(2018-10-04) Grampa's Curse
Grampa's Curse
Summary: Grace finally understands what she is. Took her long enough!
Date: 2018-10-04
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Lighthouse Landing, Coral Springs
Thu Oct 04, 2018

The lighthouse landing was once the residential floor of the ancient structure. Today, its been refurbished with hardwood paneling, a polished hardwood floor, and brass porthole fittings around each small window. A snack bar has been set up in the center polished marble counter tops, a stainless steel bar fridge and sink, real glassware, and a wide variety of sodas, teas, and other non-alcoholic beverages on tap. There is coffee. Most especially coffee. There is also a doorway leading to a balcony that rings the entire lighthouse, the metal grates underfoot and the railings made of ornate cast iron, baked with a modern finish that should never rust. The rail itself is polished brass and gleams in any light. As for the view? Its fantastic. The lighthouse landing commands the most romantic view of the entire island, from the lush greenery of the treetops in the woods to the rolling majesty of the sea, from rugged cliff to bright sandy beach.

It is a fall day. The weather is warm and drizzling.


Since her wolf-out a couple of weeks back, Grace has slowly.. slowly come back into some semblance of mental peace. Oddly enough when she had awoken in the med bay — she did not remember when and how she was recovered from 'the box' — she felt… amazing. Light as air. So utterly, physically, mentally well. And the roiling anger? The monster inside? Quiet as a pastoral landscape. Grace would have had to have been an idiot to not connect some dots.

But she was still afraid of her anger. Luckily she had herself a loving boyfriend who, as promised, accepted her for who she was and became. That made everything a bit easier.

So, present day… this drizzly Thursday on an afternoon break between classes.. Grace has retired to the Lighthouse Landing to have her lunch peacefully and pore over a few notes and bits of correspondence on her phone. She is seated at the snack bar by her lonesome, hair braided sensibly, not a wrinkle to be seen in her school uniform. Rain patters against the window. It's quiet here, but one look to Grace's knit brow proves that her mind? Not so much.

Didn't matter if Grace was an angry wolf woman on the inside, Constantine already accepted her for who she was. Not only that, but when she turned into a wolf? She had every opportunity to attack him, but it looked like it may have been an instinctual response to not attack him. But even if she attacked him? He'd still want to take her to Santorini.

Thus, the metalbender was notified when Grace was free, but he knew she likely needed her space. So, when he was exploring the campus and found that she was in the lighthouse cafe? Con took his chance! He approached inside, still in his school uniform and he snuck up behind her (or tried to) and attempted to kiss her cheek, his arms wrapping around her lovingly.

"Hey Grace." he whispers to her. That's how you know if a boy's a keeper. He sees you at your worst and loves you anyway.

<FS3> Grace rolls Enhanced Senses: Good Success.

She is so chill and so accustomed to Constantine's scent and manner that his coming up behind her to hold her, as he is apt to do, does not startle her in the least. No backhanding here! She smells the boy's fantastic scent before he even reaches her and when Con touches her, Grace leans into his arms with a little sigh. In front of her is a tall glass of orange juice and what appears to be a grilled cheese sandwich (her fifth one c.c) … her eyes flutter closed briefly with the sigh. "Hi Con." Said kindly, she sounds fine. Really she is.

Grace pivots the stool 'round so she can face the blonde and hug him properly. "How are you doing?"

Her cellphone remains illuminated on the counter, toggled to what appears to be the Gmail app.

Constantine smiles as Grace seems to greet him warmly, leaning in to hug his girlfriend properly and he doesn't let go. Wanting to just cuddle her for a moment. "mm…I missed you. Well, I was worried about you terribly. But now that I see that you're in good health, my fears are equally lessened.

He smiles to her brilliantly as he holds her close "How are you? How have you been?" He takes a seat directly next to her, his arm snaking around her shoulders.

Take that kid who was eyeballin' his girl!

The girl relishes the touch and contact and closeness. She will press a kiss warmly to Constantine's mouth before they break apart and sit alongside one another, though still close. "I missed you too… so much happened since everything and I just really want to say thank you and.. and sorry for what happened. I am really.. really sorry." Grace whispers as she looks down at her sandwich and phone. "I have learned a lot from the whole situation.. i-it was actually a good thing that it happened." The girl admits.

She turns to watch Constantine, brow furrowed. "I hope I didn't do anything to you… once Felicia arrived and intervened I don't remember much beyond getting sick and waking up in a medical bay. Please let me know if I hurt you at all during that blank space, Con.." A plea before she picks up the sandwich and takes a bite out of it.

"I've been talking to uncle about something.. I-I don't know if what I've found out is better, or worse.."

Con is a little surprised that grace is the one initiating affection! She's warmed up to him. Constantine smiles as he kisses Grace back, smiling against her lips as he enjoys the moment for a few beautiful minutes before they pull away, still quite close to one another though. hip to hip, thigh to thigh. "I believe you. And Grace, you don't need to apologize to me. I told you I'd always be there for you." He kisses her lips once more. "I love you."

And Con smiles to her. "You didn't even put a scratch on me." he even offers up his arm and his form for her to inspect if she needed to.

"What about? What did you find out?" he asks her curiously.

"I'm a werewolf." Well, obvs. Grace flinches as if the word stings her. "S-see.. I knew I was something.. but I never remembered what I looked like during. The last time I let the wolf take over.. I-I didn't let it at all. It came to my defense. I-it was when I killed that boy." She stammers more when she's emotionally nervous, of course. She eases over to lean bodily against Constantine's side as she continues. Small deft fingers gesture to her phone, no longer backlit. She turns it on again to reveal the email correspondence with her uncle.

"I had to beg uncle Vince to tell me more. He was told about what happened recently and it was easier for him to tell me… he was sadder about it. But i-it's a curse, in my family.. it skips a generation. I am the most recent one. My Grampa Alvin was the last one." Grace explains, looking pained as she finds herself no longer feeling hungry.

As Grace reveals the secret to Constantine, he holds her closely to himself. He doesn't appear to look terrified of her, but rather he holds her tightly, kissing her forehead as he comforted his girlfriend. "I'm sorry you were the one to get the curse. I know you don't want or like it." The metalbender sighs softly, resting his head on hers.

"Hey.." he tries to touch her chin and angle it upwards so she can look him in the eyes. "Don't be scared. I promised I'd keep you from hurting people didn't I?" and he has never broken a promise to her.

A soft little whine arises in Grace's throat that does not sound human. But it's not threatening either. Her scarlet eyes round themselves in her small face at the sound she just made but she just doesn't have the strength to fight it or cover it up with a cough as she always had done in the past. Instead she just leans into the boy's comfort and words, lets both just wash over her. One arm snakes 'round to hug Con close from behind and suddenly the power in that slender band of sinew and bone makes that much more sense. "I-I don't deserve you. You could have had your pick of many of these beautiful girls and you pick the monster." Said completely in jest; she is not being down on herself. The laugh punctuates it, but her eyes are still sad.

She reaches out with a free hand to press a thumbnail in the email and a picture — a scan of a black and white vintage photo — pops up, revealing an intense-looking and oddly //dapper// man with fierce eyes. His facial hair is well-groomed and he appears to be glaring far off into the distance. "T-that's grampa.. we've never met. See, I just found out that he wasn't killed in a mining accident. H-he was shot dead. As a monster." Ah, there's the nugget of pain.

Being pulled effortless against her, Constantine didn't even resist, cuddling her in the middle of a restaurant! Surely someone is making 'd'awwww' faces at the young couple. He didn't even care about the whimper that she made at his words, his free hand caressing her long dark hair.

"I had every choice in the world, and I picked the best." Constantine smiles to her as he nuzzles her nose with his own. "Mine. and I'm yours. All my life, I'm yours."

Then as she explains the situation to him, Con seems to nod very softly. "I see….I'm sorry Grace. You know that will never happen to you." after all, bullets against someone with magnetic powers is a terrible idea. Either way, he angles her face up again to look at her. "No more pain, my Grace. No more tears." he then leans forward to give her a slow, affectionate kiss. Just to love her…as if the power of his love could save her from despair.

Good thing about cuddling here (keep it above the neck, kids!) is that they're still on school property. Their peers linger here, so at least there's nobody to really judge them. Grace listens to each of her boy's pledges to her, and much of that dark cloud in her mind begins to break apart with the growing sunlight that is harboured in Con's voice. He's caressing her tresses and that brings Grace out of her doldrum. The kiss is received and returned though Grace, regardless of how far she has come in her PDAs, eases back slowly lest things get a bit too grabby. They ARE at the school afterall! Her gaze is soft and watchful though as she traces Constantine's face. "T-thank you… right back at you.." She's not a buzzkill, promise; she just can't speak so romantically! Grace has won!

"W-what happened with Grampa is he.. he did what I've been doing. He fought the wolf. One day he lost control and he couldn't be saved… s-so maybe I should just accept it more. Let it breathe. But I don't know how.." A sigh, and hard shrug. "Enough about me… how have you been adjusting to your new powers?"

Indeed!! Always a good thing to be among the comfort of peers, but alas, the kiss breaks and they still remain quite close. "Thank you.." he returns the acceptance of her much briefer pledges.

"Maybe…could be the solution, to accept your duality. A house divided…" that quite likely meant more to both of them than they could have initially imagined. "I'm…getting the hang of it. It's hard to control but my senses arn't trying to kill me anymore, so that's nice.

The girl nods gently, "I'm going to talk more with uncle tonight.. Skype. See what he can suggest." Because his word trumps professionals! Grace just loves the guy that much. But she loves Constantine too and even if she doesn't say it as much as he does to her, it's just.. seen. In the eyes, the body language, how she lets him be so close to her all the time, and do the things he does to surprise and reassure her. Otherwise Grace — historically — was one to avoid and hide.

"That was a big pill to swallow." Grace admits of the massive dosage of WTF that poor Constantine was served awhile back. "But you handled it well.. with strength and grace. Lesser hearts would have turned tale, g-gone mad or caused a swath of destruction. You really are amazing." Grace says softly, then pauses to consider.

"Would you like to go into town this weekend?"

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