(2018-09-28) Double the Jackal
Double the Jackal
Summary: Quinn and Best are having a heart to heart of sorts, but earlier Besa let Rain swap powers so her head could be clear. Quinn is not impressed with double the jackal.
Date: 2018-09-28
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Cliff Coral Springs

As though the entire island were carved in one titanic blow from a greater landmass, the cliff drops nearly vertically down to the rocky beach below, and thence to the restless blue-green sea. Greenery clings to the cliff where it can, and cliff swallows make their homes in any crags large enough to support their gourd shaped mud nests. There is no safety rail. There are no stairs. What students do about that is up to them.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and drizzling.

Besa's sitting on the edge of the cliff looking out over the ocean. Still a jackal, but at least everyone at the school knows who he is. Golden eyes blinks slowly as the cooler breeze moves around him. It just finished drizzling so the ground is wet, but not soaking. Overly large ears swivel in the direction of any noises, but he seems to eb mentally preparing himself for something.

Dressed in his school uniform, Quinn needed to get away from the onslaught of noise that was the school. It was overwhelming him today since he was still not used to classes being so formal and everything else about the school. He needed to get away from it. The one thing he hasn't gotten the hang of pretty much at all, his tie. It's still sloppily tied as he climbs to the cliff. He notices Besa and he can hear who it isn't even if he hadn't heard. "Hello." He says in a weak voice as he heads towards the edge.

Besa's ears swivel before his head does. A soft top of greeting and his tail wags gently. Heavy thoughts, but he seems pleased to see Quinn. The yellow scarf around his neck is tucked in such a way that his name shows, thanks to Rain. He stands up and moves closer to the other ancient teen, lifting his nose to sniff at him.

"Are you doing ok being a jackal? I looked up what you were." Quinn as he settles down on the ground relaxing a bit. "So much noise at the school… So many lies and people." He says shaking his head a bit. It really did get him how people did lies so easily. It grated inside of his skull like nails on a chalk board.

Besa settles next to him and huffs, that'a apparently what he thinks of being a jackal. It's not what he hoped for. Why couldn't he have transformed into soemthing taller? His head tilts though as he watches Quinn before he lifts a front paw and places it on the other teen's forearm.

"I take it that you're not terribly thrilled with this development." Quinn says smiling weakly,"I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by the students. It's peaceful here. No bad sounds or overly angry voices being raised." He says softly,"Shame you couldn't be a talking jackal. That would be strange but interesting." He says smiling thinly.

Besa's able to communicate yes and no, so he head shakes vehmently. He keeps his paw where it is, watching Quinn as he admits to being over whelmed. His butt starts to wag his tail again at the thought of a talking jackal, indeed, that would be strange! In fact Besa makes a balky-laughing noise. It's high pitched, but amused sounding.

"I mean I think I could probably give you the ability to speak for a little while. I have never tried to do such a thing and no idea what the results would be." Quinn says thinking about it. The idea of giving an animal speech could result in ALL animals around being able to speak which would be very less than desirable or rendering Besa unable to speak at all.

Besa's head tilts in the opposite direction, if it wasn't the fact he's clearly a wild canine, he look adorbs. His ears are almost comically too large for his tiny head. A talking jackal? B's not so sure that's a good idea, his paw finally leaves Quinn's arm and he yips more, trying to voice his concern with that idea.

"Don't worry. I am not ready to try and do something that major. I could destroy your voice box, or make all the animals that can hear me be able to sing." Quinn says shaking his head a bit,"I think I could do it, but I thought I could cast a spell to stop my mentor from dying and that didn't go so well." He says shaking his head a bit.

Besa blinks, not liking the idea of his voice box being destroyed at all. Even if it's just yips, he likes being able to make noises! He starts to yip about something else, but then realizes that this is a deeper thing than just being sad he can't understand Besa. The jackal stands up behind Quinn, but then just leans his entire body into the other's back. Dog hugs are hard to do! A low whine and he'll rest his head on Quinn's shoulder. Golden eyes watch the Metis.

"It's fine. I met you and Rain and Ashton and Kota. It's odd… I had no friends before it happened other than my mentor." Quinn says smiling a bit,"But now in a time that is utterly baffling I have many." Least in his eyes he has many.

Besa sniffs at Quinn again, this time, more in his ear before he makes an agreeing noise. He never had any friends either before Coral Springs. He starts to yip something else, but then something tickles his nose. He makes that inhale face that one makes, on the brink of sneezing.

"Please do not sneeze on me… I do not want to get sick too…" Quinn says sounding nervous about the idea of being an animal. He almost sounds panicked at the idea. He'd feel completely off from it and he's not gotten used to being here in the first place.

If Quinn was going to get the flu, he'd have gotten it by now. But Best turns his head, not wanting to upset his friend. His still struck with his nose, so he sits down. And then he lays down so he can paw at his nose. It's no avail though, he sneezes, a full body sneeze that ripples though his entire body. And then that's when things get weird. Suddenly there's not one Besa jackal, but a second one appears. He should have been expecting this when he let Rain swap powers with him, but it never dawned on him. The new Best jackal is sitting there's eyes wide and tail already waging in excitement.

"Umm… That's… odd…" Quinn says not aware that they had even swapped powers. It was definitely a strange thing. His blue eyes were wide in surprise at the whole thing. His eyes focus on Besa seeming to be confused,"When did you get duplication as an ability?" He sounds absolutely baffled by the whole thing.

The original Besa turns, eyes wide in surprise as well and just stares at the happy Jackal. While surprised, he doesn't seem scared of the situation. Instead he sighs, groaning and staying on his belly. Happy jackal though stands up, tail wagging and barks at Quinn several times doing the happy canine dance. He either has to pee or wants Quinn to play.

"This is… unique. I don't think I have anything for you to play with…" Quinn says looking at Besa with a strange look on his face. "I am rather curious about how this happened but that's weird." He says shifting a little bit. "What do I need to do?" He asks curiously.

Besa tries to explain, he makes some noises, but there's no way for Quinn to understand. The original Besa is not upset, intact his golden eyes keep flickering from Quinn to the other jackal to see what happens. The happy Jackal lowers his head, letting his rump stay in the air and wiggles it like it's going to pounce on Quinn. Apparently no toys are nessicary, he's happy to wrestle.

"I should be heading back…" Quinn says nervously as he stands up and practically runs away from the playful jackal. The idea of wrestling a playful Jackal wasn't entirely appealing to him and besides, he should get back to do… homework. He's been falling behind on doing that and the teachers were yelling.

Playful jackal's ears fall and so does his tail. Sad jackal is sad. The other jackal watches the Metis, but nods, remembering how nervous he is with Cocoa. So there's a nod and both watch as Quinn runs away from them.

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