europa' says lowly to Callisto, head tilting. "Do you not remember what I told you?"

"You told me nothing. You tested me—" Callisto snaps, and Snowball — in her arms — perks. She stares imploringly at her elder, trying to stymie her anger. "Where were you? If I remove this, she sees those I care for. She'll see him," A nod to Brier. "And I do not want her tormenting him too."

Brier just offers Europa a nod in response to her comment. Yeah he knew he was fortunate, but he also knew others weren't as lucky…specifically Callisto and therefore Europa too. He at least seemed sensitive enough towards that topic and as their mother is mentioned he just looks over to his friend. "What if you close your eyes?" Again, it's not said in a sarcastic way. If she can see him through Calli…closing your eyes seems like a viable options!

"T'is not that easy. I wish it were." Callisto offers to Brier, and there one can see the marked difference between how each fey observes their world. Callisto's bluish-green eyes are full of affection and familiarity toward the young hippy; Oridove's are black, clinical but not unkind. "She would hear your voice, she would see you — hear you — as I do. For she wishes to see me dead and gone, along with those to whom I am attached. She would be able to see you in my memories." Explains the younger fey, eyes lowering to look into the pristine white fur of the cat in her arms.

Oridove listens quietly, before finally moving. She pads over toward the one intact window in the room and peers outdoors, inhaling gently through her nostrils. "She grows restless. I know this. I have heard. She was slighted in the retaliation that was found in your mate's mind." B'uh? Callisto blinks, flushes. Opens her mouth to correct her elder, switch 'mate' to 'boyfriend'.. but she stays silent.

Oridove watches Brier next, "She would savage you, youngling. Perhaps it is good, then, that the pendant protects your memory from her notice, in my sister's mind. But she.. Mother is thinking of taking another mate. She is growing restless."

Brier listens to Callisto as she explains, brow furrowing as he processes the severity of what she says. Dead? What kind of mother could ever wish that kind of fate on their own child? Much less to try and do it themselves! The hippie doesn't think on that too long, instead looking back to Europa as she further emphasizes the threat their mother could pose to him. "Don't worry…It's not that I think I'm any kind of match for her…"

Even if he did know defense, he wasn't a fighter by nature, but he then shakes his head "But you mentioned how I'm fortunate to have my family. Well…I consider your sister part of that family too…and where I come from you stand by family. No matter what." Then the talk of their mother finding another mate. "What happens when she takes another mate?" It sounded both significant and bad!

The taller, older fey looks between the two. She is so used to doing for herself, on her own, and doing well with it that this foisting into the world of 'Mommy Dearest' and younger renegade siblings is a 'new' thing for her. Oridove watches Brier again, "She is gluttonous, insatiable.. she feasts on fear and hurt… she is no mother; she is but a vessel who spawns and uses those beings to feed herself. To have enough of them branch off is to pose a bigger threat to her comfort.. so she kills them before they take root." Explained firmly, her long arms folding at the taut swell of her bosom. "We know naught of family, of a loving matriarch, of comfort…" She trails off, watches Callisto's reactions. Is surprised to see the wetness in the younger fey's eyes.

Brier's words have touched Callisto. Her lips press into a tight line and she cannot easily answer, not yet.

Oridove turns from her to the blonde boy. "She takes his power, and is taken to earth to breed further issue. WE are… prolific." A slow, dark smile. It's a mirthless smile. "Procreating only empowers us, does not take away. She may have to travel to find this mate." A pause. "She will be mobile again. She has not departed the North in over a century."

Despite his normally sunny disposition, Brier definitely knows well enough when something is serious. He listens to Europa further explain the nature of their…'mother'. His form tenses and he gives a quick nod at the end of it all. "Well all of that sounds…heavy…" The hippie's mannerisms are still there as he lets out a huff of breath, eyes glancing to Callisto and seeing her expression. He can't help it, he steps over towards her. "I mean it…"

Standing in front of her, Brier looks to his friend. "I know you don't like it…but you know you'd say the same if it were me. You know her way better than I do. Duh…so…" He then looks back to Europa "If you need help. I wanna help. So…just let me know n' stuff. Cool?" He then looks back to Callisto and offers a smile, speaking to both sisters it seems "We can show her family isn't just about blood…"

The elder fae watches Brier for an almost uncomfortably long period of time. Oridove had come to town, from Thunder Bay, to confer with Callisto personally.. to appear before her in person is to better convey the gravity of what she has heard re: Malachite. There are others out there, cast-out offshoots who wish to be free. Oridove went underground, hence years — years — of no word from her. Callisto became more overt with her efforts to detach… and look where that landed her.

Speaking of Callisto, when Brier comes to her she simply watches his face, the corners of her lips trembling. The young cat in her arms licks and gnaws the white-haired girl's fingertips. "C-cool… yes, t'is." A feeble smile… deep down, she's dreading what Malachite could say or do to hurt one so caring as Brier. She's already horrified by what happened with Daxton; what is still happening to him. If only she had met the speedster after she got the pendant. But alas, at least Brier is safe. For now.

"Thank you.." A whisper. Her cerulean eyes rove to Oridove, who continues to watch them quietly… some of the older fey's chilly countenance has eased. "I shall take my leave.. I've much deliberation at hand. I shall be in touch… I yet reside in this 'Thunder Bay'." Said to Callisto, with a wince. "It is a.. large, loud place.. but I am there. We shall speak at length soon."

And with a bowing and swaying of the darkness in the room, the glamour takes 'Europa' and she is once again a 'he'; that pimply-faced shuffling teen boy. Without a word he lumbers out of the house, leaning down to scritch a cat as he goes.

Callisto looks to Brier, somewhat defeated. "I am sorry you had to see this."

Brier can only try and offer Callisto a small smile "Of course. Like I said…Family." He knew Calli didn't fully understand what positive connotations that could have. However, he hoped to be one of the people who could help show her! Then, Europa is giving her goodbyes and he watches her go. Looking back to his friend then, he steps in and gently lifts the cat from her arms, setting it down on the floor before just pulling Callisto into a hug. He doesn't say anything, just holding her and trying to comfort her if she lets him.

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