(2018-09-24) Change is in the Wind
Change is in the Wind
Summary: Still during the Shapeshifter Flu, Besa and Dylan try to communicate as best as they can.
Date: 2018-09-24
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Coral Springs Courtyard - Coral Springs

The path leads up the hill and into a large cobblestoned courtyard surrounded by four buildings. In the center of the courtyard is a greenspace, landscaped with flowers that spell out Coral Springs. In the center of the greenspace is a large statue, a memorial to the lives that were lost during the attack on the previous school. In the distance the tip of a lighthouse can ben seen. Between the buildings is a view of the ocean. It seems the school has been built on the tallest cliff of the island and has a lovely view of the open ocean to the southeast.

With the view between the buildings it almost seems like you can take to the skies and FLY. Maybe if you had wings, or some other way to FLY you could.

It is a fall day. The weather is cool and fair.

With everyone starting to turn back, Besa woke up this morning rather disappointed to find himself still having 4 feet. Cocoa is not as disappointed and has been shouldering the ancient teenage jackal all day, trying to get him to cheer up. At least it's not raining. Currently the pouty canine is slowing making his way down the path towards the more natural part of the island. Trying to do runes in the sand has provided to be the easiest for his paws.

After having woken up no longer a coyote, he spent part of the morning being examined and checked out by the school nurse. He walks out of the administrative complex with a slight frown on his face. At least as a coyote he didn't have to wear this stupid monkey suit. When he sees the two dogs, he heads over in their direction. "Hey, Besa…" He frowns slightly, "Still haven't changed back, huh? Sorry… I woke up back to normal a few hours ago. "

Besa's ears swivel before this head does when he hears Dylan. A slow, low tail wag, he's happy for the Ares at least. Golden eyes study the frowning teen and he walks over to bump his head into the other's leg. Cocoa follows, her tail wagging more than Besa's.

Dylan's hand moves to pet Cocoa. The other hand moves towards Besa, but then stops. "Having been there I know how annoying it can be, but can I pet you?" He looks at the canine with dark blue eyes that is now a little less happy to be human again.

Isn't that how it always is? The person who would enjoy it gets changed back, while the person who's miserable gets stuck. Not that Besa's stuck, damn it! He huffs, but it's at the situation, not Dylan and steps closer to the teen to rub his head against the outstretched hand. His fur is definitely softly then it should be.

Dylan's fingers dig into the jackal's fur as he softly scritches. A similar thought crosses the boy's mind. "Yeah, ain't it shitty how you're still a jackal and you hate it, while I changed back, when I was kind of enjoying it. Well, now, I gotta go back to classes, which kind of sucks too."

Besa gives a low whine of agreement. Eyes sliding closed, his body relaxes slightly before he yipes quietly a few times. Either he's just enjoying the pets, or he's making some kind of joke about classes. Besa in human form wasn't the best at funny things, much less jackal form.

Dylan sinks down to his knees to continue petting the two. He cocks his head slightly at he looks at the transformed Egyptian teen. "I promise… when you get over this virus that I will try to plan something fun for us to do. I was serious when I said that I was going to try to figure out something for a second date… You kind of made it kind of hard to figure out something after the whole renn faire thing." Of course, Besa had Rain to help him plan it all out.

Besa's head tilts the opposite way when Dylan is eye level with him. Hi golden eyes look nothing like the almost black ones he has as a person. Luckily (or not) Besa'a never been good at hiding his emotions, His brow furrows, eyebrows pulling together as Dylan expresses how Besa made it hard for a second date. A low whine and tail wags more and she'll help with the attempt, knocking into Dylan's from the opposite side.

Dylan looks his arms around both Besa and Cocoa's necks, pulling them both into a bit of a hug. "Don't worry… I'll figure something out." He chuckles, then shakes his head. "This has got to be one of the craziest relationships on the books." So they are in a relationship?

Besa likes the contact, his tail is wagging pretty happily now. But then he stops and pulls away just slightly to be able t get right in front of Dylan's face. He's almost nose to nose with him, eyes unblinking like he's waiting for something (Hopefully not a kiss!). After a long moment he barks at him, demanding…something. Cocoa just seems amused and will sit back watching.

Dylan blinks at Besa. He startles just slightly at he barks at him. The teleporter barks back at him. "I don't know what you are saying and want… " He then grins mischievously, "But if you want, I'll be more than happy to scratch your belly."

Besa ears perk when Dylan barks, surprised, but then he huffs, pretty much in Dylan's face when he doesn't answer whatever B was demanding to know, silly canine. He starts to move away but then stops, head tilting and golden eyes trailing on Dylan. This feels like Dylan is seeing him up for something…. So he just looks at him. Unfortunately for Besa, his jackal butt betrays him and starts to wag.

Dylan raises an eyebrow, then smirks when the butt starts wagging. "Oh, so you want me to rub your belly? I told you that it felt better than it should." He looks at Besa, "Though seriously, Dude, I'm not a telepath… that would be your brother."

Besa tries to look indignant, but again, that tail is waging harder now. He yips several times at Dylan, huffing and then moving over to sit down next to him. They're going to have a long talk when Besa's human again! Instinctively he leans against the other boy. If Belly rubs happen, he'll probably just fall over, but he's being stubborn and not just rolling over!

Dylan cannot help but to grin wide when the jackal comes back over. Logically, he knows that it is Besa and is another boy, but with him being a dog, it just seems more okay to rub his belly. Who knows, maybe it will be something that they might share afterwards too. But he reaches over and starts petting the transformed teen, moving slowly towards those belly rubs to judge his response.

Besa sits a little straighter at first, while he's not happy being a jackal, he's still a proud soul. And damn it, he know she has nice fur! But those golden eye start to lose half way, pets are nice. Especially if you like the person giving them! He gives a content sigh and will lean into Dylan more, starting to lower slightly to the ground.

Dylan chuckles softly. "Yeah… I knew you wanted belly rubs." There is a very slight teasing tone to his voice, though it is meant more light-hearted than anything else. He is quite content to sit on the ground and give affection to the jackal - and to his dog as well. "Feel free to take your time on turning back… I want you to go with me to the cops when I turn myself in, and I'm not going to do that until you're human again. That way, if they cart me off, then we can at least say goodbye in person."

Besa grumbles, don't talk abut sad things while giving belly rubs! That's the worst mixed signals ever! He finally rolls all the way over, doing the back twisty think so his butt bumps into Dylan. He'll growl lowly, a warning to not say such things, but then his tail wags for more belly rubs.

"Okay, okay… I get it… shut up, Dylan…. " He says, "I got the message… you just want me to shower you with pets…" Dylan is grinning widely as he does in fact rubs Besa's belly. It is more than just playful, but quite soft and affectionate.

Besa continues to make noise, but now it's content happy ones. Cocoa moves in to get some of that sweet belly rubs too. Dylan is going to be a very busy Ares for the next half an hour.

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