(2018-10-05) Curative Milkshakes
Curative Milkshakes
Summary: A day after the rescue, Daxton recovers at the medical bay in Coral Springs school.
Date: 2018-10-05
Related: The next day after this log, evening.
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Med Bay, Coral Springs
Fri Oct 05, 2018

The medical wing follows the curve of the exterior of the building, with each room on the ward shaped like a wide pie slice, with a Plexiglas wall on the narrow end, and double doors that can form an airlock if needed. Any privacy needed in the rooms will have to come from the curtains therein. Each room is equipped with a bed with a monitor screen at the foot, and built in high-resolution open MRI and ultrasound scanners. The nurse station inside the perimeter of the ward has duplicate screens for each patient bed, and a vast array of information and realtime data. Along the walls outside the rooms, an overhead track has small, busy robots rolling to and from stocker closets, retrieving drugs, shipping samples, and so on. Two transparent operating theaters flank the entrance door, each a table much like the ward beds, tele-operated surgical robots capable of microscopic precision, life support equipment, and more of the stocker robots for handling of tools, samples, and discarded tissue. There are six cylinders built into the interior wall, plumbed with insulated plumbing clearly labeled Danger: Cryo-Chambers.

It is a fall evening. The weather is freezing and fair.


Daxton woke up some time around lunch, confused. All he heard of the medical beeping and panicked. Lucky for him he was vibrating so fast he phased through the IV when he bolted out of bed. He's calmed down since, Inferno came in to talk. Now the exhausted skinner than he should be teen is propped up in bed , monitors and IV back in while he watches TV. There's about 10 empty pudding cups on the tray in front of him. The poor nurses are looking just as ragged, having to keep restocking his ice chips and food.

And there sat Callisto, as pledged the day before when she intended to remain at Daxton's side. They had to make her go to bed when they carted her in; they had to make her go to classes for the day after, Now classes are over and she is back, folded in at his side and holding vigil, anxiously. By the time the nurses are at their wits end Callisto, bless her, is still full of patience. She pads into the med bay bearing something in a paper bag. Callisto is still svelte and smart in her school uniform but her eyes observe Daxton warily as she eases into a chair at his bedside. "Here," Said softly as she digs into the paper bag. "You need this. You need your strength. You cannot get by on just pudding."

Into the medbay walks young Buddy, the freshman who changes into various animals and seems to prefer being in animal state. He is actually walking in on two legs since he is in his human form which is unusual to see outside of class. He is walking behind one of the female students who volunteers as a nurse in the medbay. His eyes grow large as he looks around at all the equipment and people. "What is all this stuff?" he asks.

Daxton perks up, his stomach is hopefully it's a burger. ""Yeah?" He sounds tired, but he smirks and holds out his hand for the bag, "You didn't have to get me anything." Bright blue eyes dart awards the door when Buddy and the volunteer walk in.

"T'is my fault." Callisto near-whispers. It's a bag full of tacos, laden with cheese and fixings. You can bet that she went heavyhanded with everything when she blew into Tiki Taco after classes and assaulted the self-serve. Cerulean eyes watch Daxton thoughtfully as he takes the bag, roundabouts the weight of a toddler. c.c

"And I wanted to. You need your strength. You need to eat—" She is reaching for his hand as he tucks in, before her gaze lifts to Buddy. She watches the shapeshifter, carefully. "T'is lifesaving measures," Answered to Buddy if he looks their way.

"Surely complicated." Added soon after.

Buddy starts sniffing the air as soon as walks through. He hesitates for a moment. His nose isn't quite as sensitive in human form, but it is better than a regular person's sense of smell. He makes an odd facial expression and shakes his head. When he hears the conversation, he looks at Daxton and Callisto. He gives them a big over-the-top wave and glances at each of them with his oddly colored eyes: the right one being a bright brilliant blue color and the left one being emerald green. Hearing Callisto say the place is about lifesaving measures, Buddy cheerfully says, "Oh, then I don't need to be here. My life is quite safe and doesn't need measuring." The nurse has an amused smile and shakes her head. "Keep up, Buddy."

Daxton's smile widens when he sees the tacos. "Wicked." There's a nod, "I am eating." And he is! A taco half ate and Dax waves back to Buddy.

"I should hope you needn't lifesaving measures." Callisto remarks of Buddy and in her speaking of this, her tone is gentle. The fey girl has a considerable capacity for such a manner of speech. Perhaps being there, in care of Daxton, it eases Callisto some. Her eyes slide toward the speedster, perhaps making sure that he eat. Not a huge order. She's watching him quietly, perhaps for too long. Maybe seeing him half-dead in the water has triggered something in the fey girl. She does not wish to be apart from him. She slides her gaze away from the boy to Buddy. On the heels of the nurses' request of Buddy, Callisto asks of the shifter boy in a kind — yes, kind — way. "Buddy, may I ask of you a favor?"

Buddy looks at the thing Daxton is eating with an odd expression on his face. It is an expression that combines curiosity and uncertainty. What is that thing and why is he eating it? Buddy shudders a bit and starts to follow the nurse when he hears Callisto's question. He suddenly stops in his tracks, turns around, and move towards her. Even though he is walking, there is an oddly animal nature to his gate. A rhythm of nature that comes from being an animal so much. In fact, in his mind, he still is one. "You want to ask me something? Sure, you can ask me anything? What did you want to ask me? Is it important?" True to his nature, he doesn't ask or know their names. The nurse turns around hearing Buddy move off and starts to follow. From the look on her face, just getting him all the way to the medbay has been a journey.

Daxton shoves the rest of the taco in his mouth and chews. "Tacos are lifesaving measures." Calli is given a small smile, maybe he can sense her worry. "I'm okay." His eyebrow raises when she called over the other student. He's curios s well.

A quirking of the brow to the speedster. Callisto will keep him fed all evening if she must, be it fetching leftovers from the kitchens or hopping ferries. Anything to fill that damnable loss of weight. Callisto cannot unsee it.

A soft humm at the 'I'm okay' remark and her features fall somewhat. She's still blaming herself for even involving Dax. She follows the speedster's gaze to Buddy, touched by his manner of movement and address. "Just outside of the med bay, in the nurse's station.. I left it in the cooler. He shouldn't have such a thing so soon," Said in a whisper to Buddy's keen animal senses. "Can you go out and grab the bag in the fridge for me?"

Oh God, what did she smuggle in? Buddy's sweet innocent way, they can't suspect a thing!

Buddy leans a bit closer to Daxton clearly not knowing much about personal space and that sort of thing. "What is that thing you put in your mouth?" He sniffs a couple more times. Thankfully, he straightens back up and looks over at Callisto. Hearing her whisper, he feels like this must be some secret mission. Why else would she whisper right? He gives her a big grin, an exaggerated wink and a thumbs up. All of a sudden, he starts to fall forward to the ground just as the nurse gets there. "Buddy …" She says and tries to catch him as he falls, but before he hits the ground, he ends up as a little tabby cat and slinks under the Daxton's bed.

Daxton heard her whisper, now grinning cause he thinks he's gonna get a sweet surprise of some kind. But then the smile kinda freezes as Buddy invades his space, "Hey there. It's a taco. Back up and I'll give you one?" You know, not in his face? But then he's facing, "Oh shit! Is he okay?" He didn't see the cat part, just Buddy falling.

Too… cute. Callisto isn't about to answer Buddy's question re: what Daxton is shoving to it's doom into his gob. She's curious to see how her boyfriend breaks it down to the innocent boy! A quirking of her lips into a half-smile as Callisto considers. Then Buddy shifts and Daxton 'WTFs' and Callisto looks quickly to the speedster and rests her hand atop his knee, likely beneath blankets. "He is a shifter.. t'is alright." A smile; the expression suits her.

Then, Callisto eases forth, the slender line of her back presented to Dax as he gnoshes, blue-green eyes peering at the tabby beneath the bed. "There is a bag in the fridge. Can you slink out, shift to open the door, and slink back carrying it? It's not too heavy.. a few pounds… but hopefully not too awkward as a cat.."

<FS3> Buddy rolls Stealth: Success.

The little tabby cat (still with those differently colored eyes) looks up knowingly at Callisto. The nurse gasps. She knew he was a shifter. That is why she brought him to the medbay, but she was surprised to see him transform and them practically disappear. Buddy-kitty slips out between Callisto's leg trying to use her as a shield. He then stealthily pads out to the nurse's desk and silently shifts back to a kneeling boy. He slowly opens the refrigerator and grabs the bag. Sniffing it a few times, he shrugs and sticks it in his mouth as he shifts back. Now to just get back to them.

"Huh." Shifter huh? Daxton reaches for Calli's hand, "You know you don't need to do all this right?" A tug on her hand to get her to look at him, "This isn't your fault, okay?"

And Callisto, well.. she has the perfect poker face. She is ready to assume responsibility if the kitty is caught, for it is not her intent for Buddy to get in trouble. Luckily it's heavy enough to be substantial but not impossible for a tabby cat to lug back. Callisto watches worriedly, waiting for Buddy to return, when warmth and weight in her hand brings her attention back to Daxton. She watches him then. "I want to." Said simply, brow furrowing. "T'is not just that but it's hard to unsee. You in the water. Had I not…." Texted him. Brought him right into the crosshairs of Ness with her collar off… Daxton will have went on with his evening run, unharmed. She looks down at his hand and squeezes it softly.

"If something were to happen to you, if you were lost to us.. to me.. I will have never forgiven myself." Said firmly, searching his eyes. "But you are here, and recovering. I shall enjoy that and not… berate myself." Her other hand moves to clutch his one palm between her own, before blue-green eyes slide to see if the little tabby returns, carrying the bag.

As the nurse keeps looking trying to find out where Buddy went, the little tabby cat silently makes his way back. He has to pause a couple times to not be seen by the other staff, but after a few more moments, he makes it to Callisto's side. Not wanting to draw undue attention to himself, he remains silent and just moves against her ankle for a moment. Setting the bag down at her feet, he makes his way back under the bed and shifts once more. A couple seconds later, the nurse says, "Awww. Come here. It's okay." About five seconds later, he stands up holding a little bunny in her arms.

Daxton smiles, "Something is always gonna happen, Strawberry. You can't take credit for other people's bad behavior." Fingers squeeze hers and he too looks in Buddy's direction as well. And now he's a bunny. Weird.

Perhaps all of this is unnecessary. Callisto perhaps could have gone, herself, to fetch whatever it is she brought in. Maybe it all boils down to — or at least partially — to entertaining Buddy. To giving him a job. That and Callisto is still hard-pressed to leave Daxton's side, even for a moment. Classes were torture. How interesting it is to feel this way. The cat's svelte body moves, unseen by the staff, and Callisto collects the bag as Buddy returns to the underside of the bed to change forms once more. Then.. bless his heart… the bunny!buddy moves out to further intrigue the nurse! Ie. distract!

Picking up the bag, Callisto produces one tightly-capped container of thick, fattening chocolate milkshake and a couple of Dax's favorite chocolate bars. She hands them over to him. "This, next." .. totally not med bay cuisine.

The bunnyBuddy looks over at Callisto and remains silent. He does twitch his nose a few times and wiggle his whiskers as though saying something. The nurse pets his head and says, "I'm going to put you down so you can change back. Please change back, okay? This won't hurt. I promise." She bends down and places the bunny on the floor. In a rippling motion, he shifts to a small teen who is sitting bunny-like on the ground. He slowly stands up and looks at the nurse. "Okay." He then turns his head to look at Daxton. "That taco-thing smells funny. I can get you some real food if you like. I know a great place for dandelions. Oh, I also found a place with some great lizards to hunt. There's also some fish off the coast. MMm…they are delicious."

Daxton's blue eyes sparkle, "Yes!" Apparently the milkshake is a happy thing. He reaches for the drink, "Just what I need!" He watches the bunny turn into a boy and nods impressed. Powers can be so interesting. But then he's insulting tacos? Was he raised in a barn? "Tacos are the reason for life, kid. You should try them before you knock them."

There's a thrum of happiness at the speedster accepting the contraband, and Callisto eases sideward to rest upon an elbow at the side of the bed. She wishes she could have provided more but… yeah. That's pushing it. For now she just enjoys Daxton's happiness, using it as salve against the bad memories, lashes fluttering as the boy shifts yet again into his human self. Isn't that exhausting? Doesn't it use up energy? Callisto props her chin in the heel of her palm, wanting nothing more than to just rest here. Maybe she will, until she's thrown out. "He needs tacos," Explained levelly to Buddy, "They're his favorite.. and they will help him recover from that which he has been through."

Maybe that will help reassure Buddy. A hand snakes out to rest close to Daxton's body again.

"Have you not a favorite thing to eat, Buddy? That makes you feel good?" Callisto asks, resting her head against the side of the mattress.

Buddy looks at Daxton and says, "Try them?" He shakes his head way to much to look comfortable. "They smell funny. I almost tried human food once, but I didn't actually eat of it. Probably good thing too. Some of it tastes good though." The nurse intern grabs Buddy's hand and says, "Come on, Buddy." He looks surprised as though he had already forgotten about her, but Callisto's question has Buddy turn and walk back to her. Even though the nurse is bigger than he is, he pulls her back with him. "Oh, I have tons of favorite things to eat. Changes all the time though."

Daxton nods, "Needs." He's not going to force happiness on Buddy though. Sipping the shake, he lets his hand rest gently against Calli's head, gently stroking her hair.

THe fey girl continues to observe the innocent boy, though her gaze grows hooded as the speedster touches her moonpale-haired head. What a difference compared to yesterday, when she had been near-crippled with worry. Had they not been on the boat by, then searching? Found Daxton? The hours all blended together at that point for Callisto. A little sigh though her nostrils, though her eyes round themselves slightly as the nurse tries to guide Buddy. "Thank you for your help, Buddy. And—" The kid is coming back and the hapless nurse is with him! She nestles closer to the speedster's touch, though her eyes are upon the shifter. "What are your favorites, then?"

Hair rubs are the best rubs. "Daxton prefers everything. Most foods are his favorite." A playful smile.

Buddy bounces on his toes. Seems the kid is almost made of energy. "See my favorite changes in everyone form. As a bunny, I found some great - " The nurse says, "Please. No more interruptions. Buddy, come with me." She looks at Callisto and Daxton and says, "This important. I'm sorry to pull him away." Buddy could fight her, pull against her, or even turn into another animal, but how does a young teen fight a pretty older girl. "Oh, okay. Just don't use any tacos on me." Callisto said that the place had lifesaving measurements and that tacos were lifesaving too. He then waves back and says, "I'll talk to you both later. Let me know if you want me to bring you a lizard or fish or something." That was to Daxton and to Callisto he says in farewell, "Thanks for helping when I was scared about the double doggies. Just want to run as a horsy. Bye!"

"But tacos especially." Over both students' heads he throws the nurse a soft smile. He knows what a pain he and others can be. A head tilt before he chuckles around his straw, "So what's his dead, all animals or something?" He sighs as well, leaning back slightly against his pillows, while he's looking better, he's still very tired. At least he's warmed up!

THe fey watches Buddy go, and her head shakes slowly, causing the hair to sluice around Dax's fingers if his hand yet remains there. She turns to look up at the speedster, eyes tracing his face. He is looking better. He's ok. "All animals, I suspect. He was a horse a few days ago, before.. everything." A pause as she thinks, resting her head alongside Daxton once more. "T'is all I now. He is an innocent, moreso animal in his thought processes than human. He is without the complicated human condition." Explained softly. Dax leaning backwards, the motion of his body causes her head to perk again, hair a pale sheet across some measure of the bed.

"Do you need anything else?" Callisto asks of him, pendant winking in the subdued lighting of the room. "You look weary. I can sit with you while you rest, yes?"

Daxton's brow furrows, "I think the human condition is kinda important though…" A soft smile, hut his eye lids are a little droopy, "Nope. I'm good. I don't need to rest." Yes he does. "They said tomorrow I can start walking around." And walking for a speedster means running!

She can hear the sleepy nuances in the boy's tone. This is the slowest she's ever seen him move; correction. Gaming doesn't count. This is the most… restful. Maybe that's it. Callisto looks up at him again, adjusts herself so that she may stretch out to hold his hand, rest her head just slightly upon one side of his chest. "Sleep." She bids. "You need it. You cannot tell me that you do not, with your eyes half-closed as they are." She chides softly.

"I shall take care of you." Even just by being there, her pendant keeping the nightmares away. "Rest now, Daxton. Tomorrow you shall feel better, and better able to move. But for now, you rest."

Daxton's eyes snap open. He's stubborn, if nothing else. "I'm fine, really." A forced desire, "Maybe we can go on that date tomorrow. Where do you wanna go?" He's definitely not going to be released to go on a date tomorrow.

Ugh, stubborn. Callisto lifts her head again, watching him. She hasn't the ability to physically lay beside him; not in this bed, not here. It's the best she can do to sit alongside, craned forth. She pushes herself up, upon her elbows, eyes him. "I shall only join you on a date if you let yourself sleep." A mischievous smile. "You shall need all of your mental and physical facilities to keep up with me." Okay, so playfully challenging him won't help matters much, but she means well. He was lost for a time, in the ocean; his head beneath water is haunting. To play is to better overlook the terrible thought. One arm lifts, the back of a finger stroking the line of the speedster's face. She will humor him, answer truthfully though the plan will indeed be postponed. She can see the weariness in Daxton's eyes.

No nurses, hands rise to cup either side of his face, thumbs caressing his cheekbones. "Where to, you ask? What of that amusement park by the water?" Astro Park. "All of those foolish, crazy rides that you would likely enjoy."

Daxton snorts, "Strawberry, even unconscious I think I'm faster than you." Well, when his instincts kick in he is! He turns his face into her touch though, maybe sensing all that underlaying worry. "I'm safe now. Promise." His eyes close, breath ghosting against her hands, "Astro Park is fun….Felicia used to work there…"Yeah, he's getting tired, his words are slower coming, "I used to…run her to work everyday…"

"Felicia is a good person." Callisto says softly, fingers curving in to better touch his face. Anything to help him sleep, and to reassure herself that he's there. Even his jest, she lets roll off of her back.. she'll let him have that. He's safe. "I need to find some new binoculars for her." Whispered ruefully. "When I saw you, when I found you.. I startled her and she.. dropped hers into the ocean." Admitted lowly. Ahem. Callisto feels badly.. but she will make it up to the female titan. Promise.

"And so are you. Rest, rest now." A whisper, a kiss to the brow. A tickling of clean white tresses to Daxton's cheek. "We shall go there, I promise. We will have fun."

Callisto has had lessons in fun, and play, when she was a fox. She won't let anything ruin it.

Daxton's eyebrows draw together in confusion, "Binoculars?" What? But then she explains and he blinks his eyes open, long lashes battling, "Oh…don't worry about that…we've got more…" He takes a deep breath, how does she always smell so good? "I'm sorry you are so worried…I didn't mean to get lost…" Blue eyes close again and he smiles, "I'll win you a stuffed animal…"

"Binoculars." Callisto echoes, looking up and into his eyes. "But she said they were…" Expensive. Callisto just doesn't see fit to explain that part. Poor Felicia. The faerie eases her head back down again, willing to rest like this until she is — again — either booted out or maybe some nurse will take pity and leave them be. As long as there's no funny business. Perhaps easier, as it's Friday night with no classes to follow.

Callisto will find a way.

"Do not apologize. It is.. not your fault." Callisto says quietly, collecting his hand and just holding it there, stroking each finger carefully. If it's the wrist that bears the ticking watch, she will look upon it.. make sure it's wound up properly. She remembers Felicia doing so yesterday. Callisto is learning.

He did not mean to get lost. Callisto's lips press together with a little bit of tension before relaxing. "Everything is alright now. I am so very glad that you're ok." A pause, a snicker. "It's a deal. I need to begin a collection of stuffies, yes?"

Very expensive. But Dax also knows that Calli doesn't have a lot of income. He'll talk to Inferno about it…later. His eyes stay closed, his breathing is evening out, he'll be asleep soon, especially if she says where she is. "I know I'm not….strong…in my head. Sorry. For that…." He tiredly smiles, sighing, "It's what girls do…" Have collection, apparently. And as a boyfriend it's his job to help, right? He briefly wonders if he can find her a fox one before he drifts off into dreamland.

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