(2018-10-06) Gratitude
Summary: Callisto repays Schuyler for his aide, from two days prior. Even if he doesn't seek repayment.
Date: 2018-10-06
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Patio, Coral Springs
Sat Oct 06, 2018

The patio is all cobblestone as well with a waist high, elegant wrought iron fence all the way around it, and gates to each path, each with a brass plaque labeling where it goes. The patio has teak wood tables and chairs for eating, homework, and parking coffee on. There are also benches along the fence, and like the chairs, they have burgundy velvet cushions, and are quite comfortable to all but the most sensitive behinds.

It is a fall night. The weather is warm and fair.


It was pretty much the perfect, New England Fall day - a little warm when the sun was out, but otherwise just the right amount of cool with the beginning of the changing leaves showing their glorious colors. Even Sky will admit that Autumn is a pretty amazing time for nature. Maybe it's why he's out on the patio, seated with his sketchbook and some watercolors. It's not often that he works with color, but some things need to be captured.

Now this. is. perfect.

Everything Callisto could have hoped for, in finding the Masters boy with intention to thank him, truly, for the huge service he had done the other day. As the bonefide Autumn day unfurls itself upon the land and Sky settles in to work on his art, the dark faerie pauses just in the junction between the patio and courtyard, holding a small rectangular (wrapped) parcel to the swell of her chest. She looks a sight better — actually a lot — than she had that awful morning in the Art room. Seeing as how it's the weekend, that damnable uniform is not an issue, and Callisto stands tall, willowy and striking in a cream-colored blouse and ink-black slacks. Her hair has been woven and braided into a complicated do which has been coined by some classmates as the 'Galadriel' special.

Padding forth upon comfortable flats, she calls out to the boy as he works. "Good day, Schuyler." Because to startle an artist at work is cruel.

Except Sky doesn't hear the greeting. Instead, he reacts to the mental presence that comes into his range of awareness and he looks up and over at the Fae girl. His free hand gives a little wave before he glances to his painting and sets the brush down. «How's Daxton healing up? Did Besa bleed on him?» He knew, at least, that the graduate was in Medical once he was brought back. «Is the compulsion gone to be 'lost'?»

Okay Callisto's player is a derp.. blame the speaking to a deaf boy when he's not looking at her on Calli's player. But it could have been just reflex, too; habit. Her psychic presence precedes her, picked up easily by her peers. A strong mentalist such as Sky won't have any problem, and because the fey trusts him, she's walking in with those shields down. Easily — and actually with a degree of preference — she immerses into telepathy.

One lithe hand lifts to wave in return. «May I join you?» Asked easily, but Callisto — respectful of space — does not approach until Sky either accepts or declines.

«He is recovering well, and Besa's blood needn't be spilled. No more of it, anyway. He is giving the medstaff the runaround.» Her expression softens as she communicates wordlessly with Sky, «He is freed of the psychic hold and resting. And I've you to thank.»

Schuyler gestures for her to join him, «I'm not really doing anything exciting…just trying to capture the light on the trees.» Which is a special, autumnal thing, he's found. «We don't have Autumn at home. It's usually just…warm or raining. Or warm -and- rainy.» There's an incline of his head, «I'm glad that he's recovering and that he's not still being influenced. I haven't had the opportunity to talk to Ness myself…» but that will happen.

There's a wave of his hand when she thanks him, «I'm happy that I was able to help and he was rescued in time. I hold no ill-will towards Daxton or you.»

«Where I hail from,» Callisto 'says' as she moves forth upon getting the go-ahead, folding her body into a seat opposite Sky. «We've the darkest of nights during the autumnal days. Deep, deepest dark. I've not been 'home' for many moons but I know my realm to be as rustic, and unfettered as it always has been. T'is beautiful then, the lack of electrical lighting to spoil the dark. In which you've a perfect view of the Northern lights.» She tilts her head, looks upon the land in front of them.

«I prefer this, the colors.» 'Said' simply as she holds the parcel in her lap. Her eyes slide back to Sky. «I have heard tale of Ness being served a considerable stint of detention. I know naught how to help her as I do not think our association to be a…. t'is not what it was.» She shakes her head gently. Suddenly she's handing the wrapped parcel off toward Sky, watching his face. It's about the size of a cigarette carton. «For you.»

«I'd like to see those,» Sky admits. Maybe one day. When he's on his own or not so reliant on his parents to go along with him. There are a lot of siblings that would need to be wrangled. One day. «Before they go away for good.» Sky then looks around at the turning trees, «It's different though, I think. But it's really nice up here.» The mention of Ness and detention has him nodding, «I hope that they'll do more…like get her some therapy. I think it's wise for you to sort of step aside from that friendship. Sometimes it has to be done.» As the parcel is held out to him, he arches a brow, «For me? Why?» But he'll take it.

«I pray that you get the chance.» Callisto digresses briefly back to the previous topic, but she's still holding out the package to the Masters boy. Her expression is, just vaguely, hopeful. If he won't go the archaic route of cashing in on a dark fey debt and requesting of her a task, she will simply gift him. That feels far more modern and right. When he takes the package the girl will ease back and fold one long leg over the other, watching him. «T'would be a travesty to be devoid of their beauty. T'is one of a select few things I miss, from my homeland.»

Sadness touches Callisto's expression then as she turns her head to look skyward, looking troubled. «I do so like Ness' company. Did you know that she endeared herself to me as a little sister would? So expressive and enthusiastic. I feel as if I must do something more to aide her. I fear.. that my presence will not make her process easier..» She looks down into her lap but then up again, from beneath long lashes. «T'is a gift to you that could benefit others upon seeing your work, as it would you. Use it to further your gift of art. I give this out of gratitude.»

The package is looked at before he opens it to see what it could be. «She might be jealous of you. I agree, I think that the flu thing messed with her to the point where I think she needs to talk to someone. But…maybe someone who can sign.» So that there will be no actual talking necessary on Ness' part. «Too bad she isn't willing to accept herself the way we accept her.»

The paper isn't fancy, for Callisto had it wrapped at the shop she bought the kit from. A quick bullet train soiree into Thunder Bay and she was back before dinner, just in time to look in on Dax and find Sky. Sky shall find himself with a 12-pack of COPIC sketch markers — mostly primaries and some warm + skin tones — … all high quality. The fey girl awaits his response, wondering if he has knowledge of such markers. She watches Sky with a degree of… not nervousness persay, but that variant of hope. Will he like them? Are they useful? Her lips crook upwards in the barest smile, «They've a broad end and a paintbrush-style end, each; they do not bleed and dry quickly. Comic artists use them often. They were… recommended.»

Regarding Ness, Callisto does not miss a beat, «She needs to talk to someone but she does not believe that she has to. T'is what kickstarted our quarrel. Between this and being unable to.. to accept…. the dysphoria in herself.. I worry. Perhaps she will listen to you. I'd hazard to say that you've the strongest defense against her.»

Schuyler looks at the marker set for a moment before nodding and offering, «Thank you. I haven't used these before.» He does seem appreciative, but, «You didn't need to get me anything. That was very generous of you.» In regards to Ness, he also shrugs, «Of course she doesn't. We're invincible. I'm surprised she hasn't spoken to people before. Seems like it was necessary.» As for accepting, «Like I said. We accept her. I mean, we know what it's like to be in bodies that aren't our own. It's a shame that she can't see that we understand.» As for being listened to, he also shrugs, «She may, she may not. I have a defense against her, but that doesn't mean that she'll listen to me.»

«Please, I insist.» Callisto says simply, never one to beg but if push comes to shove if Sky were truly not interested, she would accept them back. But he seems keen on trying them and Callisto's expression relaxes gently as she comes to realize this. Her half-smile broadens some as the box of COPICs indeed remains with Schuyler and she will leave it at that. Callisto is not one to gush or fill silences with useless words and pleasantries. Hence why she enjoys 'conversations' with Sky a fair deal. Were he to dip back into his art and say nothing more to her, she would understand. Perhaps even read or settle into that companionable silence. Ness is a hot topic however and there's more than enough twinges of pain in the fey girl's heart.

She is growing soft.

«What we say means nothing if she does not choose to see it. It shall boil down to her departing the school or.. pray… being forced to look at the grand scheme and how much we all desire to help and accept her. Do try, though, if you see her….» A beat. «Are you both well acquainted? Friends, even?»

Schuyler is too polite to just go back to his art without knowing that the conversation has reached a lull. «As I mentioned before, an intervention doesn't help unless the other realizes that they need help. Or, as you said, they're forced into quitting the behavior that required the intervention.» He speaks from experience. At the question about how well he knows Ness, there's a sigh, «I asked her out on a date. Although now I'm not sure that's the best idea. She's…fixated on who she feels she isn't.»

Ooooh. Callisto's eyes round themselves just so, but not so wide as to be overt. «She hungers for that acceptance. You are no fool, nor are you a lascivious cur who would use and cast aside. T'is what she appears to be used to, or expecting… it is a terrible cycle with her own struggles to accept herself. Even if the date is null and void.. did she accept when you initially asked?» Asks the fey girl, leaning forth slightly. Her silver-white hair flickers around her face in a sighing of the tepid breeze.

She awaits Sky's answer to her latter assumption before continuing.

Schuyler's lips twist some, «She did, but she wanted to go out immediately and I stipulated that we would only go out on that date once we were back in our own bodies. She even told me that she wasn't completely herself. She also accepted the stipulation. We even chatted about it a few days before your fight when I ran into her on the docks. She continued to harp on the fact that she was once again in a body she hated and I said that if we were to actually go on that date, I would be interested in knowing if there is more to her than this obsession.»

The slender girl's features fall, «Ah, she was fae.» A slow nod. «T'is most wise of you to have laid down those rules. Her behavior as one of my kin was as worrisome as it had been a couple of nights back. That which she was during the flu, that is not her. I cannot believe it.» Her gaze hardens.. maybe it was because of Ness taking the form of a known sibling. How did that happen? How was it possible? No matter; it's over and now they're in this difficult situation. She turns to watch Sky again with a look of interest at his latter words.

«Good on you.» The emphasis on the word 'good' results in a not-unpleasant ripple on the subtle energies which comprise mental communication. «T'is most wise. Something must happen to vault her past this obsession to look at the larger picture. If her ire is not piqued toward me from our previous exchange, it shall be now if she knows I had reported her to keep her safe. See what happens if you approach her, if she is still keen on this.. date.» Callisto leans back again, folds her arms at her chest. A classic Callisto 'pondering' pose.

«I should hate to see her destroyed by this pain.»

«I wasn't myself either, but I could tell that she was…practically drunk on what she had become.» Sky then tilts his head at the approval from Callisto, «I'm not the type of person who goes out with someone just for their appearance. They need to pique my interest. And if she continues to harp on her obsession, then my interest will fade.» As it is, he's not even sure what's going on with it. «If she has detention, that date may be difficult.»

The girl shivers delicately, and despite having been a creature from the North Callisto has been away from the North for some time. As evening encroaches she finds that tepid breeze to be leaning toward the cold side of things. She watches Schuyler with a touch of admiration, «I pray she comes to her senses, then.. for she needs a friend like you, Schuyler.» The girl pushes up to stand, and stretches languidly. «Someone to look beyond, farther into the minds' eye. Ness has no need to be jealous of one such of myself. She need only look upon her own self and the good qualities she certainly has. I hope things work out and that you both get your… date.» A slow smile.

She adjusts her blouse, looks as if she is ready to make her way indoors. «Thank you for everything and for your time. I must get indoors to see to the patient, and catch up on homework. The rescue mission put me behind.» A low bow. «Enjoy the markers. Do show me what you come up with in this…. Inktober.»

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