(2018-10-04) To Sail Against Time
To Sail Against Time
Summary: The mission to find and rescue Daxton is underway! He was told to 'get lost'? He got lost.
Date: 2018-10-04
Related: Same day as this log, much later.
NPCs: Inferno, AfterThought, Pulse, Coast Guard crewmen.
Scene Runner: Daxton

TP Room 1
(Atlantic ocean, far East)

Thu Oct 04, 2018


It takes time to get a boat big and fast enough to carry super heroes. It's not like the school, or Unit 23, has one on hand. Although that may change after this. Everyone has been briefed, Tempo, One of the Unit's speedsters and former Coral Springs student was mind compelled to 'jump in the ocean' and 'get lost'. He's apparently very good at following orders. He's been missing since last night, and the worry is that in the cold water he's using up all his energy to try to stay warm. There's been some psychic communication, but that has only given them all a vague direction of East to go. The coast guard has lent boat and all of Unit is out on the deck, scanning for their missing member.

It's been a busy day for Callisto. Between sounding the alarm for an off-the-rails Ness and working together with Schuyler Masters to pinpoint that vague location, needless to say she's 'called in sick' for her job and has come along to help find the missing speedster. Just try telling her not to. Okay there's sure as hell people who could prevent her from going but seeing as how she was there last night when shit went sideways, along with the fact that she and Daxton are dating… yeah. She's pulled on the Metis team tights, taken some deep calming breaths.. and they're off.

The fey girl is also on the top deck, poised whereever she has clearance so as to not intrude upon Unit matters. She's there watching the water, silver-white hair snapping in the wind, brow knit with concentration and stress. But she's calm.

When Ashton heard that Daxton was missing and that help was needed to find him, there was no hesitation for the young sorcerer to offer his services to find his mentor figure. Having been on his grandfather's yacht many times growing up, he has no problem finding his sea legs as the boat races eastward. Despite his preference to dress in normal clothes, he is wearing the mission uniform for Metis as well. If it was just for Daxton, he would have jumped to volunteer, but he felt doubly indebted, considering how Callisto helped in his own rescue. As much as he is there to help find Daxton, he is also there for emotional support for the fey girl as well.

Bryce has migrated down to the bridge where they are reviewing the data. Maps showing a wide circle the ship will be using as the search radius. Bryce looks at all of those maps and memorizes them all in a moment. It is then that he moves over to look at the tide flow charts for the last 24 hours. After a few moments, he moves back to the main search map. He points to it and says, "Um, s-sir, I mean, uh, people." He tries clearing his throat and says, "It doesn't make, uh, sense to search in this area because of the, the tide maps for the last, er, 2 hours. If you add into, uh, Daxton's speed and, well, the duration, that eliminates this, uh, area. Add, uh, to that the, the cool front that, er, passed through this area at, well, 3pm zulu time, then we can, can reduce the search area to, well, just a few, few miles centered on this-this point here." He points to an area on the map.

Once an Ares, always an Ares, and its seems even now that they have graduated they are still causing trouble. Felicia knows that it wasn't particularly Dax's fault in this case. But if they aren't finding trouble you can bet trouble is finding them.

Felicia stands at Afterthought's side, holding them steady under the rocking boat as AT searches for any signs of Dax from a mental stand point. Binoculars in her other hand as she searches the horizon for any signs of her team mate "Needle meet haystack…" she says to no one in particular

The captain of the ship looks over the map where Bryce indicates. He looks to Inferno, who's in magma mode, smoke rising from his skin, "Do it." Those that know the Gym teacher have never seen him like this before. Angry and worried.

The weather seems to be getting ready to take a turn for the worse as the sun starts to set.

Grateful for the presence of her peers, Callisto watches and listens as logistics are worked out. Her bright eyes lift to the heavens, spying their unrest. Not good.

<FS3> Ashton rolls Mystic: Good Success.

Once the boat is further out at water, Ashton heads up to the bridge. "Captain, if I can make use of your maps, I might be able to help. Now that we are deeper at sea, I might be able to cast a locator spell." He draws out a small, ornate dagger. He draws the blade across his palm, letting the blood fall onto the map, as he starts speaking in a dark, inhuman language. His bright blue-green eyes become more luminescent. The blood draws up together, then slowly starts snaking its way across the map. "This should be where he is. As long as I continue to concentrate on the spell, it should continue to track him." As long as he can maintain it.

Bryce keeps his place near the maps and data. "Um, if there is any, uh, any new data, I might be able to, er, restrict the s-search radius more." He looks over at the captain and says, "I'm, I'm good at, uh, remembering … stuff." As Ashton starts to do his magic, Bryce moves out of the way to make sure he has plenty of room. He doesn't want to interrupt or distract him. Bryce then looks to Inferno and nods in thanks. Even when he knows the right answer, Bryce never sounds confident so it is hard for people to take him seriously. He swallows hard and looks out the window. "Would it help to, er, have someone looking from, from a higher vantage point?"

<FS3> Felicia rolls 8: Good Success. (Rolling for AfterThought)

The thin androgynous figure of Afterthought leans further over the railing as if that would help them pinpoint the missing Dax easier. The movement causes the teen titan Felicia to lower the binoculars to glance at the person next to her "I'm only rescuing one person today and it isn't you." she comments easily tugging AT back a step or two. AT is so focused on their mental search that they don't notice the manhandling or the comment from Felicia. "Can't this boat go any faster?" she calls out in the general direction of the wheelhouse, or whatever the modern term of the control center of this style of rig is.

The captain, while used to powered people he isn't used to powered teens. A grumble, but he motions to the map and Bryce. Maybe they can work together? Although Ashton's method gets an eyebrow raise and the laymen on the crew all edge away.

Inferno huffs, smoke bellows out of his mouth, "Once we get closer, yes. Area vantage point will be good."

Pulse, the other speedster has been speeding from one side of the ship to the other, dropping spinach swear words along the way. She will ask again, "Do we have a healer?"

Gratitude wars with Callisto's unrest. Alongside the Unit her classmates are lending to the situation their very own brand of skilled aide. Her gaze turns toward Ashton as he bleeds onto the map and she pads closer to observe the happenings. If she keeps watching the sea and the clouds roiling, that won't help her mind much. Her ability to mark another's position via dreamplain is null and void here but she can at least focus and help in other ways. She reaches to place her hand upon Bryce's shoulder. She knows of the younger boy's lack of confidence in some matters.

Felicia very adequately says what she is thinking and hoping for, and she nods gently to herself as if in agreement. C'mon, boat! Goooooo! She drops into another lapse of concentration, perhaps some manner of meditation to keep her mind honed and ready. Her body meanwhile is taut, wanting to move and take action. She's staring hard at the horizon again.

Ashton can't help but notice the crew's distancing from him as he casts the spell. He shrugs slightly, not really being bothered by it. He's kind of used to it by now. He continues to softly speak the demonic words of the spell to maintain its effect. For now, it is all he can do to keep up his concentration.

Bryce looks to Ashton ready to help if he can be of any assistance though, when Inferno says that an area vantage point would be good, Bryce says, "I, I can h-help with that. I have found, er, a way to do do an, an Aladdin-type …thing. I can, well, get people up into a, a higher vantage, uh, point." He looks outside at the clouds and says, "If the w-weather holds."

Felicia keeps a hold of AT as she listens to the others nearby. She has been pretty good about taking this whole situation seriously, but that kind of breaks when Callisto has her little outburst. There is a log of lip biting to keep her expression in check. For the teen staying serious for more than a few minutes is very hard, her brain just doesn't work that way. "If you need a volunteer to go up for aerial reconnaissance I'll do it." of them all she is the one most likely to survive if a fall was involved.

The weather continues to grow worse, sky darkening and a low rumble of thunder can be heard. As the boat races in the direction of Ashton and Bryce's calculations. It's a good 10 minutes before the boat starts to slow down and the captain says, "We're at the point indicated, we need to start looking." What does he think everyone has been doing?!?

Inferno points at Bryce, "Get a rug and go up there with an eagle eye. AT, you're up there too." She can shadow fly!

Pulse starts vibrating with worry, anyone near her can feel it in body of the boat. Anyone looking at her will see her blurring.

"I am unafraid of being taken skyward, if more eyes are needed." Callisto finally pipes up, looking to Bryce. It's the least she can do; and it's true. Heights do not bother the dark fey all that much. Her eyes move from Felicia as she had turned to watch her, as she volunteered, and settle back upon Bryce. "If it shall not strain you." Said finally. The mentalist has pretty decent eyesight and an ability to focus, even as the weather seems to be brooding.

The boat is slowing as it reaches the designated coordinates. The vibration out of the corner of Callisto's eye turns her gaze in Pulse's direction, and her brow furrows gently with worry for the other speedster.

Unfortunately, Ashton has yet to figure out a flying spell. Perhaps this might be enough to get his mind to work towards that end, but for now, the best he can offer is his quite human eyes - that is unless Daxton is wrapped in magic, then he might be able to see something. For now, he rubs the healing cut on his palm.

Felicia looks at Inferno and then to the volunteering Callisto "You need Afterthought down here, Inferno. On the boat so she can continue her psychic thing. Callisto and I can go impersonate Aladdin." unlike Dax she isn't so good at taking orders. At least ones she things are unreasonable. She looks to Callisto "You can be Jasmine." she winks at the girl. Yeah she has hit her limit of seriousness, that's all gone now. She passes AT off to a crew member and moves over to Bryce to do whatever needs to be done to get airborne.

<FS3> Bryce rolls Psychic Construct: Good Success.

Bryce walks out to an open area of the deck and sits down on the ground. He waits until both girls join him seated in similar fashion before he places his hand on the ground. A beam of energy emerges from his head and snakes down towards his hand. It flows over and around his hand until it touches the deck of the ship. Slowly it extends wider and wider creating a thin, large rectangular platform. From all four corners, energy beams climb upwards forming two inch wide posts. These posts suddenly flare out at the top and merge creating a roof in case the rain catches them. This whole process takes a few seconds. Only once the flying roofed 'carpet' is ready, does it lift off effortlessly into the air taking Bryce and the girls with him.

Inferno smolders a moment, although it's not sexy. He and Felicia are going to have a talk later. "Go!"

Another crack of thunder, this time much closer.

The Gym Teacher will instruct everyone else to start searching the waters.

Oohh.. she could feel that irritation. Callisto takes her position and just as she promised, she is hardly unnerved as she is taken up into the air by way of Bryce's abilities. Felicia's comment though earns a half-smile of amusement… a much-needed emotion in this instance. "I would make a terrible Jasmine." .. she knows these character?!

Though she squints at the water below, Callisto casts out her mental energies to at least try to 'feel' Daxton's subconsciousness. This is what she picks up on in dreaming, typically; it may not be as acute as super sight or other branches of mental skills.. but if he is somewhere, she may or may not sense a level of fatigue associated with his mind. Callisto breathes deep and casts her psychic 'net'…

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Callisto=Psychic Vs Spot Dax=10
< Callisto: Good Success Spot Dax: Good Success
< Net Result: Spot Dax wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ashton=Alertness Vs Spot Dax=10
< Ashton: Good Success Spot Dax: Great Success
< Net Result: Spot Dax wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bryce=psychic Vs Spot Dax = 10
< Bryce: Good Success Spot Dax : Amazing Success
< Net Result: Spot Dax wins - Crushing Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Felicia=alertness Vs Spot Dax=10
< Felicia: Failure Spot Dax: Great Success
< Net Result: Spot Dax wins - Crushing Victory

Ashton does as instructed and starts searching the waters for any sign of Daxton, but to little good, but yet he continues.

The smoldering of Inferno leaves Felicia unphased, she'll worry about that later. (Not really, her poor broken brain won't let her). She grins at Callisto as the construct lifts and she sings out the first line of the song "I can show you the world…" she is better off sticking to dancing and rapping. Carefully she lays down, hanging her head over the edge so she can look at the area below through the binoculars…that's a lot of water…

Bryce keeps focused on lifting their psychically crafted craft up into the sky. Using the momentum from the ship and his own powers, he starts keeping track with the boat. Then, as he thinks about it, it makes more sense to veer off slightly and create a two-tiered search pattern of the area. He hopes the ship's captain will recognize what he is doing and form the other arm of the search pattern. He turns to the port and starts circling wide so he can then cross back later into a smaller arc.

There's now streaks of lighting as the wind picks up. It's gonna be a decent storm.

The captain seems worried, glancing up at the sky before motioning to his crew to start battening down the hatches. Or whatever.

Inferno bellows, "Keep looking!"

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Ashton=Alertness Vs Spot Dax=9
< Ashton: Failure Spot Dax: Good Success
< Net Result: Spot Dax wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Callisto=Psychic Vs Spot Dax=9
< Callisto: Great Success Spot Dax: Good Success
< Net Result: Callisto wins - Solid Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Felicia=alertness Vs Spot Dax=9
< Felicia: Success Spot Dax: Good Success
< Net Result: Spot Dax wins - Marginal Victory

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Bryce=psychic Vs Spot Drax = 9
< Bryce: Success Spot Dax : Good Success
< Net Result: Spot Dax wins - Marginal Victory

"He is going to make your head roll." Callisto whispers to the teen titan, indicating Inferno. Her own observation concluded, she stretches out to the other side of the construct, taking care not to bump or disturb Bryce, and lowers her body to face the churning waters below. The thought of Daxton being somewhere down there and troubled, alone… it makes her guts seize. The lightning piercing the skies makes the fey girl jolt, but she holds fast. Something….. something keeps her attention on that section of water.

"Hold fast, Bryce. You're doing excellent." Callisto whispers, but her voice is… distant. «Come now. We're looking for you. You must hang on. We will not be leaving here without you.» Cast inward.. Daxton isn't the most cerebral when it comes to mentalist stuff but it's all the girl can do, to just try to reach him. At that point she sees something in the water… a dark, bobbing, barely discernible form…

She cries out, "HIS HEAD. DOWN—" Callisto jolts upright, moves to Felicia and tries to point.. "Down there!" She exclaims, belting out the precise direction to where the speedster is just barely floating in the waves.

From the ship, Ashton continues looking completely on the wrong side of the ship from where Daxton actually is. He chews on his lips with building anxiety as he scowers the sea looking for his friend.

There is a shrug, "He knows I'm right. He just won't say anything in front of everyone. If he wants to rant and yell at me later to save face, I'm fine with that." Felicia is like the most chill person in U-23…or the planet, whichever. Being the consummate troublemaker she is, she is used to it. The search continues the binoculars pressed against her eyes as she scans the waters below. And then Callisto manages to do something that very few people have ever done. Surprises her. "Gah!" she yells out as she is grabbed by the elf teen. There is a quick grapping to try and catch the binoculars that slipped from her hands at the surprise, "Oh fork me! Those were expensive!" but alas, they are falling and splash into the ocean. "Where?" she asks her surprise short lived as it sinks in "Hey boss," she says into her comm to Inferno "We found him…Calli found him rather." she looks around takes in where the boat is, where Dax is and gives the best directions she is able without knowing the proper jargon

Thankfully Aladdin-Bryce doesn't need directions. Just the way the two girls are looking and pointing is good enough for him. He says, "Um, you, uh, may want to, to hold on." He shuts his eyes for a moment and slightly alters the formation of the ground piece they are all one so it has a small lip to give them purchase. He then starts to bank the psychic carpet ride down to the indicated spot. "I, I can try to grab him, or try to, uh, get close enough for, for you two grab him."

In almost unison, Pulse, AT , and Inferno all lift their hands to their ears, listening to Felicia. The leader bellows again as the rain starts, "Port side! The rug spotted him!" Everyone rushes to that side and starts looking.

AT lifts their arms, shadow tentacles start to form, ready to make a grab for Tempo is needed

The fey girl, bless her jackhammering heart, has the grace to see what happened to Felicia's binoculars. "I—ah, forgiveness." Said in a strange, shakey voice. No she's not upset, just full of adrenaline. Callisto stares hard at that point in the water where Daxton's head is just barely visible. She will supply directions in as calm a manner as she can manage and since her player is a derp that doesn't quite know the jargon, let's just pretend that her PC knows instead. ;)

"I shall pay you back for those." Said without even asking of their (the binoculars) expense. For now though, every muscle in her body is taut as she strains to keep the male speedster in sight. A harried nod to Bryce and if the rug is brought into position, she will be ready to help out with efforts to pull Dax out. However, she suspects that Felicia will be able to do so on her own without much trouble if they can get a clean grab on him.

Even though there is nothing he can do from the ship, Ashton rushes to the left side of the ship. His hands grasping the edge of the boat as he watches the psychic carpet carried trio goes in for the rescue.

<FS3> Felicia rolls Strength: Success.

As the platform is lowered Felicia leans further over the side, reaching out to make a grab for her friend. Seeing him in this state the worry finally hits her "Dax if you are dead I am going to kill you again." she says as the storm driven wind rocks the platform. making her attempts to grab him harder "AT, a little help here, please. Help Bryce hold the platform steady." AT does have her shadow tentacles coming out.

Dark, inky tentacles writhe through the air from AT, making them look like some dark Lovecraftian creature. Good luck not having nightmares children! As AT helps Bryce steady the platform Felicia once more makes a grab for Dax, this time managing to snag the back of his hoodie. Holding tight she lifts him with ease out of the water and pulls him onto the platform laying him on his side at first as she checks to make sure he is still breathing.

Bryce focuses his energies just on keeping the craft still. It is weird when the tentacles grab the platform, but this is not the time to worry about such things. The wind wipes through the two plates tugging at their clothing and pulling on their hair. Once he is on 'board,' Bryce says, "H-hold on." He turns the flying psychic carpet towards the boat though the approaching storm is making this much more challenging.

Daxton is still breathing, but it's shallow and his skin is cold. Near hypothermic. Blue eyes are open, but unfocused. He's alive, but very much unresponsive.

Once he's on the floating platform AT starts to reel it back towards the ship.

The rain starts to downpour now. The ship starts to rock as the waves pick up.

At least the fey girl isn't a melodramatic sort. The only thing to betray her heightened emotions and deep worry is an increased shine to her eyes as Felicia hoists Daxton onto the rug. But then seeing him as he is, so cold and out of it and having had to be out here.. Callisto's shoulders hitch and she's clearing her throat a bit too much. She folds herself in at the speedster's other side while Felicia checks his vitals, and is sure not to be in the way as the titan sees to her close friend. Callisto sets her palm softly atop the boy's forehead and looks down into his eyes. Another hand moves to brace herself and him as Bryce moves the construct to hopeful safety with AT's aide.

There is a sigh of relief from Felicia as she sees that he is breathing, even if it is shallow, better than not breathing. She rolls him over onto his back then grabs his wrist with the watch, makes sure it is ticking, and winds it if necessary, and them situates his wrist next to his ear so he can hear the rhythmic ticking of it. She isn't sure how much the time fugue is effecting his semi conscious state, or even if that is any of it and not just exhaustion and cold, but if it even helps a little…"We got you Dax." she assures her unresponsive friend "You'll be okay."

Bryce keeps one hand down on the floor of the psychic carpet, but now he lifts his other hand upwards so he can control the craft even better. With the tentacle-assist, he is able to get the craft over the boat and lower it down. It lands relatively well with only a slight -thud- upon impact. As he lets the craft fade into nothingness, his own exertion in such a long and strenuous flight becomes obvious from his heavy breathing. "How, how is he … doing?"

Daxton doesn't fight any rearranging of his body, nor does the watch seem to bring him out of the state he's in. A small vibration goes though his body as the flying carpet lands. The rain pours down, soaking everyone. The rest of Unit 23 rushes over, Pulse asking , "Do we have a healer here or not, God Damn it?"

AT brings the tentacles up and flattens them to shield Daxton from the rain, "It is cold. We should bring him in."

And then finally Inferno, skin hissing from the precipitation, "Turn this damn boat around! Get us on ground!"

The fey can hear all of the voices around her, but her eyes are locked upon the speedster. She has no clothing of her own to drape over him; not that it'd help because she's sodden. AT's suggestion stands out the most in her immediate thought process and Callisto will aide in bringing Daxton into the wheelhouse or below deck; wherever they can get him safely away from the storm. She will not leave his side.

Felicia is massaging Dax's arms, trying to stimulate some blood flow and glances up to Bryce. "You did good." she tells him with utmost sincerity.

The Coast Guard was sent on a rescue mission so naturely they have at least one medic with them. The medic rushes over, kit and blankets in hand. "Cover him with this." the blankets are handed over "Than move him into the wheelhouse, there is a bunk that folds down from the wall." its a rescue boat, it doesn't have a lower deck.

Felicia grabs the blankets and covers Dax then will lift him to carry him to where the medic has ordered. "Someone lower the bunk please." her hands are kind of full.

Bryce was about to check on him since he has read a few first aid books, but since there is a medic on board, he just stays out of the way. He slowly gets up and starts to walk inside very slowly inspite of the rain. His circlet flashes a cyan color and his clothing gets a bit tighter. He moves back inside the ship to get out of the rain and looks for a place to crash.

The captain ushers all the teens inside, Unit 23 mostly stays out to help, but Fel and the students can crowd inside out of the rain with Daxton. The speedster starts vibrating, quite like what Pulse was doing earlier. And then he starts thrashing around, almost seizor like.

Moving into the wheelhouse and pointed toward the bunk, Callisto works to lower it down and get it prepared. Once he is laid down Callisto begins adjusting the blankets that were initally used to cover him. Then, she backs away to give the medic space to work, her eyes settled upon Daxton for a time.

However Callisto is not unaware of Bryce moving to find a place to rest and there's at least one blanket that she can give to him. As they get Daxton settled the fey will move to where the the exhausted boy with the underarmor has chosen to plop down and gently, she will reach out and encircle Bryce with the blanket and press it tightly around his shoulders. "Thank you." Whispered gently as she gives him the lightest of hugs, and moves off to rejoin the other clutch—this is right when Daxton starts to thrash and seize! Callisto hastens to get to his side.

"Daxton! Daxton!" The girl cries, trying to grasp one of his arms while being mindful to not get struck by one of them, if he's really flailing about.

Once Dax is settled Felicia steps back to give the medic room to workas well. Vitals are taken and called out so the medic's assistant can write them down. The sudden seizure catches the medic off guard and she gets smacked and is knocked to the side.

The teen has seen this before, so she is taken less by surprise as anyone else. It's more vexing to Felicia. She lets out a string of words "Ah, Jot-gat-ne! Ah, Shi-bal!" it sounds Asian and from the tone she is probably swearing. She springs into action, taking the necessary actions needed to get him past this part. Meanwhile the medic recovers and digs into the medkit for some knockout syringes.

Bryce grabs a hold of the blanket. He tenses a moment at the hug from Callisto, but just only for a moment. He has never been much of a fan of being touched, but the help that she was to him in the dream world seems to have eased some of that. When Daxton start's flailing around, Bryce says, "I can try and, and hold him. I can do it with, a, a construct. I wouldn't, er, couldn't be hurt by it."

The medical swears as she fumbles with the syringe. What's weird though as they watch him, it's not so much seizing as time fluxing. And that makes it even harder to hold him steady.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Coax Sleep: Good Success.

Even in the fray Callisto is aware of Felicia indeed swearing in a foreign tongue! It has to be! She looks hastily from Felicia, to the medic fumbling, to Bryce preparing to step in again and potentially exhaust himself more or get struck. She has that window of time in between flailings and vibrations; she weaves her willowy self in to be as close to Daxton's head as possible. Hands move outwards, fingers splaying to cup both sides of his temples. Brow knit, eyes flutter closed, and with a 'push' of some force — a gentle / beneficial one it may appear — she tries to trigger some mental and hormonal response. Finds it. Seizes it. Bring on the melatonin, baby!

If Callisto is successful, and it will only take seconds… she tries to knock Daxton out. Hopefully he will fall into a deep, extensive sleep… and Callisto remains closeby, to keep him there.

Getting hold of a time fluxing speedster is hard, with all the phasing in and out. Felicia will have hold of one arm and grab the other only to have the one secured slip through her hand. She can see what Callisto is doing, and while her knowledge of the elf's powers is kinda vague she knows dreaming and sleep is involved. She gives up the game of grab-a-arm and instead leans over Dax, putting herself between the flailing arms and Callisto. He can wail on her all he likes, better he has bruised arms that accidently coldcocking Calli across the room like he did the medic, who is just starting to prep the found syringe with sleepy stuff.

<FS3> Bryce rolls Psychic Construct: Good Success.

Bryce stays seated wrapped in his blanket and reaches forward once more. The thin beam of energy emerges once more and snakes its way through the air towards the shaking speedster. It stops just over his shaking body and forms an ever growing disc. This disc grows appendages like his arcade claw though there are more than just the three fingers. Once formed, he brings the claw down over Daxton and Felicia to try and hold onto to him and provide stability for what the medic and Callisto are doing. His hand shakes through the entire proceedure.

Between Callisto's dream magic, Felicia's wallness, and Bryce's reverse claw, Daxton's not going anywhere. Indeed, after the fey's magic happens he slumps against the bed, eyes closed and breath a little more deeply than when he was in the water. The medic immediately pulls the blanket back onto him, "Whatever you did, keep it up. He needs to be calm." Now that he's still it's clear he's somehow burned through all fat he had on his frame, extensive vibrations to stay warm will do that to a speedster. "He's severely dehydrated." There's more, but the boat rocks violently as the storm picks up. The syringe is set aside, in favor of digging into the medical kit for… "I need to start an IV."

The fey's mouth pulls into a moue of deep sadness, but she remains right where she has managed to weasel her way into, thanks to the efforts of all involved. After getting clocked by Ness last night, to get a haymaker by a flailing Dax just wouldn't suit Callisto well. Yeah no. So she keeps her hands gently against his head, bracketing his face, continuing to keep him under. She's wearing her gorgon head pendant and by extension, her touching Daxton, it's magic will protect his mind from any other nefarious intrusion of the dreamwalking variety. (Ie. Mommy Dearest.)

"I am here, you are safe." Says the girl, directly to the sleeping speedster. She can notice the weight loss and her nostrils flare once with upset. Callisto's legs move to brace herself against the wall as the boat lurches, but she holds fast.

As the flailing ceases Felicia once more gets up and moves to the end of the bunk where she will start fighting with the laces on Dax's waterlogged shoes so they can be removed.

Which the worst of the crisis averted Inferno calls ahead to the school so Dax can be transferred to the high tech medical facility there, instead of having him taken to a standard hospital. "The school is sending a transport to take you all back to school." he says gruffly "Felicia go with the students. The rest of us will go back with the Coast Guard."

As the boat rushes full speed back it seems like no time at all that the school VTL is there and taking the students and two Unit members back to Coral Springs.

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