(2018-09-30) Snuggling Steel
Snuggling Steel
Summary: Syd and Bryce hang out and snuggle, and talk about their experiences with shapechanger flu: Syd's as a victim, Bryce's as a bystander. Not everyone stays dressed, but nothing especially naughty happens.
Date: 2018.09.30
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Metis Room 100
This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.


Bryce walked up to Sydney's door having easily memorized the entire school directory. He decided to wear the button up green shirt and jeans that she helped him purchase back when they went shopping several months ago. He was glad that flu thing was over. It was hard to see so many changed but especially her. It was also nicer to not have to walk around in his armor so much to keep himself free of the contagion. Bryce blinks a bit standing at her door. He wondered how long he was standing there. Finally, he reaches forward and knocks on her door.

Sydney fidgets, sitting in front of her computer, just reading a Wikipedia article on nothing in particular. She invited Bryce over, she had this in mind, and she dressed for it (wearing a robe) but now it seems a little forced, contrived… maybe hurried. When he knocks, she closes her eyes, takes a deep breath, and gets up to let him in. She smiles. It gets real after a moment. It is good to see Bryce without the filter of armor. "Hey you." If he lets her, she'll hug him gently once the door is closed, and kiss his mouth lightly.

When she says, 'hey you,' Bryce clears his throat and says, "Uh, hi, S-beautiful." He accepts the hug and places his hands on her hips; however, he freezes and tenses as she kisses him though he doesn't resist her. Right near the end of the kiss, he manages to start kissing her back slightly. It seems he is still working on that. "Th-thank you." She can still fluster him and make him blush rather easily. "I'm, uh, glad you invited me over."

Sydney clings to Bryce gently. "Thanks for coming. I've missed you. I've missed being… modern me, I guess." She leans in more slowly, fully intending to kiss him again, skin warm through the thin satin robe. "Thanks for being there when I was sick. That meant a lot to me."

Bryce smiles a bit and clearly works to night hid the smile. Having his hands on her hips make it easier to keep from hiding. As she kisses him again, Bryce seems more ready for it and hugs her a bit tighter. When she thanks him for being there, Bryce says, "I wanted to make sure you were, uh, okay. You mean a, a lot." His circlet flashes engaging his under armor which allows him to lift her up in his arms like a princess carry. There is no way he'd have the strength to do that on his own even for a normal girl, though using his powers, he can lift her just like he does on the magic carpet.

Sydney eeeps, startled. She looks up at him and drapes her arm around the back of his neck appropriately and snuggles close. "Aww… I haven't been carried like this since I was a little kid." Not everyone can do it (though probably most of the people at the school can muster the strength one way or another). Syd rests her head on Bryce's shoulder and relishes it as long as it lasts.

Bryce holds her there like that for a while and feels really proud of himself (for a brief moment) when she rests her head on his shoulder. It seems like he did a good thing. Unfortunately, he doesn't know what to do with her now so he just stands there holding her. "I, I know you had a hard week and, uh, I wanted you to know that, um, even though you are really, er, strong and capable that I, well, I may not be much but I want to, to try and take care of, um, you."

Sydney gestures with exaggerated princess-like languid grace toward the futon, which is presently in 'couch' mode. "Let's go over there, please." She nods a little. "It was mostly… 'you can't go home again.' You know? I had my flesh body back, probably what it would have looked like at fifteen if I hadn't gone metal and had managed to survive that long. And…kind of the mind I would have had. I've known all along that going metal saved my life…but I got my nose rubbed in why. When I went metal again, it was a huge relief. I never expected that."

Bryce looks over to where she indicated and decided to address her in medieval English; however, while he intended to just use 'thee and thou' as well as archaic verb forms; however, he accidentally triggers his omniglot ability and ends up speaking actual old English when sounds very Germanic. «Of course, m'lady. As you desire.» Thankfully, when he is done with that, he goes back to speaking regular English. Oddly enough, there is no stammering when he did that. Walking over towards the futon, he bends over so he can lay her down on the futon. "You were, er, are pretty in both, but, um, I think I like you better, as, as, this."

Sydney blinks, trying to parse the words that just came out of Bryce's mouth. She has been around Germans enough (one in particular) that the sounds kind of stick together. The intent is obvious from the context. "Um… I'm gonna guess Old English?" She hugs him gently. "Thank you. You've seen part of me that I didn't think still existed. Hopefully I wasn't too needy or just… weak.

"Hmm?" Bryce had no idea what she was talking about. When his Omniglot power activates (at least accidentally), he doesn't realize he is hearing or speaking in a foreign language. To him, it is like his native language just shifts. He hasn't purposefully decided to use that ability yet. "What was Old English?" He kneels down next to the futon that she is on and so he could hug her back, though with this angle, just their upper bodies were touching. "You were, uh, you. You were more, more needy, but that is, uh, okay. That is what b-b-boyfriends are for. Right?" He thought so at least.

Sydney moves her knees apart so Bryce can get closer and hugs him to her. "I hope so." She smiles. "You were speaking in something. It sounded like something between German and English."

Bryce decides to try something else and kisses her on her forehead. He watches her reaction when he kisses her. "I, I spoke something else?" Bryce seems a bit surprised and says, "I, I have done something like that before, but, but I've never been sure, uh, how I do it. The first time it was Gaelic. I've never learned Gaelic. I think it is, um, something of my powers."

Sydney smiles and closes her eyes when he kisses her. She thinks about it. When she opens her mouth next, she speaks Spanish (which she's fluent in). "<You can speak in tongues, basically?>" Syd's a long way from her Catholic upbringing, but sometimes it peeks out just the same.

Bryce notices that she smiled when he kissed her head. That was a good sign. He may not be good on most social clues, but smiling is easy to pick up on. As she speaks Spanish, Bryce responds in Spanish. <I learned Spanish when I was rather young. I also learned, um, Japanese and Sign language.> He pauses and returns to english. "Do you mean, uh, glossolalia?"

Sydney nods. "Yeah, me too. Started with Sesamie Street and picked up a lot from my best friend's family. They spoke it in the home, and I hung out there as much as I could. And yeah. Glossolalia. Although I guess that involves being in an altered state and not knowing what you're saying. I've seen it done. It sounded like gibberish to me. I've been reading how your brain turns sound into meaning and my guess would be that glossolalia people are really just spewing out phonemes and the listener's ears are sorting it into language. The same way we all hear the sound a cat makes differently, even though cat vocalizations are pretty similar regardless of where in the world they are." After a moment, Sydney adds, "Assuming it's not real, obviously. If the Powers that Be reach into your brains and give you a language, all bets are off.

Bryce listens carefully as she talks about glossolalia. "I'm not sure, uh, how that happens. The first time it, it happened, I thought that people were teasing me." Bryce hangs his head a bit remembering when he thought negatively about people. "I think that, uh, sometimes my brain picks up languages and stores it differently so I can then speak or hear it, but, uh, I'm not sure why. I can speak and understand in a, a language I've never heard?" He shrugs.

Sydney shrugs. She kisses Bryce's chin. "Your brain does a lot of things differently, Bryce. That's not a bad thing. It complicates your life sometimes because people don't understand, is all." She tilts her head back, baring her throat. It's not so much a gesture of submission as an invitation to touch… or nibble… or kiss her neck.

Bryce nods solemnly. "Differently." He says the word with a negative sound to it. He looks down a bit when he says that word. There is clearly a love/hate relationship with his brain. He then notices that she lifts her chin up. He looks down at her neck and realizes that he is supposed to so something. He shuts his eyes like he does when he is reading a book that he has memorized, and his eyes flutter for a moment. This is google searching for his brain. He finally blinks his eyes open and bends down. He kisses a spot just under her earlobe.

Sydney shivers… "Uhhhh huh. Differently. It's not bad to be different. Different is how evolution happens." She shivers again as he kisses over the pulse in her neck. Why she has one there is a good question, really, but it's comforting to have it, so there it is.

Bryce clears his throat a bit which he does when he is unsure or uncomfortable. "Sometimes, sometimes I think it must be, uh, nice to be just normal, but then I remember.." He pauses for a moment as his mind replays a memory. "I remember when I, I saved people. I couldn't have done that if, if I was the same." Of course, he wouldn't have killed that guy either. He shakes his head trying to prevent that memory which seems to sometimes be the fastest memory to play. He then asks, "Um, S-Sydney. Could you, er, sit up for a, a bit?" The sudden increase in stammering indicates that he is clearly planning something.

Sydney sits up and watches Bryce curiously. She tugs idly - well no, it's not idly, it's making another suggestion - at the belt of her robe.

Bryce sits down where her head was just moments ago and then pats his lap though whether he wants her to lay down on his lap or sit on his lap is unclear. He notices her tug at her robe and looks at it. His eyes flick down to her belt at which point his eyebrow arches upwards. He then looks up wards.

Sydney scootches over and lies back, putting her head in Bryce's lap. Another tug at the belt of her robe and the knot basically falls apart. Nothing much happens except the robe loosens at the neck a little as things shift when she lays back. Perhaps an invitation more than a demand. "Is this what you had in mind?"

Bryce reaches up with his left hand and starts to pet her hair in long slow motions. His fingers moving through her tresses in a comb-like fashion. Although his intent is good, it is also clear he has never done this before. He moves his other hand down as though he was about to put it on her body and then he freezes as though he realizes where that other hand was about to go. The hand just hovers there above her body for a second as he starts to move to her shoulder. "Uh, yes."

Sydney mmmms softly. She gently takes Bryce's hovering hand and draws it to her. "You can touch, if you want."

Bryce hears her mmms and takes that as another good sign. He continues to move his fingers through her hair. After a few trips, he starts to slide his fingertips along her scalp. When she draws his hand to her, he doesn't fight her though he does seem a bit hesitant. As his hand touch her, he tenses again though slowly he relaxes though he tries to keep his hand on the robe over her stomach.

Sydney turns her head a little to nuzzle her cheek against Bryce's stomach. "This is nice," she says gently. Her stomach flutters a little as she chuckles. "All the nice things I missed out on when I was with boys back then. I mean… sex is nice… well… it can be nice, anyway. But I never knew about this.

Bryce keeps petting her hair slowly and make sure to maintain the same, slow, careful pace. "I read a … nevermind." He doubts that she wants to know about the books he has read trying to make sure he does a good job as a boyfriend for her. Dating research doesn't actually help the mood during the date. "You, um, are amazing and, er, really pretty. You are special so I, uh, wanted to make sure, you, uh, felt like it."

Sydney laughs softly. "Wanna know a secret? Back in the day, I read a book about it too. It was very 1970s, pretty sexist, and written for men, but it had a lot of sound advice. The one for women wasn't as good or memorable. I only remember…" She flushes, her cheeks and neck going first straw colored, then into blues and purples. "Um. One section. Nevermind."

Bryce's eyes shut and his eyelids flicker as he tries to figure something out. Finally, he blinks open and says, "I haven't read a, a sexiest book from the 1970's." His petting stopped completely when he was 'searching,' but as soon as his eyes opened, he resumed the petting of her hair. "What was, uh, wrong with it?" He watches carefully as she starts to change color.

Sydney blushes more, but she relaxes into the pettings, her mouth growing softer, jaws parting a little. "Umm… let's call it practical tips on bedroom technique. If things keep going like we are until we get legal, there's a pretty good chance you'll find out."

Bryce nods his head very matter-of-factly and then suddenly he realizes what that meands. It is his turn for his eyes to widden. He looks down at her and is silent for a moment. He swallows really hard and pauses his petting of her head. "You mean that, uh, you might, well, sometime do, do those - uh - things?" He pauses for a few moments and then adds, "With… with me?"

You say, "Yes," she says simply. "But we have to wait until we're both legal. That's 16, in this state. A year from November. I don't want to get in trouble, or get you in trouble, or get either of us kicked out of school.""

Bryce's mind seems to blank at that. "You … I … I mean … We would … uh …. wow …. I …." And his brain is going way too fast for his mouth to even try to keep up. Finally after a few seconds he looks down at her belt again and makes the 'oh' face. "Oh." he goes ahead and says it too.

You say, "Yes. I don't want to promise… that's a long way off, and I've never had a boyfriend longer than a few months, but if we're still together and we still feel how we do… if you want to… we can…" her mouth moves, trying to find a word that isn't the usual, that fits better. "Make love," she finally manages to get out."

Bryce moves his hand from her robe down to the barely tied belt of her robe. His hand slides along her robe as he goes. He also moves very slowly so that she can stop him anytime she wants. He reaches the belt and goes to completely and finally release it. "I, I think I know why you, uh, were, well … " playing with her robe. He didn't put it all together until just now. He then looks down at her eyes and says, "I, um … " he pauses clearly wanting to say something but struggling to actually say it. "There isn't anyone else I'd, uh, want to, to do that with." He then quickly adds, "Not that I've been thinking of, er, going through the list of, of all the female students to see whom I'd want to , er, do that -that- with."

Sydney makes no move whatever to stop Bryce from untying her belt. The robe falls open a bit more. Her eyes are closed. "I wish I could say…that I haven't had fantasies about a few other people too… but… I like you. I like how I feel around you, and with you, and like this. Making love to you would be… well, I think it would be… different from all the other times." She taps her chest over her heart. "It would feel different. Better. I think."

Bryce slides his hand from the untied robe back up to her stomach. He then pauses and says, "I, uh, I know it would be, be special with, um, you." He then clears his throat again and asks, "I, I need to know…" He pauses for a moment. "Is this robe, uh, you or actually a, a robe? If it is, uh, you then that would be, be weird."

Sydney chuckles. "It's cloth. I only know how to make my fighting outfit so far." She looks up at him.

Bryce nods and looks relieved when she said that. "Good. I mean…." He shakes his head and decides to not explain what he means. He hopes that she both understand what he means and that he will learn to not over explain everything.

You say, "mmm". Her belly is warm, maybe more thickly muscled than it was early in the summer.

Bryce leaves one hand on her hair gently petting her there again. His other hand he keeps on her warm stomach though he moves his eyes from looking at her face to looking at her stomach. He focuses for a moment. Even his eyes narrow a bit. Finally two very thin beams of energy move from his forehead and form little discs over her stomach.

Sydney gently takes Bryce's hand and holds it to her belly, keeping it out of trouble as the camera fades out. Tempt not the dear ones to sin. Especially when you are one of them. Beyond that, you'll have to figure out what happened for yourself. This is a family show.

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