(2018-10-04) Bruising Regret
Bruising Regret
Summary: After her fight with Ness, Callisto shares her troubles with Besa and Sky. Turns out things are more serious than anticipated.
Date: 2018-10-04
Related: The day after this log.
Scene Runner: NA

Art Room, Coral Springs
Thu Oct 04, 2018

Sure this is called the art room, but it is actually more than that. Art isn't just painting and pottery. Because of this, the room is large, and is actually broken up into sections, with partitions or half-walls to give each area boundaries.

The largest section is where the cabinets, cubbies and various tables are. Also in this section is the teacher's desk and one of the sinks for cleaning up at.

The other sections are dedicated to certain styles of art. There is a section for doing pottery with a both a kick wheel and two electric pottery wheels, kiln and racks and cabinets for drying pottery and storing equipment.

Easels take up another area, and a few computers workstations in another.

Toward the back is another sink for cleaning up at. Next to that is another section with an upright piano and a cabinet that holds a /small/ selection of musical instruments and other things aspiring musicians would need.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and overcast.


Besa had a nice night. A better night than some, he's going to find out. But for now the ancient teen is smiling as he sits at a table in the arts room, inking something in his drawing book. He did enough mugs yesterday he feels he can slack a little today. Besides, his mind is wandering some, and that's easier to do without having to kick a table to life as well. Or at last, that's. Much differs t mind wandering. Cocoa is underneath the table, curled ups dn snoozing.

Schuyler slept…as well as he could with minds all going in the background of his consciousness. The non-addictive sleep aids help…but sometimes they make him order weird things from online. He's also in the art room, his glass pen and bottle of ink in front of him as he works at his 'Ink-tober' piece for the day in his smaller sketchbook. There's a glance up at Besa briefly before he looks back to his drawing.

It has not been a good night for Callisto, and the morning not much better. A certain phonecall that morning has left the fey girl utterly rattled; top that off with the fight with Ness last night and.. yeah. Callisto is just counting down the hours until she can get out of classes, onto that ferry and into town. She has already called in sick for her job tonight. She needs to get out of here as soon as possible because she's just imagining what is going on.. where Daxton could be… what is happening.

Then there's Ness. another variable to her turmoil. Anyone with empathic abilities shall feel an absolute payload of difficult, troubled thoughts and emotions preceding Callisto into the haven of the arts room. Then all you have to do is look.

For on her right cheekbone is a nebula of bruising, rising up somewhat to encompass the barest bit of her temple. Being so fair it stands out like a brand. She freezes in the door as she spies two other students present, cerulean eyes flitting anxiously from Besa to Sky. "G-good afternoon." A stammering Callisto.. never a good sign.

Besa's dark eyes lift and the smile on his face cracks and then quick turns into a look of worry, "Callisto! My friend, what happened?" His pen it set down and he shifts in his seat, fighting the urge to jump up and run to her. But then he clearly stops fighting and starts to stand up, "You are injured! Come! Sit down." A worried look to Sky, not that he thinks Sky knows what's going on any more than he does. Besa's book is open to a page of silhouetted trees.

Schuyler also frowns when he sees Callisto's bruised face, «Who did that to you? We'll go beat him up for you…» and make sure he never hits another girl again! His own pen is carefully set down as he gestures for a chair at the table he and Besa are sharing. There's a look back to the Egyptian teen and he shrugs, not knowing about this either.

"Forgiveness—" Callisto is startled by Besa's reaction, but who can blame him? She looks between the two again, "Forgiveness for startling you. This.. t'is not easy to look upon." Said gently then as Besa stands and she looks swiftly to him. "Please sit, I shall come to you." And with that said she glides into the room, her uniform skirt swishing, braid swaying between her shoulderblades. She looks so very well put together, as always, until you see her face. She lowers herself slowly into the seat indicated by Sky, and blue-green eyes lift to look upon the Masters boy. There is open turmoil there, seen and felt, in her countenance. "I had words with another girl. T'was not a boy." Okay… complicated a bit, there. But as far as Callisto is concerned Ness is female.

A deep, slow breath.. she leans back in her seat, just about slumps and exhales a tough shakily. "I fought with Ness. I was trying to protect her. I fear it got out of hand and I could have controlled it more but…" She blinks hard, lips pressing together. ".. it went awfully."

Besa's brow furrows, "Ness did this to you?" He has more questions, but they can wait. The short teen steps over next to Callisto, "May I heal you, you look to be in pain." Shut up Sky, he can heal who ever he wants to! His hand dives into his pocket, but he doesn't pull out that ivory dagger yet. "She should not have hit you."

Schuyler also looks surprised and then concerned, «Ness? Protect her from what? What happened?» He does have a slightly vested interest in knowing these answers, not that many others would know. He glances to Besa at the offer to heal, but he won't make a big deal out of it. It's Besa's choice who he wants to heal.

Normally Callisto would internalize and burn with it but here, with two peers who are obviously very concerned with the situation.. it's like a blanket that just wraps itself around that trembling, stressed-out inner consciousness of hers and holds on tight. Despite herself, this worry for Ness and Daxton and how she could have handled all of this better.. tears spring to Callisto's eyes. She bows her head once to Besa, "Y-you may… I cannot go into town with this mark. T'would raise too many questions. I need to be inconspicuous." Wait, what? Why? Did Ness flee into town?

Callisto watches Sky for longer, gauging his reaction. She knows naught of whatever friendship or association that the Masters boy has with her 'little sister'. "She is not herself. The flu… I fear that it has affected her far beyond simply becoming another being for awhile and switching back. Something has been damaged. She came to me last night wishing to go out on the town, to party… but she was unhinged. Too happy. Too excitable and reckless. My trying to stop her ended in a fight." Her features fall altogether and it all boils over. Both hands lift to her face.

"She could have been harmed! I should have locked her in her room!" Sobs the fey girl. "A-and.. and now—" She silences, trying to control herself.

Another glance to Sky, now he's worried for 3 people! How quickly the day has shifted. He steps around , ivory dagger set on the table before the sleeve of his left arm is rolled up. "You must go to the teachers, Callisto. With Ness's powers…" That's a lot of havoc that could happen! Again he'll repeat, "She should not have hit you."

«I agree with Besa,» Sky offers. It's a rare and magical thing when he and Besa agree! «I know that she had issues with the return to herself after the flu, but this sort of extreme? That's dangerous, especially since she's now lashing out at her friends.» He is quiet for a moment, thinking, «I can give her demerits…but this is bigger than that. The teachers need to know so that they can get her help.» Likely involving some more medication. «Did she leave the school, do you know?» Because if she did and since it's not a weekend, that's more trouble. «If you need, I can probably find her.»

"Her voice controller.. t'was off. The collar. I went to the administration this morning." Callisto whispers hoarsely, "We moved to the docks where I confronted her. I had my boyfriend join me to.. provide further aide, should she have pushed the matter. She did not take kindly to such an intervention. The confrontation went psychic… but I…" A deep breath, quicker this time, she looks troubled. Angry and troubled and out of sorts… this is the look of self-depreciation. Of regret. "Daxton, h-he…" Okay breathe. One thing at a time. "He was susceptible to her voice and he.."

Callisto silences.. clearly something happened there. But she pulls herself together, clenches her fists. Ness needs to be dealt with first. "Ness and I traded blows mentally and it ended with her striking me and going back indoors. She is s-still on campus…" Blue-green eyes move to Sky again. "If you seek her.. please.. please be careful. She is not herself. Not at all." Whispered, before she casts a defeated look to Besa.

<FS3> Besa rolls Blood Healing: Good Success.

Besa concentrates on the knife in his hand, it's always better to be careful when doing tis, no need to hurt himself more than necessary, right? A small cut in-between two other scars and red papers. He quickly grabs Callisto's hand to press it into the cut. The earth of the blood quickly spreads beyond where it touches the elf's skin, creeping all the way up to that huge shiner. And any other aches or pains she may have. HE frowns as she talks, glancing again at Sky. He doesn't know this Daxton, but didn't Sky? Better to leave the questioning to the Ares about all of this. His hand tightens around the one he's pressing into his arm when she gives him that look, "It will be alright, Callisto. We will help you."

«What happened to Daxton? Do you need me to help?» Not that he can undo someone else's mental commands, but…maybe? «She can't do anything to me with her powers since I can't hear them. I'm essentially immune, so I'm not worried about confronting her.» He's also taller and may be able to hold her back if necessary. «She may not be immune to me…» which could also maybe help. «Good that you went to the Administration and…most people don't like interventions, especially when they don't believe they're in the wrong.»

To Callisto's credit she is not squeamish when it comes to the blood healing. Sure, it's unreal and different but she has a rather open mind to a great many abilities. If anything bothers the fey it is the prospect of Besa having to harm himself to heal others, and this only deepens her wellspring of gratitude and trust toward him. Her lashes flutter closed as she breathes in, in deep; the pain in her cheek and the overall feeling of bone-deep tiredness and stress… the lifting of it all helps incredibly. The byproduct of this is the girl's ability to find her resolve and explain this whole nasty affair with clarity. Her other hand settles atop Besa's and gives it a squeeze.

"Thank you for.. hearing me. For helping me." Said to both, before she turns her sleek head back to Sky. There's admiration in her expression, though the tear tracks continue to shine upon her face. The terrible bruising fades like a bad dream.

"Ness told me to get lost; Daxton tuned in and took the command. He… he cannot be found." Oop, there goes that resolve again. Her features crumple and tears flow in earnest, but her voice is clear still. "I should not have involved him!"

Besa Waits till the healing is complete before releasing Calli's hand to grab the cloth he keeps in his pocket to press into the wound. It shouldn't take long to stop bleeding, it wasn't that big of a cut. He nods, perfect hair bouncing with the motion. His lower lip is chewed on as he considers everything, but the Calli starts to cry, Instead of saying anything he reaches out with his left hand to take hers again.

Schuyler moves to pack up his pen and close the ink bottle, «I can find him. Maybe.» Probably. Unless he went really far, which, as a speedster, could happen. «I know who he is, at least, so that should help. I can try to find him…and maybe tell him to come back. And there's nothing wrong with involving others if you think you need help.»

It appears the physical contact is a comfort for the fey girl. She will hold fast to Besa's hand as she grabs desperately for any and all ideas… and then Sky, for the second time today, brings her gaze back to his person with a look of awe. "My trying to reach him on the dreamplain is.. nil. F-for he surely will not be sleeping.. and I know naught how far he could have gone." Again, speedster. Who knows. It terrifies the girl. She watches Sky outright.. "Could you..? I pray, could you try? Just anything to help.. if there is anything you could do… pray, try. If there is anything I can do to help you in these efforts, tell me." The fey appeals beseechingly, eyes holding fast to Sky's face. She's a bit intense and obviously very worried.

Besa nods, having complete faith in his brother, "Schuyler will be able to find him." He keeps a hold of her hand for support.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Psychic-2: Good Success.

Schuyler just shakes his head at the offer of help, «I think I'm ok, but I'll let you know.» He knows Daxton is a speedster and saw him about when they attended school together. It's enough for him to try and find the other's mind, at least, to try and get a location. Then, maybe, he can use Callisto's help in communicating. He settles on his chair and leans forward to rest his elbows on the surface and closes his eyes to concentrate. It will also help keep any distractions from pulling his focus.

And the fey girl, knowing the importance of perfect stillness and silence in the act of reaching out mentally.. will say nothing more. Besa's continued contact keeps her calm, even now; the tears have stopped and she moves with her free hand to wipe her face. To not feel tender pain upon her cheekbone is a relief in itself. But now as her eyes open, ringed by the wet triangles that her silver lashes have become, she gazes hard at Sky. Waiting. Watching.

Hoping for any clues to find purchase.

Besa stays still as well, one hand holding onto Calli's the other pressing the cloth to his cut. Cocoa is even still, under the table. Or is she sleeping?

«He's east. Really far to the east. I don't know how that's possible unless he's over the water. He's alive and kind of worked up.» But Sky can give them that. «I can't tell exactly where he is, but I can try to work on it…» unless he can somehow get some sort of power boost.

<FS3> Callisto rolls Psychic: Good Success.

You can bet that Callisto is mentally jotting down every scrap of knowledge that Sky's fishing pulls forth. She already has AfterThought's number ready on speed dial. The words 'really far to the East' set her heart to hammering hard but Callisto inwardly begs herself to remain calm. She needs to be calm to attempt what she is going to do here. Like changing a hat or some article of clothing, Callisto slips from spoken word into the arena of her mind. Concentrating solely upon Sky, she casts her voice forth into his mind. If he accepts her, her smooth pleasant timbre will fill his mind: «I am going to try to bolster your mind with my own. If you could springboard off of what I give you, could this aide your search? It is all we can do to try.»

The fey's eyes close gently and she concentrates harder. Envisions the passing along of energy and focus; likens this information to an object. Like passing this thing from her 'hands' into Sky's. Metaphors aside? Callisto tries to siphon her psychic / mental energy into Schuyler's mind. Maybe that will give him the boost he needs?

Besa can do nothing but wait as his friends both go somewhere he can not.

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Psychic: Great Success.

The boost is just what Sky needs to stretch out his mental powers so far out into the Atlantic sea. He's going to have one hell of a headache when this is done, but it's for a good cause. Hey, he's hero-ing! Closing his eyes and focusing again, he then scowls before signing…as he doesn't want to break mental contact, 'He's out to sea and says there's no land around. We need to get there now. Can Dylan teleport there? How can we get there fast?'

This is killing her. IT's all her fault, all Callisto's fault. She should have left the phone untouched and locked Ness in a closet. But thankfully she yanks back that tidal wave of regret with the same force one would use to yank the chain of an errant, angry dog. Back, back and away from that crucial expanse of focus needed to keep Sky in the zone. To look at Callisto, eyes closed and mind tied, is to see her brow knit and her lips.. just barely.. beginning to tremble. But she's holding fast. It's a good thing she has to keep her eyes closed and that she does not understand sign language because the next bit that Sky conveys with his hands would push her right over the edge. It's up to Besa to fill in these blanks.

Ah! Something Besa can do! He quietly internist for Sky, "He's out to sea, but there's no land in sight. We need to get there now…" He frowns, shaking his head, "No, Tom needs to have been a place before he can teleport there…" Fast? "Is there another speedster?" Not that that is the best solution. He reaches over again to take Calli's hand. "We should tell the teaches. They can tell his team, yes? Maybe they have a way?"

"Telling the teachers is important. Contact Unit 23 as well. Maybe they can help some too…" since Daxton is technically no longer a student. However, it was a student's actions that cause it. He'll try to say one more thing to Daxton before he has to pull back his mental powers and prepare for the headache that is forthcoming.

Callisto herself is not often a huggy sort.. but what Sky has done just now, no words. How can Callisto find the words needed to convey her gratitude? She cannot hug him, that would just make the boy uncomfortable as he, most likely, isn't 'huggy' either!

There are different ways to 'detach' from the minds that she connects to. Sometimes it can be abrupt and painful and cruel.. but in this case? Done with such care, such gratitude.. as Callisto opens her eyes and leaves Sky's mindspace, she would leave behind — even for but a second or two, a few heartbeats' worth — a feeling of peace, warmth. Like a mental 'hug'; the very best drug. It passes.. likely swallowed up into the headache that is brewing.

That which Besa explained.. all locked away. "I have contact with one of his teammates, and I shall be calling them immediately. I.. thank you.. thank you both.." Callisto says gently, looking between both boys. Back to Sky, she eases up slightly and bows her entire upper body to him. "You are utterly brilliant. I am in your debt."

Yeah, the fey are kinda intense. For one to pledge debt is a Big Deal.

Besa nods in agreement to that Sky says, involve everyone! A final squeeze to Calli's hand and he'll glance to Sky, sighing along with speaking, "I am already bleeding, would you like me to heal the headache?" Sky may be needed later on today when they get the rescue mission figured out!

<FS3> Schuyler rolls Lip Reading: Good Success.

So much for getting anything else done this afternoon. The second of peace and warmth that Callisto leaves behind only delays the inevitable headache, but those moments are welcome. It doesn't take long, once she 'disconnects' from his mind for him to frown with the pain. As Callisto says that he's brilliant, he does manage a pained smirk and actually says, "I know." The debt bit may or may not have registered as being a big deal, but he sort of waves it off as if all that effort wasn't anything to worry about. All in a day's work or something.

Besa's invitation gets a shake of his head and a signed, 'No, thanks. I'm probably going to try and sleep it off…' so no more art for the afternoon.

Oh, how she wishes she could vanquish pain… to nullify the neural response. Callisto can trigger it; were she cruel she could mash that pain button like some jerk kid having their way with all the buttons on a television remote. But… could she ever figure out the opposite effect?

Now, more than ever, she wishes she already had. This could be something worth exploring, someday, as she furthers herself on her path of departing from the 'dark' aspect of her species. All she can do now is see and perhaps sense, in those psychic reverberations, Schuyler's growing pain. She gives Besa's hand a solid squeeze as he offers to help Sky with such pain. But it's up to Sky to accept! Her comely features fall as the Masters boy declines.

"Forgiveness for pulling apart the peace of the day… I must make this phonecall while my mind is fresh with the details." And before another class envelops them… yet another that Callisto will be unable to devote one whit of thought to. All she can do is watch clocks.

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