(2018-10-06) Concerned Visit
Concerned Visit
Summary: Dylan comes to check on Daxton in Med Bay
Date: 2018-10-06
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NPCs: Annalee
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Med Bay - Coral Springs

The medical wing follows the curve of the exterior of the building, with each room on the ward shaped like a wide pie slice, with a Plexiglas wall on the narrow end, and double doors that can form an airlock if needed. Any privacy needed in the rooms will have to come from the curtains therein. Each room is equipped with a bed with a monitor screen at the foot, and built in high-resolution open MRI and ultrasound scanners. The nurse station inside the perimeter of the ward has duplicate screens for each patient bed, and a vast array of information and realtime data. Along the walls outside the rooms, an overhead track has small, busy robots rolling to and from stocker closets, retrieving drugs, shipping samples, and so on. Two transparent operating theaters flank the entrance door, each a table much like the ward beds, tele-operated surgical robots capable of microscopic precision, life support equipment, and more of the stocker robots for handling of tools, samples, and discarded tissue. There are six cylinders built into the interior wall, plumbed with insulated plumbing clearly labeled Danger: Cryo-Chambers.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Having heard that Daxton was in the med bay after some adventure out on the water - he didn't really catch on to the details - Dylan came to check on Daxton. Not that he really cares about Mister Quickie, but hey, right? After the whole shapeshifter flu thing, he's become more familiar with the med bay than he really cares to, so he's familiar enough with the place to just flicker in. He has the courtesy enough to not just teleport into a patient area. He teleports into the med bay and walks somewhat tentatively to where Daxton is resting. He pauses a short distance away, before he clears his throat enough to get the speedster's attention. "Um.. hey…"

Daxton looks like he's lost a lot of weight. It doesn't looking good on the former Ares. He still has the IV in his hand, but it looks like he's not hooked up to anything at the moment. The older teen looks board as he scrolls through his phone. Everyone in a while there's a blur as he phases unconsciously. After each blur is a beep from a machine and a nurse will yell from her station, "Stop it, Daxton." After each folding he looks annoyed. He's not meaning to. It's about that moment that he looks up when Dylan walks in and greets him. There' a blink of confusion, but the Daxton upends. "Hey." He even sounds beat. "Callisto's not here right now, I think she's…" Well, honestly he doesn't know what she's doing so he just shrugs.

Dylan blinks, "I wasn't looking for Calli… I came to see how you were doing?" He cocks his head, "So, um… how are you doing?" He reaches up and rubs the back of his neck.

Daxton seems a little surprised by that, but he shifts gently to face the teen better. "Oh…cool. Thanks. I'm doing alright. A little water logged. Should be out of here tomorrow." He definitely does not looking like he's going to be out tomorrow. He's dressed in a tee and sleepy pants, although his dog tags are visible over his shirt. And he's wearing what looks like a different wind up watch than usual.

Dylan arches his brows, as he looks over at Daxton. He creeps a little closer. Since losing his parents, then having his grandmother in the hospital, he hates seeing people in that environment, and the normally cocky teen is obviously uncomfortable as he edges a little closer to Daxton. "Um, no offense, dude, but you look like shit. I think that you probably need to be here or a hospital or something for a little bit longer then tonight." He chews on his lower lip slightly, "So um.. what happened? All I heard is that you went missing and that you were found out in the water."

Daxton's bright blue eyes study the younger teen as he edges into the room more, "I've looked worse." He sits a little straighter, maybe trying to look more steady for Dylan's calm. "I just need to keep my belly filled. I'll be ok." He's been saying that a lot lately. He snorts at the question, glancing away as he vibrates. And then the beep and the nurse yells at him. A silent snarl as he look towards the door, 'if I could help it woman, I'd stop." Ugh, leans closer and reaches for a can of coke on the tray, "There's a student ho can put a whammy on brains with her voice. She said to jump in the ocean and get lost…so I did." Lost in the middle of the ocean, that is.

Dylan's dark blue eyes widen a second. "You're talking about Ness, huh?" He tries to infuse a little bit of humor. "She might be able to command someone with her voice, but the girl can't carry a tune in a bucket. I have heard her sing." He grins slightly, hoping to lift the older teen's spirits. "So did she say it without really meaning it or has she like gone over to like the Supervillain's Club… 'cause dude that has got to be a thing, you know?"

"Short thing, yeah. Callisto was trying to help her, but she apparently went nutso." He's not asked Calli yet about what happened after he left for the worst swim of his life. Daxton takes a long sip of the soda before sighing, "I'm glad she didn't sing. Nearly dying was bad enough, I don't think I could have handled her making me do song lyrics too." The speedster grimaces, leaning forward to set the can down, "She was pretty supervilliany from what I could tell. Boasting she was the most powerful being ever or some crap like that."

Dylan cocks his head slightly, "From what little I know of her, she is actually pretty damn insecure about a lot of things… and I think she tries to make sure that no one suspects that." He pauses, "But it's not like I'm the world's best judge of character." He was hooked up with a group of thieves that were not above hurting or killing someone as collateral damage. "But anyway, that kind of sucks all around. Is Calli okay?" His concern for the fey is obviously quite real.

Daxton just shrugs, hard to be sympathetic when he was worried about being eaten by sharks cause of her. The speedster deals with the Calli concern much better than his won, "She's upset. I think she blames herself, which is stupid, she shouldn't." Reaching up, he scratches his chest, the dog tags jingling softly. "I wanted to go for a walk with her today, but I think she's afraid I'll fall over or soemthing."

Dylan can tell that Daxton legitimately has too many issues with Ness to really care about his observations about her He frowns, "Yeah, it's like her to try to blame herself for something like that…" His frown continues, "She might have a valid concern, Daxton. You look like a good breeze would break you in two…" A little closer he edges. He looks over at the emaciated looking Daxton, "Um… anything you want that I can get you? I mean like anything, dude?"

Daxton scoffs, "I'm not gonna break. It was water. Not like…." He wets his lips and the glances away, "I've been through worse. Being water logged ain't nothing." An eyebrow raises as Dylan keeps edging in, "You can come sit dude. I don't bite." Unless asked nicely. :P

"I'm alright. Calli brought me about 20 tacos yesterday and a milkshake….and Miss Annalee's been sending me food." He'll get there, it'll just take a few days.

Dylan chews on his lip, "I don't like hospitals… and with you looking so rough… it feels like one here…" In some ways the look isn't that of a friend visiting a friend, but almost they way a son or little brother. "Well, if there is something, just let me know… My ami sani makes this killer spice cake… I'm sure she'd bake you one… "

Daxton grunts, but then nods, "It's cool, man. If you need to bolt, I understand." He doesn't want to give the teen a panic attack. But then he smiles crookedly, and it's easy to see why Calli was attracted to him. "I bet she does. She she has time, I'd love to try one." The speedster's never met a cake he didn't like. "Wendy said she was doing well, last time she checked in." Is Unit 23 still doing that?

Dylan shakes his head, "Nah, I'm cool." He is quite obviously not, but he's not going to just ditch like that. He then grins and nods. "I'll tell her to make sure to bake one on the weekend, so that I can go without getting in trouble." He cocks his head, "Who's Wendy?" He blinks widely, "Are you guys still watching after her? I'd figure if they were going to hurt her, they'd already try it…. " But then again, two of them are still out there, and already made a play for Dylan. "I figured you'd do it for like a week or so, then call it good." If that, honestly, passes through his head.

Daxton nods, leaning back against the pillows some, "Yeah, don't get into trouble." Blue eyes blink slowly, he's starting to wind down, "Oh…she's the other speedster on the team. Pulse." He glances, actually surprised none of them have come to visit today. "We've been trying to case the place about once a week. We figure if they're gonna use her, they're gonna case it out first. No signs yet." Well, last he head, anyway. He grins, it's almost boyish, "I told you. We'd look out for her."

Dylan nods and listens as Dax explains. "Oh, well, make sure to tell her that I said 'thanks' next time you talk to her." He looks down, "I know you did, but I'm just not use to people doing what tell me… " He watches Daxton recline back. "Well, looks like you're starting to slow down, so I'll get out of here so you can sleep. But seriously, if I can do or get you anything, just let me know, okay?"

Daxton chuckles, "We don't really…talk to her. More scouting around and getting the lay of the land." Dylan's done that before! Indeed he's slowing down, but that's an insult for a speedster! "All I've done is sleep." Or eat. The nurse starts making her way to the room though to check on somethings. Dax glares softly at her before looking at Dylan, "I wouldn't mind a pizza from Lighthouse Pizza. If you tell them it's for my, they might just give it to you."

Dylan shakes his head, "I meant Wendy… I don't think I have met her… but I still would like her to know that I appreciate it." He grins widely, "You got it… how do you want it and when?" He grins impishly, "I mean, I'm sure that they would give me permission to teleport there to get you one even after hours I mean in some ways it's medicinal, right?" He chuckles slightly, "Or would lunch tomorrow work okay for you?" He is almost energized at the idea of doing something to "help."

Oh. He nods, although a small frown tugs at his face. Dax must be getting tired. "Yeah, I'll let her know. I'll give her half the spice cake." He looks over at the nurse, Pouting softly, "Probably tomorrow. And I'll eat anything." For real. The nurse just nods, both to tomorrow and the fact that Dax will eat anything, "Let's hook you back up to the saline for a bit Daxton. Every time you phase you're putting yourself behind in your healing." And almost on quite, he does it again. It's not so much moving fast as….vibrating in time for the moment. It looks exhausting. The machine beeps almost mocking him and he sighs. "Fine. Just….I don't need any fo that sleepy crap." She ignores him and gives him the sleepy crap and he's out before Dylan leaves.

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