(2018-10-03) Discussion Down
Discussion Down
Summary: Mr.Manchester's English class discuses Watership Down and the upcoming project.
Date: 2018-10-03
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English Room Coral Springs
Tue Oct 02 20:04:55, 2018 — Tue Oct 02 17:04:55 2018

This small classroom is cozy. With enough seats for the students and possibly a few extra. An open air environment. There is a modern whiteboard on one end, attached to equipment to project from a computer and even an somewhat old digital overhead display. The inner walls are lined with book shelves, this room is designed for teaching English. Several window with white trim aline the brick and old concrete outer wall of the fort here, giving a look out over the ocean.

Tall, lanky, and overdramatic. That's Mr.Manchester to a t. The English teacher is no acceptation today, Bouncing around the multi grade class as everyone is in groups for some kind of group discussion on the latest book they had to read. Watership Down, the tale of struggle through the eyes of bunny rabbits! Well, according to the red headed adult it's much more than that! Discuss! Discuss! He's currently at the window, adjusting the blinds up so all the sunshine can come in! "Now that I've bored you all with my lecture you can break up into groups to discuss. Your assignment for the week is to write me your own survival adventure!" How exciting! This man loves his job! As he turns back, several beetles can be seen crawling on his neck and back down into his shirt. The man also is always covered with bugs. Some super powers are not as glorious as others, unfortunately.

"What is the purpose of this?" Quinn asks in a soft whisper of no one in particular. He wasn't terribly used to the concept of deconstruction of books. Heck, he wasn't even used to books. He was doing an admirable job of reading things, especially considering he hasn't even read a book until a few months ago. The ancient blond teen was trying to relax and also toying a bit with his tie as he was nervous about being here. His eyes flicker around the room as if unsure what he should be doing.

Terran literature is all but lost on Taka, but it is the best way to learn the details of the language, to see it used by the masters of it.
That doesn't mean the book made *any* sense to him. "I haven't the faintest idea," Taka whispers back. "I don't understand this book at all."

This small classroom is cozy. With enough seats for the students and possibly a few extra. An open air environment. There is a modern whiteboard on one end, attached to equipment to project from a computer and even an somewhat old digital overhead display. The inner walls are lined with book shelves, this room is designed for teaching English. Several window with white trim aline the brick and old concrete outer wall of the fort here, giving a look out over the ocean.

Hearing the whispering, Besa moves over to sit at an open desk next to Taka and Quinn. While he's still getting used to this world, dissecting latitude has always been something his tutors made him do. In every life. "What is it you do not understand. Let us talk of the book…unless you did not read it?" That last bit is said quieter, not wanting to get his friends into trouble?

"I read it. I am not sure why we're trying to pick it apart." Quinn says nervously. His blue eyes flicker to Besa for a moment. "I read it… I just don't understand it too well. I get the rabbits are supposed to represent people." He says as he runs his fingers through his blond hair and breathing in deeply for a long moment.

"Then why wasn't it just written about people?" Taka asks — quite sensibly, he thinks. "I always get lost when English goes into metaphor. Besides, rabbits can't talk, and as far as I know, people don't live in holes in the ground."

Besa's jaw moves a moment silently, like he's chewing on an answer. A brief glance is given to the teacher, but he's over with Jaws, RILL, and Boomie discussing something. Hopefully the book! "We discuss it to learn more. To see things from a different perspective. Words have power, you know this Quinn. It is to help show you everyhting from the tale that it can." There's a nod, perfect hair bounces as he agrees the rabbits are people but then Taka goes and says something that makes him chuckle, "Taka, my friend. I can assure you after spending two weeks as a jackal, animals certainly can talk, you may just not be able to understand then." He reaches over to pat the alien's forearm, "It is tradition here to teach stories using metaphors. Was it not that way on your home?"

"Yes. We used to tell stories involving animals even when I was small." Quinn says nodding his head a bit,"Yes, words have power… All things have some power to them depending on the right method. Words can sway the stoutest of hearts if done properly… I am still struggling though with books." He says blushing a bit,"I get the idea of the story, but I am unsure that I have the proper frame of reference for the book. I think I missed much of the world."

Taka shakes his head once. "Most of our education is done telepathically. Or by computer. Or both. We can show directly rather than have to resort to simplifications or the like."
He looks at Besa funny. "Two weeks as a jackal… I don't think I want to ask."

Besa can empathize some with Quinn, "Books can be much more than verbal stories. It takes time to get used to the complexity." A smile is offered though, "You will get it soon, and it will help, yes? I always feel better when I unwrap by reading what has happened while I was gone." Huh, he looks back to Taka, "Do you not have songs or poetry then?" Can't get more metaphorical than that! "When the shifting flu was around the school….it is why I have not been in classes." Fingers run through his hair, which just falls back perfectly, "Perhaps we should talk of what story to write of then? For the assignment?"

"I am not used to direct things. My… instructors were always fond of making us come to a conclusion through a line of reasoning than giving us answers." Quinn says shrugging a little bit, his blue eyes flicker to besa,"I am not sure what to write though." He says frowning a little bit.

Taka nods to Quinn. "Yes, that's what I'm used to. Abstractions where abstractions were necessary, concrete details otherwise."
He twiddles a pen between his fingers. "I don't know what I'd write about either. I've had weird things happen, but not survival events." He taps the tip of his nose with the non-ink end of his pen. "I'm a calligrapher, not a writer. There *is* a difference."

Besa raises an eyebrow, unsure how to help his friends if they are not willing to try to think differently. A soft huff, and anther glance to the teacher, who's still working on taking with The Untamed.They seem to be having an issue with the assignment as well. Although that could be because they've not read the book. Possibly. Besa offers to Quinn first, "Perhaps think of a story you can retell that was told you you?" As for Taka, "You have survived arriving on Earth, yes? It does not have to be about you , if you would prefer, tell the tale of someone else. Or make up a tale."

"I could tell the tale of my mentor's youth…. She once told me of her childhood." Quinn says considering this for a long more. "Although I am not sure that I have the skill to do it." He says softly as he considers this. He was no wordsmith, but he could give it a shot. "Surviving… It means different things to different people…"

"I… don't know if my arrival on this world is a story of survival as such," Taka says dubiously. "It's not like this planet doesn't support life. If it didn't, then I just wouldn't be, and that would be that."
He leans forward, elbows on his desk top, chin resting on his fists. "I come from a technologically advanced world. What we don't control, we prepare for. Even the founding of my world wasn't really that exciting. I've watched the records."

Besa smiles softly at Quinn, "I think you will do a wonderful job, Quinn. She would be honored. And you will have all week to perfect it." Taka just gets a long eye blink. "Then tell a tale that is not of yourself then. Someone else perhaps?"

"I…" Taka begins, then falters, then tries again. "I might be able to do it in my own language. And then translate it. I find composing in English to be very awkward. It doesn't flow." He picks up his pen and looks at it. "I know a lot more about making words look pretty than I do about making pretty words."

Besa finally chuckles at his friend, "I think that is all connected though, yes? Perhaps I will throw clay and then translate that for my tale? We must start with what we know first, yes?" He reaches over again and pat's the bird boy's arm as the teacher Finally makes his way over.

"And how is everyone over here doing?" Is mr. Manchester slightly flustered from The Untamed? (yes.) He smiles though at the boys, "I can't wait to hear what each each come up with. Does anyone have any questions?" As he asks this, some kind of centipede wraps around his wrist.

The Untamed, specifically RILL, is glaring over at the table the teachers at.

Taka looks up at the teacher. "I am… that is, I think I have something I can write. I will have to do it in my own language first and then translate it. I trust that won't be a problem?" he asks, a little uncertainly. "Your language is not easy. The only rule I think it has is that there are no rules, only suggestions."

Swarm grins widely, entwining those long fingers on themselves, "Wonderful! Yes, please. Everyone, Taka has made a very astute statement. Feel free to write this in whatever language you are most comfortable with and then translate it!" And he then ads, "I'll need to look up how to give your Team points!" Apparently not all the faculty is up to date on the point system!

Best just smiles happily at his friend.

"I, uh, thank you, sir!" Taka says, pleased and surprised both. "I can't promise you brilliant prose, but I will do my best!"

Swarm laughs, pleased with this table much more than the last one, "Nonsense! Your best will be wonderful, Taka." He'll take some time to speak softly with Quinn as well, helping explain things better than Besa could.

As that happens, Besa leans over to Taka with a grin, "I told you, my friend! It is a good idea! I may do mine in Coptic first!" Not that he knows what he's doing yet, but still! "Perhaps if you use your pen and make it beautiful, it will be extra credit too!"

Taka nods. "I think that would be a good idea. Perhaps I should put the two side by side on the page? Then it would have to be hand-written since your computers don't have our characters. And it would help me keep the translation straight."

Besa's has to be hand written, so he nods in agreement. "I think that would be very nice. I am excited to see what you do!" He takes a deep breath, considering his own project, "Perhaps I could throw pottery to inspire mine as well…" But what story to tell?

"You could engrave it in the clay, perhaps? Or at least the title, or a summary of your story. I don't know." Taka shrugs, and his feathers rustle gently. "I suppose I'll have to write about how I came to this world. It's not very interesting. At least I don't think it is. Mostly because I only have guesses about what happened. It's very much a story without an ending."

Besa nods, "Yes. There are ways of telling stories….It may need to be a larger vase, is all." As class starts to wrap up, Best gathers his looks, "It does not have to be a true story, Taka. Is there a story of adversity in your people's past you could speak of maybe?" Eiterh way, they have some time to think on it.

Taka shakes his head. "None that I know well. I preferred light comedies. They're not known for tales of struggle and survival." He too collects his books, caps his pen, and slips it into his pocket. "I suppose I should write down what happened to me anyway. I'll want it if I ever get found by my people, to explain what happened. I just don't really like thinking about it. It was so weird."

Besa smirks, "I think you will find weird is the normal here at this school." Standing up, "Come, let us storm the brains in the arts room." He needs to go check on Cocoa anyway!

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