(2018-10-08) Falling, Monkeys, and Dylan
Falling, Monkeys, and Dylan
Summary: Conversations get personal real fast in the gym…
Date: (2018-10-08)
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Gym Coral Springs

This is a full size gym, with basketball hoops along the walls ready for play. Climbing ropes hang from scaffolding near the ceiling, ready to be climbed, though they can be tied off to keep them out of the way. Exercise equipment and weights are off to the far end. The floor can be sectioned off for multiple team games to be played. There are locker rooms for girls and boys to one side of polished wood bleachers that can be pulled out if needed for spectators. Opposite the bleachers there is a rock climbing wall, that goes right up to the dome overhead. The dome itself is spectacular, made apparently of sickle shaped carved marble and brass leaves, it can nevertheless iris open to let the bracing sea air and sunlight in, as needed.
Bronwyn needs somewhere to practice. Somewhere big. Because she likes to look impressive. So she has requisitioned the gym to do her ballet. Classical music 'booms' from a beatbox as she pirouettes. At least she's not wearing a tutu! Instead, she's in gym gear. Tight over her thin frame but decent. Her skin glistening with perspiration as she has been at this for a while.

Besa steps inside the large room, dark eyes a little wide at the music playing. It's defiantly not what eh expected, but he's not complaining. Classical music he has a history with. He smiles at his friend, but doesn't try to distract her. Instead he makes his way towards the climbing wall. He's also in his gym gear, although he's not as exciting to look at. To be fair, he seems to be leaning more towards lithe than just straight up skinny. His hair looks perfect as always. No sign of Cocoa today.

Bronwyn completes her spin and assumes a pose - arms outstretched above her head, one leg forward, foot pointed. Then she relaxes and takes a deep breath. She's not good at noticing other people at the best of times but she does see Besa out of the corner of her eye. "Hey!" she waves, yelling over the cacophony of violins before bending down to switch off the music and pick up a bottle of water. "How are you doing?" she asks before a few mouthfuls of hydration.

Besa's head snaps around and he beans, "hello my friend! How are you? Your dance was very pretty."Well, what he saw of it, anyway! He lifts a shoulder , one of the few teenage movements that seems very natural to him. "I am alright. I was thinking of climbing to try to clear my head." And then he laughs at himself, "I know it is silly, but meditation does not always work."

Bronwyn looks up the climbing wall. "That clears your head? Hmm…I guess" she shrugs. "Though I would be always thinking about falling. Which would suck so bad. And my head would not be clear at all. So…I dance." Her hands gesturing at herself and the beatbox - she's half Italian, there is a lot of talking with her hands. "Hey…did you get hit by that shapeshifter flu thing?" she asks in what passes as a whisper for her. A little blush to her cheeks as she speaks of it.

Besa grins, he knows it's not for everyone, "I must focus on my hands and feet…it allows room for nothing else." He glances to the radio, "You are very good." He'll not talk about falling, instead, "I do not dance nearly as eloquent." His entire demeanor shifts, his nose wrinkles and his eyes look down at his feet, "…I did." His cheeks too seems to pick up some color, "I was a jackal….which is not a good omen." But then after. Beat he looks up, "Were you spared?"

"I haven't seen you dance yet, Besa. You could be Mister Magic Feet for all I know. I /do/ know that you're shy, so you're probably just putting your dancing skills down" Bronwyn replies with a warm smile. "When I practice my more modern routines, you can help me out. Take on the role of a backing dancer so I learn where not to go. Spared?" She scrunches up her nose and gestures him closer so she do some proper whispering. "I didn't leave my room for a week." A glance around to see if anyone is nearby - no one here but them. "I…" Her blush glows as she swallows nervously. "I…I had a penis. How can you stand it? The horrible thing won't stay down!"

Besa make a face, like he's not quite sure how to explain his dancing, "I learned….a very different style than most here." He'd probably do better with the ballet! He looks very worried as she motions him closer, which he does immediately. "I…" Oh. His mouth snaps shut and the ancient teen blinks, searching for the right words, "I suppose it is just something one is used to?" Yes, he's definitely blushing now. "You should not have hid. I am sure there were people in your some condition that could have helped you." Well, not helped, yikes! "I know that Rain became a boy…" Although that one was complicated, as did Fiannuala. Many people were effected, do not be ashamed." At least she could still talk and use doors!

"There were others?" Bronwyn considers this but since they are not her, they're suffering, even if the same, is not important. "How can you handle that thing flopping around down there." Her eyes narrow. "Maybe 'handle' is not the right word. Though, I guess I understand more why you always are. Not you personally…though I don't know how much you handle yours." Another blush. "Why are we talking about this? Anyway, it's gone. No harm done in the long term. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to sing the high notes anymore. Not to mention what my fans would have done if I'd turned into a boy." A shiver runs through her.

Besa blinks, unsure how to answer her, "I….It is natural?" He's not going to ask her how big she was, although he fears she's going to tell him anyway. But then she's talking about Besa handling himself and he can't help it. While he's a ver kind, considerate person usually, he's also a teenage boy. The corner of his mouth quirks and he glances away and clears his throat. "Well, I am glad you feel better. I am sure your singing is not hampered . You dancing does not appear to be."

"That's because it's gone" Bronwyn replies about her ability to dance. "I can see why the male ballet dancers have those big pouch things in their tights. Those things need to be locked away! I almost feel sorry for you boys. It was, like, controlling all my thoughts and stuff. Hmm…maybe it was a different kind of alien parasite? A jackal?" She does remember other people sometimes. "What was that like?"

Besa's eyes widen slightly, why is she bringing it back up again?!? "I…do not think you need to feel sorry for me. I am not mind controlled." But then she's focusing on something differently uncomfortable, "It was….not pleasant. I could only speak to those that were also canine…or psychic. Doors were an issue…" He sighs, glancing towards the wall, "Jackals are death dogs in my culture….it is not a good omen. If any of the priests had found out…." He then two shivers, "But they did not." He turns back and smiles, "Do you dance for fun, or is it part of your show?"

"Are any of the priests around still?" Bronwyn asks with a confused rising of an eyebrow before dismissing his concerns with a wave of her hand. "Your culture is silly then" she adds, quite confident in this, "A jackal is a jackal, nothing more. Don't put meanings into things that have no meaning other than the meaning that you are meaning to put in there." That should have made things clear. "You're awesome, Besa. Nothing to be ashamed of in your personality. Speaking of…how's Dylan?"

"They could be. I have been attacked outside the school before." But then she's waving off his culture andsaying it's silly? "Excuse me?" It maybe the first time there's been a little bit if snark in his tone. "It does have meaning." He may not get a lot about modern times (He tries though, and is getting better), but he can hear there's…something of a jab (Perhaps not intended) in Browyn's words. "Dylan is fine. The two of you should stop arguing and become friends." The ancient teen starts to move towards the wall.

"It only has the meaning you give it" Bronwyn continues, digging that hole deeper. "I mean, it's no different with my culture. How can Kim Kardashian have meaning? Oh, you were attacked? That's not good. Maybe we should find them and beat them up?" This is her idea of helping out. "And Dylan and I are totally friends now. At orientation day, we buried the hatchet…and not in each others' heads." A look of confusion as Besa walks away from her. Did she say something wrong?

Besa shoots her a hurt look over his shoulder. "I stabbed him back. He is in the prison." Hopefully. As for Dylan and her, "That is good." He takes a deep breath, looking up at the wall, his mind needs clearing, but he's not certain with her here it would be wise to climb. At least not without all the belts and straps, and he hates putting all of those on. One hand raises and he finger combs his hair, which just feathers back perfectly.

Bronwyn puts down her water bottle and ambles over to Besa. "Do you need a spotter for wall climbing?" She points at the wall and says, "There it is. That was a little joke." Bronwyn is laughing even if no one else is. "Gosh your hair is awesome" she sighs before blushing brightly at saying such things. "You stabbed him? I could do with some action. Did you sign up for the Arena Fetch teams?"

Talking to Bronwyn is almost as confusing as talking to Kaylee! He looks from her to the spot she points to on the wall. Oh. He forces a soft smile and nods at her joke, "I do not usually require one, I can usually find the wall fine on my own." He slowly turns back at the compliment, a long pause as he studies her and the blush. She is maybe as confusing as Kaylee! "Thank you. I have been thinking of cutting it, but I may wait till spring. It gets too cold here." There's a nod, that perfect hair waves at her, "I did. But he stabbed me first." So it was justified, right? "No, I do not think my powers would do well at fetch. A healer is more for the sidelines, I am told."

"Don't you dare cut it!" Bronwyn gasps, quite adamant about this it seems. "That would be a travesty of an injustice of a scam" she frowns, looking like she wants to reach out and touch it but not daring to. "So what do you do for fun then? Climbing walls is for clearing your mind, not having fun. You must do something…right?" Her expression hopeful. Maybe she needs to find something for herself to.

Besa's eyes widen and his head scoots back an inch, like he's afraid she'll yell at him more. "I am confused enough for a girl, Bronwyn." He's seen that look before, but doesn't give in this time. He's still mad about the culture comments she made. "I make pottery. I have a bike I ride. I like to read." Is he really that boring? His head tilts, confused, "Why?"

"Pottery and bike riding. Yeah…that sounds like fun" Bronwyn replies, unable to sound more deflated if she tried. "I want to do something fun, Besa" she sighs. "Party. Dance. Sing. You know? But this school doesn't really let you do that much. I guess no school does. I can only practice ballet so much…and they won't let me play basketball. Too late to sign up, or something silly like that." A big, dramatic sigh. "My life sucks soooooo much."

Besa blinks, "Well….what do you do for fun?" But then she tells him, "Oh…I….well, there have been dances here. The prom nd such…" Does that help? "You can sing. Why do you not have a concert for everyone? I am sure the others would like to hear you. I would." There's a slight frown at her dramatics, "Your life does not suck, Bronwyn. What do you want to do? "

"I guess I want to be me" Bronwyn sighs. "I guess I could put on a concert. You think they want to hear me? Really?" The thought that she could have fans among the other students seems to be brightening up her day a little. "Hmm…I don't want to disappoint my fans. Hey, we could do a talent show. Me headlining of course. Did I miss the prom? I so would have had a date and looked awesome. Who was queen?"

Maybe Besa doesn't understand, "You should not have to have fans to be yourself." But then he nods, "Of course everyone would want to hear you. I am sure there are very many talented people here at the school." His brow furrows again when she claims the headlining status. A deep breath and then he himself sighs, "I think the prom is in the spring. It was last school year anyway." He doesn't know who was queen, so she gets a shrug, "I do not think you have to have a date, I did not."

"No date?" Bronwyn tries to process this and can only end up asking… "Why?" Boys are strange though, she found that out herself with the flu. "But what if having fans is what I am?" Self-esteem not drawn from adulation is quite alien to the girl. "It's settled then. Talent show. I'll let the principal know." Not to ask permission, just to let him know it is happening. "Are you going to do your climbing? Can I watch?"

"I….had no one to date?" Besa's never been famous, well, not like Bronwyn, so he can't really understand her question. "You are more than just that. We must help you see that, my friend.' Apparently he's done being mad , or has forgotten. Pretty dark eyes flicker again to the wall. "I can. Or would you like to? I can show you how." She gets a warm smile, hopefully encouraging."

"Me? Climb up there? With my own hands?" Bronwyn looks up the wall and seems a bit hesitant…but she also has an ego to maintain. "Sure. I could do that" she states with more than a little bluster in her tone. It sounds like she is convincing herself as much as Besa. She walks up to the wall, looking it over as if searching for instructions. "I use these handholds?"

Besa smiles amused, he didn't mean it as a challenge! "Would you rather use the harness? I will be underneath you and will catch you if you fall." He tucks his hand into his pocket briefly, crushing a rune just in case before telling her, "Yes. They are for your hands first, and then your fee as you get higher."

"I might fall on purpose if you're going to catch me" Bronwyn smiles sweetly before taking a deep breath and concentrating on the wall. "My suit takes microseconds to form. I should be okay. I am a gymnast as well as a ballet dancer." So, up she goes. Slowly. Every now and then checking to make sure she hasn't broken a nail. "Do we have to go all the way to the top?"

Besa just laughs, assuming she's teasing him. 'I can catch you. I am stronger than I appear." Well, now that he's crushed a rune he is! Suit? What is she talking about? He'll not distract her though, and he doesn't follow her up the wall, instead he stays underneath her and moves with her on the ground."You do not. Keep in mind you must climb down as well." And then after a beat, "You are doing well, look up and to where your hand is going."

"Oh yeah…climbing down too." Bronwyn shivers at that thought, taking another deep breath as she tries to clamber up a little higher. "Are you beneath me?" she asks, seeking reassurance he is there to catch her. "Hey, are you checking out my butt?" she adds in mock outrage. If he's not…why not! Her hand reaches out to try and grip the next hold, foot searching out one beneath her. "I really should have taken the harness."

Besa calls up, "I am Bronwyn. You are doing well!" He doesn't even respond about her butt. He's not checking it out, but it is a nice view. "Start moving down then. You did well, do not feel like you must go higher. We can try again tomorrow for higher."

Bronwyn thinks hard on his words to come down before her pride takes over. "No, I can make it to the top" she insists, struggling another step up. "I have to make it to the top." Teeth gritted as she clambers upwards. She was sweaty from her ballet, now she is even more so. Fingers getting harder to grip the surface. "I can do it."

Besa frowns, realizing the mistake he made. "You are learning, Bronwyn. You must leave yourself something to concur tomorrow…" He takes a deep breath, cheeks puffing out as he gets ready to catch her when she slips.

"Why put off for tomorrow, what you can do today?" Bronwyn calls down before dragging herself up another hold. It is her last. Fingers grasping frantically at the hold but failing to grip. With a squeal of surprise, and a little horror, she is falling. Heading straight for Besa below.

Can she do it today though is the question. And more importantly, can she get down if she reaches the top? He was prepared for this as she tumbles down. The ancient teen adjusts an inch , arms out. The rune was activated so he doesn't have any trouble catching her. "I got you." He's usurpingly sturdy and strong, despite being smaller than her by almost 10 inches.

The 'oof' Bronwyn lets out is because she feels it would be appropriate, rather than any rough landing. Besa did catch her. Easily. And she didn't turn her armor on…deliberately? Because she seems quite happy to sit in his arms, staring into his eyes from very close. "My hero" she whispers before giving him a little peck on the cheek. "I guess I'll have to try again tomorrow." She isn't making any move to get to her feet either, arms wrapped around the boy's neck.

Besa has very dark, large eyes. That with his hair makes him almost look like an anime character. Those eyes get a little wider when she stares. This is not what he expected. His cheeks flush again at the kiss and he clears his throat, moving to set her on her feet. "I will come help you tomorrow, if you wish."

A little pout as Bronwyn is lowered to the floor. "Don't you want to go climbing too?" she asks, her arms still around his neck. "I'll catch you if you fall" she assures him with a smile. "Or, if you'd prefer to hook up tomorrow…"

Besa looks up at the taller girl, frowning slightly at her pout. Why is she pouting? "I…supposed I can, yes." Go climbing. He'll try to gently duck out from her arms, "Are you alright?" He keeps an arm out incase she's shaky from the fall. Hook up? Surely she means to meet to wall climb. "We can start wall climbing after classes if you would like, yes."

"I'm fine" Bronwyn nods, reluctanly allowing her arms to be moved away…then clinging to Besa's that is left to support her. "Okay, climbing after class. And we can grab a meal afterwards. You know, shoot the breeze and stuff over a meal. Get to know each other."

Besa's a healer before anything else, the clinging worries him, "Would you like to sit down?" Grab a meal? It's a school day… Oh! "Oh! You mean in the cafeteria! Yes, I will have dinner with you. Perhaps Dylan can join us as you are both friends now, yes?" He smiles, "I am sure we will all become good friends!"

Bronwyn look stunned at Besa's suggestion of who can join their date. A little shake of her head before her smile returns. "Oh, of course, that would be wonderful. Eating with Dylan…I couldn't think of anything better." As a (minor) celebrity, she's learned how to appear happy about all kinds of horrible things. "The cafeteria, sure. I mean, where else?"

Besa doesn't know it's a date!!! He smiles warmly, "Perhaps we can make a club of the climbing if more people are interested in it." He's just terrible at this, sorry. "I am hoping to be able to climb the cliffs near the beach soon. I must do that when the weather is better though. It has been to wet recently." His mind clicks back to something that was said earlier, "When do you think the talent show will be?"

"Yeah, a climbing club. Sounds awesome" Bronwyn grins excitedly; not exactly where she hoped the conversation would go. "Any reason you want to climb those cliffs? I mean, we know what's on the top." A shrug to his question. "As soon as I can organise it. Oh, is someone doing a Halloween party?"

"It is the journey, not the destination that is important." Besa smiles, there's a look of something far away in his eyes briefly, "It reminds me of home, climbing like that. I did not ahem all the…" He motions to the wall and straps, "plastic. It was just nature." Ah, halloween, his old nemesis. A hand reaches up again to run through his hair, "I do not know? I believe we are allowed to wear costumes, but I do not know if there is a party, per say."

"Then it sounds like we need a party as well" Bronwyn decides. "You know, the destination is pretty important too. Why go on the journey at all if you don't know where you're going?" It seems a logical thing to think. "If you don't have a destination, then all you're doing is wandering. You could get arrested for that." Her brow furrows. "You lived on top of a cliff?"

Besa's head tilts, "Arrested for what?"He chuckles, shaking his head, "No, I lived in Egypt. But one of the activities I was allowed to do was climbing." As for the party, "I am sure that would make the students very happy." Perhaps this can be her thing here at the school, planning parties?

"I thought Egypt was all desert. What can you climb there? Pyramids maybe…" Bronwyn muses before remembering his question. "Arrested for wandering. It happens in this country. They don't like people who don't own stuff. Probably frightened of them. Okay…I'll work on the party." A nod at the wall. "Are you climbing? Show me how to do it."

Something flickers across his face, but he tries to hide it my glancing over to the wall again. "I may get arrested then. I do not own many possessions." He doesn't actually think that, but he doesn't actually know what he's doing after school, so…mayeb wander. "I can. Yes." With that he'll move over to the wall. He wipes his hand son the sides of his gym shorts and then starts up the wall. He's decent at it, although he's going slow and careful, not wanting to slip and scare her. Or fall. "Sometimes it helps when high up to not look down."

"Woo-hoo! Go, Spider-Man!" Bronwyn cheers Besa on as he clambers upwards. "Looking down sure isn't a good idea, so maybe looking up will do." She is doing her best to line up beneath him. To catch him if he falls. "If you're moving a lot then it's hard to have a lot of possessions. I have to put most of my stuff in storage. Even now, most of it is in a garage in Milan. A big garage. You're really good at climbing."

Besa doesn't know who spider man is, but spiders are good at climbing so he'll take the compliment. "Looking up is always better, yes." He stops a moment to adjust his foot before continuing upwards. "I have what is in my room. Everything else has been lost." He sounds like maybe he lost something important? "Do you miss anything that is in storage?" He laughs, stopping again to glance down at her, "I should be. I have spent many years doing it!"

"Some things I miss" Bronwyn admits with a blush. "I have this stuffed lamb. So soft. I miss Lambie." A clearing of her throat. "Umm…but I'm too old for that kind of thing. Almost an adult now and everything. Though people do say I am mature for my age so I might already be an adult. Did you lose something you miss?"

Besa smiles softly, head tilting as he looks down at her, "Can you not ask for it to be sent here?" When she does the 'too old' speech he'll tell her, "I have two stuffed monkeys that Rain bought me on my bed. It helps to know people care, yes? And if that comes in the form of monkeys or a lamb, what does that hurt?" He glances up, unsure if. He wants to admit this next thing, but he just told her about the monkeys, so does it really matter? Headed upwards again, "I wish I knew where my sarcophagus was."

"Isn't that your coffin?" Bronwyn looks a bit confused…not an unusual occurence. "Why would you want to know where your coffin is? I think the last thing that I would want in my room was my coffin. Bit…dark. Next time I talk to papa, I might see if he can send Lamby over. But…you know…still a bit kiddie. And I'll be moving into my adult pop stage soon."

"It is hard to explain. I just…I wish I knew where it was…" He has a feeling it's going to come back and be a problem, the not knowing, at some point. He's nearing the point where if he goes further and a teacher comes in, Besa'll be in trouble for not having the harness on. He stops again and looks down, "Well….if you would like, I can led you one of my monkeys till you get your Lamby." Yes, that sentence is said with a completely straight face.

"Nah" Bronwyn blushes, "I couldn't do that. It's your monkey." Though she says it in that baby-talking, foot-shuffling way that really says 'Yes! I need your monkey to cuddle!'. "You're up pretty high, Besa. And no harness either. You're very brave" she smiles brightly up at him. "And still with perfect hair." Because that is important.

Besa notes the look and will have one of the monkeys waiting for her outside her door before bed tonight. He laughs again, staying where he is, "Heights do not scare me. After Alraxmargoth'ha not much does." That's not true, but it's not scary stuff that scares him now. Now it's outliving everyone. Not being able to support himself. Having another heart attack. "My hair is a curse as well." He's joking…mostly.

"I wish my hair could be so cursed" Bronwyn sighs back up at him. "Who is Al? Is he another student? A teacher? Yeah, there are some pretty scary teachers around here. Can you believe they think they can tell you what to do? Me! I think it's abuse. I should complain but it would destroy them. And I'm too nice to destroy them."

Besa slowly starts his way back dow, but stops and frowns down at her, "Alraxmargoth'ha. He was a demon." Past tense, that's good, right? Bit as she rants about teachers the frown fades and he starts down again, "I think that is the teachers job, to tell us what to do."

"Al…rax…mar…" Bronwyn is trying to pronounce the name but it's a bit of a tongue twister to her. "I'll just call it Al Goth" she decides with a wave of her hand. "A demon? Wow…not cool. My suit doesn't like magic. I know that much. I thought the teachers job was to, you know, teach. They're not called Naggers…though they should be."

Besa shakes his head, almost down on the ground, "No. Do not give him. Nickname. It is not soemthing you wish to be familiar with. Just say the demon, I will know." Doesn't like magic? "What do you mean? Will magic disrupt your suit?" He hopes he didn't disrupt it when he caught her!

"Yeah, magic really stuffs it around. It's really high tec and I guess technology and spells don't mix very well. At least not on whatever planet it came from" Bronwyn explains with a shrug. "But it's deep in my head. It doesn't seem to be bothered while it's in there." A frown. "What if I meet another demon? How will you know which one I'm talking about?" As Besa is almost down, she offers him a hand to help him to the floor. "You are quite the climber."

Besa's eyes widen and he'll hope the remaining few feet to the floor. "You should have mentioned that…I could have messed up your armor if I had touched it." He's cursed, remember? Wiping his hands, he nods, "I will make sure to not touch you when your armor is out then." A soft sigh, "I hope you will never meet a demon, and if you do, do not converse with it." He gets a soft smile, but there's something in that look, a warning, he's not joking about the demons, "Please. Promise me, you will not speak to them. You will come get me?" As for his climbing abilities . Both shoulders lift again, "I have climbed many lifetimes, Bronwyn. I have to be good at soemthing."

Bronwyn is trying to process the warning…or more the seriousness of it. "Okay…no talking to demons. I'll call you." Her agreement more from not wanting to see serious Besa anymore. "How old are you again? You must have repeated a lot of years at school." She steals a hug from the boy. "See, no shorting out. And tomorrow, after climbing practice, we'll have dinner." A pause before she, reluctantly, adds, "With Dylan."

Besa's smile turns a little sad, "I do not know." He doesn't know how old he is? "Many of my lives are…" He raises a hand waves it against the side of his head, "Cloudy and gone." But then he smirks, "I have done many lessons, any times. Modern History is usually the only class I have had to study." He'll hug her back, "Go. I would not wish to harm you at all." There's more nods, he seems happy with the possibility of dinner with the two 'friends'.

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