(2018-09-24) Tactical Napping
Tactical Napping
Summary: Callisto, now back to her normal self, checks in at Winbarry with intention to follow up on what was requested of her in this log. That and she has a speedster to catch up to.. it's not difficult.
Date: 2018-09-24
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Basement, Winbarry Estate
Mon Sep 24, 2018

The main room of the basement looks to have been nicely finished at one time, and looks to be currently in the middle of some redecorating. There is a large entertainment center with the usual electronics and a couple of gaming systems, a couch and a few chairs face it. There is a foosball table near one corner and on one wall an old, but working Ms. Pac-Man game. There is a faint, but lingering odor of cigar smoke and sulpher.

It is a fall night. The weather is cool and clear.


Daxton's lounging on the couch. What's strange about it is he's got his right foot propped up and the ankle is wrapped when he devastates some video game shot up thing. His head set is on but he's talking very little. The coffee table has an empty plate from dinner, a plate that clearly had a whole batch of cookies (It's only got a few left), Dana. Two liter of some generic pop that's almost gone. He takes a deep breath, grimacing as he gets blown up by a rocket launcher, "Dude….that's not friendly fire…."

It's been a long, long week and a bit for Callisto and tonight, her first shift back at the Y as a bipedal humanoid girl was… weird. That's the best way to describe it. Her typically graceful and seamless routine was anything but and stranger still, the fey felt oddly.. bereft.. to not be operating the simple vulpine mindspace that she was saddled with for awhile. But Callisto is a trooper; she sent ahead to Daxton that she was 'normal' and intending to stop by to both check in and, perhaps, convey that which AfterThought had asked of her before things happened.

Near soundlessly she enters the arena of gaming, pausing in the doorway to observe Daxton with foot propped. Despite her circumstance prior Callisto is as well-put-together and sleek as she has always been and she makes her way into the basement, skirts whispering as she carries a duffel over a shoulder. "Whatever happened to your ankle?" Asked smoothly, and if Dax looks her way he will see her brow knit with concern. She's back!

When he hears Callisto he quickly lifts a hand to the head set, "Gotta go guys. Later." And he's then quickly exiting the game. "Nothing. Wasn't watching where I was stepping. How are you?" When he looks at her it's an easy guess he wasn't watching cause he's tired. The speedster has circles under his eyes and just over all looks like he cold fall asleep right on the couch. "You got a clean bill of health, right?" Even as he asks he's lifting a hand with a gimme motion, most likely wanting her hand.

She's watching his ankle… but she knows better by now than to fret. Callisto isn't a fretter by nature but it's not beyond her to be worried. Those profoundly colored eyes rise from the ankle, up along the boy's form to settle upon his face. His explanation re: ankle is fine; it's the look of perma-tired that worries her. Sadly, Callisto knows what may be the cause. A ripple of guilt rises up from her gut, like a cramp. Without hesitation she closes the distance and extends a hand when he seeks it, indeed grasping his with fingers that are her very own again. Even her temperature, which ran higher during the shapeshifting, is normal… slightly cooler than the norm. "I am perfectly fine again. I know naught of what caused it.. who could have brought it into the school, how. T'is not my place to question it, merely be relieved that it has passed. T'was not easy though."

Her head tilts, moonpale hair long and loose and slightly damp. Funny, it's the same stark white as the foxish fur that she wore. She gives his arm the lightest tug and leans forth to kiss him gently. "Are you okay?"

Daxton grunts, eyeing her with those bright blue eyes, "Well, you know if you're tired of me, you can just break it off. You don't have to turn into a fox to dodge me…" Is the corner of his mouth quirking slightly? Yes, yes it is. He sighs softly when their lips meet. It's not the usually passionate kiss he usually gives, but it's earnest. "I will be, yeah. Sit down…" He'll starts to push up from his lounging position to make room for her on the couch. "How much time to you have? I can run you back if you want to stay longer."

She knows he's joking. "Pft. You wish." Callisto jabs back, watching Daxton's face. "You wish it could be that easy." She's clearly poking fun in return, "Shall I return to the school tonight and breathe deeply of the air? Perhaps I shall become something else." Said with a twinkle in her eye as she eases back from the embrace, knowing him to be tired and sore. Callisto, bless her heart, is not pushing it! In fact, as she studies him, there's a softness there. She's missed him, and she needn't be all grabby and pushy in getting the point across. This is a Big Deal, given how her species can be.

She yet holds his hand, presses it to a certain point on her bosom — no no, get out of the gutter — … it's a gesture, elegant and old in fact. It's just over her heart, where he may feel the muscle beating.. and without fanfare she folds herself easily into the space that he allows. The fey girl will nestle close but slide one long leg beneath the speedster's to help keep that sore ankle comfortably propped. "I've a couple of hours.. I can make that ferry easily by the last call, you shall be doing no running tonight." Said frankly as she rests her fair head against him, "Speak to me of what I've missed."

Daxton laughs softly, "Right…I'll need to turn you into a slug or something to get rid of you…" His body tenses and the relaxes as she pressing into him comfortably. He's hard to read, the gesture is noted. He smirks though, "You couldn't stop me…" She'd have to Cath him first! But then his smile fades and he shrugs gently, glancing to the TV, "You talked to AfterThought…I would have told you, honestly, AT just…beat me to it."

"Do you truly wish me gone if you permit me to share your.." She's about to say throne but this couch is anything but. Callisto can be seen considering which term to use instead. "Your.. combat centre." Snort. Okay that's cheesey and she knows it. She's not known for quips. "Your danger room." Sagenod, hair sluicing down her shoulders, though she keeps her body held just so, to favor Daxton's sore limb. She looks up at him at the mention of the androgynous mentalist, "They sought me out. I was frightened. T'is perhaps a help that I was rendered a fox, lest I came here sooner and incensed things. I had no choice but to think and calm down." A soft sigh as she looks downwards at her knees, spies the necklace 'round her neck, lashes a silvery crescent upon her cheekbones.

"I wished to talk to you first but t'is not a good idea, historically, for me to press you. But I am worried." Callisto furrows her brow, "It's not an easy circumstance; nor an easy question to answer, how to kill my kind and by extension me. But I cannot bear her tormenting you." Her lips press together moodily.

Daxton just laughs, cause honestly, her verbiage is funny. An arm sneaks around to hold her a little closer and he settles his own head against her shoulder. Not being with her for a while has made him a little snuggly. "No one was asking that about you, Strawberry. You know that. It's like asking a human if a head shot will kill another human. It's just information."

She adjusts again to better avail the curve of her willowy form to Daxton, content to dish out the snuggling. Funny: being a fox for awhile kinda helped with that. There were other canids on campus who just instinctively wanted to dogpile and Callisto…. between that and consigning herself away to people snuggling her as a ball of fluff… snuggling is nice. Bigger bonus? She's pretty good at it! It helps when she rather likes whom she's snuggling with. "I.. I do know. It just feels strange. I am not doubling back.. I shall tell you all whatever you wish to know." Callisto reassures, gazing ahead briefly at the television before canting her neck a bit so she can see Daxton a bit better.

"The fact that she remains in your mind makes me wish to wring her foul neck. That she dares—" Are the bottommost tendrils of her hair beginning to rise, just so very gently, of their own volition? Callisto breathes deeply and simply encircles her arms around the speedster, holding him tight. "I shall state the obvious that her vast age, though menial compared to some of the immortals I've met, makes her impervious to some of the weaknesses that spell trouble for me. A youngster." Said with a sad, amused little smirk. "I.. what.. did she do, recently, in your mind? Are you comfortable telling me some of it, so I might know her tact?"

Daxton's strong hands are warm against Calli, he's been here on the couch for a while it seems, snuggled up and warm. "We're only going after her, none of your other siblings…unless they attack us." Does he see the angry hair? Probably not cause he smirks again, "I can't tell if you're being protective or territorial." Either way, it's kinda cute, in a. Ridiculous kind of way. His shoulder lifts, "She's just salty cause you're happy. She tried to convince me that you're just using me. Showed me a bunch of dead people." He's trying to play it off like it wasn't a fucking nightmare. "She called you Dagwood or something and then I told her I was going to snap her neck like I did to Nesquick. She stabbed me in the meat brain and then AfterThought showed up and thwapped her with a shadow and I clocked her in the jaw before I woke up." He reaches ups and touches her jawline, "She was surprised we hit her….I think it scared her."

Warm indeed. IT's a good thing she's toggled to sweet and cuddly and honest-to-goodness content because warm hands are great. Callisto simply goes on holding the tired boy, enjoy the stillness. "There shall be others there." The fey says gently, her tone measured but a couple of notes of nervousness betrays that calm. Then that calm is squashed and she makes a little sound in her throat. "Salty? Not just that, she is a deplorable cur." So there. "I am certainly happy and it.. indeed… angers her… but.." Wait, 'dead people'? Did Mommy Dearest take the old 'time to fuck with your loved ones' angle? How original.

Still, Callisto remembers some of the 'stars' of nightmares prior (broken neck girl does not receive the same consideration now; instead it's a protective / territorial twinge) … her lashes flutter once. "I shall never use you. I pray she did not instill a seed of doubt. You have especially awoken her ire by killing her favorite… we fey are a proud, fausty lot… your disposal of 'Nesquick' was quick and devoid of the glamour that she felt the bitch was due, in a final showdown. So it offended Mother doubly so. But…" She pauses in her grump, gaze softening as her jaw is touched.

"I am sorry that she is still hounding you. Forgiveness for all that you bore witness to before you… 'clocked' her. Have you protection in place, from AfterThought?" Asked as her hand lifts to rest against his.

Daxton figured, "Good think the Unit is getting larger then." The biggest worry is that it's al going to have to go down in his head. But they'll get to that later. The corner of his mouth quirks again, "I know. Don't let her cast a doubt on you, okay? Fuck her." He'll attempt to pull her lips to his again, "AT has been staying up when I sleep and waking me if anything feels off." He'll tap her necklace, "We don't have magic folks on our team, mind blasters have to do."

"I need to speak to your AfterThought. For there is power in a name. Our names." Said gently as Daxton appeals for her attention once more, pulls her away from those shallows. Doubt is a slippery slope and she will ease into the embrace in that languid, relaxed way. A moment, and Callisto leans back slightly as the necklace is tapped and she offers softly, "Were I able to duplicate this, to have one fashioned for you, I would do so. But t'would clash with your style." A little smirk on her mouth that is both seen and felt. But she returns to the previous thought, though recollection of something takes the sharpness from her gaze again, replaces it with amusement.

"I am no Dagwood. The name, my name, t'is Daedhelwen." The way it's spoken, it's hard for an English-speaking tongue to manage. That's some Lord of the Rings Elvish shit there. "Mother is Bainthauril. I shall tell AfterThought this. To speak of our names, t'is impossible for us to ignore when called. Even Mother answers to it. T'is not mind control but it can be rather.. distracting. Which helps." Ah, one weakness.. though minor. One hand lifts to gently weave into and stroke the side of the tired boy's scalp. This may not help his tiredness cause much but there's something nice about dozing in someone's arms.

"She is beyond an aversion to iron; it is her mind that must be targeted. By many strong minds at once."

Daxton snorts, "Yeah…it'd definitely clash." He'd have bruises on his chest from running with it in the very least. As for her name, he doesn't even try. "It's pretty." His eyes slide closed when she starts massaging his scalp. That feels nice. He's bene so tense lately, for good reasons. His voice I softer when he says, "We can do that…" No, he can't. He knows his mind isn't strong. But maybe he can help by being the battle field.

"You may laugh at this one.." Callisto starts, her cheekbones blushing slightly. She pauses, unable to help herself, just watching Daxton at semi-rest. It's so rare. Maybe.. maybe if she just holds him that bit closer, could the proximity to the pendant — touching the speedster — in-turn protect him? Perhaps. But then she's just liking to hold him. It's just so easy for Callisto to be still and she's almost willing to risk detention to miss the ferry back and get home later. No no, not even for 'bidness'.. just to hold him. She still feels bad. This tiredness, it's partly her fault.

"Break her mind, you're left with a raving, physical, violent being. T'is where you could come in. And then there's her loyal sucklings who could stand to get their brainpans beaten in, meanwhile. Plenty for you to do." She even used one of his terms…! It sounds funny in her graceful timbre. But what did she mean 'you may laugh at this one' ..

"Ever notice that I do not take cream in drinks..?" Blush. A beat of silence as she strokes Daxton's hair, "… untampered cream makes us tipsy. I-it.. ah, affects fey. You could always try to get her in a headlock and pour it down her throat." …. huh! All those milkshakes they enjoyed..!

Daxton makes an approval noise. Beating in brain pans is what he does best! "I liked punching her. Felt good." He sigh, snuggling in a. Little more unconsciously. But then he blinks, blue eyes focusing on her, "Cream Like….milk cream? Like…ice cream?" Holy shit, has he been getting her drunk?

"Straight cream," Callisto says sheepishly. "When it is mixed with something to… dilute it… t'is alright. But if I were to perhaps, and I am not about to… drink from a carton of coffee cream? T'would make me a bit… what is it called…. buzzy?" Maybe not the best word but it's a good way to describe it. "T'is not like alcohol.. not that acute but it… enough of it can make fey silly." Ahem. She looks down into those blue eyes, narrows her own. "Do not tell a soul." Said with a blush, the tip of her ears pink.

A hand lifts to ease Daxton's head back down to rest against her, close to beating heart and gorgon head pendant, and her fingers will again resume their careful motion. "Enough about her. Rest yourself. I am here, for at least a little while. I have missed you." Said simply.

That just makes Dax chuckle, "Ok. Dually noted." She'll be a cheap drink, at least! "Who am I going to tell? We're not going to make your mother 'silly', that's not an advantage. So I won't tell anyone." He was going to tease her more, but then she's directing him back to snuggling, "I missed you too, Strawberry. Don't do that again, okay?"

So much teasing. So much material. Dagwood the Creamer Wino (it sounds like a porn name). That in itself is an icebreaker. Callisto can be felt shrugging gently, "Oh, I do not know. Your teammates?" Said completely without ire.. a soft laugh. "AfterThought shall know soon, anyway; I feel that I owe them the momentary bit of amusement, after the trouble I have brought to your doorstep." Concurred quietly as she eases back more, still making sure not to jostle that ankle. Callisto is comfortable; she wants Daxton to be extra cozy. He seems okay with it and her arms form a lithe, protective band around his upper body as she gives him a big squeeze. "I shall not. I promise. We can do something this weekend if you desire, to break up these heavy thoughts. But I do so promise."

It's a big promise to make, with students still stuck in other forms.. but so help Callisto, she'll uphold it!

Daxton grunts, eyes already closed, "Yeah….We'll do something fun this weekend. Whatever you want…." He is extra cozy. In fact, his breathing has leveled out and he's sleeping before he can hear her response to what she's want to do.

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