(2018-09-27) Roomies
Summary: Syd finally meets Madison, who she's been sharing a room with for some time. Different schedules, and some of us are super-shy.
Date: 2018.09.27
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Metis Room 100
This room is quite sizable as far as dorm room goes. It could probably fit three students comfortably with room to spare. Fortunately for the occupants there is only furnishings for two people. Two beds, desks, dressers and a double closet.


Sydney forgot her phone. That's the bottom line. Left it on the charger in her dorm room, realized it first period, but hasn't been able to get away from classes long enough to get it until lunch hour. No worries, she has 'food' in the room anyway. She blips the lock with her key card to unlock it and wanders in.

It may be lunch time but instead of hanging out in the cafeteria Madison is in the shared dormroom, drinking her lunch instead of eating it like other people. She's has a smoothie for lunch. A purplish one at that. That's pretty normal for her though. In addition to having smoothie in one hand she has a few textbooks in the other which she has in the process of shoving into her backpack when the door opens. Mouth full of smoothie she turns her head to look, awkward smile on her face at her roommate, who kind of intimidates her a little, but so does everyone else, so that's nothing unusual either.

Sydney blinks at finding someone else in the room, but the attitude (lunch, studying) and the familiar cast of a face she normally only sees in glimpses gets through. "Madison! Hey, we're awake at the same time. Awesome. I'm Syd. Normally that snoring puddle of silver goo who sleeps next to the futon." She gets her phone, before she forgets it again, and shoves it in the messenger bag that serves her as a purse. "How've you been?"

Madison gets that deer caught in headlights look, as she shallows her mouthful of smoothie down. There is a reason its only be glimpses of the girl, she'd rather face down a rabid tiger than socialize with strangers, and honestly Sydney is stranger than others, especially to the girl who is new to all this power stuff.

The books fall from her fingers, so she goes to rub the back of her neck in nervy fashion "I know." she says her voice cracking a bit making her clear her throat "I mean, uhm, your name is on the directory." Syd is between her and the door so there is no fleeing "I'm fine?" she doesn't sound quite sure and she realizes that and nods "Yes. I'm fine."

Sydney sees the tension and promptly misreads it. Some people are pretty intimidated by the steel girl. She steps back a few steps and sits in half-lotus on the futon, which creaks a little under her weight but otherwise holds. "It's ok. I'm friendly. Really. I work at not being scary. Loud obnoxious rock music notwithstanding. Speaking of that, if it's ever too loud or you're trying to sleep or something, please please tell me. I've never had a roomie before and I don't want to be an asshole to you." Syd pauses, thinking a moment. Yeah, it could be that Madison's like Bryce. Or even Buddy. Not very socially confident. "So can I ask what you do? Powers wise? I'm pretty much your basic brick. I break things, primarily.

Nope, social skills aren't her strong suit, and not fitting in doesn't help either. The words have her looking alarmed and she waves a hand "Sorry, no. That's not, I didn't mean." she sighs not really sounding as convincing as she probably should "Your music is fine." she will just go with the change of topic "I like all kinds of music. And well, I've never had a roommate before either." as for her powers she lowers her face a bit in embarrassment, being to dark complected to make blushing noticeable "Ever see the movie Dr. Doolittle? That and then some."

Sydney smiles. "Ok. We can play your music too. I'd be interested to hear what you're into. I guess we'll have to feel our way along the whole roomie thing. I shared a bedroom with my sister when I was little, but she was a toddler pretty much, so I don't think it counts. She listens to the description of Mad's powers. "Wow. That'd be a handy thing to have. I mean just htis last week or so, a bunch of kids here were transformed into animals with Shapechanger Flu." Syd stops short, just barely, of telling Madison that maybe she should use her powers for that. 'Her body. her powers, her choice' Syd reminds herself.'

"I have a younger brother, the only time we had to share a room was that year we lived in Japan." Madison still seems uneasy, or maybe she is just fidgets a lot. She shifts back and forth a bit as she speaks, her fingers weaving through the braids than hang over her shoulder "Yeah. Uhm, I've been trying to act as translator for medical staff." trying being the key word there "The students turned animal still had their own minds. The transformation was just physical, so there were some things that occasionally got lost in translation."

Sydney nods. "That's awesome. It's still way better to know someone understands you than to be stuck unable to speak, I figure." Syd is moving very carefully, slowly, like you would with a skittish cat, keeping her body language as nonthreatening as she can. "How long were you in Japan?" Hey, if Madison wants to talk about herself, Syd's all ears. Er. Not literally. Hmm. Might have to try that…er. Focus.

"I guess?" another thing Madison isn't sure of "But it makes sense." she never changed so she can only imagine what it was like. They weren't real animals so her abilities were quite limited "Just a year. Navy brat." only not a brat in the negative sense. She takes a sip of her smoothie biting the straw a bit. She is much better at picking up on social cues from animals than humans so doesn't realize what Syd is doing "My powers aren't all that awesome. Not like shooting lasers, or telekinesis or taking a hit really well." she isn't quite comfortable with this conversation "You're new to the school, right?"

Sydney nods. "I know the feeling. I envy people who can work from range, or fly…" she sighs a little and chuckles. "Or pass for normal when they're not doing hero stuff. Something I learned to be happier with when I had shapechanger flu. Not all powers lend themselves to fighting. Some are better for intelligence gathering. Hence Metis." She grins. "And yeah, I'm new here. I came in right after prom and did remedial stuff all summer.

"I guess mine could be used for gathering intelligence. Animal eyes are everywhere, and I know how to use them." Madison nods at that. Two newbies sharing a room, that quite comforting but at least their powers aren't the volatile kind "So you were at the mansion too?"

Sydney nods. "Yeah. It was like a summer vacation, only with school." She smiles. "No uniforms, not much supervision, a nice beach… hell, I even got comfortable wearing a bikini. Which if you'd known me before I went metal would have been a jaw-dropper. It helped a lot. I also got to do the hero thing for the first time when the power went out at the amusement park." Syd chuckles. "First time's always free, right?"

Madison makes what is a borderline eww face "That sounds awful." summer school, no thanks. The mention of the other girl in a bikini has her face dropping again in embarrassment. She slurps at her smoothie shrugging at the question "I don't know. I guess?" she has never done any heroing so has no idea "We should get to class. I've heard that detentions are awful." she grabs her backpack and with a shy wave heads out of the room so she won't be late.

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